August 6th, 2008


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Hypothetical situation:
You are head over heels over Jack, who in your opinion is heaven/the perfect boyfriend/attractive/charming etc. Anyways, Jack is ~in love~ with Michelle (think the same amount of intensity comparable to yours to Jack), but Michelle doesn't feel the same way. After Jack gets rejected by Michelle, he chooses you.

Would you be pissed that you where second choice and not go out with them/whatever?
Or would you just still be happy that you are ~with your love~ and not care that he wasn't your #1 choice?

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okay question club
this question is mainly for americans or travellers.
i am from australia and in november i will be going to california (my first overseas trip!) with my friend to visit her mum who lives in santa cruz.
we will be going to los angeles, san francisco and then just after thanksgiving heading over to pennsylvania to stay with her grandparents untill new years eve.
on new years eve we will be arriving in new york where we will be for the remainder of our trip untill mid january and then taking a flight home which has a breif stop over at hawaii.
i have two three questions here

do you have any suggestions on things that i should pack coming from australia.
i dont want to take too much because i have alot of spending money to use up.


are there any totally awesome places that you would reccomend me going? typically tourist-y (or even not so!) around santa cruz, LA, san fran, NYC or hawaii?

is it going to be possible for me to stay on my diet while i am over there? i am on a meal replacement protein shake diet and i heard you have to declare the shakes (its just powder in a packet) if you take them over and i have no idea if there are any programs like that over there.
2 shakes a day, 2 litres of water and dinner is a palm sized portion of protein + three cups of veg?


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Could someone please, for the love of baby Jesus and the orphans, explain to me how to use the damn Bumper Stickers application on Facebook?

A friend of mine left a message on my wall yesterday wanting to know why I hadn't posted any of the bumper stickers she's sent me...meanwhile, I didn't even know she'd sent me any. And I'd like to add some stickers to my own wall, but it doesn't seem to be working. It's driving me nuts because I'm sure it's retardedly easy and I should be able to figure it out, but I can't!
Miroku Turn

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If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be? I want more than anything to learn to play the shamisen.

Why is it so humid? :(

Do you have a friendship bracelet? Is there a piece of jewelry you always wear?

Do you have a special talent? What is it?

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Poll #1236004 Love and Devotion

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being ZOMG that's gross and 10 being wow, now THAT is some devotion) how romantic of a gesture would it be if your SO cut one of their ears off and mailed it to you?

Mean: 2.00 Median: 1 Std. Dev 2.14

If your SO were to amputate something as a romantic gesture, would it be even more romantic if what they sent you had bones in it (like a finger)?

That would show way more devotion
That would show way more craziness
It would be equally romantic
Any amputation is totally not appropriate
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You're given $20 and released in front of a grocery store. You have an hour to get food, cook it, eat it and get back to work. At your job is a microwave and basic cooking implements (silverware, plates, etc). You can't go home or anywhere else - food has to be ready to eat or prepared at your job, which is across the street from the grocery store. What do you buy?

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challenge: from the very first post ever up until this post... how many posts are there on TQC?

and has anyone ever quit smoking that had a signifigant habit? what was your experience?
Brent Corrigan Unnnnnf

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The first time my date rainchecked me, but took the initiative to make plans for the following night. Tonight I had to reschedule because I decided to be responsible and not go to the bar when I have an exam the following morning. (For some reason I am still awake on TQC. Very responsible.)

1. Is the third time really a charm?

2. Has someone ever grown disinterested in you because of a similar situation where your schedules refused to align?

3. How often do you lose sleep because of the internet?

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Do you think a job at Hooters is a respectable one?
Have you ever known anyone who has worked there?
Did your respect for them change, or the way you see them?

If you had some big hooters, would you work there?

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TQC, my brother is completely wasted and he has work tomorrow. Should I try to get him up to bed (he's built like a brick shithouse and I'm 4'11'') or should I throw a blanket over him and call it good?
macro - procrastination cat

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Do you use the Memories feature?
If yes, will you share an entry you've memoried (it doesn't have to be from your LJ)?

Do you tag your entries?
If yes, which tag do you find the most amusing?

If you don't do either of the above things, how much would someone have to pay you to give a speech to a room full of 100 strangers in your underwear? The speech would be written already, you'd only have to read what was there. You can't stand behind a podium either and the words are on a Teleprompter you can read so there's nothing to hide behind.

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I'm going to re-enact the Battle of Bosworth next weekend, because I'm the world's biggest nerdy-pants. I have kit (costumes, men's and women's), eating implements, sword and dagger. Plus tent, sleeping bag, propane stove, torch. What else do I need to get. Other than a life?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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What pisses you off the most for no real reason?

I hate people who quote themselves on their facebook. Really. Like you're so awesome and have no friends or aspirations so you have to quote yourself on your own home page? What the fuck.

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so i have a french (?) word stuck in my head. i don't know what it means, do you? it's from an episode of weeds and the script is something like that:

shane: i got an A on my french test?
nancy: de-clay-mi-en!

okay that's me trying to spell it phonetically. :( it's bugging me.

i've just used some crappy translators and it doesn't look like congratulations or good for you.



Here is the scene;

you have worked 19 days in a row and finally get a day off. You are part time and have not worked so many days in a row in at least a year so you are not used to it.

What do you do for your day off?
dianna agron ;;

Random question

You have to shit and puke at the same time. You don't have time to puke in the toilet and then turn around and shit or vice versa.
So do you puke in the loo and subsequently shit your pants or do you sit down for a shit and subsequently puke all over the floor?

ETA: NO TRASHCANS!!!!! YOU LIVE A WORLD WITHOUT TRASHCANS, otherwise my hypothetical situation doesn't work :(

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Why the hell does the boy in this painting freak me out so goddamn much?

It makes me feel weird in my own skin and I don't like looking at it. I can't really see any reason why it should bother me so much. It's just a goofy looking kid.

Edit: For those interested, I found it on the wiki article for Angelman Syndrome. (Or, less PC, happy puppet syndrome)

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omg you guys.
I got asked out on a date for the first time in years today by a guy I work with (Not because I'm some fug bitch, but because I recently broke up with someone after a year and a half.)
Also, I haven't had sex in months and am starved.

1. What's a good way of keeping my pants on so I don't come off as some skank who puts out on the first date? Chastity belt? Do they even still make those? Would I be able to wear it under normal clothes without looking like a diaper?

2. How weird would it be if it turned out he was in TQC and was reading this and thinking, "omg I wonder if that girl I asked out is in tqc and asking this.."?

3. How awkward will it be if the date is mizzzzeruhbull and we still have to work together?

4. What are some good date ideas?

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Inspired by the "what did you last write?" post:

What should I write next?

Romance novel with dinosaurs and explosions (not as odd as it sounds)
Rhyming bible stories and / or nursery rhymes (most likely to bring in he £££)
One of the short story ideas from my file (mostly horror)
Review an old horror novel
Somthing else entirely
STFU and go to bed

probably not sleeping

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since i can't delete posts, here's just a side note - i didn't actually think tqc would parent me about this, & tell me to grow up/get over it/what have you, when the community itself finds the term "hookers & blow" funny. awesome. maybe i should just be a grammar nazi, & then the bitching would be a-ok. alright, i get it.

no love, ~bitter~ me.

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So, on the back of an earlier question about oral birth control...
Ladies, did you ever start bleeding all the damn time, for no reason? This was just after I met my current SO. I tried another brand of the same pill, which didn't work. Sent for horrible scans and inspections and so on. They gave me a hormone pill to stop it in the meantime, and then eventually a conraceptive pill that doesn't seem to cause any problems.

I'm now on a pill that seems to make everything ok, but my SO (who was a virgin pre-me) is suddenly growing hairs on his shoulders, and my nipples *hurt*. What's going on? I'm not inexperienced.

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what are your favorite semi-unique names? like, more unique than john, but not like lafawndah or anything (stuff like perin and tobias is good. different, but not enough to get picked on a ton in school). i need names for my sims!


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TQC, will you show me a pic of you and your significant other?

What do you use to keep your house smelling nice? oil burners? plug in air freshener thingys? simply keep the windows open?

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I've been baking a lot (sweets, cookies, brownies, etc) for some guy friends and the other patrons of this little dive bar I frequent... But I feel like its time to spice things up. I want to do something more savory, and meat-inclusive, maybe. Oh, they also have to be servable room temperature or cool--but not cold or hot.

The only idea I've gotten so far is pigs in a blanket.

What are some easily transported savory/meaty finger foods that I could whip up with relative ease (and low cost) for my guys?
cat tea

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Would you tell a friend if:

-Someone was talking shit about them to you

-You knew they were about to lose their job

-They were gaining too much weight

-They had lost too much weight

-You didn't like their SO

What about if it were your best friend?
nkotb - joe - yay

Christmas tree... ??

TQC, why is there a Christmas tree set up in the courtyard at my mall?

Did someone fast forward my life and I just didn't realize it?

There's also big sparkly present boxes near the Abercrombie.... What do you suppose is inside? *<:o) EDIT: They're filming Drake & Josh.... what is that??
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zombie baby cede! :D

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 how do I delete un-used tags from my tag list on my journal?

I know this is prob obvoius and is in the FAQs.... but I can't find or figure out the answer. 

 you guys rock...

What should I do today besides going out tonight???

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Dear TQC,

I'm feeling like absolute shit this morning and am calling in sick to work. I haven't gotten my schedule for next week yet (they come out today) but I do know I have this coming Friday off, and I think I might have Saturday and Sunday off too.

So what do you think: If I have Saturday and Sunday off as well, should I volunteer to go in on Friday to make up for my lost hours today, or should I just say fuck it and take the loss?

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Oh em gee, LJ, my hair is falling out like my body decided it's out of style. Also, it seems really heavy and eck.

I have vowed for this year to not dye my hair or do any other damaging crap because my hair is like "Ahhh". Is that why this is happening?

What can I do to make my hair stop falling out or feel lighter or something without cutting it? It's just barely to my shoulders and I would really like to get it around my shoulder blades. My hair is stupid thick.

If you have no advice on that, what is your favorite icon and who/what is in it? (or what does it mean?)

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Kentucky just made it legal to drive low-speed electric cars on the public roads. They're called "low-speed" because often their max speed is only 25mph or so. In KYs case, these cars will only be allowed on roads with 45mph speed limits or less.

Would you support a similar law for your area?

In other news, the NFL has banned obscene language by the fans, among other things. The penalty is ejection from the game and being stripped of a season pass if you have one.

Will this turn tailgating parties into quaint tea parties?
Has the NFL lost its edge?

Picture Post

1. Will you post a picture of something you miss?
mine in comments

2. Will you post a picture of the last thing you ate?
mine in comments

3. If not, what color are your Mothers eyes?

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In other, other news, the US immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) has set up a hotline illegals can call if they'd like to be deported back to their home country, like a one-way taxi service. If they think you can afford it, they want you to pay, but in exchange for the nicety of turning yourself in you get 90 days legally here to tie up any loose ends, and they promise they won't detain you for breaking the law.

Do you think this is a good policy?

If you were to abuse this system for a free ticket some place in the world, which country would you pretend to be from?
Costa Rica for me -- Pura vida!

(I just realized my icons are racist! The only non-white one is the angry one :( I sry, I <3 brown and black llamas too! I swear, some of my best friends are brown and black llamas.)

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I have a three day orientation later this month for my master's program and student teaching. What do you think the dress code for something like this would be? It's going to be hot, and I'm pretty sure the building doesn't have AC. I'm thinking cropped pants or skirts with flats and a nice, sleeveless or short sleeved blouse. Is that too much? I always over think this stuff.
-[vintage] three

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I'm getting my hair cut and colored while on vacation in a strange city on Friday, and it will likely take around 3 hours. I'm boring, so I'm usually terrible at small talk with stylists, and it makes me feel awkward to sit there silently. Who should I pretend to be so I have some exciting career or interesting relationship drama to chatter about?

My husband started a grease fire on our grill last night and burned his arm. What was the last thing you caught on fire (purposely or accidentally)?
Zooey face

The Energy Crisis

Half my office just left to go down to Capitol Hill and participate in the Republican protests. (It was pretty crazy...they seriously just abandoned one lawyer to pick up all the slack... [My office tends to be very politically conservative...only a few of us are pro-Obama])

So TQC, what are your opinions on the energy crisis? Are you for off-shore drilling? Alternative energy? A combination?

And have you seen the new Paris Hilton video? (video is SFW.) What do you think of "her" energy plan?

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I checked to see if this was posted, and as far as I can tell it hasn't been:

Why/how did the whole Robert Pattinson + dazzle thing start? I finally found out why he's called Spunk Ransom, but no such luck with the dazzling.

I'm seriously perplexed.
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My 18 year old brother is all set to go to college, but he is now saying that he wants to get an apartment here with his best friend so they can get drunk all the time. My mother is devastated.
How can we get my brother to go to college?

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1)do you remember pokemon snap?

yes, I enjoyed it ;_;

2)what do you think about NCIS fanfiction?

It bothers me somehow.

3)what are the dog days of summer like in your area?

It's hot and the geese are returning.

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Will you please tell me a story about something stupid your boss has done?

Will you tell me about a time when someone started yelling at you for no real reason?

In what ways are you an attention whore?

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For anyone who has watched Two Guys and a Girl -

In the first season, Pete is dating Melissa. On their 1 year anniversary they break up (or so I thought). Then Pete tries to date other girls in some episodes, but in some episodes he's still dating Melissa. I'm confused.  I'm watching the episodes in order (I checked What's going on?

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On Saturday I'm going from Saugerties,NY to Norwalk,CT to Manhattan,NY then finally going back home. I googled mapped it and basically I'm looking at 6-7 hours just in driving. Obv. It will take longer based on traffic and what not.

What can I do to make the trip go by quicker?

new puppy

my family got a new puppy last night... but I'm not excited, I like the idea but it didn't make me jump for joy. We've had dogs before, Why do I feel this way?

What was the last time you didn't get excited when you should have?
Haruhi disappearance

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1) I've been eating weird lately, not really having an appetite so I've just been picking. My appetite is back and I want a real meal. What do you suggest that's vegetarian?

2) Will you tell me about a time that you were proud of yourself? Why were you proud?
macaroni murder lady

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This one chick I know refuses to discuss or learn anything about the movie Tropic Thunder. She heard, "Robert Downey Jr. in blackface," and decided it was stupid and awful and doesn't want to know anything more.

When's the last time you decided not to like something and were determined not to hear anything that might change your mind?
Bert Shocked

heres a sexy question:

hey guize,

how do you switch positions while youre makin sweet buttah love?
do you say: "hey my back is starting to hurt, lets go doggy" ?

I would usually try to pick her up and flip her over so as not to kill the mood, 
then she'd laugh and be all like, "what do you want me to do?"
then I'd get frustrated and lose blood flow.

This is very important.  Is there a way to switch positions without using telepathy?

Madeline Lilli

Okay, yeah, that's pretty hot...

Who has redeemed themselves to you lately?

After seeing Paris Hilton's newest video - a rebuff of John McCain's dirty ad - I don't hate her anymore. Still regard her as a bimbo, but now she's one with a good sense of humor, and I can't hate her for that. Damnit.
cj yelling

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My friend is directing a kids show tonight and he finally got around to making a prop/cue sheet. He just realized he needs a "lunch bell noise" and asked me to help him out.

Anyone know where I can find a "lunch bell noise" on the internet (for free, preferably)?
Anyone weird like me and have sound effects in their music collection and can upload it?
hi I&#39;ma labia

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Are there any learning disorders that onset later in life? I'm talking young adult, 16-30 years. If so, what?

How do your allergy symptoms manifest?

What is your doctor's name?
macaroni murder lady

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How can I convince Pandora that I want to listen to the studio recording of a song rather than some live version? This is a big enough deal for me to have emailed the help desk, and they said, I would recommend that you base your stations off of numerous songs that are studio recordings. The Genome should catch on to the fact that you have not requested any "Live" versions. This is clearly bullshit, and I'm very frustrated.

Tabletop gamers: what do you keep your dice in?

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Has anyone ever gotten a job directly off of craigslist? (Meaning, not through some slimy recruiter that operates off craigslist).

Have you ever been involved in workplace drama? Care to share?

If you haven't personally been involved, do you care to share the best piece of workplace drama that you've encountered?

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I finally found out my dorm roommate a few days ago, now we're getting to know each other (through Facebook messages, of course). we've covered who's bringing a tv and sleeping and showering and partying habits. What should I ask her that I haven't thought of yet?

What do I need in my dorm that I haven't thought of yet?
James Franco joint

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My friend and I just decided to fly to Chicago for a weekend to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and hang out with her fiance.

What should we do in Chicago?
What was the last impulsive decision you made?
mr jummy

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If you have the option to buy something from a corporate chain or a locally owned "mom & pop" which do you usually choose (same item, same price both places)? Does it depend on what you're buying?

What is one thing you're super wimpy about?

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1. Which is worse?
-Randomly getting dumped by your SO while you still have strong feelings for them, OR
-Dating someone whom you have strong feelings for but know is bad for you, and you know that you should break up with them?
Bonus: why?

2. What kind of phone do you have? Do you like it?

3. Do you have a way with words? Are you witty?

4. Is your online/livejournal diction the same as when you speak outloud, or is it different? If different, how is it different?

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Pit Bull: Reindeer

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So last night I called my ex and told him to not talk to me anymore.

How long do you think he'll go before calling me to confess his undying love for me (again)?

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1. Do you think Tucker Max is funny or a creep?

2. Have you ever responded to a catcall (either negatively or positively)? Have you ever catcalled anyone?

3. What's your favorite Food Network cooking show?

4. I have a memory of a website where you check off food that you have available, and it generates recipe suggestions. Does anyone know what this site is?
Bert Shocked

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 dear friends of tqc,

my company has decided to send me to Atlantic City for a conference in September.

What tips do you have for me to not end up sleepin wit da fishes?
Any general tips for traversing this sin filled city?

thank you my dear friends.


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1. You have to be stuck with one of these scenarios. Which do you choose?
A. Teeth that grow like your finger nails and have to be clipped or filed regularly
B. Fingernails that need to be brushed and flossed daily, or they fall out. 

2. Who is your favorite character actor?
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Your band name and your debut album title...

1. Go to wikipedia. Click on "Random Article" until you get a page that isn't someone's name. This is your band name.

2. Go to wikiquote. Click on "Random Quote" until you get a page with a quote. This (or part of this) is your album title.

ETA: It does say "or part of this". For example instead of "I am like a wild animal born in captivity, in a zoo. But where a beast would have claws, I was born with talent" you could just have "I am like a wild animal"

Nintendo qestions!

Luigi, from the Super Mario Series: gay or flaming? (y/y)

Is Slippy Toad from Star Fox a tranny?

Worst video game you've ever played? (Friday the 13th on NES, or maybe Fester's Quest on NES).

Have a Wii? Does saying "Wii" make you uncomfortable?

What is/was your college/university degree in?

What is/was your GPA?

Did you find a job in your university degree field?

Have you stopped beating your SO? Yes or no?

Cat macros: funny or lame?

(no subject)

I've been a vegetarian for five years and I haven't exactly been the healthiest, and since I'm a poor student, I'm on a budget.
Does anyone know of any good, relevant Vegetarian communities that focus on health, meals, etc.?
Do any of you have any tips or advice?
macro - procrastination cat

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If you drew another TQCer's name in a random gift exchange, what would you get them?

Pick someone and don't say who it is, so people can guess if they want.


Recently I unexpectedly came into contact with a girl who is currently dating my ex-fiance. I'm the one who contacted her, but I had no clue who she was at the time... totally inadvertent. ETA: We're not friends, I don't know anything about her but her name. This was a random internet thing. She is over 3000 miles away.

He is a troubled guy - drug addict, compulsive liar, and abusive. After we broke up, he married a woman who divorced him when he nearly killed her.

She is understandably hostile toward me, and I know that any contact from me will probably seem like meddling, stalking, or an attempt to steal her man. However, given that he seems to be even more dangerous now than when we dated, I feel like I am ethically obligated to warn her that he is abusive. I figure even if she doesn't listen now, someday he may do something to scare her and she'll remember.

I have asked his other exes and my friends, and we can't come up with a consensus. Help me, TQC!

Should I warn her?


There is of course a long, dramatic back story full of fail on all sides (including mine). If you need more info, I will answer questions in the comments. I especially appreciate input from anyone who's been in a situation remotely like this.

Oh hay thar

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srs question!

I was raised by my psycho grandma and my grandpa who I loved dearly. He died unexpectedly and under weird circumstances when I was 8 (most of my family believes she killed him) When he died I didn't know because she didn't want me to attend his funeral; my grandma told me he didn't want to see me anymore and that he moved out. She refuses to tell me where he was buried or even the date he died. There was no obituary. I have searched sites and called local funeral homes and nothing. I DO know he was buried somewhere and not cremated. He died either in 1992 or 1993. I have no way of contacting his sister because I don't know her name, he has no other living relatives, no children (he was my step-grandpa)

What would be the best way to find him? I really need closure.

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What are some pieces of playground equiptment or characteristics that you had when you were little but are now deemed unsafe?

Like when I was in elementary school all the equiptment was made of metal and playgrounds had merry go rounds.

(no subject)

I could have sworn I learned in school that you're supposed to put a comma in front of "too" and "yet" like in the following examples:

You like apples and bananas. I like them, too.
I haven't heard back from him, yet.

The "yet" example is probably wrong, but what about the "too"?

I can't be that bad at grammar!

(no subject)

O.K assholes, post your name so we can tell you how much we love you or hate you.
Will you?
No really, we mostly love you. *mostly*
If you know someone, post a unique comment about them. Yay?
New Camus

(no subject)

1. When/where were you the last time you sat on bleachers?
2. What's the oldest building you've ever been in?
3. Have you been to any celebrity/famous graves (this includes historical figures)?  Who?
4. Have you ever been to Jamestown
   4a.  If not, does it look like someplace you'd like to visit?
   4b. If you have, how old were you?
cliffs of insanity

Will you distract me?

This morning, while showering, I noticed a red splotch on my leg and ignored it thinking I had just slept weird or something (this happens all the time). However, just a few minutes ago I realized my leg was itching and upon inspection, the red splotch is the source of the itch!

While I fully intend to get some anti-itch cream slathered on ASAP, I am unable to do so until I get out of work. So... will you distract me? Any drama in your life? Anything you need to vent about? Favorite macro or song lyric you'd like to share? ANYTHING?! The urge to scratch is veryyyy strong.

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If you currently live in a household with one or more members of the opposite sex, what, to you, is their grossest, most annoying habit?

My dad likes to not lift the seat when he pees... and pees all over the seat, and never EVER fucking cleans it up. EVER. UGH.

(no subject)

Yes, I am asking you all about your sex lives. Particularly those in srs relationships

Approximately what is the ratio of "fucking" to "love making" with your current partner?
My SO never wants to "make love." Ever. If I feel like we are, he usually ruins it by saying something like "Can I fuck you from behind now?" It's starting to bother me and I don't know how to go about mentioning it without sounding like a total nag/loser/weirdo

In your opinion, how important is "making love" in a relationship?
Sort of important. I'd like my ratio to be like 80 "fucking" 20 "making love"

I hate the phrase "make love" Can you help me come up with a better term for it?

edited for failure to end italicism

Formal Complaint Question

Hello TQC, long time watcher, first time questioner.
I've had an arguement with the arrogant security guard that is meant to be securing etc the arcade in which the shop I manage is located.

Collapse )

The douche was incredibly rude and kept yelling and interrupting and twisting my words around, and just being an all-round piece of crap.

I've lodged a complaint with the security company and wrote a letter to all the businesses in the area to let them know and asking if they've had a similar problem with him before (which many have).

My Question is this - Is there anything else I can do, and is this complaint likely to have any effect?
This occurred in Auckland, New Zealand if that makes any difference.
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My dream job(s) is/are

cake decorator
quality assurance at a liquor factory
naming hair dyes
crash testing cars
killing bugs
dispensing cafeteria food to youngsters
taste testing olive oil
working in a pocket pussy/dildo factory
performing the whiff test for bacterial vaginosis
snowplowinig the Home Depot parking lot
testing video games
being a porn star who specializes in anal
being a puppeteer for Sesame Street
turning over letters for Wheel of Fortune
none of the above

(no subject)

Why the hell are so many of you brainwashed into believing Barack Obama is going to do any good for the United States?

Are you convinced by Paris Hilton's "arguments"?

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My ex said to me last night, "I've been through so much stuff in the last couple of years, I think I have PSTD."

What's the fucking funniest thing you've ever heard someone say without meaning to be funny?

What's your favorite movie/TV show quote?

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My best friend had some sad news today, and she's really stressed out.

1) What is the kindest thing someone has done for you when you were sad/stressed?

2) What would you LIKE someone to do for you?

3) The kindest thing you have done for someone else?
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I have a three and a half hour long lecture today. Any tips to keep myself entertained? EDIT: There's no internet connection in my classroom. :(

Should I stop on at the drug store on the way and get some candy? I don't need the energy, I just want candy.

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Er, why the FUCK do I keep getting my ass handed to me on Final Fantasy III? The DS one? There's some bird thing at the start in the castle guarding some really good sword (apparently) and it is FUCKING OWNING ME EVERY TIME. Seriously, I'm about to start like my 6th time trying to kill it. Fuck.

What was the last game you got frustrated at?

How far are you in whatever game you're playing? What game is it? Are you enjoying it?

And for some you losers that aren't geeks (ahem) what fragrance are you currently using?
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Dear TQC, I have two questions for you today

* how long does it take for the ferry to go from New York to New Jersey?
* what do you think is better, being a part-time nurse or a full-time one, considering you are engaged to a billionaire and you still want to do something useful?
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I found a cute item at a relative's house - it's a custom leather case containing a glass hip flask, little beakers, poker chips, cards,gin and bridge scoring pads, and dice. It's like a cocktails and games night to go. What would you call this item? What do you think its proper name is?

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I'm sick. My throat hurts, but I don't have a fever or feel that bad. Could it be mono? I've already had 8 tylenol today, so I probably shouldn't take more... what else can I do to make it feel better?
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I need some hair advice. I'm female with hair that comes just past my shoulders. When I got my hair cut a few weeks ago, I didn't know what to make of it. The stylist cut it in mostly all one length, except for a few face-frame tendrils. I'm used to having layers and after living with my hair for about two weeks, I hate the all-one-length, blunt-cut deal. It just doesn't look right. The only way it looks cute is pulled back in a half-ponytail and I don't want to wear it that way 24/7 :/

So my options:
1) Should I attempt cutting a layer into it myself? How do I go about doing that?
2) Should I wait it out a few weeks, then go get my hair cut by a professional? (I say "a few weeks" because I'm in the process of a huge move, plus I would rather get my money's worth by waiting a little longer.)

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500 people gather together for an organized walk, to raise awareness and funding for horrible disease #213214. but 90 minutes before it's supposed to start, news comes out that it's been cured. so they knock on your door, explaining that they'd still like the exercise, but no longer have a cause. they've just got blank matching t-shirts and markers to make signs.

what will you have them raise awareness about?