July 25th, 2008

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Inspired by the Baby Borrowers:
What would you say to someone around the 18 years old, who wanted to have a baby soon?

What was the last stupid thing you did?
I gave myself a bikini wax. WTF! I have like.. a massive bruise thing going on now.
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Does anybody know where I can find/buy one of the "I Believe in Harvey Dent" buttons they were giving out during the rallies? I've tried eBay, and can only find like four listings, and the bids are all nuts.

For reference:


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In a regular conversation... even if you're straightforward about every other topic...

Is it better to pretend that you're a totally comfortable person, with no emotional problems whatsoever? Even if you have to skew the truth to maintain that image, even if it means no one will truly know you?

Or is it better to admit that you have problems and flaws, and to be honest, even if it means people will look down on you?

Your opinions, please.
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I haven't slept in a while, but if I do now I won't be up in time to go to the gym unless I want to suffer under hot heat. Should I just...go now? It's only five AM but it's open!

What's the weirdest thing you've done on no sleep?

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If someone who considers me a friend, despite me not really liking them and avoiding hangouts, asks me what am I doing for my birthday, am I obliged to invite them to my very small birthday party? They would feel as if I should have invited them too, but I don't like them, and neither does anyone else on my invite list.

I do not think you know what it means

What was the last word you used wrongly, and got into trouble?
I called a set of dinner plates we'd bought as a wedding gift "dour". I meant that they were subdued and not fancy but as it turns out, "dour" means humorless and stern, and my SO thought I was criticizing her choice of gift. Whoops ..

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1. as a present, which would you appreciate more:
a) a highly detailed black and white drawing?
b) a less-detailed, but in-color painting?

2. i am going to make a carrot cake today, but we only have baby carrots instead of regular-sized carrots. grating/shredding them is going to be torture, y/y?

3. i feel guilty for sleeping in today. what do you feel guilty about?

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What is your fave appeals court case (in the US)?

Mine is the Andrea Yates case. In the first trial, she was convicted of killing three of her five children (she hasn't been charged with the other two murders yet). The conviction was overturned when it was discovered that the prosecution's star expert witness (who had also testified in the cases of Jeffrey Dahmer, Susan Smith, and John Hinckley) had accused Andrea of mimicking a Law & Order episode in which a woman kills her kids in a bathtub and then pretends to have post-partum psychosis to get off. It turned out that that episode didn't exist, so they had a new trial and she was found not-guilty by reason of insanity. The kicker? The expert was not only allowed to testify in the second trial, but the defense was not allowed to bring up his false testimony from the other trial.

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Is there longevity in your family? How old is/was the oldest person in your extended family (that you know of)?

The women on my dad's side, yes. My great-grandmotehr was 100, grandmother was 89.

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Poll #1229518 3 completely different questions

You're at a museum, and you're looking at an exhibit. It's crowded, and there's a cute woman in a long skirt crouching right by you. You didn't notice that you were standing on her dress. She stands up suddenly, and RIIIIPPP! Her skirt is completely ripped off her body, and she's not wearing anything underneath. She screeches, embarrassed. What's your reaction?

Shame. I walk away, quickly, and hope no one recognizes what I did
Lust. That's so hot
Anger. "You filthy WHORE! There are children present!"
Indifference. Meh. It's nothing I haven't seen before
Concern. I pick up her dress and help her get back inside it
Amusement. I point and laugh, and maybe take a picture with my phone

Your SO tells you one that day that they plan on quitting their job, and following their childhood dream. Clown school. They intend to enroll next month. How do you react?

Follow your dreams, baby. I'll support you
Clowns? Ick. I think you should realize your dreams are creepy and dumb. Get your old job back pronto
I have a fear of clowns, you know. If you become one, you can expect a stabbing
A clown? I'll be so proud of you. I'll tell all my friends.
Clowns kinda turn me on.

Your SO just bought an experimental jet pack and is really excited. It can travel 100 mph, and has enough fuel to stay in the air for one hour. It takes premium gas to operate. What's your reaction?

I want one!!
That's too dangerous! One hour? What if you forget to check the fuel gauge? You could get hurt! Please, return it
It's your money. Do what you want
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Sorry if it's TL;DR.

Last night when I got home, I noticed a two foot long horizontal scratch on the hood of my car (which I just bought over Thanksgiving and is a 2008 Corolla). I'm assuming because of the way the scratch is and no other damage to the hood that someone keyed my car at some point yesterday (but I didn't notice it because of all the heavy rain we had). My last car got keyed as well, but it was a four foot long scratch and an old car, so I didn't get it fixed. I'm just pissed off. I know that I'll get small little scratches and dings from people hitting my car, but this is farking ridiculous.

Anyone know how much it may cost to fix? Is it worth fixing? Anyone know how I can make it less noticeable for now?

When is the last time something happened to your car that pissed you off?
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my friends and i are having a board game night. there will be appx 10-15ppl.

we're going to do a grocery run later this afternoon, but we want to get the most "BANG" for our buck.

we're looking to spend about $15 on snacks (since we'll be spending about $50 on booze) so we want stuff that's cheap. besides hot dogs and chips. what elseee?

thanksss. (:

Office Questions on a slow Friday...

1. Am I the only one who thinks wearing giant headphones with a tiny mp3 player looks really, really ridiculous?

2.What are some annoying things your coworkers do?

I'm in a really tiny office-space where our desks are directly across from each other, and one of my coworkers hums off tune and chews his cuticles to the point that he hurts himself.
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Poll #1229530 Breakfast of champions

What should I have for breakfast?

Steamed rice with homemade egg drop soup
Bbq chicken steamed buns
Frosted Flakes with Soy milk
Chocolate chip muffin
Glazed Doughnut

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According to Perez Hilton, not a single one of the remaining Golden Girls attended Estelle Getty's funeral.

Why do you think that is?
Is it weird that that makes me a little sad?
Does it make you sad too?
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How do you deal with some one who is annoyingly ignorant about homosexuality?

What if that person is your mother?

What if your mother just found out that your youngest sister might be bi and wants to send her to a "straight 'em out" program?

How many times should I slam my forehead down on the desk at this? At least 50, right? (edited to note: I cannot slam my mother's head into the desk, as she is two states away and my arms a little short for that.)

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1) Should all opinions be respected, regardless of facts to the contrary?

Sadly, I want to say yes, but in practice, I'm a no.

2)What should happen to someone who desecrates a communion wafer?

Maybe a big frown from the church.

3)How can I become a kind, nonjudgmental person?

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So, anyway, TQC, that thing that I call a couch? What do you call it? A couch, a sofa, a davenport or davenaux (or however you spell it), or something else?

And, WILL YOU PLEASE give me a quick rundown of the cultural and socioeconomic circumstances of your upbringing??????????? Sorry, I forgot about this community's sexual longing for question marks. It's been so long since I've been around.
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Who is the most ~*~*popular~*~ person on your f-list?

I think it's mengus for me.

How awesome, on a scale of 1-10, is the fact that there is a double feature at the drive-in tonight of Batman and Hellboy 2?

What is a movie that EVERYONE seems to have seen that you haven't seen?
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C'mere, baby...

You know you drive me up the wall the way you make good on all the nasty tricks you pull. Seems like we're makin' up more than we're makin' love. And it always seems like you got somethin' on your mind other than me. Girl, you got to change your crazy ways.

bitch please sophia

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Golden Girls marathon on Lifetime in 15 minutes to honor Estelle Getty!

1. Who's watching?
2. What's your favorite Sophia-centric Golden Girls episode?

1. ME!
2. Either the episode with Alvin or the one where Phil dies. Both are so sad but still funny.
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1. What are you missing?

number two. I'm driving 23654823491923846 hours tomorrow to see my family. I need some good STAY THE FUCK AWAKE music. Suggestions?

#3. What would be the the worst way to die?

1+1+1+1=4. After you die, what would you like to come back as, why?
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I just got the names and numbers of the roommates I'll be living with at my apartment. The problem is there's a million "Jane Doe"s and "John Smith"s (i.e. common as muck names) on Facebook, so I can't message them there in case I get the wrong one. When do you think would be a good time to call them: how long before we move in and what time of day?
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 I found this awesome value Gateway computer that I adore, and the price is within my range (even after all the extras I added and their most expensive shipping)...but they only ship to the U.S.!

I'm in Canada; I'm really close to the Washington border. Do you guys know of any way I could get ahold of this computer? Perhaps a company that will allow you to ship to their place so you can come across the border to pick it up, and you pay a fee?

I want this computer so badly.
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 What sounds like a better idea - a Christian Bale movie marathon or a Jude Law movie marathon?

Also, on a scale of 1 - 10, one being I didn't flinch and ten being nightmare-and-therapy inducing, how disturbing was the movie American Psycho?

I want something 100% FREE!!

Does anybody know of a website where I can look up marriage, death, birth, etc. records/files that is free?

I mean actually free not like you can search for the person's name but they'll only give you the records if you pay for a monthly or yearly membership. I have been searching all over google and am getting extremely frustrated.


Since this community makes all my decisions for me..

So I woke up this morning with a message from my manager, asking me if I wanted to close tonight with my friend.
I'm assuming it's because they have no one else to help her close or something.

I have plans to visit my best friend tonight and see her new motorcycle.
I also work tomorrow morning at 8.

Do i go in for a 5-9:15 shift tonight and help out?
Or do I go a head with my plans because today is my only day off for a while?
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branching off another entry...

how old were you the last time you had a visible hickey?

how old were you the last time you had a hidden hickey?

do you think that visible hickeys imply a sense of insecurity of the relationship, such as to feel the need to make a point or proof of affection...?

any funny hickey stories?
hella years ago someone gave me a smiley face in hickeys on my stomach. that was so funny but so weird in restrospect.

eta: I don't know your current ages, people!

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I have to wake up ridiculously early tomorrow morning, and as such I don't want to have to wake up even earlier to take a shower and all that junk, so I was planning on showering tonight instead. Would it be really gross to not shower this morning? (Let's disregard the fact that it's 12:15pm where I am, and therefore not really morning... I woke up not long ago, so it's still morning.) I'll likely be showering in about 8 hours from now, so is it even worth it...?

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1. When you come across those "Have you seen me" flyers that have a kid and the note "Last seen with" and a picture of an adult, do you assume something happened to both of them? Or do you assume the adult the kid was last seen with is the kidnapper? Does it matter if the adult has the same last name as the kid?

2. I'm starving but can't go to lunch for another 45 minutes. Should I just wait, or should I eat this entire package of red vines that is sitting here calling my name in the meantime?

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1. if i use nuvaring as a cock ring will it prevent preegnasy?

2. what is the best premade pancake batter mix (the powder you buy)? EDIT: how do u improve quality to make like restaurante quality? buttermilk? what about home made mix?

3. my gf axed: r there any meds made just to stop periods totes like without the nasty side effects of bcp

4. OK ANOTHER what r teh side effects from copper and othare non hormones i u d S compare to hormonales?

tqc, lets get wet.

which songs?????????

The River, bruce springsteen
Many Rivers to Cross, annie lennox
Old Man River, from the musical Showboat
Moon River, from Breakfast at Tiffany's
Take Me to the River, talking heads
Cry Me a River, justin timerlake
Green River, creedence clearwater revival
Whiskey River, willie nelson
Big River, johnny cash
River of Tears, bonnie raitt
River of Tears, eric clapton
Down the River to Pray, alison kraus
Ride Across the River, dire straits
River Jordan, Janis Joplin
I would probably enjoy more of these songs if i actually knew them.
Grammar love!

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I'm currently packing cause we're moving in a few days and I don't want to have to pack anything that's not necessary.

That said, I found a lot of seashells and have no idea what to do with them. So what should I do with them, TQC?
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My bank (First Market Bank in Richmond VA) has just sent me a letter saying they've switched their ATM service provider, so they're re-issuing everyone their debit cards. They have neat little designs you can get on them at no extra cost. They've changed them since the last time I chose, though the one I chose last time happens to be the only one they didn't change.

I looked and looked for photos of the options, but couldn't find any (I never thought I'd type "bacon" into the search engine of my bank's website, but I did - in vain).

Poll #1229522 The Debit Card Decision

What design should I choose for my new debit card?

Bright happy green kiwis (I have this now, and I like it)
Delicious red bacon (THE CARD IS COVERED IN BACON)
Somewhat dull coffee beans, but coffee = god
Cute sushi (I don't really eat sushi much, but it's damn cute)

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Sorry I just accidentally posted that entry I meant for tqc_updates here!

Anyway, does anybody know of some interesting "what your favorite ______ says about your personality" sites/quizzes? like the things that say what your favorite color or animal etc. say about your personality.

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So, I have an interview at Best Buy on Sunday. I have never interviewed for anything before.

TQC, can you give me some interview advice? What to do, what not to do?

I am also going to have to tell them that I'll be leaving town for school on August 22nd, as there was no spot on the application to say this. At what point during the interview do you think I should mention this?
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So for the next month to two months I'm going to be in a small town and I will not be working. I want to make some money during this amount of time. Can I get a job online (telecommute)? I'm pretty good at stuff like graphic design and I have clerical/office experience. Any suggestions on where to look for a job online? Can I even do that?

ps I don't want to sell my body via the internet for $ that seems like a bad idea.
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Inspired by some question below

Who is your favorite Food Network Personality?

Alton Brown
Bobby Flay
Sandra Lee
Paula Dean
Tyler Florence
Giada De Laurentiis
Ina Garten
Rachel Ray
Guy Fieri
Duff Goldman
Robert Irvine
Other/will mention in comments

Let's be serious for a minute.

I was arguing with my girlfriend the other day (she's kind of a bitch), and she was complaining about men being insensitive in terms of rape. Doesn't the woman play a part in rape as well?

Sure, it may be wrong for a man to rape, but, BUT, can you really blame him? If a girl is walking down the street in some slutty outfit, his BIOLOGY COMPELS him to take action. It may be wrong, but it's nature. How can you argue with that?

Why do girls dress like that in public anyway? Seems pretty dumb to me.

Now don't be a bunch of uptight bitches about this shit. Let's talk about it.

PS: There seems to be some misunderstanding. I AM NOT TROLLING. While my last post may have been, uh, a little less than serious, this is A SERIOUS INQUIRY.
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I have been all over looking for a miniseries made by CBS Broadcasting in 1994 called "Scarlett." It's currently out of print. I've looked on e-bay, and I'm not really wanting to pay $80+ dollars for a DVD. It seems the only other place that carries it is Amazon, at a seriously high price.

I've tried DVD Empire and other such places, but no one else carries it. Does anyone have any ideas for me? I'd like to have it on DVD, and I would be okay with a burned copy. I don't want to have to resort to buying a VHS when we don't own any VHS tapes anymore.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Today's edition of WTF are these, anyways?

1) There is a duck nesting in a planter outside of my office. My office is on a busy street, about half a block from the river, though. I imagine Mrs Quackers (as some kid keeps calling her) will try to bring her duck-babies to the water eventually--what are the chances that she'll be okay crossing the road with them? Should I call animal control and or put them in a box and carry them over to the water or something?

2) Can you take a look at the photos, taken in a park by my office, and tell me wtf these things are?

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Because nobody will hire me for the summer, I'm working with a temp agency. Right now I'm answering phones in an office and I have no clue what I'm doing. All of these people with thick accents are calling and I can't understand a word they're saying.

Have you ever gotten work through a temp agency? Will you tell me about your experiences? 

If not, what is your favorite kind of doughnut/pastry?

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I'm doing Integration by Parts and have a question.

There are 2 ways the books shows you - the formula with u and v, and the tabular integration. Does is matter which method is used?

Edit - oops, i posted this in the wrong community. please ignore. or, snark my stupidy.
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I can't log into Craigslist! How am I gonna sell this stupid minifridge?

Which do you like better: Ebay or Craigslist?

What's the most you've ever made selling something online?

Do you like Window's Vista? Why or why not?

Favorite Disney movie?
Favorite Pixar movie?

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Have you achieved that dream?
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John Simm, Life on Mars

Towel fluff

Whenever I buy new towels, they give off incredible amounts of fluff in the first few washes.

Aside from washing them separately (which I do), and cleaning the washing machine after the towel cycle, what can I do to reduce the fluff or get over this phase more quickly?

ETA: I also use a lint brush when the towels have dried on the line, and this has happened with many different brands and costs of towels.
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How has TQC enriched your life? I now always sit when I wipe my ass. Thanks guys.

What TV do you have? I need a new one but unfortunately can't afford a crazy flat screen plasma HDTV or whatever, so just a basic TV that is good.

Bozo Begins

Christian Bale's mom is a former clown, which makes Batman half-clown.

1. Does this change how you feel about clowns now?
2. Is the Dark Knight secretly about clown turf warfare?
3. What's the most people that can fit inside the Batmobile clowncar?


I'm trying to get verified on Paypal, but when I enter my bank account information I get the following message:

"This bank account is disabled for entry into the PayPal website. Please add a different bank account instead.

If you would still like to use this bank account, you may fax us a copy of the bank statement with the two amounts PayPal deposited in your bank account shown and a copy of your driver's license or other photo I.D. You must use this form for your fax cover sheet and send the fax to (402) 537-5780."

How can I fix this? I need to get my account up and running ASAP.

PS - Not a troll
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The Caribbean

Hey TQC.  My boyfriend is moving to Oman today.  So, I am trying to fantasize about a Caribbean vacation to take my mind off of things.  I am thinking of going February, March or April of next year. 

What do you think is the best place to go all things considered (price, location, safety)?  I've been to Playa del Carmen and Cancun.  Right now I am thinking Cuba or the Dominican Republic. 

Can you tell me about an awesome vacation you've had in the Caribbean?
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Haruhi disappearance
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I've been under a shit-ton of stress lately and my skin is definitely reflecting that, especially on my face. Now that things are calming down, I want to get my skin back to normal. Could you recommend some good products or home remedies for acne and general dullness/roughness? I use an exfoliating scrub everyday already but it's only marginally helping. :\

If you don't know or don't care about my face, could you tell me what goes into your perfect ice cream sundae?

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So there you are, just chillin at your computer and minding your own business, refreshing TQC and what not, when you hear a THUD beside you. You turn and let out a startled yelp because Henrietta the Housewife has magically appeared in the room. She offers to make you a sandwich.

What do you ask for on your sandwich, TQC?

Musique, s'il-vous-plait?

I know music questions can get annoying, but personally I love sharing what songs I'm really into at the moment.

I've got to drive for 3 hours today, and I want some new music to listen to. I want some happy, energetic driving songs that'll keep me "butt dancing" in my seat (Don't you do that?).

I like pretty much all kinds of music. So far on the CD, I've got some M.I.A. and some Aesop Rock, but I've been listening to Death Cab for Cutie, Josh Ritter, Rilo Kiley, Goldfrapp, and Neko Case a lot lately.

Can you recommend me some music to download?

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When was the last time you moved? (I mean, your possessions to another living space, not your body).

Did you do it in a meticulously organized fashion, boxing everything up carefully and labeling the boxes, throwing out/Goodwilling stuff you never use? Or did you throw stuff in garbage bags and throw that in the back of your car and go? Or something in between?

How far was your last move? How far was the longest move you ever made?

Where do you want to move to?
felt so good, BTE lifetime

vacation, had to get away...

1) What do you usually forget to pack when you go on vacation?
2) Could you pack for 10 days in 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on bag?
3) What was the last vacation you went on?
4) How badly do you need a vacation?
5) When's the last time you felt like you needed a vacation before going back to work from your vacation? Why was that?
6) What's your favorite form of entertainment to take on a plane?
7) What books/music do you recommend for me to take with me on my trip?

my answers:
1) pajamas, especially when I go somewhere overnight.
2) My dad has told me I have no choice.
3) Last year I went on a Mediteranean cruise. Next Friday I go to Florida for a family wedding and then a week in Disney.
4) Very.
5) I predict in about two weeks. I haven't gone away with my dad's family in nearly 5 years and will be sharing a room with my sister who is 12. I also haven't lived with my dad's family in about 5 years, so spending a week with them and no one else is going to be interesting.
6) Books to read and music to drown out the noise of everyone else on the plane.
7) I'm really into Sigur Ros right now, but love all differnt genres of music. I'm also planning on stealing books from my boyfriend and best friend for my trip.

Quitting smoking!

So, I'm definitly ready to quit smoking. It is so disgusting and I'm sick of it. But, I'm wondering if anyone has ever quit smoking and NOT gained weight, or even quit smoking and LOST weight? I always heard stories about people who quit smoking and then ballooned up. I have a small frame, so even 5 pounds of extra weight would look like A LOT.

I eat healthy, and I exercise daily. As long as I don't change my eating and exercise habits, my weight should stay the same I would assume. I'm thinking if I don't increase my calories, maybe even if I cut back a little to make up for the calories smoking burns, then I'm thinking I won't gain weight.

So TQC: Who here has quit smoking and stayed the same weight, or even lost weight?

Also, do they sell nicotine free cigarettes? I'm thinking I could have NO problems quitting the nicotine part, it's the 'hand to mouth' thing I like. So, I'm wondering if maybe they make nicotine free cigarettes?

Anyways, just looking for some motivation here.
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"Jingle Bells" just came up on my shuffled playlist. I listened to most of it before it occurred to me to skip the song, and now it's stuck in my head. Don't you hate that? What music do you have in your library that you really don't like but can't bring yourself to delete?

I plan to rent a bunch of DVDs and spend the weekend planted in front of my TV. What series are good for marathoning?
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What else is there (don't say Star Trek)? Is there anything good on TV anymore?
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I am going to scream.

So, I finally tried upgrading to Firefox 3.0 and I HATE it.

This so-called awesome bar? NOT SO AWESOME AT ALL. See, the old way worked fairly well. I would type a letter, and it would give me the most viewed sites that started with that letter. I thought it was reasonable. But now, I type a letter and it gives me a pile of random shit just because the URL has that letter in it. For example, if I type a c, I used to get all the LJ communities I frequent. Now, I get such ridiculous suggestions as questionablecontent and livejournal.com. NOT HELPFUL.

So, is there any way I can disable the awesome bar or fiddle with preferences for it or ANYTHING that would make it remotely useful or at least make it possible to get to the pages I am looking for?

Also, my del.icio.us addon is completely messed up...all I want is the tag button and the button that takes me to my del.icio.us and apparently I can't have them. Does anybody know how to fix that?

And finally...if I can't fix some of these issues, I can't use FF3, because this is just ridiculous. So if I need to...how do I go about reverting back to FF2?

Sorry for the boring questions, guys. :(


1. What was your parent's relationship like?
2. How do you think this impacts your view on relationships?
3. Out of the people you know, which couple do you think has the best relationship? What are they like?


I got super hot olive oil on my throat/chest area making polenta tonight. I was reading up on things to do to help burns and read that toothpaste helps. I don't want to put toothpaste on a burn and have it start oozing minty freshness.

So has anyone had a minor burn soothed by toothpaste? Or anything?

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I'm going to go to find this out tomorrow anyway, but...

My boyfriend bought me a ring for my birthday! However, he surprised me and guessed on the size. It's too big for my ring finger, so naturally I want to get it sized down. He did get a warranty, so he said it's free to size it. However, I'm half way across the country for summer.

Do you think they'd let me get it sized here, or would I have to wait until I go back and go with him to do it?
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I want jury duty!

I recently received a jury duty notice in the mail. I had to fill in some info (name, address, license number, occupation, etc) and send it back to them. Today I received a postcard that said the following:

"Dear Juror,
We have received your statement regarding eligibility for upcoming jury duty. Based on the information you have provided, it has been determined that you are not required to appear for jury duty as set forth in your summons."

I assume this is because I listed my occupation as student/childcare worker.However I don't start school until September 4th, and the school I work at doesn't start until September 2nd. My jury duty was going to start on August 19th. Do you think if I called and explained this they would let me come? Or would they just think I was crazy?

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While I already adored literature, this past year in college has brought a new love for all things english. The problem is, the past 12 years or so I've been set on majoring in art. Now I'm torn; I'd like to pursue English Literature or English Composition, but I've been told job placement is shit.

Basically, any English majors in here? What specifically did you major in (Lit, Comp, other)? How're you doing job-wise?


Any Art majors? What specifically did you major in (Illustration, Design, Fine Arts, other)? How're you doing job-wise?

Thanks. :D
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(no subject)

For people who have been to more than one island in the Caribbean, which was your favorite?

If you've only been to one, what was it and did you enjoy it?

If you haven't been anywhere in the Caribbean, what is your favorite beach/hot weather destination?

What is a personality trait you wish you had?

need money

so, i want to start selling some of my stuff online. how do i know what to charge for shipping?

i have shoes, purses, shirts, watches, etc.

i dont know how much things weigh, should i buy a scale? (i thought i saw one at goodwill...)

is there an average shipping rate?

EDIT: nevermind, ill just buy a scale.
Clem & Joely

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If you saw Mamma Mia! was it good?

Random Q's:
What color eyes do you have?

What's your favorite kind of weather?

What are your plans for the rest of the day?

Should I bike or walk?

Do you give a shit?

Don't you feel like wearing clown make-up all the time?

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I'm losing sleep

TQC, there is a girl who lives across the hall from me who is very LOUD.  She has a LOUD voice, a LOUD laugh, LOUD friends, and they are often LOUDEST in the small hours of the morning.  What is the most appropriate way to ask her and her friends to kindly shut the fark up a little?

just a bill
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Do you like to bake? What's something yummy you've baked recently. I think I'm going to try lemon bars this weekend. Do you like lemon bars? Would you like one when I'm done?
Miroku Turn

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How do I convince my mother that she does not want to come to A-Kon (the big anime convention in Dallas in May, not the rapper) with me next year? I was planning to go with my friends, and she comes up with this big thing. I know that if she plans on taking my family and taking me to A-Kon and making it a big vacation thing and going to Six Flags and whatnot, it's going to fall through and they're not going to want me to go, either. Not to mention, if she thinks my brother and my dad are going to tolerate an anime convention, she is either retarded or crazy.

If I get some food or something at the store and bring it home, I have to eat it right when I bring it home or I won't get any of it at all. Am I the only person who has to deal with this?

What is the most surreal thing you've seen today?