July 31st, 2008

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When was the last time you took flirtatious photos with your camera phone specifically to send to someone?

Who did you send it to? Was it someone you're already boning anyway?

Will you post it? heh.

If you were to make a sandwich right now, what kind would you make?

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Do you know anyone that ever committed suicide? How did it affect you and the people he/she was closest to? (Obviously negatively, but like, what happened?)

Have you ever seriously considered suicide for yourself? Why? How come you're still here now? Did someone talk you out of it or did you stop yourself or what?
i don't want to be friends

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Are you an identical twin?
Have you ever participated in a threesome with your twin and someone else?
If not, have you thought about it?

Have you ever been in a threesome with a set of identical twins?
How did that work out?

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I know this is annoying and all but, I've been wanting to cut my hair slash style it different this summer. I mean, it's kind of closing in on summer, and I was thinking maybe I should go back to university with some badass bangs. Anyways, I just want to do something different with my hair since I've had the same basic haircut since high school for 6 years? haha

TQC, can I pull off A-line and horizontal bangs like the pictures above?

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I am currently in bed, w/ a hoodie on, wrapped in my blanket, cold, with a sore throat, and a headache. My neck hurts, My hands are freezing, but I feel warm to the touch. (my own) 

Am I coming down w/ a fever or something or am I just being a hypochondriac?

Let's say you're into someone. They like you too. However, they also like someone else. If the someone else rejects them, and they went back to you, Would you allow that? Like would you continue things as if nothing happened? Or be offended?

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So tonight I went to get gas. Pretty normal "I shouldn't have to fear for my life" kind of situation. I pull into the gas station, and there are no other cars at any of the pumps. I pull up to a pump and get out of my SUV, I'm removing the fuel cap and a van pulls into the gas station. Instead of pulling up to any of the other 5 empty pumps, he decides to pull up and park his van right behind me, and instead of pumping his gas, he just sits and waits. I havn't even started pumping my gas yet, I am in an SUV (so obviously it will take longer to fill up), and there are 5 other empty pumps (regardless of what side his fuel cap was on, there was a pump available for whichever side he would have needed), and he decided to wait and stare at me instead. I'm not quite sure, cause I was trying to avoid eye contact...but I looked over at him and I swear I thought I saw him writing something down on paper (my plate #?).

I instantly gave him the weirdest look, and he just sits there as if this is normal behaviour. Another guy pulled into the gas station and parked at one of the 7 empty pumps, and even he kept staring at this guy like he was crazy, and then looked at me and started laughing (not in a mean way, as in a 'what a freak that guy is' kinda way). I went into pay for my gas (buddy is STILL waiting behind me at this point, rather than just using another pump!) and even the girl in the store made a comment about it and told me to make sure he didn't follow me when I left. I made sure to take a different route home, and took a bunch of odd turns in case he was following.

Sorry for my long winded entry, but TQC...what would you make of this? Should I be scared? Can he get my address if he has my plate number? I'm actually paranoid someone hired him to follow me or some shit, lol. It was just so STRANGE! I got his plate number, should I report it just in case?

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Are there any songs you think depict something or somebody even though they aren't at all related?

Like mine is whenever I hear the Dire Straits' Money For Nothing, I think of Anthony Bourdain. Even though they're describing a musician the depiction of the rocker makes me think of Bourdain.


i just found a goddamn centipede on my bed. how the fuck did that little shit get in my room?!

now, i feel like it's crawling all over me. do you guys ever feel that when you're confronted by these creatures (insects in general)?!

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TQC, can you help me identify something?

I was on the beach the other night, and my friend said he couldn't stop thinking he dropped his phone into the ocean, because the waves that hit the shore were lighting up. I didn't believe him at first, and his phone was a-okay, but then I saw them: little glowing orbs that ebbed in the water, blinking. We finally managed to catch one and look at it up close, and it turned out to be this worm-like string of blue plates, encapsulated in a squishy, quarter-sized bump. After some curious poking, we put it in an empty bottle of water, where it stopped blinking. There were no organs to be seen inside of it, and its "shell" held up to a Sonic straw.

WHAT ARE THESE THINGS? My googlefu has failed me. I mean, I'm not that excited, because I'm assuming it's some kind of bioluminescent algae or something. Could be aliens though, which is why I am double checking here.

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On a scale from 1-10 how much effort do you put into your look? (This includes wardrobe, beauty products, clean fingernails, etcetc.)
Do you judge people based on first impressions and how they present themselves?

*please note I'm not talking about how much $$$$$$ you spend. or buying $500 of wrinkle cream versus a drug store brand. just whether you are consciously aware of it.

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What would be the best way to get a slideshow, currently in Powerpoint (unless there are any suggestions for another program) from a computer (mac but could be PC) to a tv? I'm not sure what kind of TV yet, other than flatscreen. but what would be my options? or how could I go about getting the slideshow onto a DVD?

edit: I forgot to add,
Is it possible to do through USB? I would like to avoid not leaving my computer there as I won't be next to it at all times, if it's necessary it's not big deal, just wondering.

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I just painted my calculator with acrylic paint and i need something to go over it as a clear glaze so it sets and doesn't scratch off.

What could I use?

I thought about nailpolish, but i cant find my clear nailpolish, and i don't have any liquid clear glue.

What about hairspray, would that work?
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I am getting surgical wisdom tooth extraction tomorrow morning, and am hit with a sudden rush of terror! I have never had surgery before. D:

Will TQC give me some kind words to make me feel less frightened?
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 How would you react to someone who said Heath Ledger deserved to die because he ruined american cowboys (by acting in Brokeback Mountain)?

Also, to what you most can't the least? (Points only to those who know what I'm referencing.)
cat tea

5 questions.

1. Are you slim/slender? If so, do you have a flat stomach?

2. Do you compare yourself to your friends? If so, do you want to be more like them or less like them?

3. What is the most interesting news article from your local paper or news channel today?

4. What do YOU use Craigslist for?

5. How many jobs have you found through networking or friends?

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What costumes would you recommend for a group of 4-5 20-year-old girls?

Preferably veering away from just "whore," and into the realm of fun and creative. A dash of whore is fine though.

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Another question someone asked reminded me of something similar I'm curious about:

Why do people in their early - mid twenties complain about being and looking old? I'm 24, and most of my friends are 25 now, and they all complain about being old now, "Oh have you seen so and so lately, they've really aged", etc. I'm sorry but, since when is 25 y/o considered being aged? I still feel and look so young. It's like a phenomenon almost, and it's starting to make me self concious of my age. A 24 year old shouldn't feel the need to lie about their age, lol. I guess I could see once you hit your thirties this being a concern, but your twenties?

I guess I kind of think "Well, when we're 30 - 35 (still young IMO), we'll look back at when we were 24/25 and think 'God we were so young'"

Are you in your early to mid-twenties and feel old or that you're aging?
i say, old bean

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TQC, I have work in an hour and my stomach is fighting back from the chili cheese burger I had last night last night :[ how do I make it shut up and take the stomach pain like a man?

what was the last meal you KNOW you shouldn't have had, but you went ahead and ate it anyways?
was it totally worth it or did you think to yourself "I'm never doing that again"?

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Were you disappointed when you saw "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" for the first time, and there weren't any androids fighting Brad and Janet, as promised in the first song?
I sure was.

(Edited to add proper annoying italics.)
Haruhi disappearance
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1) At what age did you begin to show signs of aging? What looked different?

2) I'm about 3 months shy of 21 - should I be concerned that I have a few fine lines under my eyes and softness around the eye area? (I bought anti-wrinkle creams today ;;_;;)

3) My conservative, prudish, christian friend just turned 21 today. He's unsure about drinking, I think he should at least TRY it. How can I corrupt him? (lol)

what would you do?

so, the night before last, i got a bug bite on the back of my calf while i was sitting at my kitchen table. i didn't think anything of it. i did not scratch it because i know that if i scratch it, it will get SO MUCH worse.

the next day, it was pretty itchy so i just put my hand on it and i noticed that it was very hot to the touch and finally looked at it. it was huge! audacian suggested that i draw a line around it so that i could monitor it and i did.

ok, so. this morning i feel kinda crappy. i'm achy and congested and my bug bite doesn't itch any more, it hurts.

eta: i have taken 2 claritin so far and it doesn't seem to have helped.

my questions are:

at what point would you go to the doctor because of something like this?
am i going to die?
wtf bit me?!

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Peanut Butter Jelly Time

1. What is your favorite brand of peanut butter?

2. Crunchy or Smooth?

3. What is your favorite Jelly/Jam?

4. You only have one knife, and no way to clean it. Would you rather get peanut butter in your jelly, or jelly in your peanut butter?

5. What can you add to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to make it even better?

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Do you know anyone who is married to their first cousin?

Is it legal to marry your first cousin where you live?

What do you think of cousin couples/marriages?

ETA. For those of you who think it's gross, did you grow up having a close relationship with your cousins?
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Do you ever take bets on how long your friends' (or family members') relationships will last? How good are you at figuring these things out? Is it tacky to do this? Do you let the couple know you are betting on them?

Being a TQC whore today

Today tickets went on sale for my favorite artist ever. He hasn't toured here in 3 years, so obviously I am ecstatic. I had planned to only buy one ticket to increase my chances of getting front row. I checked ticketmaster last night to make sure the onsale time hadn't changed. It still said they were going onsale today at 11. Woke up this morning at 8, re-checked. Still 11. Checked again at 9, still says 11. Checked again at 10 o'clock, still says onsale time is 11. I come back to the computer at 10:20 to re-check (I am paranoid as this is my fave performer)...and they friggin' changed the onsale time and put them up for sale at 10:13 am. In the span of 13 minutes they changed the onsale time.

So basically it screwed me out of getting even decent seats. I could only find one ticket at the very back of the floor. I have called ticketmaster twice, got the run-around (said they dont decide the times). I called the venue, they said they have nothing to do with it. I got in touch with livenation (the company running the show), and THEY told me they have nothing to do with the times either. And not one single person could give me an answer as to WHY the time got changed at the last minute, and screwed me and many other fans out of getting good seats.

TQC, does anyone know ANYTHING about WHO I might get in contact with about this? If ticketmaster doesn't dealing with the onsale times, and neither does the venue, OR the company putting on the show...then who the hell does? I am LIVID over it. It's not like I'm expecting them to offer me a free front row seat, but I just want an answer.

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How good are you at polishing turds? 1=wouldn't know the first thing about it; 10=professional turd polisher. I do it for a living.

Mean: 4.40 Median: 2 Std. Dev 3.93

(no subject)

I have a hard time remembering things. Simply thinking about something else will cause whatever I was thinking about or doing before to simply vanish from my mind.

It happens a lot, too. Almost constantly, in fact.

Should I be concerned?
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hey tqc.

1. have you ever used liquid smoke in a recipe before?
2. was it delicious?
3. where might I obtain it? my options are Albertsons, Safeway & a local co-op, plus a variety of secondary options I am unfamiliar with.
4. do you have Albertsons and/or Safeway where you live?

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I started going to the gym a little over a month ago. It equals between 3 and 5 hours per week of exercise, when previously, I basically did nothing. I just checked my scale...I gained five pounds (could possibly be pms bloating but still) Do you think I gained muscle and lost fat? Should I stop wasting money on this gym? I don't eat too crazily and usually lose weight very easily...so, I'm confused.

Do you hate sleeping over other people's houses?

My sister wants me to stay over at her apartment tomorrow, and I'd rather just drive home that night...

Let's go shopping.

Which one do you prefer, Wal-Mart or Target? And why?

Have you ever shopped at Kmart?

I prefer Target. The generic items from Target aren't as crappy, they have better clothes, they don't sell edited music, and their corporation isn't trying to take over the world.

Yes, I have. My family used to take me shopping there more often than Wal-Mart and Target actually. Now most of them have shut down. Funny how much things can change.
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TQC, when was the last time you had the hiccups?
How did you rid yourself of them?

Right now, I have the hiccups from eating McDonald's french fries and then drinking Sprite.  It's been around 15-30 minutes, and they won't go away.  :(

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I have a crush on a chick I work with and I can tell she likes me too by the way she acts around me and the number of times I catch her looking at me throughout the day. Also, I travel for work and always bring back different souvenirs for everyone in my department. Although she has all kinds of things on her desk, none of them are any of the things I’ve given her. She always thanks me and says she likes them (they are mostly small pewter containers and such) however.

Why do you think she doesn’t have anything I’ve given her on her desk?

Edit: But we're both married and she has pictures of her family on her desk and other stuff that looks sentimental.
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Rory's day out

On Tuesday the earthquake shook my screen out of my third story apartment window. My cat, Rory (strictly indoors, 2 years old, see icon), must have sprouted wings and flown away.

That was around noon and she came back at 3:45am... Looking lost and on the second floor, yowling. I honestly thought I'd never see her again.

My question is... where the FAWK did she go and what was she doing?

Obv, nonsrs answers. I'm so happy that she's back and would love anyone kr8tyv stories.
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What was your last major life changing event? What do you think your next will be? Do you have any planned?

Do you ever feel like your life goes in stages? Can you describe them?

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How many hours of sleep you get in a 24 hour period? What are your normal hours of slumber?

I get about 4 hours, and I sleep from 12:00a-3:00a, 8:00a-8:20a, 1:00p-1:20p, and 7:00p-7:20p. Yes, I am functional and well rested.
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My boyfriend and I made some frozen pizza last night, and two seconds after we pulled it out of the oven, I accidentally dropped it, cheese side down onto the kitchen floor. Most of it hit the tile, but a good blob of it ended up on the the rug our landlady gave us. :(

I scrubbed at the cheese for a good fifteen minutes, but some of it is still there. Any advice on how to get melted cheese out of a rug?

I feel bad, because my boyfriend really wanted some pizza. Should I try making homemade pizza for dinner tonight? I haven't made it in a long time. Or do you think I should make him homemade Oreo cookies instead?

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I'm having a discussion with someone right now. What is the correct way to write out these lyrics, with proper punctuation?

this heart, it beats
beats for only you

I think it's
This heart, it beats, beats for only you.

He thinks it's 
This heart. It beats, beats for only you.

Who is right? Are we both wrong?

What's for dinner? I'm starving.

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What was the last really good movie you saw?

Its almost movie night and I don't know what to rent.

We just rented Across The Universe and I loved it. Guess thats what happens when you grow up on The Beatles.
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my SO and i went to a housewarming party a couple of weeks ago for some friends of ours who recently moved into our apartment complex. we really liked how they decorated the place and especially liked this shelving piece they had in their dining room. since our apartments are similar in that they have very little cabinet/counter space, having the extra storage is helpful. we make do with our 2 bookcases, but they're mismatched.

my SO is very keen on these shelves, but i'm a little apprehensive. yeah, i think the piece is totally cool and would be great in our place, BUT...what if we invite them over to hang out and we've got the same thing? they know we don't have it now. i'm just worried it would be awkward.

is imitation just another form of flattery or is it simply being a copycat?

please hang up and try your call again

My cell phone number is only 1 digit different from a local Wal-Mart's number. Every time I get a Wal-Mart call, I think of funny things I could say or do, but never do them.

Is your number so similar to something else that you frequently get calls meant for them? What do callers usually ask for? How do you respond? Ever played along? Any funny stories to share?

(no subject)

What toppings (tomato, lettuce, oil, spices, etc.) usually go on a sub? Like, if you order one with everything, what do you usually get?
Is there a standard for this, or does every place do it differently?

(no subject)

Do you have an Albertson's card?

I don't and I just paid 18 bucks for laundry detergent :(

What is the point of these cards?  I don't get why it makes a difference or not if you have one to the stores...

I'm just sad for spending money.

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(no subject)

1. Where is leastlikely?

2. Does the inside of your mouth ever get really itchy? If you don't know what I'm talking about, your mouth is not itchy because this is kind of unbearable.

3. How important is kissing to you in a relationship? Do you ever find that, as time goes on, you kiss/make-out with your SO less?***

***Jesus, conversing with you people is like pulling teeth. Can you also tell me why you think it's important?

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Yesterday I had the misfortune of getting roped into seven different conference calls between 10am and 3pm.  I don't wish to repeat this in the future.  I prescribe to the Calvin and Hobbs attitude that "if you do a job bad enough, they won't ask you to do it again."  So, what should I do during my conference calls to keep from getting invited back?
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I had a nightmare last night that a tornado ripped the roof off my apartment and everything was destroyed and one of my kitties was missing. It made me super paranoid, so today I am updating my home inventory and taking pictures and getting serial numbers.

Leaving aside the panic factor and assuming you make it out alive and well, if disaster struck you in the next hour, how prepared would you be to deal with/recoup the material damages? Do you have insurance? Do you know how much your stuff is worth? Do you have your birth certificates in a safe deposit box somewhere? Or are you completely fucked?

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Hey guys and gals,

I have a ceramic tile clock that looks like this.  It fell off my wall a few months back and broken into large pieces and I have them all.  The clock still works and I'd like to glue it all back together but I was wondering if there was anything better then super glue that I could use. I was thinking of maybe a clear coat or something I could put over the top of it so I didn't have to glue every piece individually. Ideas?

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My IRL friends are gone and I have no one to ask for advice! Pls help, u guys :\
I kind of set myself up for something bad.
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How can I go, have a good time, and let him know my boundaries? I'm really bad at communicating, so dumb it down as much as you can for me, because I don't understand how to function in society.

Next time, I'll work on not getting myself into sticky situations. This round first, though.

Thanks Dr. TQC, Psy.D.
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Installing Windows on a Mac

I've been attempting to install Windows XP onto my Mac OSX. I have a cd that is supposed to allow me to do this, it says Microsoft Windows XP Professional, x64 Edition. However, when I run the cd I click Autorun and it says that the System Profiler can't run the cd. I accidentally clicked Open with and made the cd open with the System Profiler. Does anyone know which program I would have to run the cd with to make it work? I also installed Boot Camp since that's what my dad said I needed but it's not working. Is there another community I could ask this in if no one's sure of the answer?
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I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake.

If you were out shopping with your mom, and you remembered you need to pick up some condoms, would you buy them while she was there or wait until later?

What about, like, Monistat cream?


What other items can you think of that you would not buy in front of your mom?

Do you say the past tense of "text" as "texted" or "text"? I always hear people say "i text him..." but I say it as "i texted him..."

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Have  you ever taken those online surveys that offer to pay you?
Have you had any success? (Anything over $1 is success to my college-self)
Favorite sites?

I signed up for like Survey Club or something, and all the things I could get paid for required me to sign up on another website, buy something that I could cancel in 30 days, and THEN take an actual survey. I hope they are not all like this, I need some extra pocket cash at school, and even 20 bucks is a lifesaver.

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I want to order a Spotted Dog Sundae from the Outback Steakhouse, but that's all I want to get.

Is this some sort of restaurant faux pas? Should I order something else too, or just get the delicious desert? 

Thing is, I've already done this like 5 times... I'm just wondering if they have me on file there as "that weirdo who only gets desert" or something. And yes, I do realize that I probably am already known as "girl who orders off the kid's menu when she's 18". =(

(By the way, I do order full meals there sometimes. Their sundaes are just my favorite treat ever, so I'd like to know if it's okay to order just that without being out the expense of an entire meal...)

Thanks! ^_^
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(no subject)

My grandmother didn't give my dad his birth certificate until he was 27 and needed it for a job... and then she nagged him when he never returned it. And yes, he was married at the time.

Who has your ~important documents~ and how old are you?
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college dorms

I really want to transfer to a college out-of-state. How old is too old to live in a dorm? Do schools kick you out if you reach a certain age? Is it uncommon for someone who's over 21 to stay in a dorm?

Edit: Which school do you attend?
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(no subject)

When I sweat now, I think I smell like my husband. Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else? Do body scents just morph after living with someone so long? This shit is weird!

(no subject)

I'm 18 and  haven't had a period since november which isn't odd for me because i eat like shit and am just generally unhealthy but anywaysss my question is I want to go on birth control because i now have a bf and have sex regularly and just want to be prepared when it eventually does come back. But can I do this without having a period for that long?

Also I live in Canada and am wanting to go to a doctor without my rents knowing but I am under their health plan, will my visit show up on like a bill... or anything, I dont know how that works in Canada.. even though ive lived here all my life.



(no subject)

I made a hair appointment with a lady I've known for years. I told her I wouldn't get there until almost six, she said that was fine and she'd be there until closing. But when I got there at about 5:45 she had already left. The owner told me I was too late and nobody else could do my hair. I got pretty annoyed, but anyone I told this to said I was overreacting. Do I have the right to be annoyed about this?

I work in a small beauty supply store. There used to be eight of us working there, but three people quit suddenly. Now there are four people doing the work of eight, since the manager barely comes in anymore. In the past week, the manager's been written up three times for having the store so understaffed. Why won't she hire anyone? I want a life outside of work :(

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(no subject)

If someone you didn't know was observing you and your life, do you think that person would think you and your life or normal?

Do you think your life is normal?  Why or why not?
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(no subject)

So I just made an appointment for ten o' clock Tuesday with an advisor at the college to get registered for my classes. But fuck me, I forgot that I work Tuesday. My schedule's all wonky this week so I got confused. I work at eleven. My work is about ten minutes away from the college, I know what classes I need, the school has my scholarship info, my ACT scores, I've already been accepted, etc., you just have to do in person registration for incoming freshmen.

Edited for clarity: Should I go down and reschedule, or do you think I'm going to have enough time to do it that day? I'm not going to just decide not to go to school because I have to work.

ETA: Since my friends found out that I can get them into the movie free if we go together, they keep asking me to take them. :( Is this rude, yes or no?

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2) I've been searching everywhere on facebook, but I cannot find the 'limited profile' option anymore. I'm aware you can customize your privacy settings under the privacy tab and adjust who can view your profile/what parts, but there used to be under the limited profile that you could make it so that specific people couldn't read notes you've written, etc.
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TQC, Today while driving to my moms, I had to pull over to the side of the road to puke. I had not felt well yesterday either, and then when I got to my moms, I thought I was feeling a bit better, if not a tiny bit queasy, ate a sandwich and then just a few minutes ago puked everything up again.

What in gods name is wrong with me?

When's the last time you pulled a muscle while pukeing?

Baking bread!

Hopefully someone knows an answer here - I need one quick!

I'm in the middle of baking bread, it's my first loaf I've ever made not in a bread machine. Well, I'm at the stage where the bread is in the bread pan, and is rising (estimated to be an hour until being put in the oven). But I just got called into work!! I'll be there for three hours. Will it be okay if it sits that long before it gets put into the oven? :-\

(no subject)

1) Will you show me a picture of you and your best friend?  I'm kind of hoping this won't cue 8 million LOOK AT MY SIGNIFICANT OTHER  responses, but hell.

2) What was the last big thing you did together?

3) What makes them awesome?

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Hey U.S. TQC'ers!

Poll #1232983 Who are you voting for?

Hillary Clinton supporters, who are you voting for?

Barack Obama
John McCain
I'm writing in Hillary
I'm voting third party.
I'm not voting.
Where's the goddamn ticky?!

Do you think the people who are writing Hillary Clinton in, not voting, or proudly "voting against" Barack Obama by voting for John McCain are making a point or just butthurt?
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Do you have a pest problem in your house?

Do you have any good proven ways to get rid of ants?

If you came home and found a shitton of ants crawling all over your toothbrush, what would you do? Would you use said toothbrush again?

(no subject)

I've looked in my pockets, my purse, under the couch cushions, in the fridge, freezer, and all the kitchen cabinets, and every other place I can think of.

Where's my phone, TQC?

EDIT:  Thanks all!  It was behind the couch cushion (I only looked under).

Kiss and Tell

1. Who do you want to share a passionate kiss with?

2. What makes a kiss, a perfect kiss?

3. What was the name of your first girlfriend/boyfriend? Where were you during the first kiss?

4. Do you have a horrible kissing story? If so, will you share the details?
Take a Look

(no subject)

For a while now, I've really wanted to get a tattoo to honor my dad. After a pretty bad scare about his eyesight/health a few days ago, it's been kicked into high gear.

So, do you think a knight on a horse is too Freudian for a tattoo honoring your father?

Not to get too personal here, but he's saved me from a lot of situations when I was little, so I've always seen him as my knight in shining armor, coming to save the day.

Do you have any tattoos honoring your parents?

Thanks, guys!
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old dominion and old undies...

1. I grew up mostly in Virginia Beach, Virginia. All my life I didn't think of Virginia as a southern state. MidAtlantic? Yes. South? No. But I've been told time and time again that Virginia is a southern state.

So, is Virginia part of the South? Yes or No?

And what makes a state southern or not?

I ask this because most of my friends call Virginia MidAtlantic but West Virginia southern even though WV is more northern than VA.

2. There was an auction for Queen Victoria's bloomers. If you had won the auction, what would you do with them? What could you do with them?
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tqc i'm going to worlds of fun this weekend! ohmigod it's going to be awesome!

do you prefer amusement parks, or water parks?

either way, what is your favorite ride?

(besides my mom, okay)
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What would you do if your big chain company grossly overpaid you on a pay cheque?....say a $1000 more than what you were supposed to get.

Would you report it to your work?  Or keep your mouth shut and hope that they don't notice?
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help, tips for waxing

So i'm waxing my legs for the first and ow it hurts..and not all the hair is coming out...so what could I be doing wrong?

(I'm using veet warm wax..perhaps I didn't warm it up enough? or vice versa..does that even affect it somehow?)
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1. Should I be afraid to take a 45 minute bus ride on Sunday? Will I be stabbed and beheaded by a robot-man? I'm freaking scared.

2. How much American money should I save to have a week long vacation in Paris next summer, taking into consideration that I love to shop?

3. Did you have a good day?

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how good are you at 'name that song games'? how about this one? A guy is riding his horse, and stops at a cantina to be with a girl (rosalita/rose-something), then some bad guy is coming, and he has to get out of there...so he rides off, but is shot (in the back maybe?) and ends up dying in her arms. I can't for the life of me think of it, and it's driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!

ETA: nevermind the song, my mom figured it out! Marty Robbins - El Paso
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Have you ever heard of a way to recycle car keys? I have a bunch to get rid of and I was hoping I could do something more useful with them than throw them out. I thought maybe the metal could be melted to make new things?


My mother's class of five year olds have to sing a song along with a cd, of any song after 1950s. Mum wants something boppy. And of course, the lyrics have to be appropriate for 5 year olds to be singing, and not too hard to sing. What would you suggest?

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Whats your favorite username you use currently on any website/forum/service? How about past glories?

I currently use BIGPENIS on hulu. back in the day I had I have Sars and I have AIDS on aol. good times.

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Have you ever found a name in your cell phone address book and not remembered who that person is?

Have you ever called the number to find out?

I just found an unfamiliar name.  I thought about calling it but I hesitated because I didn't know what to expect.  I deleted the number but now I wish I had called because I'm sort of curious.  =\


Reality TV

1. Do you watch any reality TV shows?

2. What reality TV shows would you like to see culled?

3. Would you ever go on reality TV? Do you know anyone who has?

4. Is reality TV making us dumber?

5. If you could make up a reality TV show, what would it be? Non srs answers appreciated.

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Q:What is your favorite quote/saying/expression? and why is it your favorite?

MY A: my sister once said to me when we were younger "Don't let your dreams be dreams, babygirl, hope is just a void of reality based on the future" I don't know why its my favorite, just kinda stuck with me.

Q: What is your favorite flavor of kool-aid?

MY A: watermelon and cherry

Q: What is your favorite late night snack?

MY A: popcorn
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on a scale of 1 (i love them) to 10 (they make me burn with a fiery rage), how do you feel about voice-automated telephone customer service menus?


and what time do you think you'll go to bed tonight?

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 Does anybody think the human race is consistently getting stupider and stupider and are the stupid people having more and more babies until all of the smart is bred out of us?
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Is there any way to whiten your teeth if you have a filling?

I bought Crest Whitestrips but they don't whiten dental work because it's not tooth enamel. I have a filling on my front tooth and don't know what to do to whiten that too. I drink tons of tea so my teeth are pretty stained and I'm going to use the Crest Whitestrips to take care of that, but it might look funny. haha.
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Sobe vs. Vitamin Water

I am about to crack open a bottle of Sobe Life Water....

How many have tried it and liked it?
I have tried it a few times, and found it DISGUSTING. im trying again, because this is lemon balm and chamomile.  I lloovvee chamomile tea, and lemon witht hat sounds good.  I can only hope this stuff is good.

I love V.Water more than regular water itself.  Though it could be bad for me [so I've heard...] with so many vitamin's and what not.  Anyway, my fave is dragon fruit. :) hehe. What's yours...if you like it?

Had any bad experiences with any of this stuff?? Do share. 
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Dear alloftheinternet tech support, aka TQC,

Why will youtube not play videos for me? I press play and it shows about 2 seconds of video, pauses, loads the video and then does... NOTHING. What gives?

Have you read JPod by Douglas Coupland? What did you think of him including himself as a character in the book? Will you recommend similar type books not written by Coupland?
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Ridesharing on the Web

Greetings unto those all-encompassing seekers of knowledge, the Question Club. 

I'm involved with a historical society (the Society for Creative Anachronism, for those that know it) that hosts events across the United States every weekend. We have members in every state and with the rise in gas prices, a lot of our membership has turned to ridesharing to save money. I want to bring this process to the Web 2.0.  I'm looking for a website that allows people to coordinate this effort. Basically, one could click on an event and then list the car spaces they have available or get in touch with people who have a space they need.

My question is: Has anyone seen a website or webapp that facilitiates this purpose? (Or anybody good with AJAX and wanna toss something together? =p) Thanks in advance!

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So, TQC, say today is your birthday.

When asked by your parents what you want for your birthday, you respond with "I don't know". When the day comes, you recieve no gifts because you didn't tell anyone what you wanted, despite not knowing or needing anything.

Are you allowed to be depressed and disappointed that you didn't get gifts on your birthday, or annoyed that they couldn't think of anything to get you without you telling them? Or is it your own damn fault for not coming up with something for them to buy?