August 2nd, 2008

coffee shop portrait

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I'm in the mood to look at stunning pictures, so I ask you;
Will you show me a picture by your favourite photographer?

If you don't have one, will you find me something awesome on Flickr?

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Who do you think has the creepiest icon in TQC?

Who do you think makes the creepiest comments/posts in TQC?

Who do you think is the creepiest all-around person in TQC?

Don't you just love that song New Shoes by Paolo Nutini?!

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if you were a mutant in a hateful, discriminating world and there was a law that required all superpowered beings to register with the government, would you do it?

what would your awesome mutant power be?

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I had a question earlier this week about my neck and lower back feeling stiff/aching and a headache. I woke up today and felt fine. I stayed in bed all day today, still felt fine. I got up and ready to take my brother to the Twilight book release. Put on my shoes and left.

I just got home and my neck is killing me.

Is it the shoes that are hurting me? I got 2 new pairs of shoes. Both Skechers and have been wearing them all week. I haven't really noticed if its strictly when I wear them and if this is just coincidence. It's really bothering me.

Is this common? For shoes to cause that kind of pain?
Has it ever happened to you?
Why do my Skechers haaaaaaate me? I never had a problem w/ them before! :(

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when does 'horton hears a who' come out on DVD? (ya know the one with jim carrey and steve carrell)
I googled, but it keeps coming up with the book and some cartoon that's 26 minutes long.

DOES ANYONE KNOW!? maybe you can point me in the right direction with your google skillz

EDIT: Thank you, rudezombie. December 9th, ya'll!
the office - love

need opinions

is this song about someone who died or about a break up?

I'm sorry
I heard about the bad news today
A crowd of people around you
Telling you it's okay
And everything happens for a reason

When you lose a part of your self
To somebody you know
It takes a lot to let go
Every breath that you remember
Pictures fade away but memory is forever

An empty chair at all the tables
And I'll be seeing you when all my days boil down
But it's better where you're going anyway

I'm sorry
I heard about the bad news today
It's really hard to get through
Tough times and long days
But it really just depends on the season

For now we'll say goodbye
We know it's not the last time
I've lost the best part of my day
But it's better where you're going anyway

This is the last thing
I will remember
It's better where you're going anyway
Lucius Mic

Fictional Driving

Why do drivers in movies and TV shows move the steering wheel back and forth despite the fact that the car is supposedly traveling straight?

(I thought this just happened in old programs and cartoons, but I've been seeing it on recent shows)

update to previous post/question

sorry I didnt reply to any of the helpful and thoughtful answers to my previous question but I completely forgot about it until now!

heres my original question:

just a follow up question though to "queensugar" the last time I visited a drop in clinic to see a doctor for a check-up and a doctors note to excuse my absence from an exam I needed to show my province health card (which is my dads but im covered on it). So my question is an appointment and prescription (which I would pay for myself) they would not ask for the health card and thus my rents would not know? Just read your other comment about me having my own health number, so I am definately going to look into that, did not know. thankyou your comments were very helpful!

Also to "gnomestress" comment, would they really do a pregnancy test on me before I could get birth control, even if it was very obvious I wasent pregnant (I am not overweight, probably underweight by a doctors viewpoint)?

*this community is great, so glad i discovered it. and dont worry I wont be boring you with anymore bc questions, i think im all set!
years go by

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1) I know London is insanely expensive. But I really don't know much else about the cost of living in other parts of England. What are some affordable places to live in England? We're talking "student who just finished college and wants to live in England for a year" affordable.

2) If you don't live in Europe: If you could move to any country in Europe, where would you go? If you do live in Europe: Where do you live, and do you like it there?

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Earlier tonight, I was kicked out of my parents' house by my dad for the first time after a horrible fight. I am staying the night at a friend's house.
I really do not feel like going back tomorrow. Said friend will let me stay as long as I want but her family lives there too.
1. Should I just go back home, rent a motel or hotel room, or stay at my friend's? (If I don't go back home tomorrow, it's likely my parents will come hunting for me.)

2. Will a hotel/motel room take cash? What is the age limit of renting a room in California?

3. What is the last item you got for free?

Eta: Thank you the advice, I really, really appreciate it. I will take it in consideration but I'm not so sure what I should be doing.

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My friend is really poor, and she just got a $700 hospital bill. She went and talked to them about it. She lives with her dad, but they said that as long as she pays rent and supports herself and all, she qualifies for Medical and won't have to pay it.

Then tonight, she got fired (for a dumbass reason). How is this going to affect the whole thing? What do the constitute as "proof that she supports herself"? Will they call her (former) job or what?

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so, it's 6:30 in the morning and i am still awake. i've been in a bit of a rut and i don't see much difference between night and day right now, so i sleep when i want to. however, i'm moving soon and i know i should probably maintain that last bit of normalcy in my sleeping cycle that i have. i found, what sounds like, a stellar rummage sale about half a mile from where i live, but it starts at 8:00 (so, soon) and ends at 1:00. so what should i do now? should i:

a. go to bed now and get up at a semi-decent time and continue my day, or
b. stay awake and go to the rummage sale, knowing that i'll sleep well into the evening

cat tea

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How late do you have to be before you call the person you're meeting (or work, whatever)?

Do you call before you're late to say you're going to be late? Or do you call when you should be there to tell them you're running late? Or do you call when it's already obvious that you're running late?

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1. What do you call sleepy seeds?

2. Do you think you have an accent? If so, do your best to describe it?

3. What do you call lighting bugs?

4. What is something you have to look forward to today?

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1) what are your special talents?

getting lost; breaking anything made of glass

2)are you strong enough for counseling fight club?

no, I once got picked up and dropped by an 8 year old.

3)what is required to have a good work ethic? does it involve ugly clothes?

4)How is the highlighter situation in your house?

good, I have plenty of highlighters

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Do you need an alarm clock to get up in the morning (or whenever you need to be up, if you're a shift worker), or do you naturally wake up at the right time?

If left to your own devices, what time do you naturally wake up?

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If you friend request somebody on myspace and they deny your request, would it still show up under "sent requests" as "Still awaiting approval from Joe Smith"...or if they denied it, would they just not appear not the sent requests list anymore?
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Your life as you know it is over. In exactly one hour, you are going into the witness protection program, to start over somewhere else as a different person.

What happened to cause it?
SPN - Dean/Sam

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What kind of computer do you have and how long have you owned it? Mine is a Dell Demension 2400 desktop computer. I've had it for about five years. There actually hasn't been a lot of problems with it except for recently having to replace the hard drive because it apparently kicked the bucket . . .
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Photobucket Post

1:  You're a multi-trillionaire and you bought every material posession that you've always wanted.  What did you buy?  If you bought a house or a car, where is the house and what is the make and model of your car?  Pics are a bonus.

2:  You have $6 trillion left over.  Are you giving it to the US to pay off the national debt?  Saving it for future generations?  Donating it?

3:  Can you post a picture of what you're feeling?

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1. Why don't they put toys in cereal boxes anymore? :C

2. What cereal do you miss? Pictures please and thank you.
Mine in comments.

3. Can you remember the coolest toy you got in a cereal box?

4. Would you make your Mom buy cereal that you would never eat because of the awesome toy inside?

5. What do your Rice Krispies say to you?
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I'm a cat, a kitty cat.

Have you ever successfully tamed a feral cat? Would you mind telling me about your experience?

I'm particularly interested in stories of older kittens/young adult cats, but any age cat is fine.

Also, are there any communities specifically dedicated to this subject? I searched under cat, and found a lot of general cat communities. I searched under feral and got a bunch of furry communities. *shudder*

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Thanks. :D
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What is your food guilty pleasure? How often do you eat it?

Mine are Double Stuff Oreos. ZOMG. I haven't had them in months and just ate was like heaven in my mouth.
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1. Can I have your favorite cupcake recipes? (:
2. Which box cake mixes do you recommend?
3. Which red velvet cake mixes do you recommend?
4. What was the last dessert you baked?
5. Favorite cupcake flavor?

~I got the Betty Crocker red velvet cake mix last time & it came out TERRIBLE. It came out all rubbery. :/ It tasted good if you could get over how rubbery it came out. :/ WEIRD.

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do any of you know of a free podcasts about yoga or tae bo? i'd like to work out in my room when i can't make it to the gym.

i watched "secretary" again after a few years, and i have a question. toward the middle of the movie, lee cuts out a square out of the back of her dress and types something like "a small sacrifice for mr. grahm" and then puts the fabric on top of the typewriter. why does this happen? i was falling asleep so i was a bit confused.
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You live in a small apartment building - there are only 4 apartments in it. One of your neighbors moved out and new people moved in. Within the week of them moving in, your landlord tapes a note to everyone's door saying that the new tenant is really, really allergic to onions, and could you please refrain from cooking with them.

If you don't eat/cook with onions, pretend it is something else that you cook with/eat regularily.

What would you say and/or do?
*betty draper reading

i has no musical talents :(

When I was in fifth grade, I couldn't wait to get to sixth grade so I could finally be in the band and play the saxophone. But when I tried out for band, I attempted to play the saxophone and couldn't make a sound! :*(

I wound up playing the clarinet instead, which I really didn't care for and never was very good at. After a couple years of being last chair on clarinet, I dropped out of band and haven't played my clarinet since.

But for some reason, I still have the damn thing. A teeny tiny part of me wishes I could play it, but realistically, I know I hate it and will never be good at it. Another teeny tiny part of me wonders if my son might wind up playing it some day, but as of now, he's almost 10 and has no interest in playing any musical instrument. (And how many boys play clarinet, anyway? I know when I was in band, ALL the clarinet players were girls.)

With all that in mind...

TQC, should I sell my clarinet?

Why does the idea of selling it make me so sad? How can I get over it?
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Inspired by a recent question

This question:

Do you think people say they are "crazy" because they think it's "cool"?

What percentage of people who actually say they're "crazy" have been diagnosed with an actual psychotic disorder, in your observation or opinion? (anecdotal evidence welcomed)

On a scale of 1 - 10, if someone was diagnosed with a psychotic disorder, where would they fall?

EDIT: To clarify #3. On a Crazy Scale of 1 - 10, if someone were diagnosed with an actual psychotic disorder, where would they fall? 1 being NOT crazy or 10 being CRAZY!
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After years of having no energy & feeling like shit, I finally listened to my friend & tried the healthy eating thing.


So...on that note, what are some good energy foods?

How are you?

What are you doing today?

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Have you kissed a girl?
Did you like it?

Who is your other half's ultimate fantasy?
Do you agree they're hot stuff? If you were that way inclined who would be yours?

My boyfriend loves Kelly Brooke

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She's a bit curvy/busty for my liking, but it's natural and she's definitely gorgeous.

I'd go for Keira Knightley personally..
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Pics welcomed.
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1. Does this ever happen to you: You are in a large group of people where almost everyone is alone and silent immersed in thought/ trying to ignore eachother (packed bus, lecture, crowded elevator, etc), and you're thinking of something particularly shocking/scandalous and you look up and feel like you just said it outloud or that your thoughts are somehow being broadcast outloud, just for a second.. or more.


2. Did you know that this (thinking your thoughts are being broadcast outloud) is a symptom of schizophrenia?

just found out. am now obsessed with the phrase/ idea of "word salad".

3. How crazy are you from 1 to 10?

somewhere from 4-6 depending on what illegal substances i've ingested/ how much sleep i've had.
zoolander - black lung

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What sort of shell do you prefer?

Hard (corn)
Soft (flour)
Chinese (lettuce)
I'm a damn moon man and I don't like tacos

What sort of protein do you prefer?

Ground beef
I already told you, I do not partake in the greatest food known to man

How about salsas?

Pico de gallo (fresh chopped mild salsa)
Other mild
This poll is offensive to my delicate non-taco-eating sensibilities

Anything else?

Sour Cream
Something else

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1.Do you talk to yourself out-loud? If so how often would you say you do it?

2.Do you talk to yourself in your head? If so how often would you say you do it?

3.Do you ever think of something funny and laugh out loud then feel all awkward because people ask, "What are you laughing at?" but you know you can't really explain it to them?

4. Can you think of any books or movies where the main character has to sacrifice their loved one in order to save the world/city/whatever and actually goes through with it?
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halp TQC, I'm bordeded.

1. What's so great about mineral makeup?
I've tried three different kinds and I don't really get it.

2. My work is going to be published in a few medical journals for the first time. I should be completely terrified, y/y?

3. What does your realistic dream life look like? How about your unrealistic dream life?
I'd like a small but nice house with nice furniture, a comfortable and dependable car, and to be financially secure. Unrealistically, I'd own a penthouse in a high-rise and have a cleaning lady.
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1. How curly/straight is your hair?

2. How curly/straight do you wish your hair was?

Mine is verrry curly, with medium sized curls, and I wish they were a little tamer/looser.

(no subject)

1. What's something you want that no amount of money can buy? Bonus points for answers other than "happiness."

2. Have you ever dedicated yourself to doing something, no matter how long it takes, or how frustrating it gets? How'd that go?

3. It's time to dance. What song should we dance to?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Family drama, TQC!

My aunt (who I have not seen since I was, like, 2), is staying with my family for a few days. She keeps pulling me aside to "chat and catch up!" but all she does is talk smack about my mom. Then my mom overhears and they get into a fight. GAAAAH. She's here because my uncle died two weeks ago, and that's bad enough! The last thing I need is my aunt and my mom acting like five year olds!

What can I say to my aunt to make her shut up? I've already tried saying, "Oh, maybe later, Aunt Lordes, I have to do my homework." But then she guilt trips me. She's worse than my mom!!

And why aren't any of my friends picking up their phones? I need to get out of this house!

Can I come stay over at your house? ETA: I'll bake you cookies! Any kind of cookies that you want!
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Hey college kids.

1. Got your schedule for this Fall?
2. What's your favorite class?
3. What's your earliest class?
4. What is the class you are least looking forward to?
5. How many credit hours are you taking?
6. What day do you head back to your college town/move in to whatever housing you're in?

And for the non-college kids, or everyone: When you want a drink of water, what do you get it from? Tap, Nalgene bottle, fridge, Brita filter?

(no subject)

1] If your SO eats something offending to your nostrils, do you tell them to chew some gum or do you deal with it? Do you consider it rude to tell them?

I always make my boyf either brush his teeth or chew gum. I have a strong sense of smell and can't deal with it. He complains because he says he loves me no matter how I smell.

2] I ordered a book from Amazon, used, and when I got it it was in worse condition than advertised and not the edition pictured. Overall, I'm not satisfied with the transaction. Should I send it back, or what should I do?

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So since hardly anybody could think of a story where someone sacrifices their loved one in order to save others I just had to ask, is it so improbable that this might happen?

Do you think you would you be able to sacrifice your closest loved one (a child, SO, relative, friend, etc.) in order to save the rest of the world? How about a city full of people?

How many random people do you think would you be willing to let die for the sake of your loved one? I know this is kind of a loaded question but I am curious.
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(no subject)

1. What was the last unhealthy food you ate and you couldn't get enough of it?
2. What was the last healthy food you ate and you couldn't get enough of?

Me: pringles and oranges. =( I just couldn't stop myself from eating them. Although it wasn't in the same timeframe.

(no subject)

1. Do your parents play video games?

My mom does, it's hilarious. She was the one who got me into Ocarina of Time all those years ago because she asked me to beat the boss guys.

2. Is there some person/thing that you hate/dislike for less-than-serious reasons?

The guys from Coldplay seem like such douches, and I will not watch any movie with Will Ferrell in it (except the Producers).

3. Something weird is going on when I try to comment to posts. Usually when I click "post a new comment," a drop down box will appear letting me type in my comment, without changing pages. Starting yesterday and continuing today, whenever I click that, it takes me to a new page and makes me type in the comment there. Any idea why?
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TQC, I just found this dress in my parents' attic. It fits pretty well (even though it makes me look kinda fat), but I don't know what to do with it!

Is it cool or stupid?
Would you wear it?
Where would you wear it?

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I'm 26 and I'm about to buy a banjo. I've never learned an instrument before. Do you know of anyone learning to play a musical instrument late in life and being good, or at least okay at it?

EDIT: I meant, uh, musically late in life? Or something like that. Later in life than one typically learns an instrument for the first time.

Mixed nuts

1: Have you ever been in a pageant?
2: When you make PB&J, do you put the peanut butter on both pieces of bread?
3: Have you ever been mistaken for the wrong gender?
4: Do you prefer laptop or desktop?
5: Which ear do you put the phone to? 
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(no subject)

What country do you currently live in?

England/Great Britain
Other (list in next question)

If not one of the questions listed above, what country are you from??

Yeah, that should say if not one of the 'countries' listed above, not questions. Go me!

Edit: Geography has never been a strong suit. Perhaps someone else should make another poll?

(no subject)

Situation: You end up using the last bit of toilet paper in your bathroom.

Do you instantly find another roll of toilet paper and put it on or leave and wait for someone else to do it?

(no subject)

1. Is it wrong to avoid old friends when you're back in town? It has nothing to do with them. You're just in no mood for dealing with jibba jabba.

2. Anal sex; God's greatest gift or sexual faux pas?

3. If I had two chickens, and I gave you one chicken, and you ate that chicken, and I ate my chicken, and I then ate you, how many chickens would I have had?

(no subject)

If you had to live off of the land for a month (the food you ate would have to be harvested/killed and cooked by you), what kinds of things would you end up eating?
On a scale of 1-10, 1 being "I could do this in my sleep" and 10 being "I'm fucked," how would you rate the probability that you would not survive said month?

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To those who live in/near Brooklyn:

1. Have you heard the rumors of this year being the LAST YEAR EVER for the Mccarren Park Pool parties?!

To those who do not live in/near Brooklyn, do but do not know what I'm talking about, or don't care:

2. Has a music festival/event that had been going on in your area for years ever just..die?
3. Did you kri the night away?

I don't know how to feel about this :(

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I hate MySpace questions and I'm sure the rest of you share the same sentiment dad is in a band and I'm working on their MySpace layout for them. (They're old fogies, what can I say)

That's what it looks like so far. See the grey bars on the side? How do I change them to black?

p.s. If you're feeling generous today, will you add them as a MySpace friend? I am unfortunately the only one thus far :(
nkotb - joe - yay

Flogging Molly

Do you like Fogging Molly? The Pogues?

What other Irish/Irish inspired bands should I download/buy?

The Real McKenzies are good, too (Scottish, I know, not getting those mixed up that's for sure). Any other Scottish bands you can suggest?
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(no subject)

for the LGBTQ people in this community, i have some questions.

1. do you live in a fairly queer-friendly city? if not, do you plan on moving?

2. would you ever live in a "gay village" or essentially a neighborhood constructed especially for queer people? or do you think that's unnecessary?

3. any comments about how your location has affected your life in regards to being queer?
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Stupid question.

Before I have to make a trip to the post office, I thought I'd ask you guys (and gals) first:

I'm sending my mom a birthday card, but it's an odd shape- it's long and rectangular.

Does this need more than a $.42 stamp? I remember that when choosing wedding invitations, I steered clear of the square choices because they cost more to mail due to their shape, though I don't know why.


(no subject)

Has anyone here ever used any program that can change the appearance of your desktop? I'm still using XP and I'm bored with the limited things you can do to change the appearance of your desktop. I've heard of a program called Stardock, but I'd rather not download anything unless I can find out if it really works. I've googled a bunch of things, but I haven't really been able to find anyone who's actually *used* the program.

Little help?
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a terrible, terrible problem

Guys, I'm being overpaid. I have an internship in the same hospital where I work but in a different department. It's paid, but it's supposed to be a lower rate than what I'm usually paid. Problem is, the new department is paying me my normal rate rather than the lower one. I've contacted payroll about it, talked to my boss twice about it, and payroll even contacted my boss and yet it hasn't been corrected.

Do I keep at it or decide I tried hard enough and enjoy the extra?
How likely is it that in a year they'll be all, yoink, and take it all back at once?

(no subject)

1, what are some things that weird you out that people do / do not do in their homes?

2, do you read the comments before or after you reply to a post? if you don't read comments, wtf?

i don't understand how people can put their shoes on the bed, or how you can put uncovered food in the fridge. like already prepared foods, just on a plate, uncovered, in the middle of the fridge. gross.
why is the bedroom so cold

(no subject)

I really wanna see The Dark Knight on the big screen. Prombem is, I live in Germany, so it's gonna be dubbed and I hate watching dubbed films. I mailed the cinema and the said they'll probably show the original version, I figure they'll decide this based on the sales of the first viewings.

What should I do if they only show it in German?

a) Suck it up and watch it dubbed.
b) Download the English version.
c) Wait until the DVD comes out
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The friendly skies

Think about the next flight you might have to take.

If you had the option, would you be willing to fly between small airports in a twin-engine prop plane (example) flown by a properly trained and licensed pilot? Consider that you would not have to deal with TSA, you could keep your luggage with you (and not being charged extra for it), and you wouldn't have to park a million miles from the terminal, but you might be in the air longer and be delayed by weather that you can't fly over.
Doi Bung

True or False?

Is the statement below true or false?

"Women don’t just like gifts; they like knowing that you (their boyfriends) were THINKING of them. The gift is a SYMBOL. Women feel the same amount of good inside whether it’s a card or a diamond (of course, the diamond lasts longer, so there are more ‘times of feeling good’!). But the fact is that women like to know that you’re thinking about them. Even if you’re telling a woman that you don’t like it that she was out with another guy, she’ll like it because it means you were thinking about her!"

(no subject)

i apologize if this is a dumb/immature question, but how do you not let your partner's sexual past bother you?

i feel really stupid for letting it bother me and i know it shouldn't matter, so any advice would be cool.

(no subject)

How long do you think it will take my friends to realize I'm wearing a wig in my facebook profile picture, and that I didn't really dye my hair bright red?

Should I actually dye my hair red, just for shits and giggles?

When's the last time you made a drastic change to your hair?

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GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

(no subject)

Poll #1234183 The Funnies

Which comedy troupe do you prefer?

A Bit of Fry & Laure
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Saturday Night Live
Mad TV
The Kids in the Hall
In Living Color
Mr. Show
The Carol Burnett Show
Little Britain
Chapelle's Show
dead zone johnny & sarah

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I'm trying to work on some claymation movie I'm making and I need some help.  Part of it takes place with a little clay spaceship in outer space. I wanted to do this so that I cut and pasted the spaceship onto a real picture of stars in space.  The detail on the spaceship made it so that it is pretty much impossible for me to cut it out of the picture so it can be pasted on to the other, so I just left some space and made the background transparent. Only it's not showing up as transparent on the other picture I pasted it onto.  Anyone know any programs or ANYTHING to help me out?   I don't really have any decent picture editing programs on my computer.
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(no subject)

How do you define alcoholism?

ETA: Do you think it's a fine line? If a person doesn't get drunk every day but drinks in excess when they do, is their drinking habit alcoholism or just .. heavy drinking? If you have a feeling they couldn't stop drinking even if they had a desire to, does that mean they're an alcoholic?
201Özil <3 :D

(no subject)

Planning to see any concerts this year?

I'm planning to see Mindless Self Indulgence and Jason Mraz. Possibly some other bands like Vampire Weekend and Panic at the Disco and Cobra Starship...

because apparently i'm a little scene kid.
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(no subject)

What would you do if you were eating at a restaurant with your 24 year old cousin and he decided it was completely acceptable to LICK HIS PLATE? Say something? Kick him under the table? Hide in shame?
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hi tqc. its been a while.

Hey tqc. Here's the scenario:

I ended my friendship with my kinda ex-bestfriend (also my roommate) ten days before she was to move back to her home city for good. I really want nothing to do with her, and I've stated it to her as such (in nicer words) that I'd like to end the friendship. She said she wasn't angry/upset, but I know her too well to know that she was. I leave this Friday to go back to visit my mom, and I think she leaves either Sat or Sunday.

I'm kind of torn. My question is, should I say anything/do anything to her when I leave? One of my roommates says that I should because I'll never see her again. The other says just screw it, and don't think about her, and think of all the stress she's caused me. So. Suggestions?
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(no subject)

Should I watch Big Brother in 6 minutes at 9.20pm or wait and watch it on C4+1 at 10.20pm?

You can tell how lazy I'm being as I'm asking you to make this decision for me :(
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One of my friends that I'm not on very good speaking terms with right now has a pair of my pants. This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't own only three pairs of jeans right now. What do I do?! The last thing I said to him was along the lines of "I'm sorry you can't realize that I am doing the exact opposite of what you think I am, but if you choose to burn this bridge, this is the end."
Am I out of those pants forever?

Your last conundrum?
How many pairs of pants do you own?
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I recently passed my driving test so I've been driving around like a madman. Yesterday I was driving for ages and my right knee SERIOUSLY STARTED TO HURT. I think it was cramp? I've never had cramp :(
HOW CAN I STOP MY KNEE FROM DYING WHEN I DRIVE?! I don't want to get stranded :(

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It's my mom's birthday (I have no idea how old she is) and my brother told me to wrap a gift he got for her. We were out of birthday wrapping paper so I wrapped it with Christmas paper inside out so that the outside is just white.

Can you post an image or a link to a birthday related picture that I can draw on the paper?

Has to be clean, my mother is a  traditional cranky old Asian lady.
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My boyfriend and I have put a deposit down on a flat. We'll be renting a beautiful furnished place, which we're totally in love with. The landlords are lovely, said we have free-range to do what we like as long as they flat isn't abused. It's a long-term lease.

Problem: My boyfriend and me have pets. Indoor small animals to be exact (a rabbit and guinea pigs) - but we haven't told the landlord. We've already paid the deposit and forgot about it. Should we tell them now and have them turn around and say 'oh no you can't move in now, no pets allowed' or just not tell them and hope for the best?
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Okay guys. I have a new quandary. I am in the market for laptop. It does not need to be fancy as I have a desktop for storing extra crap. I really just need to take notes for school and surf the intertubes. I have found a computer that will suit those needs, but my boyfriend will not endorse this purchase because it is ~pink~. How can I change his mind? (Withholding sex has never worked and also, it is pretty much any color other than black, white, or grey- I suggested navy blue and he said that was stupid, too.)

ETA: Guys. I don't allow him to run my life. When I buy something that costs a good chunk of money and I don't know a lot about the object, I have him look it over first to make sure I'm not buying a money pit. Also, he doesn't like the pink because he says it might bee seen as unprofessional should I bring it to a work meeting or somesuch.

And also: I recieved a shot today as part of a tB test at Kroger's Little Clinic. The nurse practitioner did not use gloves. I should report this, y/n?
If y, who do I tell? I was too shocked to say anything to her.
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How do you respond when your SO says they're going out driving with their cousin who brought drinks along for the ride?

I happened to be in a groggy state of mind so my response of "dfahgfdjg go away" while I was sleeping was probably not the right one.
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Did you ever make a decision to wait until you were married to have sex? Why?
If you decided to wait but changed your mind, what changed?
If you waited or are still waiting, are you happy with your decision?

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1)I have a nonworking harvest moon game and a curious george game. The seller refunded me for the nonworkingness and the bad replacement, but what should I do to get rid of these?

2)How do you feel right now?

Uncomfortable. I should have never had that dr. pepper.

3)what historical fiction should I read? I liked a year of wonders
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So why are you home on a Saturday? I'm not implying that you should be out and about, but did you have plans today?

All my friends have work today.. so I'm waiting until everyone's gets off..
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For some really mysterious reason I love these shoes. Plus they come in the ever elusive 10.5 wide. I realize they are entirely hideous. I'm trying to come up with some situations in which I could wear them, so then I'll have a reason to buy them.

Where could one wear these shoes? Would you ever wear them?

Is there any halloween costume I could wear them with?
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TQC, why did Netflix send me a DVD that was cracked from edge to center hole and taped up?

Is this a common occurrence or are they doing this because changing my shipping facility and confusing me wasn't enough?

Serious and non-serious answers, please and thanks. The latter is encouraged.
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Oh, the joys of high school

So one of my 'friends' (Hah, not anymore) really upset me on Tuesday, and on Tuesday night I lost my voice. I was completely unable to speak in more than a whisper. No pain, no swelling, nothing.

Saw the doctor and a throat specialist on Friday who said there was nothing wrong with my vocal cords, that he sees this quite often, and that it's a stress thing. Like, the brain subconsciously stops the voice from working, even when you try to speak. He said when I get over whatever's distressing me, it'll come back. And it came back in like 2min because I was so relieved.

Has this (or something similar) ever happened to you? What happened?
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I really want to learn American Sign Language.

1. Do you know any good websites you have used or would recommend (preferably with videos, not just pictures) to help me get introduced?

2. Also, I am cross dominant (left handed, write with the right). I want to learn to sign left handed, because it's easier for me, but is it more difficult to read ASL left handed, since most is right handed? Does that make sense?

3. For non ASL fans, what exciting adventures do you have planned this week/weekend?

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What is something scandalous or bizarre you have found out about your relatives?

I recently found out my great grandfather was tried and acquitted of bank robbery.  The rest of the guys he was associated with who were also tried were all convicted.
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1. Because I never actually read the fine print: what happens if you sell/trade a game to GameStop that was found out to be broken/faulty/not working after you signed the screen, knowing the game was faulty? (no, I haven't done this. Just curious).

2. Hershey, Cadbury, Dove? What's the best type of plain chocolate?

3. What's your all-time favorite commercial?
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ladies -

what are some cheap places to shop that have fashionable clothes at an affordable price?

(along the lines of,

thanks in advance!