July 30th, 2008

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I've been with my boyfriend for more than two years and honestly can't remember the last time we've 'made out'. It irritates me! I've told him it bothers me and all that jazz, and he just laughs. Sex is fabulous, I mean we kiss then. But whenever he leans over to kiss me I feel like I'm five years old getting some little peck.

What shall I do?

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okay. this is probably really silly and annoying, but i need your help. my sister is coming up here in a few days and we brainstormed the BEST idea for a photoshoot ever--intentional myspace pictures/poses. exaggerated ones, of course. i'm talking like, DIRECTLY overhead, photoshopped the hell out of, etc etc.

so, TQC lovelies, would you post pictures that are in a cliched myspace pose or fashion? if you don't have any pictures to share, do you want to describe them for me?

this is the small list so far:
-the "i'm so gangster" peace sign with the pursed lips
-the picture from overhead
-the running mascara with a photoshopped fall out boy lyric about crying (done in black and white, of course)
-picture taken in a mirror where we can politely excuse our dirty bathroom mirrors
-some picture where the "oopsie daisy! did i do that?" hand in front of the mouth picture
-something where we've played "dress up" and put on loads of makeup

there have got to be a ton more. help?
maybe i'll put them all in a flickr account somewhere and then update it here.

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I sent out like 50 cards about 3 weeks ago. I'm pretty sure I put the wrong postage on about 45 of them. I had left over stamps from a while back and totally forgot about the price increase. I sent the 45 out and then went and got 5 extra stamps and it hit me.

So, if you put the wrong postage on something, do they send it back to you or toss them? I haven't gotten any back so either they were sent or they threw them away. I'm worried. :-(

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1, so after months of hearing mysterious phone noises, i realized that my phone beeps once at midnight. why did pantech think that was a good idea? does your phone beep at midnight?

2, how far back do you read TQC when you know you have lots of unread posts? what about your friends page? is TQC on your friends page?

3, when did you last shower?

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I bought a Crazy Glue Home & Office Pen today so that I could fix a small rubber pad that has fallen off of my cell phone. I took the green lid off and depressed the tip, as it says to do in the instructions, but nothing is coming out. It says that you're not supposed to cut or pierce the tip in any way, so that's not it.

Any clever ideas, TQC? Barring any sort of breakthrough, I'm just going to return it tomorrow and get a normal tube of superglue.

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Is finding a roommate/place to live on Craigslist sketchy?

Where did you find YOUR roommate?

On a scale of 1-10 how scary is moving out of your mom's house for the first time?

ETA: What sort of things should one look for in an apartment?
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A couple people have requested caps of the feminist bahleetion from earlier, and I have the window open, but my capping efforts have failed thus far. I tried a program that goes to the website and captures it, but since the post got deleted it can't be accessed. There must be a way, but my google-fu is lacking tonight. Help in the name of lulz?
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It is way too early to be contemplating Halloween?

My mother just shook her head at me when I mentioned it today. I have my costume planned, and the ex and I are brainstorming already for the party we are having and sent out preemptive myspace invites.

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Am I the only one wishing that Christian Coulson would have returned for the 6th Harry Potter film? I'm not sure how he's doing now, but he was a cutie in Chamber of Secrets.

If you're not into Harry Potter,
What is your favorite comedy film atm?
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This is a stupid question but it's been driving me insane.
What film/tv show is this quote from?
"Why did you kill <insert name here>? I <i>liked</i> Good Times!"

I think it's a guy that said it.

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1) What is the name of that religion of that case that was all over the news recently. About a bunch of people who basically inbreed, the husbands have like 6 wifes, and they force the young girls to marry older men and have babies...and they live on some compound. I'm sorry I'm being so brief. It was all over CNN not too long ago

2) I'm going to a concert in about a week and a half with a friend who is no good for me. She's a good person, and she means well but...well I've been in treatment for 7 months for an eating disorder, and this girl is OBSESSED with my weight. She doesn't have an ED herself, but everytime I've seen her she ALWAYS talks about my weight, and she picks on herself for her weight. I'm thinking that it would probably be a good idea NOT to spend my time with someone who is obsessed with my weight (and hers) while I'm in treatment trying to shift my focus in life.

How can I get out of going with her? What are some good excuses? I still do wanna go to the concert, just not with her. I've tried to get in touch with her, but she hasn't gotten back to me. Would it be a good idea to just not contact her anymore and hope she just forgot?

3) How do you deal with an overly quizzicle parent? My mother over analyzes everything I do! If I go out, she'll call my phone if I'm not home within say an hour. I recently told her I wanna get my passport, she thinks I'm up to no good because I wanna get my passport. If someone calls me or txts me, she demands to know who it was, etc. It's driving me up the wall!
Kill Bill - Elle
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The internet on Firefox keeps giving out. The cable box is all lit up, and I can still use AIM perfectly fine. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Help?! D:
It's been doing this for two days now. Or just getting really slow.

What was your last major annoyance?

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If you suddenly had to go through life completely bald for the rest of your days, would you get a wig?

Why or why not?

If you would, would you get a wig that resembled your own hair or would you jazz it up a bit and get something completely different?

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Ok TQC...a tl;dr, but no one is up right now to gimme advice, and I'm looking for it!

Backstory: At my old job I was "dating" one of my co-workers (by "dating" I mean just sleeping with). He had a girlfriend. I knew this (I know, bad me), and I knew all there was between us was just sex, nothing more, nor did I want more. Well, we had made plans 2 months in advance to go over to the states for the weekend and go see a concert. I booked the time off work, bought the tickets for the concert ($250 for both), and about a week before we were supposed to leave our work schedules were posted, and sure enough he was scheduled in the weekend we were supposed to go. I was LIVID over this. Not only did he screw over my vacation days, but I was also out of $250 in concert tickets I couldn't use cause it was too late to find someone else to go. He just had no balls to tell me he changed his mind about going, so he just dragged it out.

Well, I was talking to an old co-worker tonight and she said to me: "What happened between you and Dave, I heard so many rumors"...so I said "I'll tell u, but I wanna hear what people said first (in case the rumors were something totally different)". She told me that from what she heard was that I had this idea that there was more going on between us than there was (like I thought we were in love), and I had planned a surprise weekend getaway and he shot me down and I was devasted.

I am basically LIVID that I'm being portrayed as some dumb woman who is lovestruck with the man she's having an affiar with, and as a woman who plans secret romantic getaways. lol, this wasn't secret...we planned it 2 months in advance! And I knew the whole time all it was, was sex

So, TQC...my question is: Should I confront him about this? Obviously this is his way of saving his ego and pride, with mine at stake. I'm contemplating just sending him a message on facebook about it (I dont have him on my friends list). But would it seem weird to confront someone about this almost a year later? It's really bugging me now!

Also, if I send someone a message and they're not on my friends list or in my networks, will they be able to view my profile? I thought I read somewhere if u send someone a message they can view your profile for up to 30 days.

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I want to order some tickets from ticketmaster and use the will call option. When I go pick them up, do I have to present a receipt, or just the order #? I don't have a working printer right now so I want to make sure before I order anything. Also, does ticketmaster email you a receipt?
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Do you do drugs and if so, what's your drug of choice? I'm pretty anti-drug in a lot of cases, but I do smoke weed and I'm also a cigerette smoker and occasional drinker . . . I refuse to do any harder drugs, mostly out of pure fear of the consequences due to overdose or interaction with my Paxil.

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It's a little slow today, so I'll throw some stuff out.

1. What's your favorite funny-sounding word?

2. Who's your favorite prince or princess from fairytales?

3. What does your favorite color say about you, in your opinion?

4. If you had $5 right now, what would you do with it?
Beast mode!

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Do you have a camera or camera phone with you right now?

Would you like to do a photo scavenger hunt?

In the room you are currently in can you find (and photograph and share) the following items?
a. A coffee mug
b. The number 30
c. The foot of a person who is not you.
d. Anything related to a sport.
e. An advertisement.
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How did you find/get your last job?

Have you ever worked in an environment where your political views contrasted to those of your coworkers?  Was this a problem?  How did it make you feel?

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Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) is proposing to end the penalty for carrying fewer than 100 grams of pot (almost a QP).

1) Have you ever had a beer or mixed drink during lunch?

2) If pot was legal would you burn one during lunch?

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So the stress of apartment hunting is getting to me - and now I've realized that living off campus is going to be even more expensive than the dorms.

Will you tell me all the good things about  living off campus to make me feel better?

Unrelated: Is there anything your dog WON'T eat?


The most beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous, sexy, pretty, handsome etc. etc. etc. guy just came into my work.
He barely spoke English, from what I gather, he is from Poland/Holland (one of the two) and he needs to be my future husband.

How do I snag me a European?

Tell me your random love/crush stories please?

-I have a crush on every single UPS guy I meet.  I can't help it.  I WANT THEIR BODIES.

ETA:  I should have taken his picture, and made an iron-on of his face onto my pillow!


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1)In your area, does summer have different phases?

Yes, now it's dry summer- where leaves are falling off the trees because it's almost 100 degrees, with no rain.

2) do you ever miss things you want to photograph?

yes, I wanted to take a photo of the no walmart sign near my neighborhood, but today it's gone.
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What are your favorite songs/albums to excercise to?
What bands do you love recomending to people?
If you could see any act in concert before you die, who would it be?

What do you know about (American) football that you can tell me? Do you play fantasy football?

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1. What is a word everyone should know? Please give a definition.

2. What is the last word you learned? *Wag* a humorous person, a wit. Thank you Mom.

3. What was the last random act of kindness that you gave or received?
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Table for two

You know how when you make reservations at a restaurant, they sometimes ask you if it's for a special occasion? What do they do differently when it is for a special occasion?

ETA: I realise each restaurant is different. Work with me here.
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If someone told you they had "chicken salad" for lunch (not "a chicken salad" just "chicken salad") which would you assume they meant?

a normal salad with chicken on it.
the chopped chicken concoction often used on sandwiches.
I would assume they meant something else.
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My hair looks terrible and I'm going out tonight. It's about a centimetre long, hasn't been cut since I shaved my head bald (so it's a little fluffy,) and is my natural brown.

Will it spike if I put gel in it?
What else can I do with it?

EDIT: eheheheheh, It's really more like an inch long. I think I know what I'm going to do, thanks. ^_^v

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Let's say you have identical twin boys. They're 2 years old. For your job you have to carry around a clipboard all day, and inside is a picture of one of the boys. Would you feel like you're ripping the other one off or would you not mind it because they're identical?

(Just asking cause my coworker is apparently fine with this and I would feel weird not having a picture of both of them.)
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Have you ever sold anything on ebay? If so, what was the most you sold something for and what was it? DO you have any tips for generating more bids on your stuff?

Would you sleep with a boss in order to get ahead?
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I'm 19, 105 lbs, 5'2 and wear a size 6-7 pants.
My little sister is 11, 140 lbs, 5'4 and wears a 15.

Anyone else have some weird physical differences with your siblings?

Also, what's your "I feel awesome" outfit?
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Will you post a picture of your home as seen from Google's Streetview (go to Google Maps, type in your address and then click on the streetview button, if it's available)?

I know I posted yesterday asking about where you keep your spare key but I'm not trying to stalk you. Honestly. I'll post my own just to be fair.
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Give a dog a home

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Poll #1232292 Blast from the past

Which of these shows do you remember when they were ORIGINALLY aired?

Wild n Crazy Kids
Salute Your Shorts
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Clarissa Explains It All
Fun House
I'm Telling!
A Different World
3-2-1 Contact
Mr. Wizard
Captain Kangaroo
What Would You Do?
You Can't Do That On Television


The Adventures of Pete & Pete
Land of the Lost
Swan's Crossing
The Wonder Years
Kill Bill - Elle
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Will post a picture of yourself from a year or two ago and a picture of yourself recently so we may compare and reflect on the evolution of your appearance?
real men read

I swear...

Are you a person who curses/cusses/swears/whatever?

Would you say you do so more or less than average or an average amount?

Is your use or non-use of such words philosophical or habitual?

Do the people around you or your location make you censor yourself?

If you're not, or you are but are at work or around children, what words do you use instead?
I just closed a window that I didn't want to close and the word "frug" came out. Wtf, brain? Frug? That's what inspired the question(s).


Yesterday, whilst driving, my husband and I were listening to Cake's Nugget and wondering if we had ever said STFU to a person in real life.

So, have you?
Like for real, not in a joking manner?
And, did they?

Also, we were trying to decide which word deserved the most emphasis for true joy and effectiveness.

SHUT the fuck up.
Shut THE fuck up. (haha)
Shut the FUCK up.
Shut the fuck UP.

What is your choice?

(I like FUCK and UP, personally.)

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Do you have any real hobbies?

I used to do tons of arts and crafts as a kid, when I was in high school I played guitar and trombone. Right now all I really do is schoolwork and watch tv in my spare time and it's depressing. Hobbies are exciting! I bake a lot and while that's fun, I'm kind of broke and my thighs are expanding, so I need some other ideas. I am also considering taking up golf because apparently it's what people in my line of work do (engineering), so once I graduate I'm going to need to impress someone, haha, and it's kinda fun too!
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Is it possible (and by possible I'm not meaning 'can I get some dipshit with a sharpened knitting needle to do it in his parents' basement') to get a piercing done with a retainer put in instead of jewellery? So you have that in for the healing period, then swap it out for jewellery once it's healed.

Edit: Specifically, I'm thinking about a lip piercing.
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So I came home today to find that my boyfriend bought me a cello. Cue shock, etc. He says there are more birthday gifts to come (my birthday's in early September, but he'll be in France then) and that one common thing between them all is that they all "result in paper" somehow. The cello results in paper because of books, sheet-music, etc., as he said in a note he left with it.

What else is coming?

Totes srs answers only, yanno.
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1. Where is thatbitchfiona?

2. When you were a kid, were you allowed to drink soda and eat junk food, or were you parents kind of controlling about your eating habits? How would you compare you childhood diet to the things you (voluntarily, I assume) eat now?

To give or not to give

I just bought a house and have lived here for a few weeks. We got a card in the mail from a woman who lives on my block, but that I have never met. She is a representative from the American Red Cross and is asking if we would like to donate. I have asked some people I know and they say $5 or $10 is sufficient, which I don't mind. But I am getting mixed signals on if I should give to her or not. One person says no, because she will start to expect our continued support. One person says yes, it can't hurt. We are having a party in 2 weeks and planned on a dropping a flyer to our new neighbors to come over. I don't want people to think I am a bitch, but I don't want them to nag me either.

What should I do?

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There's this luxury car commercial I saw on ESPN about a month ago. I can't remember the car...my hunch is that it was an Infiniti commercial. The things I remember about the commercial: there was a scene of people dancing in a club, and the music throughout the entire commercial sounded like dance/trance. The ambience was very stylish.

Can anyone help me out, please??
Resident Evil: Afterlife: Rain Ocampo

This is going to seem really stupid but...

Does anyone know what command allows you to type in the iPhoto program for a Mac? I just got a Mac OSX laptop for college and I'm still learning the controls.

Edit: I wanted to be able to type on pictures which is why I'm asking. I'm looking to edit the icon that I'm using to post this entry with and I didn't want to have to transfer it to my flashdrive then to the family computer then have to transfer it back.

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Poll #1232463 Dealbreaker...or No Dealbreaker?

For each of these choices, you're dating someone new. You guys get along swimmingly, and it's the third date when he/she drops this bombshell. You haven't slept together yet. Which of these conversational items would make you break it off?

"There's something a little unusual about me...I have a small tail"
"My parents keep bugging me about giving them grandkids if I want to stay in the will. Um, no pressure or anything. I won't get cut out until 2010"
"You may think I'm crazy, but I'm starting to wonder if I'm a werewolf. Around the full moon, I have these blackouts..."
"Know what's really hot? Two girls/guys (whatever sex you are) hooking up. Have you ever kissed your own gender? Recently? Would you do it again?"
"I'm kind of between residences right now. I'm sleeping on my buddy Chris' couch, until I can save up enough money for an apartment"
"I'm so stoked. I scored a prettiest eightball last night. Oh, I never asked, do you like drugs?"
"My therapist wants to meet you. I've told her everything about you"
"Just out of curiosity, how do you feel about L.Ron Hubbard?"
"I have no friends. You're like the only person I ever hang out with"
"It's the third date. Just so you know, by the time this night's through, neither of us can say we're celibate"
"No no no. I'm not a skinhead. I'm an ex-skinhead. Those 8 years are a part of my past. I haven't been tempted to commit a hate crime in a long time now"
"Um...I have a little son. I never told you about him before because I wasn't sure how you'd take it. He's at home now"
"I've had a restraining order pressed against me. My ex did it. It was all a misunderstanding. I wasn't stalking him/her. I just wanted to talk"
"Just so you won't be alarmed later, I have a tattoo on my hip of my ex's face and name. It's kinda big. We're so over it's not even funny, so don't be threatened"
Pretty much, in the conversation, this person says how they found your livejournal, facebook, MySpace, photobucket and any other thing on the internet. How did they find out? You didn't tell him/her a thing though

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I have itunes money!
However, I don't know what to buy!
Suggestions? Please?

ETA: I like the weepies, new pornographers, the hush sound, and the submarines, if you need a reference.
DW - Those who doubt

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1. I'm yawning through data entry. Would it be a productive us of my time to go through my tub of paperclips and throw out the rubbish ones?

2. Have you ever changed your handwriting on purpose, for fun?

3. What shows (new or otherwise) do you plan to be watching in the coming season?

4. What's your favourite funny blog?

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You're 18 years old.
You have just been found guilty of first degree murder.
Guilt is inconsequential.
There is no changing your fate.
The only positive spin...
You get to choose your own punishment.

So, what shall it be?

The rest of your natural life making the best of it behind bars?
You live to be 90 and die peacefully in your cell.


Death Penalty.
You spend a few years in solitary, repenting (or not)
Then... the sweet relief of death.
Rescuing you from the torment and loneliness of prison life.
Living every day with the knowledge that you will never be free again?

Beneficial or not?

I belong to a community here on LJ called "driveforlife" (yeah, I suck at making the link thingies). If you're not familiar with it - they arrange for the transport of animals (mostly dogs and cats) from a foster home, a shelter, etc. to another foster home, shelter or permanent home. These transports often go through several states and the legs of the trips are generally broken up into 1 hour increments. So, one trip could have 10 legs where the animals are removed from one vehicle and put into another. And, they sometimes require overnight stays at someone's house.

I've only ever been able to volunteer for 1 and that was for a duck, but it was cancelled.

Do you think this sort of thing is beneficial for the animals? As in, at least they're going somewhere safe?

Or, do you think it's something that's more detrimental to the animals considering the stress that these transports can put on them?

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1) How much time would you approximate you spend online daily?
2) What are your favorite websites to visit?
3) How much television do you approximate you watch daily?
4) What are your favorite shows to watch?
5) How much time do you approximate you spend outside daily?
6) What are your favorite outdoor activities?
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Should I bother registering to vote, or voting?

Edit: I didn't mean to upset anyone with this question, I'm sincerely asking if it would make a difference whether or not I voted. I've looked into the candidates and I've followed the election with keen interest. I know who I would vote for, even though I find all of them unfit for the job, I have picked a candidate who seems to be the lesser of evils. I don't know if registering to vote is just an excuse to assign jury duty, or if my vote will impact the election.

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do you consider "youlda" to be a legitimate word (though perhaps not one in the dictionary)? as in, a contraction of "you would have?"

edit: just to clarify, a legitimate word in the sense that people use it in everyday vernacular, not necessarily a word that is grammatically correct.

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If you could make a new family for yourself out of TV characters/people on TV (Whatever time period)...who'd be in your new family?

Grandma would definitely be Sophia Petrillo
Tim Gunn would be my gay Uncle
Fran Fine would be my annoying Mother
Ricky Ricardo would be my hooked up show biz Dad
and Mary Richards & Rhoda Morgenstern would be my sisters

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guys what cable/internet provider do you have? how much do you pay?

Any thoughts about verizon in particular?


who is on your list- the five celebrities you are allowed to have sex with, no questions asked

Stupid question.

How do you accept money via paypal? I know that they send it via paypal and I can transfer it to my bank account which takes a few days, but I can't find anywhere on the site how much it costs. Someone needs to pay me $400. How much will it cost me for them to send it to me? I'm building it into the price. 

I have had a verified account since 2001; I just have only used it to send money, not receive.


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What mood are you in?
What put you in this mood?

What was the last impulsive thing you did?

any current obsessions?

how should I decorate my notebooks for school? I'm going to do a jokerfied one, and a me and Stephen one that says "friend of the show", but what else?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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 Well TQC, I just took my math exam. I had to get a 53% to get a B, and I did at least 25/40 questions without hesitation and only guessed on 4 answers (the others I whittled down and were more logical choices than flat-out picking one, A-E), so odds are good in my favor.

How do I celebrate getting this epic burden off my chest? What do I do with this godawful textbook that actually did not help me at all?
Bailey and I

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Does anyone know of any coffee shops (or stores) or really, anywhere that has decaf frapps pref. caramel or vanilla??

I am in seriously craving. The starbucks near my house USED to have them, but they've been replaced by this orange chocolate thinger and fruit flavored things... And I am SAD.

Anybody got any ideas??
Purple Forest

"Classic" Disney Movies

What classic disney movie have you not seen?

I haven't seen (bolded only):

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
Saludos Amigos
The Three Caballeros
Make Mine Music
Fun And Fancy Free
Melody Time
The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad
Alice In Wonderland (no I haven't seen it)
Peter Pan
Lady And The Tramp
Sleeping Beauty
101 Dalmatians
The Sword In The Stone
The Jungle Book
The Aristocats
Robin Hood
The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh
The Rescuers
The Fox And The Hound
The Black Cauldron
The Great Mouse Detective
Oliver & Company
The Little Mermaid
The Rescuers Down Under
Beauty And The Beast
The Lion King
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Mulan *best Disney movie ever in my opinion*
The Emperor's New Groove
Atlantis: The Lost Empire *pretty good too*
Lilo And Stitch
Treasure Planet
Brother Bear
Home On The Range

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i'm about to order food, but i need to order something with my burger to meet the delivery minimum. i'll get whichever is in the lead at 7:00 my time, which is in 13 minutes.

which should i get?

broccoli bites
breaded mushrooms

edit: broccoli bites it is. feel free to keep voting, though.

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Will you comment with your most recently tagged picture added by others on facebook and/or myspace?

If you do not have a facebook or myspace, then just comment with whatever the hell you want or go to hell.
It's your choice.

ETA: Collapse )
Typing Monkey

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Anybody want to play 20 Questions?

I'm thinking of an animal. - Skunk (winner: colbertican)
Now I'm thinking of a vegetable. - Brussel Sprouts (winner: colbertican)
Last one: I'm thinking of a mineral. - Salt (winner: adelaidejewel)

If you want to join/keep playing, make up your own!

If not, do you watch "I Survived a Japanese Gameshow"? I'm watching it now, on ABC.com. It's crazy!

yes. a poll about jon & kate, because they are awesome.

of all jon & kate's kids, which is your favorite?

oh, how i wish i knew which one i liked best
all the kids blow
all kids in general blow

if you watch AND enjoy it, which things do you get a kick out of?

Mady flipping out over nothing
Kate flipping out over nothing
Jon becoming emasculated by constant henpecking
Joel acting like different animals
any kind of field trip
the shows where each kid gets to spend the day with mom & dad by themselves
jon & kate getting interviewed on the couch
mady & cara getting interviewed on the couch
when the kids get into mischief doing something like CHEWING GUM
when its time for the kids to eat--MAYHEM!
every day with the gosselins is special
something else that i will remind you about in comments!
i have no idea what you are talking about
omg, i hate the gosselins
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I'm going out tonight, but I'm going to be in a skirt, so it might be embarrassing. I'm going to the gay sector, though, so there's not really any basis for my embarrassment.

Should I go early and eat something real, or should I save my ego and go a little later, eating something quick instead?

Edit: It's pretty obvious that I have a penis.

Dirty minds over matter

Can I pull down your pants...from the clothesline? I think it might rain

Then, can I yank down your panties...from where it got stuck in the top of the dryer? I don't want them to shrink

After that, may I want lick your hole..., because, those donuts you made look really delectable?

When my mouth is all messy, can I enter you...slowly...into my cell phone? I can't type as fast with one hand, you see

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If you're working: what's your job? What do you like about it? Dislike?

If you're in college/university/whatever: What do you major & minor in? How do you like it, and what do you plan on doing after graduating?

Should I take Spanish or Russian as a new language? I live in Europe.

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Are vests in or out of style?

I missed the belted shirt trend by a year, I don't want to fuck this one up, too.

eta: I like wearing mine with plain white tank tops. What else could I do with them that would be a little more interesting?

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What would cause a TV show to not transfer from ITunes to your iPod? I have an episode of a tv show that won't transfer, it's an MPEG4 file, and I'm not sure what else to check.


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Alright here I have a little problem that's been going on for awhile.

There's this guy at school I like, and I've liked him for a long time, and it seems that he likes me back. He's extremely cute, good at sports, and a real smooth talker to the ladies. Which makes it hard to seem whether he's a player or not. It turned out he had a girlfriend, I asked him about it and he said that doesn't matter she doesn't have to know and that he could love the both of us. I didn't know what to think, so I just let it be. My best friend eventually got a crush on him to, and he kept flirting with her like he did with me, and also told her he loved her. We were in a rivalry for a couple of months but then she got an online bf and broke it off with my crush.

*Flash forward a few months later to the summer.*

All three of us, me, my crush, and my BFF are attending summer school. There's a new girl at school that arrived at towards the end of the year. This girl........... I seriously don't know what's wrong with her. She claims to be a lesbian, but then the first person she starts clinging onto is my crush. I'm not kidding here she follows him EVERYWHERE. She even came to our classroom and started staring out in the window at him 0_0 it kinda freaked me out, and I didn't know what to do. She doesn't have any other friends and she's like scary clingy to him, she insists that he be with her 24/7 with no other people but the two of them. And she follows him around like a puppy dog.

Surprisingly, he ALLOWS it, and has stopped spending time with me like he used to and now he's always with her. She *claims* she's a lesbian but I"m not convinced. And to top it off, he spends all his free time with her, and no time with me, yet he seems to get the idea that he has free access to my body and keeps on touching me all over, and to tell you the truth I feel sorta uncomfortable with that. I mean I feel like a whore, or I'm just some cheap meat. My BFF has started liking him again as well, but for some reason the new girl is extremely bitchy to any other girls that go near him, and she's started being bitchy to me and my BFF. Not only that, yesterday in the hallway it might have been my imagination, but I heard them talking and I heard my name and I think the girl asked about me and I think I heard him say, "Don't worry, I hate her.'' 0_0 It could have just been my imagination but seriously THIS coming from a guy that constantly touches me and flirts with me. And then I think I heard at the end of the day when he was walking her home(The way he used to walk ME home.) I think I heard him say while I was just passing by, "Don't worry, she's gone now.'' *Sigh* I don't know maybe I'm just being paranoid here. Livejournal users, please help me out here with this situation. What do you think of all this?

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I have $51 in store credit at Coach. I'm never gonna use it; how much should I sell it for? (ETA: how much less should i sell it for, you sillies! of course no one would pay more than 51 for it!)

Anyone else getting this when trying to get on facebook (home page)?
ETA: NM, it's working now. At least we know the URL to the error page, I guess.

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What song was I going to download yesterday? I had it in my head, and then I forgot to download it, and I went to download it just now and promptly forgot what song it is. It is driving me crazy.


ETA: I REMEMBERED. It was "In Your Eyes." And I didn't download it, because I already have it. But now I am going to download "Sledgehammer," which I somehow did not have.

Thank you for playing.

Shark Week

1. Why does shark week start at 4:00 pm instead of in the morning?

2. Have you ever watched A Haunting? Why would the discovery channel ever show A Haunting instead of Shark Week?


What kind of bird is
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Edit: Okay, so what do I do with said bird? It's been sitting on top of my car for the last hour... it appears as thought it's domesticated; it can't fly (wings are clipped, I assume) and it has the bands on it's feet. I tried calling Animal Control and they don't "deal with birds."

robot love

farewell and adieu...

i'm watching jaws on a&e and they showed a scene that i swear to god that in all the hundreds of times i've seen this movie i've never seen. the crazy captain quint walks into a music store to buy piano wire, and freaks out a kid playing the clarinet by obnoxiously humming along with the song the kid is playing.

tqc, have you ever seen this scene?

ETA: What other phantom scenes have appeared in movies you've seen on tv?

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So I have a Macbook but my dad made a comment about how the screen is so small yesterday... I've been using it as my regular computer while home for the summer instead of my desktop. So this morning he went out to BestBuy and bought me a flat widescreen monitor. Anyways, I just tried hooking it up but the cable plug thing doesn't fit into any of the Macbook things.

I suck with technology stuff, so TQC please help me! Do I need to buy an additional cable or something for it to become compatible?
[Outlander] say could that lass be I

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Why won't my voice posts work? My PIN is right, it says it's posting at the end of the call before Frank the Goat thanks me for using the service.

So why won't it post D:

EDIT: It finally posted 20 minutes later.