July 14th, 2008

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1. Who are some of your favorite instrumental music artists?  I really love Do make say think, and Boards of Canada + the instrumentals from Sufjan Stevens.

2. There used to be free theme park at the top of a building in my city. However they knocked it down to build this expensive Cinema. (the bastards! i want to become a billionaire and rebuild it)

Has anything cool in your city been destroyed?

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guys, this guy from california accidentally texted me AN HOUR AGO. i told him he had the wrong number and he told me i "sounded cute". he's still texting me and now he wants a picture of me. wtf. i'm in new york. WTF.

how do i (nicely) make him stop? this is creepy.

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Anyone ever have STRANGE cravings? I don't mean food...
Today for example I had a craving to go on a walk with an old friend of mine in a playground the night before Halloween. Hit me really hard and I was quite sad and irritating that I could not satisfy.
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Anyone on Long Island ever sell their jewelry and/or get an appraisal? If so, where did you go? I want to sell some of the stuff I never wear, but I want to go to someone reputable, of courseeee.

wisdom teeth.

dear dr. tqc,

early yesterday morning i had all of my wisdom teeth removed. the lower left side of my face is completely swollen while the right side is barely swollen at all. the lower left side hurts soooo bad and there is like a pinkish-red "patch" of skin along my swollen left jaw line. touching this patch of skin hurts like a bitch. i do not have anything like this at all on the right side of my face. i called my dentist and he's pretty confident its not infection because it's too soon afterwards, but he can't explain why my skin is red in this one spot and its sore underneath. i've been googling and im thinking it might be a dry socket? but everything i read says its too soon for me to have one [its not even been 48 hours yet] and i should be having a funky smell come from my mouth, but i don't. google also says i after my surgery i should have bit down on some gauze to form a blood clot in the sockets, but i had the gauze taken out 2 seconds after it was put it because i had to throw up :(

so tell me TQC, is this a dry socket i'm experiencing? or is it just regular swelling and im being a big baby? Im going to my dentist asap tomorrow if its not better.
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TQC, who makes the prettiest LJ profile/user info layouts? Mine is really ugly. It needs to be pretty so people will talk to me on the internets. :( Who made yours?

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1. What are good software and websites for creating/managing song lists which allowing importing/exporting the list? Song recommendation and other neat features are a plus.

2. Nice organizers for pills that gives quick, easy access? What about non-traditional individual containers for pills, as well? Price is no object. Aesthetics being sexy is nice.

3. Best non-dairy (e.g. soy) milk and ice cream bands for each flavor?

4. Question by proxy: "how do I fix my ipod i think its pregnant
i think a trogen got it pregnant when i plugged it into my computer"
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1) Should I buy a Macbook (or whatever they're called now) or fly to Moscow for a friend's wedding?
2) Do you live in Moscow? Can I crash at your place?
3) Will I run into Jason Bourne Identity in Moscow?
4) Will you teach me how to say "Are you Jason Bourne?" in Russian?
5) Any other Russian phrases I should know? (write them phonetically please!)
6) Have you ever flown international? How did that go?
7) How feasible is it for me to save $1000 in 3 months?

8) Why am I still up at 2:41 am?
9) Why are YOU?

EDIT: new question!

How mad would my IRL best friend be if I flew to Moscow for the wedding of an online only friend instead of to Germany to see her?

Nevermind. I forgot that she's moving to Texas in a month or two. I can always fly to Texas no problem.

BETTER QUESTION. I do not have a passport. How do I get one and how much do they cost?
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In the following situations, would you (hypothetically, if necessary) prefer to sleep with the door open, the door closed and unlocked, or the door locked? If possible, could you also say how you actually slept in those situations if you really lived in them, and say why the answers are different if they are?

1. Living with parents, and under 19 years old.
2. Living with parents, and over 21 years old.
3. Living with housemates off campus, at college.
4. Living in a dorm.
5. Living alone.

6. How can I word this better so I get across that I'm interested in your actions in the above hypothetical situations, which entail you having all three choices in each of the 5 situations?
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Some weird ass kiddy song?

A long time ago, when I was a little kid at sleepaway camp, the counselors put on a show with some song that's been stuck in my head for about a decade.

A few people come out, in pairs. One lies with their back to the floor and the other sits on that person's stomch or crotch, so person 1 acts as the legs and person 2 the upper body. The song is as follows (somewhat):

"I hear a knock a knock a knock on the door
I hear a knock a knock a knock on the door
I said, "Cecilia! Cecilia! Come open up the door"
I said, "Cecilia! Cecilia! Come open up the door"
It was a fat man, a skinny man, a short man a tall man
It was a fat man, a skinny man, a short man a tall man"

And that's all I can remember.


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Um, TQC? How do you tell when bleu cheese (blue cheese, if you're not snotty) has gone bad? I mean, when it's crawling with maggots, sure. But how do you calculate the singularity between good blue cheese and bad blue cheese?

Kill Bill - Elle

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omg okay so i'm white with blue eyes of european descent. should i go to europe to get in touch with my homeland? like, i totally feel like i'm privileged because of my skin tone and eye color, so they should let on the plane free, yeah? and because i'm so, like, advantaged because of my skin and eye color i should just, like, not learn any of the languages, yeah? this is, like, the queen, and they should all bow to me, yeah?

this is such a good idea! tyia tqc!

eta! oh my god, would u guys be interested in a white power tqc spinoff community?

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1.You were just awarded a the Nobel Prize. What is your acceptance speech?

2. Why did you win the Nobel Prize?

3. What part of the World do you want to spend your last years?

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1.For the ladies of TQC, what will you do with your last name when you get married (or if you are married... what did you do)?

2.For the men of TQC, how would you feel if the woman you wanted to marry refused to take your last name?

3.For everyone (totally unrelated), have you ever had surgery?

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My boyfriend just told me last night around dinner time that he had gotten an offer to work on a fishing boat for a month. An hour later, he accepted the offer, and 6 hours later, he was driving off on a 17 hour journey to the Georgia Strait.

The only sort of boat I have seen has been on 'Deadliest Catch' (Crabbing) and my boyfriend took no electronics except for his cell phone, which he never checks alway. I am concerned about the actual working conditions (hes NOT a physical guy, we are computer nerds), let alone worried he fell asleep on the road and did not make it to the boat. I was told they come in to harbor to do something (drop off fish, do laundry?) once every week but have no clue of the area...

How do I get a hold of him!? Do they have pigeons for this sort of thing? :O
Also, WTF do you do on a large fishing boat other then haul nets, clean dirty stuff, and eat delicious, high calorie meals?

Edited: I encouraged him to go! :)

here's the story

J is a very good friend of mine. Through her, her bf and I also became friends. They have been dating for like ten years. End of last year, they broke up because she caught him cheating and the only thing they could work out was a break up. Within a month or so, she felt she had moved on and found someone new; they are talking marriage. The now ex-bf also found someone new. So, during the breakup some of their mutual friends broke ties with the guy because they felt he was wrong in what he did and offered her their support. But now that the dust has settled, their friendship is back and they are hanging out together. J who has now moved to another country saw some photos of their escapades and felt a huge sense of betrayal and is raging mad.

What would you say to J if you were in my shoes? My thing is, let it be. Feel bad for a bit and carry on with life, if especially she claims to be over him. (by the way, majority don't think she is. But we can't talk to her about it and are just being there for her).

In addition, all our conversations are self-engaged. It's always about her and it's starting to get on our nerves. Not once in our conversations does she ask how we are doing, even as a courtesy/politeness. Than God I have skype (another friend ran up a $50 phone bill and had the same complaint)! But yet she is still feeling so vulnerable that one can't be upfront with her. What would you do?
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Username ideas for a coworker

1. My creativity is running low today.
I work in a hospital, and one of our nurses needs help thinking of a username for when she plays games on yahoo :D

Any ideas?

Her name is Judy. She's a nurse for cardiovascular surgeons, she enjoys playing online games, and love dogs.
She's shy online, but with a good sense of humor, so something playful is good.

2. How did you come up with your username?


So I've pinpointed where the little fuckers are coming in and dealt with it.

How do I get rid of the ones that are still in the house with common household things? They love the kitchen, they aren't anywhere else in the house. I don't get paid for another week and a half, which is why I don't already possess traps.

I've been battling them since I moved into this house three months ago and I'm fed up with it and the landlord won't pay (or even split the cost with me) for an exterminator. I'm so effing tired of having to deal with them.

I have two cats, also. What can I do to get rid of the ants that won't also hurt them?
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Do mosquitoes like you?

What's your blood type?

What about vampires, do you have problems with those too? If so, which kind? The burst-into-flame kind or the more sparkly variety?
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Buenos dias, TQC.
So, as most of you already probably know, I was convicted of delivery of heroin back in 1999. I did a short stint in prison, thanks to a boot camp program that allowed me to get out way, WAY before my mandatory minimum sentence was complete. I got through probation just fine, and I've been clean since then, with no other run-ins with the law except a couple traffic tickets.

I'm applying for jobs, and for the first time since my conviction, I was actually asked, as part of an online eligibility assessment, if I have any convictions. I responded affirmatively, and now I got a canned email reply asking for court documents regarding the conviction.

If you were a potential employer, what would you think of someone with a 9 year old delivery of heroin charge and no subsequent legal troubles?

Do you think it's right that I should have to suffer for the rest of my life for this? I'm not justifying the fact that I did it in the first place, understand.

Have you ever done anything that you feel like you'll never live down?

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Which of the following would you prefer to happen to you?

Being popular on livejournal/TQC/whatever other sites you frequent for life.
Being famous ~in real life~ for about 5 months. All perks included. (free clothes, cars, etc.)
Be infamous for doing something so horrible that, in the future, people will characterize you as an evil genius.

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whats the deal with arugula? it seems to be really popular, and now every time i have a salad at someone's house (including my own, rawr) its full of this arugula bull shit. it's terrible.

do YOU like arugula?

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What was the weirdest/most annoying thing that has happened to you in a job interview?

I had a guy insist that I sell him the stapler that was on his desk. He thought he was so funny and I wanted to staple his balls to the table. It was really, really awkward and somewhat degrading
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Do you get TQC posts to your friends page? If so, do posts made by non-TQC friends get lost?

Do anything interesting over the weekend? See anything you'd recommend?

Do you have any frienemies? How about at work? Wht would you call the person that you hang out with at work even though they drive you completely batshit insane but they aren't actually disliked enough to be a frienemy?

What's for lunch? Ok, nevermind. I don't really care. I was just throwing it out there b/c it seemed like it hadn't been asked in a while.
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The news had a story about some stupid bratty kids who decided to wrap a shoelace (attached to shoe) around a kitten's neck, then throw shoe+kitten up over a telephone wire. The kitten choked to death. The news decided to show the dead hanging kitten, and blurred over it in a later shot, but not the initial one.

What would your reaction be to having to see this? Would you contact the news station about this 'oops'?

Is it in REALLY bad taste that they're now having a kitten from the SPCA (they do this every day) for adoption that looks just like the killed kitten? Or are they trying to pull at your heartstrings here?

Old junk

Do you like antique stores?

I have a sudden urge to go to my neighborhood antique store. What should I look for while I'm there?

Do you want me to look for anything for you?
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REPHRASEDOK sorry, it made sense to me but since people seem to be having trouble I will rewrite it-

Did you ever find it funny how the young children (toddlers) on shows like "The Cosby Show" would sit through really long family events such as Claire singing at her Alma Mater or when one of the grand parents was telling a story about how they had to battle with racism?

They would sit there completely riveted as if a 3 year old actually has the attention span to sit through a 3 hour graduation ceremony and enjoy it

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TQC, for the past two weeks or so, I have been having very vivid, and often unpleasant dreams (but I wouldn't say they're nightmares). For this reason, I don't think my sleep is very restful, and I wake up exhausted. I'm getting the right amount of sleep hour-wise, and I'm not going through any new stresses or changes in my life.

So why is this happening?! And how can I make it stop?

All theories, speculations, and suggestions are welcome!

ETA: I'm not taking any kind of medicine or drugs.

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Will you describe to me something difficult, painful, or trying that you have experienced in your life?

On a scale of 1-10, one being a newborn baby and 10 being, say, a WWII POW who, after the war, worked his way out of poverty to become a successful bounty hunter, went through a divorce, and then cared for his second wife for three years while she died of brain cancer, how would you rate yourself on life experience?

Do you think your life experiences have made you more or less judgmental? Please explain.
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What's the worst thing your significant other, ex or otherwise, has ever said to you?

What is a bad habit that he or she has that really gets to you?

My boyfriend hasn't really said anything truly awful but he knows how to bring up my insecurities. Habit wise, his procrastination gets to me. He has the ability to get free health insurance by simply bringing a few forms to an office within walking distance and he's just sort of sitting on it. He's also notorious for playing video games when he should be getting work done for class.
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1. How do you feel about hanging out with a friend AND their SO? Does it ever annoy you when your friend just like, includes their SO in everything?

2. Do you drag your SO around like Linus from Peanuts dragged the stupid blankie around? How do you think your friends feel?

3. Why the fuck would my boyfriend invite me to his brother's house so I could drink whiskey with six guys and watch them play with their stupid motorcycles?

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So, I have to write a newsletter for the company I work for. My boss wants it to be 5 pages (way too long imo because it's going to be emailed) and it must include information about taxes, long term care insurance, money management, health insurance, and other equally boring topics. He gave me a bunch of articles but none of them are really that great and I certainly don't want to plagiarize either. Basically I'm fucking stuck on what to write for this thing :/

1. Do any of these topics interest you even slightly? If so, what else would you like to know about them?

2. Would you read a 5 page newsletter you randomly got in your email?

3. What projects are you working on that are driving you crazy?

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Do you talk to yourself?

Have you ever caught yourself talking to yourself?
I was at the pharmacy yesterday and I was looking at the price of some pills behind the counter and I said, "that's crap! I paid like $8.99 for that!" (they were $3.49 at this place) and the Pharmacist looked up at me with this, "what?" look on her face. lol
I felt like such a turd.

Front loaders, tell me about them.

I got a factory second front loader (Daewoo DWD-F1O21) but it didn't come with an instruction booklet.

How can I work it?

Why is there only one water hose? Is there another one down the bottom I can't see? It has temperature options so surely I should be able to set up a hot and cold hose?

Why does it keep having breaks from spinning but not filling with water during some of them?

The detergent area has I II and a flower as options - what do these mean (I presume the flower is fabric softener)

What's the last appliance you bought?

Vacation cooking

So i'm going to a cabin in Northern Wisconsin for a week and my parents are requiring my sister and I each to make both breakfast and dinner one of the days we are there, we are not allowed to make hot dogs or brats (ger).  So what should I make?
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1. For those of you with friends-only journals, what role did TQC play in making that choice? Did your habit of coming here influence you to cut off all potential unknown viewers?

2. Is there anything that's really annoying that you have to do every day?
How often does something happen that makes up for it?

My "fresh mozz from the salad bar was totally not fresh, but on the bright side, I overheard something that I sent to Overheard at the Office.

Bonus: Has something you overheard been posted to one of the Overheard sites? Do you remember it?


1. What aromas remind you of your Mother?
Hairspray, Coffee and Lupins

2. What aromas remind you of your Father?
Motor oil, Fresh cut grass, sawdust and fried onions.

3. What is your favorite aroma? Why?

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I want to start taking more pictures (more than the none I take right now, anyway).
I know nothing about photography. I want a camera that won't be too bulky but will be reliable, sturdy, and have a good zoom and a good picture. I'll probably be taking it everywhere from indoors to long backpacking trips, if that matters. Any suggestions at least of where to start?

Also, have any of you used those digital printing centers for your photos (found at Walmart and that sort of place)? I would prefer to have physical pictures. Are those easy to use and do they work well?


This is a longshot but whatever.

I heard a song the other day in the store and forgot to look it up while the lyrics were still fresh so now I can't remember the lyrics at all.

It was a guy singing, it was kinda pop sounding, maybe newish.... saying something about living in his fantasy/imagination and trying to make it his reality?

I googled those words but obviously it produced a million songs about fantasy and reality....

So throw some suggestions at me to look up and see.... Anything newish, sung by a guy, that fits that description?

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Have you ever worked at a day camp? Did you have to swim with the kids?

The YMCA just called and begged me to work at one on their camps but I said no because I was afraid they might expect me to swim. There is no way I'd wear a bathing suit in public, I haven't worn one at all since like 7th grade. I told them it was just too far for me to drive everyday.

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are you banned from any LJ communities? why?

will you post a picture of you being really flexible and/or double-jointed?

you know that magic trick where they put a woman in a box and cut her in half, then they move the boxes apart? HOW DO THEY DO THAT! i was thinking that maybe it's a fake pair of feet that are somehow wiggled around, but the feet always look real.

for those of you in the U.S., what are your opinions on the legalization of marijuana? i'm not trying to start any arguments here, i'm just curious to see what people today would say about it.
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I am sitting at our tenants' house waiting for Sears - the window was 1-5pm and it's now 2.17 and I haven't heard from them. I'm starving. Do I order food or suck it up till I can leave?

Help me in my hunger paralysis!


So, I just finished having a lovely conversation with my co-workers. Oh TQC:

Do you think that sports teach sportsmanship/build character/etc?

Will you put your kid (hypothetical or otherwise) in sports?

Did you do sports as a kid? Which ones?

Collapse )

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1. Ladies (and gents), how often do you go out without a bra on?
- What type of clothing would you wear out & about bra-less?

2. Date idea please!
Ahhh thanks for the suggestions but it's already been decided hahahaha :D
Annnnnnnnnnd, I wanna whore myself out and date all of you sweet sweet sexy beasts hahaha :D

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OH TQC !!!

My mother's birthday is soon and I have about ten dollars to my name- What in the world could I possibly get her?
the only thing i can think of is a bracelet, but I'm not sure what one, and I'm looking around on ebay for something under ten dollars (including the shipping).
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I don't have Acrobat Reader installed on my machine. Can I send you a .pdf file for you to open, screenshot, and send to me in .jpg or .bmp format?

It's kind of important. :X

Also of note is the fact that my computer seems to be suffering from AIDS. I have a browser hijaker hidden somewhere that's being a pain in the ass.
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I will hopefully be getting my license soon, and have been looking at cars to buy. I have found a beautiful 1979 VW bus that I am just in love with. However, the seller says it needs a transmission. Uhh, exactly what is that? And how much does it cost to get one?

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Hi TQC. Over the weekend I went to Macaroni Grill and had the worst service/food ever in a restaurant. My waiter forgot my order, gave us olive oil but no bread, then brought me RAW chicken.

What was the worst experience you had in a restaurant?

Also, what happens to the chefs/servers when the manager has to give away free dessert to make up for their mistakes?

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Should I bother making a facebook?  I already have LJ and Myspace, but I'm kind of bored right now.

At work last night a cute man asked to take a picture with me so he could buy it and I let him (I get comission!).  We exchanged numbers and he's actually pretty nice.  Going out with a stranger who bought a picture with you just because they thought you were hot, good idea or bad idea?

Veronica & JD

Everybody's Happy

So...I have a question...


What happens when you like someone who's older than you.  Like not age appropriate older.  [Let's say four years older.]

What do you do? Especially if you know it might not happen, yet you can't seem to stop yourself from liking them? Yeah...I was just figuring i'd ask, since none of my friends know what to do and I'm offically lost.

Thanks :)
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What's the creepiest thing you've ever done?

What's the creepiest thing someone has ever done to you?

Do you play fantasy baseball (preferably on ESPN) and have a team in your league that needs a replacement owner? Most of my leagues are dead :(

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So my laptop had a bit of a breakdown. Don't know why, I can't even turn it on.
Anyway I want to fix it, but I checked out you porn and now I'm paranoid that that is somehow related to the cause of the breakdown.

Will the computer people think I have some kind of you porn fetish?
Everyone looks at porn, right?

(no subject)

What do you call your grandparents?

I have an Oma and Opa, and a Nana.

If you're ever a grandparent, what would you want to be called?

If I end up having a German hubby, I'd def want to be an Oma! 
hate pimentos

Kind of a homework question, maybe...

So, I have to assemble a working portfolio for the last part of my degree.  A required part of it is a "list of skills and interests".  I realize I'm stupid, but I just don't get it.

Should I just make a bulleted list of things I like to do/I'm good at?  I did that, and it looks kind of shitty. 
Is there a specific format that's common that I don't know about?

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TQC! I got my room assignment for next year! My roomie has yet to accept my Facebook friend request or reply to my message on there, but I couldn't stand waiting so I looked for her on Myspace. She is a cheerleader, describes herself as "random and outgoing" and her AIM name is BIGmouth23498329430498245 (numbers are exaggerated slightly)

She is going to be the kind of person I dislike intensely, Y/Y?

But seriously, can you give me stories about meeting roomies? Especially ones where maybe you thought your roommate was going to suck and then they turned out awesome.
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some friends invited me over for pizza and beer but i'd rather sit here on my ass watching star trek tng and posting on question club. if i get really ambitious i might unload the dishwasher... seriously, that was in my plans tonight.

they're nice friends who have a cute baby, even.

how much of an antisocial loser am i?

How do you stop being so square/unbalanced?

For a while all I ever did was study and all I ever cared about was school. My brother even told me that it was boring talking to me b/c all I ever talked about was school. Now I've loosened up about school (I don't go overboard by studying 3 Calculus books and doing all the problems in there when only 1 book was assigned in class anymore) and am starting to care about building myself as a person. As I'm starting to socialize more, I'm realizing that I can't talk to people...unless it's about math. I feel like I have no substance and when people talk about politics, I feel like a major dumbass. I'm great at listening, but I can't contribute to the conversation aside from questions. When people ask me my hobbies, I freeze and say "reading" and when they ask me what I read, I say textbooks. >_< I'm realizing how square and unbalanced I am. Honestly, how would I go about developing into a more balanced, well-rounded person? I'm 19...am an incoming sophmore in college...could it be a bit too late? Is it just getting out? Experiencing everything from partying to volunteering to everything? Please, anything would help. I know I sound like such a loser, but it's an earnest question. Thanks.

(no subject)

You are an unemployed college student and you finally find a part time job. It only pays $7 an hr and is 20 minutes away, You'd be getting about 20 hours a week. Would you take the job or just continue to coast on student loan money?

Yes, I would take the job.
No, the job would basically just pay for the gas to get there.

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So, Im going to the pool tomorrow, and I want to work on getting a tan. I don't get to go to the pool that often (its my day off!) What's the best way to get a tan quickly... WITHOUT GETTING BURNED? I'm reading at this site to get spf 30...
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Monday night, bored as hell...

What should I do tonight?

1. Finish laundry, clean the front room, make dinner, give my daughter a bath, take a shower, go to bed early.

2. To hell with laundry and the front room, order out for dinner, have my FH give my daughter a bath, take a shower, read the new sci-fi novel that came in from my Amazon order, stay up late reading.

3. Something else that you'll suggest in comments.

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as of the past few days, i can't watch videos or listen to music on my computer. videos and music will load for one or two seconds, and it will pause. my speakers are all connected how they should be, but i'm still not having any luck.

any ideas?

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Have you ever eaten at Moe's Southwest Grill, if so what do you think?

After it had been in my neighborhood for quite a while I finally went and tried it, I like it.

If you live near/shop at a Wegmans what is your favorite soup offering?
I really like their vegetarian lentil chili and earlier I bought the orzo and vegetable soup to have for dinner.
SVU wtf?

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Why do I attract the crazy people when I'm working at the bookstore?

This lady came in and asked to use our phone book. I comply. Now she's telling me about how her granddaughter was assaulted and how how her son is in jail even though he didn't do it and this guy she lives next to is a pedophile and lures little girls into his house and I'm just sitting here like O_O. Oh and now she's on her cell phone talking about the same shit with someone else.

Do crazy people seek YOU out at work?
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 PMS is making me needlessly hungry. Should I eat lots of yummy food that will make me fat or should I not eat anything else tonight?

I learned tonight that my cats do not like bubbles. What did you learn today?
archer / pam.

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Oh hai, TQC. So I just bought an HP laptop yesterday, and it's wonderful. However, it comes with games installed (DINER DASH, YAY) but it's all in French. The main games screen isn't in French, but once the game opens (and it's all games), the menus are in French. I can't find where to fix this and Google isn't helping.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
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I am donating my laptop computer to a women's shelter but need to clean it up before I do so, but I know little about computers. I currently have Trend Micro Anti-virus on it. Is there anything else I can download to scan my computer and clean up any spyware, or extra stuff that could potential be bad for my computer or slow it down?

I would prefer for it to be a free program

girl hearts

(no subject)

 What do you think of me?
I want to know what kind of first impression I leave on people.

Do you think first impressions are a big deal?
Have you changed your opinion of someone after getting to know them?
or are you a decent judge of character at first glance?

Edit: I know you don't know me. This is livejournal. I'm asking more based on what I've written in this community, or my personal journal.

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How do you feel about polls?

I love them.
I hate them and would never vote in one.

What's the best thing about taking a poll?

Freedom to choose the option that best suites me.

What's the best thing about being able to create polls?

No laughing matter


I know this gets under my skin, but what about you?
You send someone a mildly important text; maybe y'all could be having a texting conversation....and then suddenly, you get back a simple: "k" to answer a question, or they just send back something that you cant reply to....
Does that get under your skin? ESPECIALLY if you were having or wanted to continue a conversation with them? 

What, if any, texting things do you hate? If you hate texting, say it! :D
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First a homework question, now I page Dr. Eljay.

My left tonsil has been puffed up and kind sore for the last 2 days.  I just took a peek and it's got a few white spots on it.  It seems/looks like strep throat.  I don't have a fever and don't otherwise feel bad.  I have as much energy as I usually do.

If I go to the doc to get antibiotics, I'm going to spend $25 on the visit, at least $15 for the prescription, and it'll fuck up my hormonal birth control.

Should I go to the doc and get the script, or should I just fight it off on my own and deal with it?

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Some of the comments in the new anonymous TQC thing have made me sad. I want to friend the folks who are afraid people don't like them. So I think the best way to do it is another one of those friending MEME things:

Is there anyone in TQC you want to friend?

Edit: OMG and will you say who?
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i know we've had a couple posts about this before, but i'm looking for people with experience getting their license after turning eighteen.
did you have to take the written test?
the driving test?
did you take a driver education class?
does your state do graduated licenses? if so, did you get your full license right away or did you have to go through the steps?

any help or experiences would be great.
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What's your favorite flavor of yogurt?

Do you recognize my username/icon at all?

What book are you reading right now? Is it any good?

What's your tip for keeping cut flowers fresh?
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Whenever I try to start Firefox, it freezes and says it's not responding. I did a CTRL+ALT+DLT to close it, and there are two Firefox applications listed, both Not Responding. What the hell is wrong with it?

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The school I work for is closing down for two weeks before the start of the new school year. During this vacation I will not be paid. I live in a really small town and it seems like I don't have a lot of options for work. What is a place that might hire me for just two weeks?