August 3rd, 2008


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the last couple times i've bought gas at a certain gas station, it's never posted to my account. the last time it actually did post was june 17, so that's easily over $100 of gas that never actually got taken out of my account.

what would you do? is it all going to catch up to me and empty my account?

dianna agron ;;

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Who's your favourite celebrity in the history of EVER?
The kind of celeb who if they barged into your home right now and asked you to marry them you would say YES TAKE ME NOW! TAKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [perhaps an over exaggeration.]

Mine is Kevin Spacey :)
macaroni murder lady

yeah, I know

Is there a better way to get a song onto my Myspace profile than just hoping someone else will have uploaded it for me to use or making up a band/artist profile?

What's your favorite individually-wrapped frozen confectionery treat? Do you have a sentimental story about it?

If you're cleaning something and your nonspecific housemate asks you to do something else right quick, is your momentum totally broken? Does either task end up getting done?
[k.perry] watermelon

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Awhile ago someone past a question regarding how many WPM you could type, with a link to a website that tested this.

This site was different from the other websites, which give you set paragraph to type.

Can anyone link me to this site?

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I've had my industrial piercing for over a year now, its just randomly decided to start to bleed.

WHY?!?! i've done nothing to aggravate it. =/ How should i get it to stop?

whats ironc is, i went to get my nose pierced today and that piercing is absolutely fine.

odd? i think so.
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hi guys. i lost my wallet a few months ago and since then, i've been keeping everything in a small change purse, but it's getting really disorganized.

can you show me a picture of your wallet? where did you get it from?

i'm looking for something along the lines of this.

also, can you recommend to me any sites where i can find a wallet like that? i mean, not that site but maybe a chain store, where i can see it before i buy it? i really want one that has a slot for change and can hold a checkbook.

thanks for all your help!

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Is there some sort of exercise that you absolutely LOVE? (aside from bangin')
Did you love it when you started, or did it take some time to develop your feelings for it?

I just can't find a form of exercise that I really enjoy. I want to be one of those people who really like running five miles a day but... howwww?

How long have your parents been married? When is their wedding anniversary?

Today is my parent's 29th wedding anniversary...those crazy kids

I need $$$

I'm thinking about opening an account on etsy and was wondering :

1) How does shipping work in terms of being the seller?
2) Does the seller charge a separate amount for shipping?
3) How do you determine how much shipping is going to be?
4)  What company do they use (Fed Ex, UPS)?
5) Say I list an item, the first month I pay the 20 cents, if no on buys it the next month, do I have to pay another 20 cents?
6) If you're a seller on etsy, how have your experiences in using them been?
7) Would you buy a crochet scarf that was made using Lions Brand Homespun yarn for $15? If no, home much would you pay for it?

I've read all of Etsy's Terms of Use, FAQ's, etc.

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It's 2:30 in the morning * alright! 2:30 where I live! Why are you awake?

I'm awake because someone downstairs was being arrested, and I was lying on the floor in front of my sliding glass door listening and watching! :)
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1. How are the microwave repeaters setup by Alaska Power & Telephone in Southeast Alaska powered? Solar power? Do they just regularly replace batteries?

2a. Are there any sources on the comparative strength of different swords, especially with the curve of the Katana? I've seen sources saying that it provides advantages such as in slashing and cutting, but can't find an authoritative source on this.

b. What would be a good book or other authoritative source that has a fair amount of details on the physical (and psychological, perhaps) advantages of different swords? What about sources on history and manufacturing?

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1. If someone is rude to you on LJ or a similar site, would you rather remember their username, or forget it?

I would rather forget, and I'm usually able if I'm quick enough to get away before I memorize their username. And I read my comments through e-mail, so I don't see their icon.

2. Do you ever confront the person about their rudeness or defend yourself if they insult you personally?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. But if I do, I'm probably not going to forget who they are. I'm more likely to confront them if they're intelligent. If it's a troll, I probably won't bother.

3. What makes you butthurt?

I get butthurt when I make a point and either a) no one notices, or b) everyone disagrees with me. It's rather childish of me, though, so I usually don't make a big deal about it.

Random questions since Im bored!

1) Do you have any weird eating habits that others find bizarre? I have SO many (refusal to eat anything whole *I have to pick it apart into tiny small pieces and eat it bit by bit*, won't eat in front of others, there's a long list!). I always find it interesting to read about others

2) Do you think celebs who have offical myspaces actually check/maintain them? I would think they might check them once in a while, but I can't picture some busy celeb logging onto myspace, accepting friend requests, reading posts on their walls (or whatever its called on myspace), posting blogs, etc. I always just assume it's one of their assistants/fanclub managers who run/maintain them.

3) When someone is unnecessarily rude to you, for no real reason other than they just don't like you, do you stand up for yourself, or just ignore it and hope they will get fed up you're not letting it get to you?

I used to just take it, because I hate confrontation, But I've realized that people will treat you how you let them treat you

4) Have you ever been accused of lying about something, when in fact you were telling the truth?

5) Does it bother you when others think you are lying about something you are in fact being honest about, or do you just not care since you know the truth?

It kind of bothers me that they would think I'm a dishonest person. Other than that, I don't care since I know the truth

6) What do you do when you achieve a major accomplishment, and you're quite proud of yourself, and rather than others being happy for you, they take out their jealousy by being bitter and hostile? Do you just brush it off and bask in your glory, or does it upset you that others are making your achievements something to be insignificant?

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My passport expired a while ago. I've been googling passport renewal, but every site that comes up is just instructions on how to renew a passport by mail, and one of the caveats is that you were at least 16 when the previous passport was issued, which I was not.

Does anyone know how to go about renewing a passport?
hannibal skull


Fax machines are SO 1980s.

Leaving all "OMG THAT IS SO WRONG!!" feelings aside, how would you phrase an SMS to break up with someone?

On a scale of 1(yeah, that's fine) to 10(you should be covered in paper cuts and dipped in lemon juice, you dick! HOW COULD YOU!?), how wrong is it to dump someone via electronic means?
  • miyyu

saying thank you

My husband and I are moving. There is a ten day gap between when we settle on the house we are selling and can settle on the house we are buying. During that time, a friend of ours is letting us stay in her house. We have three dogs and a cat, so this is no small favor. She's going to be out of the country for a month starting the day after we move in with her, so we are basically housesitting, which she appreciates. Still, I'd like to do something nice for her. She refuses to accept money for rent and she's even giving us a hard time about paying the electric bill that month, even though she won't even be in the house using the elctricity. I'm still going to try to find a way to at least do that, but I'd also like to do something nice for her to say thank you. She isn't a very materialistic person so gifts are tough. Besides doing normal chores around the house while we're there, can anybody think of a gesture or gift as a way to say thank you? She's really saved us by doing this.


Some weird person added me on lj, and added a few of my friends and their friends. This is creepy. The lj was just made. The stalker only speaks in Russian but says nothing interesting, just some crap about some corporation. This person's only added friends are my friends and one of their friends. I asked her wtf and she said (in Russian) that she is a "detective"

TQC, why do you think I'm being stalked? Does the government want to kidnap me and steal my knowledge?

I assume she is a female, do you assume most people you meet on LJ are female?
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Poll #1234443 Cleanliness

How many times per day do you wash your face?


What is your skin type?

Combo Oily/Dry

What skin care products do you use?

What is your skin care routine?

How often do you brush your teeth?


How many minutes do you brush your teeth?

Lego Head

Paging Dr. LJ

Last night after I got home from work I sat down on the couch to read, but instead I fell asleep and the next thing I know I wake up 4 hours later groggy with an unquenchable thirst. I don't really feel sick or achey, but still seem to be tired and am drinking at least a bottle of water every couple of hours. It's just weird.

So what's your diagnosis TQC? Am I sick? Do I have the AIDS? Did I get abducted by aliens? What's wrong with me?
Clem &amp; Joely

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Do you have any irrational but really strong pet peeves? Not things that just annoy you, or really, really annoy you but the things that make you want to shoot yourself or else strangle someone else?

I don't have any, but my friend has this seriousss thing about mouths/saliva. She can't stand spit, she can't stand people chewing, swallowing...she absolutely hates dogs because of their saliva-y mouths. I'm pretty sure she fights the urge to kill her dog everyday.

+Random Question: Are you watching TV right now? What are you watching?

Letters and Emails

I got drunk last night and felt the need to email Michael Jackson to tell him how much I loved him. I think I also watched every video he ever made.

1. When was the last time you did something that you normally would not do? Details?

2. Do you think Michael Jackson will write back to me? If he does, what should I say?

3. Who do you want to write a letter to? What would it say?
ponyboy sup

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How lazy would I be if I didn't brush my hair before I went out? For some reason, I just really don't want to mess with it. I'm also thinking about not putting on any makeup.
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Has Proactiv worked for anyone (Jessica Simpson & Alyssa Milano excluded)? I've tried it on three separate occasions and it does NOTHING for my poor, ugly skin.

What was the best theme party you've been to?
My friend had a Tom Cruise party...which was actually pretty fun
  • barthi


I know alchemists were trying to make gold from lead, but what did they plan on doing with the gold once they obtained it? was it just a failed get-rich-quick scheme?
two hearts

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Do you like hanging out with your SO more alone, just the two of you, or together in a group with friends?

Do you and your SO have the same circle of friends, or do you usually hang out with other people?

How crazy is your SO's mother?

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Man busted for 'octopus porn'

What should the penalty for his actions be?

Nothing. It's just porn. Sick, depraved porn, but the man's not actually fucking these animals
Prison. 1 year
6 months of commuity service
Forced to have sex with an enormous hungry octopus. He'll have a different opinion about them after that
Court-mandated psychiatric help
House arrest
Should not be allowed to own any pets EVER
Death penalty. Just cause
Clem &amp; Joely

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What are your theories on the severed feet? [1][2]

I picked the links randomly, you should get the idea if you haven't already heard from one or the other.

My idea is that there's someone out there keeping people hostage on an island, wooho~! And once he/she gets hold of them he/she cuts at least one foot off and tosses it in the water, thus it ends up floating up on the beach. Why one foot? Because I expect you need two to swim. ;D

What else would it be?

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1. If you could have any color poop, what color would it be?

2. If you could change your first name, what would you change it to and why?

3. What is the most disgusting thing you have ever put in your mouth?
[Outlander] say could that lass be I

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Did you watch Aaron McCargo Jr's show?

Did you like it?

I did - but I can still note some of the things the judges said during the competition: He talks without cooking, and he sometimes gets flustered and either talks to fast and gets repetitive. Overall though, I think he has good energy.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, what do you prefer: Black and white photography or color?

The Joker

So, my husband and I went to see the new Batman movie (again) and we got to chatting about how well Heath Ledger portrayed The Joker and how hard it will be to replace him in that role.

TQC, who do you think to do justice to Heath Ledgers portrayal of The Joker?
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have you had your hpv shot(s)?

backstory: i have 5 piercings and 2 tattoos, and none of them really bothered me that much. i've never been a big fan of shots (who is?) but i can handle them. i like to think that i have a high pain tolerance.

i had my first hpv shot two months ago and.. i can't describe the pain i was in. it seemed like it lasted forever -- much longer than a normal shot -- and i felt incredibly nauseous. the color drained from my face and i passed out for a few seconds afterwards. they put me in a dark room and gave me water until i looked human again. my next shot is due in a few days and i am dreading it like nothing else in the world. they said that because i am so little i might be better off having it put in my leg, but it's never been a problem before with other shots.

so, am i the only one who has had an experience like this? when you got your hpv shot, what did it feel like? is it just me, or is it different in some way?
donovan, 8mos

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What is the best movie that you've ever seen?

What is the worst?

What was your favorite movie as a child?

Were you ever restricted from watching movies with a certain rating, and until what age?

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So I've posted a lot today...I'm working on cirrculum stuff for work.

To those of you who have children (and if you don't, you could answer too) If your child were in daycare, and the daycare gave them a developmental screening, would you want to know the outcome? Would you want a daycare doing screenings on your child?
Would it matter if the person is doing a screening from the state, and they have been trained in doing the screening? Or do you think this sort of thing is best left up to doctors?

(FYI these screenings asses if a child is hitting certain milestones at a 'normal' time)
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I just moved and I need:

a desk
a TV stand
a couch

my parents live somewhat close by and they have a car, but I dont. So I probably just want to get things delivered. However, I am probably moving to a new area in a year, and so will only use this stuff for that long, and want to keep the prices down. Does anyone have any recommendations? Any Target/Ikea couches that are particularly comfy?


If someone was grated youthful offender status for a crime they committed and the records were ordered sealed does that only mean in terms of background checks? If they were arrested later in life and asked if they had any priors how should they answer? YO is not considered a criminal conviction I thought?

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Poll #1234633 Movie Makeout Madness

Who would you rather make out with in Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie?


Same question, but Casino Royale. Danel Craig or Eva Green?


Pam Anderson sex tape. Pam Anderson or Tommy Lee?


The Incredible Hulk. Edward Norton or Liv Tyler?


Lost. Kate or Sawyer?


Buffy. Angel or Faith?


Edit: Yeah, I'm aware the last 2 don't correspond to movies. I didn't think of any other good sexy movie people

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For you people out there who wear contact lenses -
I wana get a pair of coloured contacts but i have perfect eyesight.. so What is the degree for the lenses?? are they 0.00?
im french

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Generally, the people I know who vote Republican, vote so because they feel that a Republican government protects their interests better than a Democratic one. Money-wise, social security wise and morally, etc.

Most of the young people I know are not wealthy and completely self-sufficient of the government, etc.

So, TQC, I ask you- why would a young person vote Republican?

Why are you voting for you plan to vote for?
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1. What's the best digital camera one can buy for under $350? Any recommendations? Are you willing to share some pictures you've taken with a camera you really like?

2. Are you having a nice Sunday? I am. I had v. good spaghetti and I'm going to a Beach Boys concert tonight and I think John Stamos/Uncle Jesse might be there!
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper


Pure curiosity:
Poll #1234549 FOR WHITE PEOPLE

I am white, but I like the following programs:

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Family Matters
Diff'rent Strokes
Sanford and Son
The Cosby Show
The Jeffersons
Steve Harvey/Wayan Bros/Jamie Foxx/Moesha
Living Single
Parent Hood
What's Happening

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1. What Disney character would you like to hop on and bone? Miley Cyrus doesn't count.

2. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

3. Who watches the Watchmen? Besides me (or you) come March.

4. Do you use Firefox? If no, why the fuck not?
  • mekkio

Bennigan's and their ilk

Is anyone besides me sad to see that Bennigan's is going the way of the dodo?

Where else can you find the gut bomb that is the Monte Cristo?

Which chain restaurant or store would you hate to see go under? Why?

Which chain restaurant or store would you want to see go under? Why?
macro - procrastination cat
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Do you have difficulty swallowing pills?

I can't swallow them at all.
Only the large ones. I can swallow small ones just fine.
Not usually, but every once in a while.
Other (reply in comments)

If you do have difficulties swallowing pills (no matter how severe) are you...


I ask because it seems guys I know have more trouble swallowing pills than girls do, and I was curious.
  • azila

Yes, I've seen many doctors about this...

I have IBS, which for me results in a constant very bloated belly. At times it looks so big, I worry people think I'm pregnant.

What types of shirts should I be looking for to hide my bloated belly in the warm weather? I've been told to look for empire waisted shirts, but I think they make it look even bigger... Any tips?

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Contact Lens wearers:

Have you ever put in a new pair of lenses, only to have both eyes start burning as though they have been lit from the inside? How did you fix the problem?

This just happened to me, and now both my eyes are RED as hell, and the tears are running down my face, and even though the things are out of my eyes, it still hurts like hell.

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Inspired by this question

1. What's the minimum yearly salary it would take for you to move to the poorest city in Guatemala for work? You'll live in a safe gated community in the richer part of the city, but it's abject poverty everywhere else

2. What's the minimum yearly salary it would take for you to move to Antarctica? You'll live on a base with generators pumping in heat, so it'll be quite livable indoors. Your nearest neighbors are 25 miles away, accessible only by snowmobile.

3. Most of you are female. What's the minimum yearly salary it would take for you to move to Russia? There's a shortage of men over there, due to runaway alcoholism and other factors.

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Ridiculous amounts of people have been asking me why I'm not dating anyone. So, I thought I would uncover the truth in the most accurate and scientific polling TQC. It can't be lack of bowhunting skills, because mine are superb.

Why am I not dating anyone?

Lack of social skills
Like the wrong types of guys
Asexual (So secretly that I do not even know it)
Just dumb
The "right one" just has not yet shown his face
Standards too high
Lack standards

Which of these shall I tell them is the reason I'm not dating anyone?

Lack of social skills
Like the wrong types of guys
Just dumb
The "right one" had not yet shown his face
Standards too high
Lack standards

Since I think I know the real answer, how can I develop better social skills?
eek turtleshell ~obsessiveicons

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For any girls who have ever broken an engagement/had their fiance break their engagement, did you keep the ring? If so, did you keep wearing?

My ex proposed to me on my birthday. I love my engagement ring, it's very pretty and delicate and I don't usually like engagement rings.

It was a mutual breakup and we're planning to stay friends. He said that I could keep the ring since it was kind of a birthday present. I told him I wasn't sure if I want to keep it. I love it, but I don't want it to keep reminding me of our relationship and holding me back from moving on.

So keep it or return it?

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I'm going to Springfield, VA to visit a friend in a couple weeks. I've been to Washington, D.C. a couple times and have been to the national mall, the Smithsonian, and all that.

What other things should I do/see in the area serviced by the Washington, D.C. metro?

What's your favourite series of books (aside from, say, Harry Potter)?

(no subject)

You ever had a friend/relation that was constantly threatening to commit suicide? Or have you ever been like this?

What do you say to people who are like that?

Have you ever left your debit card in the ATM?

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i went to get my car detailed today. when the guy was finished, we chatted for a few minutes. he said i have beautiful hair, commented that the radio station i had on in my car was his favorite and that i have good taste in music and he smiled a lot. he was cute and my age. was he flirting with me tqc?

he gave me a comment card and asked if i'd fill it out and send it in. what should i write? he did a great job on my car btw. but how do i flirt back on the card and not look like an idiot if anyone else reads it?
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A day at the mall

Poll #1234690 Weird questions

You're at the mall. It's the after-Thanksgiving Day sale and the place is packed. You had greasy Mexican food for lunch, and your friend bought you an iced mocha, and suddenly, you have to poop REALLY REALLY bad. You manage to get into the bathroom, and there's only 1 stall available, and for some reason, the door to that stall is missing. The other stall is out of order. The working toilet is nearest to the door, so if you poo majestically here, anyone walking into the bathroom will see you in your pants-around-ankles glory. However, there is another bathroom downstairs. You're not sure if you can hold it in that long though. It is a crowded day and people are coming in and out of the bathroom readily. What do you do?

Stay and poop. If you gotta go you gotta go. My dignity will have to take one for the team (team me)
Run downstairs and hope I make it
Crap in the out-of-order toilet, that still has a door. Let the janitor deal with the mess I make

While you're at the mall, let's say there's stairs. 20 steps total. As you're at the top of the stairs, you lose your footing and fall head over heels, topsy-turvy. Your flailing fall bumps into a fat man, and he in turn bumps into an old lady, and she bumps into someone else, and before anyone knows it, 20 people are now falling down the stairs. When the emergency crew arrives, it's reported that 3 people died in the group stumble. Everybody points their finger at you. The question is, if you accidentally hit someone with your car, you can be tried with manslaughter, but if you accidentally knock someone to their death down some stairs, can you also be tried with manslaughter? What do you feel?

Yes, you can
No, you can't

What a rough day! You're then in line at JC Pennys, and right in front of you in line is Ann Coulter, buying a pack of white socks and men's boxers. Under her arm is a book that's titled WHY LIBERALS ARE GAY AND HATE AMERICA. She gets to the counter and pays for her purchases with a credit card. Close to the end of the transaction, she gets a phone call, and takes her call and package and walks away. You get to the counter, and as the salesgirl is ringing you up, you notice that Ann has left her credit card on the counter. You look around. No one else has noticed it except you. What do you do?

Shopping spree, courtesy of Ms. Coulter
I run after her to return her card
I give it to the salesgirl, and let her deal with it
I take the card and pocket it. I don't use it, and maybe even destroy it. The satisfaction will be knowing that Coulter has to get it replaced and will no doubt be doing a lot of worrying
I leave it there. Let someone else deal with the moral repercussions
Using the card, I make a $10,000 donation to the Obama Election Fund
I take it and try and contact her somehow and get a reward out of it

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Does it bother you when people refer to Barack Obama as black? It bothers me.

He is half black and half white. Why completely denounce his white side? He is equal parts black and white; can't we call him white, too? Why must the black side be the one people identify him as? If he wins, I think he should be known as the first multiracial president, and not first black president.


(no subject)

If you have kids, did you give them a family name?

If you don't have kids, but are planning on having kids, will you use a family name? What names do you think you'll want to use?

Don't laugh. I want to name my son Stephen. It's a good name. I also like the name James for a boy. If it's a girl, maybe Meg or Emmy or something like that. I'm particular to Ginger as well. I'm not really big on using family names.

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I really want to move out of the country (I live in the US) within the next year or so but I don't know where to begin. I want to be educated and prepared before the move is actually made. How difficult is it to move to another country? How do I go about this? What do I plan? Give me some idea, stories, tips...anything!

Edit: Sorry...hope to move to Ireland
  • mekkio

vampires, zodiac and men tights...

1. With all of the Twilight hullabaloo going on lately, I've been thinking. Why is the vampire the only classical monster out there who has been given a make over? A little over a hundred years ago vampires where seen as demons, violent spirits and reanimated corpses bent on destruction and bloodshed. Now, they are tortured souls that sparkle or they're filthy rich aristocrats who live the high life. They even help us to learn how to count and sell breakfast cereal.

How come we haven't done this with other things that go bump in the night?

Werewolves are still seen as violent monsters and not as misunderstood puppies who only need a cuddle. Zombies lurk in our nightmares and make us sharpen our machetes. Why aren't they seen as people with an eating disorder and in need of a good bath?

Why did vampires get the special treatment?

2. Forget about your sign, what I want to know, in your experience do most people you know fit their zodiac stereotype? Are Cancers actually mama boys? Are Virgos fuss pots? Are Capricorns snobs? Are Aquarians loons? Are Leos attention whores? And so on and so forth.

Can you give an example?

3. How do you feel about this recent trend of tights for men? Yay or Nay? Why?

(no subject)

Do you ever get random impulses to cancel plans for no reason?

What should I do to reassure myself that my camping trip (me + 3 friends) tomorrow isn't going to be a complete failure? I have that icky gnawing feeling in my stomach.

How many people are in your home right now? (6)

edit: What was the last thing that made you nostalgic?

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I accidentally just told my boyfriends mother to fuck off. (She read a text on his phone that I sent him but she thought it was for her) Then my dog ate the skin off my fried chicken when I wasn't looking.


(no subject)

How much of a pay increase/salary would it take for a job offer to be able to motivate you to move to the opposite end of the Earth from wherever your family/friends live?
dianna agron ;;

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I think my computer is overheating, or just really dusty inside or something, because when it has to work a little bit extra [like watching any kind of video file] the fan suddenly gets REALLY LOUD.
Can I fix this myself? I'm not sure if the whole tower is overheating because it happens just after I turn it on as well as when it's been on for a while and it FEELS cool [it's not covered in stuff or anything] and it's sitting on wood not the carpet. Should I open it up and try to clean it? [The dust, if there is any] Will I die if I do?! SHOULD I CALL A TECHNICIAN WHICH WILL COST LIKE A BILLION QUID?!

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Because I'm being influenced by all this Breaking Dawn b.s., what's your favourite vampire novel/series?
And if you think vampire-based novels are shit any which way you look at it, what's a good book you've read recently?

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(no subject)

Do you have (a) recurring dream(s)?

What is/are it/they about?

I've had this one dream about five times now. Someone calls/texts me to tell me Stephen Colbert died in a car crash and I cry like a bitch.
Bailey and I


Okay. So my brother's wife is due in September, with a boy! They live out of state. He wants his son's first picture to be in a pinstriped yankees onesie or outfit, HOWEVER... We can't find any in newborn or 0/3 mos. sizes.

TQC, through your vast knowledge of stores and interwebs, do you know where we might be able to get one (preferably new)?
I have googled and amazon'd and searched the Yankees & MLB sites high and low, still no size newborn - 0/3month onsies *sigh*

Hit me with your best shot.

Also, what is your favorite sports team(s)     
happy monkey

(no subject)

1. do crocs make your feet sweaty and icky-like?

2. what's the name of those little plastic things that you use to tie or secure stuff? (police use it as handcuffs some times because its impossible to take them off.)

3. its been awhile since i've had any spare time to knock about on TQC, so what's new with you, in your life?
  • ujay

creepy little bug

what the hell is this thing? i found it on the floor in my bedroom.. it looks like a minuscule lobster with it's head cut off and no claws.

i apologize for the crappiest of crappy image quality. my samsung digimax is a piece of garbage.

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1. Does anybody here have more than one cat?

1a. Any advice?

We have one full-grown cat, and we're about to adopt two kittens, a boy and a girl. (We plan to have them both fixed at the SPCA, so no worries there.)

2. If you're not a cat person... What did the mama bull say to the baby bull?
  • everts

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1. what's your best friends name?
2. on a scale of 1-10 (1 = easiest 10 = hardest), how easy is your relationship with your significant other? and be honest!
3. do you think relationships should be easy or hard? why?