July 24th, 2008

Bert Shocked

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1. Do you think Washington needs to "think outside the box" more?

2. If it was medically possible,

Would you support (financially through gov'ment grants and monies) the removal of fat from overweight Americans for transplanting into poor starving African children?

It may cost more than sending food and money but it would be a more direct method of fattening them up and you can be sure the fat is going to the right places.  Think of all the lives that could be helped.  


What is an *~*awsum*~* version of AIM? If n/a, what version do you like best? I hate the newer versions, too much BS. I used to have AIM+, which I think I liked, if I can remember correctly. Now I'm using 5.9.6 and I don't like it that much.

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So, I was looking through some paperwork today, and came across a statement from someone who was claiming indigence as the reason she was not represented by counsel. She never went to college, recently spent 2.5 years in prison, and was a drug addict until she was locked up. She had my sympathy until I saw that her take-home income is higher than mine.

1. TQC, let's pretend that becoming a drug addict and spending time in jail is good career advice (it's apparently worked for her). What other brilliantly awful advice can you come up with? This is for lulz.

2. For those of you who have graduated, do you still get depressed by "back to school" sales?

2a. If you have not graduated, when do you plan on doing your school shopping?

3. What's the last thing (aside from going to the bathroom or getting a glass of water) that made you get up out of bed before your normal wake-up time?

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The X-Files movie is coming out. Does anyone seriously know what last happened in the X-Files saga?

Something to do with bees. Then Mulder moved to California and was having a lot of sex. I don't know how that fits into the plot
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For those of you who are bigger up top, what brand sports bra do you recommend? I need one with maximum support because I am doing some high impact aerobics, but I also really don't want an underwire.
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Someone on lj links you to something on ebay. You suspect they might want to buy it, but you really want it so you buy it immediately. Is this a bitchy thing to do?

EDIT: What if this person knew you would probably want to buy it? Does that make any difference, or am I still a heinous bitch?

Have you ever done this?

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TQC, what's the last thing you did that gave you a retarded happy feeling?

For me, getting my Wii to surf the net! (using it to type this since the roomie jacked the laptop to city w/ her. Grrrrr.)

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I have a cucumber in my fridge that wants to be eaten.
It ain't one of them english cucumbers I can cut and go, it's the waxy type. I'm fucking lazy, though. It's 2 am. But I need this fucking cuke in my mouth.

Do I forgo the peeling and eat it as is? How awful will it taste? Will I poop out cucumber crayons tomorrow?

What should I color with butt crayons?

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I would like detailed responses, as if I was actually this person:

Is it true that if you have small breasts as a teenager will they be really big whan you're older and will they be small if you have big breasts now?

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what's a song that you know the correct lyrics to, but you kinda sing your own ~funny~ lyrics to it anyway?

mine is the song "make this go on forever" by snow patrol.

the right lyrics: "and I don't know where to look, my words just break & melt"

my lyrics: "and I don't know where to look, my words just bacon melt"

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According to usps.com, Media Mail is:

Media Mail is used for books, film, manuscripts, printed music, printed test materials, sound recordings, play scripts, printed educational charts, loose-leaf pages and binders consisting of medical information, videotapes, and computer-recorded media like CDs and diskettes.

So if I were to send a package that contained books, computer paper, notebooks, folders, and binders with looseleaf (that DON'T contain medical information), I could send this using Media Mail, right?

*I'm confused because of the "looseleaf pages and binders consisting of medial information" part. My looseleaf pages and binders don't consist of medical information... they're blank.
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Odd middle of the night questions...

Because it's almost 3:30 in the morning and I can't sleep, I give you this string of random questions;

1. I can't decide whether or not this first picture is either hilarious or alarming.

What do you think? Funny or Segways or not, they are still armed cops, therefore; scary.

2. Is anyone else besides me watching "The Middleman"? If so, what do you think of it?

3. If you were a villain, what type of evil sidekick would you have?

4. Favorite fictional vampire or non-fictional vampire, if you actually know one? Why?

5. What's the one restaurant that you have yet to try but want to go to? What's so special about it?

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Old MSN contacts question

If you block and delete someone off of MSN, but they don't delete you from their contact list, if you go under your privacy tab and unblock them, will they be able to see you online again even if you didn't re-add them to your contacts? Sorry I'm not making much sense, trying to explain it best as I can.

Or, if you DO re-add them to your contacts, the next time they sign online would they get a notification saying "joesmith123@hotmail.com has added you to his or her contact list" even if they still havn't removed you from their list? Or would you just all of the sudden appear back online out of nowhere?

I am so sorry I'm having a hard time trying to make sense of my question!
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Say that the world is going to for sure end in like a month, and The Academy decides to put together one last award show, to honor the best of the best. Living or dead, TQC...

Who/What is:

The BEST Actor EVER in the history of the World?

The BEST Actress EVER in the history of the World?

The BEST Director EVER in the history of the World?

The BEST Film EVER in the history of the World?

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I have stopped resetting my clocks because the power keeps going out.
1. What have you stopped doing?

2. Last night I told TQC that I am planning on opening a soup kitchen. What are some foods that the majority of people like? I will be getting a lot of donations from local farms, and the government will help with funding. I need some ideas, got any?

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What do you think about employees at charities making large salaries? For instance, the president of our local United Way makes over $300,000 per year. Is this deserved because he runs it? Is it too high? Does it make you want to donate less to charities or does it not affect you?
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I know, it depends...

I just received an odd email from a friend. It seems that she *found* some Valium and wants to take it. Against my better advice, she's going to.

What is a 'normal' dosage of Valium? She says that they are 10mg tabs.
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I need food inspiration -

What is your very favorite side dish to see at a barbecue?

If said side dish requires preparation and you have a recipe, would you please share it?

Also, besides water, what drink quenches your thirst better than just about any other beverage?

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Are there any odors that most people find distasteful but that you actually like? For me, it's the smell of a wet dog. I actually find comfort in this odor (guess because I love dogs so much!)

Audio Books

I have listened to over 100 audio books in the past year in my car going from point A to point B.  It may sound like an unimportant issue but, discussing the books I have listened to comes up often and, therefore, so does the challenge of what verbiage makes sense when referring to to the experience of listening to a book as opposed to physically reading it.

My question is this;

When referring to the process which is the correct answer?  Please speak these words out loud before answering so you can experience my dilemma.

Example 1.

Q :Have you read any good books lately?
A: Yea, I just finished listening to Lisey's Story by Stephen King.

Example 2.

Q: Have you read any good books lately?
A: Yea I just read Lisey's story by Stephen King 

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Since I know many of you work with kids....
I need to help plan a tournament day tomorrow for elementary kids. The majority of the events will be outdoors. There is already a relay race happening. However, aside from trivia challenges, I don't know what else to do. I don't want to have another checkers tournament because, well I'm sure you can imagine how well that went down.
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1. Are there any words that, while you know how to spell them, you always misspell them when typed?  What are they?

2. Are there any words that, while trying to typing the correct spelling, you often incur a typo?

3. Are there any words that you intentionally misspell, even though you know the correct spelling?  What are they?

When typing "sweetheart" I always start typing "sweatheart," I usually catch myself before I finish typing the word, I don't think I've ever not caught it after the whole thing is typed out. 

I have typo'd "babt" for "baby" so many times that I now intentionally type it that way and it's become a pet name for my husband.

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I know people don't like questions like this, but...

I'm new to Last.FM as of a couple days ago...  I checked over the FAQs and didn't see anything that would answer my question...

Why is it that now when I click on "play your library", it plays a bunch of songs that... aren't in my library?

Never mind, it is working fine now.

What are your plans for the day, TQC?
I'm going on a field trip to the beach with my Environmental Geology class.

Best Pick-Up Lines?


As U all know, I am a model so I am always in search of surrounding myself with as many sexy friends and potential significant others as possible. I'm leaving in a few, but would to know the best pick-up lines to hit it off with celebrities? I will be seeing lots of celebrities shortly, many of whom will likely find me very attractive (they usually do).

I've done it before, but would definitely welcome added tips that will insure I've caught them on my reel, so to speak.

Thx y'all! :D

EDIT: omgomgomg! I don't know what to wear! Aaaaaaaaaaaah! That's such a huge crucial part! I'm currently naked, and about to get wet. From there since I'll be naked, I'll have to decide what to wear!

What should I wear? I need to turn people on instantly. I'm so nervous about this all.

Help me ASAP, because I'm going to be leaving in a few minutes and need to know NOW!!!!
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So, I just made white chocolate and cranberry pancakes. I thought they would be disgusting but they absolutely kicked every other pancake's ass. What was the last thing that you were pleasantly surprised by? (Food or otherwise?)

What was the last thing that was just a total letdown?
My plans for today were canceled...bummerrr
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All about kings.

Have you ever seen a drag king?
If yes, did he look natural?
What did you think when you saw him?
Would you go to a king show, if you haven't already?

What are your thoughts on the subject?
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1. what's something silly that you wish for or wish would happen?
2. how's your day going so far? what's your plans for today? (i notice that was asked a few posts down :/)
3. why do you think so many women are bitchy and mean to other women?

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I was outside last night and got bit by a TON of mosquitoes...on my feet. When I get mosquito bites, they're not bites, they're WELTS, and they HURT. They're on my feet so it hurts when I walk. Does anyone else get this kind of reaction to mosquito bites? I've been to the doctor's before and they didn't really have an answer. How can I get these things to stop hurting???
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So TQC, I was sucked into watching Shear Genius on Bravo the other night (which is delightfully awful btw). Their challenge was to give their girl a haircut then have them replicate it the next day. This one girl taught her client to accentuate her wavy hair by taking little twistys of hair and blow drying each one. Has anyone ever done this with good results? If not, how do you make your wavy or curly hair look nice, through stying and cutting?

Do you think guys like hot wings more than girls?

What's the cheesiest favor you've gotten from a wedding?
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How often do you hang out with people who are not of your race? Have you ever dated someone not of your race?

(and yes, I know race is a social construct, blah blah blah. Just answer the questions.)

And if you're multi-racial, well, answer this question however you want. Or just make up your own question, preferably involving bacon or fire or something equally cool.

Google Reader

I just started using Google Reader, and wonder if any of you could answer a question I have about it (as a google search didn't help me any). When I subscribe to a blog, does it send any kind of message to the blog's author? You know, like "chasmine17 has subscribed to your blog!". 

Thanks :).
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What did you dream about last night?

The world was ending, or we were being bombed, or something, and there were really weird fish and bugs in my bathtub that were coming in from a hole in the roof. Then there were a bunch of really weirdly colored cats, like purple and green cats, running around and I was trying to catch them. Then I was outside with my friends, wearing these shoes I'd looked at earlier, and a bomb hit really close by and we had to run, but for some reason I wanted to go back to my house and get my high-school diploma before we evacuated the city.

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So on Saturday night I'm cooking dinner for a special someone.

Problem is I'm not the best cook ever. I want to make something nice, but something easy enough that my feeble boy mind can comprehend.

So what should I go with? Last time I cooked her dinner, it was a basil pasta with shrimp, sun dried tomatoes, shallots, and mushrooms. Maybe I should move away from pasta this time? Help me, TQC, you're my only hope. What do I cook?
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LJ Layout

Anybody know where I can get a pineapple layout for my LJ?  Does LJ have one for paid accounts that I just haven't found yet?  Thanks in advance. 

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Strange and unusual names

Hey all I just found an article about a nine year old girl who was made a ward of the court in New Zealand because of her name. Her name was Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii, and the court took her so they could change the name to something else. I swear I'm not making this up.

Anyway, I posted this so I could ask some questions.

1. Do you agree that the court was right in taking her so they could change the name? Y/Y For additional information, her parents it sounds like were involved in a custody dispute over her.

2. Should the little girl have waited until she was 18 then changed her name depending on New Zealand law? The article says she was embarrassed by her name and told her friends to call her, "K"

2. Do you agree that the naming of children is starting to become weirder? For example, Jason Lee's son (I think that's his name) is named Pilot Inspektor

3. Would you name a child a name that would be considered weird if you had children.

4. If you said yes to number 3, what would you name the child? Serious and non serious are fine since weird names are weird.

Edit: To add another question

german avatar

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Inspired by unusual names, is there a law in North America that says a child has to have the last name of either parent?

If I wanted to make up a new last name for my kid (within reason, not some weirdo name like TinkerBell), I could do that, right?

It's just a matter of convention that we keep the same names, right?

What should the groom wear?

My fiance and I want to have a private courthouse wedding in November and a bigger, public one later on. We don't want to wear jeans and t-shirts, but we're saving the tux and gown for the big wedding. I'll probably wear a skirt or a simple dress, but what should he wear? Dress shirts and slacks look too office-y. I'm not very fashionable, so any help is appreciated!
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We want our beds to look like Collapse )

except the dorms don't have the hardware to loft the top bunk. we've been given permission to make or buy a second set of base head/foot boards to make it happen. we plan on building as of right now...

our beds do not look exactly like that, but instead they look just like this: these

and the dimensions are posted here, but... i'm not real sure which dimensions are for what. we're not on campus right now, so we can't take measurements.

so. tqc. if you're living in the dorms right now, and you have that same bed that ours look like... could you take some measurements of the bases for us? or tell us which set of dimensions on the website are the ones we should be looking at to build these confounded things?

plz help! i would greatly, greatly appreciate it.
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So I've been going through my closet today and have found a lot of clothing that I've only worn once or not at all. I'm going to donate some of it, but my mom suggested that I attempt to sell some things.
Has anyone had success selling their clothes online?
What is a good site to sell my clothes?


Would you say you get a good amount of sleep on a regular basis, TQC?
This summer I've had at least 15 hours of sleep a night, which is a bit much.
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What do you do that's green?
We try and use CFL bulbs and keep out energy consumption to a minimum. We also recycle.

What do you hate that other people do that's green?
As a cashier/bagger I hate when people bring in their used plastic bags for bagging. At least the canvas ones stand up and are easy to put stuff into. The plastic ones are just a mess.

If you own a vehicle, how many MPG does it get?

Are the gas prices dropping in your area?
Ours went down 10cents in the last week. Back under 4$!

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My pool just collapsed. It's (it was) five feet deep and about 12 feet round. I didn't hear it, someone just knocked on the door and told me.

So which would have hurt more if I had been in the pool at the moment of destruction?
Fitting my big ass body through the hole in the side of the pool, the ride across the backyard, the smack into my new fence OR would I just drown from the deluge of water?

Has this ever happened to you?
Were you in the pool when it happened?
What crazy story should I tell my mom when she gets home?
(My dad already knows and can't stop laughing about all of our stuff that floated into my neighbor's yard)

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oopss.. so the last thing I posted went here, instead of my journal. I wonder why the 'do you want to post to this community' thing didn't pop up. Oh well.
I do have question though. Do you know of any good websites that lists good wedding toasts? My normal quotation sites aren't doing it for me.

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what is the last book that you could not get into at all?

any reasons why? did you stop reading it?

my answer: house of leaves. i got to this one really long chapter (5 i think?) and it was the old man writing about stuff that had nothing to do with anything about the main plot line and i just didn't care enough to continue.

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I just found out my boyfriend's friend set him up on a date and he went on it before we broke up....we broke up last saturday but the date he went on was last week tuesday.....

anyone ever had something similar like this happen to them before?

how would it make you feel?

despite we're broken up now, my friends say i shouldn't care....but i honestly do....it makes me feel kinda used and like he's an even bigger jackass =/

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Should I get something "real" for lunch or just eat a delicious cupcake?

Why do the best dresses come in sizes 0-4 or 12+, can't a medium size gal get a break?

How can I convince my boyfriend that wearing a top hat is awesome?

Edit: I got a *fruit flavored* cupcake with a real strawberry on top. That's healthy, amirite?
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What kinds of things would your parents do to get you to behave?

My mom would do the I'M GOING TO GIVE YOU TO THE COUNT OF THREE. ONE...TWOOOOOO... I'd always give in and obey at two.

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Ladies, do you always match your bras and undies?

Nah, too lazy.

I am going to try to put in my two-weeks notice when I go to work today. Suggestions for how to introduce the topic?

I don't think "So how about that five cent raise I'm getting today to match the new minimum wage limits?" will work.

Are you looking forward to anything this weekend?

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1. I need to sell my clothes/stuff. It is the only way I can get extra cash. I do have absolutely no money right now though, so eBay is not an option. Other than making my own selling LJ, are there any other cheaper options?!

2. What is your favorite kind of food meats? I am in the mood for duck like crazy right now.

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Will you tell me about something annoying a hypocrite has done to you lately?

My sister yelled at me for leaving my notebook and pencils on the coffee table when I went upstairs to go to sleep, but she left a PICKLE on the paper at the compy which is now soaked in pickle juice.  Wtf.

How often you do give your dog a bath?
I have to give mine a bath once a week because he sweats a lot, and he hates it.  Any ways I can make bathtime less painful for us?

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My best friend just got flown back from MN to milwaukee for emergency surgery on her ankle which she broke very badly.  I am going to drive to see her this weekend. What should I bring her (carepackage) to keep her occupied while she's laid up?

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for those of you in a long distance relationship...
how often do you talk on the phone to your SO?
when do you usually talk? do you have a set time or is it just whenever during the day/night?

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Which do you prefer for prints... matte or glossy?

I'm ordering some pictures off of Snapfish (8x10's to hang on the wall) and I'm not sure which would look best. HELP ME TQC!

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Are you good at lying?
Do you think two SO's moving in together is, in general, a bad idea? (clarification. boyfriend+girlfriend living together = ?)
What's a really bad choice you've made lately?
I've never really thought about it, but would it be weird for a bride to wear her glasses on her wedding day? Should she wear contacts instead or does it even matter? I ask because I wear thick black frames and they're pretty casual looking. I'd probably just look like dorky ol' me  playing dress up in a fancy gown.
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I'm from the US and am going to grad school in Scotland this fall. I've saved enough money up to pay the full tuition now, if I wanted to, but I'm hearing two different suggestions:

1. Pay the full thing now so I don't have to worry about the exchange rate getting any worse.
2. Pay in portions so my savings can earn some interest.

Which do you think is the best option?  I'm leaning towards the first because then I won't have to worry about it, but the second does have it's benefits.
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Poll #1229077 Preguntas

Do you know who/what Cushman & Wakefield is?


If your best friend works, do you know what company he/she works for?


(I ask this, because I was very surprised that a friend of mine didn't know who they were, but I may know because of the industry, and it may not be as obvious as I think it is. My friend asked what it was and if I worked there.) 

And for people who don't care, have you ever posted a poll before?

Stupid question

I can't think of the word to go into this sentence:

Sarah Lawrence does not ________ class standing.

As in, they don't... calculate??? Deduce? There's no such thing as class standing at Sarah Lawrence. What is the word I'm looking for?

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Does anyone know what the laws are for the United States are for funeral pyres? My boyfriend wants to be laid to rest on an open air funeral pyre, and I have no idea what the laws are for that crap.

And we don't care about how green or un-green it is. This is what he wants, and I'll try my damnedest that it's what he gets.

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Any dog owners who's pets have heavy coats and live in a warm climate? Is your dog miserable or do they seem okay? I plan on moving to Myrtle Beach or possibly California but the dogs I'm looking to own all have pretty heavy coats. :[

Order vs Disorder

"Personality disorders are a crock of shit...also known as your personality. Some people like to find things wrong with themselves as a sort of absolution for mistakes they make or why people get mad at them. They just need to get over it."

Agree or disagree?

(no subject)

i am eating an orange, and i accidentally swallowed one of the seeds. when i was young, my mother used to tell me that if i swallowed any kinds of seeds, they would sprout in my stomach, grow up my throat, burst through my mouth and kill me. was she right? am i going to die?

what messed up, weird things/stories were you told as a kid?

Graduate school woes!

1. How old were you when you got accepted into graduate school if you went/are enrolled?

2. If you skipped graduate school etc, what's something you look forward to reading/watching online every week?
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What role does anal sex play in your life?

If you were dating someone and they told you they were in love with a RealDoll, how would you react?

Why do my coworkers and I discuss very few things beyond sex, kinks/fetishes, and tv?
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About 2 months ago my brothers fish died. He took the dead fish out, but did not bother to empty the tank. At first, there was some green algae on the glass, but now it is perfectly clear and there are some... creatures swimming in it. They're about the size of a flea and are very light greyish/brownish. At first I thought they were just particles floating around, but they are definitely something living.

Any idea what these are?

(no subject)

So I bought a cat feeder for my 3 cats because they wake us up at 2 am in the morning for food. It works great but then i realized that ants will be drawn to the food.

Is there a way to keep free feeding my cats but keep the ants away?
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Those of you who're Americans, do you know we have more people jail than any other nation?

What the fuck is wrong with you people where you think drug dealers deserve to go to jail?

Can't you raise your own god damn kids without the government playing nanny?

(no subject)

I feel really sick to my stomach and spent the morning puking, but I have such a strong urge to eat right now. (I already had an awkward supper of garlic bread and mint chocolate chip ice cream, plus a handful of vegetables, so I'm not exactly hungry.. I just want something to eat)

Anyways, what should I eat that will do the least damage/be least likely to make me sick again? I feel pretty okay now, but I don't want to ruin that.
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(no subject)

have you or someone you know ever used the toxin-cleansing foot pads?  do they work?

should idiots be euthanized?  after hearing on the news that two toddlers have drowned after falling into their parents' pool, i think yes.
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My husband and I just went out to dinner at a bar/restaurant. They usually card people when you walk in the door, so I consider them more of a bar than a restaurant. They serve burgers and wings, to give you an idea.

This family walks in and sits in the booth behind us. They had three kids - a boy around 10ish, a girl about 6, and a baby. Like, not walking yet, so pretty young. The mom asked if they had high chairs or booster seat.

1. Would you ever expect a bar to have a high chair or booster seat?

2. Would you ever bring children to a bar? Under what circumstances?

3. Since when do you not have to be 21 to get into a bar?

Do I tip?

Ok, so, I'm getting a cake from the Meijer Bakery. (Meijer is like Wal Mart, for comparison for those of you who don't know what it is).

It's a full sheet cake and costs $40.99. Do I have to tip the Bakery ladies? Oh, and I'm not having any words put on it. It's just going to be the decorations.

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Holy Batman!

If I say I had this icon before all the hype about TDK, would you believe me?
What'd my icon look like if I jokerized it?
Will anyone actually read this before it's buried in a billion other more interesting posts?

(no subject)

Will you share some younger sibling/older sibling horror stories with me?

My older sister (by ten years) would make me play "spider and fly" (a mean version of wrestling) with her when I was little.  She was 6 ft and I was only like 4 feet at the time, and she was ALWAYS the spider, and tiny fly me would get kicked in the face by her obscenely long legs.  She let me be spider once, but that time she ended up being a mosquito instead of a fly :(


What should I cook?

These are the ingedients I have in my house:

spaghetti noodles
spaghetti sauce
some spices

What should I make? If I go to the store right now, what one or two ingredients should I buy to create a good dish? I'm thinking of making stir fry or spaghetti, the obvious things, but was wondering how I can mix it up or what would make it really interesting.
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loft beds, part deux

problem solved! we know how to make the loft without building anything. take the headboard and footboard off the bottom bed and use them as stilts! voila. now we need a bedframe for the other bed.

tqc, where do you get a twin size bedframe for CHEAP??? so far sears is the only place i've found one and that's $40.

(no subject)

my husband says that when he tries to join me in bed, that ill start yelling and kicking at him but I don't remember doing this. I don't know why i'm kicking him out of bed when I'm asleep. Is this a sleeping disorder problem? What is it called so i can google it?
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You have only 30 days to live. There are no treatments, even experimental ones that might save you.

How do you spend your last thirty days on earth??
Would you want to know you were dying?
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What drinks/snacks are you bringing to the party? What games should we play? What will you sing on karaoke? How little will you remember the next morning?? :D

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Is there anything on a cooking show that bothers you?
I HATE when they are wearing long sleeves. I just want to pull them up and get them out of the fooood
***I also hate when they say that THEY went shopping for the food...nooo they didn't

Have you been watching the new Project Runway? What are your thoughts?
I don't like Suede for speaking in third person...and the super tanned guy (Blayne) is just terrible

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What is your favorite infomercial?

Do you like infomercials or do they piss you off?

I like the pancake puff and sham-wow infomercials because they are hilarious.

I find most of them hilarious.
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The second X-files movie opens tomorrow. It's a stand alone movie, made so people who never watched the show can enjoy it. Will you be seeing it?

What video game(s) are you currently playing?

How many times have you moved? What is your least favorite part about moving? Where did you get your mattress?


I am sitting at my kitchen table. This is my office. My friends are building a computer on this table. I told them they could. I did not think it would be this painful.
1. Do you understand geek speak?

2. Do you think nerds are sexy?

3. Whats your favorite guilty pleasure?
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Like so many of you, I signed up to be a guide at ChaCha. I took and blew away the initial tests (srsly, like 95% on all three), then did the practical test, where they send you 10 queries and you answer them.

Today, they told me to fuck the fuck off.

Why do I fail at ChaCha? :(
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Now that my precious MSN is back, time for questions! D:

1. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
2. Fishkeeping: cool or too much of a bother to be considered a hobby/pet?
3. I've lost the cord that connects my camera to my laptop. Where is it?
4. Pancakes or waffles? Why?
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Do you watch The Big Bang Theory?

Are there any "new" shows that you watch that you'd like to recommend to me and all of TQC?

Do you get irrationally excited when your city/province/state/whatever is mentioned on tv/in the movies? (I do, they just mentioned Halifax Nova Scotia on TBBT episode 9)

TQC Travel Tips

TQC, I've decided to go to Washington DC for 4 days and 3 nights this summer, for no particular reason except that I have time off work and I want to be someplace I've never been.

1. Where should I go? What sites are must-sees? What sites aren't?
2. What are the things I should know about Washington DC? Stereotypes welcome. (PS. I am not a US citizen, so I didn't grow up memorizing who-knows-how-many presidents and in what order. Hell, I don't even know my own country's.)
3. Guided tours or aimless wandering?
4. I can live with just a backpack, y/n?
5. Am I going to regret this decision, TQC?

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Tomorrow I'm having a great big ugly skin tag frozen off my chest. It's gross and I can't wait to get rid of it, but, I ask you, does cryotherapy hurt? What should I expect? Also, the nurse performing the procedure is called Inga. Will she be a pneumatic swedish doll or a hairy Eastern European shot putter?
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1. I am expecting an envelope through UPS, it was sent "next day air" days ago. I tracked it on ups.com and the latest update said: "UPS INTERNAL ACTIVITY CODE"
What the heck does this mean? I've searched google and the ups website and I dont understand. It's been like this since yesterday at 6 am. Am I ever gonna get my envelope? What does this meaaaan? Are they investigating something??

2. What's the lightest cig, in terms of huffpuffiness?

3. I have a Macbook and lately it's been shutting off on its own. Once it reaches the 30%s of battery, it just shuts down. Sometimes at 30, or 20, and sometimes at 19%. It usually warns me that the computer will go into SLEEP mode if I dont plug it in in a few minutes, but lately it's stopped warning me and just shutting down completely. Why is my Mac rebelling?

4. Whysosrs?

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How big of a deal is breaking a nail to you? Let's say on a scale from one to ten, one being not at all, ten being you miss several days of work because of it.

Be completely honest: Do you trim or pluck your nose hairs?

edit: probably a four, because if one breaks, it snags on everything, so I have to file it, so I end up filing down all the other ones, which is time consuming, and ugh.

yes, occasionally.
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TQC did you ever write terrible emo poetry in your more formative years?

If yes, could you share a piece?

If no, can you follow in conflabit's footsteps and write your own emo poem?

ETA: TQC if you could own a pokemon, which would it be and why? (Dark Charizard has only one owner: you know this).
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Oh man, ok. It's not dire or anything but it's important to me:

I have a Mac and I changed my wallpaper. I don't like it and I want to change it to back. Problem is I can't find it on my harddrive anywhere. I don't have a copy of it in my photobucket, and the phone that I took the picture with is out of commission. It has to be on my computer because it was my wallpaper. Where can I look up old wallpapers? Is there any hope of ever finding it again?


So uhm, what's your favorite flavor of Vitamin Water?
Are you going to Warped Tour Saturday?

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Do you have a secret that you wouldn't dare tell anyone about, not even a close friend, family member, or SO?
Would you tell someone you didn't know at all, someone that couldn't use it against you?

As for you "everyone knows everything there is to know about me" types, what was the last unnecessary thing you spent money on?

*Yes; maybe; Coney :[