July 26th, 2008


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You have to pick one primary trait for your SO, that he/she will have in spades. The other 2 traits will be reduced (or elevated, if the case may be) to only average. What will be your SO's strongest trait?

Sense of humor

You yourself are given an offer: you can increase your attractiveness by up to 5 points (on the scale of 1 thru 10). However, each point you increase your looks by, your intelligence will drop by 1, up to 5 (on the scale of 1 thru 10). You may go the other way, too, and decrease your looks to boost your intellect (up to 5 points). Will you change yourself?

I'll boost my attractiveness a little, and lower my intellect a little
i'll boost my attractiveness a lot, and lower my intellect a lot
I'll boost my intellect a little, and lower my attractiveness a little
I'll boost my intellect a lot, and lower my attractiveness a lot
I choose to stay the same

You may take into account your sense of humor. You may choose to lower or raise your sense of humor to boost your intellect or looks. What will you do?

Boost my intellect, lower my sense of humor
Boost my attractiveness, lower my sense of humor
Boost my sense of humor, lower my intellect
Boost my sense of humor, lower my attractiveness
I choose to stay the same
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When did provoking a reaction become a skill?

Tim Gunn boldly claims, "Every woman wants to look longer and leaner." Discuss?

I've got to go help someone move house in 8 hours. Why am I still up? Why am I still on tqc?

Wait I have to update. I didn't think this through before I posted. Collapse )
That's regular hand blood, not any kind of terrifying feminine blood.
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1. I am going to Buffalo, NY tomorrow. I go often, about 2 or 3 times a month (from Canada) I only ever go for shopping and to fill my gas tank. I'd like to do touristy things if there is such a thing, or visit cool attractions. What do you suggest?

2. I am freaking drunk. I just drank 2 fishbowls of screwdrivers at the local watering hole. What is your favourite drink?
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TQC, my cats have fleas. Fucking fleas. I don't know why I'm so horrified by this, but I am.

I'm taking them to the vet on Monday for a professional flea shampoo, but the poor babies are itching like crazy (and getting bugs all over my house!) What can I do to alleviate their itchiness in the meantime?

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Frequent fellators of TQC, did you come to find the act an acquired (dis)taste, or were your feelings on the matter cemented from your first time doin' it?

Everyone else: do you have a healthy relationship with food? ETA: Why or why not?
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Will you go to www.realtor.com and post a picture of or link to the most expensive house for sale in the town you live in?

Raleigh, NC $3,699,950

EDIT: If you were insanely rich, what would be your MUST HAVE in your luxury house?

For me, it'd be an indoor pool and a gigantic tub that I could actually fit my fat ass in. And a separate house out back for my mom to live in.

purely hypothetical

Ok so you're fooling around with someone for the second time and they hint that they want you to give them head.
You  playfully respond "Well what about me...?"
They say "I only do that when I'm really wasted."

What do you walk away thinking?
Do you still give them head? 
Why or why not?

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This is a boring question. I'm working on a project for work and I need to know if anyone knows...

What is the difference between Comparable Store Sales (comp) and Revenue Growth? Does anyone know? I know it reflects on the previous years sales, but Comp numbers are usually only maybe half or a third of Revenue Growth numbers and if they both reflect the stores sales in the previous year, I don't understand why they are different numbers.

If you don't care about work babble...

What do you wear when you're home alone? PJS/undies/naked/regular clothes?
What do you wear when you sleep?
What do you think of people who sleep naked?
Do you sleep naked?
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So I was supposed to be at work at 8am. It's now 9:35. I am super sick, and called in sick yesterday. I've been trying to call my work every few minutes since about 7:50, but it seems the phone lines aren't working, as no matter which line I call I just get a busy signal (and they haven't called me, either).

What's wrong with my work's phone?

Has something like this ever happened to you?

Should I do anything other than continue to try and call? I don't know any of my coworker's cell phone numbers, so I can't call in that way.

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You're shopping for a mattress with your SO. It's a crowded floor because there's a sale going on. Some 50 people milling about the store. Then, you're tapped on the shoulder. "Hi. I'll pay you $3,000 cash if you and your boyfriend/girlfriend have sex on one of these display mattresses". You look around, and there's a few children and old people in the crowd. "I'll distract the salespeople so they won't interfere, so you won't be interrupted. But you have to finish". Do you earn $3,000?

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What do you think about someone's significant other being 13 years older than themselves?

EDIT: 19 / 32
EDIT AGAIN: I guess I should have put that it's me and my boyfriend, lol.
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Looking for video game icons.

I'm working on an LJ for my husband because that's what we're going to use as our main communications while he's deployed. He's really into video games, especially those for the XBOX360. Where's a good place to find icons for games like HALO (in all its incarnations, especially HALO 3), Overlord, Call of Duty 4, Fable (okay, that's a PS2 game, but...), Dynasty Warriors Gundam, etc. Also I'd love to see Hexic icons because that's the only game on the XBOX that I don't suck at.

I tried keyword searches to little avail. Suggestions?
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lol Some Jehovah's Witnesses showed up at my door about an hour ago. They woke me up. Boo. Luckily, they got the hint. I think it was the PJs and bed head, but they said they'd be back later! (damn it)

I can never get myself to say, " don't come back". I mean, I don't want to say it THAT way... but how do I get them to never come back? I'm always so nice and accept their stuff and tell them it's ok to come back... but I can never says, "DONT COME BACK OK!?"

So, um... what do you say to Jehovah Witnesses that come to your door?

long and involved question about a kitty

My boyfriend and I rented a house with one of his friends from Sept '07 to May '08. He had a cat. In April, he asked me if I would take his cat when we moved out. He couldn't find a place to live that allowed cats, and he knew that the cat liked me and I would have to find a place that allowed pets because I have a dog. I took the cat. He and his now ex girlfriend had gotten the cat together in late 2004, but the cat had always lived with him. They broke up in early 2007.

Long story short, I took Smokey and assumed all responsibilities as of May 1st. She had never been to the vet under his care, so I took her - got all shots, tested for parasites, etc.

Guy I lived with has no interest in the cat or the ex, and I am moving 3 hours away in a couple of weeks - and plan on bringing the cat (since I consider her mine now). Ex-girlfriend is now calling me to "get Smokey back". Am I a horrible person for ignoring her phone calls? I barely know her - met her once or twice when I first started dating my boyfriend, and my former roommate and this chick were still together.

tl;dr version: The ex of my cat's former owner wants the cat "back". Can I ignore her and get away with it? What would you guys do?

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in your humble opinion...

1. when you're out with friends how do you guys pay? (split, pay this time other person pays next time, etc).

2. when you're going on a first date who pays? or split?

3. when you're exclusively and officially dating someone who pays?

4. when you're married who pays?


5. what's the most expensive gift you've received? was it also your favorite gift? if not, what was your favorite gift?

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I recently found out that my hair stylist no longer works at the salon I used to go to in Hoboken, NJ.  Now I need a hair cut, and I rarely trust anyone with my hair, so I'm doomed!

1. Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of losing your favorite hair stylist?

2. If yes, what did you do to recover? How were you able to find a new stylist?

3. If I just need a trim, should I just go to Super Cuts? I'm scared they'll chop off all my hair :( I have such bad experiences at hair salons, I'm scarred for life.
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Happy lunchtime TQC!!

1. How long is your lunch break at work?
2. How many breaks are you allowed while at work?
3. Are you a cat or dog person?
4. Do you have any pets? If so what kinds?(pics of them plz!!!)

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I want to possess Tim Gunn's powers. How do I go about this?

I'm thinking of going back to school to get my AAS in Illustration. Is this a waste of time and money?

Mr. Bear hissed at me when I told her to get out of the window last night. Why is she such a bitch, TQC?
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what would you think of three forty year old men going by themselves to see a hannah montana concert?

would you take their offer to go backstage to possibly meet her (they bought backstage passes from ebay)?
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I got a prescription of Lorazepam maybe a little over a year ago, by a doctor in Urgent Care.
It's not something I take everyday, just when I feel an anxiety attack come on. I have only taken 3 in the past year because once I started seeing my therapist, I have needed it less.

Anyways, it expires on the 30th, and I would love to still have it around for just "one of those days", but i don't have the time or money to go into Urgent Care right now. This prescription has no refills.

If I took my bottle into the pharmacy, would they be able to replace only the old with  new? Or would I have to go back to UC and try to get another prescription written up?
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Where are you?

Where do you live? (City/Town, State/Province, and Country if not USA/Canada)
In general, do you like living there?

What do you like about living there?
What do you hate about living there?

Where else have you lived and how would you compare to your current location (better, worse, the same?)

If someone wanted to move to where you live, would you recommend them to move there or try to persuade them to move elsewhere? Why?

If someone wanted to move somewhere (anywhere, not just where you live) where they didn't know anyone, what is the best thing to do it?

Find a job first from afar, then move. (if this, how?)
Move first, crash in a cheap hostel/hotel/other temp lodging for a few days while finding job?
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So, after work I'm stopping by my school's library. I'd really like to pick up a really good romance book. Any suggestions?

And if you don't have a suggestion for that, something young adult, or maybe some vampires and werewolves or something? I just need something to help me relax.

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whenever i drink my nose starts to run, and as soon as i started smoking it became impossible for me to crack my back. does your body do anything like that? like when x happens, y happens?

it it ever too early in the day to start drinking?

on average, how dirty are your feet?

how often do you wear socks?

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1:  For those of you who use an ad blocker, can you recommend one from a trusted site?  I can't help but feel like I'm about to download a trojan or something that will increase popups (even though that would be contradictory) or something that will send me junk mail.

2:  If it's not too personal, who is your car insurance carrier and how much do you pay per month?  Does it cover all drivers or just you?

3:  I meant to ask this once and I'm not sure if I did because I don't remember the responses, so sorry if this sounds repetitive, but if you use a screen caption program, what do you use?  As with the ad blocker, I'm looking for something legit that won't give me a virus or or increase popups.


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Does anyone have a good meal planning website that they use?
I haven't googled yet, but am planning on looking later. I am just curious if anyone has one that they would recommend.

eta: I am not tracking calories or weight loss, just trying to plan a menu for the week/two weeks and have it all on an easy to read chart so my husband sees it and doesn't eat all of the cheese before I use it in a recipe or something.
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Why the  hell is Twilight so popular?

My sister read the first and told me that is was okay if your into sappy romance, but I keep hearing about drama and action too, is this true?

I have about 6 books in the wings to be read, and only 3 weeks until school starts back up and when it starts I won't have time to read anymore, should I put it on the list anyway?

Have you seen Some Like it Hot???
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Two counties in Michigan have recently banned excessive pants-sagging. I think it's 3 or more inches of underwear (or uh, lack of underwear D:) showing that is considered 'excessive.'

Is this funny, ridiculous, or a good idea?

How about the fact that now they are being harsher than just a fine? Like, they can take you to jail and use it as probable cause to search you.

And does anybody know if they're doing this anywhere else?

Mostly, I think it's kind of funny. I think it's a little extreme to say it's probable cause to search you, but then... if you aren't doing anything, it shouldn't matter. But it's STILL invasion of privacy. Either way, I know I'm not the only person to not really want to view some guy with his pants around his knees and his entire ass hanging out. Supposedly it's making these counties poor because it's scaring away possible residents.

Dr. TQC, Save me plz.

I was at the beach yesterday and a green/horsefly bit/stung whatever they do, to my leg.
It looked like a mosquito bite, about the size of a dime, but now it's about the size of a pancake. I've been taking benadryl and putting cortaid on it. My question is:

Does this happen to you? How long does it usually last for you? At what point would you run your ass to the doctor?

Or, if you don't care about my grossness

Am I the only one who didn't like TDK?
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I bought a ticket on ebay. It arrived today and it's the kind that you print yourself through ticketmaster. Should this worry me? Would this worry you?

The person doesn't have any negative feedback or anything but I'm a huge worrier.

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does anyone else here have a furry face? my face is covered in light peach-fuzz and i don't want to remove it because that would be kind of weird but being covered in fur is kind of weird too D:
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Because googling "list of green foods" just brings up a bunch of environmentally friendly food companies, I must ask you.

Will you please tell me all of the food that you know that are green in color?

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I may rent a couple of movies tonight.

What comedy do you recommend I get?

Whether or not it's a new release doesn't really matter to me.
I just want to watch something that's really good.
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I'm trying to find the guy who wrote 'The Drinking Song'. I know it's Atilla something. The chorus goes:

'It's the drinking song, it's the drinking song
And if you don't like drinking then just sing along
And if you do like drinking then it can't be wrong
Because everyone loves the drinking song"

Inigo Montoya

Wedding question..

You know how parents of the bride/groom will invite their friends and colleagues from work but the bride or groom don't really know these guests and these guests don't really know the bride and groom?

What do you usually do for gifts in this type of situation if you've ever been in it?

In my scenario, I know the mother of the bride because I work with her but I've only met the bride twice and the groom once. The mother of the bride told me to bring my mother with me (they've worked together) and we were thinking a card with money, $10 from each of us.

What do you think?

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Has anyone here, not in the entertainment industry, taken a [novelty] stunt/advance driving class?

Was it purely classroom, or hands-on as well?

What did you learn?

Was it worth the money?

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So parents are going out to a dinner tonight so I'm left to my own devices. Should I go to Subway and get either a roast beef or turkey and bacon sub or should I go a bit further to Wegmans for a chicken tender sub?

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Would it be a waste of money or totally funny to send a dildo to my asshole dad?  Maybe both?

If funny, better to put his name on the package (heeeh) or my cunt step-mom's?

I mean, they did mail me my laptop (and now the battery won't charge and the slightest touch of the power cord will cause it to shut down)...D:  Jerks.

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So I'm making a pizza (bought the crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings).

The directions say to lightly coat the top of the crust with olive oil. I realize I'm out of olive oil, but I have vegetable oil. I could go out and buy some more olive oil, but I'm lazy.

Do you think the pizza will turn out okay if I coat it with vegetable oil instead of olive oil, or is this a catastrophe waiting to happen? Should I go out and buy olive oil?

Yes, not a very skilled or knowledgeable cook.
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a color

Will you post a picture of something that is in your favorite color (or favorite color combination)?
Not just a color block of your favorite color, but a photo of an actual object of that color.

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My son is staying with the grandparents tonight so it is just me and boyfriend.
we are bored and broke, and have no car at the moment.

What should we do?

ETA: I am 8 1/2 months pregnant so no I don't really feel like having sex. of course thats the obvious response, but I am looking for some creativity people. lol
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Where would you go to elope if you could?

That is, of course, only if:
You can go anywhere you want, cost doesn't matter.
There won't be any family drama over it.
You have a significant other and actually want to get married.
Not Vegas and not anywhere in the Caribbean/Mexico/Hawaii.

In other words, where do you think is the most romantic place in the world, and why?

Or, if you already eloped or had a small destination wedding, where did you go? Would you recommend it for other couples to do the same?
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Okay TQC, I'm about to go on my very first grocery run for the new apartment. We have pretty literally NOTHING in the house except a couple bottles of water in the fridge and some cat food.

So far I have a few basics on my list... milk, bread, sandwich stuff, spices, chicken, cereal, ramen noodles... but I'm beginning to draw a blank here.

What do you suggest I get? :)
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Short version - My roommate for next year is Catholic, but I want to come out to her anyway. Do I do it now, while we're kinda friends, or wait until we get to know each other better? I'd like to keep her friendship.

I am a terrible person.

What interests/stupid things do you automatically "Ugh" at when looking at people's profiles that you don't know?

Since thelifelist comm  has been in the spot light there have been a lot of things on lists where I am like "Seriously?"  Like, "I want to have four kids, one boy one girl and a set of fraternal twins with the boy coming out 3 minutes first!!1!"  Annoyingly specific.

There is a predatory mood?  Nice.
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My mom believes that eating green M&Ms means you're horny or want to become so. Are there any urban myths you or your family/friends believe?

My boyfriend is coming home Monday and it will be the first time in two months that we'll be able to spend more than a few hours together. What should we do?

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Have you thought of how to explain to your children/future children what molestation is and how to handle the situation?
If so, what is your plan?

If you do not plan on having children what is your favorite chinese food?

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Do you keep snacks in your bedroom?

What do you have?

Are there things you hide so you don't have to share (if you have to share a room)?

I sometimes keep candy bars, chips, or crackers.  I hide the chocolate.

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I had my mom's funeral this morning. Since then I have spent most of the day in bed. Should I continue with this theme or should I go out for a beer?

If I go, what beer should I try?

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Oh, my lovelies...

I just left behind the most important group of people in my life.

What has gotten you down lately?
Let's make everyone feel better!
Or say sarcastic and cynical comments to shed light on our obvious idiocy.

Also, were you on that hate list from the myspace kid?
I was on vacation, so I missed it.  But the comment next to my lj_username was something along the lines of "Can't spell Charlie."
I'm hurt.
It's clearly a play on Charles.  NOT Charlie.  Hrmph.
ETA:  The myspace post:  http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/43430151.html
          The hate list:  http://2partswater.livejournal.com/77448.html

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I really want to watch Law&Order:SVU, and the only way for me to do so would be for me to stream off of Netflix. Which kills the internet speed. Which would make my family...unhappy (they've been playing WoW all day).

Should I do so anyway? If not, what should I do?
If yes, should I just watch now, or wait until they break for dinner, in hopes that they don't connect me with the slow internet?
How bored are you?

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1) My parents don't know how to use google well enough to find out where the Applachian mountains begin and end. You could tell me the answer, but do you think this is funny or sad?

2) Do you like Ben Folds?


3)What should I download on emusic, people who use it? Uh..I like to listen to Dar Williams, Aimee Mann, Griffin House, Ben Folds, P!nk, Kayne, anyway, you get the point.

eta: what phrase would you like used more often? Define it.

Victorian novel disease- a fictional disease in which the character wastes away beautifully. The character may die, but never loses their beauty. The only symptoms are maybe a cough.

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I saw a spider today, and I'm not sure what it's called.  It was a good inch long, it had black and yellow stripes, its legs were paired off in twos, and I noticed there were zigzags down the middle of its web.

Any ideas?  Thanks!!

"Shiny Happy People" poster?

Okay, so I have a question - specifically, a question about that most maligned of R.E.M. songs, Shiny Happy People.

Collapse )

There is a persistent rumor floating around that this song is a reaction to a propaganda poster in Communist China after the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989. Is this so, or was it some kind of April Fools Day gag that took on a life of its own? If the story is true, where is the poster?

Xposted from music_geeks, here.
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hey chat,

if your lame ass friends call you like 30 minutes before theyre about to go to a club and ask you if you want to come,

doesnt that mean they really dont want you to go, and that they are douchebags?

why are my frendz such douchebags?
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Have you ever tried Curves (the gym)?

If so:

What did you think of it?

Would you recommend it to a friend?

How exactly does it work?

Any other information about it that you would like to share?

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 Today I was looking through my iPod and was determining the temperature of different songs. For example, "Supernatural Superserious" by REM is a relatively hot song, while "My Body is a Cage" by The Arcade Fire is colder.

TQC, am I crazy?
Do any of you have weird thought processes like mine?
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Shower curtains or shower door?

If door, frosted glass or completely see through?

I have a shower with a frosted door but it's busted and I must now use the tub with the curtain - I dislike it very much.
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Do you believe in giving a second chance to someone whom you were with and then split?

If you want to know the whole story, just ask.

EDIT: The story in a nutshell.

His name is Justin. He's 25 years old now. We were married for a year and three months but were together for almost 6 years ... he cheated on me. With a 21 year old girl from his work.

He's apologized numerous times and he says he regrets us breaking up. I just left him in October of 2007.
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When you get birthday or Christmas cards in the mail, do you open them when you get them or do you wait until the actual day of your birthday or Christmas? Why or why not?

(no subject)

What is something you've done recently that was both EXTREMELY nerdy, but EXTREMELY awesome/cute?

yesterday, on the trolley ride to comic-con, i pokemon battled a stranger. i won once, and she won once. it was pretty hardcore.

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I decided the pageant thing was a scam afterall. I looked closer and the email it gave was admissions@greenhouseproducts.com (or something very close to that). So, I obviously won't be trying out for it. Thanks to everyone for the responses, though. :)

Now, I've got a completely different idea on my mind.
Has anyone here been in the Peace Corps? If you have/are, will you please tell me about it?
If you haven't, would you volunteer?

Also, is anyone else obsessed with watching just one show or movie right now?
I'm stuck on Gilmore Girls since a couple of my friends pointed out that it didn't suck and made me watch a few episodes.

(no subject)

do you want to know how i got these scars?

OH YEH!!! i watched this years greatest hit =) i wasnt sure if i paid enough at the theaters..

what color is the underwear, that is on you right now!?

polkadots! multi-colored of course

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Have you ever been to an automat?
Nope, but I'm watching something about one on TV

Did you have a special tradition after you went to doctor's appointments as a kid?
After my yearly eye exam, I was allowed to pick something out at the toy store

First Qestion

 This is my first question to this community; here it goes.

What would you do to survive if there was a zombie attack?  (I know that's kind of a lame question)
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Can someone please tell me what is so great about beer? (the drink, not the TQC member)

Can you suggest me a beer to drink? I'm usually into those fruity malt beverages, but I have not found a beer I like.
Or, maybe it's just not for me. :( WAH

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What should I do tomorrow?

What are you doing tomorrow?

I have a bunch of books that I want to sell online. Where's the best place to sell them?

What do you do with mail that comes to your house that is addressed to someone else?
(We sometimes throw it away, and sometimes write "Wrong Address" and mail it back)

What's the strangest medical ailment you've ever had?
(I had viral meningitis and pityriasis rosea about 6 years ago)

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Am I the only teen to have attempted to read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan?
(I failed miserably - I couldn't get further than the middle of book four coz Rand & Co. got boring/started pissing me off. :3)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a T-rex, velociraptor, or some other prehistoric predator?

What was your first 'dream job' as a kid?
(Mine was a tie between a teacher...... And a stunt pilot xD)
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Someone in another comm just posted with an icon made from the same image as sejabop's! I thought it was TQC, and then I got really confused as I read the post, looking for a question. Has anything like this ever happened to you?

What's your favorite brand of root beer?

I am dying my hair tomorrow! Any time I change my hair I get excited for days. Do you? I am dying it red (it's already red, but it's going to be a less orange and more red shade) with black ends. Is this going to look like poop? :(

I ordered Interstella 5555 off the eBayz yesterday! What's the last movie you purchased?

a whiney, tl;dr-y question because i'm bored and lonely

How many (failed) attempts do you make at including somebody in your life before you just give up?
Is there anybody you have tried over and over again to be friends with/spend time with/include in your life who you just don't seem to have any success with?  How long have you been trying to keep in contact with them?  What would it take for you to just give up on them?

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TQC, I have this coupon for 20% off my next Denny's To Go purchase.
I have about 25$ to last me until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

I is pregnant cravin' some Dennys.

So, Do I go to Denny's and be broke??

(Keep in mind if I go to Denny's I may have to borrow money from my dad to put gas in my car Monday.)