July 29th, 2008

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1. In what situations are you afraid of the dark?

2. How do you feel about moths?

3. I'm really hungry and nothing here looks appealing. I want to go to the store but I don't like going out in my driveway in the dark. If I turn the light on I'll have a herd of moths waiting for me when I get back =[ I can't win. Should I brave the dark/moths to go to the grocery store? If so, what should I get there? I can't buy anything too unhealthy because self-checkout is closed.
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For our family reunion this past Sunday, my grandfather found our family crest on a tapestry and hung it up in his garage along with all of his other pictures and knickknacks. Our motto is Non Est Aliena. We...have no idea what it means.

Does anyone here know what that motto would be, translated into English?


I saw what I'm pretty sure was a black widow spider and its Egg Sac today at my kung fu teachers house. I googled the egg sac, etc, and it looks pretty dead on.

My question, do you know of any spiders that resemble in coloration and egg sac-ness the appearance of a black widow spider (that would be native to Louisiana)?

Also, should I bring a lighter next week and burn the spider and its babies alive, widow or otherwise?

Have you ever had a run in with a black widow?
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my little sister is eleven, and she is going to be staying with me tomorrow night. it's going to be a pretty fun, girly time, and she looks up to me a lot and i know that i have more influence over her than probably anyone. my sister has also been putting on weight consistently through her whole life, and now that she is at that awkward stage right before becoming a teenager, our dad and i have been worrying about how her weight might start to really affect her life.

knowing how she looks up to me, he called me today and asked me if i could make subtle hints about being healthy to encourage her to work on her eating habits and such. during this stay, i'm not planning on making any blunt comments which she might pick up on what i am really getting at because i don't want to make her feel badly and ruin our fun time, so i'm wondering what i should do -- for both this stay and in general. i would really like to help her out however i can, but i live an hour and a half away from my family and i don't know what i can do. what would tqc suggest?
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You're sending a care-type package from the Western United States to Australia. What American-type things would you include in your package?

Any of you going on vacation or leaving town soon? For how long?

write like me!

Want to download my handwriting?

edit: Yes, this is how I spend my free time. Making fonts. (You wouldn't believe how many hours it took. Its quite sad. And, actually, this is the only one I've successfully finished.)

New questions:
Have you ever made a font?
Can I see?
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Anyone here watch "Baby Borrowers" on NBC?

Am I the only one who wants to completely remove the word "like" from Morgan's vocabulary? I don't think she'd be able to speak without it. I've got to give Daton credit for putting up with her for three years, because she's freakin' obnoxious. :|

If you do watch it, who is your favorite couple from the show, and why?
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Every time I try to read my note on DA I get an error thing about add ons being shitheads and it shuts down.  I don't know how to fix this, do you?

Or want my password so you can tell me what my stupid angsty lovehatenote says and make fun of me ;_________;
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1. I am moving to a new apartment on September 1. My lease is up here August 31. I know I'm not the only person to ever have a situation like this - but where do I sleep the night of August 31 and where does my stuff go? I've already checked - I have to be out of here by midnight August 31 and can't move into the new place until September 1 (and I'm not moving at midnight). I've always had at least a few days to move... so how does this work?

2. What's the worst thing you've done to another person?
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Recommend a straightening iron (that works) under forty dollars?

What songs remind you of summer road trips as a kid? (It's Blues Traveler for me)

Favorite lyrics right now?

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my kid is supposed to read either obama's book or mccain's book (both of them have books about their fathers/family) over the summer. she's spending a week at my parent's house in vermont, so i figure i'll get it for her to read there. which one should i get?

which book?

obama's book
mccain's book

have you read either of them? any reviews?

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I ordered a bunch of parts and built a new computer from scratch. I put it together downstairs, since there was more space, and hooked it up to the tv in the living room to make sure it worked. It booted up, but since I hadn't installed an OS, it didn't do much else. I brought it upstairs to hook up to my monitor and install the OS, but now nothing appears on the monitor. I borrowed somebody else's monitor to check, and it didn't work on theirs either. I checked with the tv again and it works, but I don't want to have my computer hooked up to the tv all the time.

How do I get my monitor to work with my computer?


¿Que es esto?

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I just moved into a house and found this sitting on top of the cabinet that sits over the washer and dryer in our garage. I haven't been able to figure out if it's part of the washer, dryer or something else entirely. That bottom part reads "THIS SIDE UP".

Any ideas?

My conundrum has been solved - it's a dryer shelf!

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 My job interview (the deciding one!) is in a few hours, and I'm super anxious and will surely throw up or crap my pants during it and fail.  Any suggestions for something to eat or drink to get me settled?  D:

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I'm taking a Calculus 2 class right now in preparation for graduate school. I need to know the material, but my grade doesn't matter (I've already been accepted). I work full-time and getting the motivation to studystudystudy is hard since my grade doesn't matter. We have a quiz in the beginning of every class, which is twice a week. I swear, I have nightmares about these quizzes. Not to mention the fact that trying to cram 15 weeks of calculus into 6 weeks is tough. I feel like if it were a regular semester I would be doing a lot better.

TQC, how hard should I be trying on this stuff? I know the stuff when I do the homework, but my brain dies when I get the quizzes.

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Poll #1231565 TV Shows

What do you watch on a regular basis?

Ugly Betty
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
American Idol
Gossip Girl
Mad Men
Deadliest Catch
The Hills
Robin Hood
Doctor Who
The Bachelor(ette)
TV is for lesser mortals than I
I'm so much more awesome than any of these shows, I watch... (in comments)

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Does anyone else find that if they sleep with earplugs in, their ears can get very uncomfortable/sore? In particular, I notice that if I have one ear against the pillow, I wake up with a really sore ear. I just use cheap disposable earplugs from the pharmacy.

I live somewhere very noisy and some nights I really need those earplugs, is it possible to get earplugs that can be kept in while sleeping that don't cause that sort of pain? Where can you get them? Or is that likely to just be me having crappy ear cannals?
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Which would you rather do, using only materials found in your home (eg; if you have no gloves, then you don't have a way to protect your hands)?

clean up three year old decomposed chicken carcass, sealed in a bag so that even the bones had rotted, with the smell eminating off it being hard to bear
or empty out 15 small to large containers of year old fermented urine
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Recently, there were a pair of budgies sitting on our fence! There was a blue one and a green one, and before we could do anything, they flew away.

This morning, the green one's in our tree, but the blue one's nowhere to be found. They're obviously someone's babies. ;_; What do we do, TQC?

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1 If you eat them, do you like your bananas at room temperature or cold?

I prefer them cold, but they last longer out of the fridge. Oh the dilemma!

2 What about other fruit? What's your temperature preferences?

I prefer pretty much all my fruit to be cold.

3 Who's your favourite character from the Winnie the Pooh stories?

4 Old Pooh or New Pooh?

5 Should Eeyore be given some medication, or should he be left to work through his depression on his own?

I can't help but wonder what he'd be like if he wasn't so depressed. And maybe Piglet should get some too.
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PS3 Vampire Games/ Blu-Ray Movies

I am not really a big gamer, but I adore the Legacy of Kain series, especially the Blood Omen games of the series.

1) Any recommendations for games I should check out for that kind of genre and playing type?

I really can't stand first person shooters, I get confused, lost and board playing them. The machine came with Metal Gear Solid 4.

2) Any specific Blu-ray videos I should check out?

I already have a fairly extensive DVD collection, but I was wondering if there are any must haves on Blu-ray?
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You've been given something flashy.
What is it?

You've been given something shinny.
What is it?

You've been given something a hooker would have.
What is it?

You have two choices and you can't decide which to pick.
How would you come to your final decision?
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My interview was recheduled for tomorrow morning after I used all my dollars on gas :(

Do you have a good mop?  What kind is it?  We have three and they all suck, and since I am the only one who does any mopping, this is important to me!

What do you have planned for today?

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What is your favorite crime show?

if you need to jog your memory, I will give you a list of the shows I personally watch:

Bones, NCIS, Criminal Minds, CSI, Without a Trace, Law and Order:SVU, Law and Order:CI, In Plain Sight, Cold Case.

I have a busy life.

Also- what parts of your body have you gotten waxed? And how many lj accounts do you have?
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I bought a bean burrito from Taco Bell last night. I'd like to heat it up this morning but it's in a foil-esque wrapper. You know the kind where it's metallic-y on the outside, but paper on the inside? Think Wendy's hamburger wrappers. . .Arby's. . .etc, etc.

Is this microwave safe? Should I just rewrap it in a paper towel and be done with it? =/

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To those of you who are confident (in your appearance, skills, whatever):

How the hell do you do it? Do you look in the mirror and compliment yourself? Is it because you're proud of something you do well? Where does your confidence come from and how do you "develop" it (for lack of a better word)?

I'm feeling pretty crappy lately and have zero confidence and can't wrap my brain around it.

or, when you're done making fun of question one:

Has something that you feared most happened to you?

I am working for the neediest group EVAR

1) It is currently nearly 80 degrees outside. TQC, what kind of person is asking for an extra blanket at the temperature?

2) I currently have 5 of the same tank top in 5 different colors. I have 3 of the same sweater, etc. Do any of you do this? If it fits, buy it in every color?

3) What are you doing tonight?

4) This weekend?

 Also: I've got Abba's "A Man after midnight" stuck in my head. Do you have anything rolling around up there?
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Nicotine withdrawal.

I'm eighteen. Unfortunately, the age to legally purchase tobacco products in New Jersey is nineteen. Normally I'd just have my of-age friend get them for me, but she's working. And I need a cigarette badly.

Any tips on avoiding getting carded?

ETA: Got 'em. Went to a shitty gas station run by some oblivious guy who literally didn't speak English. Thanks. :)
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Dear TQC,

Now that I'm single, I have no idea what to do with myself!

TQC, if YOU were newly single (or are!) what would you do with yourself? I don't want to sit around and mope cause that's just a waste of time.

I was thinking of doing some retail therapy. What cute clothes/shoes/accessories should I buy to make me super cute?
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Remember that post about earthquakes? Yea. I just woke up and there was a huge earthquake. Shit was tumbling over and I was on the bed freaking out.

My friend is not picking up either phone. I'm scurred.

Are you scurred for me TQC?

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advice - so i bleached my boyfriend's head last night (nice n' easy born blonde) & then tried to dye it darker with a recommended dye, & nothing happened! what color should neutralize the yellowness when i dye the next time?

what's for lunch? i had turkey slices & ritz.
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I just found out my gallbladder is mutinying and will need to be forcefully evicted. Considering my son was also recently forcefully evicted, I figure it's just a matter of time before something else decides it wants to jump ship. What will be the next thing in my body that will need to be surgically removed??

Do you think they'll let me see my gallbladder after they remove it?

Have any of you ever had to have your gallbladder removed? How did it go?
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If a question (in TQC) doesn't apply to you, do you make a point of commenting to say that?

Married ladies, what does your engagement ring look like?
"I only have a wedding ring"

What colour is your car?
"I don't have a car"
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About half a year ago, this man living in Auckland, New Zealand tried to sell his smoking addiction on TradeMe. This is like the American version of Ebay for New Zealanders (and some Australians).

Can you share with me some of the WTF stories you have (or have heard) about someone trying to get rid of an addiction?

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Oh crap! There is a big spider walking across the kitchen table!
Do you smash it to smithereens with the nearest newspaper?
Or gently carry it outside, and watch him safely walk away?

There you are in the produce section of your local market..
And can you believe it?? You and some lady reach for the last bunch of bananas. Your hand gets there first. Share half with her, or give her a winning smile and walk away victorious with the whole bunch?

Out for a walk in the park one afternoon, you notice some kid being picked on by another kid. Step in and save Jr.? Or, hey, the kids got to learn to stand up for himself or he will be bullied his whole life!
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How do you motivate yourself when you really don't want to do exercise?

I always know I should go out and do something, get some exercise, and that once I'm out and done I'll be happy with myself, but I find it so difficult to motivate myself to actually start.

Dorm room

In september I'll be moving into a dorm room.

Here's the layout:

The rooms average about 188 square feet.

My roommate and I decided that we will loft our beds and put our desks underneath them to save space.

Any other space saving tips? Decorating tips? Tips on what to bring, and what not to bring? Anything else?

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new phobia: being on a roller coaster when an earthquake hits. wtf would you call that?

(silly answers welcome, but anyone who gives me the real answer will win ~ONE OF THESE FABULOUS PRIZES~ or something, idk.)

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I have been divorced for over a year.  My ex-wife is employed and gets a steady paycheck, but she is not financially responsible.  This character trait has gotten her evicted twice in the last 6 months, and I have loaned her over $3,000 so far (unpaid).  After this second eviction, not only did I float her yet another $400 (to get back into her apartment), I also let her and her son sleep at my 1 bedroom apartment last night, which is occupied by me and my girlfriend.

I'm a compassionate person, but I've clearly started a cycle of enabling her behavior.  This afternoon I suggested she get a second job, which she flatly refused.  She doesn't have any family living in-state.  She won't be sleeping at my place tonight, since she got her apartment back, but I have no doubt there will be a next time.  I'm not quite sure how to break out of this cycle without throwing her out into the street to sleep on the curb.  Any suggestions?

*Edit - The kid is not my son.
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Is it just me or have there been a lot of posts that start Dear TQC or OHAI TQC or something of that nature? I am wondering if this is a new trend like the joker icons or w/e. Or maybe it is not happening as often as I think it is.

I am also wondering something else. If you eat soy products do you usually eat it as solid tofu or soybeans themselves? Or do you usually eat soy disguised as something else like a protein smoothie or cheese or chicken nuggets or something.

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 What is something you love that other people make fun of?

I love my puppy, but a lot of people say he's gross because he's hairless and looks like a gremlin with his big ears (they used to be twice the size of his face!).  It was even funnier when he was like 5 pounds.  And he feels like balls!  :D

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When you're in a bad mood, do you want people to try to get you out of the bad mood, or do you want to be left alone?

When your friends are in a bad mood, do you try to get them out of it, or do you leave them alone?

When you're upset or stressed out, do you eat more, less, or the same amount as usual?
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Who all in this community reads fanfiction?
I'm pretty much addicted to the stuff and spend unhealthy amounts of time on ff.net and livejournal looking for good stories to read involving my favorite characters . . . if you read it, tell me what your favorite fandoms are and your favorite pairings and such; make reccomendations if you want . . .

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Your latent super powers finally kick in, and you find that you're immune to one of the following types of damage/death. What will your body be able invulnerable to?

Extreme heat. This includes fire. Does not include magma/molten lava
Extreme cold. You could make snow angels in your birthday suit in Greenland in January
Bullets. Oddly enough, only bullets. Arrows and other projectiles still hurt you
Cancer. You can never get it
Knives and other hand-held stabby stabby things. Only manmade sharp objects
Falling damage. Once your feet leave the ground and you succumb to gravity, this immunity kicks in
Poison. All toxins, natural or manmade, are filtered harmlessly
Natural piercing attacks. This includes teeth, claws, horn and antler from any animal
STDs and pregnancy. Your body annihilates all maladies that intrude upon it after sex, in its objective to protect itself. This includes sperm. Your body will never change as a result of sex
None of the above, thank you. I'd rather retain my normal human genes

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i probably am going to get flack for this, but what self-motivational books, passages, etc have made some impact, even if a little, when you read them?

if you're wondering, i have crazy anxiety and minute problems kind of manifest and grow into something on a much larger scale. yes, i wish i could remove that stick from my ass.
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validate my feelings please!

I've been calling my aunt all morning to find out what time she wants us to be at her house tomorrow. It's important for me to talk to her relatively soon because my dad needs to know what time he'll have to leave work tomorrow, before he leaves today.

Anyway to get to the point, after calling about 5 times over the course of 2 hours my uncle answers and says "She's not here!" not "hello" or anything pleasant like that. I know if it was some other family member calling he would not have answered in such a manner. I found this to be quite rude. Would you consider this rude?

EDIT: I would never usually call so much but I really needed the info quickly. Apparently my uncle had been home all day but didn't bother to answer until I called 5 times. Couldn't he have answered the first time, said "Hello Joan!" and then told me my aunt wasn't there?

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I was supposed to tutor today, we made plans last week and I emailed yesterday to remind my "tutee". I drove 25 miles to her house, only to find that no one was answering the door or the phone. I left her a message and she hasn't called me back.

Would it be horrible of me to ask her parents to pay me for the session? Or at the very least pay for the gas money that I spent driving there?

And another-- totally random:

Do you go to the dentist for yearly cleanings or every six months?
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Due to various agreements you made with people you would not normally associate with if you weren't completely wasted on what certain people claimed to be "just water", you find yourself transported to a parallel universe where clones of you run about and cause a lot of havok and mischief, ruining your good name. Normally you'd be okay with this kind of thing, but the police think you're part of the mischief and want to send you to jail-- which, in this place, is a small prison cell filled with dull, rusty things that may or may not give you tetanus.

However, the people in the mischief seem to be having a lot of fun, using their giant, dark-colored dragon-thingy to burn down people, places, and things. And the police don't seem to be stopping them-- which might have something to do with the dragon. Bearing this in mind, will you:

1- Attempt to convince to the police officer of the idea of a parallel universe-- which you don't really even remember all the details to?
2- Double-click the power cord?
3- Use your own giant, dark-colored dragon thing and proceed to burn down the police, followed by your alternate universe dopplegangers?
4- Just accept your future in prison, because you're a pansy and don't want to case trouble?
5- Bribe the officer with money and/or sex?
6- Join in the mischief and just have fun blowing up shit with giant dragon things?
7- Kill yourself?

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Would you want someone in your entourage whose sole purpose was to tell other people to stay off your dick?

Like, "Yo, check this out: stay off his dick."

What would you want from your entourage?

(no subject)

Do you and your friends have any odd names for things?

In my group, minty = lip balm, Kwik-e-mart = convenience store, and ice sucky = Slurpee. There are probably more, but those are the ones that come to mind.

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HI TQC!! yesterday i sprained my ankle in tescos and it's all bandaged up and i have to walk about with a limp at the moment! BUT on this thursday evening i'm going back to evening drama classes to improve my skills and then i'll quit my job and be an actress again! i'm still going to be limping by then the people at hospital said and i don't want people to think i'm silly and limpy so I THOUGHT THAT it would be really fun to dress up as someone who limps about and be 'ACTING'! i'm a bit astonished at this idea and how good it is!!

so who are some characters (recognisable ones) that limp?! from anything! it doesn't have to be a female character, i don't mind.

i thought i could be the joker and put my draggy footness into the funny walk thing but my friend who i was discussing this with said they'd think i was annoying and jumping on the heath ledger bandwagon. i haven't met these people before and i don't want them to not like me!

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Do you pay a deductible for your health insurance or a copay when you go to visit the doctor?

I thought we paid a copay and the fact that I didn't get charged when I went to see my doc was because they had to process my insurance...but the people at work were telling me we have some deductible shit and they will only pay for your doctor visits if it meets certain dollar amounts. I have never heard of this before so now I am curious as to why I didn't get a bill from a Dr appointment in June and if Im going to get one for my visit today!
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I want to buy a phone off craigslist, but I've never used craigslist for anything, ever.

-where should you meet people you want to exchange goods with?
-what happens if someone gives me a phone and I give them cash and I discover too late that the phone is broken or otherwise not as it should be?

(no subject)

I want to go to New York City next year, with a couple of friends. I'd originally planned on us going there in autumn, but that's not possible because of school and all - so we'll have to go during the summer. But what's the best time to go? Early summer, (late May - June) or late (July - August)? I want to avoid extreme heat waves, if possible - and I don't want to be there at a time when sights and shops are closed for the summer.

Related - how can three 21 year old girls best keep safe there? This'll be the first time any of us go to a city as big as New York so I don't really know what to expect danger-wise (I'm used to Oslo, Norway - which is a really tiny and very calm city, so I'm used to walking around everywhere feeling safe and relaxed).

And while I'm at it - got any nice, reasonably priced hotels to recommend?
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1. ladies.... have you ever tried an epilator? if yes, tell me more!

2. i'm going to a water park in 3 weeks. my hair is a little longer than shoulder length and gets frizzy and doesn't air-dry pretty. (also- my layers fall out of a standard pony tail and end up looking fuzzy. i was thinking wearing a baseball cap, but other suggestions would be great!)
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Last night, my boyfriend got up to go to the bathroom. His moving around kind of half woke me up. When he was heading back to bed, we heard a loud CRASH. All the windows were open, so we couldn't really tell if it came from inside or outside. This morning, when we woke up, we wandered all around our apartment and into the front yard and nothing looked different.

TQC, what was that crash?

Is our apartment haunted?

If it is, what do you think the ghost was trying to tell us?

(no subject)

what random stalker facts do you know about TQCers?

what random stalker facts do you know about me?

what random stalker facts do you know about the people who comment on this entry?

(no subject)

What's the biggest lie you've ever told?
Have you ever lied to a doctor/mental health professional?
What's the best/most unusual excuse you've used to get out of school/work/some other obligation?

How hot is Fox Mulder on a scale of 1-10?

(no subject)


What the fuck, there's nothing dead or rotting and I take out the garbage every day. How do I get them the fuck out?
I've tried making an apple cider vinegar trap with a cone and a glass and I've used flying insect Raid and it hasn't worked. I spray the shit out of them and the worst it does is make them a little sticky.

(no subject)

I have issues with seeing people touch their nose, and others touching mine. Sometimes I have urges to touch my nose a certain amount of times...usually 8--I feel if i dont do it properly something bad will happen.

I hate touching my nose, and typing this is bothering me more than you can imagine.. yet I have urges to touch and crunch it (ah this is sooo hard to type) 8 times in a row.

do I have OCD?

Stephen - Drink

(no subject)

Do you/have you ever worked as a bartender? Did you go to bartending school or was it all on-the-job training?
I'd love to tend bar, but the nearest bartending school is an hour+ away, and I don't drive.

(no subject)

~ where were you when the earthquake happened earlier today? (i know this applies to mostly los angelenos, but hey!)
~ what's the worst natural disaster you've ever experienced?
~ what natural disasters occur by you?
~ are you prepared? if so, with what? if not, is it because of not caring or too lazy or what?

fashion help

I have these pants but I never wear them cause nothing matches them. If I wear a red shirt they look too uniformish (or HSM-ish).... but white doesn't match cause the pants are kind of an off-white so it looks bad.

Could I wear a black shirt with them? If I wore black shoes?

Or what?

Jason the Ninja

(no subject)

Why would you tell us what kind of responses are welcome when you ask a question here?

Have you ever seen anyone say "srs answers only" and exclusively get serious replies?

Is there anyone who thinks that saying "non-srs answers please" is the only way they'll get a humorous retort?

(no subject)

What is the worst book you've read by an author you otherwise enjoy?

What's the worst book you've ever read? Did you finish it?

I'm going to go with The Last of the Savages by Jay McInerney for both. I finished it because I couldn't believe it was that bad and I kept hoping it would get better.
asoneill - Yahoo Me

It's a Mystery

I came home and found a delivery notice from Amazon on my door. Except... I didn't order anything! It is my birthday on Saturday, but nothing's listed as purchased from my wishlist (yeah, I checked... I'm horrible :P)... plus, my friends that are helping me celebrate know not to get me anything.

What do you think it is, TQC? (Srs/non-srs answers welcome!)
Coconut Baron!

HTML fail

I'm trying to make a journal entry where it has a black background and white text. How in the everloving name of GOD can one do this with html? I have seriously been on google trying to look this up and it's driving me nuts. Help me stop pulling my hair out.

Pit Bull: Reindeer

(no subject)

Where do I go to find new and better friends?

How come I can never meet the type of people I would enjoy being friends with?

Why does TQC and the internet seem so boring today?

Why do I NOT want to play WoW for once?


I have a job working in my university library moving books onto shelves after their recent expansion. Today's set of books were mostly on Ancient Egypt and, whilst moving some on Tutankhamun I began wondering how we know that that was actually his name. As in, if Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs were a dead and indecipherable language until that chap discovered and translated the Rossetta stone, then how do we know the correct pronounciation? How do we even translate the basic sounds from Hierogyphics into English if we don't know how hieroglyphs were pronounced?

Any ideas?

EDIT: Apologies for blowing minds. If I'd known this question to be so potent, I'd have marketed it to the Ministry of Defence instead of posting it. ;)

2nd EDIT: Answered! New question: How many gods is reasonable for one religion? Should religions with lots of gods have to share with religions which only have one or two?

What to do...

 I'm going to a friends tonight for drinks. We tend to go overboard and have drunken adventures that I rarely remember.

Should I bring the remaining two Smirnoff Ices I have and nurse them all night, or bring the Smirnoff AND a bottle of white wine and have another adventure?

Edit: Going for another adventure!!

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I ordered with a company that uses FedEx and they misdelivered my package AGAIN, even though the correct address was on it. This means one of my dumbass neighbors has it, and yet they haven't bothered to contact me to let me know they have my package.

Has FedEx ever failed you? What are your mailing service woes?

unusual pets.

this is what i come home to pretty much every day.

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this is not the only dog-like behavior he exhibits. he also comes when called, greets me as i come up the driveway by meowing furiously, and follows me around everywhere.

do you have cats that behave like dogs? dogs that behave like cats (aloof and snobby?) or any animal that exhibits behavior uncharacteristic to it's species?

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Have you ever done something, that something being something you've spent years longing for, maybe even built your whole life around, and then once you got it/accomplish it, you realize you don't really like it all that much?

What was it?

How did you deal with it?

Have you ever just wanted to go home?
im french

drug etiquette

My friend and my roommate just ate some hallucinogenic mushrooms. We were supposed to do them all together tomorrow and go to the beach and shit, but they got bored at just ate some! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, so I can't. There's still enough for another day (maybe), but I'm still pissed.

1. Is that rude or am I overreacting?

2. How can I sabotage their trip?

edit I gave in and ate some, too.
macro - procrastination cat

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Knocked unconscious, you wake up in a room with 99 other strangers. There is a bomb attached to the door and there are no windows or other method of escape.

A voice over the intercom tells you that there are 100 people in a room down the hall in the same situation. Each room has a button on the wall. If one of you presses the button, the people in the second room will die, but your room will be free to go. If nobody pushes either button in 60 minutes, both bombs go off and everyone dies.

What do you do?

Press the button.
Hope someone else presses the button.
Wait to be rescued. Surely someone will find you in time.
Prepare to die, since you can't imagine killing someone else even to save yourself.
Prepare to die, someone in the other room will press the button before you guys do.
Other (in comments)

Would your answer change if you knew the people in the other room were child-molesting furries who liked Twilight?

I won't cry for you

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Has anyone in the history of the Internet ever actually spit liquid onto their keyboard/monitor after reading something funny?

I'm skeptical. But if you have, what was so funny?
candy corn

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Which of the following cereals have you consumed?

Choco Crunch
Morning Funnies
Buc Wheats
Cinnamon Mini-Buns
Cabbage Patch Kids Cereal
Fruit & Bran
Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs