July 20th, 2008

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What do you think of the Watchmen trailer? Specify whether or not you've read the graphic novel when you answer (since that definitely influences one's opinion on such things).

My answer: I think the trailer looks amazing, and I've read the graphic novel (it's one of my very favorites, in fact). The movie seems like it's probably going to be way better than I was expecting. But I still have doubts about the story's intricate format translating well to film. I fear that the story's heart might get lost under a bit too much badassery. But I am generally optimistic.

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If you are at home by yourself, and you are positive that you will be for a while, do you still close the door when you use the, *ahem,* facilities?

I do. I close and lock it every time. I don't know why.
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Why are there so many questions about fat and coffee here?

Do you walk around your house naked? What percentage of your time do you think you're naked? Who lives with you?

edit (I always leave off my own answers): ???. Yes. Maybe 30-40% at home because I avoid getting dressed as long as possible after I shower, and sleep nekkid. Husband.
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When you get a food craving or yearning or just a taste for something specific, can you satisfy it with a substitution or will only that one item do?

I can't stop thinking about cannoli now (THANKS sleepy_tears7), and the closest thing I have is ice cream :(

What do I need to pack/prepare for the Six Flags trip tomorrow?

Edit: Did you know that when you freeze pepperoni slices, they really don't change texture? That's pretty scary, y?
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IDK, it makes perfect sense to me.

Can anyone explain to me how doing too good a job at work is worth getting chewed out over?

Or, can you explain how the same guy explained to company reps just days before that I was "the best driver in the company?"

Does this make any sense, or am I mildly retarded?
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Another one!

What are your biggest pet peeves when you drive?

Mine are people who don't signal, and people who go the speed limit (or below!?!?) in the left lane on the highway. (In my perfect [clearly imaginary] world, left lane means you better be going at least 10mph over said speed limit if you are driving in it!)

(*edited for redundancy. d'oh.)

EDIT #2: When drivers follow people in a parking lot to their spots for more than 30 seconds. When you follow me from the door of the store all the way to my car and wait for me to leave, I'm sorry, but that IS a problem and I WILL take my sweet ass time leaving my parking spot.

EDIT #3: Who the fuck actually needs a *minimum speed*?!
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Do you prefer your canoli with chocolate chips in the filling, or without?
Are they readily available in your area?
Which way are they more often made when you come across them

Due to the Italian Festival in my area, I think I have gained about seven pounds. Oh the food is delicous.
So, TQC...
What is your favorite Italian dinner?
What is your favorite Italian dessert?

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This is something I've wondered for a while now; who REALLY decides what fashion/prints/colors/whatever is in for the season? Does someone just wake up one day and say, "Oh! I think orange and purple will be in next season!"?


would it be bad to go to an Evangelical Revelation and Healing Retreat just for the lolz?

have you ever been to such a retreat? what about bible study camp? are they like the documentary Jesus Camp? what can be expected to happen at a retreat?

at a bus stop tonight, my friend and i were personally invited to attend one for free in toronto in august (everything but food is covered!). we are seriously considering this offer because we have nothing better to do this summer. it's a one day thing (august 8th, 8pm to dawn) and i can't really see anything terrible happening other than them banishing us or something. we are not religious people at all and we have no interest being saved, but we're still intrigued. should we go, y/n?


how long have you been active in TQC? i think i have been here for three or four months.
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1. Have you ever stolen a library book? How did you go about that? Like did you just never return it, or did you take the sensor out, or something else? I have no plans to steal library books, I'm just curious.

2. Where should I put my "I ♥ Moab" sticker? My car, bike, or somewhere else? Where would you put an "I ♥ Moab" sticker?
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Who was the best Robin Hood?

Cary Elwes
Kevin Costner
Brian Bedford (voice in the Disney movie)

Which is the best movie version of Robin Hood?

Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Robin Hood (Disney animated)

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After having a discussion with some people I work with, we decided that more older people preferred mustard on their hot dogs and younger/kids preferred ketchup. Which do you prefer? If you don't eat hot dogs, please answer as if you do!

ETA: You can only choose one. Both is not an option.

Poll #1226403 Hot dogs!

Which do you prefer on your hot dog and how old are you?

Under 21 - ketchup
Under 21 - mustard
Over 21 - ketchup
Over 21 - mustard

How much is that doggie in the window?


What do you think is happening in this video?

Furry street theatre
Demonstrations on how to use the 'Hands-free Duster 3000"
Asian people might mean this is Japan. That's explanation enough
Real Sex dolls for people with fetishes for cleaning instruments
Nudist carwash
What do you get for the piano player who has everything? A kinky metronome!
People are far more likely to adopt a dog than a child, which has forced orphanages to be extra creative with their adoption tactics
Being 'bright eyed and bushy-tailed' said nothing about wearing clothes
The new 'Bath Caddy' does all the work for you. Simply select 'loofah', and watch it go to work, brushing away dead cells.."
I'm not sure, but you're no doubt going to Hell for showing this to me

serious question

Could someone give me some advice? I'm going to move out (first time, obvs) with who will be my husband next May and I'm unsure if I need to improve my credit history/score. Same with him.

Basically, I'm only paying a student loan (have been for the past 2 years, has never been late). Don't have any credit cards.

He isn't paying off anything. No credit card history.

What I'm wondering is if we both get credit cards now, will it effect our credit score positively by the time we move out? Should we bother getting credit cards at all? Any other tips?

I know nothing about this and google hasn't really helped out. could use some real advice.

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Who hates the new last.fm layout as much as I do?
But you at least appreciate that charts are calculated faster now y/y?
And the new features. Which ones are your favorites? Which ones are your un-favorites?


Me, obviously.
I like the events thing. I don't know if that was part of the page before but now that I've discovered it, it's pretty cool. Oh and I like how it says "now listening" under your friends who are listening at the time. I do not like how the Shoutbox (which I never liked in the first place) is all Facebook wall style now.


What movies have you seen more than once (in the theater) this year?
The Dark Knight and Wall-E

What movies do you think are the best of 2008 so far?
The Dark Knight, Wall-E in terms of cinematic greatness + entertainment. As for just plain entertainment, I liked Hell Boy. I'm sure Iron Man would be on the list but I haven't seen it yet.

What movies did you hate that you saw in the theater this year?
Surprisingly, nothing yet.

What movies are you excited about?
Tropic Thunder!

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How do you like your eggs?
over easy

How would you describe "good" home fries?
I know most people probably prefer them crispy, but there's a diner around the corner that makes them kinda mushy and I LOVE THEM

Has anyone ever made you breakfast in bed?
Yes. This morning :)
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Do you tend to enjoy breakfast food?

What is something that isn't breakfast food that you enjoy having for breakfast?

What is a breakfast food you enjoy any time of day?
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do not attempt to adjust your sets...

...and do not consult any databases. This is to go from your memory alone, to test the extent of your inherent geekiness:

You can list the number if you like but I'd prefer you include the names as well. How many alien species, from whatever fandoms you're familiar with, can you list off the top of your head?
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 I had a wierd ass dream where my roomate's boyfirend confessed his feelings for me while fighting the Daleks in the Sears Tower.

What the hell does that mean???

If you have no idea what 2 of the 3 mean, what is the oddest dream you have ever had?

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1) what did you blow your money on?

*blushes* a pink album.

2) make up a slogan for something you like:

FF12: Revenant Wings: It's pocket sized Fantasy Tactics

3) what are you optimistic about, although it's unwarranted?

I'll get a job!

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1. Do you know what your cholesterol and blood glucose levels are? (Not asking you to post them, but you can if you want.)

ETA: I know these numbers change. What I'm asking if if you've had it measured within the last, say, six months.

2. What's a non-standard program or utility that you like or find useful? (By non-standard software, I'm talking about something other than Firefox, Office, Photoshop, etc. Something more obscure. Feel free to give more than one example.)

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getting rid of hair.

i usually shave my legs which aren't a big deal because they don't grow back as fast. but my underarms and my bikini line grow back ridiculously fast. i can never seem to get rid of the stubble (it still shows through after i shave). i just don't want to be embarrassed by little stubble marks whenever i wear anything sleeveless or i'm in a bathing suit. so i'm wondering has veet or nair worked for anyone? do you recommend it?

thank you! (:

/edit: also i prefer not to wax, i've done salon waxing on my underarms, and it was just too painful/it bled. :(

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Do you ever confuse one TQCer with another?? Who do you confuse?

Also, do you ever feel like even though you visit TQC every day you sometimes have no idea who people are until they are involved in drama?

For me, I confuse (I THINK) freakshowina and moshimoshi omg its hefnersbunny that I confuse with freakshowina!

Also, sinko who? I feel like I didn't ever hear about this person until they deleted and tqcanon went nuts lol

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Are there any films out there that would have been better if the lead character had been Keanu Reeves?

Are there any films out there that would have been better if the lead character had been Jessica Simpson?
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Is drawn satire still art, or is satire automatically not "art" anymore?

What is the magical line that defines something artistic as no longer being "art"?


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1. if you could own any famous person's skeleton when they die, whose would you want? it has to be kept on display in your home.

2. i just got my NEW COMPUTER ALL set up. are you JEALOUS?

3. why should people envy you?
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 it's sunday and I'm working in a call centre for another 7 hours. I am restless as HECK and don't feel webcomics and news will satisfy me. What new things can I try on the interweb? No sex, videos, audio, facebook, etc. 

I like jokes. What's your favourite joke?

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don't you hate assholes that, instead of ringing the doorbell or calling the person they are trying to pick up, honk obsessively?

can you recommend a concealer (or foundation) that works really well at covering up blemishes and also doesn't look cakey and gross? i'm currently using everyday minerals and i love their foundation but i have to use a shitton of their concealer to cover up anything at all and it looks terrible, especially under my eyes.

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What's your favorite community on LJ? Why?

Mine is bad_sex... not gonna lie, it's for the lulz. (And although I'm a noob here, TQC is quickly climbing up on the list. I never need to float around doing nothing when I procrastinate again!)


I'm going to take my father to see Wall-E for his birthday. I've never seen this movie.

A) It's not scary, is it?
B) Are there any blatently sexual scenes? That could be uncomfortable
C) Is there much profanity? My dad doesn't like that
D) I know we were just talking about this, but I already forgot. Is this the movie with Heath Ledger in it? I forget. They should have at least promoted his last film a little more, don't you think? I don't think I saw any ads for his movie

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Are there any movies or books you think might have been better if the main character was of the opposite gender?

I always thought the Matrix would have been cooler if the main character had been female.

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I woke up this morning and my lips were twice their normal size (and they're not small to begin with) and this happens like twice a week for me.
Has this ever happened to you? Do you have any idea why it happens?

What is the last thing you spent more than twenty dollars on (excluding bills and necessities)?

What was the last great thing to happen to you?

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Do I:

Stay at a boring job that I've done for a month, with a decent manager and my friend, with possible openings in other departments, for 9.50/hr?


Move to a new job that I might enjoy more, with a not so nice manager and my best friend, with $1000  bonus after 1000 hours, for 10.00/hr starting?

Random acts of kindness....

So the son and I stopped at the local McD's to get breakfast this morning. We opted for the drive thru.....

So we order...and when we get to the window to pay, the cashier told me to put my debit card away. I asked her why and she said the guy in front of me paid for our food.

I was kind of surprised. I've never been the recipient of a random act of kindness....(on the suck side they left out part of my order.. grrr)


Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness? Care to share what it was?

Have you ever been on the giving end of a random act of kindness? Care to share what it was?

I thought it was nice. The husband thought it was creepy. Do you think it was creepy?

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Have you ever gone to an ATM and not received the full amount that you requested? How did you fix this situation? Did you get the money back?

I pressed the $60 button and only got $40 from the machine. I called my bank and they said I have to wait until the amount ($60) is posted in my account to make a claim.
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Has a homeless person ever asked you for something other than change?

A guy asked for my leftovers earlier; there's wasn't a lot left, but I have it to him.

Do you have any funny/interesting stories involving homeless people?

A few years ago, one asked me on a date - he wanted to take me to McDonald's for fries.

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You're home alone for the first time in a long time but but you don't know how long it will last and you're ready for a nap.

Do seize the opportunity to do whatever you want (like drink and eat cookies in bed and use the restroom with the door open) or do you take a nap and let the opportunity pass to be lazy and glutonous?
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Cleanliness May or May Not Be Linked At All to Godliness

1. What order does your shower routine follow? (shampoo, shave, condition, body wash, face wash, etc)
2. Do you ever brush your teeth in the shower?
3. Have you ever owned a shower radio, or do you just sing your favorite songs? Or do you keep your lips firmly sealed?
4. What time of day do you take a shower?
5. What brand of toothpaste/toothbrush do you use? Do you recommend either?
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What show on TV makes you angry? or actors/people on it just piss you off? Why? (it can be a reality show or a TV sitcom, old or new)

Any shows you think should have just never been made?

MTVs Sweet 16 makes me so angry. Seeing kids telling their parents $100,000 "isn't that much!" to redecorate their already very fucking nice Porsche their dad bought them....let alone what some of those parties probably cost.

I've honestly never understood Seinfeld....the "humor" in it is annoying and just plain stupid.
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How would you respond if a friend told you about a dream they had in which you were basically such an uncaring asshole it made them cry? What if a parent told you this? Your SO?

Have you ever had a dream in which you were a different gender, race or species?
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1. There's a car alarm going off in my neighborhood. It's been doing it off and on all day.

I should steal the car, y/n?

2. We've discussed the actor that was the best Batman... but which actor was the best Bruce Wayne? (Yes, there is a difference, and no, I'm not making a poll. I'm lazy.)
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Why does my iPod not want to sync music to it?

I have a 4 GB iPod nano (the older one, that's more rectangular than square) and up until about a week ago, it would sync songs like it was nobody's business automatically. And now it won't. Why?

It has 871 songs on it, and I've tried unchecking music on the list, but that doesn't work.

CAN YOU HELP ME? If so, itty bitty baby steps pls n thnx. :)


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For the moms and dads:

Which did you find to be better/easier/more convenient/comfortable for carrying your baby?

a baby bjorn carrier (the seat-type thing with the straps)
or a baby sling?

If you're a non-baby member:

I just spent WAY too fucking long trying to do an lj-cut for the fucking pictures of the two baby holders...why the hell didn't it work? I tried every combination of the cut and it wouldn't cut :(

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For those of you who graduated from college
- What did you study/major in?
- What are you doing now?
- Is the above what you ultimately want to do? If not, what is?
- How important do you think your major is in relation to your career aspirations or possibly wanting to change your career direction?

For those of you who are still in college
- What are you studying/majoring in?
- What do you plan on doing?
- What steps are you currently taking to fulfill this? (internships?, jobs, etc)

For those of you who are in high school

(no subject)

Is it really stupid to go to school for something that you don't really WANT to do (nursing) so you can get money to go to school for something that you would love to do down the road?

Add in the factor that you don't KNOW what you would love to do.

Is it even more stupid to continue spending money on college when you're not sure what the hell you're going to do with your life?

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 I have a headache, which is not acceptable because I'm going to the movies tonight, and it's my anniversary, and I am not allowed to experience discomfort :(


Bayer asprin or Aleve asprin? -_-
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So I am considering going on an exchange project through my university. I live in New Zealand so ideally I'd like to go somewhere big and overwhelming. I'd also like to go somewhere that speaks English (because if I can't study well in English I have NO chance studying in Chinese or Swedish). So that narrows it down to Canada, America or England. I'm gona give England a miss because I am travelling there with friends.

So this is basically what I have a choice of:

Canada: Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Novia Scotia

America: Montana, Purdue, NY, Rhode Island, Cincinatti, New Mexico, Washington, California or Virginia Tech.

So TQC: Please help! Where do you suggest I go? Do you live in any of these places? Are they cool?
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I am really, really bored. It's 97 degrees outside, so I don't particularly want to go outside until the sun goes down. To stay anyway, I'd like to leave the house because I get tired of staying in it.

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Will you tell us a life story from the point of view of a fictional character* and have us guess who it is?

*Subtly of course... saying something like "My uncle and aunt raised me and they were killed so I trained as a Jedi and found out Darth Vader was my dad and Princess Leia was my sister" counts under Way Too Fucking Obvious You Moron

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 1.  I'm in a really shitty mood right now, so I think I'm going to read, hopefully it'll make me feel better.  What do you do when you're down in the dumps?

2. Is your happiness more or less important than that of those around you?
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Wall-E Wrap-Up. Not one useful question in the bunch

1) How many of you wanted a pet cockroach after seeing the movie?
2) Would you be willing to live in a house made from blocks of compressed cans if you got a huge tax deduction for the next 10 years? The cost of the house would be cheap, and obviously, the resale value of the house would be minimal
3) In the movie, shortly after Wall-E touches Eve, she gets the plant and puts it inside her. She now has a life growing inside her. Is this a blunt, subliminal message by the conservatives that meeting strange, blue-collar men and going back to their place afterwards leads to pregnancy?
4) Sigourney Weaver was the voice of the ship. Do you think that a lesser actress would have totally fucked up the highly-crucial role? Or do all space sagas have to employ Weaver in some capacity, after a lingering agreement after Alien 3?
5) Eve giggled a lot. Do you think all machines giggle? Like, when you trip over something in the kitchen and land on your ass, does the toaster and microwave stifle a big bellyroar? Or, if you fart in your car, is your car laughing at you?

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I'm writing a check for my new apartment's first-month rent. The office is closed for the day. So maybe you guys can help me in who to make the check out to.

My lease has the owner listed as CH Realty III/Durham Southplace, LLC. The apartment complex's name is Alexan Place at South Square. Is it standard to make the check out to the property owner or the complex name?


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A follow-up to pickathelitter's question:

So.. I had no idea what ChaCha was till just now.. I just did a bit of research and love it... I kinda wanna be a guide now...

So here's a few questions:

1. Do you have to be a member of chacha for a period of time before being a guide? Or can I just sign up now?

2. How does the registration work?

3. Are they always "hiring"?

4. For the guides: What has your experience been like?

Non- ChaCha question:

Is there anything that others may consider strange about the relationship between you and your best friend?

I can't call her by her name. I just can't. And I don't really have a nickname for her or anything so I can't call out to her. I can say her name when I'm talking about her, but for some super strange reason, I can't bring myself to call her by her name. We've been friends for 6/7 years now.

Strange, I know.

(no subject)

Are you a "Chacha" guide? Did you do direct deposit or the debit card? Is it worth it?

I'm not totally comfortable giving my info to them and I'm not sure if it's legitimate. So any help would be much appreciated

Does coffee every randomly give you the shakes?

Probably every 1/10 times that I drink coffee, my body get incredibly shaky. I had coffee over an hour ago and I'm still shaking
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Throughout the course of my relationship with my ex, a few of his high school friends (that I never met) friended me on facebook. Now that we're not together, should I defriend them?

Do you have facebook? What do you use it for? Do you have any funny facebook related tales? Have you ever hacked into someone's facebook?

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Which is the better movie?

The Shawshank Redemption
The Godfather
I have seen both and they sucked hard core (what the fuck is wrong with you?)
I have not seen either of them.
I feel that I am biased since I've only seen one.

Deadliest Catch question

I only watch off and on and I've caught part of this episode twice now, neither time early enough to see the reason. Not sure if it's this season or not, but on The Wizard, they were looking to replace one of the crew members and it sounded like a fellow crewman just said "I won't be sorry to see him go" Why is he leaving, what happened?

As they were looking at resumes for the new crew member one of them was from a person who used a bail bondsman and their parole officer as references. If you had a criminal history would you use those people as references or would you try and find somebody else?

(no subject)

Have you ever looked in the "missed connections" section of craigslist and realized someone was posting about you?
If so, what did you do?
Or, have you ever posted there hoping to find someone?

(no subject)

I just installed Avast Antivirus on my computer because my old antivirus software crapped out. Was this a smart move?

Any good things to say about Avast? Not so good things?

Any suggestions for other antivirus packages?

(no subject)


what do you call it???????

Is there a word you and your family used for a certain person/place/thing, and thought that everyone else used the same word? What was it, and what was it for?

Baby Borrowers questions

Would you ever let your child be used on a show like "The Baby Borrowers"? 

If they were to have a child of their own today, what couple from the show  do you think would make the best parents?

What about the worst?

Let's Dance!

(no subject)

How would you define a normal person?

Have you ever had an eating disorder?

I want a yummy, high protein dinner. What should I have?

I have twelve cans of pineapple, what should I do with them?

I just met my boyfriend's son. Now his son wants me to meet his mom. How would you prepare to meet the ex?

(no subject)

will you describe your home town or the place you live now using only stereotypes?

Memphis is a town of crazed homicidal kleptomaniacs who all have babies at 13 and are married at 18. It is also full of dangerous rednecks.
zombie baby cede! :D

snipe snipe snipe

One of my best friends has never gone snipe hunting, where do you think is the best place to go hunting for them?

Have you ever gone on a snipe hunt? 
Did you lead it?

How well did it end?

What is your preffered method of snipe hunting?


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Is that, 'more crazy people come out on a full moon' saying that's bandied around actually backed up by any legitimate research, or is it just urban myth and anecdata?

Why did a girl just scream outside my window?

(no subject)

Where is your birth mark/what does it look like?

I have an ugly, purple, kind of crusty from being scabbed a lot blob on my left wrist (about the size of a dime).  When I meet new people they are all "Omg wut did u do 2 ur rist!?"  I explain, and then show how rad I am by pressing on it so it disappears temporarily.  Yes, my birth mark is magical.

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what's the average cost to visit with a psychologist? i've been feeling really shitty lately and i think talking to one might help. but i'm poor and can't afford to blow a ton of money on it.

(no subject)

My dad slashed my mum's tires last night to keep her from going to a party that their friends were throwing for the both of them, and she still won't leave the crazy motherfucker.

What's it gonna take? I'm really getting worried now.
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1. Have you ever heard of Prozac or Adderall giving false positives for benzos on a drug test?

2. Is it okay for a small dog to chew on the caps from Gatorade bottles?

3. What do you consider the distinction between a side show and a freak show to be?

(no subject)

Have you ever dated somebody that you now find totally repulsive?

If so:

- What attracted you to them then, and why did it change?
- How do you overcome that repulsion when you are reminded of them?
- Would you take it back if you could?

If not:

(lucky you)
- Do you think regret has any purpose in life?

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I'm looking into setting up internet at my new place in a month or so. Apparently down in NC, TimeWarner charges the following for wireless networking:

Road Runner Wireless Rates
Monthly Rate: Plus Road Runner Residential service $9.95/mo
Installation on up to 4 computers $9.95
Additional Computer installation after initial install
$9.95/each additional

That "monthly rate" is on top of the basic charge for the internet itself. I know full well I can install it myself. If I do so without using their installation, is it possible to bypass this BS fee they have? Do most companies that offer cable internet tack on an extra fee just to allow you to access other computers wirelessly?

Food Network..

So one of my Food Network shows was Dinner: Impossible.

Apparently they have replaced Robert Irvine with Michael Simon.

This makes me sad.

I don't know if I'll watch it anymore.

So...do you continue to watch a show, even after a major casting change?

For the Food Network fans, do you think Michael Simon will be better than Robert Irvine? I doubt he will. :(

(no subject)

1. I've never been to Europe or Australia before, and I'm thinking about going after fall semester or next summer. As a first-timer, where would you suggest I visit and for how long?

2. Do you go out to dinner on your birthday? If so, what is your restuarant of choice?

(no subject)

Many other countries eat dinner later than in the United States where the average is probably around 6 give an hour later or earlier or so. In the countries where the average dinner time s closer to say 8-9 do the young children eat earlier, or do they eat at that time and either have a later bedtime than most kids in the US or go to bed shortly after they eat?

(no subject)

Can you give me suggestions of fun stuff to do in the Atlanta, GA area? Bonus points if they are cheap and/or free! (If it matters, I'll be there from 7/26-8/4, and then after 8/11.)

ETA: Can you recommend me a classy bar (read: not a dance club, not a dive) in ATL that doesn't card? I am only 20. :(
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So. A great friend that I had a one night stand with a couple months ago is in town.

And wants to hang. TONIGHT.

What was the last thing awesome thing that switched your day/night around SO quick?
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