July 21st, 2008

doctor who - tardis

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For my fellow Daily Show fans:

If The Daily Show got a new host, would you watch? (Let's say it's an actor you're neutral about.)

Do you like Kristen Schaal (on TDS, not including Flight of the Conchords or anything else)?

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What is something you've done recently that has improved your life?


I  want my daughter to have good memories of me when she gets older. Will you tell me some little things that your parents (or any important adult in your life) used to do for you when you were a kid that made you feel really loved?
LJ <3

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- Do you ever go back and read your old LJ entries? Do you delete the embarrassing ones?
- Do you go back and read your friends' old LJ entries? Do you comment on the interesting ones, even if they are really old?

- Yes I do, and no. I've never deleted a past LJ entry. I keep my LJ to have something to look back on (though it's become more of a place to post game reviews and other interactive things than a place to share my thoughts... probably a good thing).
- I haven't, but I've had someone do it to me. I suddenly got a bunch of comments on year old posts. It was very random, a bit touching and a bit embarrassing all at the same time.
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I am applying to a bunch of colleges. Some I will certainly get into, Most I have a good shot at, and a few I have small chances at. University #1 is extremely hard to get into, but also my #1 choice (funny how they name universities according to my preference). University #2 is my second choice, but I have a considerably larger chance of getting in. I will need to apply early to #1 to even have a remote chance of getting in, but it will be just that- remote. However, it is an Ivy and chances are slim for everyone. With #2, I probably have a 50% chance, but I could raise that number to about 60 or even 70 percent if I were to apply early. TELL ME LJ, should I give up on the pipe dream of University #1 and stick with the almost certain admission into University #2? Edit: I'm asking which I should apply early to.

How do you feel about fake plants?

How did you get to school as a kid?

When you update your personal journal, do you fill out the location, mood, and music sections?

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Would you go blind for $300,000,000?
How about cut off a finger?
Or give up the taste and smell of food?
Or live alone in a gorgeous island with EVERYTHING that you could imagine, but you would be the only person there?
Have sex with a dog?
How about that you'd become really ugly and no money / plastic surgery could fix it?

What would you be willing to do for $300,000,000?

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I want to go on a roadtrip vacation for my 20th birthday this year. It'll be about a month after I buy a new car.

My birthday is at the end of November. I don't really care about weather - I can always wear pounds of wool - but I'm looking for kickass ideas for where I should go. I'm considering Canada because I've never been to Canada - and also I could drink. Which would be amazing since 20 is just a reminder that you aren't 21 yet.


Do you have any kickass roadtrip vacation ideas?
Should I go to Canada, y/n? Why?
If I should, where in Canada should I go?


ETA: I'm on the West coast.

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I'm poor, and I need to find insurance. How do I get me some free poor people medical aid or some shit?

I am 19, I'm in college, my mom doesn't have insurance so I cant be on any plan of hers, uhhh....I don't know what else I could add.

what do I do guys?

(ETA: and I live in Wisconsin, if that helps)


My roommate and I keep finding mysterious black specks all over part of our stovetop and our counter. At first I thought it was pepper that the wind had blown around, but then last night we moved the pepper into a closed lower cabinet and wiped up all the specks. This morning, the specks are back!

I'm a little scared. I have absolutely no idea what it could be from. Most of the specks are black, some are grey. They're usually on the right hand side of the stovetop, by the little knobs, and then also on the counter next to it between the stove and the microwave. There's also a lot of them on that thing that hangs over the stove. I don't know what it's called.

We also compared the specks to pepper and noticed that the colors are a bit different so I think we've ruled pepper out.

If it makes any difference, we live in a little house in Maui and the windows and doors are open all the time. It's incredibly windy here and sand and dust get blown in constantly, but the counter in that specific little spot is the only place we've found this.

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I recently renovated my layout, profile and blog. How often do you do this? I feel like my friends do this A LOT more than I do. Maybe I'm lazy.

Do you ever change what you blog about entirely? Or do you just blog about life in general?

Do you like reading other people's blogs? Random people, or friends you know?

How do you personally get more LJ friends?

With the start of my new job, I want to document my travels in the form of a blog. I'm going on the rest of the Jonas Brother tour, and it should make for some really interesting stories. I don't know how many of my old LJ friends still read/update, so I figured I'd come to TQC first to see what you guys do when your journal is in need of a pick-me-up.
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Oh TQC, help me make my own life decisions.

I'm taking an online calculus class, and I have a homework assignment due tomorrow at 11.45 pm, and two tests due the 24th (over the same stuff, one's just a harder version of the other) due at 11.45 pm on the 24th. My original plan was to do the homework tonight, take tomorrow off, and do one test the 23rd and one the 24th. However, I slept for about two hours last night and I'm about to go work 8-6. My throat hurts, and I'm just not wholly sure I can do what I need to do properly for this homework assignment when I get home from work. (I work 10-6 rest of the week).

Should I man it up and do it tonight anyway (homeworks have two submissions of the same series of problems, and I can get help on them, it'll take me about two hours the first time and maybe 30 minutes the second, if I have to do the second), or skip tonight?

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Why do I completely freak out (almost to the point of an anxiety attack) when I wear clothing that actually fits instead of being a size or two bigger?
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I just asked this in booju but thought TQC might have some interesting opinions too.

I have a close friend who was a young mom. She comes from a family of young moms (every female relative has had a child before age 20) and she wants to stop this cycle. Her daughter hasn't hit puberty yet but my friend has already decided that once she does, she's going to put her on birth control "just in case" and will require her to remain on it until she moves out of her house.

What do you think about this?
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I think she would have to lose one of the kids or something

My wife called me at work, and the first thing she says is "How badly would I have to mess up so that you couldn't forgive me?" It turns out she just ran the cell phone through the laundry, so it's really no big deal. But she does bring up good question. So, TQC, how badly would your loved ones have to mess up so that you would never forgive them? Get as specific as you can on this one, please.

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What's the most intense amusement ride you've been on? Did you (and others) enjoy it? Any after-effects?

How did it work?

Bonus points for links/pics -- especially if they involve you screaming or barfing :)
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Q for women who've been pregnant:

did you know you were pregnant before the actual test reults of a HPT/doctor visit? 
How far along were you when you just KNEW?
do you remember the first few weeks of pregnancy and what your body was doing during this time? 

update: for whatever reason, I feel better about this all after your posts. thank you :)

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When passwords are stored so they automatically fill themselves in when you go to the site, are the actual passwords stored someplace retrievable on your hard drive or is it just a cookie or something that says "this computer is totally cool to log in"?

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My younger brother (15) told me in confidentiality that his male high school math teacher has made inappropriate verbal and physical advances at him. He asked me to help him but he doesn't know what to do. He is worried about reporting him because he is afraid of repercussions and awkward situations. He wants it all to be done anonymously.

What should I do? What would you do?

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So I was browsing, and I saw someone had asked something about traveling to Canada, and I was inspired to start planning my mini-vacation that I want to take in October. It seems as though Canada would be the best (economically) for my SO and I to venture to, and by the way my campus calendar is panned out, I will have 4 nights to stay there at the end of October. So now, all you Canada experts:

1. What city in Canada should I go to? I need one with lots of activity and parties and fun times! 
2. Are there any clubs/places you would suggest I hit up?
3. Is it ridiculous to fly in from Philly to Canada instead of just road tripping? I really like planes, so if it's only slightly ridiculous, I'll still consider it.
4. Where do I get good airfare/hotel prices?!
5. How long does it take to get a passport?

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I was fired from my last job, which I'd held for about two years, so I kind of need a reference from my boss if I'm going to get a half-decent job anywhere else. Does anyone have any advice on getting a good reference out of a hostile former boss? (If it matters, I was fired for shoplifting. I don't know why he took it so seriously: I was only lifting lipstick and mascara and stuff, and he made me work 56 hours a week, so I was way too tired to buy the stuff myself. I don't know why he was such an asshole about it!)

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Actually not inspired by the beer question, I came here to ask this anyway. My mom gave me a gallon bottle of bad champagne for some reason. Champagne is one of those things that it's best to drink in one go, and we don't have drinking friends. What should I do with the champagne, TQC?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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How old were you when someone close to you died, and you were old enough to realize the significance of it?

Like, my grandparents died when I was 1 and 2, so I didn't realize what was happening. My uncle died recently, and I'm getting hit with all these thoughts of, "Oh my god, he's not coming back."

Just a few concerning moving/packing.

I'll be moving and am just going to cram all that I can into my car and call it good. So, these have to do with packing/moving.

1) What's the best way to pack clothes (without getting huge "wardrobe" boxes)? My method I'm thinking will work best is getting those space-saver bags instead of putting them in boxes.

2) What are those car bag tote things called that give you extra room and are strapped to the top of the car? Also, do these things require you to have a roof rack to work?

3) Any tips for driving 8ish hours with cats in the summer heat? Obviously I'll have the AC, the music low and drive maybe 60 mph because of the precious cargo. I have those doggy training pads for accidents they might have in their carriers, plus water and some food.

4) What did it cost you to move for the first time? Include things like utility deposits/utilities, first month's rent/damage deposit/last month's rent, and pet deposit if it applied to your situation.

5) Would it cost a ridiculous amount of money to hook up a trailor's plumbing to plumbing at another house (the house being mere feet away)?

6) Any horror stories about moving that you'd like to share?

7) Any tips to protecting wood floors/carpets from possible spraying from cats? Any tips getting cats to get along because they're forced to live together for the first time (I've read all the website, so I probably already know the standard info; just wondering if there's any unusual information that might be useful).

8) Best way to mail 2'x3' and smaller paintings to myself?

It's friday night

You just got paid. You find some close friends to hang out with. You go out for the night.

What do you do on your night out on the town?

Me: Maybe find a poetry shop or coffeehouse to hang out at. Or just cruise all over town with no particular destination in mind.
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So I'm trying to plan my academic future and trying to figure out what to do. I know the school I currently attend is not the perfect school for me. I just don't feel right going there.
However, I have to return there next semester to clear off some failures (yeah I know bad me). I know for my junior/senior year I will definitely be transferring to a school closer to home.
My conundrum is what to do for Spring '09 semester. I would rather just come back home, take credits at a community college and transfer those over to my new school in Fall '09. My mom thinks it more logical for me to just finish off my year at the school I am currently attending and then transfer over in one package.

I'm on the fence about both options, so I ask you TQC: Should I transfer mid-year or should I stick it out for the whole year?

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If I changed my name through marriage, and changed the legal name on my bank account, could people still write me checks to my maiden name?

Are there any marriage name change pitfalls I should be aware of?

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Poll #1227231 Wedding hypothetical

You're attending the wedding of a close friend. Your friend is a borderline nervous wreck, who wants everything to be perfect. She's being such a perfectionist, that even the slightest thing out of place would ruin the whole event for her, and crush her. After the wedding, there's the reception. You have to go to the bathroom, and are in a stall. In the stall next to you, someone is finishing up after taking a smelly poop. They walk out to the mirror, but you hear no water run. Someone comes into the bathroom and says "Chris, we have to finish. Hurry". Chris rushes out of the bathroom, without washing his/her hands. Later on, you walk past the kitchen, and you see someone handling the entree with the name tag Chris. At this point, no one's been served. You're not sure if Chris washed his/her hands in the kitchen after they exited the bathroom, but they are handling the food. Your friend is extremely high strung and probably can't handle a major episode. What do you do?

I apologize to my friend, but I tell her what I saw, that there's a chance the hygeine of the food has been compromised, and that maybe it shouldn't be served. Let her deal with it
Confront Chris. Find out if he/she washed hands after exiting the bathroom stall. If not, demand they wash hands now before handling any more food. Pretty much, just preventing further ickiness
Say nothing, but refuse to eat the entree.
Tap on a glass, and make an announcement to the guests that they shouldn't eat the entree, because one of the chefs didn't wash their hands

This is a question about confrontation. Look within. Would you really walk up to someone and ask if they have poopy hands, or order someone to wash their hands?


TQC, why have I had the sniffles and no other symptoms of a cold for three weeks now? Should I try one of those Neti pots? Have you ever used a Neti pot, and would you recommend it if so?
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There was a question about backpacks for laptops here a while back. I've looked at the ones made for Macbooks and Pros, but those have 15" sleeves. Are there any that are specifically for 13" Macbooks? How secure are Macbooks in the backpacks for 15" laptops? Anything else you could share is great too.

Cough syrup

What happens if you take too much cough syrup? or in general what is it bad for?

I have a really bad cough, and the recommended 10ml 3-4 times a day just isn't cutting it, so I'm taking 10mls every two hours or so. Less when in bed though.

I have two types and the active ingredient in one is ammonium chloride, and the other pentoxyverine citrate. The former sounds particularly scary.

Any decent home remedies for coughs?
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what are your favorite quote(s)?

"People aren't wicked or noble," the hook-handed man said. "They're like chef's salads, with good things and bad things chopped and mixed together in a vinaigrette of confusion and conflict."
- The Grim Grotto by Lemony Snicket

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Current favorite: "In our professional opinions, this shit is fucked up."

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Do green skittles now taste like apple? Did I miss the memo? The bag says they still are lime but I realllly taste apple.

I have to water the flowers and wash the windows, which should I do first?

Are you going to any concerts soon? Or if not, what's the last one you went to?
Izzy and Alex

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1a. Have any of you watched Big Love?
1b. Did it change the way you felt about polygamy?

2. My friend twisted my words around and then told someone else what I "said" and now there's a bunch of drama over nothing , so,  How do you avoid drama in your group of friends when people keep dragging you into it?

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 No Way!

The money fairy just slipped $5000 under your door and has enclosed a note informing you that you get to go and buy yourself ONE super gift!

What are you going to get?

 EDIT: OK, the question is what GIFT, ONE GIFT, not a down payment on something, or gift card, or paying off a student loan, you cannot share it with anyone. I am trying to look into your imagination and see what one crazy gift you would like that you probably couldn't afford otherwise. answer again if you like =D

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My boyfriend brought over a six-pack of beer a few weeks ago and left it in my fridge. We recently broke up. I don't like beer. What should I do with the beer? It is taking up space in my fridge, and even though I don't like beer, it feels like a waste to just pour it out.


I make dollhouse miniatures, and I've just started up my first online shop for it, go me. :P I've got a notebook full of ideas, and I wanted some fandom inspired pieces, 1. Because then it's more entertaining for me to make, 2. because I love having random references in my things. (Even if it's something perfectly normal, like, for a Jeeves and Wooster fandom reference, I make... the jacket that Bertie was wearing in one episode. Or something. It's historical, and it can't even be proven to be copied from the show. Or, something much more extreme like... a TARDIS.)
But my question is... how far is it to copyright infringement? Say I knitted some miniature scarves in Harry Potter House colours. I can't get sued for that, surely?But would it make a difference if I said "could be used for your Harry Potter dollhouse!" Or, what if I made a robot that sort of looked like Marvin the Depressed Robot? Or a pocket sized futuristic laser weapon? Or a police phone booth? How much am I allowed to suggest that it could be used in a themed miniature?

And then there's stuff like trademark infringement. You're apparently not supposed to use actual products in your dollhouse, so your dolls must drink cola, not coca cola. Does anyone else think it's completely ridiculous that people can get sued for this? It's clearly not going to be confused with the real thing.  I suppose if someone really wanted to, then the people making 1:12 scale models of 1940s radios or whatever could be sued just because they represented a real life item.

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I like to eat the same food over and over and over. I will eat it for all meals until I am sick of it and then I will dislike it and move on to something else. Do you do that? What sort of crazy is this?
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Because I know everyone just loves moral fiber questions! Even better when you know damn well you wouldn't know how to react unless you were in the situation itself! Who do you pull to safety in each situation?

Poll #1227166 Who You Gon' Save?

How it happened is not exactly clear, but you're standing at the edge of a very high cliff - a fall will easily kill you. Holding on for dear life at the end are your mother and father. You only have the strength to pull up one of them - who do you reach for and pull to safety? (yes, they're both alive, no you can't save both)

Neither, I walk away

Same situation, but your dad's mom and your mom's mom.

Maternal grandmother
Paternal grandmother
Walk away

Mom's dad, dad's dad. Who you gon' save?

Paternal grandfather
Maternal grandfather
Walk away

Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman, who's worth more?

Fuck them, I'm outta here

Your kindergarten teacher and the lunch lady from your primary school cafeteria

Kindergarten teacher - we did cool crafts!
Lunch lady! Mmm, square pizza and she did always give me lunch when I was out of money ...
I hated primary school, buh bye.

Your middle school gym coach, and your high school art teacher

Gym coach
Art teacher

The first best friend you just drifted apart from, or the best friend you lost due to a fight or falling out

The former
The latter

Princess Diana (yeah she's alive now) or Mother Theresa?

The nun

A heavily pregnant woman, or a woman clinging for dear life to her infant child?

The pregnant lady
The one with the newborn

All the members of LJ, or just the members of TQC

im french

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1. Can someone describe the appeal of golden showers/piss play to me? I'm asking why other people (not specifically you) would be interested in that sort of thing.

2. Would you, or have you ever included urine during sexy time?
asoneill - Yahoo Me

Phone Help

Does anyone here have an LG Voyager? If so, what do you think of it? Any major problems/concerns?

I'll be getting a new cell phone in about two weeks, and I'm leaning towards that one.

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Is there a way to view your Friends Page by date? Much like in communities, where you can click a date on the calendar and see that date's entries online...you on individual journals' Calendars.....would love if this is possible!
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Poll #1227298 Potatoes

What are your favourite ways to eat potaotes?

Fried (fries)
Fried (chips)
Some other way that has been forgotton
I do not like potatoes

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Despite my two applications of SPF 55, I have a full body (except for where my swimsuit was) epic sunburn.
Any magical ways to make the pain go away?
When I start peeling I'm going to look like a leper. How do I minimize the amount of dead skin sloughing off my body?

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1. Do you generally hang out with people who are more attractive than you, less attractive than you, or who are on about the same level as you?

2. What do you think when you see a really ugly girl hanging out with a bunch of really hot girls?

3. What do you think when you see a really hot girl hanging out with a bunch of really ugly girls?

4. What do you think when you see a couple in which one person is infinitely more attractive than the other?

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Weirdest thing just happened:X
I have been feeding birds for a few weeks now and my lawn has become quite the hot spot.
Well, I was out there picking up from the bbq last night and while filling the bird feeders I noticed a small fish. And then another one. And then ANOTHER one! 3 small fish in my back yard! And what makes this strange is that I don't live very close to water. Weird.

1. What is something weird that happened to you?

2. Do you like to shop at Urban Outfitters?

3. Whats the most you have ever spent on one thing? What was it?
James Franco joint

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I just ordered a PS2 on ebay for myself to take when I move, and it comes with DDR and some Karaoke game. I have Guitar Hero 2, GTA3, San Andreas and Vice City, Tony Hawk 1-4 and Underground 2, and a few Atari type games. What are some CHEAP, fun games for PS or PS2 I should pick up? Nothing horribly complex, but still challenging and fun.

If I accumulated a library fine as a minor, will it get sent to collections? for my parents, or to me? I am pretty sure I was 17 when I checked out the books. I just don't feel like paying $25 in fines so I can check out books in the county I am moving out of.

Edit: What is a good, clean, unobtrusive way to label my DVDs as my own? I want to use them on the shared TV in my apartment (1 girl I know, and 2 people I don't yet), but I don't want someone to say "Oh, this is mine" or for them to get stolen. What do you recommend besides storing them in my room?


What in the hell causes leg swelling? I've googled it, but nothing seems similar to what I'm feeling right now. Should I just drink a ton of water?

How do *you* get rid of sunburn peels?

Dine and Dash

have you ever left a restaurant without paying the bill?
ever had a failed attempt, will tell us about it?

If you work in the business,
how often do you get dine and dashers?
ever caught them, will you tell us about it?
Who has to pay if they don't get caught?

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 Tomorrow is my job interview at Condom Revolution.  Obviously I should wear a costume I bought from there to show how dedicated and loyal I am, right?

 What is your fav book and how old were you when it became your favorite?
 East of Eden has been my favorite book since I was 12.

(no subject)

Do you ever talk to people on the internet while wearing your birthday suit?
Do you think it would creep them out if they knew you were in the nude?
Would it creep you out if you were talking to someone online and you found out they were sans clothing?

I'm talking "just got out of the shower and haven't gotten dressed yet" over "I'm a creep" kind of nude.

(no subject)

i don't expect to get an actual answer, but i thought i'd ask just in case someone knew the answer.

i live in Canada and watch a lot of daytime television. i basically wake up at 2pm every week day just so i can watch The Mom Show on Slice. but it's not on anymore!! where did it go?? are they just on vacation or something? it's been like two weeks and stupid Buy Me has been on instead. i miss this show a lot :(

if you have no idea what i'm talking about, which shows that were not designed for your demographic do you watch and enjoy? (ie. you're 30 and love Dora the Explorer).

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I'm sitting here thinking about what I should buy to make for dinner this week and I can't come up with anything.

We're not picky eaters really, though chicken is totally out (I'm pregnant and it makes me sick). Other then that, nothing really.

TQC, what should I make for dinner this week? Rescipes are a plus.
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1. what are you doing tonight?

2. tell me about a time you & your friends had the coolest night ever. what did you guys do?

3. what do you do for fun with your friends? movies? dinner? bowling? laser tag?

4. what are your plans for tomorrow?

5. any vacations planned for this summer?

(no subject)

I've gotten bored with my current makeup routine. I want to order something from Sephora(the store is three hours away) but I'm kind of overwhelmed by the selection. I have light (neutral cool colored) skin, hazel to brown eyes and coppery brown hair. I don't have problematic skin. I really don't want something like bare minerals either. Everyone I've seen it on looked cakey. Suggestions? I'm open to anything really. I already own the perfect eyeliner.

My favorite aunt just had a baby. While I'm not all about babies, I do love my aunt dearly. I want to do something for her to make her life a little easier in this transition process. We live three hours apart. I'm going to go visit soon.
For those of you that have had babies, what do you wish people would have done or not done whilst you were adjusting to having a new baby? I was thinking of making her some food and packaging it in single servings for easy freezing and prep. I'm afraid everyone else has done this though.

One last thing...I'm making lasagna tonight. Whats something light I can make for dessert?
LJ <3

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Do you randomly read people's userinfo to learn more about them?
Do you look at their latest entries to get an idea of what kind of stuff they post?

Do you have any LJ habits that you think are uncommon?

... People's LJ habits interest me.
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I am moving to a new apartment, and, with my landlord's permission I'd like to get a cat(the previous tennants have a cat, but I would need to clarify the policy with him)

As of now, I am planning on going to grad school in Fall 2009 in a different city. I'd also maybe like to travel prior to that, but that is nothing beyond a daydream. I would absolutely never abandon a cat- I would alter my plans in order to keep him/her.

Is getting a cat now a horrible idea? For those of you who have apartment hunted with cats, how much more difficult did it make the process?

(no subject)

Is it normal for the doctor to not speak with you or call you after a diagnostic surgical procedure?

To clarify: the procedure was on Friday, and before they started she told me she'd see me for a follow-up appointment in two weeks. Then I went under the anesthesia, and when I woke up no one who had been involved in the surgery came to talk to me and tell me what they'd seen or anything. I went home, and assumed she'd call later that day or today to set up the follow-up and tell me what the diagnosis was. But she hasn't called, and I can't get through to her secretary to make the appointment. I'm feeling a little pissed off... am I right to feel pissed off?

The procedure was to diagnose a urological problem. Nothing life-threatening, just very, very irritating.
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Poll #1227262 Who You Gon' Save Part 2

Yet again you're on the edge of this cliff, a fall could very easily kill you. You can save one person/group, but not the other. Weight/size/stature is not an issue. Who you gon' save? Round 1: a group of Catholic schoolchildren, age 5, or a random misfit group of public school (not inner-city) Kindergarteners. (same age for both sets)

Catholic school kids
Public school kids
Walk Away

Jim Davis (garfield) or Charles Schulz (peanuts)?

Walk Away

An acne-ridden 15 year old gamer, or his school's 18 year old prom queen?

Prom queen
Walk away

A college student holding onto a beer can and loving life or a nervous-looking student teacher who was on her way home from her first day and hated it?

College student
Student teacher
Walk away

The teacher you had when you were 6 or the (english) teacher you had when you were 16?

1st grade
10th grade
Fuck 'em both

An old couple, the old woman shouting to save her husband, her husband shouting to save her

ETA: On the last question, it should say "Him" "Her" "Walk away"

I have a friend...

She is 25 and pregnant. She met her man online and they met a few times before he moved in. He was from Cali and she is in Chicago, so HUGE move. She wasnt sure if he was cheating on her so a week before he moved here, she had a one night stand. Now he has been here a few months and the baby came right away. He is so excited its cute. They are in love and everything has been awesome in their relationship. 

She just had the first ultrasound. The Dr estimated her pregnancy as being 14 weeks. Now the ultrasound says 16 weeks. That could mean the difference of the baby being his or not. She thinks he will high-tail it if he ever knows she had that one night stad, even worse being it MAY have poduced a child he thinks is his.

1. What would you do?
2. Is there a way to have a prenatal paternity test without him knowing?
3. How accurate is the number of weeks given by each person (OB vs. tech)?

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1) what would this group of books be called- the long tail, fooled by randomness, the black swan. I want more of these, but I don't know what 'these' are called.

2) Did you have to go to every class and read every book in college?


3)How many hours did you work a week?

from 4 to 12, but usually 10.

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Couple of old-school games I'm wondering if anyone remembers the name of; Google isn't helping.

First was an old DOS game, a platformer where you played a female werewolf and could switch between human and wolf forms as necessary.

The other was, I think, an Atari game, and all I know is that you played an owl for at least part of it (I only ever saw it on a demo screen but it looked awesome, the owl was flying in front of some trees).

Not terribly specific but does that ring any bells with anyone?

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I'm thinking of getting two tattoos: an anchor, and a star of life. I think I'll want them on the same parts of my body on opposite sides (maybe the sides of my wrists or somewhere on my back). Where should I get them? Should I even get them at all?

Do you have any tattoos?
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cute random things you can do with your friends?

ie. buy mentos & coke to make fountains! buy different sodas & mix it & see if you can guess what's in each mixture. play board games! have a picnic in the park (& play on the swings of course).

Hey people who don't live in America!

OK so here in the good ol' U S of A we have big warehouse stores where you can buy things in bulk such as Sam's Club, Costco, BJ's (lol), and I think that may be it. I know that those also exist in other countries but are there other chains of these types of stores in your country? I am trying to explain what Costco is to someone who does not live in America and have a Costco or a Sam's nearby and I want something to compare it to.
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I just got back from Maui and am already plotting to go back!
We stayed in Kihei and visited quite a few places on the west coast...
what's your favorite spot in Maui to go? Any reasonably priced condos/hotels you recommend?
Favorite beaches, restaurants, etc? I'm basically making a list for my next trip there... thanks!
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Another wedding question

At the end of May I, and 4 other girls, were in my best friend's wedding. We agreed on a budget before we planned everything. After the shower we all wrote checks out to the girl that handle all of the finances. Today I get an e-mail from her that the maid of honor's check bounced. MOH sent her another check that also bounced. She then promised to send a money order, but never did. Now she doesn't return phone calls. The e-mail suggested that the remaining 4 of us cover the irresponsible girls costs. Now, I don't think it's fair that I pay for this idiot, but I also don't think it's fair that the girl that so graciously allowed us to run up her credit card should have to pay for it either. What do you think I should do?

Have you ever been in a similar situation (someone owing money and bailing)?
How did you resolve it?
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Do you eat cookies from Subway?
If so, which ones do you like the best?

If not, how long does it take you from the time you get out of bed in the morning until you're not groggy?

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God gives up and takes a vacation. You are Gods substitute. *even if you don't believe in God, lets have some fun folks.

1. What is the first thing you change?

2. What is the second thing you change?

3. What would your outfit look like if you were God? Details please.

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You've just found out that your most significant ex has just gotten engaged. How do you think you'd feel/react?

I thought I had dealt with being over him but it still felt like a kick in the guts & I still feel sick when I think abou it

I want another tattoo. I can't decide what to get. Like my previous ones, I want it to mean something rather than just a random image. While I'm deciding what to get can you tell me about yours or ones you like?
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I'm super anxious and distracted right now.  Any tips for helping me focus on the training CDs I need to have completed by 1 pm tomorrow?

ETA: I need to be on the internet to complete some of the training modules.
greetings from KANSAS


i am going to Maine in September.
flying into Portland.

i need to plan some activities for a 3-day weekend, and TQC, i need your travel advisory skillz. We will consider driving down to Kinnebunkport to be like the Bush family. or to heckle them.

what can i do in Maine for three days in september?

Sing me a song

Can you give me suggestions of artists and/or particular songs for a playlist entitled "Sexytime"? (Use your imaginations... songs you like to get down to!)

Can you give me suggestions of artists and/or particular songs for a playlist consisting of French and Italian rock?

EDIT: Can you also tell me which playlist your suggestions are for? lol :)
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Long story short:

Should I stick with my current major of education, where I still have three years left and am not as happy as I could be?
Should I change my major to pastry arts/culinary, which is something I really enjoy but am relatively new at?

Help me decide my future! :p


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a couple weeks ago my friend and me ended up at Barnes and Noble after buying our tickets to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight. we found a book that was a list of things, though i can't remember exactly what they were. something about things that make you feel bad, i don't know.

anyway, we found this one quote that went like this:

"Wondering if you're entitled to the deep sense of loss you feel when a celebrity you admire dies."

we found it funny 'cause we'd just come out of the theater talking about how sad we were over Heath Ledger dying and this being his last movie, and how we'd both had that thought in the back of our minds.

my question is, do you think we're entitled to grieve over someone we loved or admired through their artistic medium but never knew? i'm still extremely sad over Heath Ledger dying but i'm never sure if i have the right to be.

i love star trek

let's say you're walking around and get caught in an infinite time loop for 50 years without knowing it. when you finally get out, you think it's July 21 2008 but it's actually 2058... even though you haven't aged a day.

generally speaking, how would this make you feel?

specifically, would you try to find your current significant other? if so you find him or her, do you get it on with their oldness? if you don't have one right now just pretend.


In Jan of 2009 I leave for Sweden for a year to study. I plan to do a lot of traveling. Besides studying at University, what else over in the area should I go do? I plan to go to Finland, Germany, Norway, etc.

1) What should I go see/do while I am there?

2) Have you every Studied Abroad or moved to a different country?
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Childs Game

There are some kids playing red light green light outside my window. Brings back memories.

1. What was some of your favorite games as a child? How did you play them? What were the rules?

2. Did you ever play nine squares?

3. Will you post a picture of one of your favorite games?
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What foods do you consume before they're 'ready'? Any foods that are normally cooked that you eat raw?

Like, do you eat cookie dough, or make jelly and then just drink it before it sets, (or even just eat the jelly powder?) etc.

And I'm a New Zealander, so for you Americans/others who fall into similar linguistic groups, by 'jelly', I mean 'jello'.
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Do you dye your hair? (I mean, like a natural color, using those permanent hair dyes).
If so, what brand do you use?
How long does the color last?

I'm going to dye my (dark blonde) hair a sort of burgundy/auburn shade. Apart from not washing my hair every day once it's dyed, do you have any secret tips to keep the color in my hair longer?

What is the most drastic change to your appearance that you've ever made?
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When you go on vacation/travel to other cities/states/provinces/countries do you plan your activities ahead? Do you order tourism booklets and such in advance? Do you go to visitor centers?