July 23rd, 2008



Ok I've never been one to come here for medical advice, but since I'm not overly concerned lets here what you have to say.

I've been having these pains in my right shoulder and my right wrist. its a really weird sensation that only goes away if I apply a LOT of pressure to my shoulder/wrist but then returns within 10-15 minutes.

What do you think is wrong with me?
(I doubt its serious.. I bet you anything it will be gone by morning.)

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I uploaded a large number of pictures to my Photobucket during a roadtrip on the west coast recently. I want to transfer them to my Facebook. Is there any way I can mass download all of the pictures to my desktop from my Photobucket, so that I can then upload them to Facebook? Is there a more direct way?

I could re-upload them from the camera to my computer, but my friend has the camera and I am wondering if there's a more immediate way. That's where you come in.
BSG - Flaslight Attack!

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When was the last time you used the abbreviation "asl?" in an online conversation?
Do you think it's as lolarious as I do? 8D

.. or do you still hang around in pointless chatrooms? D: Why, god, why?

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how do you deal with being cheated on? all he did was kiss someone else, and i'm about 95% sure it's not going to happen again. but i still don't feel the way i did before i found out.

if you've never been cheated on:
have you ever been in love with someone who loved you back, but you weren't sure if you wanted to be in a relationship right then? how did that work out for you?

if you've never been in either of those situations:
what kind of long-wear lipstick is best? i love having red lips, but i can never get the color to stay on if i eat.

oh and if NONE OF THOSE apply do you:
is your gmail acting funny too? i can't use the normal view, i have to use the lame html one that doesn't update.

MALL-- crash

Grudge post

Do you remember the lj user names of all the people who have ~wronged~ you?

No, and it's kinda funny because in a single day I am likely to call you a racist cunt AND tell you you're my hero. I dont remember the people I'm supposed to be mad at, and it confuses them when I'm mean one second and then loving the next.

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Poll #1227964 Can you complete these quotations?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a _____. --Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Reader, I _______ him. --Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

Lolita, light of my ____, fire of my _____. --Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the _______ herself. --Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway

Mother ______ today. -- Albert Camus, The Stranger (translated)


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Poll #1228164 LOLVamps

There be vampires in these parts, and dammit, you have no choice but to fight them. Which vampire-slaying kit will you take?

Supersoaker filled with holy water
Entire vest made of garlic. Wooden spear with sharpened stake-like point
Silver cross, blessed by the Pope himself. Iron collar to protect throat
10 sharp stakes. Mallet. Iron collar to protect throat
Crossbow with wooden-tipped bolts
No weapon, but I'll travel around with an attractive female virgin. Vampires apparently go nuts over them, and I'll be left alone
Tainted blood in vessels that are attached to a prosthetic throat device. Once vampy bites my throat, he'll gulp down contaminated blood. It'll be like food poisoning
Machine gun
Portable projector, which will shine a small clip of a sunrise on an adjacent wall. That'll send the vamp off and running
The holy bible
Whatever. I wanna get bit. Make me a vampire!
Garlic douche. After reading all those erotic vampire novels, I know they're all really looking to get their undead rocks off

What would be the worst part about being a vampire?

Living forever. Watching all your loved ones grow old and die
Living forever. Hella boring after a while. There's only so much tv and internet you can watch before it's all so blah
Having to drink blood
Not being able to eat your favorite foods (who ever heard of a vampire eating chocolate?)
Not being able to see yourself in the mirror. How do you make yourself hot if you can't preen?
Self-righteous dweebs who are always trying to stake you just because you exist
Being undead, you don't have a pulse. No circulation. That means, no blood pools to your genitals when you're aroused. So, no sexin
Never being able to see the sun again
Health insurance. Do you know how much it costs to insure someone who's over 100 years old?
Goth kids following your around, asking you to bite them

Do you think vampires can substain erections?


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are there any little affectionate things or sayings that you don't like at all?

for example, I really don't like it when people blow me kisses over the phone. it's something I don't do and I just don't like hearing it either. it just seems way too cheesy.

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Hi. I just got a new TV. At the store the picture quality was really good. When I brought it home and connected it to my cable...it looked like shit. The image is pixelated and the color looks off. I tried messing with some of the picture settings, but nothing helped. I remember reading something about how now the TVs they are making are HD or something, so you need like a special cable box made for HD TVs. Is there something like that? The DVDs also look like shit when I play them. :'(

I am very clueless when it comes to this stuff, sorry :(

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A storm is coming...the storm of the century one might say (OK maybe not but a fan's gotta throw in the Stephen King references where she can) Anyway, wanna share a ghost story?
misc - not a weapon

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Do you sometimes get the urge to take something apart, just to see how it works?

My husband found an Etch-A-Sketch in the closet tonight and we almost performed surgery. Fortunately I found this instead.

And unrelated, but...
Have you given up soda before?
How hard was it?
How much did you drink before you gave it up?
Was it permanent or temporary?

Streaming Media

I want to use my cell phone (Palm Centro) to listen to music & videos (via the interwebs). Which websites should I use? I use shoutcast at home but have no idea how to do such a thing with my cell phone. Any tips? I'm totally new to this. My google skills score no points.

Oh and I'd rather not PAY for streaming media on my cell phone, since I'm already paying $30 for AT&T's unlimited data package...

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Hey TQC, I have a hemp necklace that I wore to a four day music festival that was really hot and miserable. The necklace now smells a bit like you'd expect it to having been to a music festival, soaking up all that fun hippy filth and sweat. Any suggestions on how I could clean it? A good friend made it for me, so before you go for the obvious answer.. fire is definitely out.

What was the last nonfiction book you read about? I'm reading one about the five senses right now. It's full of crazy facts that have absolutely nothing to do with the senses.

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TQC, I just got a whiff of strawberry fruit roll-ups out of nowhere.
Do you ever smell things that can't possibly be anywhere near you? If so, what did you smell the last time it happened?

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I've been looking for this website. I am not sure if it's a career oriented website, or some psychological website, but you take a quiz/test on it, and it matches your answers to career(s) that would be perfect for you. I think you have to pay a fee to take it.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I think it was put together by a psychologist or sociologist. I think the name of the test starts with the last name of the person who devised it. I heard about it a long time ago, and never really looked into it. Now, I want to use it, and I can't find the test anywhere - it's driving me nuts. I've been searching on google for the past while, and just can't seem to come across it.

Edit:Answered - thanks to cottonmanifesto
cat tea

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What are some not-so-obvious personality traits or mannerisms that signal some sort of insecurity/low self-esteem to you?

For example, I often think arrogance is some sort of over-compensation for insecurity. Maybe not for everyone but it does seem that way a lot of times...

Which one?! D:

I want to change my handle on an online fighter I play.  Which looks scarier/more intimidating?

Siddhartha -or- Rambaldi

(If you know who these guys are, ignore your knowledge of them for the purposes of this poll, ty)

P.S. Any suggestions for other names are welcome!

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What's a good brand of jeans for us big girls (20/22, 5 foot) that won't cause me to go broke?
Old Navy doesn't cut it anymore - the legs are always too baggy and the waist is too tight.

(no subject)

Inspired by the jean question:

1. Are there any short girls here who cannot find jeans that are short enough without having to cuff them?! From what I've seen in a lot of stores, the smaller size you are, the shorter length the jeans are, and yet even jeans that I got at PacSun that were a size 1 AND were labeled as "short" jeans had to be cuffed. What the fuck TQC? Help :(

2. Also, I think it's time I stopped procrastinating and applied for a credit card. I need to build up good credit so I can take out more loans for school. What is the best kind of credit card to get (for instance Visa, Amex, etc)? 

Thank you!

(no subject)

1. Do you use facebook?
2. What do you think about people who post 829382903 images of themselves on Facebook?
3. What about people who are always posting images of their new car or their new house on facebook?
4. Are you one of those people?

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I wanted to document the welt under my eye (see icon) so I turned on the PhotoBooth app on this Mac and watched in horror as it brought up a right-reading view of my face, moving around and all. Horrible! Question Cult, do you get wigged out when you see a non-reflected view of your own face on video or whatever?

Can kids make up good jokes? In my experience, they don't get the mechanics of joke construction yet so they make up weird fourth dimensional jokes that are usually cuter and funnier than well-made jokes.


PODS is a moving company that will basically send a big metal box to your house, you put your shit in it, they come pick it up and store it, then will send it back to where ever you end up.

Sounds like a good idea y/y? But I'm worried about how much it will cost and the quality of service. I can't get them to give me a direct quote on price this far off from when I'm planning to do it.

Anyway, have you used PODS?
Did it work to your satisfaction?
How much did you pay, and how far did you move?
How long did you store with them?

Etc., etc.

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Okay, dumb question, but; I haven't used mouthwash for a while, basically since back when I got my tongue pierced. I've started using it again - Listerine Citrus - and it claims to be a less intense flavour. Great, right?

Except this shit burns. The old formula definitely didn't used to burn like this, it's so bad I can't keep it in my mouth for the suggested 30 seconds and it's really painful trying to rinse out with water afterwards. Once I rinse and have a good scrub with a toothbrush it stops hurting, so it's definitely the stuff in contact with my mouth, but it doesn't seem to be causing lasting harm.

Is this normalish? Should I just keep doing it until I get used to it, or should I stop and try a different mouthwash if it's burning that badly?
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more random

Is there one really stupid thing you've done, either by accident or intentionally, that you still feel embarrassed about?

Do you part your hair left, right, center, or do you mix it up? Do you feel different if you wear it in a way that isn't the norm for you? ETA: Is your mother (or whoever brushed your hair when you were little) right handed or left handed?

Last night I was watching a French movie, Fat Girl, that made me WTF all over the place. Has anyone else seen it and, if so, can you explain why it might have been considered a good movie when it came out?

What has made you WTF lately?

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anytime I am outside Mosquitos bite me non-stop. If I am with my friends they will get maybe two bites and I will have 7+ (not exaggerating).

TQC, why do you think Mosquitos bite me so much?
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Santa visited me in my dreams last night

1. What do you want for Christmas this year?

2. If you don't celebrate Christmas, what do you celebrate?

3. What is your favorite Holiday? Why?

4. I wish I could hang up a stocking every night and wake up with it full of goodies. What do you wish for? Materialistic Holiday theme encouraged.

Break ?s

1) When you break up with someone, do you "break up" with their friends and family too?

2) A man proposes marriage to a woman and gets caught cheating. She in turn calls off the engagement. Do YOU think the man has the right to get the engagement ring back?

3) On that one episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel took a break and Ross ended up kissing some other chick, do you think he was in the wrong or was it ok since they were on a break?

4) What do you do to break up the monotony of your day?

5) When's the last time you broke up with someone?

Purse Parties

Background: I work on a college campus, and one of my students has suggested that we do a "Purse Party" as a fundraiser.

My Question: Can anyone clue me in as to what a purse party is? I am told the purses are "knock off" designer purses. That sounds shady to me and I'm hesitant to let my student group do such a fundraiser. Should I be worried?

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My coworkers and I have been talking about furries which led to them looking up local furry cons and trying to get me to go to one with them.

!. Would you ever go to a furry con?

@. ARE you a furry?

$. Do you know any furries?

%. Do you/anyone you know have any interesting kinks/fetishes?

I always want to sit down and find out how people discovered these things and ask them too many questions.

#. What fetishes/kinks would you like to sit down and talk to people about?

(no subject)

What's your favorite coffee?

My coworkers and I are tired of living off Starbucks, so we are chipping in for a coffee maker for our job. None of us really know anything about coffee, so we're just looking for a generally inexpensive kind that still:
1 - Tastes alright
2 - Has enough caffeine to get us through the day

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Long story short, I was in the ER the night before last with one of my migraines that disguises itself as a stroke. My doctors gave me a shitload of meds, all of which make me exhausted/nauseous/lose all concentration.

I didn't come to work yesterday. I'm here today. I didn't realize how much these meds fuck me up until I got here. My boss is not here. He said he would be at 10:30-11:00 but it is now 11:30 and he has still not showed up. I want to go home.

What should I say to my boss so that he will let me leave...but not get pissed? Should I stick it out for a few more hours?
lead me

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i'm living on campus this fall! yay!

they're requiring me to get vaccinated against meningitis.

1. i have a dr's appt set up for next monday. i was going to cancel it because i don't need to go back for the original reason. but if i call them and tell them i need this shot, can i still keep my appt and get that done instead? i am a retard when it comes to this kind of stuff, and i really don't like dealing with ppl on the phone.

2. anyone else had this? tell me your experiences with it? does it hurt like a mf'er?
Calvin and Hobbes


What does it mean when someone posts a comment/response in a thread that reads simply "THIS."

I feel I've seen it more than once, and I can't seem to find out what it means.

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 What is something sort of irrelevant that you want to share with TQC but have no reason to do so?

 Last night I noticed I stepped on a tiny cross from my sister's boyfriend's belt with my sandal, and God was embedded in my SOUL!  Well, I laughed :D


which of these packaged meals have you actually enjoyed eating?

shake n bake
hamburger helper
tuna helper
easy mac
kraft mac n cheese
suddenly salad (pasta salad from betty crocker)
some kind of boxed thai food
some kind of packaged pasta w/ powdered sauce
some kind of packaged rice w/ 'butter' sauce
anything from Amy's boxed foods with noodles
rice-a-roni, the san francisco treat
boy-ar-dee pizza from a box
suzer, i am FAR too good of a cook/chef to ever stoop so low
suzer, i ate them, but never told a sole til now
suzer, i ate them and died of sodium poisoning
me - with gun

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For those of you living in apartments, how long did it take between applying/paying the deposit before you signed the lease and moved in?

Mine has already taken over a month and we STILL haven't signed and I am very very annoyed. :(

(no subject)

my neighbor's cat pooped right by my front door and it smells really really bad. should i:
a) clean it up myself?
b) wait for my dad to get home and ask him to clean it up?
c) go over and yell at my neighbor and force her to clean it up?

what can i do to keep her cats from pooping in my yard? they are outside cats and they get free roam of the neighborhood, so grah. is there anything i can do to keep them away?...or at least from using my yard as a litterbox? (because it is so so gross and nasty nasty yuck)
Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

Snark snark snark! (Based on an IRL conversation I just had.)

Think back on how you learned how to snark.

How old were you? Who taught you? What was your first snark target?

In junior high, I would go to my GrannySee's house after school. We'd sit on her couch, eat Little Debbie brownies and drink Dr. Pepper, and make fun of the people on Days of Our Lives. This was when Marlena Evans was possessed by Teh Debil, and the storyline was so ludicrous that Granny and I would just poke fun at everyone involved.

I learned from the best.

(no subject)

My cousin has a cat named Brat. This cat is the most independent and brave cat I have EVER come across. She has repeatedly attacked my 45 pound dog as if my dog was a Chihuahua and mostly wants nothing to do with people.

Recently we discovered that if you start to sing Brat flips out and starts acting all loving. She rubs against you, climbs up into you lap and sits, starts to purr, and licks you.

Why do you think she dose this? Is she a robot that activated into loving cat mode instead of insane cat mode when sang to?

(no subject)

Do you by  chance know what easily-purchaseable-at-a-grocery-store brands of chocolate are vegan? 

I know a lot of dark chocolate is but also that some isn't. I'm making a recipe that calls for melted chocolate and my boss is vegan so I'd like to use dark chocolate as a vegan option. 

I'd rather someone who knows what they're talking about give me advice than me buy something that isn't actually vegan.

Apt. carpets...

About 5 months ago my gf rescued a chihuahua puppy. He is about 7 months now. He is almost housebroken now with the occasional accident, but when we first got him it was horrible. He peed everywhere and my gf wasn't very good about walking him as much as needed and cleaning up his pee when he went inside. Our apartment now reeks of dog pee and it's disgusting. We've spent a bunch of money on carpet cleaners and sprays and even rented a rug doctor a couple weeks ago. Nothing has helped. If we turn the AC on, it's not as bad, but it's still disgusting. We can't invite friends over anymore because of it, and whenever my mom/family wants to visit we go out to eat instead of in our apartment because it just smells horrible. The rug doctor worked on the stains but the smell is still there and we think it has worsened in a certain area (the area he peed in the most). The pee probably seeped down into the carpet pad or the wood underneath and I can't imagine not using the AC all the time is helping the situation. I have no idea if it could be moldy or what under there.

We are renewing our lease at the end of the month and we get a free carpet cleaning but who knows if that will help. So I guess my question is did anyone have a smelly nasty carpet when you moved out of your apartment? Did you get charged for it? Not get your deposit back, etc? I can deal without my deposit, but I'm scared that when we move out we'll have to pay a ton of money for them to get new carpet and padding or whatever is under it. :( I just want to know if we'll owe a bunch of money or get ripped a new one by the office people.

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I've been looking to get a pet, and someone posted in the community I'm in saying she had to get rid of her rabbit, and would give him to a good home with all his crap- cage, food, etc. I am tempted. Has anyone owned a rabbit? Are they good pets?

and related- am I wrong for being really pissed at people who just give their animals away? I volunteered at an animal shelter and people would just waltz in with pets, sometimes ones they had had for YEARS and just be like "lol sorry we dont want him anymore." I think that once you adopt/purchase an animal, he's yours and you need to care for him, unless there are extreme unforseen circumstances. Am I wrong in this?

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I babysit for a few hours on weekday afternoons (nobody really goes away for college in my hometown... therefore nobody hires just for the summer - they have year-round employees), and my parents think I'm a total failure for not being able to find a job. WHATEVER. Anyway, the mom of the family I babysit for just called me (at 1:45pm, I'm supposed to be there at 3:45pm) to tell me that she's at home today because she's sick, and won't need me. I can't be at my house during between 3:45pm-6pm, because my parents will bitch and say something along the lines of "WELL IF YOU'D GOTTEN A REAL JOB THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED" (like it's my fault?) and I'd like to avoid that.

(ETA: I've never explicitly told anyone how long I'd be working for them on an application; when you're applying for a job in one state, and and you write on the app that you currently go to school in a different state (they've always asked for education info), it's kind of a giveaway. :( Next summer I'll hopefully be staying in the area in which I'm going to school, so I won't have to worry about finding a job just for the summer. I hope.)

So my question to you, TQC, is where can I go for >2 hours to entertain myself, that doesn't require a lot of gas or a lot of money? (Assume that I'll be going by myself, because I've more or less cut ties with all my old friends in my hometown and don't want to spend time with them.)

I was thinking library, maybe...? Thoughts?

(no subject)

TQC, a man in a white Ford Explorer with "imi" on the door has been sitting in his vehicle in front of my house for 30+ minutes now. Just sitting there. He even has a creepy moustache, goatee and bald head, and he looks a little like a guy in one of those Bowflex commercials.
1. How much longer is he planning on staking out my house before he comes in and beats, rapes and/or kills me? He better hurry, because my stepfather is going to be home soon, and it will be much harder for him to reach my supple young flesh if he has to contest with a toothless, middle-aged smoker with pins in his dominant hand due to an injury, right?

2. Are he and my stepdad in kahootz to double-team me?

3. Am I going to get lambasted for joking about rape? What about the Bowflex?
non-srs questions like non-srs answers
misc - not a weapon

(no subject)

1. What was the last thing you lost?
2. Have you found it yet?
3. Have you ever lost a wallet?
4. Was it returned to you?
5. If so, in what condition?

Currently the lock I use at the gym is missing. At least it's easily replaced.

(no subject)

You are salesperson at a hotel: You are intent on building up your leads. Your coworker suggests you stop by the competing hotel down the street and “steal some names off the reader board.” (The reader board is the the sign in the lobby that tell arrivals what group is meeting there) He suggests you should get the names of groups off the reader board, contact them in about a week to see how happy they were with their meeting and try to convince them to switch to your property. Do you take his advice?
puppy dog

(no subject)

Do you ever jam out to some sort of electronic music to the point where your daydreaming about performing live because you wrote the song(thats part of the daydream too of course)? What kind of movements do you make? Since its electronic you cant strum a guitar or hit drums, maybe you make little keyboarding movements.

(no subject)

Poll #1228529 Intimacy questions

If you're in a new relationship and you like him/her and are attracted to them, what's the earliest you'd put out? Assume that you see each other twice a week

First date
Second date
Third date
Fourth date
Fifth date
Sixth-Tenth date
Eleventh-Fifteenth date
Sixteenth-Twentieth date
Over twenty, under fifth
I've never had a relationship progress this far
I plan on waiting til marriage
A date isn't even needed. If I just met them, and found them attractive, I'd boink them

You're with someone who's a really bad kisser. Either they force their tongue down your throat, or just peck, or their mouth is a slobber factory. How important is kissing in a relationship, and would it impede the intimacy?

It's very important. If he/she can't kiss, it kind of puts the brakes on the intimacy
It's important, but I'm willing to teach. And I don't feel that sucking face has an impact on any other physical acts of intimacy
It's not important. Full steam ahead
I prefer they don't like to kiss. I'm not really into kissing

Because a SO really likes you, they get really nervous with you in bed. This leads to a series of 'really' premature ejaculations. If it's a girl, then she's so nervous that she just can hardly lubricate. Is this a big enough setback to throw out the relationship, or can/will you get past this?

Sure. If they can give sufficient oral sex (and maybe break out the bottle of lube), and all is forgiven
I'd be incredibly disappointed. I think it would impact the relationship and how I feel about them
I keep dating them, but I insist we date other people. That way, I can get my needs taken care of by someone who can fulfill them
Just as well. I'm not really into the sex that much. The less I have to deal with it, the better. This could be the relationship I've been waiting for

(no subject)

While in college, did you attend a "college" bar?

How old were you?

Do you think it's okay to continue to drink there once you've graduated, if there are other great non-college bars around?

(no subject)

1. My friend (who is 20) babysits for a wealthy couple who has one kid, and they let my friend use their BMW x3 to truck the kid around in all day. Upon leaving the house and backing out of the driveway, the little girl in the back seat shrieks; my friend turned around to see what was the matter, and accidentally accelerated... backwards, into what she believes is a trashcan. The bumper now has a dent in it. My friend is really upset, and she says that the dad is really upset too. How would you handle this situation if you were either of the parents?

2. What is your favorite kind of apple?

3. When eating an apple, do you prefer it to be cold (i.e. just out of the fridge) or room-temperature?

Collapse )

(no subject)

Do your myspace and livejournal match? (i.e. do they have the same backgrounds or base colors?)

What is your favorite flavor of tea?

Are you and oragnized person?

Do you make a lot of lists for no reason?

bad luck

So I've had a really shitty week, and it's only wednesday. I'm not usually superstitious, but I don't generally have luck this bad and I've been having REALLY bad luck, to the point that I'm honestly scared of what the rest of the week has in store for me.

So, superstitious people of TQC, anything I can do to boost my luck?

How do you deal with a string of bad luck days?
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(no subject)

1) At what age would you let your [possibly hypothetical]kid see the latest batman movie?

at least 10, but probably more like 12.

2)Are they giving out free air conditioners to the elderly in your city?


3)I actually had a debate about this. At what age would you allow your kid to read a novel in which one of the plot twists was "I fucked your hot mom"

I thought you needed to be at least 14 to contain the squick.
shoes and bunnies

(no subject)

Are you self-centered?

I am, sometimes to such an extreme that I wonder if there's something wrong with me. For instance, earlier today my grandmother was over and she fell down and hurt herself and I just didn't care. I was just annoyed.
real men read

cash monies

I want to put my editing skills to better use.

1. How much should I charge to edit things like high school/college essays? Would you charge per hour or per document?

2. How much should I charge for tutoring in English, Science, and History? I hear that people get anywhere from $30 to $150 an hour in my area. What's a normal hourly tutoring fee? Should I tutor at my home or go to other people's homes?

(no subject)

Have you noticed that a lot of TQC members belong to a lot of the same communities? (like S_F, ONTD)

Which, do you think, are the most popular communities shared by TQC members?


I've got 30 people coming to a party on Saturday. How many hotdogs and hamburgers should I buy? How many bottles of soda (we already have a keg)?

(no subject)

TQC, I need your help to settle something between my co-workers. Is there a technical name for those "crumbs" that come off the eraser when you're erasing something?

If you don't know, what do you, personally, call them?
chan marshall

(no subject)

Do you know what a Ranga is?
(i don't think its a nice term, i was just watching Summer heights high and was wondering if the slang was heard anywhere else)

Is the weather nice where you are?

Have you seen the show "Summer heights high"?

(no subject)

1. If you have a sibling, do you consider them your best friend? Or best friends, if you have more than one.

2. My sister and I have gone through Friends, The Office, That 70s Show, House, Heroes, and One Tree Hill. Can you recommend a new show for us to start watching?! Comedy is preferred.

(no subject)

Do you dip your sweet potato fries in ketchup?

If not, do you eat them with another condiment, or just eat them plain?

(Both of my posts today have been about food... I clearly have a one-track mind.)
Sam outside

(no subject)

Sooo...I keep getting hot flashes. I'm nowhere near my period and I'm only 19. What the heck is going on?

What movie are you currently wanting to see? (doesn't have to be in the theatres)

What was the last movie you were disappointed in?

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On Monday, I had heartburn in the moring that led to me throwing up all afternoon into the evening.  I had part of a bagel, a few teddy grahams, and a couple of saltine crackers.  Yesterday was ok, so I had a turkey and cheese with lettuce and mayo and some saltine crackers.  I have heartburn again today but not nearly as bad as Monday.  To soothe it, I had a chocolate shake for lunch and some water.  It can't be anything in my diet because I haven't been eating that dangerously and my heartburn always comes before I eat.

What's going on with me, Dr. TQC?

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So someone raped and murdered your entire family. You tracked them down to an empty field, middle of the night, no one around for miles. Hell, you're in another state entirely. You have a gun in your hand.
Do you kill them and bring justice to your slain loved ones? Or do you turn them in to the police and let them face the law?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b

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Does club soda actually work for getting out a coffee stain on a light coloured carpet?

I know its listed on dozens of sites when you google "how to get a coffee stain out of carpet" but I tried vinegar, dishsoap, and water like was suggested on the websites and that doesnt seem to have worked so I was curious if anyone could say one way or another if it actually works.

Got any other stain removal suggestions or should I just move the couch over it to hide it?

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i did that thing again where i commented to another community that i'm not technically a member of and my comment was screened and therefore non-existent. so not to completely waste my time google-imaging, i'll just make a post here about it, lol.

so tqc, what did you/will you eat for lunch and/or dinner? post pictures!

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