August 10th, 2008

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My grandparents are flying in from the Dominican Republic for my wedding next week - i want to incorporate some fun dance hispanic songs into the reception - got any good songs? title and artist please!
Miroku Turn

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Is anyone here in the Colorado Springs area interested in an older cat (or five? =( Or any number between one and five? )? If not, do you know where someone might be able to take these cats where they'll be happy and won't be euthanized? A very good family friend is in a position where he can no longer take care of his kitties, and we've all been looking but options seem scarce.

Have you ever had to give up a pet? What happened?

Do you have pets currently? Will you tell me about them?

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For those who like women...

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For those who like men...

Well, the same thing, except it's not a period.

I think I'd probably tell him to go see a doctor. That's not supposed to happen.


2. Have you ever been part of Internet drama?

The closest I ever got was when I made a post on ONTD Political that eventually ended up on stupid_free, but it was due to something someone else said.
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You hang out with some new friends for the first time outside of the college setting. You are really interested in this guy/girl & found out earlier in the day he/she feels the same way. Alcohol is involved, thus no one can leave. Because of a lack of sleeping space, you end up sleeping on a full sized bed with said guy/girl you're attracted to. Eventually, you cuddle and talk about things for the next two hours & find out you have a whole lot in common. Theres another person in the room sleeping on the floor. And boy/girl says to you "if only so & so wasnt here..." definitely implying something sexual could happen.

Do you think boy/girl is merely attempting to get some? Or interested in seeing if a relationship could happen?

EDIT: I should just hit it, y/n?

For the ladies

Can women suffer from pms so badly that they litterly grind their teeth because of it? Someone told me this once, but I'm not sure if it's something isolated or not.

PS: For those who wish to know, I am a Man.
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swamp cooler problems

i am having some sort of weird problem with my swamp cooler, where it's refusing to put out cold air all the time, esp during the heat of the day (which really helps when i live in the desert :P). my dad (who owns the property and maintains said cooler) has checked the pads, the pump and the water lines at least four times this week and it all seems to be working (one time, a line was pinched and he unsnagged it where it had snagged), so damn if either of us know why it's doing this. he's coming over tomorrow again to look things over.

i would think it is not the motor since the fan part of the cooler runs just fine. it turns off, it turns on, it blows the air. it just ain't cool air some of the time.

anyone have experience w this? suggestions for things that my dad should look at? (please don't suggest an AC unit because that's a stupid thing to have in the desert--too expensive w our triple-digit temperatures. swamp cooler = cheaper/works better/only doesn't work when it's humid, which is rare.)
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Ok you guyz im subscribing to Thrasher Magazine right.. and you get a choice of a gift with a 1 year sub.

Should I choose a T shirt or DVD? I can't choose at all!

What gets you super hyped?
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 I'm currently contemplating a class schedule that will have me waking up by 8am, driving a min. of 45 minutes there, attending 4 classes, getting out around 9:30pm, and driving a min. of 45 minutes home two days a week (leaving 4 days a week open for work since I have other obligations that keep me from working on Wednesdays). Does this seem like a good idea?
What's your class schedule?
What was the worse class schedule you ever had to deal with?

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Do you like the show Freaks and Geeks?

What are some of your favorite quotes from it?

Who is your favorite character?

One of mine is:
<i> You're on the pot.</i> Millie is like my second favorite character. 

Les is more

What's more of a turn-on?

Two pretty girls kissing
Two pretty boys kissing
Pretty girl and average boy kissing
Pretty boy and average girl kissing

Hottest girl-on-girl scene? I'm obviously not going to get them all, as I've never seen the L Word, so feel free to sprinkle in your own favorites as comments

Sarah Michelle Gellar/Selma Blair (Cruel Intentions)
Naomi Watts/Laura Harring (Mulholland Dr.)
Sharon Stone/Ellen DeGeneres (If These Walls Could Talk)
Chloe Sevigny/Michelle Williams (If These Walls Could Talk)
Neve Campbell/Denise Richards (Wild Things)
Anne Heche/Joan Chen (Wild Side)
Ashley Judd/Selma Hayek (Frida)
Jennifer Tilly/Gina Gershon (Bound)
Angelina Jolie/Elizabeth Mitchell (Gia)
Catherine Deneuve/Susan Sarandon (The Hunger)
Piper Perabo/Jessica Pare (Lost and Delirious)
Charlize Theron/Penelope Cruz (Head in the Clouds)
Peta Wilson/Ellen Barkin (Mercy)
Jordana Brewster/Sara Foster (D.E.B.S.)

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I read here that a sound machine can actually help people sleep by providing white noise. I know the reason why I don't sleep very well is because my mattress is old, but do you think that this would help people with sleep problems if people aren't waking up because they hear something in the night?
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1. Do you drink tap water?

2. Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone famous? If so, who?

3. Do you open your potato chip bags at the bottom? If you don't you should.

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If twins have a kid, what will the child look like? Will it be indentical to the parents because they had identical DNA?

ETA: Yeah, I suck. I am not awake and forgot that identical would mean that they would be the same sex.
*blame shinga's post in tqc_drama for this....or blame the incest freak for her post last night. But enquiring minds want to know.

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Along the same lines of the other twin post..

I was watching Maury the other day, and was wondering.. Lets say hypothetically there was this lady, and she was sleeping with twin brothers who have identical DNA. She gets knocked up. Can they still figure out who the father is?

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1. Will you tell me about a co-worker you cannot stand? 
2. If you go to school, what day do you go back?
3. I raved about my Chi straightener, and then it broke so I bought a Babyliss Pro, and then I raved about that straightener since I loved it more than my old Chi, and then it broke. What straightener should I rave about now? A real one please, none of that Conair/Revlon/Vidal Sassoon bullshit that just damages my hair and does not make it straight.
4. My SO is going on vacation with his family for a week starting Tuesday. We've never spent more than 2 days apart in the past 10 months. What do I do to distract myself from his absence? :(

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I dont like sex (but love me some masturbation, and am attracted to guys, but in practice dont want to have sex with them.)

Am I a freak of nature because of it? Has anyone else ~overcome~ this dislike and gone on to enjoy sex like a normal person?
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Job Stuff

I have a regular 9-5 office job that I work Mon-Fri. I also freelance graphic design (business cards, flyers, myspace layouts, etc) on the side (mostly I reserve this for weekends when I am free) but I need to start saving and in a hurry. I am preparing to move from Michigan to Atlanta, Georgia in about 4 months and I need to find a second part-time job that is pretty easy (so that I am not dead in the mornings for my fulltime job) so I can dedicate those checks to my savings account. I am having a hard time deciding where to start looking.

Any suggestions?
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To the men on here...

Do you really mean it when you say you prefer girls with  a bit a flesh on her, curvey whatever it is you say to girls?

Are you actually telling the truth or you just spewing shit?

thank you

Kinda drafty in here

1. Against all likelihood of it ever happening...if the draft were to be reinstated, do you believe that women should be forced to serve as well?
2. Young TQC American ladies, if the draft were reinstated and women had to serve as well, would you become a soldier, get sent to prison (go rob some stores), or draft dodge up to Canada or Mexico?

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everytime i have a frickin day off, the weather turns to shit! and when i get called into work on my day off, the weather couldnt be any better >.<

why wont the clouds just stay in one spot forever?! 

also, how does that new apple juice from tropicana or whatever taste? like biting into a crisp apple?

and should i wear underwear today?

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What was the most expensive/indulgent meal you ever had?

Last night, Eric and I were taken out to dinner by his old boss to celebrate our recent engagement.
Four people: three appetizers, one salad, four entrees, a cheese course, two desserts, three cocktails and one very nice bottle of wine: $450 before tip. Wow - we had such a great time and I've never done anything like that. It was fabulous!
Something About that Name

Cooking Chorizo

I have some Chorizo on the stove and am not sure if it's done cooking. A lady at work made a delicious chorizo & potato recipe so I thought I'd try it. I've never worked with chroizo before. How do I know when it's finished cooking? Should it be brownish?

Please help, I don't want to mess it up.


Tina :)

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What's up with this 'Batman' movie? It apparently has Christian Bale in it. Do they mean 'Bateman'? As in Patrick Bateman, his character from American Psycho? Is American Psycho 3 coming out?
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I went to the doctor this morning, and I have a virus. yippe. The doc gave me cough meds with Codeine! Does codeine tend to make you drowsy? I usually don't have a problem with it. And there are about 6 red and yellow warning lables on the bottle. Does that make you a bit nervous when taking a medication?
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Poll #1238323 The kinsey study Part 2: the reopening

What is your favorite euphamism for "making love" ?

preserving your virginity (the catholic school girl method)
shnooping in zuh poopenshtein
making loose the deuce caboose
taking the back door entrance while aunt Flo's in town
being a doggy-style purist
other (plz write it in comments)

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Last year, me and a guy were good friends. Now, a year later, I don't really talk to him, blah blah blah, and he's shipping out to the marines in the fall, and he keeps calling/messaging me and showing up at my house. Now, luckily, I haven't been home when he's stopped over, but my mom has. TQC, am I a bad friend for not wanting to hang out, especially because he's being deployed in a few months?

ETA: From this, I'll definitely call him up next time I'm home. I was feeling bad, just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me.
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Let's say you have been disabled for three years. Crutches, canes, wheelchairs, you've had to use it all here and there, because you just plain can't walk well and you're in pain all the time. You were diagnosed after seeing three different doctors and told you had a disorder that does not go away, and you'll pretty much be permanently like this.

Then a new doctor says he thinks the diagnosis is wrong. Completely wrong. And that the problem is actually surprisingly simple and he can fix you. COMPLETELY. You'll be able to walk, run, dance, jump, anything you want. You'll be as good as new! I mean, it'll require months of painful treatments and rehab, but still... FIXED.

How would you feel about this? Would you be pessimistic, optimistic, excited, scared, nervous, uncertain?

And if it did turn out to all be true, and he fixes you, what would be the FIRST newly-possible physical thing you'd do in celebration? (no, not sex, you've been able to have sex before so that's a non-issue)

Not about incest I promise

1. If you were unable to have kids and if it was perfectly legal to do this, would you consider cloning yourself and raising the child as your own?

2. What was the last book that you read that you hated?

3. Also are there any lj communities specifically for ranting about books you've read that you hated?
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twystedfate bought me 2 months' paid lj! So now I can do polls. Woo Hoo!

Poll #1238264 Mostly for American TQCers

What issue has the most effect on your vote for president?

the war
the economy
fighting terrorism
gay rights
alternative energy funding
addressing global warming
schools/education/tuition cost
taxes/social security
race/age of candidates
something else I will explain in comments

Who are you voting for?

Bob Barr
John McCain
Barack Obama
Ron Paul
someone else

Who do you hope your candidate chooses as their VP?

How many more questions can be asked about the election?

I enjoy political questions
I don't live in America and feel left out
Bernie Mac for President!
I believe in Harvey Dent
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Who is your favorite musical artist that you adore and most people don't know exist? Care to share a video with us so we can bask in their glory?

How many days until you move back to school, college TQCers? Excited yet?

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You know that pencil drawing of JD from scrubs where he's got that crazy look on his face? do you know what I'm talking about? Well, does anyone have that picture? My google-fu has failed me. :( and I am probably speaking complete gibberish.

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Dear Abby,

I'm finally going to be done (for good! forever!) with my shitty fastfood job on August 17. I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to be honest or keep mum about a hurtful nickname my coworkers have given a Russian guy who doesn't speak much English.

There are four Russians and one Ukrainian working at Micky D's this summer - they come over for seasonal work during tourist season - and the only guy and only one working in grill, Vladimir, has attracted the hostility of everyone else for no particular reason. They've decided to call him "Vulva", and neither he nor any of the other Russians/Ukrainian know what the word means, as their English is rudimentary at best. Vladimir knows so little English that even if I wanted to, I doubt I could tell him what his insulting nickname means.

I've been debating telling his girlfriend, Alla, exactly what his nickname means, because it feels dishonest to let people be so horrible to him in a way he can't understand. That said, it'd probably just make him miserable and angry - and the other people on crew wouldn't necessarily quit calling him Vulva, anyway.

So. Should I find a way to let the guy know before I quit, or is ignorance bliss in this case?

Hopping aboard the bandwagon and taking it out onto the internet highway

First, Morgan Freeman survives an alleged 'attempt' on his life in traffic in Memphis. Then Bernie Mac dies. Then Isaac Hayes dies in Memphis. What should black celebrities do?

Avoid franchises George Clooney's worked with (Batman, Ocean's 11)
Stop driving
Avoid Memphis
Give up Scientology (hear that, Will Smith?)
Avoid having an Apple surname (Mac). God is clearly a PC user

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I really need some help here.

I'm in Scotland and ever since February this year (Earlier for some) there has been so many repairs needing done in my flat. The door lock is held on with tape, there is a leak behind the toilet, the smoke alarm doesn't work, the shower doesn't work, the boiler is needing replaced and mainly, the washing machine is broke.

I have asked my landlord time and time again about the washing machine (I do want them all done but I don't have the time to handwash all my clothes and linen and I am nowhere near a laundrette, so the washing machine is priorioty right now) and every time he says 'I'll be in touch in a few days' or 'I'll get someone sent out' This is on the occasions that I can actually get in touch with him.

I did owe him some rent money, which I am now paying up so I didn't chase it too much as I was in the wrong as well.

But now I'm getting damn pissed. What can I do? I keep calling and asking and he keeps delaying it all. It's getting rridiculous now.

Any help much appreciated.

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I was watching a show on Discovery Health and they had a preview for another show that profiled a woman who eats 6 rolls of toilet paper a day.  I can't remember the name of the show and I will probably miss it.  I Googled "woman eats 6 rolls of toilet paper a day" in hopes of finding the show or a news article about WHY she does that but the search didn't return any results relevant to it.

Why do you think someone would eat 6 rolls of tp a day?

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1. would you suggest new bands for me to listen to?

i really need new music. i'm exhausting all my favorite bands and am going to be sick of them soon, which they just don't deserve. i listen to indie/britpop kind of stuff most of the time.

and while i'm sure this gets asked often, i'm curious:

2. who is your favorite band, or the first one of the bands you really love that comes to mind?
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Suppose there is a new program at work where you can volunteer to help victims of domestic violence. There is a training program and then you would be assisting with prosecution, restraining orders, child support & other legal issues. This would be a volunteer position, in addition to your normal job duties.

Would you volunteer?
Would you fear retaliation from the attackers/ their families?

Suppose your name/address are listed online (easily googled, due to your profession). Would you still sign up?
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how do you feel about:

1. douglas coupland
2. margaret atwood
3. the twilight series

1. ugh. and that tv show was horrendously bad.
2. oryx and crake pissed me off more than any book ever, except for maybe girlfriend in a coma
3. i hate to love it and love to hate it, in that order :(

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How do you think society in general perceives each of the following situations, assuming the husband and wife are both happy with it?

a. Husband works and wife stays home; they have no children
b. Wife works and husband stays home; they have no children
c. Husband works and wife stays home; they have children
d. Wife works and husband stays home; they have children

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if you could choose to live this life forever, would you want to?

what if you had to stay at one age? which age would you pick?

if you wouldn't want to live forever, how long would you like to live?

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I as very hungry and in the mood for some Japanese food, so I ordered a chicken teriyaki bento box, since it seemed like a good deal for 9 bucks. Salad, miso soup, chicken teriyaki, california roll, rice, and some veggies = woohoo! So, it just got delivered, and the size and portions strangely resemble lunchables.

1. What was the last thing that disappointed you?
2. Is it usually so difficult to find the tofu in your miso soup?

Inspired by the raw fruit/veggies question down below:

3. Is there something specific in oranges that make it the only fruit I am not allergic to?
4. I am trying to enjoy my "lunch" and these 3 women keep tapping excitedly on the glass of my job (I work at a real estate firm), pointing at different listings we had posted up. They will not stop tapping. It is giving me a headache. Should I say something?

oh my

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1. When was the last time you had to break into your room/house? What happened?

Earlier this morning, I locked myself out of my bedroom in my house However, I realized that the deck next door is pretty close to my window, so if the window was open I could maybe crawl in. After trespassing on my neighbors deck, jumping over (I'm on the second story), and slithering onto my bed headfirst with my legs sticking out in broad daylight... Success!

2. Are you watching the Olympics? What's your favorite sport/game you've seen so far?

Yep. I've been lovin' the beach volleyball for some reason this year

3. Do you tend to have plans for Sunday, or do you keep it as a lazy day? Have you been productive today?

I'm lazy as fuck, so every day I don't have to get out of bed I kinda don't. I'm still in bed right now. It's glorious.

4. Who is the one person you see the most often by choice (AKA parents don't count if you still live at home, not much choice there. SOs you live with do count, you chose to live with them)? How long can you go without seeing them?

My best friend I see 6 out of 7 days a week in general. I can go 6 days alone without her. She's going to be gone for 12 days and I quite literally don't know what I'm going to do with myself. :(
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1. Have you traveled more within in your own country or outside of it? Why?

2. If you live in the U.S.--actually, even if you don't, but please specify--how many states have you visted? Why'd you go?

3. Name ten places you'd like to go before you die and any particular reasons.

Circus people

If there's anyone who's lived on the road w/ the circus, the fair or carnival, could you tell me what your life is like while working there?

If you got terminated, did they leave you stranded in any strange town? If so where and under what conditions? I met this one guy who said he worked for the fair and they fired and left him stranded in my hometown.

So Bernie Mac and...

1 What's the best way to tell (a man because they're all bad) someone to wash their hands after peeing?
2 To put down the toilet seat?
3 Not to touch me after not washing their hands and not putting down the toilet seat?

4 Do you wash your hands & put down the toilet seat?

5 Do you like processed cheese?

War in South Ossetia

(Sorry if this is overkill on the subject, haven't seen anything in the immediate past.)

Why can't Georgia just let South Ossetia be part of Russia like North Ossetia is? (Or be an independent state?)

Is it because they want S. Ossetians' taxes?
Is it because there's people in S. Ossetia who do still want to be a part of Georgia?

Because personally, I'm Australian and if suddenly northern Queensland wanted out, I'm pretty sure we'd all be fine with that and there'd be a solution worked out without bombs. Northern QLD would probably even throw a housewarming party and we'd all be invited and have to bring houseplants.
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i just made a salad with lettuce (duh!), tomato, red onion, & chicken.

i have corn, peas, cucumbers, and some other veggies, so what else should i add? (srs & non srs)

what's in your favorite salad?

what are you eating for dinner?
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For those of you who are adults, do your parents tend to treat you like one? If so, when did they start doing so and what seemed to be their "adult requirements" (ie getting a job, moving out, getting married, etc)? If not, why do you think that is?

Are there cons to your parents seeing you as an adult?

I ask the last one because ever since I moved out on my own far away and got a good job and a place of my own, my mom treats me like an adult, which is theoretically great, but now she dumps all of her problems on me and sometimes I just plain don't know how to handle that. D:

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You're stuck in a tent, by yourself, for three months. You can bring 2 suitcases filled with whatever you want.

What necessities do you bring?

What do you bring to keep yourself entertained (aka, to keep you from going insane from the solitude)?

Things you have:
Running water & a nearby bathroom and shower

Things you can't have:

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Do you LJ at work?
If so, when you come across something potentially interesting but with a NSFW cut, what do you do?
Make sure no one is looking and then click? Try to remember to go back to that page when you get home?

What is the last thing that you got ridiculously giddy over?


Can I call a landline using Skype with only my computer's built-in microphone (I have a Macbook) or will that lead to quality issues?

I can't get anyone in my family to download Skype. :(
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1) Quick TQC I need your help!

Basically I'm planning and booking my trip in the UK right now. It turns out I have an extra night outside of London I hadn't factored in.

I am spending a day and night in each city and am going to go to: Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath, Cardiff, Cambridge, Oxford.

Which on these places should I stay an extra night? Or should I go somewhere else not listed? Opinions?

ETA: I should probably also mention that I am going north later on. And then to France and the rest of Europe.

2) Someone offers you a million dollars in hundreds. Catch is that you have to fully lick each and every bill. Every bill has been in circulation for at least 2 years. Would you do it?

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Dear TQC,

My crush has just told me that he is moving in to a place the next street up from me. This is exciting news.

What I want to know is, what are the foreseeable pros and cons to living so close?

Yours Faithfully,

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Madeline woe

GTFO 2008

First Bernie Mac, then Issac Hayes...

If deaths come in threes, who are you afraid will be #3?

I'm very concerned for Paul Newman, BB King, and for some strange reason Bea Arthur. *clings*
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How many times is mirxlucius going to post and delete? (we are up to two now)

Are LJ comments confusing to you? Do you understand that huge cluster of them? Does your computer have the capacity for LJ?

And on a mostly unrelated note, how would you feel about yet another TQC spinoff that's sort of like metaquotes, for posting LOLworthy comments from TQC?

Shallow Hal

You discover that you've been hypnotized because you were a shallow turd, to now see really fat people as normal. Or more normal. And, it turns out, your SO is actually a mega obese whale of a person, but because of the 'hypno-goggles' that have bespelled you, you see your SO as you do now. To everybody except you, your SO is actually close to 500lbs, but everybody's just assumed you're a fatty chaser (a 'blubber bounder' in this case) and haven't bothered to point out the real facts to you. Now, through some revelation, you discover that all along, your SO weighs close to a quarter of a ton. They still look the same to you, but now, you're aware that you've been mistaken all along.

1. Do you keep dating them, or drop them on the spot?

(no subject)

I have a lot of used text books that I want to sell, preferably online. I have never sold anything online before, so I have no experience with this. What site would be the best for me to go about selling my books? Or would I just be better off trying to sell them back to my school, even though they offer less money, and sometimes don't take them all back?

Have you ever sold your text books online? Is it easy or difficult? Is there anything I should watch out for?

(no subject)

1)are you strangely excited by the Olympics?


2)Tomorrow, should I do an The Office marathon or play a zillion hours of FFX?

3)Can you dive?


4)Do you enjoy watching gymnastics?

Yes. I also enjoy watching figure skating and beach volleyball.
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So, where do millionaires actually keep their money? I doubt it's in their debit cards. I use mine for milk and eggs.

No, seriously though:
If you had millions of dollars, would you seriously save it, spend it all, or invest it?
Wouldn't it be cool if you had a room full of dollar bills that you could swim in?
If they were old dollar bills, like the disgusting crinkly ones you get at the gas station, would you swim in it? Or would you decline?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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Say you had just recently hooked up with someone. Said someone tells you "My friend is really proud of me [for having sex with you], because he said you're really cute."

How would you feel?
lead me

loft beds, part deux

hi ti queue si. didja miss me?

i move into the dorms in a week. i think i've solved my loft bed dilemma... sort of. we're going to use the base head/foot board set to loft one bed, and then i guess get a plain bedframe to put the other bed under it at a 90 degree angle. yes, we could bunk them, and we will if we have to... but the loft bunk thing is just cooler, y/y?

so this (not my picture) is what the loft will look like when we've set it up, sans bed on the bottom. how on earth is this stable? i've seen several other lofts on photobucket and flickr that all have some kind of bracer bar in the back for the bottom set of supports. i don't think we'll have that in the dorm, so... what d'you suggest? the only thing we've come up with is taking a 2x4 and getting some kind of screw-on clamps to attach it to the bottom supports. we aren't allowed to drill or nail into anything.

as a side note... who watched synchronized diving?

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My google-fu/youtube-fu skills fail me. I'm looking for the full episode of south park's 'ginger kids'. Can you help me find it?

Should I make chicken alfredo or pizza for dinner?

Collapse )

If I'm going to try and catch up on pop-culture what three TV shows should I watch?
What three bands/artists should I know at least one song from?
What movie that is currently out in theaters should I watch?
What three novels should I read?
What video game should I play?
gif: tongue out, :p
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cubs hat
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My brother in law is getting married the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

1. The bridesmaids dresses are going to be black, so I feel like I can't wear my standard black dress to the wedding (I'm not a bridesmaid). I haven't been to a fall/winter wedding in forever. WTF does one wear that isn't black and is appropriate to a fall/winter wedding?

2. My husband is a groomsman. He called his brother to ask about tux rental, and my BIL said that the tuxes would cost $130, but that his friends were complaining that it was too expensive. My BIL is going to look and see if he can find them cheaper. If your boyfriends/husbands/dads whatever have rented tuxes recently - is that about a normal price?
Friends: Unagi.
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1) I broke my elbow in an accident in may and had surgery on it on friday (long story about why there’s so much time in between. I now have a screw in my arm and I can’t use my left hand (I’m left handed.) How much should I try to claim from the insurance?

2) The past six months or so I’ve noticed that when I eat certain raw fruits and vegetables my lips start stinging and I get a prickly feeling in my throat. It happened with melon today and a piece of lychee yesterday. It’s happened with raw carrot and certain kind of nuts and also with soya chocolate flavours pudding. Am I becoming allergic to fruits and vegetables? Why would that happen? It’s not bad enough to make me stop eating anything but could it get worse?
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Hey guys, long time no see.

So my birthday's in a week and in a weird twist, I want to make cupcakes for my friends for it. What are some of your favorite cupcake recipes of awesomeness?

Also, who's just a picture to burn in your life?
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So, someone comes up to you using one of the lamest pick up lines ever:

"Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?"
"Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?"
"I lost my number. Can I have yours?"

What do you do?
Has this ever happened to you?
Or have you ever used a very lame pick up line? (And if so, what was it?)

(no subject)

Does anyone else in here a fan of Dragons' Den?

What's been your favourite good product? Your favourite bad one?

It's one of the few shows my entire family can agree on, so we watch it a lot. Of course, it's way better watching the completely incompetent inventors then the good ones.

Do any of you think Peter Jones is hot?

(no subject)

I just got my first office job and I feel like I am not going to be able to handle the responsibilities. My predecessor made a training handbook for me and when I ask her questions she often tells me to refer to the handbook, but I don't understand it that well and am not the type of person who can process written instructions quickly or clearly. Most of my job will be done totally independently and there isn't any "mentor" I can look to for help after this next week.

If you've gone from working in team-oriented jobs to an independent office job, how long did it take you to adjust? I know I'll "get it" eventually but people are getting impatient with me in the meantime.

(no subject)

A close friend has decided to go emo. I want to talk him out of it. What is the appropriate course of action?
What should I do should he decide to go through it anyway?

Would you like some peach pie?
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It's a rap song, may be kind of older, I really don't know, but it's about brotherhood (between gang members?) and includes lines like, "I consider you my next of kin," and something like, "in a second/no second thoughts I would die for you."

Do you know what song I'm talking about?
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do any of you do the paid LJ surveys?
have you actually earned any LJ Gift Certificates or do you just get screened out?

i try to every month, but i always get opted out. i wouldn't mind so much, but it seems like it takes you pretty far into the survey before telling you that you don't qualify. :[

(no subject)

a friend of mine recently had a good experience using OKCupid! and really wanted me to fill out a profile since she knows i've been having really bad luck meeting people and is sad that i'm perpetually single. i said yes and made one 'cause i was kind of drunk last night but i'm still really uneasy about having it/using the site.

has anyone else used the site OKCupid! and had good experiences?
what do you think of those sites?
what do you think of the people who use it?
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(no subject)

Someone else's question brought up Ed Grimley. I can't find a clip anywhere of his "Oh I must say" dance. any idea where I could find one? (and not the cartoon stuff)
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My old roommate has introduced me to the TV show Spaced.

For those who like it, who is your favorite character?

Do you think Daisy and Tim look cute together? As, like, a couple?

What was your favorite episode?

Don't you wish they would make just one more season? I felt like I was just starting to connect with the characters. :(

(no subject)

I will be applying to big girl jobs shortly, and one company I want to apply to has an option to send your resume and they'll try to find what jobs they have available that would suit you. Does this seem like it a good idea, or should I just apply to specific jobs?

For those who don't care about my job hunt, what is your favorite quote from one of the Overheard in ___ sites?

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Ever check the "Friends of TQC" page?

If so, how many posts do you need to scroll through to see someone on your flist or even someone you recognize?
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fairy tale!

Ok, I can't look for this on IMDB because I have no idea what I'm looking for at all.
I remember renting a movie from Blockbuster in my early teens. In the beginning, this girl from NYC goes to Central Park and is somehow whisked away into fairy-tale land. It's not a cartoon. I remember there being lots of the usual fairy tale characters - dwarfs, talking trees, whatever.

Anyway, it was a long movie. At least 3 hours, probably longer. It was at least 2 VHS tapes, I know that. I also remember a scene in some town in this land where there were LOTS of hearts all over the place. Like, some love-obsessed town...floating hearts, heart-shaped buisnesses, whatever. Something about a black sheep at this part of the story.

This is a horrible description, I know. I feel like I'm describing a dream, but I REALLY want to find this movie! Does any of this ring a bell with anyone at all??

*EDIT: YAY THANK YOU!! :D Into my Netflix The 10th Kingdom goes. I hope it's as fun to watch now as I remmeber it being.