July 28th, 2008

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I need a new SUV. What should I get?
I really, really love the new Honda Pilots. The only problem is that the closest dealer is 4 hours away. If there's any problem with it then I don't want to have to pay for it to be towed all that way.

I refuse to buy a Ford.

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Why am I always the best friend, and never the girlfriend?

So I just spoke to some guy who I thought was about to confess his undying love for me, but instead, he confesses his undying love for some other chick.


He's a crier.. What can I do to make him cry to get him back for the heartache he's caused?

srs&nonsrs answers welcome.

ABC Party Costume

This weekend a guy from work is going to throw an "ABC" (anything but clothes) Party. 
The rules are pretty self-explainatory: people can wear trashbags, grass skirts and coconut bras, duct tape, etc. as long as it's not real clothes. Going nude isn't an option... 

So what should I wear?

Feel free to be creative. =)   
edit: underwear is required as well, yes I know they are clothes but they are his rules... and I honestly don't blame him, haha.

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imagine you and your boyfriend broke up a few weeks ago, and now you're talking again and you might get back together. one night, you get scared he might not actually still love you like he's been saying and you ask him if he does. after he says that he's not sure but that he knows he does care a lot about you, you're still a little teary and he says "oh stop it with the water works." how do you react?

i really get the feeling that a lot of you would be a hell of a lot more offended than i was, lol.

eta: his tone wasn't dickish, it was more like "you know i still care you and you have no reason to cry and i don't want you to." it wasn't like "stop crying, bitch!"

although this is srsly like the fourth time you guys have told me to leave him. : \

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Do you know any funny Italian songs besides that silly Dominic the Donkey one? I'm in the mood for something LIKE that, but NOT that.

I only know of one and I can't even really remember it but they say something like tippity tippity tah. And they talk about a saxophone and mandolin or something. Anyone know what I'm talking about?!

If not, will you tell me what news you watch or read? I want to be educated, but every time I put on a news station they just tell me about stories I don't care about, or the weather. I want to know the important things, not how to save money grocery shopping.

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1. If you're friends with both halves of a couple, do you ever get approached for relationship advice by both of them at the same time? I always end up having to advise both sides. D=

2. What was the last good fantasy book you read?

3. Is it the hobbies you hate, or the behavior they cause and the time they consume?

4. Have you seen the movie Kids? Did you like it?
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What do you consider sexually daring or kinky? What's the outside limit of your deviation from basic in-out-in?

Whether you love her or hate her, when did you form your opinion of Bjork? Edit: WHEN.

Based on what you know of me, which one of my icons found here best represents me and should be my default?
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Why do you think fadedletterlost bah-leeted his posts?

He wanted to leave the role of TQC pariah to yahvah
He didn't want his inbox flooded while he was at Sam's Club picking up a palette of Cheetos
He's auditioning for the part of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the Ghostbusters remake
Dark/Elf/Mages were raiding his village
He wanted me to buy you guys some ice cream sandwiches
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Has a dream ever affected your feelings toward some one?

(ie having a really good sex dream about a platonic friend and you wake up and suddenly have to fight off a crush... or you dream your SO cheats and you wake up ready to cut a bitch)

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My MacBook's hard drive crashed, and I'm going to have it replaced (the replacement is covered by Applecare). However, I'll lose everything on my hard drive. I'm not planning on shelling out the money for an external hard drive just to save some songs and pictures.

A friend told me that it might be possible to transfer files from my MacBook to my mom's Mac desktop using a firewire cable.

Is this possible?
Has anyone ever tried transferring files from a dead hard drive to another computer using a firewire?
Is there a particular type of fireweire to buy for a mac-to-mac hookup?
The Receptionist Classic

Dial 1-800-Mixalot

If you call someone and they don't answer, do you:
a) leave a message?
b) hang up without leaving a message?
c) hang up and call again?
d) hang up and call again and again and again and again and again until someone answers?

During summer break, and your parents were at work, were you capable of NOT calling them five times a day for the most random reasons? Were you capable of wiping your own ass without having to call mom for detailed instructions?

Do any of your co-workers have super obnoxious cell phone ringtones? "Sue" has that "my ya hee, my ya hoo" dance song as her ringer, and I swear to God, I want to shove her phone right up her nose every time it goes off.

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TQC, validate me please!

My brother's gf is a little crazy. She decided yesterday to clean our bathroom. My dog has a lot of accidents, and yesterday there was pee on the toilet. I laughed, because at least he had the right idea, right? She yelled at me and told me I wouldn't be f-n laughing if I had to f-n lick it...which didn't make much sense, because she was cleaning it, not licking it, and she decided to clean the bathroom, no one asked her, so why is she so angry? TQC, should she have yelled at me? Does she have the right to yell at me in my own home, where I live and she doesn't?
She also likes to yell at my dog and call him an asshole (when he makes noises because he's excited to see her). She I rub my dog's butt on her pillow?
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What is your favorite perfume/body spray/cologne?

Mine is Japanese Cherry Blossom by Bath and Body Works.

If you don't use those products, what is your favorite type of body soap?

Just for the record, shea butter scented body wash is for the win.

Killing Time!

1. My SO is out of town for 15 days. What should I do? 
Already on the schedule is coffee with friends and trolling the local English pub for sexy Brits to ravish

2. If you had to dye/bleach your hair this afternoon, what color would you change to?

3. What's your favorite Carbohydrate?
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If you sleep with someone regularly(or have in the past), which side of the bed do you sleep on?
Is it the same if you go to a hotel/someone's house?

Do you and your SO (or ex-SO) have temperature issues with sleeping? What temp do you like when you go to bed?

How do you deal with the wet spot after sex if it an issue for you?

Who was the last person to share your bed with you?


My boyfriend broke up with me and made me feel like it was my fault, but it turns out that he cheated on me.
His friend helped him cheat on me and also accidentally left his wallet and phone in my car.

What should I do with his wallet and phone to feel better about him helping my boyfriend cheat on me?

(I won't spend his money though, that's too cruel & a crime.)

[Edit] Hey his # is 1-714-478-6485.
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When a casual acquaintance asks you "How are you?" do you respond with "Fine thanks, you?" or do you actually answer in some detail. Similarly, when a casual acquaintance asks you how your weekend/trip/etc was, how detailed do you get?

If you could watch only one TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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How much would you hate yourself if you had the opportunity to go paragliding and you didn't do it?

What's the last thing you did that made you feel incredibly awesome about yourself, like you could take on the world?
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Bleach me out

Ok, so HR says it's perfectly acceptable for me to dye my hair blue.

Now, what's the best way to bleach out your hair? Do you have a favorite method or product?

Any help/suggestion is gratefully received!

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Is it okay to find your brother-in-law attractive if he's your husband's identical twin?

(My husband is an identical twin, and I'm not attracted to my brother-in-law, I just want to see what kind of answers this gets.)
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I'm leaving on vacation in about 10 days, and I need a bathing suit. I want either a one piece or a monokini, because my tummy isn't ready for a two piece at the moment. Best place to find cute, inexpensive bathing suits?

Also, my friend is going to Europe in October- Greece and Italy, then she's heading over to Istanbul and Cairo. She says I can come, and I can probably save up enough for it- she's getting a very affordable deal. Thing is, I have school. Should I take a semester off for this three week vacation? I'm debating it. I already have two years until I can transfer to a University. But... this is a pretty good opportunity. :-\

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For those of you that have or have had periods, what are you symptoms when you're on the rag?
Also, do you poop more than usual when you have your time of the month?

For those of you who don't want to answer, what color is painted on your bedroom walls?
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What's your favourite non-dairy milk?

I'm trying out almond right now but... it tastes like almonds. lol Soy isn't an option, so I might try rice next, although I can't imagine it'll be any better than almond milk.
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This may seem like a strange question, but I'm just dying of curiosity here. The daughter of my mother's childhood friend moved to California a few years ago to be an actress. She's gotten some roles in minor movies and whatnot. Her MySpace page is private and I don't know her well enough to send her a message, but she's always leaving status updates about working on various shows like "The Ghost Whisper", "Without A Trace", "Young and the Restless, etc. However, her Internet Movie Database page doesn't reflect these roles. These aren't speaking parts, right? She's just an extra? I don't think she would really lie about it since before she made her profile public there were pictures of her on the sets of these shows.

So, TQC, is she an extra on these shows? She seems to be working on a new one every day. I don't know how things work over there.
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Do you have any healthy ideas for lunches?

I normally bring either a)soup, b)a salad, or c)tuna salad made with fat free mayo.

I'd like to mix it up and I'm going to the grocery tonight. Any ideas? I have access to a fridge and a microwave at work, so I can warm things up. I have no problem eating the same thing for a week straight, so if it can be made by the vat, that's fine as long as it'll be okay leftovers through Friday.


While taking a shower, I realized that my boobs would be far more attractive if my nipples were lighter. They are not too dark for my skin color, but I want lighter nipples dammit!

-Have any of you lightened your nipples?
-Will I get nipple cancer from lightening my nipples?
-Suggestions, comments?

Yes, I have heard that hydroquinone is dangerous. I would not be using that.

I am TRULY serious. (non serious answers are still welcomed, tho)

OMG I can't believe I am posting this.

EDIT- WOW, I wasn't aware that I obviously hated myself for asking a question. None of you better have colored hair or anything altered if you wish to be rude. Hypocrisy...
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Guys, I'm leaving for my math exam in about 4 and a half hours, and I am nervous as fuck and can barely concentrate on working through the review sheets I have. I can do 3/4 of the problems confidently but I have to get a 58% on the exam, and for some reason that number is totally killing my resolve - it seems so high when it's probably not. I've also developed a headache. How do I calm the fuck down?
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Is there any word that you misspell because you were falsely taught how to spell it in the first place? Or that you just constantly misspell and you need to look up all the time?

When I was younger, I would watch the Disney channel and those commercials to Imagineer That! with the robot, Tom Morrow. Whenever I would spell the word "tomorrow" I knew that either the M's or the R's are double, and because of the Tom Morrow robot, I assumed it was the M's, if not both, and I actually have to restrain myself from spelling "tommorrow."
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Females of TQC who have ever been engaged and/or married:

do you know how much your engagement ring cost?
If yes, how did you find out?

Traditionally, the guy proposes to the girl, but do you know any couples where the girl bought a ring and proposed to the guy?

Totally unrelated questions

Dear TQC,

When you hear someone use the phrase "back and to the left" (for example, when giving directions), does it make you think of the Kennedy assassination?

Do you know what the deal is with blood test requirements for marriage licenses? I know not all states require them, and the only explanation I can find is that they're testing for venereal disease, which I assumed. Do they just assume that partners don't tell the truth (or don't know) about their STD history? Is it a way for public health to keep track of people with venereal diseases? Is it somehow related to their children having good health? Do you know what they test for? Wikipedia says only syphilis.

I realize it's mostly outdated at this point, presumably because people keep better track of their disease status (well, some people do). Or is there another reason why it's no longer considered necessary (or, possibly, any of their business)?

Apple Student Promotion

okay, you know how Apple has that student promotion where you buy a Macbook and get a "free" iPod (you pay for it and then get a full rebate depending on the size you choose)?

is this only available through the Apple website, or are retailers honouring it too?

i'm asking because i don't have a credit card, so ordering from the Apple website is going to take more effort now (ie. i have to write a cheque, call Apple and order that way, and then mail the cheque. i'm thinking it will probably be annoying having to list the specs i want and have to actually talk to a person, too.)

plus, if i could buy my things from a real store, it would probably be better for my line of credit if i use a retailer's no-interest 24-month payment plan instead of taking $3000 out of my account all at once, right?

tell me what you know, tqc!

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I'm finnaly headin' for Georgia this week.

I'll be in Savannah for a few days, anyone know of anything cool I should do while im there?

Also im flying home and will be stuck in the airport in Atlanta for an hour and a half, what can I do there to pass the time?
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So I want to get back to working out, but I am so over going to the gym or doing any type of standard cardio workout like getting on the treadmill/elliptical machine/stair master/bike etc. etc. I want my workouts to help my body but also relax me and help me meditate a bit.

So have any of you tried qigong, tai thi, bellydancing, yoga, pilates, or hula dancing as a form of exercise? anything else? any good dance workouts that are more dance and less workout?

Which one provided you with the most beneficial workout that helped you relax and stretch but also did help you tone your body? I know that Pilates is pretty good for this, but that can get a little tiresome and cardioish after a while? so are there any other suggestions?

have any of you tried Zumba? what's that like? as silly as it looks? any other good dance workouts that are more dance and less workout? haha!
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TQC Trivia

•Is this really an easy question???

"4. What is the Pangasinan word for ashes?
Your Answer: siopa
The correct answer was dapol.
"Siopa" is who, "bii" is woman, and "melag" is small."

Would any of you have gotten it?

• Do anything fun this weekend?

• What have you given to your mothers on their birthdays that went over well? I'm a little perplexed as to what to get my mom, who is turning 56.

please, no religious nutjob replies

I've been thinking about reading the bible and koran. I want to read the original texts, but I would also like to read secular books that discuss the mythologies and histories behind these texts, ala Joseph Campbell. Has anyone seen a book like that (besides Joseph Campbell)? Maybe something that was assigned in college classes?


cruddy restaurant experience

So, I met up with a good friend who is moving away at a restaurant about an hour from where I live.  We suffered questionable-to-crappy service, but as a long-time server, I tried to be compassionate and still left a good tip (probably about 20-30%, which is my low-to-mid range).

However, I checked my bank account today and found that not only did this guy charge my card for my $15 meal, but also charged my card for my friend's $20 check as well.  The guy split up the checks for us and was specifically informed as to whose bill was whose, and took each card away in the same hand as its respective bill.  I am pretty unhappy as this is not a small amount of money to me right now.  I do not have my receipt (I specifically remember leaving it on the table because I wouldn't need it, I thought) and of course I don't have my friend's receipt.

Would you:
-Try to fight the restaurant to get your money back, even though it is an hour away and you don't have either receipt for evidence?  If so, how would you go about it?
-Say "fuck it" and consider it a nice moving away present to your friend?

Saying Goodbye

1. My oldest dog is having terrible seizures and the vet says its only a matter of time. Have you ever lost a pet? Did him/her pass away or did you need to put him/her down?

2. Who or what was the last thing you said goodbye too?

Weak ankles

Hello everybody. I would really love to start running, but I have extremely weak ankles. Whenever I jump or run, I twist my ankles. I noticecd that my feet tend to roll outward (supination?), and I'm not sure if it's connected, but I'm also slightly bowlegged.

I have no idea what I should be looking for in shoes...

Does anybody have suggestions of good running/walking shoes for me?

Do you think I should get orthotics? If so, how long do orthotics even last? Are they worth the money?

I'm also a vegetarian, so no leather shoes please.


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will you tell me about your worst experience at a hair salon?

what made it so bad, the cut/color or the stylist's attitude?

will you tell me about your best experience at a hair salon?

was it the cut/color that was so great, or the stylist?
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What are you thoughts on the banning of public smoking?
Like at public beaches, driving in your car, or just walking down the street....is it fair, right, constitutional?
Do you smoke?
What brand?
Any intentions of quitting?

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how do you pronounce the word gyro?

do you drink diet coke?

do you play WoW or any other online RPG?

at what age do you think someone is too old to play video games?

do you eat food from street vendors/would you if it was available?
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If you lived/live/will live in a dorm room at your college, what did/do/will you decorate it with?  What does every dorm room need?  Did you have anything in your room that no one else had?

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I passed the simulator test and have been accepted into the ranks of ChaCha Text Guides! Should I go about making an honest 20¢ a question or should I send totally ridiculous responses, fuck with the system, and go out with a bang?

Dating this or thats

Would you rather date someone with 2 kids (they have custody), or someone who's had 3 divorces?

2 kids
3 divorces

Would you rather date someone who's had sex with 100 people (no STDs), or someone who's a virgin?

100 people
0 people

Would you rather date someone with an admittedly 'very high' sex drive (much higher than most people), or someone who admits they have a fairly low sex drive (below that of most people)?


Would you SOONER date someone who had a crazy ex who had to have a restraining order pressed against them, or date someone whose last 3 boyfriends/girlfriends all died after 6 months (each one died differently, all accidents)?

Crazy ex
3 dead lovers

Would you SOONER date someone with a personal debt of over $100,000 with major financial woes, or date someone who's on parole (after serving 4 years in prison), but claims that they were framed?


third time is a charm. slurrrp.

which songs do'ya like?

black coffee in bed, squeeze
margaritaville, jimmy buffet
99 bottles of beer on the wall, whoever
one bourbon, one scotch, one beer, john lee hooker
tequila sunrise, the eagles
milkshake, kelis
spill the wine, war
gin + juice, snoop dogg
orange crush, REM
beer run, garth brooks
black cow, steely dan
red red wine, UB40 (ew neil diamond)
elderberry wine, elton john
bring me some water, melissa ethridge
suzer, i would probably like more of these if i actually knew them

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person A is stopped at a red light waiting to turn left. Person B is across from A and wants to go straight. When the light turns green B doesn't go-for whatever reason-a homeless person is talking to them, they're not paying attention etc. Person A gives them a few seconds to be polite but they don't take it so as A decides to go. As person A is already coming out to turn person B realizes the light is green and goes.

Do you think person A was right to go ahead or should they have waited or should person B have waited since they were the ones that didn't go when they were supposed to?

possible spoiler

Would anyone care to explain to me what the point of that one retarded scene in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining was all about? Or was the randomness of it just there to fuck with my head? I thought the end would tie things together for me but it never did.

tarot cards

i bought a new deck of tarot cards.

a friend of mine said he buried his cards for a few days before using them. another friend said to put them under your pillow before using them. i already know you arent supposed to buy your own first deck of tarot cards, but this is my second, which i bought myself.

can anyone give me an idea or link me to a site about how to prep a new deck of tarot cards?


ever had an accurate tarot reading?

ever been to a psychic you thought was legit?
anontang DA

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I'm sure this is a stretch, but does TQC know of any place that sells single shoes, not by the pair? It can be online or a store. My feet are two different sizes, and I need new sandals because mine broke last night. =( I'm sick of buying two pairs of shoes every time I need a new pair.

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When was the last time your pets left a really gross mess for you to clean up?

This morning I woke up to find my dog shit in the bathroom, where it got all over the floor and the door, and then continued to shit as he walked across the carpet to the deck door. One of my cats knocked down a big plant leaving dirt and brown liquid covering half of the dining room.

(no subject)

Do you ever just eat the cookie dough, cake batter, brownie batter, etc?

Should I still watch Jon & Kate + 8 tonight even though with every passing week, my hate for Kate grows?

ETA: Why do they let Mady get away with everything?
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What do you call those necklaces you put army dog tags on? The ones with the little bbs you can detach/reattach?

Seriously. What the hell are those things called?

EDIT: Thanks. I feel so stupid.
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I have a doctor's appointment at 9:30 tomorrow morning. I normally start work at 8 and would have to leave no later than 9 to get there on time....

Should I go to work before or after my 9:30 am appointment?


Sorry for the lame question... now for a fun one: What is the worst pet name you've either ever heard given to an animal or that you've given yourself?

Also, more on pet names: What's the worst pet name a bf/gf has ever given you? What about something hilariously awful you've given them?

Finally, what is your favorite number and why?

(no subject)

in adobe indesign, i have a picture that i am trying to edit. I'm trying to remove the white background of this picture in adobe photoshop and place it in adobe indesign. It is a white background but when I place it back in adobe indesign the white background is back.

How do I put a picture in adobe indesign without the white background?

(no subject)

I've been sitting at my current job, firing off resumes right and left in my off moments today, TQC. And I actually applied for an admin position in a biochemistry research lab, which would further my goal of ultimately studying that shit and becoming a bona fide certified nerd with geek papers.

Has anyone else ever used time at a current job to apply for other jobs?

Has anyone ever applied for a job at least somewhat out of their area of expertise? If so, did you get that job?

(no subject)

Anyone have any idea where I could buy a checkbook that doesn't have the wallet-like thing attached. Sort of like something they give you with your temporary checks when you open an account at the back. I've been to so many stores, and googled my heart out (though I'm probably googling the wrong thing) and I haven't found anything. Is it possible to buy these, even? I just want something with a fun design, I suppose, or something to establish a difference in my checks with each account.

Or should I just give up?

(no subject)

So, I finally saw The Dark Knight, which leads me to my next questions:

1) Who is/are your favorite Batman villain(s)? Comics, movies, whatever.

2) When was the last time you held off going to the bathroom?

3) Would you bring a 8-10 month old baby to TDK?

4) Have you ever been to a political fundraiser?
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My new laptop wont start up properly for me. WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!?   
Its Windows XP Professional.  I log in, windows loads, I see my background, but then it just kinda stops.
Nothing else loads and the mouse is a normal non timer mouse, so I know its not taking its time to load.
I let it set there for like 20 mins thinking it might take a while to load.

I've only ever really used it like maybe 5 times max.

wtf am i doing wrong? How do I fix this? I'm freaking out.
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(no subject)

Do you own a pair of ice skates?
Where do you live?

When reading a book, do you remove its jacket?

Are you really into celebrating your birthday? Do you think it's weird when people are the opposite? (Inspired by a woman I know -- she told her children that they can NOT to give birth to grandkids in July, because that is HER birthday month. I might just find this extra weird because I don't really celebrate my birthday).

(no subject)

My friends mom just died of cancer. Funeral is tomorrow.
What could I possibly do/say to comfort him? Is there anything?

Was there something someone did for you that was awesome when a loved one died?

EDIT: Thanks everyone! I made his fav. cupcakes, shut up and listened and gave hugs. He feels better
I'm also thinking of making a donation to the Lance Armstrong foundation cause it was suggested on the obituary

Stooopid Commercials

1.What is the most annoying commercial of the summer?

I think the Secret commercial with that dumb ass walking down the street showing her pits to everyone is up there.

♥videos or links are welcome♥

(no subject)

Do you know any odd food combinations that you would swear by? For example, pizza and ranch dressing, french fries and ice cream, stuff like that.

High on the weird scale, I like peanut butter and ham sandwiches. Less weird, when I make ramen noodles I like to add scrambled eggs, cheese, and celery bits.
zombie baby cede! :D

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 Are there like a million gnats outside my window, or is it snowing???

Should I pack my room tonight, tomorrow, or Wednesday? (I am moving out Thrusday night and Friday morning)

What is the one thing I HAVE to have in my new place?

and from my roomate:
How do I make a long distance relationship work?
James Franco joint

(no subject)

What would you do if a college student working at the office of your apartment complex said "The only way I can help you is logging into your account. What is your username/password?"?
I flatly refused, and said there must be some other way for you to help me, and then I called him another day, and he requested the same information. SURPRISE! He figured it out without my password, but not without giving me lip.

And because I'm super psyched about moving...
Will you show me a picture of your favorite room/furnishing/whatever in your house/apartment/condo for inspiration, excitement, and jealousy purposes?!
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I'm leaving my job. They're throwing me a going away party, and I'd like to get them something nice to remember me by, but I have no idea what to get. We're a pretty relaxed, close knit office. It's a CPA firm, there are a total of 7 people including me. There isn't really anything they're lacking, there's nothing they really tease me about or associate with me, I was thinking maybe a nice plant or something? Does anyone have any suggestions?

If you could change one relatively minor thing about yourself in the next week, what would it be?

If someone hadn't seen you in about a year, what would they notice as different?


Are you a germaphobe?

Will you tell me something that grosses you out?

YES, I am very germaphobic. D:

Here's something that grossed me out today, I usually wrap a sheet of toilet paper around the head of my toothbrush when i'm not using it so the water and germs from it won't drip on the bathroom counter. My aunt is sick of me doing that and complains about how much toilet paper i'm wasting, so she got me these plastic toothbrush covers and told me to start using those. I tried it out, and a few minutes ago, I looked at it, and it was a disgusting sight.
There were already dried up saliva marks, and a cloudy spot at the bottom of the thing. :(
I think I much rather have the germs drip on the bathroom counter, at least that can be easily wiped up.
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Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO


1. Why, oh why did I have an anxiety attack today? (Wasn't too horrible, but it still sucked.)

2. Is it going to rain enough to cool things the hell down in my neck of the woods?

3. Leftovers: chicken or steak? And what side dish?

Yoo sofa king wee todd did.

Why is it so difficult for intelligent economics/mathematics professors to use spell-check on assignments, tests and handouts? Can they chew gum and walk simultaneously?

Does it cause them indigestion, painful erections or anal abscesses to check their work before insulting English majors with their pitiful efforts? Seriously.
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So apparently, my 4 or 5 year old cousin is talking to her dead great uncles, grandparents and aunts. She told her mother "Nana wants you to be with her", so they took the little girl to a medicine man. He told the mother if she doesn't encourage this kind of stuff, that the kid will lose her "powers".

Do you believe in children having a "special connection"?

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You're flying home for Christmas, several states/provinces/whatever away. What would you consider cheap roundtrip airfare? How much would it have to be for you to call it expensive?

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Do crows really eat rabbits? (my aunt's neighbor says that the rabbit population in their area has exploded because a lot of crows have died...)

What has been something you wanted/needed to do on your own but people just wouldn't stop butting in?

What has been something you needed someone's help with but nobody offered?


If you graduated from a 4 year college how much per month do you pay on your loans?

About how much debt were you/are you in? How many years will you be paying the loans back until you're finished?
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What's the dumbest thing someone said to you recently?

I had this lady come into my deli and try and convince me that pomegranate and cherry are the same exact thing. She also apparently has a magic uterus since she told me she was both pregnant and PMSing in two different exchanges.
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Two Questions... Sort Of

1. I have bad credit and I need 10Gs to pay for school. They screwed up my financial aid so I won't get my grants/scholarships until AFTER school starts. So I need to find a way for me to pay this now. Any private student loans I should look at? Ugh.

2. I've been with my man for 5 months. Love him to death. But his new job is quickly turning our relationship into a long distance one. We went from practically living with eachother the first three months, to now seeing eachother every Saturday. :-/ How do you deal with missing someone so much? He's not as expressive of his emotions/feelings as me so it gets really, really hard sometimes to deal with the distance. I guess patience and communication are key, eh?

Thanks =]
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When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, will they be riding velociraptors?

If yes, will you be too overwhelmed with the sheer awesomeness to fight?

If no, what will the zombies be riding?
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Because I'm a moron and can't figure anything out for myself, I ask you, internet...

My mother's best friend died on Saturday.  She wasn't sick; her passing was very unexpected.  She used to baby sit me when I was a kid, her husband is my dad's best friend, etc.  The families are very close.

Her viewing is tomorrow evening.  While I kind of want to go, I really don't know if I can go without completely losing my shit.  Same goes for the funeral.  I don't want to make a scene. 

Should I go and risk it?  Should I take a bunch of my anxiety medicine first?  Should I just skip it?

Will you post a funny video/macro to cheer me up a bit?
201Özil <3 :D

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what should i do for my 21st birthday aside from drinking my life away?
specifics would be awesome.

it's still in 3 months, but i need to plan now D:
oh, and don't say GO TO VEGAS! i live there XP

also, what did you do for your 21st?
and if you're not quite there, what are you planning?
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Is there a place my friend can watch So You Think You Can Dance? online? They don't show the full episode on fox.com and it wasn't on hulu. She's tech challenged so I can't link her to a bittorrent. I know there are a few other sites like hulu but I can't remember the names.

EDIT: Found! Thanks so much!

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So. Some 19 year old guy moved in next door to my dad about a year ago and for the first 7 months or so he didn't put garbage out on garbage day once. He suddenly started up one week and has done it ever since.

Why the lack of garbage for months? Or what the heck was he doing with it?! I need answers!

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 Will you tell me about your favorite teacher in highschool?

My German teacher Frau Stout was probably my favorite teacher friend-wise.  She was definitely ~*unique*~ and would wear German costumes a lot.  During Xmas she'd have a baking party at her house and students would sign up to go bake German cookies and she'd have us bring shoes for St Nickolaus Tag and leave presents in them.  She'd make us watch German movies without subtitles and she'd explain what was happening, but then got too involved in the plot and eventually forgot to tell us what was going on lol.  After the last German play we performed off campus (and after weeks of us begging) she took us to Jamba Juice (and paid!) instead of back to school. 

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Do you know what Dark Charizard is?

Batman villain
Euphamism for 'where the sun don't shine'
Vampire soap opera from the 60s
Page 103 in the Kama Sutra
Same as a Charizard, but without the kahlua
Voldemort's second henchmen in book 6
Pokemon card
Slang for undiluted South Carolina crack
Starbucks title for a triple mocha frappacino
Certain chardonnay that's made in southern Australia
The name of cornflabit's pet gerbil
Endangered tree frog from Peru
Famous stripper at the Score's club in New York City
Rare genus of blackened oak that only grows in Germany
There is no such word. Stop wasting bandwidth

damn squirrels

The squirrels in my backyard keep messing with our nashi /Asian pear tree. They gnaw on the growing pears and then just toss them on the ground to rot. What's a good way to get rid of these annoying critters without killing them myself?

Mayhaps a cat or dog?