July 19th, 2008

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Ummmmm are the moderators of tqc_anon on vacation?

Ok, nevermind!
Now I feel like a turd for complaining and all I would have had to of done was wait like FIVE MINUTES.
I'm so impatient.

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1:  If you have a Wii Fit, are your Mii age and weight accurate?

I'm 26 and border average and overweight but my Mii says I'm a 33 year old overweight woman.

2:  If you saw The Dark Knight, was it as awesome as you had expected?


3:  What movie(s) are you looking forward to seeing next?

Still haven't seen Hellboy and I'm looking forward to Spirit.

bitch please

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how frequently do you stay up late enough to get punch-drunk?

eta: i am not referring to the boxing thing! that would be weird. i mean staying up until you lose your mind a little as though you were intoxicated.

bonus q: if you do not call this being punch-drunk (this is what i was raised calling it) what DO you call it?

it is only one am, but for some reason i am losing my shit and everything is hilarious. this happens about once a week, but usually it's at six or seven am, not ONE.

if you have never experienced this particularly weird and awesome phenomenon: how do you feel about musicals?

i don't really like them. or i do, but i am VERY picky.

eta: have you ever experienced exploding head syndrome?

i have and it is weird as hell.

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If you could create your own concert (basically, just choose whichever bands would play), who would be in it? if more than one band plays, what order would they play in?

ETA BONUS: What would you call said show?

my answer in comments
lainy zombie!

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What's something you do/have done that completely clashes with the perception others have of you?

I got my tongue pierced a couple months ago and I'm this innocent, virginal girl who had only her lobes pierced previously.
rt look down brightness-contrast


If you have a bathroom in your bedroom; do you leave the door to it open or closed?

What about your closet(s)?  Do you leave the door(s) open or closed?

I leave my bathroom door open, but my closets closed.
Apples and Oranges


What are some current, annoying commercials that should never be aired again?

I don't like the Geico cavemen commercials, nor the Geico "____ is a regular person, so we've hired a famous person to tell his/her story". I wish the gecko was used more often.

Also there's a really obnoxious Secret Flawless Deodorant commercial where a woman tells you five reasons to use it.

Clerks II

What song are they singing about 19 minutes into Clerks II? Randall is hassling Elias about transformers and god and starts singing and then Jay hops in the window.. something like "let me help you water your grave Grandma" and I can't understand the rest.

Do YOU go ass to mouth?

Edit: The song is Welcome Home by King Diamond.
Supernatural (Sam in Watercolor)

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Okay, so, while out of town at a lacrosse tournament, my boyfriend got checked violently. The kid who checked him broke his tibia and chipped his fibula.

I'm preparing a gift basket for my boyfriend, what should I include? Also, should I fly up to California and kick the other kid's ass?

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Plz to be giving me advice, TQC

1. My husband's grandparents  in Florida don't get to see me or my daughter very often, and they've volunteered to come pick us up (about an 8 hour drive) so we can spend a couple of weeks down there with them. My husband won't be able to go because he works. On one hand, I'd love to spend some time with them (we normally only get to see them about 3 times a year), and hey, free trip to Florida. But on the other hand, I feel a little awkward going without my husband. I've talked to him, and he's okay with it. What do you think I should do?


2. We're having a family dinner tomorrow, and I'm in charge of dessert. It needs to rate no higher than a 5 on the "difficult to prepare scale."
What should I make? (PS, my family loves the chocolate)
sticky notes

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hey y'all

i just made a myspace, and using a code generator, i made it all perdy. but now i can't see my friends on my profile.

does anyone know how i can make my friends visible? What's the html i'd need?


Just curious, but what do you do with your boyfriend's ex girlfriend, who will not give up trying to get back with him, even though he's told her she's with you, and promised you nothing is going to happen. Especially before she was in a relationship, now she is single, because she broke it off with the other guy in order to win your guy over. What do you suggest?

Do you think I worry to much about this? I do make mountains out of molehills, but it still bothers me, especially since my boyfriend still wants to be friends with her.

Also, I'm not the fighting type of girl. I hate fighting. I stand on my own two feet if I need to, but I rather not.
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So recently my cousin found this awesome old leather bag/case thing in the road.  And I really want something similar.

Where should I look? 

Obviously I can't just pull another one from the street like him.

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Did you know that Blizzard and Tokyopop are making Warcraft and Starcraft manga?

Which Starcraft novels, if any, are good?

I was all WUT when I read about it, but I saw the few pictures that are there for the manga, and they look cool.

EDIT: lol, check out these celeb photoshops to make them look manga like. The fact that some were already photoshopped for airbrushing purposes helps. Some of them look really alien.

Book Help

I'm posting this to a few places, since I really want to find this book.

All I remember about this book, is the fact that it was filled with short scary stories.

One of them is about a trio of girls that are walking home one day and see an old woman washing some blood stained clothes in a creek. This is apparently, some kind of death omen, and one by one, the girls die.

I don't remember how the first girl dies, but the second one chokes on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The third one accidentally drinks hair dye or something, mistaking it to be cough medicine.

Another one was about a boy who was the only survivor of a plane crash in the desert, and he starts following the sun to try and find civilization. Except he ends up ending a complete dumbass and going in a circle back to the plane wreck.

Does anyone have any clue what I'm talking about? I know, or at least am almost positive that these scary story books were in a series, and that it /definitely/ wasn't Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.
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People who are/have been divorced:

What is the best thing to say when someone hears about a divorce? Is it "I'm sorry," or "Maybe it's for the best" or something else entirely?

Everything I can think of sounds so trite and it's hard to know if someone wants sympathy or just wants to move on.

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How many times must you call somebody without them answering or calling you back before you realize that either they don't want to talk to you or it's the wrong number?

Somebody keeps calling my cell phone and will some of those times leave a voice mail. I don't generally get the calls because I will be at work or at my house where I get little to no reception-even if I hear the call I may not be able to answer it/talk to them. They just called again and I picked up then hung up right away. So, they called again and now have left a message-I plan to call and tell them to fucking leave me alone before work today, but seriously GET THE FUCKING HINT!

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My SO hates his job. His boss constantly changes his hours, denies him lunch breaks, and is generally a huge asshat.

As a result, my SO is looking for a new job. The one he is applying for and will most likely get is a job for the city as a "laborer." It pays extremely well (45k a year just to start) BUT the shift is 4am-11am.

I'm concerned. My work schedule is 10am-6pm and I usually don't get home until 6:30. I figure he will probably be going to bed at 9pm at the very latest, which means I will have only 2 and a half hours MAX to spend with him once I get home.

If you live with your SO, do they have a radically different schedule from you?
If so, how do you make it work? Any advice?

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Why is my mom cleaning our house when we should have left for a family reunion ten minutes ago? Do you think it's so she'll be able to tell my dad's family how much work she's been doing? Does your parent or SO do something absolutely asinine before you leave to go somewhere?

My ex-boyfriend used to eat BEFORE we would go out to dinner. I would get dressed, come downstairs and see him eating oatmeal. My sister would ask me to borrow clothes five minutes before we had to leave...she's also 5 inches shorter than me and two or three sizes smaller

I have nine empty cans of seltzer on my desk...What's on yours?


Good Morning, TQC! I need some help finding a Macro.
I believe it was tessibean who originally showed it to me, but it was a rather big macro of a bunch of different pictures of what looked like a really crazy boston terrier, and the last panel said "derp derp derp." Can anybody show me this macro?
the giving tree

pizza face (and chest, and back...)

i'm 23 and i'm breaking out for no reason. i've always had very clear skin. there are absolutely no changes i can think of as far as lifestyle (hygene habits, diet, weight, work schedule).

my face and chest are just covered in zits, i feel like i'm 16. this is terrible.


this happen to anyone else?


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T QC, my coffee looks funny :(

I was making coffee at work, and I put the creamer in, and my coffee started to look..speckled (I guess that's how I'd describe it). There were just a bunch of tiny dots of the creamer in my coffee, and I stirred it a lot, but it didn't mix in. I checked the expiration date on the creamer, and it's good until August 10th. What is going on with my creamer?!
gnome child

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Anyone have a Vespa? Is it as super awesome fantastic as I think it is?

I need to get some sort of commuter-type vehicle to get about fifteen miles to work every day. The only downside I can think of is Vespa + rain = not too fun.


So this morning after putting some bread out for the birds I noticed a funny little bird walking kind of funny down the sidewalk. I thought, you are a funny little bird. Then I noticed something hanging off his head so I walked closer. It was a baby bird that had fallen out of his nest and the back of his head was really badly bruised:( I live on a busy street and he kept trying to run into the traffic:( So I got him in a cage, without touching him and brought him the the local animal hospital. What a bunch of fucking morons. First of all, its an EMERGENCY room and everyone is walking around like there is glue on the bottom of their shoes. I got this one idiot who looked like she took one too many hits off the crack pipe. She informed me they don't treat wild animals and I said I figured I was hoping they could tell me where to go. After like 20 minutes she found her supervisor and she gave me some numbers. Very.........sloooooooooowly. I said to them, look I need to get this bird some help or its going to DIE. The idiot who was helping me said, it looks like a duck. WHAT?????? Where are the webbed feet you fuck mook. Idiots. So I drive back home and called the numbers. All the Wild Life hospitals are closed today except one, and it opens later. So I have him in the cage with a crumbled corn muffin. I named him pee-wee.

Heres the question. Whats the dumbest thing that has happened to you lately?

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What is the last thing someone did recently that surprised you?

I was supposed to work 10-8 yesterday and then I had a 4.5 hour drive right after work. My boss let me get out of work at 5:30 instead of 8! It made my drive so much better! (:

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I love TQC for the speedy responses. I can now drink my coffee in peace. ALSO, I have another question :X

I'm trying to buy my SO another phone since his sucks. He has Sprint, and since he's had his phone for a year, he gets $75 off the next phone he wants. That still puts the price at $204 -_-. 

1. I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites I could get Sprint coupon codes off of?

2. Or, does anyone know of any tips/tricks to get a discounted phone from Sprint?

3. Should I try Ebay? Any personal experiences where you got a phone off Ebay, and everything was ok?

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How many bed linens do you have?

How often do you shop for clothes?

How many loads of laundry does it take to wash all of your clothes?

Do you have any dietary restrictions?

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Poll #1226142 pimp my room.

i'm going to be painting my room & bathroom but i'm not sure what colors to use. what do you think would look best?

navy blue (bedroom) and gold (bathroom)
red (bedroom) and gold (bathroom)
green (bedroom) and gold (bathroom)
navy blue (bedroom) and green (bathroom)
navy blue (bedroom) and light blue (bathroom)
dark green (bedroom) and light green (bathroom)

No "other" option because those are the colors I like. If it helps my carpet is blue in my bedroom and white tiles in my bathroom, and my sheets are blue but I might buy new ones. If I didn't want to paint my room a certain color I wouldn't put it in the poll so that's not an issue, I'm just indecisive.

What color is your room?

vroom vroom

My boyfriend got a new Harley last weekend. I'm going to get a helmet today and start riding with him (hopefully) tomorrow. I've never done it before and I am excited and nervous at the same time.

Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle as a passenger?
If no, would you like to?
If yes, was it fun...or terrifying?

What are you excited for?
boston in january

Salt Lake City Tourism

My dad and I are flying into Salt Lake City next week, and driving up to Yellowstone.  We will have a few hours in Salt Lake, a city I've never visited before.  What should we see/do in Salt Lake City?

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I work tonight until at least 11:30, so I'll get home around midnight. My mother is picking me up at 4:45 am to catch a 6 am flight.

Should I even go to sleep, or should I spend my shift getting really buzzed off of tea so I stay awake all night?
Clem & Joely

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Scariest horror/thrilller/whatever book you've read?

Me: Pet Sematary by Stephen King

I've read several other King books and some horrors by other authors, this one remains the scariest for me.

Anyone know anything about the House of Leaves? I heard it's supposed to be scary-good.

Oh nos!

So I just realized this week that the Olympics are totally going to mess up my America's Got Talent viewing for at least a month, even though I enjoy watching the Olympics too.

1.Are you missing any of your favorite shows because of the Olympic broadcasts?

2. If you watch America's Got Talent what's your favorite act so far this year? (videos if you got them for people who don't watch the show and may be curious)

Collapse )

3. If TQC was having a talent competition what would you do in it?
oh mr. tea

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I'm proctoring a test (itsa my job). This woman came in at 11:00, I told her she's the only one scheduled for today, so she asked for a little time to study beforehand. I said sure. It is now 1:00 and she is still studying. I feel like telling her she might want to think about checking out the study guide from our library that she's hovering over and rescheduling if she's unsure she's ready for the test.

Would this be rude, or helpful? Would you feel embarrassed if someone told you that?
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Need Replacement

Have you ever had somethnig you wear, clothes, hat, shoes, etc... that you have worn out and can't find a replacement??

I have this awesome pair of ballet flats from Torrid that are black with little rainbows on em. I wear a size 12 normal... so I am having issues finding anything like them and seriously depressed. I am going to wear them till the soles have holes in em, lol 

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So it turns out my new flatmate has OCD; and I think it might be genuine OCD, because he mentioned it in the context of assuring us repeatedly that he was a total clean-freak and he absolutely loves cleaning, and no that's not trying to guilt people into tidying up, he'll be totally happy to clean up everyone else's mess too. He's got that kinda repetitive way of speaking non-stop, too.

On one hand I'm going, "Well shit, go for gold there buddy," but I don't know much about OCD. Would encouraging his compulsive tendencies be bad for him even if he enjoys it; would it be taking advantage? I'm not about to start acting like a complete slob and I'll be making sure the others don't either, but if he wants to put in that bit extra to keep the place really clean should I let him? Or should I continue with my plan to make up a roster chart; bearing in mind that he obviously has far higher standards of acceptably clean than us and will quite possibly clean extra anyway?

Edit: This guy is JUST moving in. As in, isn't actually moved in yet. I've met him twice, for about ten minutes a time each. So I don't know exactly how he really behaves, and it wasn't really appropriate for him to start telling me all the gory details of how his (potentially very embarrassing) illness makes him act. I'm not looking for an e-diagnosis, I just want to know the best way to be considerate if he does, indeed, have what he says. ;)
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Have you ever bought digital episodes (or a whole season) of a show online?
If so, where?
Was it one you'd already seen, wanted to see, watched and couldn't find on DVD, etc?

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The place I work at wants me to organize all their PDF's in such a way that we can search for keywords in their properties. For single keywords, like "flotation", the microsoft search thing is just fine, but I want to be able to do more complex searches; kind of like what you can do on Google, like "flotation -cobalt -copper".

Do you guys know of any program that allows you to do more complex searches like that, of your own files?

We're just a teeny tiny company (the "CEO" is about 10 feet away from me) so mega-expensive programs are probably no good for us. 


What are some cool and exciting things/traditions/ or even like modern website shit that is fun for recently engaged people?

My boyfriend just proposed to me on vacation and now I want to know what newly proposed people do!!!!! :)

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kurt halsey

stupid question...

Okay, guys. I'm not really familiar with Batman (okay, AT ALL), but was just reading about The Dark Knight (which I TOTALLY want to see) and I am wondering - is Batman an anti-hero?

Everybody else: what are your plans for today?

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why would my sister be on the phone for 2+ hours with a guy she lived with who kicked her out and told her she was an ugly slut, and a whole host of other things? WHY would you want to have anything to do with someone who treats you like crap and you haven't seen for over 2 years?!
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anontang DA

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I have a shirt that I want to wear tonight, but I'm unsure. I don't have a picture, but the shirt has a hole that goes from the neck to about where a bra strap would normally be (the shirt was made this way). Should I wear a tank top underneath, which shows partly in the back and the rest of my back is bare, or a short-sleeved shirt, which covers the hole and is therefore clearly seen? The shirt to wear is also short-sleeved. Both possible undergarments are white.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks, TQC.

Tainted Love.

Which one do you like better?

The lesser-known original version of Tainted Love made in the 60's by Gloria Jones?

The more well known(and mistakenly seen as the original) versionof Tainted made in the 80's by Soft Cell?

Or SOS by Rihanna?

Here's how I rank them:
1. Soft Cell version.
2. Gloria Jones version.
3. SOS. (Atrocious, even though I like singing along to it)

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Poll #1226234 Who's the best?

Who's the best Batman?

Michael Keaton
Adam West
Val Kilmer
George Clooney
Christian Bale
Kevin Conroy (voice actor for 1990s Batman the animated series and related spinoff series)

Who's the best Joker?

Cesar Romero
Jack Nicholson
Heath Ledger
Mark Hamill (voice actor for 1990s Batman the Animated Series)

The best Robin?

Burt Ward
Chris O'Donnell
Loren Lester Richard (voice actor for 1990s Batman the animated series and related spinoff series)
Scott Menville (voice actor for Teen Titans)

Who's the best Two-Face?

Billy Dee Williams
Tommy Lee Jones
Aaron Eckhart
Richard Moll (voice actor for 1990s Batman the animated series)

Who's the best Catwoman?

Julie Newmar
Eartha Kitt
Lee Meriwether
Michelle Pfeiffer
Adrienne Barbeau (voice actress for 1990s Batman the animated series)
Halle Berry


I'm interested in getting an Etsy account for my dollhouse miniatures, and perhaps some other items. But I'm not sure which would be better, Etsy or Ebay?
Have any of you used both, and which do you prefer?
Any problems with Etsy?

People thinking they are channeling characters

What is the name of that condition/roleplay/idea where people believe they are in part (or in spirit) characters from a book or a movie? It's something like "soul share" or "soul link" but not quite, and I can't think of the name for the life of me. There was, definitely, a particular term for it.

Update: two seconds after asking, it's - soulbonding! Thanks a lot.

Picture Post

1. Will you post a picture of something you think is beautiful?

2. Will you post a picture of your favorite food?

3. If not, do you enjoy peeling off your skin after a sunburn?

My pictures in comments

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Because I am in a girly mood and because I don't want to go out to eat with my relatives whyyy

What sort of clothes do you usually wear? What would you say your style is?

Wearing heels with appropriate jeans looks good y/n? How old are you?

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One of my friends gave me a butt-plug as a gift for my birthday to be funny. since i don't use butt-plugs, this does not appeal to me. HOWEVER, i know there HAS to be some way for me to put it somewhere absolutely hilarious.

TQC, what should i do with the butt-plug to generate lulz? if it helps, the back end of it acts like a suction cup, and will stick to some surfaces.

currently, my best idea is to leave it in a movie theater chair in the dark.

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1. Your 10-year-old child has just been convinced by some "friends" to let them borrow his new bike. Naturally, they never return it. How do you, as a parent, respond? Do you tell the kid that's life or do you go after the thieves?

2. Do you prefer using the self check-out or going to the clerk?
Calvin mirror

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1. Will you tell me one redeeming quality about a historical "bad guy" of your choice?
(It's for a writing project I got going on.)

2. Do you have a pet? Tell us about them!
My fiance came with a Maine Coon mix, Mr. Man Kitty. He's snoozing on a high shelf we built for him right now.

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I am a new poster!

Anyways, people, would you rather marry someone smart or someone beautiful? 

Oh, and, if you has a itch to critic something do peep at critics club! Just saying(:



Given that prices on gas and groceries are going up, have you changed your spending habits at all? What have you done? If you haven't, why not?
misc - not a weapon

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Do Christians who are open about their faith have an obligation to act a certain way (on the internet, in this case)?

If so, is it acceptable to chastise them if they're not acting properly? Or is it just petty/sometimes lulzy?

If you are a Christian, are you open about that online?

If so, does it impact how you behave?

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I made some delicious choc mint muffins today, and have topped them with cream cheese icing. But now I have a bunch of the delicious cream cheese icing left. What else tastes good with cream cheese icing on it? I have the standard baking stuff, but I've only ever used this sort of icing for this type of muffin.

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I'm going to be home alone until 3am, so I was wondering what I could do to pass the time?
I have to stay up, so basically anything that will keep me from noticing the emptiness of my house would be great.

So, I'm planning on getting my hair cut and colored this weekend.

I have a hair appointment Monday for the cut, and I plan to dye it myself tonight.  My hair is naturally a muli-toned light-brown, is thin/fine, and has a slight receding hairline.  My facial structure and eye color are very similar to the girl in the picture below except my eyebrows are darker, my face is not quite that long, and I'm not quite that pale.  (Sorry, no pics of me, but hopefully the description helps).

I'm sure the color below would look good on me and I really like it, and I'm pretty sure that a similar cut would look good on me.  I'm really nervous though because this is the most dramatic I've ever gone.  What do you think, TQC?  Any recommendations, suggestions, tips?  Will you post some pictures of hairstyles that you think would look really good?  

Also, I wanted to try to just barely tint my eyebrows a similar reddish-color so that it'll look more natural, but I've never done this.  I don't want to lighten it, just tint it: Any suggestions from anyone with experience?  Thanks!           


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Are you involved or have you ever been involved in a drama outside of TQC or LJ?

What website and what are the juicy details?

I have some lady who creeps me out at the Aerosmith message boards. She knows way too much about my boyfriend's private life outside of the band (he's in an Aerosmith tribute band so a lot of their fans post there, too). She likes to comment after me all the time with snide remarks about my life with him. She knows what his second job is and claims I've never met her but she knows "all about me". Just weird and creepy!
Halfway Smile

Trois ?

1) How often do you take pictures?

2) Do you have any pictures you took on your last vacation that you'd be willing to share here?

3) What's the last thing you spent more than $50 on?

(no subject)

1. What was the last thing you said?
Why did you say it?

2. What makes you take your claws out?

3. Tibetan Monks shave their head and their armpits, this I know. Do they shave their legs and junk too? Why do they shave?
b&w owl

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I was standing outside a walk-in clinic waiting for a cab when this really old, creepy drunk guy came up to me and asked if my baby was a girl..

"OHHHH well, that's too bad. You can only get maybe a dollar or two for her.. Nobody wants to buy a girl until they're older. Now if you had a BOY.. he'd be worth way more.."

What was the last weird/creepy thing someone said to you?

(no subject)

1.) Are you male or female?

2.) Have you ever gone from not being romantically attracted to a person at all to fall for that person?

3.) For #2, if so, what made you fall for that person?

4.) I heard that this pertains to women more than men. Do you find this true? Why or why not?

(no subject)

So.. If you buy a game at Game Stop and don't like it, you can return it and just tell them you want to exchange it due to wanting a different game and it's no biggie.. right? Or do I have to make up something like 'it wouldn't work in my Wii'?

Crayon Cupcake Recipe?

A long time ago, years and years ago, I read somewhere online or in a magazine or somewhere that you can make giant crayons from bits of old discarded broken crayons. I know that I need a cupcake pan and I put them in the oven and then I think I put them in the freezer after that, but I really don't remember any specifics about this "recipe" does this sound familiar to anyone? Do you know how to do this or is there a website with this recipe? Thanks for the help!

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Poll #1226351 Circle the covered wagons!

Your SO catches you in a Dutch oven! Your SO has eaten a lot of beans and cabbage for dinner, and unlike the global situation, the gas here is cheap and inexhaustible, and your SO has a good grip on the covers and you can't escape. What do you do?

Cry, scream, whimper, submit
Cry, scream, whimper, submit. Then break up with their ass once freedom is restored
Make a ploy where you start kissing their privates, and when they relax a little, make your way to the surface
Punch him/her repeatedly in the stomach until your emancipation is given
Laugh. Gag a littlle, but laugh. It's kinda funny

Is this the kind of thing that requires payback?

Yes. And a heavy one at that. He/she will rue the day they started this war
Yes, but only some mild form of retribution
Yes. I'm catching them in a Dutch oven
No. It's just fun and games

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 Any idea how to calculate hourly pay to salary? I know that you would multiply your hourly rate by 2080 (number of hours in 52 weeks) but I have a memory in my mind that there is something not exactly accurate about that figure because we don't work every single week in 52 weeks...or something. 

I am crunching numbers tonight and I need to find out what my salary requirement is going to be to make the bills I need to make.

TIA yo.

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i drank milk in a hot milk drink, but i later i realized that the milk was three days past it's user date.

i'm now being violently ill, but i thought food poisoning didn't hit till 12 hours had passed.

did i poison myself or is it just a coincidence?
lead me

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the stop sign and the road sign for my road was stolen. post and all. has this ever happened to you, tqc?

someone stole just the road sign before, but this is the first time i've seen anything like this.
housewares, ash

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how often have you slept with the light on? please only cite instances occurring at ages after 15 or so.

EDIT: i dont mean like falling asleep with the light on because you were reading or whatever. i mean like you were scared of monsters under your bed, and you thought that the light would ward them off. stuff like that. because iii slept with the light on for the first time in the entire 18 years of my life the other night because i watched Most Evil and got scared

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Hey TQC,

I purchased a new laptop the other day, and the sales guy who assisted me was very cute. Almost ridiculously so. After some chatting we discovered we were both music majors, and he also is acquainted with some good friends of mine who attend his university. Once I got home, I found that he looked me up via Facebook.

I am dense when it comes to these things- is this a sign he's interested in me in some capacity? It seems unlikely to me that he'd go to the trouble of looking me up to chat about my computer purchase. :/

What do I do at this point?!
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Pretend your family is MAKING you go to a cottage in a week, and although you have a job, that's apparently not a good enough excuse.

What other excuses would you give them to prove you CANNOT go?
Also- how can you keep them from freaking out on your boss for not "letting you take a vacation"?

Sidenote: I've only worked there less than two months, and you need to work for about a year before you take a vacation. It's part-time, I'm fifteen, but apparently this isn't a good enough excuse for the famjam.
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This is a long shot but I'm looking for this website that is like a craft/DIY site that showed how to make a bunch of stuff like skirts, shirts, scarves, knick knacks, etc.
The layout was kind of orange-ish and I think they had like.. an online zine/newsletter sort of thing?

Also, I'm watching Freaky Friday (the Lindsay Lohan one) right now and why did they insist on dressing the teenagers like idiots?


I don't bake too much and me and my brother really want to make these cupcakes (under the cut)
Do you guys have any FANTABULOUS cupcake recipies that I can use to make the basic cupcake and then I'll add the rest of the shnannigans? Thank you.
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New Puppy

 Can you help me with new puppy blues???

I am seriously frustrated with my puppy. He is a 9 week old Rottweiler. I am new to training and all that. Housebreaking, commands, kennel, the whole deal. I am hoping I can get by without paying for obedience lessons. he is just going to be a family pet. My husband and I have only ever owned the family dog that our parents trained. I have searched and found many different techniques. Just wondering what you have to offer. 

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When preparing tasty morsels in the oven and the packaging states that optimal cooking time is, let's say, 12-14 minutes...how long do you set the oven timer for?

Are you like me and set it for the median time?

Or do you set it for 12 minutes, check it, and add time if needed?

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I'm going to a Barbie&Ken themed party tonight! My friend Matt is going as Hooters Ken (tight/short white shirt and short orange shorts).

What should I go as?

Secretary Barbie (pencil skirt, bra, fishnet stockings, glasses, heels, and....maybe a shirt)
Punk Barbie (assorted punk outfit with fishnets and rockinghorse shoes)?
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This one's going out to alllll the ladies

Hay you guys. Context: I'm leaving Tuesday for a study abroad to China, where we'll be studying Chinese sport and medicine, the Olympics, and Women in Sport. (Shameless plug: I'll be blogging and posting pictures at andydoesbeijing.) Our prof gave us a few essay questions to prep us for our scholarly duties in China.

What Women in Sport topic should I choose for my 5-page research paper?

Does anybody want me to bring them back something pretty from China?

Also, why are there three cop cars with their lights on in front of the church up the street from me (like, down by _mathlete's old house)?
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Lets just say...

1. you are sitting on a bench eating a sandwich, minding your business and a monkey jumps out of the trees, throws poop at you and takes your sandwich. What do you do while no one is watching?

2. you are sitting on the beach sipping on cold ice tea and a little fat brat runs over and spits in your tea. What do you do while no one is watching?

3. what do you do while no one is watching?