August 4th, 2008

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Okay, so this week at my daycare job, I'm out of curriculum, so I decided to do a tour around the world, if you will - so each day we're doing a continent not related to either of the Americas. Does anyone know of any good web sites that have art activities related to any European country? I'd like to do something based out of the UK, and then maybe France or Germany or something - I need 3 activities for each continent. If you know of something awesome for Asia, Australia, or Antarctica, that would be great too! Thanks!
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Hi night owls.

I moved into a new apartment this weekend. I went to take a shower just now, and lo and behold there is no shower head. I took one regardless but this is something I would really prefer to have. The landlord should provide me one, right?

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my boyfriend and I were just caught naked in his car on the side of the road by one crusier, one giant police truck with gleaming judgemental lights, and one other police vehicle.

A) why is it necessary for them to have atleast 8 police officers at the scene of something like this? Shouldnt they be somewhere else?

B) Have you ever had any embarassing naked moments?

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ah! tcq, i have my window open tonight because it's hot and OMG! a cricket came in and HOPPED ONTO MY BED, and then it RAN AND GOT INTO MY BUNDLE OF BLANKETS!!!!!! D: D: D: D: i can't find it now to shoo it out.

i am going to get a jar and a funnel and make a trap for it...i will put food in the bottom to lure it in.

SO TQC: if you were a cricket, what would be the most appealing food to entice you into a glass jar?

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a few months ago, a huge cystic acne problem came out of nowhere. about a week ago i finally got int under control. however, i'm left with all of these blotchy/red marks where all of the acne was. i'm also a blonde, so it's clashing and horrible. i don't like wearing heavy makeup, and i just want them gone. have you had this problem before? and if so, what did you do to get your complexion back?

edited to note: i have heard of using an apple cider vinegar/water mixture and also (separately) a baking soda/water mixture. has anyone heard of these? have you tried them?
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I'm sure there've been many a tattoo-related posts, but here's another for people who want to actually type/put effort into a response.

For anyone/everyone: How similar would a tattoo have to be in order for it to be a rip-off of another?

To those of you who have tattoos, do all of your tattoos have a purpose/meaning or do you have any tattoos simply because you like the look? Why did you choose the design(s) you chose? Were any of them inspired by another tattoo you've seen?

I want to get this wrist tattoo and it sort of has purpose to me, sort of doesn't at the same time, but the appearance of the tattoo is very much like one I've seen elsewhere. But it's the most basic sort of bracelet/wrist tattoo you can get, no fancy design, just like a couple skinny bands wrapping around my wrist. It is a basic tattoo but the way in which it ties off is unique. I doubt anyone would notice but I can't help but feel like I'd be ripping off the tattoo that's inspired my particular vision of it. Do you have any thoughts/comments that could help me clear this up with myself?
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Weird Fact #1234455

When I was little, the sound of the toilet flushing when I left the bathroom really scared me.
Something about the noise, and the fact that I couldn't see behind the shower curtain.

Have you ever been (or are you still) afraid of any noises?
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Do you think it's possible to love people equally?

Anyone at all: your friends, your SO, your children, etc.

I don't think it's possible because, well, you can't exactly control love can you? Nor can you balance your love for one person with your love for another... so... how about you guys?
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When your sleep schedule has been screwed up - illness, a late night, a long nap, whatever - How do you get it turned back around? Do you force yourself to stay up so that you're exhausted again at the regular time, or drug yourself to sleep early so that you'll wake up at the regular time, or something else?

I really don't want to be awake at 7am every day, but this isn't necessarily an advice post, just a curiosity post inspired by my own troubles.
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Jane believes since she said up front she didn't think it was a good idea that, effectively it boils down to that unpleasant 4 letter word (I'll go ahead and use it; 'rape').

Dick believes it doesn't because Jane never said "no" or "stop" during the 'use', so that they have a difference of opinion.

Jane later told Dick that she had mentally shut down, which would be why she didn't say "no" or "stop".

So, I ask you, is Dick or Jane right? Or, is it a mix of the two?

I know I'm coming at it from a woman's standpoint and as a woman who's lived through a rape myself, so I suspect I'm being sympathetic, but I'm on Jane's side of the fence.
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 2 nights ago my cousin was grumpy with the family.

I started to sing "Dickhead" by Kate Nash to him as he stormed out of the living room.
Everyone got quite a kick out of that.

What was the last song you sang to someone and why?

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Inspired from a chat with lierre

1. How do you describe a color to someone who has never seen one? Either they are color blind or completely blind.

2. My Mum has no sense of taste. What sense would you hate to lose the most? Why?

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Can you give me some meal ideas that are:
1. Cheap
2. Marginally creative
3. Not TOO difficult to prepare?

I'm supposed to take my (very poor) friend shopping today and basically tell her what to get so that she can have meals at home for a couple of weeks. I'm trying to come up with ideas ahead of time so that I can make a list.

ETA: Not prepackaged things like mac and cheese or ramen. That's what they eat now. She's looking for ideas to start cooking simple meals.
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decide my day

TQC, should I put some serious effort into cleaning my house today, or should I make rum chocolate coconut cookies while drinking a lot of the first ingredient?

Edit: It's 9am here. Not too early to get drunk, y/y?

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Ultimate Fighting or Blogging - which is more evil?

Lewis Black has a show on Comedy Central where two comedians debate which of two subject is more despicable.  The most recent episode I saw had Ultimate Fighting versus Blogging.  If you're unfamiliar with Ultimate Fighting (or mixed martial arts) it's like boxing with elbows, knees, and wrestling.  It's been called human cockfighting.  Fair enough.  If you're unfamiliar with Blogging... well, uhhhhh... go check out stupid_free.  So, TQC, which is more evil?

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When the average grade in a graduate level class is 64%, is it a reflection on:

1. the students' stupidity?
2. the professor's ability/inability to teach?
3. the creation of a test that doesn't properly measure what has been learned in class?
4. all of the above?
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half over

The year is more than half over.

What do you plan to accomplish between now and Dec 31st? Have you started?

What have you accomplished to date? Are you working on anything now?

I'm about to head to the shops. Do you need anything?


Hola TQC-

I've been messing up at work pretty badly lately.
I got caught slacking on inventory, refunded a sale incorrectly, and today I was late because my treatment session at the hospital ran way too long.  When I got to work, the combination on the lock was changed, so I had to call my manager to get the new one.  I told him my treatment made me get there right at 9...but I didn't call him until 9:04.

Only four minutes....that's not so bad, is it?
Or am I in deep trouble?

What are your work screw ups?
What are your screw ups in general? 

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All morning, while getting ready for work, I kept thinking of things I was curious about, and wanting to go online to ask TQC. Alas, here I am. Help me!

Warning: questions are very random and do not coincide with each other at all. 

1. I wanted to say "bear with me" after my warning. Is it "bear"? Or is there some other way to spell that that I'm oblivious of?

2. Can someone recommend some nice soft, inexpensive towels? I always see/buy big fluffy ones, but then when I wrap them around myself after a shower, all these fuzzies are covering my body! I want a comfy towel that will not shed on me.

3. Does anyone have weird bumps on their arms? I have like ttiinnnyyy little pimple-like bumps, that "pop" when squeezed. Gross, I know. I've had them since I was much younger, and I have a few tiny little scars from them. What is wrong with me skin? Is it the AIDS?

4. On my upper arm near my shoulder I used to have a dry, rough patch of skin. It was not that big, and it was like a circle, and no matter how much I moisturized, it stayed. Now it's not that bad, but it made that patch of skin a little extra white. Is this also the AIDS?

5. My SO has a habit of semi-rushing me to go home (as in "soo can we go in like 15 minutes?" when I'm at a friend's house with him/out in the city/etc.), and he will mumble something about being tired/mildly sick, and then when he drops me off at like 10:30 pm (-_-) and I text him asking what he's up to later, he's at a friend's house or at a party. What the fuck TQC? Does my SO hate me?


Hello, Mr. Eljay Mechanic?

Anyone have an idea of how much it would be to replace a manual window mechanism (the whole thing, not just the handle thingy) in a Ford Focus (or in general)? One of my asshole friends somehow managed to, while keeping the plastic crank intact, completely snap the metal bar that the crank attaches to off, meaning I have to replace the whole damn mechanism. D:

I'm thinking it'll run between about $200-$400, since when we replaced a power window motor in my mom's car, she paid $550 for it, and I'm sure the manual mechanisms are cheaper.
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Excuses, excuses...

Best excuse you've ever used to get out of work?

My co-worker has a job interview today at another company. Originally, I was just going to cover her desk for her (we're a satellite office; no one would ever know) except that we found out our boss is driving the 150 miles to our area for a last minute meeting. Now my co-worker will have to account for her absence. What should she tell our boss as the reason for her leaving the office early?

What's the worst excuse you've ever gotten from a friend/relative/co-worker for getting out of something you've asked them to do?

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I just joined (Check it out if you haven't, awesomeee)

Long story short- I can order a couple books for free right now. Do you know any books on revolutionaries, or revolts or movements? I am really interested in that topic but don't know where to start.

Sending food overseas to Iraq..

My good friend/ex-lover is a fire fighter in Iraq. I think he puts fires out on the base, along with doing inventory with weapons and doing that kind of stuff. ANYWAY, I want to send him cookies. He said to be careful though because food dries out quickly. He opened a Snickers bar the other day and dust flew out of it.

Have you ever sent goodies to Iraq? What else should I send? He doesn't need necessities, he's good with all that. I'm also sending a flash drive full of pictures for him. How should I package the cookies so they don't blow away in the wind?
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Visiting Memphis

Next week I will be traveling to Memphis, TN for a conference. On 8/4 I'll be getting in around 1:45pm and have the rest of the day free. The rest of the week I'm busy from around 9-5pm, but will have evenings free. I'll be downtown near the Peabody Hotel. I've never been there, so does anyone have any suggestions, fyi's, words of wisdowm or anything else for me? :-)

Also out of curiosity, how is the Memphis airport?
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They say what doesnt kill you make you stronger- have there been rough patches/shitty things in your life that, now that you're on the other side/time has passed, you can see have made you a stronger person? Obviously you wouldnt want to relive them, but you can see some silver lining? What were they/what did you learn?

Also, if you have Verizon, what phone do you have? do you like it?

Do you make smoothies? If so, what kind?

word puzzle

what's the name of those word puzzles where you see an image an have to figure out the meaning like: mind over matter - there's the word mind with a line below it and the word matter. or i hate you - with a picture of an eye with "h8t U" = i hate you.
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I have semi-new downstairs neighbors. They moved in a week and a half ago. Every single day since they moved in (I keep saying "they," but I"m pretty sure it's a single woman in her late 20s), there has been this weird noise. I can hear it from both of our bedrooms and our living room. It sounds like either slamming cabinets or dropping a bowling ball on the floor. Over, and over, and over. It slams then bounces once. But it sounds heavy. Way heavier than a cabinet door. We have high ceilings, so whatever it is, for me to be able to hear it from up here is pretty weird. It goes on all day and into the late evening. Uneven intervals, but pretty steady. I'm 90% sure they don't have any pets.

TQC, what the fuck is this woman doing down there?

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Hello TQC, :)

1. If the teller at the bank made a mistake and deposited an extra $500 into your account, what would you do?
Tell them ASAP?
Or wait for them to catch the mistake on their own, (hoping they never do!) but live with that guilt and anxiety?

2. Have you ever shoplifted? How did it make you feel?

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1. If I have a hangnail I can't help but rip it off. Even if means I bleed and am without proper use of a finger for a few days. Do you do this?

2. If you have a nervous habit, what is it?

3. What is something that would taste good on pizza that is not the norm? I think onion rings would be awesome.


I got fired on friday mid-day, the weekend was spent with family relaxing and trying to forget about the bullshit of getting fired.

I applied for like 20 million jobs online and i feel like i cant do any more applying, i just need to wait to hear from people.

I already cleaned the house.

What should i do???

I havnt had this many days off in more than a year, it feels very strange. I hated my job, but right now i miss work.

What are you guys doing today?

A Moral Dilemma

Do you think it's harder to be good or evil? Why?

I think it's actually harder to be evil because you have to have build up the man power and resources in order to pull off these big elaborately evil plots and the good people just have to figure out how to stop them.
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What do you think is the fanciest flavor of tortilla chip?

I'm not talking about your favorite flavor or one you think is cool, i'm talking about that flavor you have to get all dressed up to eat, and you have to hold your pinky out while eating them.

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 My man thing texted me late last night saying "I have today and tomorrow off.  We need to talk babe, yeah?"  And I call him man thing because he's not even my boyfriend, we just hang make out sometimes--nothing serious.

 What do we need to talk about, tqc?! 

ETA: I asked him what about last night but he didn't say anything.

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I haven't spoken to anyone today. I've got this overwhelming feeling of dread, like something terrible has happened but no one will tell me. I can't concentrate on the readings I'm supposed to complete. What's happening to me, TQC?? Why am I losing my mind?

Alternatively, who else hates moving? Got any tips for moving a household?
I'm not old enough to rent a truck in MA, apparently I can rent a sedan from Budget but I already drive one sooooo...that does me no good.

Childhood Reunion

I was wondering how I might find out where some of my childhood friends gone? The problem is that I only know one of their full names. The people I have in mind attended elementary thru junior high w/ me, and then like disappeared. I've looked at that site, and found who I thought was one of them as he is my age, but I have no way of being 100% sure. Is there a better alternative?

Pitchfork Fondue

Has anyone ever been to a Pitchfork Fondue thing? Did you have any fun? Tell me about it if you will...

I understand it's some sort of grilling of steaks on a pitchfork, and I'm going with my boyfriend and his parents (so there's already dread), but I'm wondering if it's cool, or if it's going to suck ass.

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Does anyone understand UK grades/UCAS points well enough to explain something to me?

I've just completed a 2 year National BTEC Diploma (level 3?) and I've come out of it with a MPP and a-level in photography (C). I've checked a UCAS Talent Calculator and I've got 240 points.

Is this good? Like it is a alright amount of points? I'm more curious than anything, I'm re-doing a college course anyway for a-levels so Uni doesn't matter to me just yet. But yeah.


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What kind of nontraditional "happy time" things make you happy?

I just found the most amazing organic produce market in the outer reaches of my neighborhood. All the beautiful fruits and vegetables in there just made me very happy. They were lovely to look at, and they smelled good, and now I am eating the most delicious peach :)
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New and Improved!!

Are there any products or technologies that people are encouraged to use because they are an improvement on what they are replacing that you do not like and prefer the older version? (Yah, I could have worded that better.)

For example, I've found that low flush toilets usually need more than 1 flush, even for pee & tp.

Microsoft products don't count ;-)

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Why, TQC, why?

I've lost 30 pounds since I had my kid, and this is with significant muscle gain, but I've only gone down 4 pants sizes and one shirt size, but maybe only 2 dress sizes, if that. HOW DOES THIS WORK?

First person to start some sort of fat wank and/or call me fat in a passive-aggressive or direct manner gets bonus points.
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Do you Twitter? What's your opinions on the site? Do you find twittervision hypnotizing like I do? I can stare at that thing for ages D:

If you don't Twitter, what are some equally useless internet sites you do participate in as an active member?

Yes. I didn't like it at first, but now I'm completely hooked D: Twittervision is awesome.

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Have you ever been on a cruise?
Where did you go?
Which cruise line did you go on? (and some details, plz)

I want to go on a cruise but I really don't know what to look for

What's the longest you've been somewhere "on vacation"?

Three months
tiger on your couch


I have a friend who swears that in gym/dance class 15 years ago, they learned the Macarena with a second-verse dance. Like, in addition to the standard Macarena steps that everyone knows. It apparently involved some sort of arm circles and finger-to-elbow movements.

I think she's nuts. Does anyone else know what this is, or have a similar memory? She's talking something they learned 1994-ish.

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GIRLS, do you really wipe front to back?  I am sure not every female alive does that.

Odd, I never do.

OK, just for clarification.  People who wipe back to front, you don't just start at the asshole and wipe everything all at once right?   It seems that a lot of people think that.
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Do you get pimples in your hair (by in your hair I mean on your scalp, having pimples in your hair would be downright weird)?

Have any right now?

Your first computer? *Bonus points for the most odd one*

Do you sell on eBay?

What is the weirdest thing you have either bought or sold on-line?

Will God (Morgan Freemen) be in the next Batman movie?
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So, I got my dorm room assignment...

I'm in a 132 square foot double room.

Looking online at all of the dorm layouts, I have yet to find a smaller room.

How is it fair that other students get 204 square foot double rooms, and pay the exact same amount as me for housing?

Do I have the right to be pissed?

Any survival tips?

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TQC, can you ever be on a computer that has internet access and not 'browse' even if you are supposed to be working?

I usually 'multitask' but then my browsing takes over and before long i'm on a trail of some interesting topic and then I realise I have completely forgotton the work I was supposed to be doing.

How do you stop yourself? I never get anything done!

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 I signed papers for a background check at the job of my dreams!  What crazy crime did I commit that I blocked from my memory will prevent me from getting this job?

What is something gross you like to do?
When my puppy is sleeping on my lap I squeeze his black heads.  If he's awake he growls at me because he doesn't like his paws touched!

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1)Dad picked a cucumber from the garden. It's almost completely white. what's up with that?

2)How is your motivation today?


3)Are you good at writing fiction?

I'm ok at writing short stories. Very short stories.
Inigo Montoya

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So I like to shop at 24-hr hell Wal-Mart late at night. Anyway, I was there at 11 p.m. Saturday and had a FULL cart. They only have 2 registers running at this hour here (is this just my town?) and so after I got in line I noticed someone behind me with no basket, holding four items. I let him go ahead of me because I had so much.
Immediately after that, three people got in line behind me. They each had two items. (ETA: They were all together)

I didn't let them go ahead of me. Should I have? I got the feeling they were peeved.
I figured I could probably let people like this cut all night and then never get my stuff checked.

Do you let people ahead of you when you are in a situation like mine?
If you are the person behind me: Do you expect someone like me to offer to let you cut?

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Can wearing a too-tight bra induce fatigue? I know too-tight clothing can give you heartburn and shit but I swear I was feeling really, really exhausted all day and I just took my push-up bra off and I suddenly feel amazing.

Should I get key lime pie later, or drink a fun-sized bottle of vodka? I don't want to mix my pie and liquor.

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My 15 year old brother just called me a 'lazy little bitch' for not passing him a cushion.
I'm pretty appalled to be honest but he's just being bulshy and aggressive.
What do I do? No parents around until later.

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 anyone know where I can get one of
Collapse )
kind of backpacks other than a thrift store? I've checked several thrift stores in the last couple weeks and I have yet to find one. 
care to point me in the right direction? 

im french

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1. What are "big boobs" to you, size-wise?

2. If you have boobs, how big are they?

3. Do you like big boobs?

4. Why do women (who have big boobs) always complain about having big boobs?
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cherry tomatoes

For dinner I'm making salad, fettuccine alfredo with broccoli & roasted red peppers, and garlic bread. My dad accidentally planted 6 cherry tomato plants so we have a ton of them. Other than in the salad, what would be the best way to incorporate them into the meal?

What if I cut them in half, roast them, and toss them in with the pasta? Would that be good? I don't eat them so I really have no idea what would be good and what wouldn't.

I plan ahead, so what?

Im moving into my first real off-campus apartment and I want to throw an awesome Halloween party when the time comes (which will double as a birthday party)...

So, what are some must haves to make this party work/be kickin/you know what I mean?

If you live with someone not your family or relationship buddy, do you live co-ed or same sex?

If you live co-ed, has that ever been a problem, and if so, in what way?

tech questions

so i have a laptop and i dont know what i did but every time i want to type a question mark using Word i get an e with an accent. i'm trying to figure out how to fix it but if someone knows what i pressed and can help me undo this i'd be very grateful.
zombie baby cede! :D

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I move in on the 15th... at what point should I be impatiant and call the head of housing and beg/demand to know who/where I am sleeping???

(ps, she said she would tell us before we moved in)

What should I do tonight?
Go swimming?
Pack to move?
Watch a movie?
(ps, getting wasted isn't an option)

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do you ever turn off or on a light switch and then let your hand fall down and smack yourself on the bum by accident? i do from time to time and today i did and i noticed and it really made me laugh for ages!!! then i kind of strutted.

also my boyfriend is away for a week at his parents house 4 hours away! what should i do? please bare in mind my ankle is still a bit sprained but i can walk on it more now!! and i am still at work in the day thats why i didn't go with him!!

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So I know next to nothing about student loans.
Do they evaluate how much you need that semester or year to pay for things or will they let you take out as much as you want/need? I'll have a cosigner.

(basically I'm asking because I'm thinking of taking a student loan to pay for something other than school. It'll cost more than a semester. I just don't want to be REQUIRED to make payments right away. I'd rather be able to start paying it off now and not have the payments kick in until after graduation.)
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You all were so great with this question a few weeks back, I come with another:

I work at The Food Bank, and we're getting ready (tomorrow!) to launch a new program, called Food Bank Fresh. It's like an ice-cream truck, but rather than selling ice cream, we're giving away fresh fruit and vegetable snacks. We're specifically targeting areas of our town that are "food deserts," aka there aren't any grocery stores around, so if you want a banana you spend $1.29 for one at the gas station.

Our truck is ready to go, fruit/carrot sticks are ready to be given out, but like an ice-cream truck, we need to make noise to be noticed and draw kids outside. We have a speaker and an iPod - so what music should I put on it? I've googled and iTuned "fruit," "vegetable," "food" songs, fanfares, kid songs, Veggie Tales (yuck!)... any other suggestions? It's not just for kids, but the idea of the ice-cream truck is generally kid-oriented.

So, what music would draw you outdoors on a hot day to get your free fresh fruit snack?

And... since I think we're going to strike out on this... anyone know the ins and outs of getting a jingle produced? Maybe we just have to promote ourselves...
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1. What has someone accused you of being that you're not?
I was told I'm spoiled rotten when I work my fucking ass off and take care of everyone around me. If I'm spoiled its because I spoil myself and I deserve it god damn it!

2. What is something you would like to say to someone right now? Dead or alive.

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My friend's father has been in ICU for 2 months now due to complications to surgery. I'm seeing her for the first time since he went in the hospital. I wanna make him a get well card.

Can you think of any cute/clever sayings I could write in it besides, "Get Well"?
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1) How old were you when you moved out of your parents' house and got your own place? Dorm living, going away for college doesn't count.

2) How did you manage to afford living on your own for the first time? Did you have money saved up, took out a loan?


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so there's an apartment in my town that i know to be unoccupied, and some friends of mine live in another of the landlord's properties. the apartment isn't listed or being advertised for rent, but would it be unorthodox or rude of me to contact the landlord anyway about going to look at it? if he lets me do so, and i like it enough, do you think he would accept an offer to move in?

i'm a bum and still live at home, and have never lived on my own before, so i don't know anything about all of this apartment business. :|

ETA: also! does anyone know what sort of questions are asked on civil service tests for post office work?

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I had a pretty rough school year last year. I'm starting my senior year soon and I want to go back with a new look and just be able to start over with my life and let go of all my baggage. TQC, make me pretty so I can get back at the people who screwed me over my junior year!

Can you post a picture of a hair cut that I should get?

Collapse )
lulu guinness clutch

I worry about stupid things.

Collapse ) is on my deck door and I think he may be stuck between the glass, and the screen. Which doesn't make much sense because he did manage to get in there, so he should be able to get out. Anyway, does he look old/sick/injured to you? He seems to move really slow and kind of awkward or something, but that might just be because he's in a tight space.

I'm worried that he won't be able to get down. Should I try to move him, or just leave him alone and stop worrying about it?

My cousin is here and has assured me he's fine, and not to worry, but I'm still worried.

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My sisters cat is sick and she doesn't have the money for it. I've convinced her that if worse comes to worse to give her cat to a no-kill shelter and that they could fix him and stuff, but I also suggested that there are places that help surgeries for animals for poor pet owners but I have no idea how to Google that. So are there any places in the Bay Area that help poor pet owners with stuff? I'm hopeless with Google, and she needs help.

wax stains and rock 'n roll

1. I got a big hard chunk of candle wax that dripped onto my carpet. It soaked into the rug and It's cut pile carpet. How can I get it out?

2. Can you identify this groovy rock 'n roll tune in this video that starts at 0:38?

I love it and I really want to know it.
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You sell a pair of jeans to someone via ebay.
The jeans are sent via registered post
The jeans do not arrive

Should the

  • Buyer receive a complete refund
  • Seller be entitled to keep the money?

In Australia, basic Registered Post just includes proof of postage, an identification number and signature upon delivery
little big town - trying to find a place

dog breeds

My best friend thinks (and I agree) that I need a dog, so we might be looking for a dog for me here in the near future. Anyone have any breed suggestions?

It shouldn't be TOO BIG (no more than say, fifty pounds - so not like a lab or anything that big), must be smart, and be able to do well in the car, as I want to start traveling a lot next year. Must be good with kids, as it might be around my nieces and nephew a lot, and must do okay with my cat.

I'd adopt from a shelter/rescue group, but would love suggestions on breeds/mixes that might suit such a lifestyle.
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(no subject)

Will you post a picture of your current SO and one from the past?
In one word will you describe both of them?

and if you're feelin lazy:
What do you think is the big difference between highschool relationships and post high school relationships? People place so much emphasis on highschool relationships just being "puppy-love." Whatta ya thinkk?
Friends: Unagi.
  • sarah

(no subject)

Has anyone else ever broken something, have it heal and then find out it rebroke itself?
I have. :( And it's worse than it first was.

I'm having surgery on my left elbow on friday and I've never had surgery before. Who here has had surgery? What was that like? Anyone else broken their elbow? Did you have screws put in? How long did it take before you could use your arm again? (I'm left handed as well.)
Will you tell me some surgery stories? Scary ones as well.

(no subject)

1) Is it possible for someone who has never had physical access to my computer, but has me on msn/has my email address, be able to somehow install spyware and be able to monitor my activities/what I'm typing right now/websites I visit/personal messages I send and recieve on facebook, etc?

(no subject)

For the past couple of months, my husband has been falling asleep between 5:30 and 7pm almost every day after work.  Every night evening, I wake him up and ask him to take his snore medicine... and every evening he says "it's too early" or "I'm not sleeping."  He refuses to take his snore meds until it's *really* time to go to bed.  Sometimes he won't wake up until it's time to get up the next morning.  I tell him he's going to sleep but he never believes me.

Have you ever been/Are you ever in denial about when you're falling asleep?

If so, how long must a pattern exist before you consider(ed) yourself an early sleeper?

(no subject)

Do you watch the television show "Monk"?
if so:
what is your favorite episode?
who is your favorite character?
least favorite character?

if you do not watch Monk, what IS your favorite television show?
oh mr. tea

(no subject)

My mom just informed me that, even with my loans, she has no idea how she's going to pay for part of my tuition that's not covered by the loans I personally took out (unavoidable medical bills eating my family away FTL). (I'm living on my own, working to pay rent, etc., so it's not like I could be like, oh, well, I guess I'll just hhhhaaaaaave to get a job; I have one already!) I'm a senior in my last semester.


2. Will you comfort my freaking-out-self? How?

3. Have you ever begged your financial aid office for mercy in the form of "can she pay this not-all-at-once?"? Did you have any success?

4. What gods should I be sacrificing burnt offerings to about this sort of situation? And what sort of burnt offering is required? I need specifics, I do not want to displease whatever gods they are!


6. What Dickens character are you most like, and why? Is that character your favorite, or is your favorite a different character?
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returning stuff

Return policies baffle me! I checked the websites but I still haven't found my answer. If the answer is no in any or all of the following cases then that is ok, I will just suck it up; but I thought I would ask anyway.

1. Target: I bought some headphones but they are still in the package. I'm not sure if I want to keep them. If I take them out of the package (which would require cutting of the plastic, etc) could I still return them if I don't like how they fit?

2. Target: I bought a set of drawers and assembled it and realized the drawers are way smaller than I'd hoped for. Could I return assembled furniture?

3. Express: I bought some pants a month or so ago and after the first washing, the hook closure came off. Can I exchange them or is that my problem since I already washed them?

(no subject)

So, I've been literally craving new clothes like they're going to make my life turn around 100%. I even went out a few weeks ago and gave in, and bought a few things hoping it would make my desire to shop disappear for a while. BUT NO. I am still LONGING to buy clothes every day. I don't have the money! How do I make this stop, ladies of TQC? Don't give me the Oscar Wilde answer, pls.

What was the last craving you had, that drove you crazy?
shoes and bunnies

Turn left and cough!

Poll #1235249 BAD CASE OF LOVIN' YOU.

Who do you think is the sexiest male doctor on television?

Gregory House (House, M.D.)
John Dorian (Scrubs)
Derek Shepherd (Grey's Anatomy)
Doug Ross (ER)
The Doctor (not really a doctor. whatever.) (Doctor Who)
Luka Kovac (ER)
Mark Sloan (Grey's Anatomy)
Robert Chase (House, M.D.)
Christian Troy (Nip/Tuck)
Christopher Turk (Scrubs)
OTHER. Will mention in comments.

Personally? House all the way. I think I have a thing for sardonic older men - thus my obsession with both House as well as Anthony Bourdain.

EDIT - !! I can't believe I left out both Dr. Cox and Dr. Wilson. They definitely belong on the list.

Shower time!

1) What is your favorite shower gel/soap and why?

2) Do you shower in hot, cold or warm water? Or do you alternate the temperature?

3) Do you wash your back? Armpits? Feet? Butt?

4) Does your hair get tangled when you shampoo? If so, what do you do to untangle it?

5) Does showering wake you up when you're sleepy?

6) Got a funny/interesting shower story you'd like to share?


(no subject)

What consistency do you like your cookies?
-I always liked mine to be more soft and doughy, but the rest of my family likes them to be a little more crunchy.

What's your favorite type of cookie?
-Chocolate chip.

Should I go running or make cookies?
  • ujay

(no subject)

I have a Gateway laptop computer with Windows Vista that I purchased little over a year ago. The screen resolution was originally set at 1024x768. I prefer it to be at the highest possible setting of 1280x800. Pretty much every time I either close and re-open the lid or awaken the desktop from the screen saver, the resolution reverts back to the original factory setting of 1024x768. Is there a way to fix this?

I know this is asked very often...

Going on vacation to NYC. Leaving Thursday, and I come back the 14th. The is the first vacation I've gone on in a long time, so I just want to make sure I remember to bring everything. If it matters, I'm staying at a friend's place. Thus far, I have...

Collapse )

I already have my birth control and all that important stuff in my purse. This list looks complete, but... seems so small.

Am I missing anything?

(Edited list for suggestions)
Pers - Pumpkin

(no subject)

Ever lost a pet? I don't mean by death, I mean by them escaping....?
Did you find them again? How long did it take?
My pussycat got out an open window some time super early this morning, it's now 9pm. I've been combing the neighbours' yards and posting bills and calling her and posting ads all day. Calling shelters and vets tomorrow. What do you think my chances are of getting her back?
Can you cheer me up?
dianna agron ;;

(no subject)

Inspired by this question
Regardless of whether you wipe front to back or back to front, which side do you put your arm? Like behind you or between your legs?
My mother always said to put your hand behind you and wipe from the front but I swear it's just easier to go between your legs.

Save meh tqc

1. Have you ever used Pro-Active (the acne medication) does it work or is it a rip-off?
2. I'm in my mid 20s still battling awful genetics, help me have beautiful skin! What's a good acne solution? (I already eat pretty healthy/wash lol)
3. What was something you wanted to get accomplished this summer but haven't gotten around to do yet?
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Camus boobs

(no subject)

1a. Have you ever had your car keyed?
1b. Have you known someone who had their car keyed?
2. If yes to either, what did it say? Any idea who did it?
3. Have you ever keyed someone's car?

When I was out today, I saw a car that had been keyed pretty badly.  After squinting at it for a while, I finally deciphered it as reading "slut" or possibly "slutty."  I'd never actually seen a keyed car before, so it was kind of interesting.
elephant 6

(no subject)

1.What's the worst thing you've ever said or done to your significant other when you were mad?

2. How did you both work it out and how long did it take for you both to get over it?

3. Do you regret doing what you did?