July 18th, 2008


Going to the experts

So, you are playing The Question Game with a friend (the one where you ask each other random questions and answer and it is jolly good fun). You know them pretty well, so you're past asking "What's your favorite color?" and the like, but you want to get to know them better.

What do you ask, TQC?
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I hate the limes in boxes of Runts, I just pick them out.

Is there a candy or food (like chex mix) that comes in more than one flavor/style that has bits you can't stand? What bits don't you like? What do you do with them?
donk... donk... donk...

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When you become king and/or queen of the world, what are the first three policies you'll foist bestow upon your new devoted populace?

For me:

1. Trucks and SUVs will now be purchasable only with a strictly enforced license. Don't need it for your job? No problem, we'll tow it to the wrecker for you!

2. Speaking of licensing, parenting is now licensed. Can't pass the test, you don't get the antidote for the saltpeter (or whatever) in the water. We license fucking hairdressers, but not the important jobs.

3. Butter croissants will be the new official international food. Anyone caught with any sort of stuffed croissant will be summarily shot.

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what was the last awkward thing you did? or what was the most memorable awkward moment of your entire life??

i just posted a comment in a community that i am not technically a member of and my comment was screened so i deleted it asap, but i bet the person who made the post will be like, "wtf is this". i thought it was tqc D:

(no subject)

1) What is your favorite kind of cake?

2) What do you want for your birthday?  When is it?

3) If I try to go to bed, the intoxicated musicians will call me again to let their drunk butts in the building, y/y?

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Jongkey on stage

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By accident, I paid my credit card a day late this month. I had marked it down on my calendar as being due tomorrow, but when I logged online to set up tomorrows payment I saw it was due today.

I paid the card off in full, including the late fee they gave me. But what worries me is what effect this might have on my credit score.

Will a day late payment on a Chase credit card have an impact on my credit score?
Across the Universe

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I'm 22 and will graduate with my BA in May so i need a slightly more professional email address.

I'm using gmail. I tried firstname.middlename [cara.elizabeth] but it was taken. I don't really feel like using my last name.

TQC, What should my email address be?

ETA: would "im.cara.elizabeth@gmail.com" be to stupid?
ETA: This will be my primary email address. I do not want to use a last name because i plan on getting married within the next 5 years.
Mitty box

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Are you more honest on the internet or in person?

I'm getting a Palm Centro with Sprint's unlimited data plan in the near future. Will they have to pry this phone out of my cold dead hands? How much more addicted to the internet will I get?

Will you come over and potty train my kid? I really don't want to do it.

Favorite ramen flavor?

Do those little blackhead vacuums work? What's the silliest beauty product you've ever gotten?

Kittens or puppies?
im french

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TQC, I think someone I just met is clearly in a really fucked up situation and I don't know what to do.

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And yeah, my copy-paste skills are fantastic.

TL;DR version: Someone you met is probably being used sexually and otherwise by a very controlling and evil man.

Anyway, what would you do?

(no subject)

Would you date a woman who wore boys' underwear (that she bought for herself)? If you're not interested in women, what would you think of such a woman?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate people that don't know the difference between brights and low beams (10 being if such people formed a race you'd be arrested for hate crimes)?

Should I go to the gym now, or get an extra hour of sleep and skip it today?
macaroni murder lady

I can't be the only one!

Who else likes a pierced nostril but thinks a pierced septum looks awful?

Who else strongly prefers rings to barbells in body or facial piercings?

Who else wears eye makeup on their lips because the colors are so much more interesting?

Who else hates gin?

Who else doesn't like Joss Whedon's writing and sense of humor?

tl;dr comments encouraged. I can take your scorn!

(no subject)

Does it make you nervous that Edy's ice cream doesn't have a plastic cover over it? Like, you just lift the lid and it's naked. Doesn't it seem like it'd be really easy for someone to put something really unpleasant in there?

(no subject)

Aww, I've missed you folk.

1. If you could go to Florida and visit your momma (who you miss and love) and a few not-so-interesting friends or go to Montreal to visit someone you're kind of into (and will be away for a month there) to explore, which would you choose? The fare is the same to either destination.

2. It just so happens that I have an allergy to rice and cane sugar (among other things). I'm Cuban, therefore no meals are without a heaping shit of rice. I also bake a fuckton and there's no such thing as baking without nummy sweetness. I know there's beet sugar, but it's expensive (and hard to find?) and I don't know if honey/ agave will replace anything. And rice. RICE! It's so hard to remember this shit. Suggestions on changing my diet? Have you ever had to omit a food you adore from your meals? Can you suggest a fluffy tissue I can cry into?

3. How ya been?

Diagnose me!

Peanut Allergy Symptoms:
sense of foreboding, fear, or apprehension
flushed face, hives, swollen or itchy lips, mouth, eyes, or tongue
tightness in mouth, chest or throat
difficulty breathing or swallowing, drooling, wheezing, choking, coughing
running nose, voice change
vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pains
dizziness, unsteadiness, sudden fatigue, rapid heartbeat, chills
pallor, loss of consciousness, coma, death

I have quite a few of these symptoms (which is why I'm up at 4:03am), and I've had them for about an hour now. I ate peanuts almost 12 hours ago. Do I have a peanut allergy?

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if you've already seen the dark knight, here there people in costumes? we had one decent looking joker, and one harely quinn.

eta: did you laugh at all the stuff the joker did, or were you creeped out by him? people in my theater kept laughing and i'm just like CRAZY PEOPLE WHO KILL FOR FUN ARE NOT FUNNY. also, i was more like, "holy shit he's creepy".

freedom fruit

You guys. Tomatoes aren't poison anymore.

1. How many of you forgot about it and have been recklessly cheating death for the last month? I know I have.
2. Who wants to go out in a wheat field and have a tomato fight like on that Wheat Thins commercial?

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Good morning ladies & gents. Would it be completely gross of me to use French Vanilla Coffee-Mate in my tea? I just *really* like the stuff and don't feel like getting coffee-mouth (aka worst drymouth ever in the history of mankind).

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Do you feel politically-motivated emails are appropriate for the workplace?

What about religiously-motivated?

Are there any other topics you feel are inappropriate as subjects in the workplace?

What would you do if the CEO of the company sent around an email of this type that expresses a view you do hold?

What would you do if the CEO of the company sent around an email of this type that expresses a view you do not hold?

What would you do if the CEO of the company sent around an email of this type that expresses a view you do not hold and it chastises the view you do hold?

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A while back I saw an icon, I can't remember if it was in this comm or another one, that was kinda similar to mine in the animation/wordiness, but it was Eddie Izzard's Creation of the Universe bit.

Was it yours?  If so, can I steal it? (I'll credit)
If not, do you know who it belonged to? Or where I might have seen it?

If you don't care, what is your favorite color of M&Ms?  I only eat the green and blue ones.

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so my boyfriend left last night to go to the annual golf tourny he does with his family. he'll be back tonight. this is the first time since september we've been apart for 1+ day and i slept horrible last night and miss him a ton. is this totally pathetic of me? how long do you have to be away from someone to miss them?
ferris wheel


What would you say if your significant other said they wanted to spend their birthday alone?

How do you spend your birthday?

How would your dream birthday be planned?
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1. How old does someone have to be for it to make you wonder what they're doing in TQC? (I think I'd be a bit surprised to see someone in their 60s, but how awesome would it be if someone in their 80's+ decided to join?)

2. What do you like in your pancakes? (If you don't like pancakes, you frighten and confuse me. I have only recently discovered the joy of adding chocolate chips or blueberries to them.)

3. What is your favorite fruit? (I am addicted to cherries.)

4. I'm nervously looking forward to dinner and a movie with my ex-boyfriend this weekend. (No romantic overtones, we've spoken cheerfully on the phone since the breakup the first week of March, but we've not actually hung out together since then.) He's added the dinner invitation so he can question me about the new boyfriend. What are you doing this weekend? Anything you're nervous about? Or excited? Or are you just MEH?

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Do you have any home remedies that you use that aren't very common or that people think are strange?   For example, I got a burn today and put toothpaste on it because DUH, that's what you did when you got a burn in my house growing up. That or Vitamin E. My SO thinks I'm crazy and says I should use Neosporin.

Also, why is my cat all of a sudden shitting outside of his litterbox? His litter is clean and I haven't changed it or anything else for that matter, but he keeps shitting next to it or right behind the door.
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Three guys decided to share the cost of a motel room. It was thirty dollars. Each man gave a ten to the hotel manager and went up to their shared room. However, the manager realized he had overcharged them by five dollars. So he gave a five to the bellboy to return to them. The bellboy couldn't figure out how to split five dollars between three men. So he took two dollars, put them in his pocket and then gave each man one dollar back. This means that each man paid nine dollars for the room. Nine dollars times the three (three men) is twenty-seven. Now add the two dollars the bellboy took, and that is only twenty-nine.

What happened to the other dollar?

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if you saw TDK last night:

did anyone else think one of the best parts  of seeing the movie, even though the movie itself was awesome, was seeing the trailer for Watchmen?
I almost peed myself.

if you didn't:

what music do you listen to while you work out? I need something new to listen to at the gym.
MCR Gerard Red Hair

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Poll #1225571 To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

Do you dream/remember your dreams?

Every night
Most nights

Are you in your dreams?


As what?

Usually myself
Usually someone/something else

Are you..

Usually the focus of the attention
Usually watching from the sidelines

Tell me about your dreams tqc! Please?
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(no subject)

How many Jehovah's Witnesses have approached you with pamphlets in the past year?
How many would have to approach you before you started to wonder if you just downright looked like an evil non-believer?

(no subject)

1. What color are your eyes?
2. Did you ever wish your eyes were a different color?
3. They say that Elizabeth Taylor has violent eyes. I never met a person who had violet eyes. Do you think she REALLY has violet eyes or are they just an unusual shade of blue?


1. Green
2. I like my eyes but I always wondered what I'd look like with violet eyes. Never got around to ordering colored contacts though.
3. I think they're blue but the Hollywood PR people called them violet to set her apart.
~midori~ insanityconsumedme

An icon face to the name...

There are many people on TQC who have icons of actors, anime characters and other people. Eventually, after seeing these icons every single day when I think of the persons username their icon comes to mind as if that is what they actually look like. 
For example, I imagine coco_pansylooking like her Christina Ricci icon. And there are many chick TQC'ers that have icons of males and I always use male pronouns when talking about them. I cant help it! D:

So, my question is:
Do you look like the person on your icon? 

Who is that on your icon?

(my answer in the comments)

(no subject)

Did you sleep well, my lovelies?

If you could buy furniture from ONE store for your own residence/future residence, what store would you buy all your stuff from? Please note- money is not an issue.
I would love to buy everything under the sun in Crate and Barrel

(no subject)

I've seen a lot of people mention making friends on the internets. I'm on OKCupid but I don't really know how to make actual FRIENDS, as opposed to dates, from there. Is it weird to message fellow straight females? I just want someone to go to the X-files movie with me :(

Also, where did you get your furniture? I'm moving and want some cool cheap options for stuff. Pics of your digs most welcome.

(no subject)

Do you have a piece of jewelry you wear all the time?
If so, what is it?

I usually wear my blessing ring around a chain on my neck, my watch, and soon a class ring.

(no subject)

1) what does cereal cost where you live?

Memphis, I went to the store, and the cheapest box was $2.49!

2)bag cereal- is it acceptable for human consumption?

3)Do you put milk on cereal?



I am looking for some interesting ideas for appetizers served restaurant style. I'm bored with the mozzarella sticks, wings crap and if I'm bored with it, other people are too. So, do any of you have an idea of what you would like to see on a menu at a bar or restaurant?
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(no subject)

I was talking to someone about how often, people perceive me to be bitchy or snobby when really, I'm just shy.

What's the difference between shy and snobby to you? What makes you assume someone's being snobby rather than shy? Is it a certain expression? Something people say? The way they look/dress?
House and Dave


1. What is the last sporting event you went to, if any?
2. Do you have a passport? What is the last country you went to with it?
3. What is the first preset station on your car radio?
4. Have you ever seen a tornado?
5. What are your Friday evening plans?

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(no subject)

1. To those of you who saw Dark Knight...Did you think Heath Ledger pulled off a fantastic Joker?

2. Anyone have any news about the next movie and who the potential villains may be? (links would be great).
Rabi Rose

(no subject)

what is a physical feature about yourself that YOU don't like but everyone always/usually tells you it's fine?

having big boobs, to me, sucks because of back pain and not fitting into lots of cute clothing, but everyone i know says bigger boobs are better or wants to trade, hah

do you have any quirks you weren't aware of till someone told you?

apparently when at restaurants I shake my leg up and down, i don't know i'm doing it at all till someone tells me to stop shaking the bench/table.

(no subject)

when making a pb&j sandwich, which bread is best?

none of the above, i prefer... (give in comments)

toasted or untoasted?


peanut butter should be:

creamy - duh, there's "butter" in the name thus suggesting a creamy texture.
chunky - i like my peanuts, dammit!

which of the following would you prefer ?

other (give in comments)

preferred flavor (of the above type)?

other (give in comments)

(no subject)

Poll #1225864 Keep on truckin'

You're a truck driver. You're driving the speed limit down a side street, when suddenly a family of 3 walks in front of you. He has a mullet, she has big hair, and their son also has a mullet, and they're all wearing NASCAR t-shirts. There's not enough time to brake, but you can swerve the vehicle, if you wish. To your left, there's 8 hoods/lowlives, crouched together, playing street craps. To your right, there's a pet adoption table, with 9 dogs and cats in cages. Who do you direct your truck at?

Family of 3
8 hoods
Volunteer and 9 pets

That was a tragic accident, but you have the means now of saving lives with your truck. You come upon a bridge that's collapsing. 3 vehicles are about to fall onto the rocks below, which is some 500 feet. In other words, certain death. Because of the way the vehicles are seesawing over the abyss, they can't evacuate. You have just enough time to tie a chain around one and pull it to safety. Below are the 3 vehicles' inhabitants. Which vehicle do you save?

Truck and trailer, with 75 illegal alien migrant workers in the back
Bus of 25 children. The back of the bus reads St. Mary's School for Orphans
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and all their kids in a stretch limo

(no subject)

What's the protocol for adding coworkers to social networking sites, like LinkedIn, FaceBook or whatever? In this case, you KNOW the coworker is on the site, because you've either seen them on it at work or you have seen their name linked to your other contacts. Does it matter if they "outrank" you at work?
Inigo Montoya

(no subject)

Inspired by THIS post by royal_jelly

Will you post a picture of your eyes so we can see the color?
Mine look like they wanted to be green, but then look as if someone melted brown crayon on top in a spiky star-shape. They are rimmed in a grey color..someone once told me it looked as if I took an eyeliner and outlined my iris.
Most people think I wear colored contacts (they're clear) but when I was in grade 7, I did get green ones.

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And if you don't want to post a pic of your eyes, what normal thing creeps you out?
I am creeped out by helicopters. They remind me of giant, flying grasshoppers.

(no subject)

When is the last time you had to call tech support for something?

I just got off the phone with a lady from Adobe, who was Indian and I think she understood me about half as much as I understood her- Which in the way things roll.  I was trying to get my serial numbers for my Creative Suite 3 through student licensing, and the sent me PC codes, and not the Mac ones.  I think the third time around trying to explain my problem she understood what was going on (partly cause I am horrible at explaining something even small as that-)  arleka;sglskg. Now I'm just praying that the place I had to email like she said to do will work. arg.

(no subject)

If you were an actor/actress, what kind of movies would you like to be in? Would you do want to do your own stunts, if necessary or would you rest assured that your stunt double would be the one falling off of stuff instead of you?

(no subject)

So, this is something that's always bothered me. You know how you get all these warnings that when you diet, then the weight you lose is just burning muscle and not fat?

How does that make sense? Isn't the whole point of fat to be an extra energy reserve; why would your body sabotage healthy muscle when there's fat there to use? You'd think that would be detrimental to general survival.


TQC, is it true that if you have a degree, you get better rates on your student loans?

I'm working on an associates, then I'd like to go to a better school - but should I just skip the associates & get major student loans, or should I finish the degree?
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(no subject)

I can't fucking take this anymore.

Ok, so, my roommate and I always have someone crashing/living with us. Our couch is usually occupied by acquaintances, traveling friends and random couch surfers, which is usually fine or even awesome.

However, a friend of mine is staying over now, and I can't stand her. I'm seriously losing it. She's extremely needy, immature, loud and a huge inconvenience to everyone else here. While I basically like her, she's changed a lot and is incredibly preachy, moochy and defiant of our easily respectable house rules.

She's homeless. Or "homefree," UGH. She has NO money, and flies out to San Diego in three weeks, where she'll hitch hike to San Francisco, where she flies to Hawaii on a one way plane ticket.

My roommate got her a job at a bar, where my "friend" will surely get fired because she refuses to shave her armpits.

She doesn't even flush the toilet.

1. WHAT CAN I DO?!?!?!?! I'd feel bad just like, putting her on the street but I'm seriously going to lose it.

2. Can you tell me a story about someone horrible and obnoxious you know, but sometimes like or used to like?

(no subject)

It's boring on here, TQC! Whassup?

Also, what was the last thing that made you feel uncomfortable?

If there were no threat of disease or pregnancy, and you were the best looking person in the world, would you fuck every single person that you wanted to?(ETA) Why or why not?

(no subject)

One of my coworkers (male, early 50s) visits the bathroom as frequently as I go outside to smoke. And that's a lot. I'm talking about five times within 8 hours, usually with a symphony of farting everyone can hear.

What strange/gross habits do your coworkers/bosses have?
Text - best is yet to come

(no subject)

For those of you that ride rollercoasters,

How do you ride them? Do you hold on with a death grip or throw your hands in the air? Do you scream only when you're surprised or nonstop throughout the entire ride? Do you shout words? (Like "Shit!" or "I'M GOING TO DIE!").

For those of you that do not, I do not care. You don't get to answer my questions.

(no subject)


is it acceptable to wear SHORT THINGS to your own wedding, as in your wedding dress to be above the knee? or will people hate me?

basically i don't like long items and my friendy pal is making my dress so it can be how i'd like it to be, but i don't want people to be upset with me. i also am going to wear black socks so i want them to show.

what is your opinion on the matter in my hand?

(no subject)

I can sing along with Alphabet Aerobics by Blackalicious without missing a single word. If you listen to it, you will see how truly impressive this is, especially considering I'm the whitest white girl on the planet.

What useless talent do you have that you think is pretty darn impressive?
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

I just got a 100% on an online self-taught calculus class, and I am very proud of myself. I am going to celebrate by letting myself buy a couple of books off of Amazon.

What is something you've read recently that you'd recommend?

My favorite books include Time Traveler's Wife, White Oleander, Prep, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, and everything by Jodi Picoult. I don't really like biographies or nonfiction, and most fantasy or sci-fi reads awkwardly to me.

The Who.

1. Did you watch VH1's "Rock Honors The Who"?

2. Did you think Pearl Jam outdid everyone else? Even the original members?

3. Do you find it sad that Roger Daltrey continues to try to sing the old songs, but has turned into someone who can no longer sing? Maybe he should just do old crooning songs, rather than fast-paced screaming rock songs.
Jason the Ninja

(no subject)

What are your plans concerning The Dark Knight?

I was there at 12:01 baby!
I'm going this weekend
I'll definitly see it in theaters, I'm just not sure when yet
I don't like going to the cinema, I'll wait for the DVD
I hate anything that's cool, I might never see it

What villains would you like to see in the next movie?

The Ventriloquist
An all new bad guy
Poison Ivy
Killer Croc
Mr. Freeze
The Evil Midnight Bomber (What Bombs at midnight)
I don't know, but I'm sure it will be awesome

(no subject)

You run into a girl you were kind of acquaintances with in high school, working at a convenience store. You've been out of high school for 2 years. How long are you obligated to stay and talk to her?

What is the most polite way to get away from people like this when they trap you?


1. What's the weirdest band name you have ever heard?
2. If your life was a song, what would it be titled?
3. What is a word that you commonly mis-spell?

My answers:
1. Or, The Whale
2. "Fuck, I Have No Idea What's Going On"
3. misspellings.  I HATE THAT WORD.
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Typing Monkey

(no subject)

1) I poured a bunch of glue on to a paper plate, to catch the bugs in my kitchen. Do you think it will work? What roach-catching products have worked for you?

2) I want to buy my brother some vinyl records; problem is, I have no idea what he would like. If I give you a list of some of his favorite artists/bands, will you give me some suggestions?

Collapse )

I'm going to look for some of the bands listed, but I wanted to get him something "new" - to him, at least.
Me - Valhalla

(no subject)

So TQC, my friend screwed us over. She isn't done shopping and now she won't be able to make it out on time. We had planned to see TDK at around 7ish then see a midnight double feature of Ichi The Killer which I haven't seen. Now she's going to be late and we can't see both.

Poll #1225924 WHAT DO I DO TQC?!

What should I go see tonight?

The Dark Knight
Midnight Double Bill - Ichi The Killer and ??
Other- comments.

So is Ichi worth it? Have you seen it?

2) What are you up to this lovely Friday night?

3) What do you wish you were doing?


TQC, I really want some fucking ice cream.
If you were here, what kind of ice cream would you give me?
Sexual innuendos encouraged.

Also, Collapse )
When was the last time that your parents did something totally ridiculous/mean/embarassing? Did you cry?

Is anyone going to Siren tomorrow?

(no subject)

i asked earlier for some advice for someone working in a call center, and 85% of the comments were telling me to quit. this surprised me because i really like my job. it's not the traditional call center though... there's only two people and we don't get too many calls.

so... what sucks so much about working in a call center?
lovely lady

(no subject)

 I'm keeping this night to myself. I have wine, weed, cherries, strawberries and a whole lot of relaxing going on. what free internet movie should I watch along with this very chill night?

(no subject)

1. How has the way you look changed since this time last year?

2. What about the way you act?


1. I've lost a considerable amount of weight and have discovered the joys of straightening my hair
 2. I'm more likely to stand up for myself and have become more willing to start conversations with people I don't know well.

(no subject)

MTV had a few episodes of "Parental Control" on just now.

If you've ever seen that show or know what it's about:

Do you think you could do a dating show that ends that quickly? (not spanning over weeks having 10 or more people to choose from)

Ditch your boy/girlfriend of 5months to a year for some random person on the show like they do based on a first date?

why or why not?

(please just try to have some fun with the question, don't just bash on reality shows)
girl hearts

(no subject)

Do you ever feel that if someone were to come on here and read ALL of your answers they would know.. where you live, what you're wearing, the kind of cellphone you have, you're cats name, where you work, and have pictures of you and pretty much everyone you know doing extremely weird things?

I do.

Do you lie when answering these questions?

(no subject)

 I'm dog-sitting an English mastiff for the night, TQC. The owners left me beer (corona and Sam Adams Summer Ale) and a small parcel of DVDs for me to watch. 

They are: 

Knocked Up
Box Set of Sex & the City
The Princess Bride
In Her Shoes

Which one should I watch first, at 8 pm (I'm watching L&O at the moment)? Should I get drunk on beer and make a drunken post to TQC?
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Rabi Rose

(no subject)

what's an interesting tidbit/fact about your family? any weird hobbies, names all starting with the same letter, lots of twins?

On my Mom's side: My grandparents names are Mary and Joseph, and my Mom was born on Christmas day. heh

(no subject)

The Dark Knight: Are you a Batman fan, or are you seeing it to pay your last respects for Heath's work?

I am def seeing it for Heath. Rest in peace.

I actually just watched the True Hollywood Story on Heath Ledger last night. Anyone else catch it?
mad, Simon

(no subject)

What's the stupidest thing you've ever nearly burned the house down with trying to cook?

I caught my rice on fire. -.-
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(no subject)

Is there anyone here who has any experience with downloading sheet music online?
I'm looking for a particular piece (The Stars and Stripes Forever by John Phillip Sousa - preferably the flute/piccolo part).  All I can find for free is the piano part, which doesn't have what I need (a few specific measures of the famous piccolo solo).  I'm looking for anywhere I can download this, even if I have to pay a few dollars to get it.  The problem I'm running into is that I don't want to just blindly download something without knowing if it's really what I want.  I understand why they don't let people preview things (because why would you need to buy it if you could see it for free), but I'm still wary of it.
So, my question is...
Have you ever downloaded sheet music?  Which website did you go through?  What was your experience/would you recommend it?
Or, even better... do you know of a place where I could get this for free?
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

What line dance at a wedding/party/dance will get you onto the floor right in the middle of the fray?

What song in general will always get you grooving at a party no matter how steadfast you are against dancing?

What song or genre makes you make like a tree and leaf for the punch bowl?

ETA: If TQC was having an awkward high school prom, and someone walked in about an hour into it, assuming you had arrived and not left yet, what would you be doing?