July 27th, 2008

Mariska & Chris (Cutesy)

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Who here loves Necco wafers? What's your favorite color?

I'm personally partial to the orange ones. Yum. Yellow comes in a very close second, though.

Also, on another related note - what's your favorite candy? I've been on a sugar kick for a couple weeks now, and am getting kind of sick of all the popular ones (Snickers, Milky Way, Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, etc). I could really use the suggestions. :P

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Totally hypothetical, of course

So, you're trying to get back in contact with someone who was very close to you in the past. You haven't spoken to him in four years, and you two did not part on the best of terms. However, it has been established that both you and he would like to start talking again. Through mutual friends, he has provided you with his phone number so you can text him.

How the hell do you handle this, TQC? What do you say?

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for those who have eaten at a famous dave's restaurant, do you remember what your waitress/hostess was wearing? i'm considering applying there but i'm not sure if i'll try if the uniform is shorts

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How old were you the last time you wet the bed?

What was the situation? Were you drunk or sober?

I was 18, at a hotel on vacation, and incredibly fucking wasted. eek.

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1) Why did the guy who hired me to help his wife with the party tonight give me such a nice cash tip? Until proven otherwise, I will assume it is because I have glorious ta-tas.

2) What should I do with the 3 pounds of steak he sent me home with? RECIPES.

3) I need sleep, TQC. I have to be up at 8 am. Any sleep tricks?

How Do You Say That Food?!

Pretty self explanatory in the subject, but how do you pronounce the following words?
just to see if we can find us any patterns, where are you from?


Also-as I was using Firefox's spell check on this entry my entry suddenly got completely screwed up and looked like this-

pretty self explanatory fhttp://www.livejournal.com/update.bml
Post an EntryromEntryrom the title, but how do you pronounce the following words?
and just to see if we can find us any patterns-where youquesadilla


what the fuck was THAT about?
The Black Lou Ferrigno

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1) Do you paint your fingernails and your toenails? Do you prefer to have one set of nails painted over the other?

2) What do you think is the solution to the majority of life's problems?

3) What is your favorite zoo animal?

4) Did you know that they made a sequel to the movie The Lost Boys?


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How do you help a friend whose turned bitter and cold do to his life experiences?
How do you help him see life is awesome and help him find his passion?

I know showing is better than telling, but sometimes anything helps.
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Which do you prefer:
Orange or grape soda? (Orange ftw)
Red or white meat? (Or tofu ^^)
Cats with hair or cats without hair? (With)
B&W or color photos?


Do you tend to get loopy when you have lots of caffeine late at night?
Or do you become more awake?

(Caffeine in my system + past midnight = @__@)
Mitty box

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TQC, I listed a couch on craigslist for $150. I got one bite, but after a week he never responded to my emails. I relisted the couch for $100 after a week of not hearing from him. Well, he just emailed me back and said he wants to pick the couch up tomorrow. He still thinks he's paying $150 for it.

Should I charge him $100 since that's what I relisted it as?
Or should I delete the posting and take the extra $50?


EDIT: I deleted the posting and I'm going to see how much he gives me. Thanks guys. I guess sometimes I'm a little too nice. There really is no reason to not take the extra 50$ if he never saw the other posting.

ghostest with the mostest

So, you buy a house but you didn't read the contract. According to the paper you have to have a ghost haunting your place. (Just roll with it.) However; the realtors say that they can provide anyone dead from history to haunt your place. So, who do you choose as your ghost and why?

On the reverse side of the card, say you kick the bucket. (Sorry, buddy.) Death comes to you and tells you that he has some bad news and good news. The bad news is, you're a ghost. The good news is that you can haunt anyone you want on the planet. So, who do you choose to terrorize and why? What would you do?
Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

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What's the most powerful over-the-counter local anaesthetic (spray, ointment, whatever) that works well for internal pain like muscles or joints? First hand experience with how well it works would be a preferable answer, of course.

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I went out to dinner today and saw my mother's friend at the same restaurant. Anyways, I went over and said hi to her, her husband and one of their sons. She goes to yoga with my mom and recently I've been going with them and she's been trying to set me up with her son (ie the one that was there). Anyways, I went to high school with this guy (he's one year younger) and in high school he wasn't that attractive (which was the last time I've seen him). But, I guess one year of college was all he needed because he is HOT. (That sounds lame.) So, yeah when I got back from my friend's apartment aka now, I went on facebook to see whatever just because I was curious.

I went through his tagged photos and realized he went to prom with this girl (again younger than me) who I thought was the most ANNOYING girl in the world. She was in one the clubs I was in, and I could not stand her. They have like some sort of kissy pictures together, so I'm assuming they went out.

Long story short, do you look into past relationships of your SO? Does it matter to you? I'm not talking about STDs or anything like that, but... who they have dated and if you knew them... whether you liked them or not etc. IE, should I automatically write this guy off just because he went out with this chick who I thought was the most annoying thing ever?


My friends and I want to go to Vegas, but we just want to stay in one room and sleep on the floor.

Hotels charge you extra for having extra people in the room. I want to just lie, say there's only two of us, and then sneak everyone else in.

Has anyone ever been caught lying about the number of guests in their room? How would the hotel even catch you? What happens if they find out?
macaroni murder lady

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Do you interpret the LJ mood "dirty" as closer to mucky or perverted?

Does Jason like dinosaurs more than I do?

Is liquid Jell-o mix, before it sets, delicious or horrible?

While swimming or floating or playing in a lake, do you seek out the warm spots or the cool spots?

Edit: I FUCKING LOVE DINOSAURS. I figured that would be the only reason I'd bring it up.
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Collapse )

What the hell was going on in that church?
Do you think that the Desert Hurricane could, in theory, drive someone to insanity?

If you don't feel like figuring out the previous dilemma, then might I ask you if I should reconsider gift giving to a boy I used to enjoy as more than a friend, but no longer do? (It was his birthday a few days ago) Would it seem like I'm still trying to hook up with him?


i have five piercings (ears, nose, center labret, naval) -- how many do you have?

if you had to get a piercing right now, what would you get? i've wanted my tragus done for a while but i've heard it crunches (!!) and i don't like long healing times :(

what do you think are the best and worst piercings and why? do you have gender preferences?

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TQC: What is the nastiest, most horrendously perfect insult you have ever heard?

I have run out of good insults today and I am still angry.
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I just finished what was out there for twilight books and now I'm looking for some more rediculously mellodramatic novels. Have you got any suggestions?

How much sleep does it take for you to feel better when you are sick? I got 16 hours and I still feel terrible. Have any stories about getting sick at work?


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"Raphael Poulin dislikes peeing next to someone else. He also dislikes catching scornful glances at his sandles, and clingy wet swimming trunks. Raphael Poulin likes peeling large strips of wallpaper, lining up and shining his shoes, emptying out his tool box, cleaning it out, and putting everything back."

What are three of your likes and three of your dislikes?
Watership Down

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How much money did those of you who are living on your own have when you moved out for the first time? I don't mean those in dorms or such, I mean the people who moved out of their parents house and into your own flat/house etc.
How much money would you recommend? (give reasons plz)
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sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b

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There were two stains on my carpet when i moved into my apartment last month. I've since moved furniture over both of them and they really cant be moved because I'm a tiny little woman who is not made for furniture moving without the help of a couple burly men.

I've since gotten a notice that the rental company will be sending carpet cleaners to treat the stains on wednesday. Now because I spilled coffee on my carpet, although i got the stain out there's a smell i havent been able to get out of the carpet yet on account of the cream in the coffee.

I'll be asking anyways tomorrow in the rental office but should I.

A. Not tell the rental office and just ask the carpet cleaners if they can do something about the smell and forget about the stains?


B. Ask the rental office if its okay to get them to try to do something about the smell?

I'm assuming any extra charge would just come out of my damage deposit but like i said I'll be asking when i get a hold of someone

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Is Debra Gibson taking advantage of Britney Spear's situation to promote herself?

Amputees, how do you feel about faith healers that claim that with the power of Jesus, you will be restored?
Cancer patients, same question.


Does anyone remember the show 8th and Ocean? I'm looking for a photoshoot that was done soon after the show ended, with Teddy and I think Sabrina walking on a beach. They were black and white photos. Does anyone have any of the pictures or know where I can find them? Thanks so much!

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1. What visually cool documentaries are there with lots of footage of microorganisms and other life related things occurring on a microscopic level? What other uncommonly seen, visually cool stuff would you recommend?

2. Is there a Firefox extension or Greasemonkey extension to eliminate the "Snap" popover windows that you get on LJ when you hover over a link? I ad-blocked the frame. The LJ settings are per-journal only, so those aren't an option.

EDIT: 3. If I wank it to pictures of fetuses touching themselves, does it make my pedo? Is it child porn? Could a born baby touching themselves on video be considered funny and not child porn? At what age does it become child porn?

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I had a dream that I was making stupid TQC posts, then started freaking out that they were dumb and wondering how I was secretly going to delete one... turned out I didn't have to because somebody was building a Starbucks over it.

Have you had any strange LJ/TQC-related dreams?

(the post I was going to delete had a photo of my brother and me asking "har har doesn't he look fat?" My brother isn't really fat...)

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What the hell is wrong with you people? Why can't people learn that this kind of behavior in chat rooms is the reason that they're empty?

[10:45:30] *** theburndowns has joined the chat.
[10:45:34] *** theburndowns has left the chat.
[10:47:54] *** copperearrings has joined the chat.
[10:48:04] *** copperearrings has left the chat.
[10:51:04] *** moshimishi has joined the chat.
[10:51:09] moshimishi: omg
[10:51:22] *** moshimishi has left the chat.
[10:52:54] *** anapnea has joined the chat.
[10:53:25] *** anapnea has left the chat.
[10:56:02] *** theburndowns has joined the chat.
[10:56:14] *** theburndowns has left the chat.

EDIT: For those who don't know, just invite yourself to "thequestionclub" on AIM. CHATFLOOOOOOODZ

Austin, TX

Hi Guys,

I live in Chicago and will be visiting a couple ex co-workers out in Austin, TX from this Tuesday through Sunday. I'm looking for noteworthy activities to do during the day while they're at work. Will I need a rental car or is there public transportation?


The Power and the Passion

In the American presidental race, Obama and McCain have yet to declare their running mates. Let's say, for reasons unknown, McCain chooses Dick Cheney to be his vice president, and Obama chooses an openly gay, black muslim man as his. Who would have a better chance of election come November?


If the candidates did unwisely pick their VPs with such careless abandon, what are the odds of a third party getting into the White House?

0%. Same as before. Jessica Simpson would have an easier time winning on Jeopardy
Greater an 80%

For those of you who fear possible assassination attempts on Obama's life were he to be elected, would having a gay muslim as VP be good life insurance? It's doubtful that conservative America would want a gay muslim running this country, should Obama be unable to complete his term

Yes, it would make Obama less of a target
No. The haters would just start aiming to take out both of them now

Would you rather see Dick Cheney in office again...or a gay muslim?

Man who likes dick

Oh, Dolly...

I have a vacation planned in 2 weeks which includes camping on the public beaches of South Padre Island. Of course, SPI is appparently the place hit hardest by Hurricane Dolly.

I don't have much experience with hurricane damage, what with living in Oklahoma and all. Should we start looking for somewhere else to take our vacation? Or still plan on going to South Padre in 2 weeks? (Assuming we -don't- want to camp amongst crap tons of storm debris)

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My dad just called me to tell me he saw a woman stop her car, and proceed to back up in the middle lane of the parkway because she missed her exit. (The exits are less than 1/2 a mile apart)

So what's the craziest/scariest thing you've ever seen while driving?

I saw a guy completely asleep at the wheel on the expressway...it was so scary

EDIT: Do you think people should be re-tested for their license once they hit a certain age?
Moon [icon_goddess]

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Can anyone suggest any authors that are good at describing motion and action?

I haven't written a story in years, and mostly because I haven't been reading. Most of the stories I want to write involve big fight scenes and action sequences, but I suck at writing stuff like that and could use some inspiration.


I've been watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? episodes on YouTube all morning (and now bleeding into the afternoon). I now remember that when I was about 10, I wanted to start my own Midnight Society.

What other mid-90s kids shows are totally worth watching on YouTube?
What were your favorite episodes of said 90s shows?

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I'm moving down to North Carolina for grad school in two weeks. My SO and I are committed to making a long-distance relationship work, and this involves talking on the phone. However, we both have different carriers. I have AT&T, he has Sprint. He's on his family plan so switching to AT&T isn't really an option. I just know we're destined for overage charges and was hoping you guys could help me get creative to save money. The whole waiting-til-9-pm-to-talk-for-free thing won't work because of job conflicts.

My mom came up with the idea to add another line to our plan with AT&T so he could take advantage of the free mobile-to-mobile minutes AT&T users get. I looked into this and if I select the cheapest plan, it's still an extra $30 a month. That's not unbearable, but there's got to be a better way.

The only other thing I can think of is Skype. Have you had any experiences with that? Do you have any other suggestions?
cubs hat

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ok, guys, I'd like some help please.

When we start going over polynomials in my Algebra class, we always take a few minutes to brainstorm words that start with mono-, bi-, and tri- (for monomials, binomials, and trinomials).

Can you help me come up with a list of words to use? I'm sick of the same old words like monorail, bicycle, and tricycle.


My birthday is coming up, and I want to spend the day with my best friend. But I'm not sure what we should do. I told him 'surprise me!' but, I don't think he's going to do that, so I need a backup plan. Any ideas? For a completely fantastic day. :D
Bert Shocked

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did you know that The Gamibian Association for Metereological Experts is having its annual conference in San Francisco next Saturday?

At the top of the agenda is a possible name change (many Gamibians, who have a hard time with English, have complained that it is too long.)

They have been taking suggestions at this website.

What is your suggestion?
Typing Monkey

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Are you leery about showering during a storm? Why/why not?

What about using a computer during a storm?

ETA: Yoder wants to know, If you are a world record holder for lightning strikes, wouldn't you change your job as park ranger to something safer?
TC2 by lady_agrias

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I know this year isn't quite over yet, okay no where near over, but are there any movies coming out in 2009 that you're really looking forward to seeing?

I can't wait for some Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, but I'm a big dork like that. Here's a list of some of what's coming out next year in case you don't know.

Also I'm moving tomorrow and almost everything I own is already packed up in boxes, including my dishes. I was going to order a couple of pizzas and just eat that for a few days until I can unpack some stuff, but that's not very healthy.

Can you guys recommend anything I could eat for a couple of days until I can cook again that's a little healthier that doesn't require dishes?

And the last one, how often do you wash your bed sheets?

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1. Do you sleep in the nude?
    If yes, does it depend on the season (only summer because it's hot)?
    If no, why not?
2. What are you currently reading?
3. What are you listening to or watching right now?
4. Do you make your bed every morning?

Matrix-like hypothetical

You're working in an office on the 18th floor, when you're told by a friend that the police are on their way to your building to arrest you. Apparently, your friend robbed a bank and left incriminating evidence that fingered you as the culprit. It was the only way your friend could get away with it, and he/she really needed the money. All this is told over the phone call, which is a courtesy notice that you'd better start running. You gaze up from your cubicle, and you see the police talking to your manager, and then look in your direction. They haven't seen you yet. You start to move in the other direction, when it occurs to you that one of the offices in the back is empty today. You go in there, and are presented with an idea. If you walk out on the outside ledge, 20' over is a window washing unit. You'd just have to walk on the outside ledge of the building, 18 floors up, twenty feet over to that unit, which you can take down to the ground floor and get away. If you don't, there's no other way out of your office (the exits are near the front, and you're in a back room), and the police will eventually find you, and you will be arrested, and unless you can afford to hire an expensive lawyer, you will probably go to jail.

Which would you rather do? Risk great heights and possible falling death...or give yourself over to the authorities?

Edit: The ledge is 1.5'. The side of the building offers little in fingerholds

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So I've been thinking about starting a windowsill herb garden for a while now, and my dad and brother got me a basil plant today, awww. What other herbs should I grow?

Do you participate in class, or, if you don't go to school, do you speak up a lot at work?

Will you describe the one perfect dream room in your dream home?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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1. Do you own a webcam? A headset? How about a cooling fan?
2. What is the most expensive accessory you own for your PC/laptop (not including hardware upgrades).
3. Did you name your computer? If you did, what did you name it?
4. What is your least favorite thing about your computer, aesthetically or functionally? (eg: color, where a port is located, etc. I hate that the speakers on my laptop are right where my wrists are when I'm typing so my sound gets muffled).
lost in translation

flash drive

Thank you to those who replied to my last post even though I didn't provide enough information.

Can I retrieve the information on my flash drive and how much do you think it will cost? Where would you go to try and fix it? So far the only places I can think of are Best Buy & the company that made it...

I'm afraid to touch my flash drive at all, so it's still in my computer. It just tried connecting, but it disconnected right away so I couldn't save any of the any information.

I'm hoping that there is a way to save the information on the flash drive. I don't care for saving the actual flash drive.

road tripping

if I were to travel to your town, what are 2-3 interesting places I should visit? extra points if they have to do with science or anything quirky/dorky. but still worthwhile, you know.

are there any interesting festivals or occasions that go on, that would make a certain week the best week to visit?

if and only if you have answers to the previous questions, tell me what town you live in?

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Usually my sis ends up having to close the restaurant she works at, so today knowing that she and her boyfriend would be home at a decent time and want to play house, I sweeped/vacuumed/mopped/dusted the living room.  Will she even notice?

What is something (or a few things) you are afraid of?
I'm scared of losing my ring.  It used to be my Nana's when she was younger and when she died my uncle gave it to me!  I wear it every day.

Excited for the Clone Wars?!  :D  Yaaay Star Wars animated movie!


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 Dr TQC, 
My poison oak is oozing and is really f'ing gross. It won't stop oozing...AND now my leg is swollen. Should I suck it up and go to the ER/Urgent Care today and get a prescription that can't be filled tomorrow (no pharmacy is open on sunday here), or wait until tomorrow and see the dr?

When is the last time you were a walking pustule of happiness?

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1. Are you a procrastinator, or do you like to get things out of the way?

2. For you procrastinators, what do you do instead of working on what you should be doing?

It seems that I go on a cleaning rampage when I'm putting something off. I guess that isn't so bad though; I've now got a clean room and loads of clean laundry!
ringo starfish

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ok TQC, I am having a dinner party tomorrow evening and I've got everything squared away, except the cheese course. I will have homemade baguette crostinis, but I'm not sure what kind of cheese to serve with them. (mostly because I am very picky about cheese, and not very knowledgeable.)

kinds of cheese I enjoy:
-mild cheeses
-cream cheese
-pepper jack

kinds of cheese I hate:
-sharp cheeses
-cheeses with overpowering flavor or odor
-Dubliner (weird bitter aftertaste)
-nasty chunky blue shit

based on my list of likes & dislikes, what kind of cheese would you suggest I serve with crostinis at a semi-fancy dinner party?

eta: thank you everyone!

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On LJ, is it possible to see the last time a person logged in by viewing their profile or whatever?

Also- what was one thing you planned to do, even when it was ~*bad*~ and you shouldn't have planned to do it in the first place?


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I'll be doing an unpaid internship next semester, so I'll be living off of whatever financial aid I can get.

What are some ways you have stretched your dollar/managed as a broke college student?

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Poll #1230647 Shark Week

In honor of Shark Week, what should we do to celebrate?

Watch as much Discovery as we can in that week
Hunt and kill a great white and mount a picture of it next to the bottle of Bacos
Eat plates of raw, wriggling fish
Have a Jaws marathon. Watch every Jaws movie, even the bad ones
Make neverconcede queen of TQC for a week
Wear this to bed. Sexually roleplay with your SO
Whenever you bite into food, hum the Jaws' theme. Keep doing this until you're asked to leave the table
Bite off a surfer's leg
Get a fish cookie cutter, and mold tuna fish into bite-size fish shapes before eating
Sexually pleasure a loan shark
Same as I do every week. I live each week like it's Shark Week
Dolphins sometimes spoils the sharks' plans. So, this week, kick a dolphin in the nads
Sharks suck. Bring on Jellyfish Week
girls » barbie

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I, somehow, have managed to cut the roof of my mouth open, simply by turning my head. Idk, I was eating, I heard a noise, jerked my head, and the prong of my fork did the rest. Now, it hurts. It's been like this for 2 days, and I've been very ginger in eating and everything, but god it still hurts :(

Any suggestions on how to make this cut heal faster? Do they make oral neosporin?

Have you ever gotten any stupid injuries? What kind, and how?

Did anyone read the article about the "Real Marilyn Monroe" in this morning's Parade magazine (idk, it's in the AJC, not sure if it's in other papers?)? What did you think of it?

(no subject)

What was your latest small victory, just something that made you proud, like winning the tv remote over your boyfriend or beating your own high score on a video game?

Also for those that have siblings, do you feel that there's some kind of a special bond between you and your sisters and/or brothers?

If you do, do you think it matters how much of an age difference there is between you?

Are you closer to the siblings your own age or it doesn't really matter at all?

My brother called me today and told me he forgot to take his allergy meds which was weird because I forgot to do the same thing too and I almost never forget take mine.

(no subject)

What would you like to become a pro at? Nothing too complicated, just something on the side you can pull out of nowhere and maybe use someday.

I would like to learn how to do movie makeup. Ya know, like learning how to make scars and wounds and stuff. sounds like fun to me.

(no subject)

What is on your mind right now? Is there anything you want to talk about??

What is the most exciting thing you have done lately?

What is your favorite fruit?

Do you have any nicknames? What are they?

What is your favorite blog to read?

(no subject)

what are you subjected to daily that you think would actually qualify as torture suitable for your worst enemy?

the guy that lives in my neighborhood plays shitty hip-hop & rap sampled cover "party music" or some crap (i really don't know how to describe it. it's awful.) at LOUD VOLUMES (the bass shakes my windows, and he lives on the street behind me. GRAH)

(no subject)


what are some of your cosmetics secrets, such as home remedies, unusual/off-brand products, routines?

i swear by petroleum jelly (a very minimal amount in the corners of my eyes, on the apples of my cheeks, and on lips), and i use wet n wild "cherry frost" lipstick as cream blush. it works wonders.

also, what's your favorite beauty product brand and why?

i've just recently discovered bliss labs and i think i am in love.
im french

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1. Are you clumsy? In what ways?

2. Someone I'm close to constently knocks shit over, spills things, hurts themselve, etc. It's embarrassing and frustrating. How can I curb this behavior?

3. Do you think it's weird to say "thank you" after sex? You are not being paid to have sex with the thanker, and you didn't really do anything special, or whatever. They just thank you and roll over.

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What is something insanely cute yet annoying that your pet does?

My miniature pincher will stand on the floor next to my bed and whine when she wants to get on my bed. She'll also jump up and down a hundred times but she won't actually jump on the bed. She can jump HIGHER than the bed which is the silly part. She keeps doing this until I get off my bed, pick her up, and put her on it.

Also, while I'm sitting or laying on my bed she'll dig at my legs under the blanket. It's really strange and have no idea why she does it considering my bed is the only place she does it.

There's Something About Mary

Ever heard of Resurrection Mary?

1. Those of you in the Chicago area...do you know of any stories regarding her?
2. What do you think is going on with the Mary folklore, spanning decades?
3. After reading this, and you were in the Chicago area, near Resurrection Cemetary, and saw a young woman in white walking along the side of the road in the wee hours...are you more/less inclined to stop and offer her a ride?

(no subject)

1. Those of you that have dogs: Do you let them lick your face/lips? I love my Buster but I don't let him lick my hand/arm much less my face. When I took him for his first vet visit, the secretary/nurse (what title does she have??) just let him lick her face, mouth, neck.
I was all o.O but I think I did a good job of not letting it show.

1a: Those of you who answered yes to 1: Do you think less of me because I don't?

1b: I'm assuming that cat owners don't let their cats lick them like some people let their dogs lick them because ewww..scratchy tongues! Am I right?

2. I like to crunch/chew ice cubes after I'm done with my soda/water/jack.
My two kids and their friend are sitting on the sofas watching Scooby Doo Monster's Unleashed crunching ice in what seems to be surround sound. I never realized how annoying it sounds. However, this realization will not deter me in crunching/chewing my ice cubes in the future.
Do you crunch/chew ice cubes?

om nom nom

which songs d'ya like?

strawberry fields forever, the beatles
cherry pie, warrant
the lemon song, led zep
banana phone, whoever sings banana phone
blueberry hill, fats domino
guava jelly, bob marley
banana boat song, harry belafonte
brown sugar, rolling stones
cheeseburger in paradise, jimmy buffet
rock lobster, B52s
quiche lorraine, B52s
rubber biscuit, blues brothers
jambalaya, hank williams
sex and candy, marcy playground
suzer, i might like these songs more if i actually knew them.
The Dude Abides

movie ?s

1) Who is your favorite movie director?

2) What is your favorite movie directed by Tim Burton? If you've never seen a movie directed by Tim Burton, what's your favorite movie directed by your favorite director?

3) How often do you go to Blockbuster or other movie rental stores?

Wisdom teeth removal & quitting smoking

1) When you had your wisdom teeth removed, did your detist put you to sleep for the procedure? My dentist has been on my case about having my removed, and I would have NO problem doing so if he would just knock me out for it! He refuses to do so, he's just going to freeze the area.

2) I'm in the process of quitting smoking, so I bought myself some herbal nicotine and tobacco free cigarettes. I actually quite like them, and I find it's making the whole quitting process easier. But I'm wondering, will smoking tobacco and nicotine free cigarettes still cause the tissue in my mouth to change? My dentist said I needed to quit ASAP cause the tissue on the inside of my cheeks were changing. They said if I quit smoking now, and by the time I see him again in one month, the tissue will probably go back to normal

Damn Squirrels!

I have these big, beautiful, juicy-looking tomato plants ready to ripen but as soon as they show the first signs of ripening, the damn squirrels take a bite out of 'em. I wouldn't be so angry if they ate the entire thing but they just take a bite or two and I have to throw the fruit away. Any advice?

(no subject)

On Bridezillas, some lady is chasing out contractors when she wants her house renovated in 4 days (4 days until her wedding) so she can show off her "wealth" to her family as well as her fiancee just gave her a beautiful expensive platinum wedding band which she threw a FIT about because it wasn't a huge diamond ring. I'm stunned that people can actually be this pathetic and make it to adulthood.

TQC, when was the last time you wanted to face-plant someone?
noblet and jerri

(no subject)

what are some things you like about your hometown and/ or the city you live in?
what are some things you don't like about it?
are you proud to say you're from where you're from?

mish mash

What color are your bedsheets right now? What other colors do you have for bedsheets?
I like mine to always be white.

When you wash your sheets, do you leave your mattress bare for some time or just put new sheets on immediately? How long do you leave it bare?
Sometimes I leave it bare for like days. lol. I'm trying to break that habit.

Do you have a tongue tie? Do you know anyone who does?
Edit: lol, I didn't realize so many people have no idea what a tongue tie is

If you take your lunch to work, what are you taking tomorrow?

What to do?


I am going to babysit for 10 year old girl. I've never babysitted (or is it babysat?) for a kid this old before. What are some good games/activities we can do that won't seem too immature for her but are still fun?

Edit: As long as I'm asking... I'm also going to start babysitting a 6 year old boy from another family. Any creative ideas for him? Thanks!
luna by heimweh26

Film Camera

I am taking my very first photography class and it begins in a few weeks. I need a 35mm film (not digital) camera that has the following: adjustable aperture, shutter speed, and focus controls, also a light meter. I am very poor and taking this class because I have always loved photography and now I want to know what I am doing. I am looking at getting a Canon EOS Rebel 2000 but I'm not sure that would suffice. Does anyone have any camera suggestions for me?

(no subject)

could you, would you or have you ever taken back or continued to date someone who cheated on you?

or have you ever been the cheater and been taken back/stayed with your SO?

how did it work out?

if this hasnt happened do you think it would work out to stay with them? no matter what the cheating was?

(i.e sleeping with someone else, emotionally cheating, going on a date while still in a relationship etc)

why or why not?
Eternal Sunshine

Caribbean Vacation

My husband and I are planning a potential vacation this September to either the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico or possibly Mexico. We want a nice, moderately-priced all-inclusive resort with alcohol served but NO KIDS. I work with kids during the school year and I don't really want any on my drinking bingevacation celebrating my anniversary.

So TQCers, have you been to any resorts that meet this criteria and how was it?
And if you haven't been to one of these locations, would you post pictures of a tropical location you would like to visit?

(no subject)

If you could thumbtack per user in communities (to be notified when a specific user posts in a specific community), which tqcers would you thumbtack?

If your current area is messy, what is contributing to the bulk of the mess?
toys, toys, toys, they are all over the floor just ten minutes after i vaccuum

What food are you craving?

What non-food are you craving?

What are you wearing?

random dating questions

dear tqc,

1: if you have a significant other, where did you meet them?

2: if you don't, do you go out of your way to try and meet people to date (ie, do you have a profile on any dating sites, do you go to any singles events in town, etc)?

3: what do you think is the best way to meet new people, for friends or for dating, that isn't the internet?

4: have you ever dated anyone you worked with? how did it go?

5: what's the best 'how we met' story you have, or have heard?
Hood Houndz

Cheap road trip

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but my boyfriend and I are hoping to be able to take a road trip in early August. Round trip we will have traveled about 5000 miles. We plan on camping for most of the nights, and perhaps an inexpensive motel every third night or so.
We have challenged ourselves to do this trip as inexpensively as possible. Our goal is to find no cost/low cost attractions.
My question is, do you have any road trip advice? Do you have any personal experiences you'd like to share of how you traveled long distances and didn't break the bank?
Do you have a favorite road trip memory to share with me?

If anyone is wondering where we're headed, we are traveling from South Western Ontario, through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I, with our final destination being "east of east", Heart's Content Newfoundland.
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Every day on my way home, when i pass the major highway onramp, there is a man on the median. He holds a sign that says "vet hungry", and he is always having very animated conversations with himself, complete with grand arm gestures.

Do you think he is really a vet? Why isnt the government helping him out? (im not sure how these things work, when they come home).
derek smalls

Oww, my feet.

I need some comfortable shoes for work! I have to wear dressy shoes and they cannot be open toed.

Where the hell do I find shoes that are actually cute and also good for my feet? I have high arches so something with lots of support is necessary. I've just been wearing ballet type flats and my feet are starting to hurt all the time.

Where is your favorite place to buy shoes?
Typing Monkey

(no subject)

In "The Rainbow Connection", Kermit wants to know why there are so many songs about rainbows. However, I can only think of 3 - including that one - and I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about "Homo Rainbow".

So, TQC, how many songs about rainbows do you know of?

I probably should have bought these way earlier for myself.

Hey TQC! I just decided what I want for my birthday - a 3 day pass to ACL Music Festival. It's going to be on Sep. 26-28 and they're sold out of them on the official site.. but people are selling them on craigslist and whatnot. OKAY, so my questions:
1. Do you think this is too expensive of a gift? (I've seen these passes going for $130-$200.)
2. Are any of you going to ACL?!
2.5 If yes, which days?

ETA: I was planning on asking my boyfriend of 2 months to gift them to me
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