August 9th, 2008


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I have some exceptionally loud neighbors gallivanting around outside my window for no apparent reason. If I'm not mistaken, they're screaming about cake. Or pudding. Something like that. Anyhow, I was just about to nod off and they're making it somewhat impossible. What shall I do to quite them down?

Tattle of course. Didn't you learn? That solves everything.
Hang out the window and yell right back at them (maybe about ice cream or creme brulee)
Call the cops. It's similar to tattling, only with more authority.
Suck it up and ignore them. They'll shut up eventually, right?
Give them cake. Obviously that's the key to quieting them down.
Something else to be explained in comments.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties. 4C wites about another movie he's never seen

Ladies, if there was a magical pair of pants, would you share them with your 3 bestest friends?


If there was a magical pair of traveling panties that would bring you and your 3 closest girlfriends together and would make you far more successful in life and love, providing you took turns wearing them, would you do it?


You're having a tough week, and your friend's been having some good luck recently. When things look bleak for you, she unzips her pants and offers them to you, saying that it was instrumental in making her life right, and she'd like you to wear them and get lucky too. Would you do it?


The pants in question, according to my sources (some girl whose sister saw the movie), wearing the pants makes good things happen. If lucky things happen in life and love whenever you wear these pants, what qualities or history do you think these pants have?

Sexy holes in all the right places, guarranteed to make people stare and you and drool
The fur of 15 lucky rabbits' feet sewn into lining
Four leaf clover in back pocket
Used as dropcloth in leprachaun orgy
Carrot Top once wore them (if there's anyone luckier to have a career than him....)
Falcor, the luck dragon in Neverending Story, once made a steaming pile on the pants
Sequins in the pants are in the shapes of pink hearts, yellow moons, green clover and purple horseshoes,
I can't think of anything else for I'm as drunk as the poster
Give a dog a home

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Are you watching the Puppy Games 2008 on Animal Planet?
Are they not the cutest goddamn things you've ever seen in your entire goddamn life?
Did you see that Advice Puppy is there?
Do you like key lime pie?

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my cat ran away today and idk when..before i left to work she was playing with a golf ball and when i got home today with her food, she didnt come..i looked in the guest room and she knocked through the screen =( i miss her!!

what should i do to keep my mind off this?

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1. How much money should I have saved up before moving out of my parents' house?

2. How much money did you have saved up before moving out of your parents' house?

3. Is there anything you wish you knew before moving out of your parents' house?

Scary shit ?s

1) What's the last movie you watched that frightened you?

2) Have you ever been so broke, that you didn't know how you were going to eat your next meal?

3) Do you find Hilary Swank physically attractive?
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another Twilight question...but of a different sort...

After reading this secret on Fandom Secrets today, I have a couple questions;

Do guys like "Twilight"?

So, far, all the fans that I have met of the books have been female.

If you are a fan of "Twilight" could you please say so as well as state your gender?

If you are a guy who likes "Twilight", can you please tell me why?

If you are a girl and you want to see the "Twilight" movie when it comes out, how would you convince your boyfriend to go see it?

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Hay TQC.

I have before me one brand new 12 oz./375 mL bottle of Canada's finest crap, Wiser's Speshul Blendz. My question is not really whether or not to drink, but rather how drunk I should get tonight (seeing as I've already started supping on my first drink).

Collapse )

So, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being Sober as a Church Mouse and 10 being Holy Fuck I Can't Feel My Face or Outer Extremities, how far should I go?

Also, if your S.O. called you at 4 AM blasted out of their face and could only mumble/slur about how much they hated your voicemail message, what would you do?

ETA: a fucking bug flew into drink No. 2[now on No. 4]. and i just sent 5 badly spelled text megssages to by boyfriend. being drunk is AWESOME.
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For those of you with desktop computers, where in the house do you keep them? I live in a one bedroom apartment and need to decide where to put mine, living room or bedroom.


do you know of a good way to magnify the detail on a photo without making it blurry?

what now milo and kristen staring

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I'm looking for a poem I read about six months ago, and it's driving me absolutely crazy because I can't remember the title and anything about it expect for the theme and a summary of the last line. If someone knows of a better community to ask this, please link me!

Anyway, it's a religious-themed poem, and the last line approximates to "and watched the first murderer be born upon the earth," referring to Cain.

If anybody knows the name of this poem... I swear. I'll serve you forever.

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You're chatting with a friend. They complain how their sleep has been restless all week. When you sign off, you wish them a nice long sleep, hoping that they find rest. That night, going to bed, they trip and bang their head on the sink and fall into a coma.

Do you feel responsible?
If you don't, are you a bad person?
If you do, are you just a worrywart?

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I am moving out for the first time next month.  I have a pretty decent idea of what I'll need (like trashcans and irons and such) and I have things like dishes and glasses and a bed.

What are some things that you absolutely cannot live without?

When you moved out, was there anything you had forgotten?

How did you prepare to move?
some cloud

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Where can i find cute rainboots? I'm moving to New Orleans, so i feel that it's a necessary purchase.

Edit- What i'm really looking for are the more flat bottomed boots, ones without a thick heel
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natural flavor?

when looking at ingredient lists on packaged, boxed, or canned foods... what the hell is "natural flavor"?
where does natural flavor grow?
does it come from a tree? an animal? a mushroom?
what are the optimal growing seasons for natural flavor?
can i buy a can of natural flavor?
is natural flavor kosher?
does it stem from the same family as yellow #5?
but really.. what the hell is "natural flavor"?!

i know, too many questions.. but i must know!

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1. What is your name?

2. What was the last thing you said out loud?

3. What was the last thing you said in your head?

4. Ties, or bow ties?

5. I hand you a plate, whats on it?

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So you go out on a date with someone you haven't met in person before. You get on really well and have a nice evening. A couple of days later, she emails you saying she had a great time, it was lovely to meet you, and asks when you are free to go out again. You reply saying you're away for the weekend, then no further plans. Then almost 2 weeks passes and you hear no more from her.

Poll #1237696 I suck at life

What do you do?

Nothing. She probably has a reason for not being in touch and will do so when she's ready
Nothing. She must have changed her mind, you'll never hear from her again
Email her in a breezy manner asking if she's still interested
Phone her 9000000 times a day until she gives a damn good explanation
Something else (comment)

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Did you watch the Olympic opening ceremonies yesterday? What did you think?


Are you rooting for any athlete or country in particular? Who or what are they?

I'm rooting for US wrestler Ben Askren since he's from my hometown and is a really awesome guy. I think his hair says it all. lol
Feed the kitty

Rhetorical, perhaps

1. A politician had an affair two years ago and lied about it. How is this news?

2. A little kid went missing two months ago. Little kids are killed and kidnapped every day. Why is Caylee Anthony so much more important than the others?
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House rules

Do you have any guest "rules" in your house that you wouldn't let the even a best friend trump (e.g. entering the master bedroom, rummaging through your snack drawer)?

Do you have any house rules that most other people don't implement?

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Dr. TQC,

I was just bitten 5 times on my legs while sitting at my desk at work. I found the mosquito and killed it, but now my bites are getting bigger every time I look at them and puffing up, and obviously itching like crazy.

There is a small pharmacy up the block. I called my boss, and she said I could go there and pick up whatever I need. The thing is, what do I need?!

What will make the mosquito bites stop growing, swelling, and itching? Help me!

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Good morning, this is your body just popping in to tell you that you are pregnant! Now what?

Abort mission!
Keep and place up for adoption.
Commit suicide.

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dear TQC,

has anyone here ever been in a major natural disaster?

If so, how did it affect you? (don't need to post if it is too upsetting to talk about it)

I have, it is described in this wikipedia article .

I didnt loose anything in those fires, but it was still very scarey. I remember that I was watching a documentary talking about an outbreak of a disease somewhere in the US a while back (cant remember what it was), and that at the end was talking about how there could always be another disease that could have major effects (this was around the time when the SARS outbreak was still happening, so that line at the end of the show stuck in my mind). 

At the end of it, I looked outside and noticed that the sky was far too dark for the time of day it was (just after midday in the middle of summer, and it looked dark enough to be sunset). Upon turning on a radio, I learnt that it was because of a major bushfire that was in canberra. We spent a whole lot of time doing the proper stuff like filling the bathtub with water, watering down the gutters to protect against embers and stuff. I remember that I was inside turning things off at the power points off when we lost the electricity. Thankfully we still had a phone that was able to be powered by the phone lines. 

It got real scarey when the fire was climbing the opposite side of mount taylor (fires climb hills covered in eucalyptus trees very quickly), it sounded like a jet engine's roar. There were also sparks at times that were either from power poles, or from static electricity in the smoke. It was very scarey when it reached the top of the hill as we coud see it from our house, but thankfully, that was when it started to die out, as firestorms have difficulty going downhill.

We had the car ready and waiting in case we had to leave (though my mother has said that the experiance that we had made her say that we would have already left if she had known the stuff about how the fires act), but we didnt need to go. The sky started to get a little lighter just before the sun went down (there was enough smoke that you could look at where the sun was directly). Our only information was from worried family calling to make sure we were ok, and our raido after it was over, and a small battery powered tv. The next day, a number of people from some of the houses near us had lunch at a niegbours house (just as a getting to know everyone thing). there was also the owner from a nearby corner store giving out all the icecreams from his store as they were already in a state where they would not be able to be sold even if they froze again right away. 

I went with my mum to get some ice to keep our fridge and freezer cold, but it was not needed as power was being restored when we were out.

So all in all, that day was one of the scarriest in my life.

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I am spending the day and night with my boyfriend.
I have some really nice underwear, but for some reason can't decide whether to wear it all day or change into it *at some point*.
What would you do TQC?

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I'm trying to convince my friend that there are plenty of job openings for technical directors/animation riggers all over the US and not just in California. I'm right, aren't I? Company names would help.

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I apologise for being on here twice, but I really need some advice. I have about 40 books I have not read, and will not read. Should I just give them to charity? What is the best thing to do to get rid of them?


1. Do you have a "Magic" product or item that fixes things for you? For instance, even when I'm having a breakout Covergirl Aquasmooth is my magic foundation. It turns me back into a human.

2. How's your weekend going?
Adair ★ ^_^

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Today, I'm meeting my ex for the first time in a year. What should I wear? There's no need to look particularly provocative -- I don't plan on us gettting back together.

Have you ever succeeded in staying friends with an ex? If not, why didn't it work out?
cat tea


1. Why do you think men cheat?

2. Why do you think women cheat?

3. If you've ever cheated, what was the reason?

EDIT: When you've complained to a company because of bad service, product, etc., did you get anything from them to keep your business? What is the best thing you received?

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Favorite space alien trapped/sent to earth movie?

What Planet are you from?
The Man who Fell to Earth
Mac and Me
Meet Dave
Earth Girls are Easy
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what did you find was USELESS when you moved out?

and please explain your situation~ upon moving out.

me: with roommates

- cutlery, dishes, etc. ziploc containers + dollar store dishes next time.
- TV, VCR, boombox, phone. roommates monopolized them :P
- anything that goes in the oven--i just put tin foil down to make nachos, cookies, etc.
- i brought the completely wrong winter gear.
- slippers, because i had centipedes and baby roaches and had to wear shoes indoors
Lain Out
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Its the Newest Cigarette Technology Since Tomacco

Have you heard about Camel Crush cigarettes?

From wiki: Camel Crush is a customizable cigarette that contains a menthol capsule within the filter. By squeezing the filter before or while smoking the cigarette, a small blue capsule is crushed and releases chemical into your filter, transforming a regular cigarette into a menthol one in a matter of moments.

Do you think this a good or bad idea?

I work at a deli and there's ads for it there. The main group that has expressed interest seem barely old enough to smoke which I'm sure is Camel's ploy.

I also hate how I'm curious to try one.
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Do all these (mostly) younger famous people dying lately make you contemplate your own morality more?

Poll #1237866 Time to die

What do you think is the ideal age to die at?

Never. I'm going to live forever!

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I needed to print something out last night. It was a black and white document, and I had plenty of black ink, but out of some colored ink, and it wouldn't print. Why won't the printer print using only black ink? Or alternatively, why do the colored ink cartridges have to be filled in order for me to print a B&W document?

This has frustrated me for years.

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1)I'm very anxious. any help?

2)Do you play more than one game at a time?
not usually.

3)what is your favorite type of tv show?

4)what sort of tv service do you have?

basic cable.
Raver Sam

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It's poll happy around here today for some reason.

Poll #1237889 Who's the best muppet?

Who's the most awesome Muppet ever?

Kermit the Frog
Miss Piggy
Fozzie Bear
Sam the Eagle
Rowlf the Dog
Rizzo the Rat
Oscar the Grouch
Big Bird
Cookie Monster
The Swedish Chef
Statler and Waldorf
Other (any Jim Henson muppet from a movie or show is acceptable here so please specify in the comments below)


1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

2. Ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet or Italian ice?

3. Cone or dish, if cone what kind of cone?

4. If you like sundaes, what do you put on them?

5. Where is the best place to indulge in ice cream?

♥I want ice cream♥


I'm planning on making cupcakes for my friend's birthday today. Most of the recipes call for at least a 1/2 cup milk, but I don't have any on hand, and I'm not in the mood to go to the store. I found a recipe that doesn't call for milk, but this makes me somewhat suspicious. Does this recipe sound good to you?:
Yellow Vanilla Cupcakes

It does suggest adding just a few tablespoons of milk (if needed). Could I substitute buttermilk?

How about this frosting recipe?: Buttercream Frosting. Too simple?

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I want to go exploring today but aside from stamps and maybe an ethernet cable, I don't really have any goals.

Poll #1237868 Let's go exploring!

Which direction should I walk?


Which street should I walk on?


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Oh hay guise what's going on in these threads

1. Do you live with your significant other?
2. If you do, who brought up the topic of moving in together? If you don't, would you ever consider doing so at this point with them?
3. How long were you together as a couple before you moved in together?
4. Do most guys really leave the toilet seat up when they're done? Does it annoy you if they do? And for guys: why can't you put it back down after?

Eta: My answers are ~hidden~ in the comments. And also hello everyone. I'm Samantha.
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Best/worst job interview you've been on?

Stupidest thing you've ever done/said on one?

For those who have interviewed applicants, any funny/scary/weird anecdotes you wanna share with the class?

R.I.P. Bernie Mac

Are you sad about his death?

Also, why are people calling 2008 the year of death?

I'm always seeing people say that too many people from the entertainment industry have died this year but I don't see what they're talking about. =/

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What's the most interesting thing in your fridge right now?

Will you take a photo of your kitchen and post it here for all to see?

Have you ever known anyone who knew someone who turned out to be a murderer or serial murderer?


1. What are your goals for the upcoming school year?
2. Do you have any good studying tips?
3. Would you consider yourself organized?
4. What year are you?
5. Have you already done your supply shopping?
Purple Forest

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There was this movie I saw a long time ago on ABC Family (it was probably called Fox Family at that time). I don't remember the title of it but it had to do with a girl and singing. She was a college student (I think it was at a performing arts academy or something). It wasn't "Raise Your Voice" but it had a similar synopsis I think. I'm preeeeetty sure it was an original movie, not shown in theaters.

Does anyone know what the title is?

I googled it...

Is there a specific name for the area under your ear/behind your jaw that hurts when you blow tons of balloons?
I helped blow many balloons for a kid's birthday and my "balloon limit indicator" is smoked.


Salivary glands!!
lulu guinness clutch

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Have you ever had one of those really deep bottom of the foot blisters? Was it terrible? How did you get it? How long did it take to go away?

I got one from walking around Liberty State Park/Jersey City for 12 hours yesterday. Now I have to walk on the side of my foot =[
Sky - with galoshes

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So I'm watching the Olympics and now I actually know what handball is. I feel like it is a sport I could have been good at, but I've never even really heard of it before.

Did you have handball in your area growing up? Did you have handball teams in high school?
GtB - angel bear
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Would you continue to date someone you really liked (but hadn't been intimate with) if you found out he or she had a chronic incurable STD like genital herpes?

Edit: Would it change your answer if somehow the topic came up on the first couple of dates, before you got to know him or her that well?

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If you found a bat in your work place, would you let it outside or call animal control?

If you found Batman in your work place, would you let him outside or call Gotham PD?

How do you feel about bats in general?

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I am going to the Cobbs comedy club in San Fran tonight and I have no idea if wearing jeans is acceptable or if I should go for office attire (skirt/button down shirt) or something else.
I'm going to see Patton Oswalt if you think maybe this would make some difference..
TQC, what should I wear!?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Poll #1237923 How Do You Feel?

How do you feel about marriage?

My SO and I are in one right now/about to be in one
I have an SO & we respect it, but we've decided it's not for us
I have an SO and we don't respect marriage
I am single and will never get married
I am single and will have an SO but never marry
Other, explained in comments

How do you feel about children?

I love them and have/plan on having my own
I love them, but only when they're other people's
I don't mind them, but I don't want them
I hate children, period
Other, explained in comments

Pretend the "other" in the first question also encompasses "I am single but will one day marry when I find an SO"

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So one of the acts from America's Got Talent got injured and can't go on to the semi-finals that are after the Olympics are over. There's now a wild card slot up for grabs but I don't know who to vote for since they kicked off so many good acts during Vegas week. You can see videos of all the Wild Card acts on the voting page HERE.

I just can't decide! Who do you think I should vote for TQC?
Boo you whore

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1. Whats the best website to buy sex toys from?
2. Say you hadn't seen your SO in 6 months, what kinky new things/positions would you want to try (or do again)?
3. What would you want your SO to wear to pick you up after not seeing each other for 6 months, thats still professional?
misc - not a weapon

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1. Are you reading any books right now?
2. Which ones?
3. Do you like them?
4. Do you read one book at a time or alternate between a few different ones?
5. If you start a book, do you feel obligated to finish it, even if you don't like it?
Sombrero Dave

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How many songs can you think of with the EXACT SAME title, but by different artists?

For example... Stockholm Syndrome by Muse/Blink 182/etc.

[edit: I mean completely different songs, NOT COVER SONGS!]
wise old caffiene

Chow Yun Fat

10:43 AM 7/11/08 · I've seen Chow Yun Fat in a few movies but I'm not that familiar with his work. In Bulletproof Monk I saw him being really funny, which is unusual to my experience of him.

Are there any other movies that he's funny in?
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Would YOU have an affair with Jonathan Edwards?

Would YOU have an affair with John Edwards?

Would YOU have an affair with John-boy-with-the-golden-hair-and-fat-cancerous-wife Edwards?

Would YOU have an affair with one-term-Senator-and-graspy-politician-with-no-chance-in-hell-at-the-presidency Edwards?

oh hollywood..

Long time no postie!

So, I met Eric McCormack (Will from Will & Grace) casually in my grocery storee today. No one noticed. I only found out after it had spread around the cashiers like wildfire. Nice guy.

Have yoooou met any celebs? (Bonus points if something wierd/crazy happened)

Hurry up and look back

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What artist/band are you loving lately?

what do you listen to when you want pick me up music?

I am working a lot these days and I am in desperate of new music because I am wearing out what I listen to right now and I am stuck in a boring music funk

So tell me all of your fave music right now, and I want it to be kinda positive fun and energy, time periods and genre's don't matter

what I love and am listening to right now

1) Mika
2) Devendra Bernhardt
3) Indie Arie
4) The Clash
5) Boston
6) Rhymefest
7) Zion-I
8) Kanye West
9) The Ramones
guess it's time to get serious

can't see the forest for the trees

It had to be pointed out to me before I accepted it myself but apparently the United States falls behind a bit in the sexual arena. Outside of our borders, what is and what isn't considered to be sex is not so limited. Whereas within, Americans largely view physical pleasure not involving intercourse as not being sex.

1) Do you think sex absolutely must have intercourse as a necessary component?
2) If you don't, then if lesbians aren't having sex what exactly are they doing?
3) Why do you suppose people don't view cunnilingus & fellatio as being sex?
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TQCers with pierced tongues:
Have you ever swallowed your barbell?
EDIT: The whole barbell, not just the ball on the end.

Mine came undone while I was eating a burrito and I didn't feel it as I swallowed it.
It feels stuck in my throat.

What to you recommend I do?

Will it really hurt me once I poop?

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So the lovely company that fired me decided to only give me half my paycheck. I called HR and she said the other half would be there by monday. So i check my account today and they took away that half of the check! Leaving me with no money and a fucking overdraft fee becuase i bought something and they had already taken out the money without my knowledge.

So should i sue the shit out of them or what?

There is no one i can get ahold of until monday, i researched a little online and technically they had to give me my money three days after they fired me. It has now been 8 days and i have NOTHING.

What would you do in my situation? I need to go grocery shopping..bad..
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I like a young Tom Hanks. For example, I LOVE Big and I liked Turner & Hooch.

Which of these Tom Hanks movies from that period, that I don't think I've seen, would you recommend? Or recommend against?

# The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990) .... Sherman McCoy
# Joe Versus the Volcano (1990) .... Joe Banks
# The 'burbs (1989) .... Ray Peterson
# Punchline (1988) .... Steven Gold
# Dragnet (1987) .... Pep Streebeck
# Every Time We Say Goodbye (1986) .... David Bradley
# Nothing in Common (1986) .... David Basner
# Volunteers (1985) .... Lawrence Whatley Bourne III
# The Man with One Red Shoe (1985) .... Richard Harlan Drew
# Bachelor Party (1984) .... Rick Gassko

Or are there any other daggy-but-great movies from this period (not necessarily starring Tom Hanks) that you'd recommend?

Oh hay thar


I just started watching The Office (US). Just finished 1st season last night and I'm not that impressed. Does it get better? I just don't see why everyone loves it. It's funny at times but meh.
girl hearts

(no subject)

Can you not tell it's a question if there is no question mark?
Doesn't it seem like people in here just can't seem to figure that out?
What if I put a question mark after something that isn't really a question?
Would that count?
Would that just make it a make it a question?

me - with gun
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TQC, I finally have an Internet connection at home! I'm BACK!! I've missed you!

Will you tell what's been going on in TQC, in the form of a short fairy-tale-like story? Bonus points if it's complete bullshit and you mention TQCers by name. :D

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I'm wearing a white tank top tomorrow- white nail polish or clear shiny nail polish? clear shiny.

I'm going to my boyfriends sisters 8th birthday tomorrow- do I bring her a card or a present or what? I don't know her well and I recently bought her a present for no reason.

Does anyone want to please help me make my internet work? I had to post this from my phone :( if you're computer smart and feeling generous with your time, pleeease Im my phone sn, getonthehighway thank you withluckysevens!
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Damn, how do you humanities people do it?

I've been taking a bunch of social justice and community studies classes for GEs, and if I read one more paper on race/gender/sexuality/class in America I'm going to have to choke a bitch. These writers take pages to say something that could be said in a paragraph. In a sentence, even! Gah, give me graphs! Numbers! Data, dammit! DATA!!

What subjects made you want to choke a bitch?

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The Hardon Hadron collider opened up and we didn't die today. so now our hardons hadrons can collide and we don't have to worry about black holes!

how does this make you feel? did you purposely put anything off thinking "well, we're all gonna get black holed tomorrow..."?

is there any particular reason that edwards admitted he had an affair on the same day that bernie mac died, the hardons collided,  russia continued it's occupation of georgia, AND the olympics kick off the first big day? what else happened today that i forgot?

also, why is TQC fucking crazy today?

Three-hour lectures in college

Inspired by the block classes question:
This fall, I start college and will have one class up to three hours a day, and two/three one-hour classes (lectures) each day. So, tell me, tqc:

1. What were/are the longest classes (one subject) you have ever had, and how long were they?
2. How did you get through them, especially if they were really boring?
3. What kind of mental preparation should I go through to get ready for it?
4. Tell me, dear friends, will I be able to stay focused for three hours in one sitting?
Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

(no subject)

1. If TQC was a high-school cafeteria, what table would you be sitting at?

Table schmable. I'd grab a fried pizza pocket and a can of Hawaiian Punch and find a sunny spot to sit with my friends from band.

2. My fiance is really, really getting into the Olympic women's beach volleyball game. Is he becoming a sports nut, or did his testosterone level just skyrocket?
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What is the shortest amount of time you have ever had with someone between establishing a mutual understanding of sexual interest and actually sleeping together?

And what is the longest amount of time you've had between establishing a mutual understanding of sexual interest and actually sleeping together?

Any interesting details to the choice of time length worth sharing?

who is this actress?

A friend of mine was recently told she looks like the actress in the picture behind the cut. This actress is in her late 50s early 60s now, and my friend has been told she looks like her in her 30s... She was told NOT to look at recent pics, but older pics of this actress...

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Now - my dilemma - my friend can't remember the name of the actress, except for 'Katherine'. It could be a 'Catharine' or variations on the spelling.

My friend is pretty determined that it ISN'T Catherine Deneuve (believe me, that was my first guess... with a young Helen Mirren being the second guess) but there's a significant difference in the bottom lip/eyebrow/eye of this picture to Helen AND Catherine Deneuve...

Any movie buffs know who she is?

Bonus points if you can find a link to this picture online - so I can PROVE to my friend who this is a picture of...

Bogie Bacall2

The Olympics

Tomorrow (Sunday), there is going to be a basketball game with the U.S. and China. However, it's on at freaking 7:15 A.M. PST, and I don't want to wake up that early.

Does anyone know if the game is going to be replayed in its entirety?
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What's the strangest food combination you've ever had? Was it tasty?

Would you ever eat cheddar cheese dipped in peanut butter?

What about chocolate covered garlic?
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what would you do?

A nice lady at work, a lady I have a decent work friendship with, wants to set me up with her son (she thinks I'd be perfect for him). Problems?

A) I'm not all that anxious to get a boyfriend. I enjoy being single.
B) I think it's a little strange that someone's mom is trying to set them up -- what if I say yes to being set up, and then it turns out the guy has no interest in someone like me at all, it's just the mom butting into his life? (Also, I'm pretty sure the guy just broke up with some girl).
C) I'm not sure the lady at work 'knows' who I really am -- she knows I'm a student and that I work hard, she doesn't know that I still live with my parents for various reasons, that I'm not financially comfortable right now because I am a student, or that the quiet front I put up at work isn't at all my personality once someone really gets to know me.
D) I don't want to flat out say 'no', because that might create a conflict just as easily as if I said yes and it didn't work out.

What should I do guys? What would you do in this situation?
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mea culpa.

I blame the hours spent on google. That'll mess with your mind bigtime...

:: exits out quietly stage right ::

:: whispers from the sidelines: Why is there no reverse search on google? it would make my life WAY easier, and save the carpel tunnel syndrome developing in my hands... ::