July 22nd, 2008

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1. Have you ever worked as a street performer?
2. What did you do and where?
3. How was the experience?
4. What do you know about "living statues"? Types of makeup, etc.
5. What's your favourite joke?

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my cat got knocked up a few months back and now we have 5 kittens. i tried to post them up for adoption on craigslist but i kept getting flagged-idk why either! i love these little fur balls more then ever but its really making a impact on my wallet! im thinking that ill just give them to the spca so that they can give them the shots they need, get fixed and interact with other cats.

is there a process i have to go through or do i just give it to them?
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How in the world are Victoria's Secret bras supposed to be washed? Just normal handwashing? I've been handwashing, but I dunno.. it feels weird. & I have a feeling that I'm doing something wrong. My friend says you're supposed to spot wash them, but that sounds ridiculous to me. Bras absorb sweat. How is a person supposed to spot wash sweat?

Girls, what waterproof mascaras do you recommend? I've been buying waterproof mascaras, but they're complete bull. They smudge just as badly as my non-waterproof mascaras. If it matters, I'm more interested in volumizing and not lengthening mascaras.
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Did you have a senior quote?

If so, what did you quote?

I'm torn between two: "I have a heart like the sea, a million dreams are in me." (Miss Saigon) and "Hear my song, it's the one thing I have that has never let me down" (Songs for a New World)
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Salt water aquariums?

So, my boyfriend and I want to start up a little, salt water aquarium. I know they are expensive and time consuming and whatever else. The bright tropical fishies and beautiful coral are worth it. We have a 29 gallon tank with nothing in it and I don't want to have to only rely on the guys at Country Critters, ha. Does anyone have any awesome websites/tips/advice? Danke!

The stupidity is painful

So some guy who I don't know requested me as a friend on facebook, I added him.
I got a message from his wife asking Who I was and Why I was friends with her husband (oh and that he said he didn't know me and that I added him).

Is this the dumbest thing you've heard today? Has anything this asinine happened to you? What would you do? (I can't write her back...but I DID write him back)

Srs and non srs plz.

A better question:

Do you do your own nails or have them done? Ever get any hootchie cootchie fungus from the nail salon!?

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for the past three weeks I've been having back pain all the time.  So I made an appointment for the doctor tomorrow and I wake up this morning and my back feels fine aside from the occasional twinges.  What should I tell the doctor if my back is still feeling better tomorrow 

Something different.

I have a few questions to ask about social and economic policies.

Assume you are given complete power over all aspects of the United States. You have 2 years to fix as many problems as possible. You have to fix the following though in your two years.

Current Economic Issues (Pick 2 or more):

How would you balance the current budget? http://marketplace.publicradio.org/features/budget_hero/
How do you the energy crisis?
What do you do about health care?
How do you keep jobs in US?
How do you increase wages?

Current education system (Pick 1 or more):

How do you educate children better?
How do you fix college costs?
How do you make people want to teach?
What do you do about violence in schools?


How would you increase the standard of living in these two years?

What else would you fix or change?

I don't expect you to have an answer for each one, but try your best, and thanks.

You people are sick

1) Do you have any good fever dream stories? Particularly memorable half-lucid rambles?

2) When you get sick, what is your default? Do you get nauseous, headache, etc?

3) Have you ever been in the hospital? Why? Any fun/serious anecdotes?

4) Any near-death experiences?

 also: Why does the moth in my room keep flying into my face and trying to kiss me? Doesn't it know I am not mothsexual and do not appreciate his advances?

Why I think of these things at 4 am, I'll never know.

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Rob Zombie's next movie, Tyrannosaurus Rex :

Being that he's already said it will not be about a dinosaur or the band...exactly what the heck do you think it's going to be about?
media studies
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My ten year high school reunion is this year. Yeah, I'm old.

1. When is/was your 10-year high school reunion?

2. Did you go/do you plan to?

3. Why did you/didn't you?

4. Were you popular in HS?
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1)Do you sometimes get the feeling that unpartnered women are very very rare?

I say unpartnered instead of single as folks say oh, it's so hard being single..and then you realize they have a live in boyfriend... not single!

2)I need to figure out how to pare down some of my amazon wishlist, by buying hopefully. where should I start?
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So, I was wrong last night and my husband does not have self-restraint. The PS3 was just hiding in the entertainment center. I didn't "forbid" the purchase or anything, but I heartily disapprove because it's expensive and we have an unused PS2 sitting in the living room.

So, this PS3 thing probably cost $400-$500, right? My question is, what expensive toy should I buy for myself so that we're "even"? Serious and non-serious answers please.
(to clarify: I won't actually spend this money, I just want to fantasize about it all day)
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whipped butter or real non-whipped butter? 

I picked up a slice of banana loaf this morning and they gave me whipped butter. It's like eating cloud butter. But not tasty cloud butter. 

Do you like watching the clouds? Stories encouraged.

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Do you belong to any LJ ratings communities?

If so, which one(s)? What do they rate - looks, personality, the books you like (or pretend to like), your journal, your baby, *fill in the blank*?

If not, why? Is it because LJ ratings communities are SO 5 (or more) years ago?

Have ever you been a member of a ratings community in the past (if yes, then answer above question)?

What are your thoughts on ratings communities in general?

Which ratings communities have you seen/heard of that you just downright despise and why?
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1. What's the most unusual thing you've ordered online?

2. Has anyone here been a member of Curves? If so, what are your opinions on it? I'm moving and Curves will be across the street from me whereas the other two "normal" gyms are around 5 miles from me. Curves SEEMS more of a place for middle-aged women but I don't know if it would work for me. Walking across the street to exercise would be nice, though.

3. shweetnettie13 just informed me that the owner of Curves supports pro-life organizations and causes. Assuming you are pro-choice, would this affect your decision to join Curves? Would it automatically disqualify Curves as a choice to work out?


Hi all, I'm currently studying as a creative media design in Singapore Polytechnic. It'll take 3 years for me to graduate & receive a creative media design diploma. From then I can either proceed to work as graphic designer, visual communicator, illustrator etc or I can further my studies in an university for BA (HONS) in arts.

However, this's not what I really want. I've always been inspired to become a fashion designer and I'm really keen and sure that I want to work in a fashion industry in future. So now I'm struggling in making a decision of transfering of course that'll cost me to lose a year time because I can only enrol into a course when a new term starts which will be in next april 09 but also choosing a suitable school/course that can compliment my desire. It will cost a lot to study at a private school here for Fashion design too. As fashion design's not really significant in Singapore. I'm afraid the courses here are not as good as compared to what they have in overseas. My ultimate goal's still to further my studies in Central St Martins even if I managed to attain a diploma in Fashion Design in Singapore.

I know many ponder why I decided to choose to study graphic design at the first place if I really keen about fashion design. The reason lies a lot on my fickle mindedness and also I am quite easily influenced and manipulated by the comments people made around me. I have quite a handful of cousins that graduated from graphic design courses advised me during the decision making period that I should choose something that appeals more realistically in terms of attaining a job in future instead of looking into my goals. Since there will be a photography and drawing module, and I'm quite good in photoshop, and illustrator and also do not mind studying about it, why don't I try doing graphic design instead? So I went ahead with the course. I thought I can live with it but after completing numerous assignments, I realized this is not I want.

So do you think I should continue staying to study something I do not really fancy for another 3 years or should I just follow my heart and dreams?

Sorry about the long entry. And thanks a lot for reading until here.
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What do you think the internet would be like if our pets had access and the ability to use it?
Do you think they'd have human-snark forums? Rate-my-people communities? Pro-wet food groups?

What would a blog entry look like if your pet were to write one?

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I am going to see Jerry Seinfeld this weekend at the Bob Carr Theater in Orlando. What do I wear?

What is your favorite airhead flavor?

How much water do you drink on an average day?

hallowed be thy name

Poll #1227710 oh lawdy.

Which of these is the most FIERCE God in the movies?

George Burns, "Oh God" (1977)
Morgan Freeman, "Bruce Almighty" (2003)
Burning Bush, "The Ten Commandments" (1956)
God himself, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (1975) behold:
someone else who trumps those others with all the fiercenss in the universe...and i will post it non-anonymously for all to see


1. Did you get a lot of nose bleeds as a child?

2. Do you still get nose bleeds?

3. Not including periods, whats the most you ever bled? What happened?


Do you have your own website? Where do you host it from? What are the pros and cons of that host?

I'm looking for recommendations! Something without ads and as much bang for my buck as possible =)

youtube woes

Is anyone else having a trouble watching videos from YouTube?

I click on the video and it looks like it's trying to load, but then the little bar on the bottom just moves across really fast like it's fast-forwarding and it won't play. I tried Firefox and IE, and the actual YouTube page and videos embedded on LJ. WTF i need to watch videos at my boring job to stay entertained!
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You are given the very important job of marketing your city to encourage tourism and to stimulate your local economy.

What city do you live in?
What aspects of your city do you make sure to promote?
What aspects of your city do you make sure not to mention?

Doctor Who

If you were having a Doctor Who themed Tea Party for your birthday (it's not a Big Number, but you and your friends use birthdays as an excuse to get together and do something silly or interesting or nice) what games would you play? And what would you eat? On my list is tea, scones (just because I wanted a tea party) chips (since they go on about them all the time with Rose) and edible ball bearing involved cupcakes. On my list of ideas of games is 'pin the plunger to the dalek'... unfortunately it's too cold outside for us to use a real plunger and I'm not sure if the walls in here would stand to some enthusiastic plunging. :P
And just for fun, what would you personally wear if you were invited?

edit: Also, what songs should I play? I have Doctoring The Tardis, and maybe some historical pieces, and a few songs about the future, and a song by The Chaser about fans of Doctor Who. I can never remember what songs were played in the show.
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

Funeral garb

So an uncle of mine whom I wasn't very close to died. His memorial is Saturday. He wasn't very religious (and neither is my aunt), and it's not a traditional funeral with the priest, the chain of cars to the cemetery, and a burial. It'll be a short "service" with a luncheon afterwards. I bought this outfit and I wasn't sure if it wasn't too flashy for a memorial of this type. What do you guys think?

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Thanks for your opinions.

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I have a 2002 Toyota Camry with 25,000 miles on it and a 2005 Toyota Corolla with something like 40,000 miles on it.

Which should I keep and which should I give to my dad?

If it matters, he used to be a mechanic. I can hardly handle routine maintenance. He rarely goes anywhere. I have a 6 1/2 year old and I go everywhere all day long.

Help me dress myself

I need a professional-looking carryall bag. Preferably in leather of some darkish color and less than $150. Stylish TQCers, can you help me? I've got nylon messenger bags and an ugly-ass computer bag, but now I need a big-girl briefcase-y type thing to carry all my stuff in a ~professional~ setting.

Alternatively, if you suddenly were rich beyond your wildest dreams, how would you indulge yourself? I'd get a personal stylist, because I SUCK at shopping and looking put-together.

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I'm the secretary in my office and I'm about to go on a lunch run. Where should I get lunch? If you think of another place post in comments, the only thing is that is has to be fast food.

Where should I get lunch from?

Panda Express
Steak & Shake

Did you sleep in your own bed last night?

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What shoes do you wear the most?

Or what are your favorite shoes?

Pictures are a must.

I have decided i hate wearing flip flops all the time. I need a new kind of shoe, but im not a fan of sneakers.

So show me your shoes!

Thanks :)
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Trip to the UK!

This is for those who've been to the UK (in this instance I'm including "Paris" when I say "UK", even though that's so incorrect), or for, uh, anyone else, really.

There's a strong possibility I'm taking a trip next spring/summer to the UK. It looks like I'll be flying in to England, spending a day or maybe two in London and area, and then hopping over to Paris for a day, and then spending the rest of my time in Scotland.

My question is: what should I do while there? What's absolutely unmissable on a person's first trip across the pond? What museums/sights to I need to see?


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I threw up all day yesterday.  All I ate were three or four teddy grahams, part of a plain bagel, and three or four saltine crackers.  Needless to say, I'm hungry but I'm not craving anything.  What should I eat?


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Who here has successfully quit smoking?

Who here has tried to quit and wasn't able to?

/go stories

I'm trying. I went 24 hours then had two cigarettes. Went to noon today and broke down and bought a pack at the store and had one. Feels like I'm getting nowhere fast.
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1. A comment in another community just raised a question that I thought was pretty obvious, but apparently not. Does a guy lose his virginity if he puts his penis in a woman's anus?

2. My goodness! Where does the time go?

3. Do they still make those erasers that smell kinda like bananas when you use them?


canine oral hygiene

I babysit for a woman who brushes her lab's teeth twice a day. I used to think she was absolutely ridiculous. After getting my new puppy and researching however, I've found that all of the sites say that daily brushing is essential to the health of your dog's teeth.

I think twice a day is excessive, but TQC should I brush my doggie's teeth?
Do you brush your dogs teeth?
Any tooth brushing tips?

the mole. YES I SAID IT...I WATCH THE MOLE. what of it?

Poll #1227821 oh, stupid reality shows in the US.

WHO IS THE MOLE? what's your best guess...?

idk, and it's killing me slowly...week by week

what are your feelings bout jon kelley (the host)?

he is douchemole
he is fairly cool
he is a hottie
i haven't even noticed him
needs moar mole
i am a straight man and he makes me tingle about my nether regions
i am gay, and i would date him. hummunah hummunah.
gay or straight, i am strangely unattracted to him
he is my bf irl
he is my bff irl

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My god mom's best friend is a bitch. My god mom says that's the true test of a friendship--whether or not you can accept the other's faults and still love them. I don't get it. My best girlfriend has never hurt me.

Is your best friend a jerk to you? To others? If so, why do you put up with it?

Why would anyone put up with that?

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About a week ago I found out Stanley Kamel (Dr. Kroger from Monk) died in April.
I just found out Estelle Getty died.
I cannot take all this dying!

Who is the next tv star to kick the bucket?

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When choosing a potential mate, what personality triats/interests MUST you have in common with them?

What personality traits/interests can you overlook?

What personality traits/interests are total deal breakers?

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my mom recently came to visit my sister and i...including a few days in florida, blah blah blah.
anyhoo...she got home from her trip late at night and called me HYSTERICAL and CRYING. The woman she hired to watch her cats never came. Not one visit to feed and water them in two weeks.

EDIT: this woman is a professional, bonded kitty sitter.


so my mom has been freaking out. the cats SEEM ok, she says...very affectionate, thirsty and hungry. I am worried they could have kidney damage. A vet checkup is forthcoming.

anyhoo, the woman claims that my mom NEVER called her to set up the visits. (she has a key to my mom's house). As she is coming down from the hysterics, she remembers that she did, in fact, contact this woman twice from my sister's cell phone. And today we proved it. Two calls, one of them was four minutes.

and im like,

but they don't give punative damages in small claims, no?
what's the best way to crush this kitty-hating bitch with the legal system?
what would you do?
what would jesus do?
do the d.a.n.c.e.

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Were you taught the Preposition Song in school?
I learned it in 6th grade, and it still useful 8 years later.

Did it sound like "Yankee Doodle" or "Bingo"?
I was taught using the "Bingo" tune, but when I looked on YouTube, all I heard was "Yankee Doodle".

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So I'm planning this super duper staff photo scavenger hunt.

What should 1st and 2nd place get?? I'm stumped.

Everyone is about 15-19 in age. And obviously nothing too big money-wise since it is just a game.

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To you who went to see The Dark Knight when it opened:

If a major motion picture was released for which opening night/day tickets were highly in demand, and the theaters decided that they would raise the price a couple of bucks to take advantage of the hoards of people going to see it, would you still purchase the tickets? In other words, if your regularly priced not quite so in demand movie tix (you know, like Mamma Mia or something) were $10 and The Dark Knight tickets for opening day were $12, would you have bought them anyway?

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I've been pretty irritated & bitchy as of late. Is that a good or a bad thing?

When was the last time you cracked & went all out pms-mode and why?
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Haruhi disappearance
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1) My boyfriend and I broke up and he moved, but both of our names are on the apartment lease. Will I get hit with a penalty if I remove his name? (I don't care if it's left on there, I was just curious)

2) What kind of penalties generally come with breaking a lease? (I like my apartment but it's expensive, so I'm wondering in case I want/have to move before the lease is up in May)

3) When eating chips, crackers, etc., what is your favorite flavor? I gotta go with salt & vinegar or sour cream and onion

eta: I'm aware every lease is different, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this sort of thing :)

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So, heres the thing...  I know im straight, I love boys, I get feelings for boys, everything about them just makes me know what I like and what I dont...

When Im with my best friend (a girl), and usually drunk (not always), I feel we have alot of sexual tension. For example the other night, we hugged and she kissed me on the cheek..we were inches from eachothers faces-- I, for a split second, wanted to kiss her. (but didnt). Its not like kissing a friend out of drunken spontaneity is a weird thing.. I have kissed girlfriends before.. but with her, I havent.

OK now.. give me your Psycho-babble..

what is with this??
This is so strange to me.
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I'm 24. I started a new job 3 months ago and now that I'm off "probation" I have the option of getting a 401k. I'm honestly not that sure what it's all about. I'm planning on staying at this job at most another year, and I'm pretty poor with debt, so deductions out of my paycheck are not pleasant. Should I do this? Do you have a 401k?


What's your favorite barbeque sauce that can be purchased at any old store? 
Recipes are fine too if your favorite is home made. 

We want to make barbeque chicken breast in the crock pot tomorrow and want something with a little bit of a kick (sort of spicy).  We'll buy a bottle of it tonight at the store. :)
screen clean


what should i do tonight?

see the apples in stereo perform [$12]?
see the dark knight again [about $8]?
go to 2-4-1s at my favorite bar in hopes of finding my next ex boyfriend [about $20 depending on what i eat and how many people buy me drinks]?
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I want to submit a short story for a writing contest. The person I have to email it is also a friend of mine. Should I be friendly or pretend I don't know her and be all official? She's not the only judge, but I don't know if others will read the emails or just the stories.

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Help TQC!!!

My cat is stuck in a giant batch of prickle bushes.

Nevermind. Just as I started typing this entry, my boyfriend saved the day/my life and got her out after literally 3 hours of chopping down these stupid, stupid branches. So my question is...

How far have you gone or what's the biggest thing you've done for your pet? Let's melt some hearts up in here!
cheesin' for Disney

pet sitters

should i trust someone i don't know from a professional company to take care of my cats while on vacation?
should i trust someone i meet on lj or craigslist to take care of my cats?
should i just take them to my parents house and deal with my mom's bitching but know that they were taken care of?
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Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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So I believe I pulled a muscle. Being stupid I had been running without stretching, and now one of my calves hurts slightly-- not enough so I can't walk, but enough so that I feel it and haven't been running lately in fear of making it worse. It hurts mostly along the bone, on the side of my calf.

My question is, anyone have any idea what could have happened? Did I pull a muscle? And if so, how long does it take for it to heal? It's been hurting for over a week now and i really miss running. :(

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I'm seeing this new guy and it's making me stress out and wait by the phone like a crazy lady. 
I don't see it having huge long term potential, it was supposed to be a fun summer romance.

Should I just cut ties and run or stick it out? 
eta: Is anyone else like this? Pls validate!

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 Would it be gross to wash my puppy's fav stuffed toy with my towels?

 Win fucking LOVES this stuffed flamingo we gave him when he was 9 weeks old.  He keeps ripping it open and I keep sewing it up.  I even used really thick thread, the kind to make friendship bracelets, but it keeps coming open!  This is the toy that taught him physical love, and I'd hate to throw it away.  Any tips to keep the stuffing inside?
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I have a guy's full name and address. I do not have his phone number. I would like to call him. Looking him up in the whitepages did not work because I guess he's unlisted.

Is there any way for me to find his phone number?

ETA Found it! My friend is a genius who told me to look at my old cell phone bills since I've called him before.

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I am getting a MacBook, and because I'm a student I get the choice of either a free 8gb iPod Touch or Nano. (8gb is good enough for me, tbqh, so I am not going any bigger)

If you were me, which would you choose? Reasons, if any? I have a 1gb firstgen nano, so I NEED2UPGRADE.
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old crazy women and umbrellas

*cross posted to my lj

Yes, I came across one today.
There is this old crazy woman who walks up and down the streets stealing whatever she can get her hands on. Some things have gone missing from our lawn and we know its her. I have heard many people complaining about this woman. So anyway...
I'm taking Liberty out for a walk when a group of kids, probably 10 or so say to me, hey ma'am there is an old woman stealing from your lawn. I walk up and say what are you doing?
She starts yelling at me and hitting me with her umbrella. I'm trying to be decent but you can only take so many blows to the face before you lose it. I finally grabbed it and got in her face and screamed I DONT CARE HOW OLD YOU ARE I WILL HIT YOU BACK! This is after taking 8 or 9 tough blows to the head. Liberty is barking and the kids are screaming.
I'm trying to keep the old woman off from me, keep Liberty from going crazy, and keep the kids quiet. I called the police while she was pushing me and hitting me, she even slapped me. Saying this was not my property. She kept saying I'm German I'm German! Whatever the fuck that means.
The police came in less than a minute. Two cruisers. I guess she does this a lot because they knew her and told her to go home or she would be arrested. They asked me if I wanted to press charges and of course I said no. I was so close to bitch slapping an old lady.

1. What would it take for you to hit an elderly person?

2. Has someone ever attacked you and you didn't strike back? Why?

3. I really hate violence, but this old lady really pissed me off today. What was the last thing that pissed you off?
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(no subject)

if you consider yourself straight, have you ever had a gay experience?

if you consider yourself gay, have you ever had a straight experience?

has this experience altered the way you perceive your own sexuality, or the sexuality of others?

if the story is hot, do you want to share it?

if you have pics, do you want to send them to entropicflux@yahoo.com?

(no subject)

If you found $50 million in a duffel bag (or several taking in to account the physical dimensions of money and bag) would you keep it? Consider the legal ramifications and the possibility of being hunted down by a Russian hitman with a ball peen hammer. This isn't just "free" money. Chances are you might have to skip town, change your name, etc.

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Okay TQC...what movie am I thinking of?

There's a mom and a son in a car, he's in a car seat and she's talking on a cell phone up front...

He keeps saying "mom, mom, mom," and finally she snaps and says, "(insert kid's name here and repeat), see how annoying that gets?"

The kid was looking at something out the window that was really strange, and wanted to show his mom.

My boyfriend and I remember seeing this a few weeks ago, but can't remember what it is from...anyone have any ideas?

SFW, btw.

I can NOT figure out to do a cut for a video, so.

What do you think of people at weddings dancing to a slow song, and then breaking out into a faster dance? Something silly and fun?
Dumb? Etc.?


And now let's play, "What Would YOU Do?"

So my husband and 4 year old just found a Panera Bread card on the sidewalk.
I was thinking that someone discarded it (because it was used up) in a nearby trash receptacle but somehow it got onto the ground.
For shits and giggles, I called the number and the balance is $25.

So what should I do with it?
It's not mine, I don't feel great about using it.

It might be near impossible to find it's original owner.

What would YOU do?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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"I had an employee who used to scratch her back using her ruler. Sometimes she'd stare at her cube mates. My colleagues would come and tell me this and I wouldn't have a clue how to deal with it. We both quickly realized this company wasn't a good fit for her and she left a couple of months later. To this day, some of my former colleagues remind me of my back-scratching and staring employee and wonder what happened to basic etiquette." 

Is scratching your back with a ruler really so horrible?

(no subject)

Will you make some suggestions for an awesome/ creative date my boyfriend and I can go on, and preferably one that's budget-friendly?  We're kind of bored with the typical dinner, movie dates and such...

(no subject)

What is your type of art? Do you write, draw, paint, act, take pictures, what?

I know we are all tired of TDK questions (lies!) but I was wondering, was the pencil used in the glorious magic trick unused or was it sharpened? I need to know whether it was pointy or not bbs. Okay I think I'm going with "it was sharpened." Thanks bbs!

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Do you ever buy health/beauty products before your current supply is finished and then have several on hand?

What sorts of things are common for you to do this with?

ALSO-why do you think this happens?

I have three bottles of lotion-all different kinds. One has maybe 1/4 left the other about 1/3
I also have an extra partially used body wash
I tend to do with with shampoo and conditioner too because I tend to run out of conditioner before shampoo, I have a habit of using too much :/ Just recently though I threw a bunch of them out. With me, I tend to see I'm getting low then say "well I better buy more" then I shove the old bottle away in case I run out. Which has happened. It's more prevalent with shampoo and conditioner though, I think, since I se them faster

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Poll #1228045 My own privates, Idaho

You're dating someone new, and you really like them. You get along great, and it seems like you've known them longer than you actually have. However, you haven't slept with them yet. It just hasn't happened. Then, about a week later, you finally get their pants off. If your SO is a guy, he's got a really small penis (2"). If your SO is a girl, she's got a huge, cavernous vagina, larger than the girth of your trouser snake. Lesbians...I don't know how this changes things for you. So, there they are, naked as a jaybird, with FAIL genitalia. Where does this relationship go after this?

I keep on dating him/her. I can tolerate bad sex. Even really bad sex. We get along so well, and that's what's important
I get them off, and fake my own pleasure. I make it a point to dissolve the relationship within the next week
I'll try to make it work, but sex is a big component in my relationships. I will do my best to overlook their sexual flaws, but I can't promise a long future
I either burst out laughing or burst into tears. Either way, the relationship ends once the bedroom door slams behind me

stupid sunburn question

I never really had bad sunburn before, but i do now. I got pretty badly burnt on saturday (bright red face, rough skin... no blisters or anything). It doesn't hurt much anymore, its starting to dry up and peel. I sort of peeled off some of the skin on my nose because I could. Now it's nice and smooth, but I looked in the mirror and noticed that where I peeled the skin off is like, 5 shades lighter than the rest. I look stupid. Will this fade or am I going to be two-toned for a while?
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Doctor, doctor

You know how people will say they're too embarrassed to see the doctor about something, and then other people say "don't worry, they've seen worse"? What do you think the worst thing the average family doctor has personally seen/treated?

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Which of these animals have you eaten?



I am a vegetarian and will lecture you about the immorality of this poll in comments

ETA: How would you feel if I told you that I have eaten ALL these animals?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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What would you say in a letter to the president?

Dear President Bush:
Poll #1228003 Dear President Bush:

I know you are a very busy man, but I have several things to ask you. First and foremost, what is your favorite _____?

Now we've gotten that out of the way, I just wanted to ask you a question about the size of an item in the white house. How big is your _____?

Thanks. I was wondering if there was any way I could trade my ___ with yours for a day?

I think that if you were an animal, you would be a(n) _____.

I hope that's all right with you. What's your favorite hobby? I bet it's _____ing.

Thanks for your time! One last thing: __________.

Sincerely, _________.

please give me money for my useless crap

I have an old (2002-ish) Gateway laptop that I've had shoved in a drawer for a few years now. Its got a cracked LCD screen last time I got it to work, but I haven't gotten the thing to even turn on in at least 2 years. (And I just tried.) The thing is crap.

I found this website http://www.lapdawgs.com/ where you can sell your junk computers for cash. It makes me kind of leery though because I've never heard of them before.

Anybody have any experience with this particular company?
Anybody know of a reputable company that will buy broken laptops?
If you've ever sold a broken laptop, how much did you get for it?