August 11th, 2008

{wow} sin'dorei pride

magical tattoos plz

Let's say tattoos only lasted for 3 years before magically disappearing. What little symbols would you get tattooed on you?

(I keep on thinking that I'd get Wario and some little red slippers on my arm... and maybe a barbed wire. Tacky ftw!)

(no subject)

Do you ever get that feeling where you feel as if you're moving/swaying ever so slightly?

When you're just falling asleep to you ever have that state where you're sort of dreaming but it's not a deep sleep so you're half away of whatever may be going on around you or you drift in and out of the dream?
Baro Bitch Stare

(no subject)

Okay, lets just say you have $12,000 to spend and no chance of financing. You have no car and really really need one for work/school!! What would you buy with your $12,000?

House of 1000 corpses

Last question for a while:

If you've ever seen House of a 1000 Corpses, there is a barely noticeable scene where the camera cuts away from an old man's eye to a crime scene right before they bust Otis and his friends, I believe. In the cut, if you look mad-hard, you'll find some cartoonish figures in his eye as it cuts away. What are they? I've watched and rewatched this film several times, and still can't make it out. No. I'm not halucinating. Something is there. I don't have the exact time on the video handy either. :(

(no subject)

Dear Teak Yuicy,

Have you ever gone through a period where a lot of the food you know you like is just not very enjoyable?

Is such a phase symptomatic of some greater dissatisfaction with your life or wut?

(no subject)

1. Do you use mouthwash? Why or why not?
2. Have you ever swallowed even the tiniest bit of it by accident?
3. What happens if you do?
4. Have you or anyone you know ever called the poison control hot line? What happened?

(no subject)

Would you rather date someone who was WAY dumber than you or WAY smarter than you? Why?

Would you rather date someone who made WAY more money than you or WAY less money than you? Why?

Would you rather date someone WAY older than you or WAY younger than you? Why?

*interpret "WAY" however you want.
Isobel Mahariel

(no subject)

When you hear someone say "original Olympics", which Olympics do you think of? The ancient Olympics or the 1896 Olympics?

Edit: I think of the original modern Olympics, because I've always heard the ancient Olympics referred to as the ancient Olympics.
Baro Bitch Stare

(no subject)

Is there a way to stop a phone on your "family plan" from receiving or seding text messages????!

My SO just spet over $120 in text messages over our 500 text each limit. What should I do!?
Jay & Silent Bob

(no subject)

Have you ever gotten a bugbite scar? If so, did it go away? How long did it take?

I got a bugbite over 2-3 weeks ago, I didn't scratch it once and yet my skin is slightly darker where I got the bite. I did a google and apparently its not a rarity but it sounds like it should be gone by now. I'm annoyed.
Quentin Tarantino - finger

(no subject)

What do you do to treat runny, itchy, sneeze-y nose?

On a scale from 1-10, how pissed will my mother be when she gets back in town (in another week) and realizes I have adopted another dog (which I haven't yet, but we have been meaning to ever since the death of Dempsey)?

Do you call it Christmas when the adverts begin?

(no subject)

My hair has always been straight but like a year ago it started to curl. At the beginning there was just a light wave, and then after like 2 months my hair from the tips of my ears up was straight and below that was just a huge mass of curls. I cut off my ponytail in December. Now my hair is starting to get corkscrews and they're wonderful but they're not really too corkscrewy. And they differ everyday. Some days they're curly and other days there is barely a wave.
Is this normal? I have never had curls so this is all new crap for me. I have no clue if this is how curly hair works.
How can I get the curls to curl a little bit more? I started using a curl enhancing shampoo/conditioner once I noticed I was getting curls, but I was curious if there is a way to dry the hair that helps the curls to curl. Something. Anything. Thank you in advance

(no subject)

could you tell me how you and your parents differ in the ways that you use the internet?

who was on the internet first, you or your parents?

and just to give me perspective... about what year where you born? about what years were they born?

(no subject)

What are some free (or inexpensive) things someone could do if they were unemployed, trying to stay cool in 89 degree weather, and didn't have anyone to hang out with because everyone else they know is at work?
Bailey and I

(no subject)

What do you call the pharmacy?
Do you ever use the term "Drug store"?

My parents call it the drug store, and for some reason, in my head, "drug" is something illegal, and they are not going to a store to buy like, ten E pills lol It just bothers me..
I just say pharamcy, or the name of the store, although I usually say "eckerds" because that was the name of the pharmacy I used for a very long time before they were bought out.

And last, but not least, why are YOU awake right now TQC?
david tennant, 10

Digital Camera

Ok, so this is my first question ever here... I need help.

What cameras do you guys use?

I'm looking at a Canon Powershot, my brother has one I kinda like it, but I dunno. I can only spend about 200, since I am a cheap ass.

Any ideas?
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Airport codes

How many airport codes do you know off the top of your head?

Any funny ones?

I like that Danang is DAD and Fukuoka, Japan is FUK.

I always use BNE for Brisbane, even when typing to people. LAZY!

(no subject)

I counted 37 mosquito bites on my legs. I wore bug spray AND jeans and I still managed to get 37 bug bites. I think maybe I had a bug or two stuck in my pants that couldn't get out.

Ok. So.
How can I relieve the itch?! I've tried alcohol and Cortizone 10 cream. NOTHING IS WORKING!! I'm miserable.

allergies and gym

My allergies kick in the moment I wake up. It results me sneezing away like there's no tomorrow. I am now on medication but it will take a few days to take real effect. Anyhow, my question is, do I still go to the gym? My body gets tired from all the sneezing and runny nose. sigh... but I need my work out. what sayeth thee?

(no subject)

Multiple studies have shown that while a ship is sinking, 70% of people become bewildered and have impaired reasoning, 15% exhibit irrational behaviors and only 15% stay calm and alert.

Poll #1238815 sinking ship

Which group of people do you think you would belong in?

70%- group that is bewildered and has impaired reasoning
15%- group that is exhibiting irrational behaviors
15%- group that is staying calm and alert

ETA: I am going on a cruise soon, should I bring emergency supplies? If so, which supplies? (Yes, I am quite paranoid.)
Marie's pic

(no subject)

I just read about this jamaican sprinter competing in the olympics who tested positive for a banned substance... He claims he had never taken drugs in his life, which makes me wonder;

If for whatever reason you wanted to ruin someones olympic dreams by spiking their food or drink with steroids or some other banned substance, would this work? And has there ever been any cases of it happening?

I could totally see this happening if 2 people were fighting for olympic selection and one made it through and the loser, being bitter about losing, decided to sabotage the winners career.


1:  What do you think is a cool movie?

2:  What do you think is a cool song?

3:  What do you think is a cool quote?

4:  What do you think is a cool personal pic/macro/other image?

(no subject)

Which of these states (if any) have you lived in?

New Hampshire
South Carolina

What state do you find to be the lamest?

Are you a Canadian?

I wish.
I have dual citizenship.

Have you been to Lebanon?


(no subject)

It seems like everyone's got an assface ex of some sort. Tell me about yours. What exactly did he or she do to become the BAD ex?

edited to make it more inclusive of the tqc general population

(no subject)

 Are there any groups of people that you see as being completely insane?

example: i find devote catholics INSANE since they have a zillion children and believe birth control is a sin. same goes for mormons, as they are trying to "populate the homeland"

(no subject)

Do you lack a nice ass?
Do you lack a nice rack?

If you've been blessed with GREAT ASSETS & BREASTASIS.. what's something that you'd change about yourself *PHYSICALLY*?

p.s. how tall are you?

(no subject)

while we all know most of our parents think we're beautiful because they spawned us and they have to, do you ever wonder if objectively they don't think you're very attractive? like maybe they think "my baby is going to have a hard time getting a ____, they're not that attractive."
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

In this semester's Biology class, the professor has requested we buy the sixth edition of the book, that is about $120. The fifth edition, I can get online for about $30. Do you think I would be all right buying the fifth edition, or should I bite the bullet and purchase the sixth? From what I've heard, she tests mostly off notes, so the book isn't too necessary. (the sixth edition is 2007, fifth is 2005).

(no subject)

1)Have you seen any interesting animals lately?

No, but my dad saw a wild turkey.

2)Are chickens against the zoning codes in your area?

My aunt's neighbor never did get cited for raising chickens in her yard.

3)Any other animal related tidbits?

The cows up the street were grandfathered in.


Have any of you ever done the master cleanse (aka the lemonade diet)? Did you do the whole 10 days? How did you like it/how did you feel/did you feel awesome afterward?

bonus mouth-related questions: did you get a white coating on your tongue, did you get bad breath, and were your teeth and gums sore/did they bleed when you started eating food again?

Edit: yes, I am a fool. I know it's ridiculous and stupid but I want to do it anyway? Just to see what happens? I am a curious person and I like doing experiments on myself.
Tony Little

(no subject)

Have you ever been watching a movie you've watched a million times, only to see or discover something for the first time?

I was watching The Shining for the hundredth time the other day, and I noticed in the party scene where Jack first talks to the ghostly bartender, a woman walks by wearing a white dress, and she has a big bloody handprint on her ass. I can't believe I never saw that before!!
Baro Bitch Stare

(no subject)

Is it considered snooping when I look at the cell phone bill to see where all the text message fees rang up? I found two numbers my boyfriend has been texting all the time.

Would you worry about whether he was having another relationship(s)?

Does your leg ever fall asleep when you're doing your business on the toilet? Mine does sometimes, it is really quite odd.
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

When you are home alone and know you will be so for at least another half hour, do you use the restroom/shower with the door open?
What are things you will only do when you have the house/apartment/dorm suite to yourself?

TQC Pop Quiz

Can you name 3 TQCers (not including yourself) that:

1. Have unnatural coloured hair?
2. Own more than one pet?
3. Share the same birth month as you?
4. Live in the same state as you?
5. Ride a motorcycle?
6. Live in Europe?
7. Are vegan?
8. Can play the guitar?
9. Have 3 or more siblings?
10. Have a degree?
sad girl


Poll #1238787 bah cawk

I am considering getting tattoos of a rooster and hen. This is...

amazingly stupid.
irrelevant. I do not care. I don't even know why I'm on the internet, I care so little.
angering to me for some reason.
cute and/or funny.

What would be a good location for aforementioned chickens?

Back of your back (upper).
Back of your back (lower).
Back of your calves (one on each).
Legs (upper).
Arms (upper).
Arms (lower).
Another location I will write in the question below this one.

Write another location not listed here.

How much do you love chickens?

I have a moderate amount of warmth towards them.
I vehemently oppose them and their likenesses.
I love them as much as chickenly possible.
Obviously not as much as you do.
I am ambivalent towards chickenry.

(no subject)

My AIM won't open no matter how many times I click the icon. I've tried un-installing it, but the uninstall window just freezes and won't let me do anything. I can't install different versions of AIM either (I'm using 5.9.3702). It works fine on my sister's computer, which has Windows XP, but mine has Vista. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

(no subject)

If you were  having surgery that would keep you housebound for two weeks and were then expected to be on crutches for 2 months, and your friends were going to bring you a care package, what would you want in the package? I'm thinking books, magazines (that wouldn't make you sad because you can't have sex/work out), movies, homemade desserts, healthy snacks...
star trek - kirk at starfleet

(no subject)

does anybody here own frye boots? are they awesome and worth the money? anyone know the difference between the 12r engineer (11" tall) and the 15r engineer (15" tall) - is the 12r really short? i'm 5'2", but i don't want a completely knee-high boot, but i don't want an ankle boot either. so pathetic.


My Beloved TQC,

For those playing at home, I was improptu one-nightered last night (confirmed this morning. I got a message saying "you're not really my type.")

Is it okay to feel angry?
Or is it my bad for putting out on the first date?
Can you help me feel better?
Oh, and what should I purchase for lunch!?

(no subject)

Will you state your name (or if you don't want to put your name down.. put someone elses name! *IT HAS TO BE SOMEONE YOU KNOW IRL*) and see what the members of this awesome community associate with that name?
cubs hat

(no subject)

You have laundry to do. Which do you prefer?

A. Taking it all to a laundromat and getting it all done at once.
B. Using a washer and dryer at home to do one load at a time, but it might take all day.
C. Using a washer and dryer at home to do one load per day, but you might have to do laundry every day.

Even if you don't have a washer and dryer at home, which would you prefer to do?
chicken legs

(no subject)

To those of you who are happily married:

How long were you in your relationship before you started talking about marriage?
How long did you actually wait?
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Who would let stick it in your pooper?

Would you like some of my kickass zucchini-chocolate chip-walnut bread?

Can you explain to me why some people are boycotting watching the Olympics?
lulu guinness clutch

(no subject)

Which of the following grocery stores have you been to?

The Food Emporium
Food Lion
King Soopers
Big Y Foods
Brookshire Brothers
Copps Food Center
Haggen Food & Pharmacy
Piggly Wiggly
I haven't been to any of these!

(no subject)

TQC what do you do when someone is doing something really stupid and just doesn't seem to get it?

My SO (type thing) thinks it's a really brilliant idea to work FOUR JOBS and go to paramedic school which is basically a 2 year nursing school compacted into 9 months. Today he works 8A-6P, 7P-5:45A, 6A-12P and then has school from 6P-10P tomorrow night, etc, etc. Should I give up hope that he will ever realize how bad of an idea this is? :/
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

In a couple weeks I'm moving to Mayfield Heights! (East side of Cleveland). I have a hatred of all things Ohio, so are there any TQCers in Cleveland who can tell me why this wont suck? (It's a vast improvement over where I lived last year - Windham - but I'm expecting to be very bored.) I'll only be there for a few months while I finish up my last semester of college.

Poking and prodding

Inspired by this post.

Have you ever had an electrocardiogram?
Have you ever had a cardiac stress test?
Some unusual medical test?

And if so, why?

[I'm rewording this question.]

What is the most unusual medical test/procedure you have had, and what was it for?
Mitty box

(no subject)


I am buying a house and moving in the near future. The thing is, I love my job and they love me, but I don't know if I'll stay.

Is $8.65 an hour working as a cashier good enough pay to commute 20 minutes to work 4-5 hours a night?

Additional information:
I don't drive, so my husband would have to drop me off and pick me up every night. I could conceivably get a ride home on some nights because a boy I work with already lives out that way. I can't get a real full time job until fall of next year when my son starts kindergarten. Minimum wage is $6.15 an hour, gas is $3.57 a gallon and my car gets 28-32 mpg and the drive is approx 14 miles.
B&B - Cornholio

(no subject)

Intuit is being cagey as fuck. Anyone here use Quickbooks? Do you know if it has the capability to export any data you want, any way you want?

More fun:
Did you see The Dark Knight yet?
Am I messed up in the head for wanting to throw down Jim Gordon and do dirty things to him? Guh.
Do you get those fannish crushes more on actors or characters?
Tell me some of your longest lasting ones?


i'm having trouble with Hotmail. it won't let me sign in or even give me the option to sign in. it is saying that the site is either experiencing problems or i'm not a "Windows Live Hotmail" member. it says that "MSN® Hotmail® is changing to Windows Live™ Hotmail®".

so does this mean that i can't sign into my email anymore because it's not a Windows Live address?? is anyone else having problems? i have six emails and it's making me insane not being able to check them.

(no subject)

Inspired by the Lemonade Diet question:

Has anyone ever tried the 48 Hour Hollywood Miracle Diet? It's apparently some drink you buy and sip throughout the days to lose weight. I'm just curious!

max oop


1) Is it worth going 100,000$+ in debt for a good University or going to a local community college you can afford?

2) Is it still worth going into debt if your major is in the Art (such as Graphic Design, Photography, and/or Advertising) field?

3) For those who have graduated and are thousands in debt, were you able to find a job and a plan were it isn't keeping you awake at night/how long will it take before you pay it off?

4) What do you think are some of the best Business/Advertising/Art Universities that you would recommend (with preferably on campus living)?

5) Studying Abroad: worth it or "it was okay"?
pretty girls -- hiding

(no subject)

what's the website where you can check to see if websites are down or if it's just you?

alternatively, is Gmail being mean to anyone but me?
(of course this happens when i need to activate my account on another website.)

(no subject)

Instead of working on my 5 papers that are due this week, I'm looking through TQC, about 120 entires back.

What should you be doing right now?

What's the furthest you've ever gone back in TQC because you were procrastinating?

Original questions

1. Do you think it's okay to "copy" a question you found in a book or story on the Internet and not give credit?

2. Have you noticed that the simpler your questions are, the more answers you get?


1. I think so. I'm thinking of asking more questions from Finnegans Wake, and I found some good questions from a story I read online. :D
Camus boobs

(no subject)

1. If you eat at Quizno's, does it seem like they ALWAYS scorch the hell out of the edges of the bread?
2. If you work/have worked at Quizno's, why do they always do that?!?!
3. Subs are serious business, y/y?
4. I had Quizno's for lunch. I want it again for dinner. Should I have it?
5. The Quizno's slogan is "Mmmm... toasty." But on the commercials, they say it "Mm mm mm mm mm... toasty." Does this bother anyone but me?
6. Am I putting way too much thought into a sub place right now?
garden state flower

(no subject)

This hasn't been asked in a while-

What are some cover songs you like?

Name as many as you want! I love cover songs!
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(no subject)

Where do you think I'm more likely to be stabbed, Trenton, NJ or Camden, NJ?

Also I have a huge fucking blister on the ball of my foot. I got it friday and have been walking on the side of my foot ever since. I'm going to a show in Philadelphia tonight which will involve lots of walking and standing. Other than popping it, is there anything I can do to make tonight more comfortable?
Purple Forest

(no subject)

1) About how long does it take you to fall asleep?

2) What's the first thing you do in the morning?

3) How many times a day do you a) brush your teeth and b) take a shower?

4) Do you eat breakfast?
macro - procrastination cat

(no subject)

If there was a TQC_idols comm we were all in, who would you vote out first?

Who would get thrown out for a scandal?

Who would have the best PR?
oh mr. tea

(no subject)

1. What's something about either of your parents that's slightly weird and amusing to you?

My dad's head-over-heels in love with Laurie Halse Anderson's YA book Speak. He picked the movie up from the library without knowing it was a book first, and adored it, and has totally gone nuts for the book. He and some of his guy-friends have movie nights sometimes and he made all the guys watch the movie too. *G* He's a high school English teacher, so the YA book love is understandable, I'm just surprised it's *that* one!

2. What are some of your favorite young adult books?

Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli
The Giver - Lois Lowry
Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card
The Wind Blows Backwards - Mary Downing Hahn
Summer Hawk - Deborah Savage
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(no subject)

If my foot is 10.5 inches long, and I'm a girl, what is that in a men's size?
Im ordering some tennis shoes and they're only men's sizes and I do not understand how the heck Im supposed to convert that. The website isnt helping.

What's the quickest way to make your hair grow longer in the shortest time?
Extensions are not an option.

What's your favorite crazy celebrity name?
Mine's Penn Jillette's daughter: Moxy Crimefighter.

Penn State

Have any of you gone to Penn State University?

If you have, what are you paying monthly on your student loans?

How many years did you go and what was your major?
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table of contents in a pdf

So what's the easiest way to convert a super long Word file and its working (ya know, the links do their thing) Table of Contents into a PDF that also has a working TOC? I'm really pinched for time and I'm doubting I'll have the patience to manually work with bookmarks in Acrobat.

Also, is anyone else encountering a "Temporary Error" with their Gmail accounts right now?
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(no subject)

can you pleaes help me?? i"m not sure what i did< but i am working on a laptop and all of a sudden< i can"t type properly> whenever i hit the comma or the period< it does the angle brackets< as if i use the shift key but i didn"t!

does anyone know the easy fix for this?

EDIT: It fixed itself. Weird!

I do have another question! I am sending out an email and I don't want to sound uneducated.

Which of these can be correct? If neither, could you please make a suggestion? Thanks!

"For those of you to whom this comes as a surprise, I hope blah blah blah"
"For those of you which this comes to as a surprise, I hope blah blah blah"

(no subject)

You must first look at this Collapse )

Poll #1239033 HolyWow

Was your first time having sex WOW! worthy?


Being good at sex comes from:


Is the author of that postcard setting herself up for disappointment?


Will you tell the class what it was like when you lost your virginity?
gasp zooey

(no subject)

Bleh, a serious question.  I'm such a let-down.

I have a new car, and I want to put a bumper sticker on it, but I don't want to actually STICK it to the car.  I'd like it to be easily removable.  I have some magnetic tape I bought at Walmart quite a while ago, so I was wondering if the magnets would work to stick the bumper sticker to my car, or if you have to use a certain kind of magnet.  Will they scratch my car, or not hold tight enough to the car to work?

What is something you really need to buy right now?
Cloud :: call waiting

(no subject)

Today my allergist told me I have oral allergy syndrome. Have you ever heard of this? Do you or anyone you know have the same problem?

Do you have any allergies, other than pollen or dander? I'm allergic to cantaloupe, honeydew, and bananas, apparently.

If you've ever been tested for food allergies, did the results surprise you at all? I know I was shocked to test positive for corn, rice, soy, egg white, and almond allergies, since I've never had a reaction to any of those.

What's the part that sucks most about your allergies? I hate that I love cantaloupe but can't have it anymore, and I'm gonna miss banana bread like crazy. But I'm lucky; at least it's easy to avoid this stuff.
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{wow} sin&#39;dorei pride

spoiled children and planners

If you were a spoiled child, at what age did your parents stop buying you stuff and tell you to start getting your own shit? (or even if you weren't spoiled)

Secondly, do you use a planner? What kind? What does it look like? I just bought a real nice leather one from B&N to use this upcoming school year, only to find out it starts January 2009 :[ I was so pissed cause I didn't look that carefully at B&N.
Izzy and Alex

(no subject)

My back, stomach, and arms get tan really easily, but my face, chest, and legs take longer and don't get as dark.  Is there anything I can do to help get it more even or something?

What was the worst sunburn you've ever gotten?

I went on a camping trip at the beach, wearing a wife beater with a sweatshirt over it.  Usually the beach is freezing so I didn't think I'd have to worry, but this happened to be the ONE weekend of the year the beach was hot and I got a really bad sunburn.  It hurt so bad the only thing I could wear for a week were the same kind of tank top, and then for like 3 months afterwards I had funny
tan lines.

(no subject)

Okay, so when I was a kid I learned that when you chew up food, it goes to your stomach to be dissolved in digestive juices. Then, before it moves to the intestine it must pass through the pyloric sphincter. This little sphincter's job is to kick back anything solid so it can continue digesting.

Now maybe I just got the Magic Schoolbus version of human digestive education, but how is it then that people eat everything from Monopoly pieces to Barbie shoes and then they just have to wait until it "passes"? Wouldn't the sphincter never allow stuff like that to pass, or does it depend on size? I mean it's not like indigestible foreign bodies stay in your stomach forever. Help me Dr. Internet.

I sense some tension...

My roommate's girlfriend, who doesn't even live here, just asked me if I would mind loading up the dishwasher after  they were done with dinner.  I told her that I didn't mind, because I don't and I was planning on doing dishes in a couple of hours anyway.  It's just a weird request because of the way she said it (her tone), the fact that neither my boyfriend and I are included in this dinner and use of dishes (he's at work until later, and we do our own dinner thing anyway), and the fact that they don't have any plans after dinner so they'll be here and able to do their own dishes.  I'm not sure what to make of this, or if I should say something. 

I have the feeling they're complaining and talking stuff behind my back, and I'm sure it has something to do with my roommate because I've heard him talking stuff behind my back before on several occassions.  My boyfriend and I just got back from vacation, and we cleaned the house really well before we left... straighted up, vacumned, took out the trash, did dishes, and all that good stuff.  We haven't really made any sort of mess since we've gotten back because we haven't been here much.  We've been eating out a lot as well, and there were only a few of our dishes in there at the moment.  We do most of the cleaning here, so they shouldn't have a problem with that, but her tone definitely says otherwise.  I don't mind doing the dishes, but I don't want some problem or tension to develop because they won't speak up and bring up concerns or issues that they might have.

What do you think, TQC?  What would you do?