August 5th, 2008

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So I'm looking to get myself a laptop. I'm looking at getting one through (yeah yeah, I can hear the snide remarks about Dells from here...but I've never had a problem with Dells, and I like them.) Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has ever gotten a laptop from and got it on their monthly payment plan. I just want to know, basically, what the process was once you made your application for financing through them and if you had any issues with them.

Thanks in advance!
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What soundtrack/album are you currently listening to? I'm currently listening to the Mamma Mia! OST

What song are you listening to obsessively at the moment? Obsessively being you listen to it once, then immediately have to play it again? Right now it's Lay all your love on me also from the Mamma Mia! OST

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Help me internets. I'm looking for a cartoon. It's a pen and ink drawing of Chthulhu on the telephone. I think the text is something like "Stop calling here!" *click*
I need it. Please to locate it for me?
Do you know of any other cool Cthulhu stuff I would like?

Were you born in the right time, internets? My brother should have been a second son in the mid-1800s. When should you have been born?

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have you ever been rejected from a rating community? which one? for what reasons?

have you ever scammed a restaurant for free food? this boy i liked in high school told me that he used to call pizza places and say that he ordered pizza and it had some ingredient that he was allergic to on it and that he was so hungry because it took forever that he didn't call to get another one, and they'd send him a new one, supposedly. i'm not sure if i believe that--it seems a bit far fetched, especially since they could go back and see what time he supposedly called, where it was delivered to etc etc etc. if you have, how'd you get around all the questions?

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C'est wot?

Bigger turn-off?

Watching your SO (or crush) blow chunks after one hot dog too many
Watching your SO (or crush) apply hemmorrhoid cream
A 3" hair growing out of your SO (or crush's) nipple
You find your SO's (or crush's) porn stash, and on the top is a copy of Over 60, and it's wrinkled and tattered from use, and every other page is stuck together
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Which of the following people are at least somewhat familiar with?

Johnson Aziga
Carl Leone
Andre Chad Parenzee
Amanda Blake
Merritt Butrick
Robert Reed
Anthony Perkins
Stephen Stucker
Rebekka Armstrong
Joey DiPaolo
Dave Brindle
Tom Fogerty
David Brudnoy
none of these.

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Question Club, I've gone nocturnal again. I'm a freelance writer, so it's not too much of a problem. I can write bunny poems at 2am if needs be. But it's ANNOYING. How do I re-set me body clock, Question Club?

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And when insight is desperately needed, who else would I go to but TQC? (This is not the question, btw. Though, feel free to answer it if you've got something witty.)

So how do I make those icon collages, like the ones you see on photobucket? I've tried before with icon collage generators and shit but they never work, and I have no idea why. Does anyone know of something that does work, and works well?

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Wildfires... earthquakes... cost of living... etc etc


hehe if you donate $25 to McCain, you get a free tire pressure gauge. DO IT!

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Internets, I'm bored and moderately drunk. Please to tell me stories and / or send me your favourite time-wasting links?

What is your worst fear, Internets? I get this weird thing where everything is too big I'm secretly scared I'll be sucked away into space.

Should I be put in a special place for disturbed people, Internets?

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You are being banished to a deserted island.  You can take anything/everything you want/need to survive, but you can only take one book, one movie, one song, one TV show.  These will be the only book, movie, song, and TV show you can have for the rest of your time here.  You may have internet but you can't access any e-books, movies, songs, or TV shows.

What are your choices?

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American peoples: I do not understand this. What is first / second base, etc? Clearly it's a baseball metaphor, and I don't understand baseball. Could someone give me a list?

I've posted about five questions tonight, Internets. What will happen first? Will I run out of questions or will you run out of patience?

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1. What is the GENERIC NAME/FLAVOR OF the type of syrup Americans commonly get in American grocery stores (e.g. it's not called "maple syrup")? Golden? Karo? Birch?

Maybe it DOES have some Maple flavoring (as some imitation recipes seem to imply for certain brands)? Maybe it varies with vanilla, maple and other flavorings?

EDIT: 1B. What is it called in your country?

Part of the problem is that in other countries, "pancake syrup" may refer to a completely different type of syrup, like maple, for example. I'm looking for a globally recognized name.


Example homemade recipe ingredients: [Not sure if this is the same! Is it?] 1 cup sugar, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup corn syrup, 1 cup water, 1 teaspoon vanilla

All of the "American syrup" brands share the same basic ingredients. They don't specify what flavoring. Vanilla corn syrup, perhaps?

2. What good books and other sources are there for how different animals experience pain? I'm looking for credibly scientific sources written by authoritative authors, not random hippy save-the-animals sources.

It's crazy how some animals can tolerate pain so much better than us. Most Greenland Sharks (they swim in the cold arctic waters under ice) have this one parasite (copepods) that burrows into its eye and the Greenland Sharks don't even seem to mind.
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i am probably going to sound like an idiot for asking this, but i honestly don't know and would prefer NOT to answer this question wrong.

on job applications, when it asks you if you have been convicted of any crimes, do speeding tickets count?

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Did I already ask for recommendations for songs that feature love-as-war themes? What's your favorite?
Some examples:
"Reinforcements" and "Propaganda" -- Sparks
"Sweetheart Contract" -- Magazine
"Two Little Hitlers" -- Elvis Costello
"Fortress Around Your Heart" -- Sting
"The Flag" -- BNL

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My house backs up to an apartment complex. My housemates and I have noticed there are at least 4 dogs within said complex that are left outside at night, which results in them barking at each other for hours on end. I have no idea where the dogs are because I cannot see them from over my back fence but we definitely hear them. This goes on at all hours but it's most annoying at 2am when I have a migraine. The Mr. has taken to going outside and yelling, "Take your dog inside or at least make it STFU!"

Can I call the police with a complaint about this without knowing the exact locations of these dogs? I can't direct them to a specific house or apartment so I'm not sure they'll care.
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What is the strangest pet you've had? (either in species, or in personality)

What is the strangest pet you would like to have? (We'll pretend laws don't exist.)

What do you think about people owning 'dangerous pets' like large/venomous snakes, wild animals, etc?

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After a bad break up it is pretty much the duty of the best friend to ex-hate with you for a few days, right?

Will you please tell me I am being childish for being angry that one of my closest friends (who was saying my ex is a jerk and that we should throw rotten apples at him) is hanging out with my ex now, even though they never were friends before? 

ETA: (It's not even a jealousy thing, I just feel...betrayed.)

What was the last thing you were upset about that you had no real reason to be?
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we're going to portland oregon this weekend (friday - monday) for a wedding and to just generally see the place.

if you live there, what's your favorite thing to do in town? your favorite beach to go to? your favorite restaurant?

if you've been there, did you like it?

Stormy Weather

We're having majorly bad thunderstorms today, so I'm inspired.

1. Have you ever been in a tornado/hurricane/tsunami, etc.?

2. What do you do when the power goes out?

3. Are you afraid of storms?

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Does anyone know any good creams/ointments to get rid of scars? I only have a few tiny ones, but I don't want them on my body anymore!

Personal experience, preferred. Photos a plus! :D


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Ok, so it's 10:22 in the morning, I'm bored, hung over, and tired. Oh, and I'm at my aunt and uncle's in a podunk-ass town in the middle of Iowa with fewer people than are in my grade in my high school back home.

What should I do today, TQC?
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If given enough information, can a person have complete understanding without the benefit of experience?

Let's say you are a scientist who has spent your entire life learning about the world from a black and white room via a black and white television monitor. You specialized in the neurophysiology of vision and acquired all the physical information there is to obtain about what goes on when everyone else sees a firetruck, or the sky, and uses terms like red or blue. You even understand which wavelength combinations from the sky stimulates the retina.  What will happen when you are released from your black and white room and see the sky for the first time? Will you learn anything new about the color blue, or will your vast knowledge have already prepared you for this experience?

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We have a contest going on in my office to earn the Friday before Labor day off to get a 4-day weekend (yay!). We also have a giant dry-erase board to use to track our progress/see where we are with the contest. We have to earn a certain number of points in the next 4 weeks.

How should I decorate this board?!?!?

As an example - We had the same contest for the 4th of July weekend. On the bottom of the board, I drew little people in chairs and on blankets on some grass. Every time someone earned points, I would draw fireworks with the point amount written in the middle of the explosion. So, it looked like the little people were watching a fireworks show. And by the end, the board was covered in a colorful display of fireworks. What the hell do I do for Labor Day?

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Do you like the picture on your ID/Drivers license?
Do you get all pretty to get it taken, or do you just go in your pajamas?

I get a new picture taken on Thursday and THANK GOODNESS, is all I'll say.

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Why do people like picture posts so much?

Do you feel like you always arrive to the party late?

Do you like the posts where we leave our name and people comment with questions?

Will you leave your name?
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I'm attempting to make a video in Windows Movie Media which unfortunately isn't working on my laptop. So I'm working on transfering the movie files from my laptop to another computer. I have a 4 GB USB stick and over 407 GB of movies. I was able to transfer the movies from the computer I'm attempting to transfer them back onto to my laptop with no issue. Now some of the movies won't transfer? How do I fix it?

Also I have Windows on my laptop but I can't see the movie files on the Windows side. All of the Movie files I'm looking to transfer are Windows Movie Maker files. So how would I see them on the Windows side so I don't have to transfer them if worse came to worse and they won't transfer?

One last thing, when I'm in Windows on my laptop the Movie Maker program won't work. A message saying the audio file needed isn't installed. Is there something I need to download from the internet to fix it?
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201Özil <3 :D

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do you have a personalized license plate?

if so, what does it say? why?

if not, what would you get on yours?

mine says UCH1HA, because i'm a retarded Naruto fan... and regular UCHIHA was already taken. LAME

i'm thinking about changing it to EMICHU

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Okay, TQC, I just called to follow up regarding a job interview I had on Thursday. I was completely nervous, getting little adrenaline rushes, all morning thinking about making the call. I had to leave a message for one of the guys, and I'm still all shaky. Somehow I didn't get quite as nervous during the interview.

I also get horrible stage fright before public performances.

It's totally counterproductive to get as nervous as I do.

What do you get nervous about? How do you deal with it?
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1) Hay TQC. My ex just told me that back before he knew me, he fucked one of my best friends and it went on for about 3 months. He said he wasn't proud of it because he doesn't find her attractive in the least. I have no real reason to be upset over this, obviously, but it's BOTHERING THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Am I being completely ridiculous? How can I stop being so pissed/confused over it? Why the fuck is it bothering me so much?

2) If you don't care about my petty problem, then tell me. What makes up your dream sandwich?

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Calling all Mac users of LJ:

I've Googled and searched my Mac Help, but can't find the answer to this. I can't right-click with my mouse, so how do I save pictures from the internettes onto my computer? I seem to recall doing this when I worked on a PC.

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Let's say there's going to be a major change in the criminal justice system. It'll either be more lenient, or more harsh. One way or the other, with no middle ground. Which change would you prefer?

Limit of 5 years prison time for violent crimes. No one serves more than that, because prison is cruel and unusual
All violent criminals are, upon sentencing, airdropped in the highest-conflicted zone in Afghanistan with a rifle. If you can survive, you're a free man
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Huh. One of the little "legs" on my iBook has gone missing (those rubbery thingies underneath it that prevents the laptop from overheating by making it stand a bit above whatever surface it's on). Where did it go to?

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You are house shopping. You have the perfect neighborhood (close to all the preferred shopping, low % of households with children, no barking dogs, pimp view, etc) and the perfect kind of house in mind. Problem is, they don't seem to exist together. Do you compromise on the neighborhood and find the perfect house elsewhere, or do you compromise on what you want in the house and move into the perfect neighborhood?

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There's a vein on my right ankle that's sticking out a lot and it tingles. What could cause that, or is it just something that happens randomly for no real reason?
Is there something I can do to make it stop? (veins creep me out, as in I'm actually nauseous just from looking at it)

Is my accent too bad?

My professor has been torturing me to get some lessons, but I'm really very self-conscious about it. Is my voice too dreadful? (you have to write the three letters on the right first)

I was tired when taping; this it has no meaning whatsoever. And the recording is bad, it ate up many of my words so take that into consideration, too.

Edit: I 've read from books and stuff and translated but I was more than half conscious at the time 

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When did Project Runway start to suck so bad?

Do you like any of the designers so far this season? Because I hate them all.

After seeing some of Michael Kors' stuff, I think he shouldn't be allowed to say anything about a garment looking matronly. Do you agree y/n?
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Dear TQC

I'm hoping that there's some kind of weather oracle/meteorologist lurking in the comm...

According to the surf/weather forecast here the sea off the northern coast of Cornwall UK is going to be *hammered* on Sunday and Monday with swells of 14.5 - 16 ft and winds of 19-21 mph (usually the swell is not that big - biggest I've noticed is 8ft). The effect of the wind is actually big enough to reach all the way to the North-East of England as well (I checked Tynemouth).

Where's the wind/swell coming from suddenly? Does anybody know of storms nearby the UK to cause this, or is it some really far-off effect of tropical storm Edouard?

Never mind. The weather has decided to change and the forecast is a lot less impressive now. :(
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Me - Stars Beret

All travel woes.

Poll #1235734 Travel crap.

So my friends are leaving me for a week while in the UK and I'm about to book my hostel (PalmersLodge) where I'll stay for 2 days, how much should I pay?

Should I pay $34.09 a night for a 19 bed Female dorm.
Pay $40.49 a night for a 4 bed mix dorm.
Other- see comment.

ETA: I should probably mention that I am spending a week in London beforehand. And after my little 4 day jaunt will be spending another week there. And I do plan on doing as the Romans do and drinking. A lot. ALSO- I will be in Straford to see Hamlet. And after our jaunt in the UK we're going to the rest of Euorpe. I suck, I should have mentioned this.

So this week leaves me with 4 days I want to get the hell out of London for. Where do I go TQC? What are places I must see?

And as a non travel related question that has been inspired by my sandwich:

What is something you make/eat that most people think is disgusting.

Peanut butter and pickle sandwich.
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1. Do you own more reference or reading books?
2. What small kitchen appliance* gets used most often in your home?
3. What special talent(s) or skill(s) do you have?

*Appliance: a household device operated by use of electricity or gas :P

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I'm wanting to get a handheld video camera. Nothing fancy; the main thing is something small and easy to use, that takes reasonably decent pictures. I don't need High Definition quality or anything, but I don't want tape upon tape of blurry shapes moving about. I'd like something that let me take both close-up and long distance film of reasonable quality.

I know nooooooothing about handhelds. Does anyone have some recommendations for a good, cheap camera for a total newbie to just fuck around with?

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my friend said i should use head and shoulders to make my hair less frizzy. which it did, but now i have dandruff. i didnt have it before this came along

normal? no? EXPLAIN...

hows selsum blue?

Ladies and gentlemen

1) Here are my late lunch options: Polish dog, Ramen, hamburger or trail mix. What do I choose?

2) What should I do to make my life more *~exciting~*? I tried hookers and blow, it grows dull.

3) My birthday is next week. What games should we play at my par-tay?

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So you go to the record store, and there's a new album by Alvin and the Chipmunks. Hey, they're playing it in the store! And as you listen, you realize they're covering one of your favorite songs .. and the sheer blashpemy of the Chipmunks doing that song that you love so well brings tears to your eyes. What's the song?

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1) Do you know anyone who has named their dog "Fido" ?

2) Is there such as thing as an actual custom bra? Like, you go and have it specially made not just the ad claims.

3) Do you think that a housewife/house husband should be paid for the things they do at home? I was watching Divorce Court and this one lady wrote up an amount for all the things she did around the house like $40 a month for driving all 6 kids to school.

4) Why am I so sleepy? I've had a cup of coffee and I really need to get work done for my class.

5) My brother is 23 and I'm 17. He's been coming home from work/school pretty cranky lately and my mother nags him quite a bit. What can I do to maybe cheer him up a little? (clean please, it's my brother and dirty comments would make me feel awkward)
Luis sloooow

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By some strange twist of fate, you have been given the gift to look into the future. However, you can only look into the future once, and you have to look in to the future of one specific person. This person cannot be you or your BF/GF/SO/whatever.

Whose future do you choose to check out and why?

You can not use these people to check out your own future otherwise you die instantly. Hows that for a future?

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Would you give the shirt (or other article of clothing) off your back to clothe a nude statue? If you have already performed this generous act, where/what was the statue that you clothed?
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Hey TQC, my boyfriend wants a yummy bean dish for dinner, and I'm interested in trying something new too, so...! Will you please share easy-to-follow recipes for dishes with red beans as the main ingredient? You get extra points for pictures or links to recipes with pictures~
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What are some relatively healthy things you eat when you're craving something sweet?

What do you do to combat lower back pain?

Do you own an inexpensive couch or futon? If so, where did you get it?

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Anybody know anything about stocks?
About 5 years ago, I entered a contest for General Mills and got 2nd place. The prize was a bunch of coupons for free products, and 75 shares of General Mills stock. Now, I mean, yay, because it's worth about 5,000 bucks now. Next year I turn 18, which is when I'm allowed to sell it(by my mom's rules). However, I have no idea how to go about doing that, and neither does she.

Can anybody give me any information on how to go about selling a stock?
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Deep in the hard-on of Texas

Texas spends $17 million a year - more than any other state - on abstinence-only sex education programs. The rate of Texas high school students having sexual intercourse, according to federal statistics, stands at 52.9%, compared with 47.8% nationally - Houston Chronicle

Texas' abstinence-only sex education programs don't seem to be having the desired result

What should Texas do now?

Spend another $17 million cause Lone Star kids can't learn the basics
If abstinence education leads to fucking, they should promote fucking and hope it makes the kids close their legs
Realize that abstinence-only education is a retarded pipe dream and get on board with sex education
Execute more criminals. It always makes them feel better afterwards
Spend that $17,000,000 on thousands of chastity belts. That'll keep the hymens intact
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1. Yesterday I spent $4.01 on Starbucks' new banana chocolate Vivanno, only to find that it tasted exactly like my homemade smoothies and that it hurt my throat. What iss the last thing you regret(ted) buying?
2. I'm sick, yet I really want chocolate cake.  Should I make it & run the risk of getting my whole family sick?

oooh. pictures.

What would your dream bedroom look like? Or your dream house, if you feel like being creative. How about just a room you like in general?

And why is it your dream room/house?

Post pictures, or just give details.
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1. If you were on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, who would your 5 phone-a-friends be, and why?

2. Does anyone know of any websites who will make prints for me that are decently prices? Similar to zazzle. Do you have any experience with these?

Guess whose birthday it is today?

Collapse )

Did you guess correctly?
Are you excited?
Are you ready for this sort of excitement?
On a scale of 10-10 million how excited R U?
What would you like to tell this special person on this very special day?

thank U so much :D :D :D
:D :D :D :D :D

  EDIT: I hope you are all aware that Toni WILL be reading your responses later tonight, and her reaction will likely be on video for later video celebration!

plz ENJOY!
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What makes a person "pickable"?
Meaning, they are easily picked on.

Does peeing while there's toilet bowl detergent make it dangerous? In terms of chemicals rising into your vagina.
Cause maybe I should stop doing this.
Clem & Joely

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I got this question as I was reading responses to my previous book-related questions, and I'd like to know:

What books are you dedicated to? Are there any books that you re-read regularly? Or if not, books you've re-read 3+ times?

(no subject)

1) do you prefer RPG characters that come with their own preset strengths[Lulu's a magic user! she can't become a sword fighter!] or characters in which you can change their strengths around[you could make fran into an awesome sword fighter and penelo into a black mage?

change the strengths around.

2)Do you ever heckle RPG dialogue?


3)How many beads do you have in your house?

Mitty box

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Should I get this laptop now or wait until I hear back from the mortgage lender RE: my preapproval?

How much will buying this laptop screw up my credit/chances of getting a mortgage?
How much will my husband having been laid off and only been at his new job for a month affect my chances of getting a mortgage?
How much will my realtor hate me if I say "Game off!" again?
Do you have an HP Pavilion? Is it a good laptop?

What do you want to buy right now?

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What should I have for dinner tonight?

I have chicken breast in the freezer, as well as a decently stocked refrigerator and pantry.

I'm not in the mood for overly complicated cooking tonight, but I generally find chicken breasts to be pretty boring and difficult to make delicious.
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1. Does it bother you that Zappos claims to have "free shipping" both ways, but they actually just include the cost of shipping in their prices? Like if a pair of shoes is $50 elsewhere, Zappos would charge $65.

2. In another community we are doing a "favorite things" swap, where we send the person we are matched up with a package of our favorite things. $2 bills are one of my favorite things, I always get so excited when I get one in my change. Would it be weird to include one in the package I send? I feel like it would, but I'm not sure.

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For those who've taken it, was Calculus 3 or Calculus 4 more fun? And why?

If it matters, I love trig, integrating by parts, inverse trig substitution for integrals, differential equations, and proofs.

Calculus 3 emphasizes the study of infinite sequences and series including power series. Topics include plane analytic geometry, graphing in polar coordinates, and an introduction to vectors. Prerequisite: Calculus 2.

Calculus 4
extends the concepts of calculus to vector-valued functions and functions of several variables. Partial derivatives are included. Prerequisite: Calculus 2.

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After running last night, I made the dough for the cookies I wanted to make. I loooove licking the mixing spoon and eating the dough when baking. But a lot of my friends don't.

Do you like to eat the dough/batter when you make cookies, cake, brownies, etc?
Why or why not?
What's your favorite kind of dough/batter to eat?

I always end up eating about 6 cookies worth of dough. =]
Then I feel pretty sick...=[

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About a page back, someone posted a Chowder macro, and found out that apparently, TQC <3s Chowder. SOOOO
Who's your favorite character on Chowder?
Any more Chowder macros?

Can you belive that Tailor Made and New York broke up :(? That makes me sad.

Tallahassee FL

Is this a good winter resort? I don't necessarily care about hotels and rent houses or apartments there, I just want some nice sunshine and heat. I want lots of natural shelter because I don't have much where I'm from. I'm extremely interested in this city for some reason, and was wondering if anyone could tell me if there's things I need to know that I won't find on the tourist ads and stuff because when they did ads for my hometown they barely showed the coolest attraction and the most exotic restaurant.
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set uno~
1. how long is your hair?
2. is your hair thick or thin?
3. what color is your hair?
4. what shampoo/conditioner do you use?
5. do you use more shampoo or more conditioner?
6. any other products you use in your hair? (hair serum, leave in conditioner, etc)

set dos~
1. what is better for you regular salt or sea salt?
2. what would you do with 10 packets of sea salt?

set tres~
1. what do you snack on when you're bored?
2. favorite healthy snacks?
3. what snack is your vice? ;)
LOL I have no pants!

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This site sells super cute clothing. However, it all runs much too small for me. Can you recommend me a site with similar, cute stuff, but in bigger sizes? Stupid me, the measure everything flat. Duh. *headsmack*

So what are some of your favorite places to shop online?

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i'm designing a website for my dad's business, and we can't come up with a domain name. the company is american garage door and we're located in las vegas.,, and are already taken.

i was thinking either or, but i wanted to see if the creative minds of tqc could come up with something better. any suggestions?
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Do you hate the sound of other people eating?

Why is it that some people always make so much noise when they eat?

Does the sound of teeth scraping against forks annoy you?

(no subject)

1. Does anyone else besides me find the word "ministrations" ridiculously overused in erotic fiction?

2. Does anyone else besides me think "Mission:Impossible" and "Star Wars" parodies are no longer original or funny?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Why is it that for the two weeks my family was preparing for my uncle's funeral, I didn't cry beyond a few minutes after I found out he was dead, but now, after his funeral, I CAN'T STOP FUCKING CRYING? Aren't funerals supposed to bring closure? Why does it feel like someone just tore my heart out?

Why is my boyfriend bugging me to hang out with his obnoxious friends? Why doesn't he understand that if I go, I'll probably puncture my ear drums with a knife so that I don't have to listen to them argue about post World War II oil revenues? Why doesn't he get that I just want to sit here and listen to Vivaldi and try not to cry?

I want to bake something tonight, to try to get my mind off my uncle. Should I make chocolate chip cookies, Oreo cookies, brownies, focaccia bread, or something else?
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in your own opinion, which is the best month to wed?

regina [lupinskitty]

(no subject)

Have you ever totally lost luggage? Like, the airline couldn't find the bag at all?

Did they reimburse you for it?

Did you have travel insurance?

What's the best way to find an actual person to talk to at the airline to ask about lost luggage?

TQC, also, why is my travel insurance company full of really incompetent people?

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Do you have a Nintendo DS?

Do you use a R4DS card, or something similar?

How is that working out for you?  What was the overall cost of setup? How many games would you be able to hold?

Would it be a good idea for me to get one?  I'm bored with the games I have, and want lots more but don't want to spend a bunch of moolah.

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so um

If you were my check book, where would you be right now?

CRISIS AVERTED it was in the glovebox. Thanks guys!

New question: when was the last time you freaked out over something, and why?

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If you have sex with your s/o even though you don't really feel like it at that moment, just because you want them to be happy, is that a lack of self-respect or a normal part of relationship give-and-take? What determines this?

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What song(s) are you fucking sick of hearing on the radio? ...or are you one of those ~*~edgy~*~ people who refuses to listen to the radio in the first place?
That stupid Madonna/Justin Timberlake song. It makes me want to punch things.

What song(s) could you listen to on repeat for 30 years straight and never get sick of?
I cannot think of any

I'm out of cigarettes. Will you please go pick some up for me?
What Would Wonder Woman Do

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Oops! You tripped and fell flat on your face. No damage done, you're not hurt, and nobody saw you. Do you tell anybody?

Yes, for the sympathy.
Yes, for the help laughing it off.
Yes, because it still pissed me off.
No, it's no big deal.
No, how embarassing.

You did something nice for somebody. Other than that somebody, do you tell anybody else?

Yes. That's why I do nice things - for the accolades!
Yes, in order to inspire people to do the same.
Only if asked...
No, that's not why I do nice things.
I don't do nice things. *kicks puppy*



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I saw the cover of the August issue of Cosmo when I was waiting in line at Safeway.  One of the headlines said "Why men cheat in August."  I didn't get a chance to pick it up...

Why do you think men cheat in August?  Srs and non-srs answers.