July 16th, 2008

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Will you post a picture of yourself with a hairstyle that's totally different than what you have currently?

Which style did you enjoy/like better, the one you posted or your current one? Why?

Speeding ticket

My girlfriend received a speeding ticket today.  We currently live in Texas, but are moving to Colorado in two weeks.  We never intend on returning to Texas.  What would be the consequences of just NOT paying the ticket?  We realize that a warrant would be issued, but could this catch up to her in Colorado?  Would it show up on a background check, affect her insurance, or affect government student loans in any way?

(Obviously, she could just pay the ticket.  She is just wondering what would happen if she didn't)
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Whenever I try to sign on to AIM, it gives me an error message that says "You are attempting to sign on again too soon. Please try again later." I tried waiting a few minutes, then restarted AIM, then restarted the computer. It's still doing it. What the hell's wrong with it?

ETA: Never mind, got it working. Thanks.

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Females: If you found out right now that your reproductive organs were running out of time and you have exactly one year left from today to have (conceive, carry, give birth to) a child of your own what would you do?

Heterosexual males: Your SO is in the situation above, would you fertilize her egg?
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Does anyone with a Verizon cell phone know how easy/difficult it is to change your phone number? Is there a fee? I went to their website, and it just says that you need to call them, and gives no other information.

(I'm going to call them, but I'm curious right now. And I can't call now, it's one in the morning. :P)

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I am making a grocery list for the rest of the week. The food is mostly for me to make for my little sister and myself while I babysit her (breakfast, lunch, and snack). What foods would you suggest for a kind of picky four-year-old and a usually ravenous teenager?

Also, has anyone else noticed that the TQC page is a little on the girly side?

What is your favorite meal? (Or what sounds most appetizing to you right now?)

(I'm hungry, obviously.)

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1. Can you remember a particular day when you felt *really* beautiful/attractive? If so, what do you think made you feel that way?

2. If there was one particular song you could wish out of existence, what would it be?

3. Will you tell me about  a song  you really like that you think most people probably haven't heard before?

(no subject)

1. Do you think Tay Zonday will still be a relevant music artist 20 years from now?

2. To people not from Australia: When was the last time you heard about Australia in the news?

3. Making all the walls in your room into dry erase board via white glossy paint; Good or Bad?

4. If there was a restaurant that you heard had really good and cheap food, but the only entrance required you to climb a ladder to a 2nd floor balcony then walk inside, would you go?

5. When cars all switch over to hydrogen fuel cells, will gas/petrol stations still be called that, or will people start calling them hydrogen stations?

6. Lastly, when was the last time you had Pez?
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Have you ever experienced the wonders of The Great Hatsby/the Salmonbots?

I just had a particularly lovely conversation in which I told the Salmon that I found them on OtherkinDating.com.
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Have any of you ever used the night and day (extended wear) contacts? I work 12 hours and I've got to commute, etc, etc and end up wearing my contacts for sometimes 20 hours (okay, once it was 36, but that was a special occasion..). I can't wear glasses. Are the extended wear more comfortable? Are they more expensive?

What would you do?

Okay, so we got our gas bill for this month. Open it up and it's $393.10. Wtf? They combined two of our bills (we didn't get a April-May bill), which is weird enough, but the bill says we somehow managed to use up 207 therms in 30 days. Averaged out, that's only slightly less than we typically use in a month, PER DAY. So while our monthly bill is usually $40-50 (maybe $60 or so when we run the heat), June's bill wound up being a whopping $315.

I called them about how effin' crazy that was, and ended up speaking to three different people. All of them gave me pretty much the same answer: it's not their problem, and I owe them the money. I tried to explain that A) there is only one appliance in the household which uses gas (our water heater) B) If something were malfunctioning with the water heater, it would have continued on into the next month (May-June), which we were also charged for (only $13 worth of gas charges--8.4 therms used) C) it's absolutely not even POSSIBLE for the house to use up that much gas. We'd have to literally bust open a line... which would also, as I said, show during the next month's gas usage. The manager ended up talking down to me and implying that there was an appliance in the household that ran on gas, and maybe I just wasn't aware of it. I asked him if there was even the slightest chance that there was a mistake with this--maybe the meter was malfunctioning or something. Nope. Not even the tiniest chance. It's all my fault, and apparently we did use all that gas.

I wish I knew where that guy lived. I'd seriously blow up his effin' house. But what would you do? In all seriousness. They offered to let us set up a payment plan (3 payments of $104/month, on top of our $50 gas charges), and honestly, we would be absolutely incapable of making those payments, even if we wanted to. We'll be calling our landlord tomorrow to have someone come and check out the water heater, just in case, but obviously nothing will be found wrong with it. Only thing I can think of is to just... not pay it. Have them shut our gas off and get a debt collector after us. I can't think of any other options.

Suggestions? :(


(no subject)

1. Do you read true crime books?
2. What's the scariest true crime book you've ever read?

Mine is "The Ultimate Evil" by Maury Terry that discusses, among other things, the real motive behind the Son of Sam killings.
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French comics

Do you know any good, relatively new (no classics like Asterix or Tintin) French comics? I'm going to Paris the day after tomorrow and mean to find something in French, so it doesn't have to be translated. I'd prefer steampunk, fantasy or SF, in that order, but other recommendations are fine, too. Bonus points if the series is quite short, or even a oneshot.

Also, do you know any good steampunk comics besides Girl Genius in any language? Or adventurous and humorous pirate comics besides One Piece?

EDIT. We don't get single issues of American comic books here, so I'm mainly looking for things with collected volumes.
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TQC, I am having a very bad day. Our TV broke last night. Its a lovely little TV/VCR/DVD combo that we've only had for 6 months. It won't turn on now. I've checked everything I could think of. This is very bad because my kids favorite movie is stuck in the DVD player. Its the only thing they'll sit still to watch even if they've seen it a thousand times before. I use it when I need to clean because I know where they are.

My three year old has also decided that today is a good day to be emo over the smallest things. Look at her funny and she runs away bawling her eyes out. Its great! My one year old is teething so he's super clingy and if I leave his sight for a second he flips out, too!

And its raining. And I don't have the money to take the bus anywhere (I don't have my license).

Can you guys try to cheer me up?

ETA: I just got a text from my husband telling me we are not going to go see Dark Knight when it opens because there's something going on for work that he doesn't have to attend but wants to anyway to make a good impression on his higher ups. Who wants to go to the movie with me and we can leave the brats children with him?

ETA2: I just found a bag of cold stone creamery flavored jelly beans. They're not mine. They belong to the husband. Should I eat them out of revenge for canceling our date night?

hypothetical situation

you have been married to someone for a long time. say, 5+ years. however, after a while, your relationship has gone south and you both hate eachother, don't sleep in the same bed, etc but for whatever reason, getting a divorce is not an option at this time. would you be okay with your husband/wife seeing someone else?

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Well, TQC, for those of you who have lost a loved one, or even a beloved pet I guess, do you feel unsettled, maybe even a little scared on top of the grief in the period between your loved one's death and their burial or cremation?

I'm sorry if I upset anyone with this question. I've just noticed this phenomenon in myself, and wonder if it's something sorta instinctual. You know, the need to bury your dead before it becomes a disease issue becoming genetically encoded. Although it would be difficult to prove that it was instinctual rather than cultural, in any event.

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Retractable pens should be made illegal.

Barring that, they should be designed so that they stab anyone who clicks them more than once a minute.

This PSA brought to you by that annoying coworker who won't stop clicking their pen.


What are your workplace annoyances?

let's freak out

1) what are you freaking out about right now?

geh, will I have to move to someplace far away where everyone isn't married and doesn't have kids?

2)what IS a fuck mook?

3) My ps2 version of harvest moon a wonderful life won't load even after waiting for ten minutes. is it broken? what should I do with it?
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Flash CS3 Slideshow Question

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to create a flash slideshow where it will cycle through images (this I can do already). My real question is how do I have it so that when someone clicks on a particular roving image, a new browser window will open and take them to a specific url? Ie; every specific image will link to a new and different page.

Does anyone know anything online? I have spent a long time searching for tutorials online before I came to the community, so I wouldn't bug anyone with annoying questions.

If someone knows how to do this, I would appreciate the help greatly. My boss is demanding, but he doesn't know how to do this either. I'm actually really new and rather slow at this. I don't know Flash very well, so a step-by-step would be ideal.

Thank you for reading this, and if you have any suggestions, thank you in advance for them.
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Hey TQC,

Do you prefer that people like you for your personality or for your looks?
What kind of compliments do you like the most?

(im not asking what you think is better. As in: o its better to have a good personality because looks don't last. But, what actually makes you smile to yourself later in the day when you remember the compliment?)
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1) Will you tell me how you got over your last breakup?

2) How did you distract yourself when things got really depressing and lonely?

3) My mom's pizza & sub shop opens next week. Will you come support us? What're you gonna order?


Have you read any of the following books?

Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
Rocket Boys by Homer H. Hickam, Jr.

What are your opinions on these books?

(no subject)

Back when everyone was wearing those Hot Topic shirts with ~witty sayings on them, there was this one that a kid I knew wore that said
"I can brush my teeth and pee at the same time."

What the fuck does that mean? Is is supposed to be funny or just ~*t0tAlLi r@nDuM*~?
If it's supposed to be funny, how? I don't get it, what is the joke?

(no subject)

Does toys r us still have the wall of stuffed animals like they use to?
I want to buy a stuffed bulldog but I can't find it on their website.

Where else could I buy a stuffed bulldog?
Maybe target?

Has an S.O. ever give you a stuffed toy?
If yes, What was it?

(no subject)

What's a good file-splitter (well, I'd be using i for file-joining) for Mac?


Also: what's you're opinion of the iPhone?
I think it's kindof cool but completely excessive.
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Have you ever fallen for spam emails?

I just got an email saying "You have added a new email address to your Paypal account." It was sent to my gmail address. Only after I opened it did I remember that I was registered for paypal with my yahoo address.
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(no subject)

what is your biggest grammatical/language pet peeve? i know we have this question a lot, but i am quite irritated at the moment, so i am pretending it is fresh and new.

-- would of/could of/should of. omg. it makes me want to strangle the person that did it because it is just so incredibly stupid.

what is your favorite smell? do you identify certain odors with holidays and seasons?

-- i frequently say things like, "oh, it smells like halloween out here" and everyone looks at me like i am utterly nuts. i love the smells that i associate with halloween and christmas.

will you tell me something weird that your pet/pets do? we recently put down our german shepherd and i miss him and his quirks very much.

hot teel deer on teal dear action.

So, let's say you're a single girl. You meet a guy who is attractive, spontaneous, interesting, and you have these really great, long conversations with him every time you're together. He has a well-paying job and a nice apartment. So you start dating him. You haven't been this happy in years. Three weeks later, the guy goes out with some people he hasn't seen in a long time, and randomly overdoses on heroin. He dies in the hospital, is revived and has several heart attacks. He is basically fine, but will have to stay in the hospital for a while and once released will go to rehab in another state for one month.

What would your next move be? Do you stay with him, spending time with his family and hoping he'll come back fine, or do you run like hell?

I would run like hell, but I don't understand why the fuck my friend is choosing to wait for him.

(no subject)

Will you recommend a good FM transmitter so I can listen to my iPod in the car? I had one when I had my ipod mini but it was kinda crappy and only came in on one station if i kept the ipod in a certain place in my car.
I don't have a tape deck so I can't use the ones with the tape.

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I'm watching Motocrossed right now on Disney Channel. The main girl cuts her hair to look like a guy, and dresses like a guy to race motocross. She has everyone fooled into thinking she's male.

Females, do you think you could make yourself look like a guy and fool everyone?

Males, do you think you'd be able to tell if a female were pretending to be a guy?
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Financially, I mean

Will you tell me about when you were at your poorest?
What crazy things did you do to get by?
Did it make you more grateful for what you have?

In college I used to sell plasma. I'm so very glad I don't have to do that anymore.

(no subject)

Um so...just now on my cigarette break I was standing outside the office building and a guy came up to me and said "SMOKING IS BAD!" to which I replied "I know, I really need to quit."

He proceeded to put his hand ON MY FOREHEAD, close his eyes, and make a ridiculous humming noise. Then he said "There, you'll never smoke again." I just stared at him blankly until he walked away.

1. WTF was this guy thinking?
2. What would you have done in this situation?
3. Do you think he really cured me of my nicotine addiction?
4. How can I sanitize my precious forehead?

(no subject)

If I move from one state to another within the next few weeks will it complicate my ability to vote in the presidential election?
I am over 18, legally able to vote and registered. Going from Washington to California.

I have asked many people around me about it, none of them seem to know. I searched the internet and that didn't yield anything.
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I just ate way, way too many Doritos.  How should I make myself feel better?

What's the best part about being an unemployed bum?  What's the worst part (aside from the lack of money)?

(no subject)

Do your friends have any common traits that you can identify? Do you think you look for certain qualities in people specifically, or are you just drawn to certain people?

How about your significant others? Same question, I mean.

(no subject)

1. Were the last few of us who were not online during the anonymous compliment session on tqcanonpartduex and just posted pictures today too late to receive some anonymous compliments?! 

2. How much is medium coffee by you? I've heard people complain about Starbucks being so expensive, and that a regular cup of coffee is 5 bucks, and I am very sure these are grossly exagerated. While some stuff is overpriced there, I pay $2.01 for a medium regular coffee, so where is this 5 dollar nonsense coming from?

3. Is the answer to number 2 dirty hippies?

4. What did you have for lunch?

(no subject)

What is the last thing you had shipped to your addresses?
Are you eating anything right now? What?
Are you looking forward to anything this summer?

- I went to the Cole Hann store on Saturday and found a pair of red Cole Hann pumps but they didn't have my size in stock. So I had them send a pair to my house. I just received them today!
- Grapes and blueberries
- My birthday
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(no subject)

Is there some sort of game out there that's like the Sims, but where you can just build houses or arrange furniture?

I used to use The Sims, but it's such a pain in the butt to get the money to build.

180 Minutes

You go to the doctor for some mysterious ache, and you're given a blood test. 3 hours later, the doctor tells you that you have only 6 hours to live...from the time the blood was taken, so you only have 3 hours of life left. He offers to give you a strong sedative that will knock you out, so you'll pass painlessly and effortlessly in your sleep. Otherwise, your heart will explode in no time. You have 3 hours. What do you do with your time left?

Go and say goodbye to my family and friends. Weep it out until the end
Bang my SO for the next 3 hours. Go out in an orgasmic bang
I don't have a SO. I'll bang whoever I can get for the remainder of my time on earth
Make preparations. Get my will in order (or get one), see that my burial will be taken care of, and select songs to play at my funeral
Get stinking drunk/high. Party like it's 1999
See a movie in the theatre. I hear Wall-E is pretty good
Get a second opinion. With the waiting room wait, the blood test wait, and all, it'd better be discovered I'll live, or else this will be the last thing I do
Quickly do something that I wanted to do before I die, like parachuting or kiss that cute person in my office that I'm too shy to talk to, etc.
Max out my credit card. Rent an awesome sportscar, awesome clothes, and do awesome things. In short, live beyond my means. I won't live long enough to foot the bill
Go to TQC chat and say goodbye to everybody. Make a somber post. Read everybody's sad comments. Then, die face down on the keyboard the way God intended
ARRGGH!! I can't take this suspense! The stress is killing me! I have the doctor knock me out
Do some really effed up stuff that I wouldn't normally do, like punch out my boss, go streaking through class, poop in the ex's fishbowl, etc.
Start praying. It's time to start making good with my maker
Ask the doctor if he can look at this other problem you've been having. It might take another 3 hours for the results to come in

Good news! The test results were mixed up, and you're going to live! What do you do now?

Hug everybody. I'm so happy!
Sue the doctor for malpractice
I'm happy I'm going to live, but how am I going to pay off all these bills I racked up?
Go to the free clinic. I probably shouldn't have been sexing all those random people
Consider this a motivator to start living life to the fullest, instead of putting things off
A lot of apology cards from Hallmark are in order. I did some pretty messed up stuff

You have a friend of the opposite sex (or the same sex if you're gay) who's kinda cute but has been in a serious relationship. One day, he or she tells you that they went to the doctor and were told they have 3 hours left to live. After all the sad exchanges, your friend says that he or she has always had a thing for you, and wonders if they could have sex with you in these final hours. Your SO is out of the city for family matters. What do you do?

Sleep with my friend. It's the least I can do. They are kinda cute and it'd mean so much to him/her
Politely refuse. It's not right for my friend's SO, or mine (if you have one)

You have a close friend who's a single mom with 3 kids. One day, she comes to you and tells you through tears that she has 3 hours to live, and she wants to make sure her kids are taken care of. Her mom's too irresponsible and everybody else can't be trusted, and she wants you to have her kids. "Do this for me, please. There's no one else I can trust". Do you agree to take her kids after she kicks off in 3 hours?


You have a friend who's also dying in 3 hours (damn, it must be like a plague or something!), and he's a medic. For whatever reason, he's a few thousand in debt, has no life insurance, and is worried about what his family will do to make ends meet. He asks you to help him remove a kidney, which he'll have sold on the black market for thousands. He can't reach back there, and no hospital will do something like this, so he's asking you to use the knife. He'll guide you, but you'll have to make the incisions yourself, and do the heavy lifting of organ removal (into the ice bucket). He's asking you to do this as a friend. Will you do it?


(no subject)

So, TQC, my husband just called and said the field behind our apartment complex is completely on fire, the flames are a few hundred feet from the building. The firemen are there...but he asked me what I wanted him to do. I told him to get my musical equipment and the cats out of there, and GTFO (my daughter is in daycare, safe).

If you got news like this, what would you want saved?
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(no subject)

1. I just gave a deposit to my future landlord. He came to my work to pick it up. When he was leaving, he looked at me and then looked at my assistant and said "What, does the owner only hire former models?!" He's in his late 40s or early 50s.

Is this a sign of things to come?

2. Have you ever lived completely on your own, no roommates? What were the best and worst things about it? This will be my first time doing it.

3. How long do you usually stay in a relationship after you're hearts no longer in it? (e.g. is it the first day the thought comes into your mind or does it take a few weeks or months..)

4. I'll be staying at a friends house this weekend. I am bringing her a nice bottle of wine but want to get something else. What else should I bring as a thank you for hosting me gift? Married 20-something female. Likes cooking, gardening, she's from Germany.... umm... yeah.

(no subject)

1)Please write a sentence below that you think is awesome

"Ninjas have kidnapped the president! are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?"

2)What are your favorite types of story?

tragedy please! fantasy and sci fi may apply.

3)what game should I play next?

I have radiata stories, ff7: dirge of cerebus(I think), ff10 and harvest moon: a wonderful life[although it might not work]

(no subject)

You are currently earning $xx,xxx at your job and you have been there for a year. In applying to a new company, they ask you for your salary requirements. How much more than your current salary do you request?
hannibal skull


You're not feeling well. You go to the doctor. After an ultrasound, he tells you that you have 2, maybe 3 months to live. Stomach/liver cancer. Too far gone to operate.

You're a young woman with 2 kids and a husband. They were not with you at the doc's office.

Do you tell them you are dying?
Why would you NOT tell them?
What would you in those 2-3 months if you DID NOT tell them you were dying?

(no subject)

 TQH, is it possible for a student to have a dog and look after it properly?

My flat mate doesn't think so. I do.

I want to get a dog. I've had them my whole life at home and I miss them now I'm at uni. I've thought long and hard about it and think I have the time to look after one. Do you think I should go for it?

(no subject)

You're out with someone you're dating, and s/he says "I love you."

You care about him/her/it, but you don't love them. Obviously, they are expecting an "I love you too" in return.

What do you do? Swallow your honesty and say what will make them happy? Say something else that might tip them off to the fact that you obviously don't share the depth of their feelings? Throw in some massive distraction ("Look! Over there! It's Superman!)? Make like a ninja and vanish?

(no subject)

So I want some new sheets. I'm over this jersey-knit stuff that always gets all pilly. I want something soft, without spending too much money. Do you all have any recommendations? (Stores, brands, thread counts, styles?)

If you're going to be useless to me in my new sheet quest, what is the best gift you've ever received? what's the worst?
What's the best gift you've ever given? Care to share the worst?

(For me, the best gift I've ever received was my car, the worst was a hideous piece of clothing that I returned immediately. The best gift I've ever given was a gift card to Nordstrom--I'm horrible at gift giving. The worst was the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack that I gave to a semi-friend of mine at a birthday party in 7th grade).


What have you been OBSESSED with lately?


Painting, painting, painting. And my Etsy shop (http://www.steppie.etsy.com).

I swear, after I found out about Etsy and started painting again... it's all I ever do! I don't even hang out with people anymore - I'm just cooped up in my room painting canvases, ACEOs, tote bags, and anything else I can get my hands on.

I'm obsessed. Must. Get. Outside.
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unprofessional business

Rather than make an unnecessary trip to the library which is half an hour away, I called it up in order to double check on which day my books needed to be return. I was told to wait and was put on hold only for them to hang up on me a minute later. For the past two hours I've been trying to call them back but all I've been getting is the busy signal. It's like they have turned off their phones. This transaction should have originally only taken two minutes.

How unprofessional is this?

My question to you, when was the last you came across something unprofessional in the business/government world?

What happened and what did you do?

EDIT: Finally got a hold of them. The transaction actually took less than two minutes.

(no subject)

There are two toilet cubicles that are both occupied. You take your place in the queue. Finally, it's your turn...so you go in and you can see SHIT all over the bowl. 

What do you do?
Back the fuck out and wait for the other toilet to be free, potentially embarassing the shitter because she's washing her hands and can see that you're not using her disgusting toilet? Or suck it up and go in, knowing that the next person who goes in after you is going to think that you have explosive diarrhoea?
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Say something

1. You travel to a country where the native language is different from the one spoken in your own country. While there, someone notices that you're obviously foreign, and asks you to say a something in your language. What (in english) do you say?

2. You travel to a part of your own country where they speak with a different accent than yours. While there, someone notices that you're obviously not a local, and asks you to say a something (to hear your accent better). What do you say?

(no subject)

Answers in the form of a specific example or a general description of the comment are both acceptable.

1. If you were exchanging online messages with a male, what is the most unattractive thing he could say to you?

2. Same, for females.
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(no subject)

So, my brother has a Nokia N95. He left it in his jeans pocket and consequently it went through the wash, and it may be ruined. Now, because my mum put the washing in this morning, she is getting the blame from him, my dad and herself. I think it's entirely my brother's fault for a) leaving it in his pocket, and b) having an indistinct pile of clothes in his room which my mum washed, instead of putting his dirty clothes into the bucket we are supposed to use to avoid such things (he claimed that those clothes weren't supposed to be washed and they weren't in the dirty clothes pile).

So, TQC, who's fault is it?

edit: I will concede that it is partially my mum's fault for not checking pockets, but I still think it's mostly his fault. (I would like to note that he hasn't used the dirty clothes bucket in quite a while, which is why mum just picked up the clothes off the floor.)
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dear TQC...

I have a friend who opens conversations with, "What else?".

When questioned about it, he said it was funny...
Isn't it more... obnoxious?

And on a lighter note:
Burrito's or Taco's?

(no subject)

1. What kind of music do you listen to?
1b. Do you find yourself judging others based on the type of music they listen to?

2. What do you think about people dressing a certain way according to the music they listen to?

3. If you could dye your hair any color, without having to worry about current job restrictions and such, what color would you dye it?

4. Do you consider yourself an artist?
4b. If so, will you post some of your work?

5. Do you have a deviant art account?

Collapse )

(no subject)

1. Will you please show me a picture of you at your high school graduation?
ETA: If you do not have any, will you please post a picture of you at anything graduation-related?
2. What year did you graduate?
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(no subject)

Suppose you have a college degree, 5 years work experience (office jobs) and are making $45K/year in a major city. You move to a small town to live your with grad student fiance. The only jobs you can find are paying $8/hour to be a cashier or bank teller or work in fast food.

Do you take the job and significant pay cut? Or do you wait for a good job to come along?

What if a year has gone by and no good job has materialized - now do you take the $8/hour job or just wait? You will probably be moving in a year when your fiance graduates.
Jessica Rabbit


How would you define maturity?

What makes a person mature or immature?
Is it something you can tell by looking at a person, or do you have to get to know them first to determine maturity level?
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(no subject)

So a friend of mine, who is normally as suave, proper and sophisticated as they come, just accidentally took a Percocet instead of an aspirin after a glass of wine and is now talking to me online like a 15 year old stoner.

What's something that has made you laugh today, TQC?
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On friday, I'm leaving for a seven day trip to Texas. Is there anything random you can think of that I might need to take besides the obvious? Carry-on or regular luggage--doesnt matter.
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Poll #1224648 TQC, Word

You work in a daycare. Sucks, huh? Well, you do. What age kids do you work with? (only one)

Younger toddlers (1-1.5 years old)
Older toddlers (1.5-2 years old)
Pre-K (ages 4-5)
Lower elementary (ages 5-8)
Upper elementary (ages 9-11)

You have a gaggle of 10-15 kids, and while standing in line to go outside, one punches another in the face. You have a sobbing child, a wide-eyed one, and the rest are standing around gawking. What do you do?

Get everyone outside, sit down and talk with the two
Yell for ice for the hurt one, and get the director to talk to the other
Sit everyone down and talk about how hitting is wrong
Other, explained in comments

Lunch time! What food is served to the kids that you'll sneak a few bites/pieces of when they're not looking?

You're back from lunch. You have 1. A boy wanting to use the bathroom, 2. A girl wanting to use the bathroom, 3. Two kids tussling over a toy, 4. Two kids arguing over one wall socket for their Nintendo DS charger, 5. A kid with wet pants, 6. A kid wanting you to get art supplies out so they can do a craft. What order do you get these tasks accomplished in?

You're all out on the playground when suddenly little Timmy comes running to you sobbing, holding his arm limply. There is no phone outside, your director is in his office and you can't reach him by shouting, no coworkers are anywhere near you, you have no assistant, and this kid's got a broken arm or something close. What do you do?

Field trip! Too bad your bosses are cheap dicks and will only spend $5 a kid. Where do you go?

Story time! What book from your childhood do you not hesistate to read to the little fiends?

Everyone's gone home! You have to accomplish these tasks: 1. Clean the bathrooms 2. Sweep 3. Mop 4. Wash the tables 5. Take out the trash 6. Get things out for the next day. What order do you do these in?


Minor Pains

1. What hurts more than scratching a bad sunburn?
I just did it:C

2. What is the tackiest summer trend?

3. Would you walk naked down the streets of the town you grew up in for $500,000?
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What's the hardest thing you've ever done?

It could be anything between the IB Physics class you took in HS (or are taking now), being away from home for the first time or robbing a bank.

Just curious (especially if you DID rob a bank)


dear americans and others with paper based currency

How do you react when you put a note through the wash?

I ask this to those with paper currency because most nations these days use polymer notes instead of paper, which survive being washed perfectly, so I just want to know how those who are still unlucky enough to have a government that doesnt see the benefits of non paper money react when they put a note through the wash. 

(also, if you did it back when your nation did use paper for its notes, how did you react back then?)

As Australia switched to polymer notes before I was old enough that the things I would buy on my own would need a note, I have no experiance doing this.
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Someone comes up to you and they say, "I'll give you this one chance to completely redo yourself from the inside out. Like creating yourself from scratch."

Would you do it?

What would you look like?
Who would you be?

(Of course ignoring the randomness of some guy approaching you with this opportunity. :3 )

Oh, and of course. No strings attached.
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Dear TQC, my friends want me to come see the midnight showing of the Dark Night with them. I work the next morning, probably at 8:00 or 8:30. I'd probably get home around 3:00am. Should I do it anyway?
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Do you ever have days that you're just really shit at typing?
I'm usually really accurate with typing, but I've been making the most ridiculous mistakes all day long.

What's the most expensive car you've ever been in (assume the price at its highest value, for example, a Model T at its current worth)?  It doesn't have to have been yours.
An Escalade

When is the last time your hurt a toe?  What happened?
I don't remember. I just want to know for some reason.
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Have you ever wanted to change your astrological sign?

I'm an Aquarius, but there are times that I REALLY wish I were an Aries or Scorpio. I just like those signs a lot more!
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Stupid cats.

My cats are fairly ferocious hunters. I find various bodies in the backyard all the time. Sometimes I get to them before they manage to kill the poor things, and to this point thus far when I've managed to do so the little critters skip away, terrified. 

Tonight one of the cats caught a chipmunk, an act I intercepted. Well, I walked outside to find him two feet away from the chipmunk with an innocent, "who, me?" look on his face, anyway. This particular time the chipmunk is alive but not okay; he appears to have at least a broken leg. 

I've now introduced my child to the cruel truth of nature, and we have attempted to mediate the poor thing's terror and comfort by at least putting a shoebox, with a door small enough for the chipmunk to get out and the top and sides poked with holes, over him. 

Vets won't take a chipmunk obviously, and I hate to see it suffer.  

What else can I do? Any ideas?
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sailor moon


MAY I PLEASE see some pictures of tasty foods you have in your house atm?

i don't care if it's a picture you took or a picture you got off the intarnets but i want pictures, please. give us all some nom inspiration?

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I'm going to a policy conference for the National Institute of Justice next week (because I'm a nerd). I'll likely be (one of) the only student(s) there, surrounded by lots of hotshots in the field. I want to try and network there. I can do that, right? Also, how does one go about networking? What tips should I know?