August 1st, 2008

Resident Evil: Afterlife: Rain Ocampo

I'm going to be shot for this but anyway...

here it goes.

First question, lately I've seen alot of Clémence Poésy icons in the icon communities I'm a member of. Why is she so popular all of a sudden? I know she was in the Fourth HP movie but that's the last I've seen of her lately. (Just for note, I liked her in the movie, I'm just curious why there's an influx of icons now when it would make more sense for an influx when HP 4 came out or maybe I just miss things)

Second question, why is Twilight so popular? What's so special about it?

*Ducks for cover*

(no subject)

July 31st is anapnea's birthday, and I'm setting up a little TQC hootenanny to celebrate her awesomeness. What will you bring?

Exotic meats and foods from faraway places
A pygmy panda, no bigger than a terrier
A new muse, to help inspire her to write
TQC drama, because we all like that
Her own constellation
A hot-air balloon ride over Europe
Minions. She needs minions
Hangers-on to hang on her every word
Chips and dip. Maybe napkins. Served on a solid gold platter
I bring nothing. I am a person of questionable values and was raised by wild animals
Georgie - Smiles

(no subject)

I've completely lost my voice, TQC! I can only whisper. This is shitty, because I have to sing in the school production as a soloist on the 13th-16th.

Anyone have an tips for getting my voice back in shape by then? Or am I completely fucked?

If it helps any, I've got a cough, but my throat isn't sore at all. And I didn't lose my voice through overworking it - haven't been singing in a strenuous way or screaming or anything - it just stated sounding like my voice was breaking, then vanished altogether. D:

another "decide for me tqc!" question

what should i do right now, tqc?

play more FF9
watch les miserable
sketch monsters/creatures with watercolors
read more lord of the rings (i'm at the part where the army of the dead just joined aragorn)
watch flight of the conchords performances on youtube


I have to deal with a pathological liar on a near daily basis. Luckily, I don't depend on trusting them to accomplish anything, ever. Still, it can get infuriating and I can't wait until I have no cause to interact with this person. Okay, so (question imminent) how would you deal with a person like this? Would you call them on their bullshit or ignore them?

(no subject)

 What is the deal with internet moms saying, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months?  I mean I can understand some weird number that wouldn't translate to years/half years.  But is it really neccesary to say little Billy is 48 months? 

(no subject)

Have any of you had a major nail biting problem? How did you stop?

How come when you compliment someone on their icon, 9 times out of 10 they say you can take it when you didn't say anything of the sort?
macro - procrastination cat

(no subject)

If you were given the power to make someone unable to speak for 24 hours and they wouldn't know who was responsible, would you do it?

If yes,
who would you pick if you could only pick someone you knew?
if you could only pick someone famous you didn't know?

(no subject)

Poll #1233274 The big poll of ick

Let's say you're single, because it's more interesting that way. Due to some terrible intestinal infection, you're given a colostomy bag to use. It'll be in there temporarily, and it's the type without irrigation options. You'll have to wear it for 3 months, the doctor says. The following week after the bag's hooked up and poop starts to collect externally, someone new joins your workplace. This person is gorgeous, from some foreign country with a way-sexy accent and a killer body. They seem to be interested in you, and ask you out for coffee. Do you accept?


If you said yes, the two of you hit it off and decide to go on a real date. You haven't told them about your colostomy yet, cause, well, it hasn't come up and you're a little embarrassed. That night, the date starts off in a fancy-shmancy restaurant, and your date looks good enough to eat. He/she is charming, funny, and acting really affectionate and caress-y towards you. Do you tell him/her about the fact that you're draining your dinner externally as you speak?


If you haven't mentioned the colostomy bag yet, keep on reading. After the dinner, the two of you hold hands and walk along the (insert scenic location in your city). At some point, he/she pulls you down and starts kissing you and begins to run their hands over your body. Do you stop him/her?

No. If they find the bag, the gig's up, but I don't want to stop this
Yes. I can't let them find out that I have a poop bag under my duds

If you had a temporary colostomy bag and just started dating someone new, how soon into the new relationship would you let it be known that you can't go out without your sack of shit?

First date
Second or third
Fourth or fifth
Over five
I never plan on telling, unless he/she finds out
I never plan on telling. I won't let him/her even touch me, for fear that my secret will be known

(no subject)

I have to leave at 7:20am to get to the bus.
Should I start packing now?
What? I don't have an endless amount of time to pack? Who said that?
Wait, how long am I staying for? Shit. I should have figured that out. WHAT IF I RUN OUT OF PANTIES?!

How should I get my shit straight so I can pack, shower, clean up, and hunt this roach hat's been making guest appearances in my room?

all these things into position

(no subject)

I have trouble concentrating whenever I watch a film, read a book, do school work and similar. I have to take small breaks every five to ten minutes to eat, surf or just walk around the flat until I can focus again.

Is something wrong with me?

I was fucking sleeping

It's well past 3 in the fucking morning and I just got a phone call from a blocked number.

Someone asked, "Is [my mother's name] there?" in a weird tone, almost like they were trying to disguise their voice and when I responded, "Who the fuck is this?" they hung up.

TQC, I trust you with my life. Who the fresh Hell is calling my mom at this hour?

(no subject)

So... I'm trying to create a YouTube account. I'm typing in the word verification thing correctly, but every time it says "Please check the response to the verification code." and makes me redo it. WTF?
hannibal skull

Handy Man

What power tools do you own? When was the last time you used them?

Are you handy around the house? What was the last thing you fixed/put together?

Do you agree with this statement? " If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."

(no subject)

Swallow tattoos and nautical stars are so trendy that when you do an image search, all that seems to come up are hipster girls' myspace photos.

Does anyone know where to find and/or have photos of actual sailors with traditional navy tattoos?

Its like this

1. Has anyone ever told you that you have a special talent? If so, what was it?
*looking forward to very creative answers*

2. What do you not understand?

3. What is something you think everyone should know?

(no subject)

Inspired by this article:

Hormonal Birth Control - Does it

Take a life
Prevent conception only

If prevented from getting birth control at a conveient location due to a pharmacist's religious beliefs, would you

Protest, yell, and generally be a pain for the greater good
Go next door
Begrudgingly switch to another method of birth control
Other (explained in comments)

If this bill passes will you

Be outraged because of medical/scientific beliefs/knowledge
Be outraged because of personal beliefs
Be happy because of medical/scientific beliefs/knowledge
Not care


Should I stick with ramen for lunch today or go out and splurge. For the record, we just got a new car, so we are reworking our budget.

What's your favorite color?
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An ex friend of mine wants to get together for a talk. We ended our friendship on some bad terms around january. I have no desire to be her friend again, but the way things are now she won't even be in a room with me without causing drama, and I want us to be at least civil to each other since we do share some friends. But I know if we get together it will just be her telling me what a terrible person I am, or me just outright forgiving her to spare the drama. Since I am terrible at expressing my feelings in person, would writing a note and giving it to her be a terrible idea? Or should I just grab some balls and confront her on her craziness? Or should I just not talk to her and hope that sooner or later she grows up (she's 30)?
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"With less than six months left in office, George W. Bush has already been branded one of the worst Presidents in history by some in the left-wing press. To them, Bush is the worst thing to happen in America since the advent of talk radio.

To be fair (something the liberal media rarely is), President Bush was dealt a tough hand. Less than one year into his first term, Muslim assassins in civilian clothing started a worldwide war. To his credit, Bush has fought that war tough, if not always smart.

The campaign against terror has occupied most of the President's time. Therefore, things like illegal immigration, energy prices and the nation's airline system, which became enormous problems on Bush's watch, were not dealt with aggressively. Thus, the President will leave office in a few months saddled with very low approval ratings."

This is a quote from Bill O'Reilly's weekly column. Do you agree or disagree with this? Why or why not?

(no subject)

what creeps you out when you see it? makes me all squirmy like its all over me! YUCK..but when i was younger, i used to like to throw them onto someones car window.
Evil Me

(no subject)

If it was socially acceptable to beg for money on the internet/TQC and it was likely that people would actually give you money, what would your reason be for begging for money on TQC?

(Hahaha hopefully that isn't as incoherent as I think it is)
hug a chu

I want to ride my..

I have never gone shopping for a bicycle before, but I would like to get one just to get me to stores from my home (not even a mile away) and for recreational exercise. I don't really want an xtreme rugged bike, something a little cute and classic, but it still needs to be durable. What stores do you recommend? What about a brand? I also want to mount a wicker basket; is there a DIY way of getting a plain wicker basket to mount on the handlebars or will I have to shell out for an expensive bike-specific basket?

(no subject)

I used to have a buddy at work but his best friend's girlfriend started working there today.  She sits in our department that consisted of myself, him, and one other person who doesn't work Fridays -- so every Friday and shortly before or after lunch time and breaks and whenever our other coworker was away, we would talk.  My buddy and I kept our friendship secret because I'm married and he didn't want people talking, so we only talked when we were alone.  Anyway, now that he has a friend he has known for years working with us during the same hours, we probably won't have any alone time to talk.  Now I feel like I've lost my only buddy at work.  I'm really shy, so I don't see this girl and I becoming friends.  Besides, since my buddy kept our friendship secret, he's probably not going to invite me to join them in conversation and lunches.

Any suggestions to make work fun and not lonely and pathetic?

If not, do you have a funny macro to share so I can have at least one happy moment today?
im french

(no subject)

1. Can you tell me about some fucked up murders/suicides/mysterious deaths that occurred in your hometown?

2. Have you ever stayed in a house where someone died? Would you ever consider buying a house where people died from unnatural causes?

The only things I could find for the town my parents live in:
-13 year old boy kills 12 year old boy during erotic choking game
-Millionaire lotto winner kills his family in a weird battle over a supposed illegitimate kid
- Lady stabs her husband during a blindfolded sex "game," and again in the car on the way to the hospital

Oh yeah, and Hillary Clinton's next door neighbor staged a car jacking when he really shot his wife, a local preschool teacher in the head.

No more credit card offers?

Dear Lord, I hope this is legit!

Yay for getting less junkmail! (I hope...)

Does anyone know where I could go to check if it is legit? It weirds me out that they need my soc sec #, but even that makes sense. Plus, I can't find it on the BBB, but it's not exactly a business.

Edit: Sorry to waste your time! I found out that it is legit. I was directed to the site by some of the credit companies that ARE listed in the BBB.

PS. I do think I would rather find the phone number like someone below suggested, though.
PPS. Not a bad idea though.

Because this is always a riot:

Will you post a popular song lyric redone in ‘proper’ English and allow others to guess its original phrasing?

Example: “I like big butts and I cannot lie” becomes “I enjoy a large gluteus maximus and am compelled to tell the truth”

*Note: Example not originally written by me.
nana smoking

(no subject)

So after three weeks of not seeing one another, my boyfriend wants to take me out to dinner. Where should we go?
Factors: Good amount of cash, living in So Cal, partying it up after dinner with friends.
Who was the last person you had a one on one meal with?
Who is your Jiminy Cricket? (ie, acts as your conscience)

(no subject)

GPA calculating?

Okay help me out here. My cumulative GPA is 3.291, and I'm transferring in one other class from a community college which I got an A in (4pts). How do I calculate my new GPA without having to go through ALL my previous grades and adding them then dividing?

Thanks a bunch TQC! (:

(no subject)

What game show would you cripple and destroy your opponents on?

Nick Arcade.

edit Does anyone recall a game on Nickelodeon way back in the day that involved a giant wall with random shaped doors and the player had to pick a door and win a prize or like... get slimed or some other typical kids show fail. It may have been hosted by Marc Summers, but my memory now places Marc Summers in every game show host spot.

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You know that pic on the web of the article about Princess Diana being alive before she died (I'd post if but I don't have it on this computer)? Well I think it's hilarious so I printed it out and put it up on my wall at work. A new guy who is moving into the office next to mine came to introduce himself, and he saw it and read it. He said, "Aw that's so sad. You must be a big Diana fan." I said, "Actually, it's supposed to be funny, it says she was alive before she died; everyone is alive before they die." He said something along the lines of, "No, it means she was suffering before she died." I just stared at him. He clearly did not get the joke.

TQC, is my new neighbor a complete tool?

Food and Sex

1. Would you rather have sex tonight or a really good meal?

2. If you chose a meal, what would it be?

3. What is your favorite sex position?

4. What was the sexiest movie ever made?

(no subject)

Have you ever left anything for a server as a tip other than money?

When I worked at Knott's Berry Farm, we got 4 free tickets every quarter. I'd carry them around with me and if I went out to eat and realized I was short on tip money, I'd leave a pair of tickets instead.

Why doesn't anyone want my 2 free tickets to Flogging Molly tonight? The husband and I don't feel like going tonight - but no one wants to take them off my hands. =(

(no subject)

I have a half dozen boneless, skinless, chicken breasts defrosted at home. I am looking forward to having a nice sit down dinner and bottle of wine with my SO tonight after a really stressful/hectic/crazy in a bad way week. TQC, what should I make with those breasts?
James Franco joint

(no subject)

Hey guys! I get to go to a town hall meeting with Barack Obama tomorrow. There is a small chance I may be able to ask him a question!
What would YOU ask Obama about?

srs and nonsrs answers, as usual.

(no subject)

What sign are you?


Tally your current SO or your ex, if you don't have a current SO. What sign are they?


lol MySpace

I just found my best friends from High School on MySpace! Holy crap. I honestly thought I'd never talk to them ever again.
I also found some extended cousins a while back, too!

Has MySpace helped you reunite with friends/family???


Somehow a shirt that really ought to have been washed (like, I can smell deodorant and a bit of sweat on it) ended up in my closet. I wante to wear it today and realized that, you know, it needed washing. So, I sprayed perfume on it and put it on anyway! :D

1) Is this gross?

2) Do you ever do this?

3) How do you wear YOUR pubic hair?

(no subject)

1)yes or no to walmart supercenters on two lane roads?

no, I guess.

2)what are you immaturely excited about?

Oooh, I can't wait to get some nice pictures of bales of hay.

3)have you ever had leeks before?


(no subject)

Ever fallen out of love? Or had someone fall out of love with you?

If yes to the first did you stay anyway out of a sense of obligation?

If yes to the second did you pretend not to know just to stay with them?

(no subject)

work is really boring today so i've been making fast whizzy christina ricci icons for me to use when i get extra excited on tqc! but for some reason it won't upload to my icons! it says it's too big, what can i do?!

it's gone all dotty too!! but i don't mind that too much.

i made other ones too, haha i feel really ontd-ish!!!

do you like them?

do you like christina ricci?

did you know i went to my acting class yesterday for the first time?!

what are you doing today!??


(no subject)

Those of you who have emaila ccounts that get tons of junk mail.. (like my 10-year-old hotmail account): 

Have you started getting TONS of emails about acai berry related products??  

(no subject)

I recently came into possession of these two baby bunnies. They are brothers, and therefore need cheesy matching names of some sort. What should I name them?

Collapse )

My boyfriend, who was there when I found them, suggested Wilbur and Orville, but I dunno.

(no subject)

I have really itchy heat rash across the top of my chest/neck area. What are the best ways to get rid of it quickly? I am going out tonight and it looks pretty horrible =/

I have already taken an antihistamine tablet and rubbed some aloe vera after-sun on it

Responsible with money? Nowai.

My fav band since I was 8 years old, Harvey Danger, is playing their only LA show tomorrow night at a really small venue and the cover is only $15!  Sean Nelson (singer) actually messaged me and told me to go.  My friend Philip who I haven't seen since last year is like 99% sure he's gonna make it from SD to my house so we can go together.

Problem is I only have $17 in my bank account (I used the majority of my last pay check to put into the joint account with my uncle we use for emergencies) and that has to last until I get hired (which should be soon)!

Do I go to this show that will undoubtedly be AMAZING, or do I play responsible adult and not spend the dollars?

If that was tldr and you don't care about my life, do you like Harvey Danger?

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(no subject)

I have to bake a cake for a staff party (um, staff party meaning a party of people who work at a fast food restaurant, so mainly teenagers).

I have been given NO suggestions, but I do know one of the employees is vegan.

So what's your favourite cake (vegan or not)?

Dr Horrible!

(no subject)

I'm sort of pissed off.

I'm supposed to go out to eat with my mom and sister tonight. My sister is 18. She's decided that, if she can't have some sort of alcoholic drink with dinner, she doesn't want to go. Now it IS legal in Texas for a person of her age to have a drink in a restaurant as long as her parent is there, consents, and the two of them can show their IDs. But not many restaurants will do it.

For some reason, it's become MY job to call up restaurants and ask if they'll let my dumb sister get sloshed. I've run out of ideas.

Does any one know of any restaurants in the Austin, Texas area that'll do this? Or at least some more chain places I can call?

ETA: I just called my mom and she agreed with pretty much all of you that my sister either needs to suck it up and come and not get a drink or stay home and pout. Which is kinda odd because it was her telling me to call around in the first place... anyway, situation resolved, thanks for the advice. :)

(no subject)

1. Can you still say "gay" to describe something that sucks even if you are gay?

2. How did black people learn to run so fast?

3. Is Jon Stewart really the most important Jew? Can you think of another?

4. If someone were to be offended by these questions, would that make them a Jew nigger fag? Or are they more likely white and unoppressed?


If you had to say the word PANTIES out loud, do you say "pannies" or "pan~tees"?
I avoid using that awkward word, but I had to say it out loud here at work (name of an image file) and I said "pan~tees" and then I immediately cringed at how perverted that sounded coming out of my mouth.

Do you say panties in conversation or a different word?
I say undies or chones
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) What are some good protein sources for vegetarians? specifically low calorie/fat/carb options, that arent tofu or dairy. do they exist?

2) If you use chapsticks/lip balms, what is your favorite flavor and brand?

3) How are you feeling about yourself right now?

(no subject)

If you make/have bruschetta do you put a separate pesto on it and then the tomato mixture or just put basil in the tomato mixture?
If you do the first, do you still have basil in the tomato mixture?

(no subject)

What is a good argument I can use against a 15 year old girl about why Harry Potter is better than Twilight?

Please tell me a spoiler for the new book so I can ruin her and her friend's lives, because they are about to leave for the release party. 

gobbling the gobblers

11:24 PM 7/30/08 · Entirely for my own demented desires, I'm starting a Thanksgiving themed community. Building up the interests list I'm largely using related food stuffs but for best results I thought I'd ask around for ideas.

What do you typically have for Thanksgiving dinner?
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(no subject)

1. When you see a person in a car alone and their lips are moving, do you assume they are singing, talking to themselves, or using bluetooth that you can't see?

2. I need to be healthier. One of my major issues is drinks. I love coke. A lot. It's the most refreshing and delicious drink on the planet. When I do not drink coke, I drink water. If I give up coke, I pretty much only drink water. I am not much for juices and I hate tea. Milk is nice, but it gets old. What else can I drink?

(no subject)

TQC! If you were going on a two day roadtrip with your significant other, what would you pack in the car for exciting funtime car adventures?

We're not planning on staying in motels or anything, just sleeping in the car. Also, do you know of anything fun to see or do between St. Louis, Missouri and Colorado Springs, Colorado?

unrelated: you know that question that goes something like, "if you had to choose between killing one loved one or killing one hundred strangers, which would you choose?" Do you know a loved one who would totally bitch you out if you saved the strangers (before dying, of course)? Do you know a loved one that would want you to save the strangers?
white dress

Hot diggity dog!

So I bought some hotdogs earlier this week. Today I noticed that the hot dog buns come in a pack of 8 and the hot dogs came in a pack of 7 (Hebrew National).

What am I supposed to do with the extra bun?

What should I do with it?

(no subject)

It's winter, my party is inside, and I am expecting about 8 people. The theme is Doctor Who. And we like acting immature. :P What party games can I turn into Doctor Who themed things? Any original ideas?

Also, have you heard of Etsy?
Have you bought anything off of Etsy?

I cannot dress myself.

Ok, TQC, dress-up time. I am going on a first date tonight with someone I have never met before (, hooray). We're going out in the Lower Haight . . . it's not a really dressy neighborhood. It's kind of a hipster-ish neighborhood, except I'm not going to dress like a hipster. The plan is to grab Thai food and then beers from this place that has a ton of beers on tap.

So, I'm not sure what to do clothing-wise. Should I wear jeans? Should I wear a dress but be casual about it? Keep in mind that it's almost always cold at night here. Obviously I want to look good.


ETA not a poll, I am too lazy.

ETA2: Ok, I have decided. Dark blue skinny jeans, snake-pattern grey flats, black tank with crocheted part on the back, white scarf, big gold bracelet I got in India, gold and white earrings, pink hat, grey clutch, white jacket. Done.

(no subject)

I am a bit confused. I was walking home and a car with a group of young men sped past me before they drove by I heard one say loudly to another 'do it' and then one of them yelled something loudly. I couldn't make out the word. Only as they sped by I heard them roar with laughter. I have no idea what he yelled. But I'm sure it wasn't nice.
TQC, what was he yelling?

The more creative and ridiculous your answer the better

cubs hat

(no subject)

A group of friends and I have started going to Argo Tea instead of one of the coffee shops on every corner.

Problem is, I don't know anything about tea!

Do you go to Argo (or an Argo-type place)? Can you suggest a drink, but it has to be iced. I've already had some sort or Pom tea, and that was good.
girl reading by ourescape

(no subject)

Will TQC help me find two things on the internet I want to show my boyfriend?

If so, does anyone know where I can find:
1. That LJ community that's all about funny/bad slash between really random characters/things? There are so many groups interested in "slash" I couldn't find the one I wanted.
2. Remember that video of the black guys humping the ottoman and dancing? Anyone know where to find the Daily Show clip where the different anchors copy that video? It was hilarious.

And if you won't or can't help me find those things... What's one way you helped someone out today?
a clockwork orange


1.) For those of you on Facebook, what's the meanest thing you have sent/received through the Honesty Box application?

2.) How far away would one have to live from one's SO in order to constitute a long-distance relationship?

3.) What's your favorite drinking game? Any funny stories?

(no subject)

The month of August has no major holidays (that I am aware of). The president of the world has appointed you the task of coming up with a new holiday for August. What is the name of your holiday, and what do you do to celebrate it?

(no subject)

Are there any toys you won't let your kids play with? Barbies, Bratz dolls, guns, etc?

Does it really help prevent kids from having body issues, being bratty, violent, or whatever other trait you're trying to prevent?

(no subject)

Inspired by my earlier poll

As of 6:30PM (PST), Pisces received the lowest amount of votes for SO. Why do you suppose people don't want to bang the fishies?

TQC is more into erotic turf than erotic surf
Too high a mercury count. You couldn't go down on them more than a couple times a month or else
Pisces people are meek and kinda flaky
Mermaid fantasies are hot, but without the human torso, it's just not
They smell like fish *down there*

Cancer was the most popular sign to date. Why does everyone want to bang cancer?

Cancer is like the number one cause of death in this country. People assume that dating a cancer is an exciting flirt with death
Crabs aren't sexy, but it makes people think of genitals. Infected genitals, but genitals nonetheless
It's hot to think of throwing them on the bed...spreading butter all over them...and cracking open their shell to get at the yummy center
Cancers are sentimental and emotional. TQC is mostly female. Apparently, women like their men a little emo
TQC loved the Little Mermaid, and dating a cancer is as close as they can get to hooking up with Sebastion

(no subject)

So, I assist with a fundraiser every year. We all pretty much work our asses off for four months, getting everything arranged, with no compensation(or want of). I help recruit entertainers. Some entertainers ask for money for their performance, often asking around 10% of the money we've made for the charity.
Is this in anyway reasonable?

What are some good fundraising tips?

(no subject)

What's the name of that non-religous cult-like movement where they hold seminars and put people down so they can get over negative thinking? Or something like that?

Sorry I don't have a more clear description. It's driving me crazy. I saw their website a few weeks ago and now I can't remember.

If you don't care...

What shows on TV could you watch everyday, if any?
What movie could you watch everyday?

(no subject)

TQC, I finally told my asshole of an exboyfriend exactly what my family and I think of him. I feel vindicated yet strangely still sad and ~lonely~. College doesn't start until September 24th. What should I do all day to make myself less lonely and sad?

Are all males programmed to be worthless, disgusting liars?

(no subject)

1. What is something you find yourself saying on a regular basis?
Nice blinker asshole

2. What is something that you get pissed off at people for doing that you do a lot?

(no subject)

 On Tuesday after my job interview with the district manager, she said she'd call the store manager and have her finish up the process.  No phone call since--should I start to cry now?

What are you excited for?

(no subject)

I have to get shots 3 times a week.  Today, he gave me got shots for pain.  I don't know what they gave me.  All my joints are tingly.

Did my doctor give me an overdose?
Or a big favor?

Will you share something that's TMI?
or post a MACRO, please?

I don't care IFEELAWESOME.

(no subject)

1:  When you get e-mail that you know you'll never read, do you delete it or mark as read?

2:  Do you delete the mail in your spam folder or let it accumulate?

3:  What do you use when you start breaking out?  I'm especially interested in responses from people with oily skin.


(no subject)

Well, this month is going to suck for cash. I can either pay bills, or eat and feed my daughter. So, I'm trying to find a way to make some extra money before the end of the month without whoring or doing anything else illegal.

What do you do to help earn extra money when things are tight?
What are your favorite corner cutting tricks when times are hard?

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Guys. My boyfriend and I kinda waited a while to take the trash out (in our defense, it wasn't full yet). So some gnats took up residence in our kitchen.

Trash is gone and the kitchen got a good scrub down, but the gnats remain.

How can I get rid of them?!

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What do you get when you go to the ice cream parlor?

Mint Chocolate Chip with chocolate sprinkles

How much do your pets weigh?

My cat is nine pounds, my rottie is about 120 pounds of thunder thighs