August 7th, 2008


non-egg eggs?

I'm allergic to eggs, but I want to eat them! Are there any egg substitutes that aren't made with eggs THAT TASTES LIKE EGGS? And I mean for like breakfast tacos or scrambled eggs, not baking.

fucking christ. Tofu does not taste like eggs. I *DID* google it.

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You wake up naked. Who's the worst person to find naked in bed with you?

Petting zoo animal
Dead hooker
SO's parent
Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh (an oxycontin threesome)
Homeless person (they haven't showered since they came home with you)
600 lbs. man
Your best friend's SO
Flava Flav

You've been chatting up this person online. They're of the gender you're most attracted to, and the pictures you were sent were really really sexy. You talk on the phone and you guys click. You decide to meet in person. You guys agree to meet at an Olive Garden, and they say that they'll be wearing a green jacket and white hat. You show up on that day, and peer inside. You see someone in a green jacket and white hat. Which of these scenarios would be the most disappointing?

They're of the gender they said they were, except they weigh around 400lbs. Obviously not the person in the photograph
They look really good, except...they're of the opposite sex they said they were. You've been fooled by a crafty transsexual pre-op or something

You see this person through the window. They're carrying a small present, and keep checking their watch impatiently. You're not sure what to do. The person inside is starting to look really sad, assuming you stood them up. What do you do?

I don't want to hurt him/her. I walk in and have dinner. We talk about how fucking deceitful they were
This is too weird. I indeed stand them up. I go back home and block their number/chat name
Keep on watching. I hope they cry.
Honestly, this change is a bonus. I'm even more turned on by them
Melbourne Sky

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I'm looking into getting a new MP3 player but am swamped by the options. What kind do you have and why would you recommend it?

edit- thanks, after going through all the prices and specs of each, i went with the Ipod classic 80GB.
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strange things are afoot at the circle k...

Another foot was found washed up on the Washington shoreline this past Monday. So far all the feet have been discovered while still wearing sneakers.

1. I ask you, what does the killer or killers have against overpriced athletic footwear?

2. Knowing this, if you lived in that area where the feet are washing onto shore, would you switch to sandals and/or dress shoes?

3. With the first foot found in Canada and having someone cut another person's head off while riding a bus last week, I have to ask what is currently going on Canada that is making people go mental?

On a different non-psycho killer note;

4. Is there a band or song out there that puts you to sleep, if so, who or what is it? And I mean, actual sleep. You listen to it or them and you physically nod off to slumber land.

For me, I can't listen to Wilco at night or I am out like a light by the third song. Weird.

(no subject)

1) Do thongs and other up-the-butt underwear smell like booty by the end of the day? It seems like they would because they rub against your butthole all day.

2) I really like to sleep naked. Do you like to sleep naked?

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hallo TQC
its 3:30am which means 12 whole hours till i get to see my girlfriend tomorrow.

she is really stressed lately and hasnt been wanting to be intimate so much anymore because of the HSC and school etc.

what would you suggest is a really good way to convince her to let me boink her? 

edit: we are lesbians
so technicalled by 'boinking' i already mean going down etc.

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What's a good song about hormones and how bloody awkward they can be?

What's a good song about being a super awkward teenager who does not know how to flirt?

What's a good song about being a girl who's annoyed with a guy because he won't make a first move?

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Do you think pregnant women should be able to park in handicapped spaces?

I do, if only because I can't imagine it would be comfortable to waddle more than a certain distance in the later months.

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I'm going to get a new phone. I want either the Sony Ericsson W580i or the LG Shine.

I'm going to use it for phone calls, texting, and listening to music (I don't have a separate MP3 player). I'll also use the camera and probably will use it to check my email.

Anyone have either of these phones? What do you think of it? Or any other AT&T compatible phone that you like that would fit my needs?

car sex!

Have you ever had car sex?

Fan of it or not?

In your own, their, or someone else's car?

Any fun stories from it?

(yes I'm ridiculously bored, why do you ask? :P)
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What's server wage in Arizona? (Google has yielded nothing)

What's the dumbest lie you've ever told? The dumbest one you've ever been told?

Do hot pink and navy blue go together? As in, a hot pink and navy blue bathroom?

Why is my wireless internet failing for about 30 seconds every few minutes?


What are some good podcasts that I should subscribe to? I'm looking for things to listen to at work, and I'm all caught up on the ones that I already know about.

Right now, I listen to:
The Story
Word for Word
Discovery Now
Grammar Grater
Car Talk
Driveway Moments
Hmmm.... Krulwich on Science
Satire from the Unger Report
Science Friday
This I Believe
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
On The Media
This American Life
WNYC's Radio Lab
hate pimentos

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There was a giant wasp on my bedroom curtains a few minutes ago.  I got a flyswatter and was going to kill it, but it was just crawling and I thought I wouldn't be able to get at it while it ws on the curtains.  It crawled down the curtain, along the top of the laundry hamper, flew for .5 seconds, and disappeared.  I don't know if it's in my hamper (which has 3 sections), on my bedroom floor, under my bed, IN my bed, etc.  Should I try to look for it?  I'm fucking terrified it might sting me or one of my cats.

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stakingaclaim's questions are interesting.

strongly agree
strongly disagree
I never pay attention to who asks what.

cottonmanifesto's husband is a good lay.

strongly agree
strongly disagree

Bacon is the most righteous breakfast meat of all breakfast meats.

strongly agree
strongly disagree
all meat is gross


Time to admit i'm retarded...

i feel like a complete idiot for asking this, but how do i wrote HTML?

i always see questions here where i'll be like "fuck, i know this awesome picture that'll help", but then have no idea how to make it work.

i tried <img> (insert URL) </img>, and it just makes it a link to that URL. I've been afraid to ask lest i look like i'm from the stone age, but at this point fuck it.

in a related note, are there any questions you've been afraid to ask due to similar reasons as this? have you asked them yet? will you ask them here?


1. One of my cats name is Mim, but I call her Mad Madam Mim. My other cats name is Minow, but I call her Minow Monster. My puppies name is Liberty, but I call her Liberty Dog. Do you nickname your pets? If so, what did you nickname them?

2. Do you have any nicknames? If so, what are they and how did you get them?
Zooey face

Camping woot woot

Alrighty, TQC. My SO and I are going camping this weekend. I haven't been camping since I was about 12. What are some essentials that we absolutely need to remember to pack?

What do you like to do when camping?

If you go to a wine tasting, do you spit out the wine when you're done (like they recommend) or do you drink it all?

(no subject)

I have to drive a UHAUL today. I've never really driven a truck before. Have you? If not, would you be nervous? Should I scream out the window at people idling next to me at lights?

I'm so excited scared.

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A friend of mine is going to Nicaragua for a vacation...I wanted to make up a little going away gift for her. I want to add stuff that she'll actually need while she's there, but nothing that's going to weigh her down. What do you think she would need? So far, I can only think of hand sanitizer (even though I don't use it, google suggested it) and those travel sized toilet paper things. Do you have any suggestions?

How does your school (if you're in school) go about listing your textbooks? Do your professors email you and tell you what they'll be using?

My school shows what you need through the bookstore website, but they don't give you a full title or isbn because they want you to buy from them. I have to drive out there just to write down the isbn and titles so that I can order them online. Last year, I went by the titles and I had three of the wrong textbooks. blah

ps. sorry for the gift question, I did try google first.

(no subject)

What are some common emotional struggles that people go through in their lives? (for example... fear of commitment, discovering your life purpose, being successful without neglecting your family/friends...) (preferably ones that involve mulitple emotions rather than just one)

(no subject)

I have seen an absolute shitload of crappy movies lately. This is unacceptable. Will you recommend some films to me?

My favourite list includes films like: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Stay, Amelie, Whale Rider, Fight Club, Billy Elliot, The Secret Garden, The Princess Bride...

P.S. Pineapple Express was not even close to being funny.

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To the ladiesssss

Do you walk well in high heels? Whenever I put a pair on, I feel so clumsy. How do I walk better? Just keep trying?

To anyone else!
What is your favorite genre of music? Will you give me your favorite song from that genre?

(no subject)

Have you ever suspected a craigslist personals ad to be someone you know?

(based on the age and what they're looking for on there? maybe even a picture?)

I think I found my old SO a while back, they had a partial picture (i.e just their chest/arms) plus described how our situation was at the time....kinda seemed suspicious but i never asked them about it

Anyone have any awesome recipes to share?

I made homemade pot pies last night from the campbell's soup recipe site, they were awesome!


So college life is starting soon, and it's time to clear out some stuff.

What kinds of things should be kept for the future, whether for future children or just for shits and giggles? (eg report cards)

What's something you've thrown away, only to regret it later in life?

(no subject)

Anyone ever used
Is it legit? Someone wants me to sign up on it so they can pay me for an item I put up for sale on CL.

Comments, positive/negative experiences, etc.?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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I bought a new 4.0 GB memory card awhile ago on Amazon...and I never used it because I never needed it. Anyways, last night I tried to use it but it kept on saying that there was an error and that the memory card was locked. I took the card out of my camera to check to see if it was locked, and it wasn't.

I have a feeling I got ripped off, which I do. What ever shall I do, TQC?
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(no subject)

1) What's harshing your mellow, TQC?

2) Why the hell would Netflix think it's a good idea to send me a DVD from the opposite coast?

3) What sounds better for lunch: Nachos or a cheeseburger? Either will be homemade.

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Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) My co-worker wants to know if, in Microsoft Word, there is a way to make clickable check boxes? He wants to be able to check & uncheck things, I guess.

2) If you've ever dumped someone, have you had anyone beg for you back? How did you handle that?

3) What is your favorite vegetable and how do you like it prepared?

(no subject)

Any physics lovers here?

1). Why does a skydiver not slow to a complete stop mid air?
2). How does opening the chute cause the skydiver to decelerate?
3). Why does a balloon fly around a room before the air runs out?


(no subject)

What is it about a person that makes you nervous around him/her? *edit* And why? There are some people whom I'm really comfortable around, and then there are people whom, for some inexplicable reason, I'm just self-conscious/nervous around and can't fully be myself and end up acting vapid around.

...Or maybe you don't get nervous around people?
Inigo Montoya

(no subject)

1. What do you think of this guy?
(He's good for lulz occasionally.)

2. Do you procrastinate? Why or why not?
(Yes. I think getting things done "at the last minute" makes me more motivated and I have a higher level of urgency.)

3. Let's say a rule of joining TQC was that veteran members had to tell a new member one thing that they think all members should know about the community. Sort of a "heads up, FYI" comment. What would yours be?
(I'm not a veteran member. But if I had to answer, I'd say: "Be prepared for lots of WTF."

4. In your opinion, when is a newbie (to this or any community) no longer a newbie?

5. There was a poll here, now it's posted in a different entry. Sorry?
shoes and bunnies

(no subject)

My friends and I are going camping tomorrow night at a little nature preserve that's on a small island off the coast only accessible by boat. I haven't been camping since I was little and I really don't enjoy nature/sleeping outside/mysterious wildlife (crabs, snakes, wild boars, etc.), but I really want to go with my friends.

Any advice so I can avoid disaster and actually enjoy myself?
Murphy pose

(no subject)

So, I met this girl at orientation a month ago for school who asked me to be her room mate in a three bedroom/two bath house within walking distance of the school. I asked if anyone was going to take the third bedroom and she said she would rather have it as a study and that way we wouldn't have to share bathrooms. I was fine with this. Now, less than two weeks before we sign the papers, she asks in text if it is ok for her boyfriend to move in. He lives almost 40 minutes away from the school and won't even be going to this school, he just can't live without her. (Gag) Anyway, I was rather pissed by this and responded with "I don't think that is a good idea. He would be a distraction and I just wouldn't feel comfortable with it." Now she says, "Well, we'll just wait a little while and see how things go from there. I haven't said anything to my parents yet, so please don't tell them."

Would you also be pissed by this?
What would you do?
Should I tell her parents if she continues with this thought even after knowing how I feel?
Should I still plan to move in with her, or just find a one bedroom apartment?
Any other advice?

I know for a fact that her parents would not be happy if they knew. I've already gone off to my boyfriend (who I will be moving 40 minutes away from and am not asking if he can move in) and my mom about this. My mom plans to say something, and I'm not going to stop her. Would you? She is going to make it discreet like, "So no one else will be moving in, right?"
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(no subject)

Which over the counter sleeping pill (preferably without aspirin, acetaminophen, etc) do you think works best?

If you have AT&T, which phone do you use? How do you like it? Would you recommend it?

(no subject)

Does this email suck?


My name is Cristin and I am ________’s assistant. I will be working with you and ______ on your paperwork for Anthem BCBS. Attached you will find the necessary forms, as well as examples of some that are properly filled out. Please complete them as best you can at your earliest convenience so that when ______ and I come to finish them with you, we can do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions.



(no subject)

I just read in a CNN article that under Islamic law, in order for a rape to be validated, victims must have four male witnesses to the crime. If not, the victim can be charged with fornication or adultery.

Does that change your opinion of Islam?

(no subject)

Can certain electrical outlets charge devices more than others?
I have a cell phone and ipod that I charge regularly, both less than a year old, that I now plug in to an extension cord instead of directly in to the wall. They both seem to lose there charge within half the time they used to. It wasn't a gradual decrease either, which is to be expected. As soon as I moved here and started doing it a week or so ago, they're always needing a charge.
I'm going to prowl google now, but if anybody knows for sure, save me the trouble.

(no subject)

You wake up tomorrow and you are caught inside a musical (like Groundhog Day but with singing), what musical is it??

Wouldn't you love to be in a musical? They look like so much fun!

(no subject)

(Inspired by the stripper question below)

What song(s) do you want played at your funeral? (Or, if for whatever reason you do not want  a funeral , just pretend you'll have one)

Highway to Hell by AC/DC
Sonic 2

(no subject)

If you see a cop while you are driving pulled off to the side (and probably checking for speeders) do you flash your brights to the people a bit further down the road heading the other way to warn them?

(no subject)

Have you ever done something or created something (even accidentally) and it came out perfect and then when you tried to recreate it a second, third, etc time, you just can't get it?

for me, it's my hair. a couple years ago I got my hair cut. It was by a friend and she totally had no Idea what she was doing but it came out right. It was a short aline, but a very girly aline, and it was fantastic. I never had to straighten it and it ALWAYS laid right. Ive tried to recreate so many times (WITH THE PICTURES OF THE ORIGINAL HAIRCUT) and I cant do it, and neither can the girl who did it in the first place. :(
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(no subject)

Is there a such thing... as phone and ipod case in one? I want something that can hold my ipod touch and my blackberry at the same time. Some sort of pouch thing that has slots for both maybe? If it doesn't already exist--where could I get one made? Any ideas?
little big town - trying to find a place


01. What is a good, inexpensive online bookstore? Specifically to buy childrens' books (golden books and/or kids' classics - Dr Suess, etc). I usually use amazon, but I don't know how they may compare with other prices.

02. Is $50 enough money for dinner and a movie for two people? Giving it as a gift, and want to make sure that's enough. (I'm thinking they'd go somewhere like TGI Friday's, or Applebee's or somewhere along those lines). And I want them to be able to get a snack or two at the movies. Enough?
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(no subject)

We all know that there are some brides and grooms that ask the bridesmaids to do their hair a certain way (some will even pay for the salon as part of a gift).

Is it within their 'rights' to ask them to do their hair a certain way?

What about with the groomsmen? Are the bride and groom within their 'rights' to ask the guys to shave off facial hair?

(no subject)

What's your favorite Twilight Zone episode?

I like "A Stopover in a Quiet Town" - the one where a husband and wife wake up in a strange town with no people, where nothing works, the trees are fake, etc. and then it turns out they're in a model town for a giant child. The most unnerving part of the episode is when they get on the train... and it just brings them back to the same place.
"Time Enough at Last" is really good too, but really depressing.

(no subject)


1. How do I prevent myself from logging into lj to waste time watching TQC while I am at work?  
2. Will you guys support me financially when I finally get fired for this horrible addiction?
Resident Evil: Afterlife: Rain Ocampo

(no subject)

Have you ever been listening to music whether it be cd or on the internet and you were surprised to find a cover of a song by an artist that you thought wouldn't cover that song?

For clarification purposes, I was listening to Shakira's cd Live & Off The Record and she covers the ACDC song Back In Black. I was very very surprised to say the least.
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(no subject)

do you freak out about the weather? like if it's thundering and lightening out are you that guy who's always like "omg dude did you SEE that lightening?" and then feels the need to stand by the window gawking for ten minutes?

if you are not that guy, does it annoy you when other people freak out about the weather?
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

Tomorrow's my last day at my batshit insane daycare job. What lovely sorts of things can I do to celebrate my leaving? Anything I can do to the place that won't be noticed until after the 16th, when I'm at school? ;)
little mermaid


even though i am sure this is an annoying question....
i want more pictures from the photoshoot seja's icon came from, or from similar ones. i have googled, but keep coming up with candy sugar skulls. where can i find them plz?

also or alternately, i just bought three new pairs of pajama pants for when i am in the hospital after my transplant on the 19th! i will post pics in the comments.
what do your favorite pajamas look like? pics if you wanna!

(no subject)

Have you ever eaten/would you eat:

- car taco: a taco that has been left in your car overnight (still wrapped)

- stair cheeto: a cheeto that has been on your stairs since the last time you were home

- floor chip: a chip that you notice on the floor after you have finished the bag of chips

What are your favorite items of questionable food safety that you have ever eaten?
-[vintage] three

(no subject)

Will you tell me about your worst roommate ever?

Mine was a hooker. She was actually a lot of fun, but she freaked me out. Before we moved in together, she asked me if I wanted to work for her escort service because I was "cute enough." Thanks. When I came home from my minimum wage job every night, she would be sitting on the living room floor counting hundred dollar bills out into piles. She liked to call 911 for every little thing, too, and we had cops over to investigate "strange noises" and crap, at her request, all the time. It made me nervous.

(no subject)

Where are you going to hide when the end of the world comes?

In the event of a pandemic, where would you hide? GREENLAND OR MADAGASCAR? NO OTHER CHOICES, so don't try to be a smart ass. 

Do you have any escape plans in the event of zombie invasion? Alien take over?

(no subject)

My Space Pirates story ROCKS. Thank you, TQC.

Help me with my next story? You have made friends with a time-travelling robot. We'll assume paradoxes aren't a problem:

Where (or rather when) do you want to go? The future? Revolutionary France? Ancient Egypt? The Cretaceous period?

Who would you like to meet? Jack the Ripper? Jesus? An ancestor?
Alexis Bledel (Dear LJ)

(no subject)

Okay, I'm in need of some help here.

I'm trying to price a weekend trip (for a couple of concerts) to Foxboro, MA in mid-October. AND, since Boston and Providence are so close, I thought I'd make stops there, too.

Collapse )

I'd appreciate some serious answers, thankyouverymuch. ;)

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(no subject)

1. My kitten is having an identity crisis, she thinks she is a puppy. Are you having an identity crisis? If so, what are you?

2. If you have been married will you post a wedding picture?
Resident Evil: Afterlife: Rain Ocampo

(no subject)

Is there a way to import cd covers into iTunes other than using the Find Album Artwork option? iTunes for some reason can't or won't look for some of my album artwork and I really wanted to have a complete album collection. I tried looking on Google but couldn't find anything.

Someone just launched some fireworks in my neighborhood. Why do you think they did it? It's not July 4th. Non-serious answers are welcome.
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(no subject)

Guys, my boyfriend is being really nice and going to my family reunion in buttfuck nowhere. I want to get him a little something to keep him entertained, but I'm not sure what.

He doesn't like books too much, and any video games he can just download to his laptop because he has an emulator.

Any ideas? (I'm not asking what would he like, I just want to know if there's something I'm not thinking of)
elephant 6

(no subject)

1.  Why does the phone selection for T Mobile suck? Do you have T Mobile, what kind of phone do you have?

2. Is it weird for the girl to pick out her own engagement ring?

3. If you walk into a restuarant and see either your ex, your best friend's ex working.. would you leave or would you stay? why?
I &lt;3 TLV

(no subject)

Is anyone else here going to Otakon tomorrow? =D If yes, what are you going to wear? (cosplay, Japanese fashion, or boring street clothes? I'll be in lolita <3)

Do you like my new icon?
i like to live on the edge

(no subject)

"Candidates MUST be able to work entire duration of September 5 to September 12, including the weekend. Night positions are also available. Please DO NOT APPLY if you can not work that entire week. This is a paying position. There will be training before the 5th with possible opportunity to continue working after. If interested, e-mail _____ with your resume and a brief letter of interest. No phone calls please. Only accepting applications until 8/15/07."

Okay. So what exactly is brief and do I write in my brief letter of interest that I can only work the "night position?" Also, should I ask in my email/letter what time the night positions actually are slash run? And I also have to know when the training with be because of scheduling with my school classes...

Should I include any of these concerns in my brief letter of interest, or wait to settle that shit out until after they ~maybe~ accept me/want to talk more? HELP!

Who is Tim Hightower?

1) What's the dirtiest and/or most unpretty beach you've ever been too?

2) What's your favorite thing about the month of August?

3) Are you good at telling when someone is flirting with you? Are you good at flirting back?

(no subject)

The other day, I asked the question about whether or not you would follo2 any dietary restrictions/rules of a house guest

The other day my dad informs us (mom and I)that we are not to eat anything not kosher while he's here. Now, as I stated in the post, I had planned to make an effort anyway just for the sake of being polite but I wasn't going to stress over, really it isn't that hard, especially for one weekend, however what annoys me is my dad dictating that we will not. Seriously, we're all adults in the house the guy is can handle it-hell before my sister became Kosher she ate a bacon cheeseburger in front of him hahaha.

Do you know anybody who can be a control freak/dictator, share a story/stories?

(no subject)

How the hell can I improve my handwriting? It is AWFUL and I hate it. :(

I'm in the process of revamping my livejournal, do you want to be my frond? And I was looking back at entries and jesus christ @ some of them. Will you post an entry (or snippet) of something emo that is now lulzy?

lmao. it's in really big lettering too. cool stuff.

also.. what's the best thing to happen to you today?
doctor who - tardis

(no subject)

On Monday, I'm going to have a three hour layover in Atlanta. What should I do to pass the time? (Besides 'read' and 'surf the nets')

I've watched Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog 30 times all the way through. Am I obsessed?

My waste is bright orange. Should I be worried? Is it the Doritos?


Where did that gigantic spider on my wall come from? I don't think squashing it with a paper will work. What should I kill it with?

It looks like it's going to eat me! D:

(no subject)


I love to sing. I want to start a group when I go to college. Just me and another person.
What should I do to advertise this?
I know theres always posters and signs, but what else would you suggest?

oh, and...

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little big town - trying to find a place


Hey, TQC! What kind of haircut should I get? It's relatively short now, so no "long layers!!!" or anything like that. Please show pictures, as I will have no idea what you mean when you're trying to describe how I should do it.

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(no subject)

TQC, I think my posts are usually pretty stupid (but interesting), but my answers are usually very sensible (but not very funny).

Do I win, or fail?

Edit: I seem to both win and lose. Should I identify with Schroedinger's Cat? Should I throw myself in the canal? Or throw myself a champagne party? Pick one of the three.

PS. Is there a TQC spin-off where I can tell what happened after a post, in case anyone is interested (I'm not going to throw myself in the canal)?