July 15th, 2008


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My boyfriend type things coming over tomorrow. What should I make for dinner?

(I won't eat rice or pasta. I dislike chicken but I'll tolerate it occasionally. Everyone involved hates mayo and ham. Thats the only conditions.)

Do you ever get really paranoid when someone new comes over?
I do. I hate my house =( Its ugly.

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Will you read this poem for me? I'd like some none-douche thoughts.

What food are you craving right now?

If you could be an internet 'celebrity', would you be?

Say you were one, what talent/gimmick gave you this status?

Does your room smell funny?

Where would you rather be right now?


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What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?

Today I smashed my thumb with my spare tire, it bent my nail backwards completely in half, it was stuck like that and I had to unfold it. :( Very hurty and bloody.


 who is the true prince charming (according to fact, not popular opinion)-- the prince in snow white or cinderella?

*imdb says they are BOTH named prince charming.

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What's your favourite cooking recipe?

I had two new housemates move in on the weekend, and I want to make them a 'thanks for moving in' dinner....yet I am a pretty hopeless cook, so the easier the better!


1:08am/idk, you tell me

What time is it?

Should I go to bed now or stare at the computer monitor for another three hours? Or is there something else you wanna suggest for me to do? I'm up for helping out around the house or whatever.

EDIT: What the hell is tapping on my window right now?!

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1. How was your weekend?

2. If you had to pick any character from any movie to go on a road trip with, who would it be?

3. So, uh...does ANYONE here eat junk food, ever? I only ask because anytime something like "what's your favorite snack?" is asked, I always see a whole bunch of this...." soy milk!!!"   "Kashi!!!"  "granola!!!"  "not a damn thing but AIR!!!"
And am I the only one who notices that? 

1. Drama-riffic.

2. Walter from "The Big Lebowski"

3. Hells yeah.

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There's a local commercial here for a team of lawyers that specialize in motorcycle accidents, in the commercial they comment how many drivers aren't careful about sharing the roads with motorcycles. In your opinion, in accidents involving motorcycles who is more often to blame-the motorcyclist or the driver of the other vehicle?
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so my most wonderful best friend won 2 free[!] tickets to see the dark knight[!] in imax[!] tomorrow[!] and of course i get to go along.

so aside from right now, when was the last time you were jealous of someone?

hahaha, just kidding. real question:

what should i wear? i'm thinking high-waisted acid-washed black denim skirt, and either a t-shirt or a short sleeved blouse... but if i do that, i really don't know what kind of shoes to wear, because i don't want to be uncomfortable.

another question: why do i even care?
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The Jamaican man that I work with asked me if I smoked (cigarettes) and I said "No, never." He was shocked. He asked if my husband smoked cigarettes and I said no. He said "I thought about 97% of Americans smoked!"

Non-Americans: Do you think the majority of American's smoke? If you said yes, what makes you think that?

And referencing my Moscow post from last night, my husband and I sat down and looked at our finances and budget and decided it just isn't feasible for me to fly to Moscow this year. But I'd like to send my friend something really meaningful and awesome as a wedding present. We met over a book series that we both enjoyed and I was thinking of getting her all of them in a nice box set or something. She can't find a lot of them in Russia and she doesn't have the means to purchase things online. Is this a nice enough present? What other neat Americanish things can I send her?

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1. Whats the nicest thing you've done this year so far?

2. Whats the horriblest thing you've done this year so far?

3. Did you have any new year resolutions? Have you achieved them? Do you even remember them?!

1. Stopped being a bitch and actually been a friend to people
2. Dumped a guy on his birthday and made him cry :(
3. Can't remember D:

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Do you recall the very first time you heard your own voice, on a video, casette tape, etc.?

How did you react?

I was in 2nd grade and my teacher wanted to make a casette tape of me reading a book so the other kids could listen and follow along. My mom came in and helped record it, and when I listened to it I started crying saying "that's not my voice!"

ETA: Does anyone out there actually like the sound of their own voice?
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So you're walking down the street and come across a dead wildebeest. Out of nowhere comes a purple mermaid wearing a rainbow scarf. She starts humping the wildebeest in the middle of the road, but her fin gets in the way. She asks you to mate with the wildebeest for her, but the catch is that you will contract some crazy, nasty wildebeest STD that will cost $250,000 dollars to cure and the only doctor in the world who will help you lives on the top of an isolated mountain that costs an addtional $250,000 to get to. For $1, 000, 000 dollars, do you fuck the wildebeest for the purple mermaid wearing a rainbow scarf?

hannibal skull


Which actor/actress has portrayed a blind person best?

What sorta food you reckon'd be good for blind people?

ETA: My apologies to any blind people who are reading this.


I'm fairly light skinned. I was out in the sun all last weekend and now have a minor sunburn in the shape of the collar of my shirt.

I'm getting married on the 8th of August, outside in a strapless dress. I'd rather not have any weird tan lines but I'm not sure if it's too late. Should I try and go to a tanning salon a couple times before the wedding? I'm not going to tan outside topless and a tanning salon is the only way I can think of to avoid tanlines. How many times would I need to go? What sort of cost am I looking at?
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When loading a dishwasher, do you make sure all the items are placed in there "correctly" or do you haphazardly pile them all in there and hope for the best?

Inspired by my MIL loading the machine yesterday and then me going in and re-doing it because I don't like it when the plates clank and rub against each other, or when the bowls are balanced on top of small plates. (Anal much?)
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What do you consider the greatest TV show of all time (or, your lifetime?)

Who is your favorite West Wing character if you watched it?

If you didnt watch the West Wing, why do you suck?

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I'm going to come out and say that I have a problem with sweets (I eat a lot of them!).  It is the most delicious problem I have ever had.

Should I:
a) Go get french toast for breakfast (again! :D)
b) Get taquitos and use the rest of my money to buy cookies!

What do I eat for breakfast tqc?

ETA: Ok, what kind of cookies?  I'll go to CVS across the street.  Usually I get white chocolate chip macademia nut Pepperidge Farm cookies.

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 Is the texture of my hair different/not normal because I'm malnurished?

Peeps w/ PTSD [[post traumatic stress disorder]]:

1. How were you diagnosed? [[did you go to a shrink?]]
2. How do you cope? Like.. how do you let it NOT interfere with work, social life, personally, etc.?

TIA :)


The Office Webisodes can't be watched if you live in Canada.. not from NBC.com anyway. I've searched and searched and I can't find a site that lets other countries watch them. Is there any other way of watching them? I think Heroes is starting this too..
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Hey, it's my first Dr. LJ post!

So, TQC, I'm pretty certain I've sprained my ankle. I took today off work (because I can't walk about, obviously, and my job requires it), but I really can't afford to take any more days off. Would it be really bad for my ankle if I went back to work tomorrow? I have to push carts and shelve things.

Oh, and I can't afford to see a doctor right now, so that's out of the question.
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You're walking down the street following a rousing game of basketball with some of your friends, when you suddenly come across a large wildebeest. Seeing as wildebeests aren't so common in your area anymore, following The Wildebeest Murdering Act of 1984, you stop for am moment and contemplate various things such as "My, what a large animal." and "I didn't think I was taking those drugs today."

You, for some ungodly reason, decide to move a bit closer to the surprisingly tame wildebeest. After a period of time, it clears it's throat and asks you the time. You remember various excerpts from you biology books indicating that wildebeests cannot, in fact, talk, and that this is a severe problem that may also be some kind of neurological disorder. It was a complicated book.

Faced with the notion of a talking wildebeest in the middle of the street, do you:
1- Run away screaming, and hope it doesn't ask you any more questions?
2- Use your Dark Charizard to have char-roasted wildebeest?
3- Double click the power chord?
4- Discover that is, in fact, a neurological disorder, whenever you start having severe seizures and the wildebeest turns into a frog named Jim who you went to high school with?
5- Just do more drugs?
6- Never play basketball with those guys again, because they clearly fucked you up?
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You go to a local pizza place and buy 2 pieces of pizza, to go, for $5.17. The service is always average, and they have a tip jar. Do you leave a tip?

yes and I will tell you how much in the comments.
yes but I won't tell you how much.
it depends if I see anyone else leave a tip.
something else.
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I just got a filling, so my mouth is nuuuuumb.

Do you like or dislike the feeling of a numb mouth?

How long does the numbness usually last?

Have you (or anyone you know) ever bitten yourself while your mouth was numb?  Is it as much of a worry as the dentist always says?
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Do you post ads on Craig's List ever? Have you ever met someone from Craig's List? Any funny stories?

I went out with a dude from Craig's List, wasn't really feeling him so when he asked me out again told him no. He then started begging me to give him a chance, and finally said I had ruined his life. Um, wow.
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 Hi TQC! <3

1) When you are having a blah day, what do you do to make it no so blah?
2) Are you the kind of person who dwells on bad stuff or the kind of person who tries to ignore it?
3) What do you think a friend is?
4) What is the next thing you are really fucking stoked for?

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I was driving down the thru way and there was a mommy duck with her baby ducks crossing the road. I slowed down until they were out of my lane and then the car in the left lane hit the mommy duck. The car behind it hit the baby ducks. I'm pretty irrationally upset about this. I know they're just ducks but ugh it was tragic.

What's the last thing you were irrationally sad about?

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so i've been feeling a little sick lately, and my doctor told me that i'm just not eating enough, and suggested that i make sure i always have something to snack on to keep me feeling better. i've already stocked up on crackers, fruit, and chips, but i need a little variety.

tqc, what are some good, light snacks that i can carry around with me?

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iBook G4. (4 years old)
Needs a new battery and a wireless card.

What would be a fair offer on that? Its a friend of mine thats selling it. I just need a portable internet machine bascially.

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At what fast food places in your area can you get non-traditionally cut french fries and what cut are they? (non-traditional as in crinkle cut or skin on or waffle or thick or whatever as opposed to the traditional straight skinny ones like at McDonald's or Burger King)

Sneaky, sneaky...

What's a username that a gay boy in his early 20's would be likely to use?

ETA: Because I am making a journal with that persona and can't think of a good one. There are a couple of people in my life whose journals I need to be able to comment on without them knowing it's me.
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What is the last sort of back-handed compliment you've received?

I just had some one tell me they liked my comic because they were usually too stupid/dense to understand most jokes but mine made sense. This made me very sad. D:

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Have you tried hula hooping as a form of exercise?

I've been using a weighted one during an exercise class and they've been saying it burns an extra 100 calories in six minutes...but I don't believe them

Where did you go on your last vacation?

San Diego... I LOVED it


1) Are you fond of polls?

2) Do polls make you happy in that 'special place'?

3) Are you in the mood for a poll around now?

4) Which would be more fun right now? A poll about zombies or a poll about sex?

5) I like how polls generally supply the answers, and you as the audience merely have to click a box or two. Such simplicity in a post is perfect, how the poster can connect with the viewers in such an easy way. Shouldn't all posts require as little work? That being said, explain in 100-200 words exactly why you believe that democracy is properly granted in the poll form. Include no more than 4 and no less than 1 footnotes to back up your work.

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Last week I signed a contract for an apartment for fall semester. I had to certify that I was a student in order to live there. I've decided not to attend this university anymore. Since I can't live there because I won't be a student, am I responsible for selling the contract or are they?

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Do you have any remedies for stopping a cold/flu in its tracks? My throat has started to hurt and the muscle pains started a couple of hours ago.

Colloidal silver usually works for me, but not 100% of the time.

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Would you think it was totally awesome if you like lived in a magical land where everything was edible, the streams ran with clear 7-up and champagne springs bubbled up out of gummy rocks, chocolate flowers bloomed in forests of broccoli, and it rained pizza?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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I'm not big into videogames but I need some for a looong trip I'm taking.  My favorites are the Phoenix Wright series, Katamari Damacy, and Pokemon, but I also really enjoy puzzles.  What DS games would you recommend to me?

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Say your flying and going to be gone from wednesday till sunday and staying in a small town for a wedding, how much money would you bring?

oh!! and... what book should i buy or get at the library cause i'm bookless?


How would you fill out your dating profile, TQC?

I am a:


I enjoy:


I have been passed over on this website because:

If tqcHarmony actually existed, it would go south faster than tqcanon, y/y?

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I'm scheduled to work the whole day by myself which means I cannot, for any reason, take a break.
I'm starving.

What's the last bullshit thing you heard/ate/experienced/etc?

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Hey folks,

My roommate is leaving for Europe to spend three weeks traveling. It's his birthday soon so I wanted to get him something useful for his trip.
Any ideas as to what I could get him? I believe he has the obvious, like a money belt, but maybe something that you wouldn't normally think to bring.


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In the movie, What About Bob?, Bob Wiley split the world population into two groups: those who like Neil Diamond and those who don't.

How would you separate the world into two groups?

For me it's people who use the word "jejune" in an argument vs. people who are not pretentious philosophy majors.
the giving tree

like velcro

are clingy?
are you jealous?
i mostly mean in reguards to your SO

my BF and i live together and typcally send about 20 emails back and forth over the course of a work day. it's how we both are so it works out well for us. we both are fairly jealous, it depends.

i haven't really been like this about anyone but him, but, i guess it's just out particular dynamic.

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I just painted my doorframe, window sill and sideboards navy blue, when I thought I was painting them black. Yeah. Woops on me.

SO. I was going to paint my room a brown-y beige, with the black. But I don't think that will look so nice with the navy blue. And now I ask you: what colour should I paint my bedroom? (Something that goes with navy blue lining)

MLP - pinkie chicken

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You're in a parking lot of a major store (a WalMart or a mall parking lot or something), and notice a small, bubbly-looking blonde toddler wandering around, edging closer and closer to the front of the parking lot and therefore all the traffic/cars at the storefront. You see a woman who could possibly be her mother, but you're not entirely sure, because she's glued to her cell phone and trying to put an all-natural-fillers seat cover into the cart. There are a couple of other families around with small children, several of them blonde. You say something softly like "Hey?" but the little girl doesn't notice your words.

What do you do?

ETA: There is the distance of three-quarters of a row of parking spaces between the alleged mother and this child, a distance that is rapidly increasing.
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What are some awesome/weird active communities you recommend?
Non-virgins: Will you tell me about the most mind blowing sex you ever had?
Sims2 players: Will you post a screenshot of whatever you want from your game?
All: Do you like your name? If not, what would you change it to?

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Next week I am going to Florida with the mom, her boyfriend and his three kids. (As a side note, I don't really know him or his kids that well.)
The original plan was to take two cars, mine and my mom's, so all the people and the stuffs would fit. The new plan is to take his truck, which will seat all of us. I'm not sure if I feel like riding with all of them for the four hours it takes to get there.
So, tqc, should I drive myself, or should I suck it up and be a big girl and ride with them, which would obviously save gas money?

Where is your favorite place to vacation?
Do you like to explore the hotels and stuff?
Do you like sand?
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Do I need to wear a bra with this dress or is it holding up my boobs well enough? I really really really don't want to have to wear my strapless bra today. It's one band and 2 cup sizes smaller than the bras I wear and I only use it when I really need to.

EDIT: I put darts in to make it a bit tighter in the chest. Here is how the dress fit before the darts.

EDIT2: OKAY OKAY. I put a bra on. But I'm not happy about it! lol

Where can I find a strapless bra in size 38F? Do they exist?
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I'm in northern california, and we have safeway and lucky's grocery stores.

my mom in the LA area has Vons and Albertsons.

She wants to send me a gift card for either grocery store and we both don't know if they'll take the card though the companies own each other.

safeway owns vons and luckys own albertsons.

anyone know anything about this? is she sends me a vons gift card will it work at safeway? same thing with the luckys/albertsons cards?
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What was the last thing you received in the mail?

Are you expecting anything in the mail soon that you're excited for?

I just got my letter from the blood centers, and I'm B+ with good cholesterol, yay!

yep, another food question.

but i was thinking about this earlier and now i'm curious!

which works better for you: eating three defined meals a day at their respective times, or eating lots of small things throughout the day?

i'm definitely the latter. if i try to sit down and eat big meals, i end up getting sick to my stomach or having indigestion. :|

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How much does it bother you when people ask you personal questions?
At what point is it okay to ask people personal questions?
Are you a big flirt?
How do you feel about the type of people who flirt with just about everyone just because they can?

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My boyfriends job sucks right now. He's a head cook and usually they have 3 cooks and one head cook per shift.
We shall call the 3 cooks by the names:
Joe, Jack, and John.
Joe decides to go on vacation for a week. Calls in the day he was supposed to come back and says he isn't coming back. Everything was tight but my boyfriend, Jack and John survive.

Jack gets fired. Were down to John and my boyfriend. Things SUCK. Pulling double shifts and working close to 50 hours each in a week. Then they hire Jeff.

John decides to go on vacation last week while Jeff needs to go on vacation this week.

John comes to work today and decides to quit.

My boyfriend is working 70+ hours this week until Jeff comes back on Monday. Tomorrow was soposto be his day off, That's not happening.
Double shifts= 3am - 7pm.
Anything after 40 hrs a week is overtime.
Obv. Boyfriend is looking at a nice paycheck but ugh. I just feel horrible. This has been going on since JANUARY. He's tired and cranky and I just wish he wasn't so overworked. what can I do to make him feel better about this shitty situation? Sure Jeff comes back next Monday but it's still going to be tight.

tldr- what can I do to make my boyfriend feel better while hes stuck working over 70 hours this week?

sex and whatnot isn't an option anymore because he's too tired to do anything these days.
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Halp! I can't drown my sorrows!

Dear TQC:

My day sucked out loud, and then I got home to even more frustrations, the most pressing of which is having no beer.

Until my fiance comes home with a six-pack (or empty-handed, in which case I ask him sweetly to go back out and get some wheat sodas toot-sweet), what can you show/tell me that will make me feel better?
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1. Would you use a cloth diaper on your baby?

2. A great white shark was found washed up on a Massachusetts beach. SHIT!
What was the last bit of news that scared you?

3. I spent all day working on my patio. I have a grill, chairs, plants and some tiki torches, what am I missing?

4. If someone offered to buy you any car you wanted, which one would you chose?

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 My dog is totally licking his red rocked EWWW! And now he's trying to get on my lap to kiss me EWWW!

 How do I teach him that he is MAKING BABY JESUS CRY and will BURN IN HELL?

 What have you done/seen lately that made you feel like a pervert?

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What is unforgiveable to you in real life with people you don't know?

What is unforgiveable to you in real life with people you know and love well?

What is unforgiveable to you with people online on your flist?

What is unforgiveable to you with people online not on your flist?

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Congratulations, you are given the power to abolish captchas since people hate them anyway and even humans find them difficult.

What method do you institute to verify someone is a human online?

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 Okay, my itunes is skipping. The songs are skipping. They weren't last night, but they did a few weeks ago. It's always at different parts of the song. I only dl songs from itunes, not from other sites so they aren't just crappy files. Also, these are all songs I have played before with no problem, even from the ipod. WTF?! HAlp internetz. Is it my shitty laptop, or itunes?
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I'm in New York City at the moment.
Tomorrow, I need to get to Rutgers University, in Newark, New Jersey.

I have searched the MTA website and the Rutgers website. I cannot comprehend the gibberish they spatter.



HOW DO I GET FROM THE CITY TO NEWARK THROUGH SUBWAY OR BUS (non Amtrak or Greyhound if possible. Bitches are expensive and leave too early or too late).


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My dad is the head of an international education program at a local college, as part of the program some of the students are in they have to spend the night at somebody's house because they couldn't find any where else (I guess) two of them will be staying with us Saturday to Sunday. I have to give up my room and sleep on the futon in the office which is slightly annoying but fine, however my dad just informed me that he and my mom have to go to a dinner with the president of the college Saturday night so I have to hang out with the two students...after working all day (8-5). I also am really introverted and most of the time just feel really awkward around people I don't know and that increases when I am forced into socializing with them. Would you be pissed off too?

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How do you deal with a friend who's child is ass ugly, and she keeps wanting you to look at pictures and comment on her myspace? This kid is NOT cute, and I really can't take it anymore.
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The triceratops in my icon is one of many painted dinosaurs scattered around Pittsburgh. My specific part of Pittsburgh also has painted doors in various places. Does your city/town/village have anything similar? If so, will you post an example?

ETA: Here is a link for the dinosaurs, if you are interested.

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1) what's up with my feet? We walked only 2 hours or so a day, I had tennis shoes, flip flops and arch supports in the tennis shoes, yet only my feet itch and hurt when walked on. Also, my ankle hurts.

2)worst thing kids have done to you?

I've been picked up and dropped and plus, a kid once stole my purse.[made him give it back!]

3)How young is too young for a spanking?

Internet Radio

I'm looking for a good free/inexpensive internet radio service besides LaunchCast which can now kiss my ass as they have pissed me off beyond the point of no return. 

Any suggestions?
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I'm looking for an article on latimes.com. As far as I can tell, the editorial "archive" only goes back to the 10th, and of course, what I'm after was published on the 9th. Am I missing something? Is there any way to find this article? Why is this website such a pain in the ass?

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1. What are the last five pieces of software that you installed?

2. What is your name?

3. What is your quest?

4. What is your favorite color?

5. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

6. There is no number six.

7. Do you like Monty Python?

Collapse )

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So, I got a new place to live. *Yay!* However, it is a rather small room, and some genius decided to paint the walls dark purple. Not OK.

What color(s) should I paint my new room? What should my *design concept* be?


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What are some good break-the-ice/get-to-know-you games that aren't painfully lame/overplayed? 
I'm going to be leading a group of 10-20 high school aged girls for a week later this summer and I need some good ideas for little games to play to start off our time together.  I'd prefer stuff that isn't incredibly embarrassing/wouldn't be a huge turnoff for the shyer girls.

ETA: For those who don't care...
When you are covered in bug bites, how do you relieve the itching?  I tried taking a cold bath and slathering myself in calomine lotion, but I'm still ridiculously itchy.
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"If you don't like the taste of beer at room temperature, you don't like the taste of beer."
Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

What hope does Project Runway have of not sucking when it transitions to Lifetime?
The Dude Abides

Stupid ?s

1) Okay, you're a goon, but what's a goon to a goblin?

2) If you've ever been in love with someone, do you think it was easier to love them because they were beautiful physically attractive?

3) If you were in the suburbs of Chicago by yourself in the middle of summer, what would you do after work hours?

4) Do you remember how annoying it used to be when your cable television line-up changed before they had those cool digital on-screen guides?

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How old were you when you first took a pregnancy test?

I was 12 when I was rummaging through my mom's toiletries under the sink, found one, and was curious how it worked. I was, of course, a virgin at the time!
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Because I use laptops like a pimp uses his crack whores, I have lost a second one (along with all the files on it, AGAIN) to a bad motherboard. Now I'm stuck using a piece of shit Gateway laptop that doesn't even have 512 MB RAM. Ugh.

Can I really be trusted with another computer?

I'm done with college and won't be moving around as much, so I'm considering getting a desktop, since they seem more able to withstand heavy use. Does anyone have any recommendations? Which brands have you used that are pretty reliable? Which should I stay away from?

I like having baseball on the TV, not to watch but just for background noise. Any other sport bothers me, though. What sort of background noise (not including music) do you prefer?
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how should i style my hair? picture answers preferred. i really can't visualize when people describe hairstyles in words. Collapse )

are there any good hair products out there that can really emphasize wavy hair?

and guys, what do you talk about when you talk about girls together?
(i ask because i feel like whenever my girlfriends talk about guys, it's mostly complaints. but we girls are pretty perfect, so there's not much to complain about.. so there's not much to talk about. but you do talk about us. and i want to KNOW! i'm so curious..)
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If you were going to stand outside somebody's window and serenade them, what song would you pick?

Alternately, what song would you want somebody to sing to you?

Bonus points for links to songs, minus points for Rickrolls.
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I have a 1999 Honda Civic that has 140,000 miles on it. Four months ago it got a new battery, oil changed and I had the engine looked at. Mechanically, everything is good. For the past four months, I haven't used it for big trips. However, next month I need to drive down to Florida for work. I live near Washington DC I'm not too concerned about the car failing on me while going to and from Florida at this time. However, I'd really like to go to Philadelphia this week, but taking the train is expensive and the greyhound sounds scary.
Should I risk putting 322 more miles on the car before the 1,000 mile journey to Florida?

I'm not sure if 300 miles is really going to make that big of a difference, but I'd really rather not be stranded on the side of the road while trying to get to work.


Does the father of an unborn baby have any legal say in whether or not the mother keeps it or not? [as in abortion/adoption]

If he doesn't, do you think he should? Why or why not?
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