July 13th, 2008

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When was the last time you had a nice, long bubble bath?

I have been very stressed out lately and constantly on the run. What should I do to pamper myself? Besides the long, hot shower [despite the weather] that I plan on taking after or before breakfast tomorrow.

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I love when I start going through all my old music, and I find a band that I really love but have forgotten to listen to for a while.

What is the last band or musician you fell back in love with?

For me, today, it's early 90s R.E.M. Nightswimming, omg.
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Ladies/gays- what is the largest penis you have ever fucked?

Gentleman- how big is your own penis?

Lesbians- have you ever used saran wrap as a form of protection?

Everyone- have you ever gotten turned on while getting a massage/being examined by a doctor?

Everyone- If you were offered $500 to perform oral sex on a hobo, would you take it?
zombie baby cede! :D

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Dr.TQC :
I have a question. (duh) For the last week I have had pressure/pain in my eyes. It feels simular to a sore muscle after working out. The only way I get relife is if I press against my eyes with the heels of my hand.

Should I go to a doctor?
Am I going to die?

What is wrong?
srs/nonsrs please.

EDIT: Do you think I could wait another week to go to the doctor? or should I ask my boss to let me off for a day?
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I have a large bag of Starburst candies. It has all four normal flavors: strawberry, orange, cherry, and lemon. I've been reaching into this bag without looking for the past fifteen minutes and eating whatever flavor I grabbed. Glancing inside the bag now, I can see it's mixed up. There's a little of every color lying there.

So, TQC, how come every single candy I've pulled out has been a damn cherry flavor? I want variety!
Lain Out
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So, I was watching the Penn & Teller episode of Bullshit about porn and the self proclaimed feminists they interviewed were all against porn, stating that its derogatory towards women and promotes instances of rape.

Then I'm reading the NY Times today and in an op-ed about Twilight of all things Jessica Valenti, author of Full Frontal Feminism, states that "she worries that in the real world, young men are spending so much time watching pornography on the Internet that they will never be satisfied with normal women and normal relationships."

So I ask, what's up with all the porn hate? Also, why do these so called liberal thinking women seem to imply that only men watch porn? Do you have an issue with porn or do you openly enjoy it?

I'm in a healthy relationship in which both my boyfriend and I watch porn. I love porn. I do not however love rape and treating women like shit. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess most people that watch porn feel the same way.
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Is Collapse ) too obnoxious? I plan on taking the whistle and that thing with it off. Should I just return it?

I think the color is a bit more accurate in the stock pictures here. I bought it at Century 21 so it didn't cost nearly that much.

EDIT: Which is the most hideous aspect of it, the color or the style?

What if I keep it folded up, is that any better? Why do I have such bad taste?

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Is there any reason for me to have 2 mp3 players? I already have a perfectly good 2GB Sony player that I'm very satisfied with but I'm getting a really good deal for a Creative Zen and I wants it! What do you think, TQC?
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Why do people think it's acceptable to stop immediately after they step off an escalator? Do you do this? What should happen to people who do this?

Have you ever been involved in an escalator pile-up because someone decided it would be a grand idea to stop immediately after getting off the escalator?
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But wait! There's more!

1. Have you ever bought anything off from an infomercial?
Do you know anyone who has? If so, what was it and did it deliver on its promise?

2. Have you ever had the urge to buy something off from an infomercial? Again, if so, what was it?

3. What's the weirdest thing you've seen on sale on an infomercial?

4. And last but not least, if you are a non-American or non-Canadian, do they air infomercials in your country? What do they sell?

It's late and I was flipping through the channels when this question popped in my head.

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Whats the best deal I can get on an external hard drive?
I need it for my music and photos.
Whats the best size for my money? Cheapest store to get it at?

I had one, a couple years ago. and its not recongized when i plug it into my computer anymore, think I could fix that one instead of getting a new one? Its not under warranty anymore.
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It is four thirty in the morning, I have to be at work at ten thirty. I was trying to sleep when my mind decided it was story time, so I got to writing. Now I am wide awake when I should be sleeping.

When was the last time your brain decided to do something mean to you?

What was it?
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Dear TQC:

Why can I not fall asleep, despite being exhausted? I work nights, and I should have gone to bed like two hours ago. I am grouchy and fatigued and would like to not go all crazy-psycho on customers tomorrow due to overwhelming sleeplessness-induced bitchiness.

What are some things you do to fall asleep when you're over-tired?

Anyway, I'm going to try and sleep. Srs and non-srs answers welcome for like, when I wake up tomorrow. I hope there are macros. Lots and lots of macros.
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baby shower ideas!

One of my best friends is having her first baby at the end of September. My roommates and I (along with said friend's sister) are in charge of throwing a shower.

What kind of food is generally served at a baby shower? Right now, I was thinking a lunch meat/cheese tray, and maybe meatballs to make sandwiches (and of course some sort of rolls to go along with these), a few varieties of potato chips, maybe a veggie and dip tray, cans or 2-liters of soda, and of course a cake. It'll be in mid afternoon (like 3-5 or so), so should it just be something light? I'd imagine people have eaten lunch by then, and it is a little early for supper...

Are there any fun shower games that aren't totally hokey? There will probably be at least a few men at this shower (is THAT weird?! I didn't wanna exclude her husband, as he gets excluded from a LOT of stuff that we do - and well, it's HIS baby too, and I don't want him to be the ONLY guy, so I'll be inviting some others that we work with), and I don't think they're gonna be too into the "sniff the diaper and tell me what's in it" kind of game.

And how about decorations? It's a girl, so are just some pink and white balloons, and maybe some cute "it's a girl!" banners adequate?
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Help me find this keychain

Because of an earlier question, I started looking at keychains.  I found one I really like, but can't seem to find it for sale except at promo websites where I would need to by at least a hundred.  Anyone know where I could get a single one? 
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I'm going to the beach today with some friends.

1. What drinks should I take? As in booze.

2. What food should I bring?

3. Is there anything I am forgetting?

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What would you think if a girl you knew was planning to "oops" her significant other -- by poking holes in the condoms, stopping her BC unbeknownst to him, whatever? Do you think it's ever justified?

ETA: I probably should have put this in the original post (duh), so: I should add that I don't know this girl IRL. She was just some chick on my friends list. This all happened months ago, and I told her exactly what I thought of her at the time. She immediately defriended me -- no big loss. I just thought this info needed to be clarified, since by some of the comments I think some people are getting the idea that I knew her and just didn't tell her boyfriend. I had no idea who her bf was, so I had no idea of how to contact him.


1. Does anyone else ever feel nauseated right after they wake up?

For as long as I can remember, whenever I wake up, I just feel like I'm going to throw up. This feels especially bad right after I brush my teeth or drink a glass of water on an empty stomach. The feeling goes away after like 15 minutes or less, but I don't understand why it's there in the first place!

2. Would the empty stomach have anything to do with it?

P.S. I'm not preggo, by the way, this has been happening for like years.


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So as you all know, i am "acting manager" at my job.

Lately the girl whos been working at the store for 2 years has been acting up. She comes in late, doesnt finishing her paperwork, and her drawer has been short almost 20 dollars twice in a week.

Oh and her excuse for being late: "Well there were a lot of cops around so i couldnt speed, like i normally do" WTF?

Anyway, i dont have the authority to write her up or anything, but i do make the schedule. Am I out of line to give the new girl i just hired (and is phenomenal) more hours, and the old girl less hours? Shes used to have about 25, and i was thinking of cutting her to about 15.

Shes really petty and i know she will call someone above me to tell on me. I just want to make sure im not crazy in thinking this is the right decision.

Any other ideas of what i can do? The reason she is like this is because the previous manager never gave her any consequences for her bullshit.

i just got back from vacay, and i missed you, TQC.

where do you prefer to sit on the airplane?

window seat
center seat
aisle seat
doesn't matter, as long as i am in the emergency exit row
doesn't matter as long as i am near the perverts
doesn't matter as long as i am not near a wailing toddler or infant
i prefer not to fly, kthx
i have never flown, kthx
in the COCKpit, lol

what activities do you enjoy on airplanes?

reading magazines, newspapers or books
sleeping in the overhead bin
sleeping with the in flight "pillow"
drinking heavily
eating peanuts, pretzels or whatever crap they hand out for free
i bring my own fast food on board so people get jelous when they smell my french fries
reading a book
reading porn
talking to strangers
worrying about the weather, clouds, turbulence
swiping the barf bag for future use
keeping an eye out for terrorists
selecting things from the sky mall catalog for my fantasty house
joining the mile high club

where do you prefer to sit on the plane when you have an option, but have to sit in coach?

very front of the plane
over the wings
in the exit row
in the back, where it's bumpity!
near the hottest chick
near the MILF
near the hottest guy
near the richest old man
i sit where they put me and i don't complain
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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For those with uteruses...uteri...whatever...

Have you ever had a dream where you pregnant? And didn't want to be pregnant?

Last night, I had a nightmare that my boyfriend managed to "oops" me, declared something about how his now magnificent seed will be passed on to future generations (wtf?), and left me to go live with his new, blond girlfriend. And she was like, one of those women who tried to look really pretty, but just looked all fake and plastic.

Oh, and he somehow managed to make the baby invincible, so I couldn't get an abortion. D:

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how do you tell someone who gets very butthurt easily, and guilt trips, that you might not be able to or don't want to hang out?

(i.e. they're heavy on the guilt trips, whining, sounding and being upset/brooding for a while about things like not hanging out....and most other things)

i know honesty is the best policy, which eventually would come out with "i can't/don't want to have out today" during a conversation but what's the best way to go about it without receiving shitloads of guilt trips and being nice about it?

i'm almost too afraid to call because i know they'll rip me a new one over something like hanging out, even though there were no set-in-stone plans for something to do today.

Killing time

I'm going to be hitting a Vegas buffet in an hour. What items should wind up on my plate?

Mashed potatoes
Cold cereal
Sliced luncheon meats
Baked desserts
Don't be a fatass. Skip the buffet
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1.) What, if any, experience do you have with sororities on your college campus? Did you join one? Have a friend that was in one? What is/was your overall opinion of sorority life (if you joined one?) and for alumni, do you think it was worth it?

2.) How much money did it cost?

3.) What was involved during Rush Week? Any weird initiation activities I need to worry about?

4.) Will you share any other pros and cons that I may not have already thought of?

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Do you see the right of (almost) anyone to bear arms as a good thing or a bad thing?

Does it make you feel safer or more threatened?

Do you live in America? If no, would you own a gun if you could?
dianna agron ;;


The people next door to me had a REALLY LOUD party last night and were obviously very drunk.
My room is an attic room with windows in the roof, same with the house next door [they're terraced] and now this guy is leaning out the window and VOMITING ONTO THE ROOF! I have to keep my windows open because I smoke but the vomitysmell is coming in eurhugrheguhrgreughreuhg


He's not a very nice man and he obviously feels unwell but FOR GOD'S SAKE PUKE IN THE TOILET YOU FREAK.
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xposted! cruiseee.

Your experiences with cruise lines?
  1. how much did you pay? for how many nights? to where?
  2. amenities/fun stuff to do on the actual ship?
  3. which cruise line did you go on? which do you recommend?
  4. tips? like things to avoid? things you wish you had known prior?
  5. anything else?
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1. If you want to get married, in what season would you want your wedding to be? What is the weather like at that time of year where you live?

2. What's your favorite outdoor activity?

EDIT: I love being outside (not so much in the winter, though, but any other season). The only things I really do outside are ... lay in the sun and go hiking. Even when I go hiking, they're not really intense, crazy hikes. Will you recommend an outdoor sport or activity or something that I should do? I'm in pretty good shape but I do have asthma so I couldn't run a marathon or anything. AND I don't know how to swim.

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TQC, I want to chop off my hair but I can't decide where to get this done. Both Paul Mitchell and Aveda are within walking distance of my office. Which one should I go to?

Which hair salon should I go to?

Paul Mitchell

Also, will you tell me your haircut horror stories? What's the worst thing to ever happen to you while getting your hair did?
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Creamy rice for freezing?

1. Rice pudding/creamy rice/arroz con leche - you know, sweet rice dish that's made with milk and is creamy and delicious.

Can I make it, then freeze it?

The problem is that I can't really eat it, and certainly not a whole pot of it, but I sooooooo want to make it...really badly. So can I freeze it? For later consumption?

2. What have you been up to, TQC?
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Being a woman, I find myself scratching my head at a lot of things men do. One thing in particular intrigues me. Why do men pound their chests when they're playing sports? Is this some kind of alpha male/caveman leftover thing? I've seen a lot of athletes do this...get a basket, pound your chest...hit a home run, pound your chest. Sometimes with one fist, sometimes with two.

Why do men pound their chests? When did this start?

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How does the heirloom engagement/wedding rings process work?

The male asks the parents, they say yes and give him a ring?
The male asks his mother/grandmother for a ring?

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Is there anything that you believe to be true that no one else you know agrees with?

example: I think it's condescending to have someone say I love you right after sex.

Edited question to simplify matters a bit.

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I just bought this dress in navy blue. How should I accessorize it?

Should I put the moves on my boss' totally hot son?

ETA: Everyone who likes this dress, it's being run for $34 at trashydiva.com, to combat the rash of counterfeiting that the designer is encountering. They make awesome, flattering dresses. :)
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A few days ago I posted asking for folks opinions on cell phones, as I know nothing about them. I ended up getting a Palm Centro. It would be spiffy, except the folk at the store set the default language to Spanish, and I cannot figure out how to change it to English. I tried google-fuing up an answer, but have thus far failed miserably to come up with anything that makes sense. (I saw some things saying to hard reboot it and then select English, but when I hard reboot it, it just asks me about my date and time setting -- in Spanish. D:)

Do any of you know how to fix it, or how to google-fu up an answer that is easier to understand?
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which playlist should I listen to

Hey tqc, it's been a while.

I'm at work making notecards. I have the following playlist titles:

Love Songs
New Shit
Rap and R&B
Top 25 most played

Which one should I listen to as I sit here writing?
alligator? miss p

A World Of Health

At my favorite grocery store they have a refrigerator that says "A World Of Health" which you can tell was meant to be used to for a certain company's products. The whole side was a big ad for whatever it was, but they have since ripped that off and started keeping hot dogs in it.

Do any of you know what product it was originally for? Google is not turning up very much. I think it might have been some kind of drink but I really can't remember.

Do you consider hotdogs to be a world of health?

i want to look more cute!

i've grown out of my seriously boyish tendencies and i'm not quite a tomboy anymore but i am still a bit less than girly. i like to dress cute, but i look awkward if i wear something that is overly frilly or cutesy. i want to buy some new medium-cute things to wear out on the weekends. i'm in a good mood but feeling very lazy. i'd like to shop from my computer.

tqc, can you link me to a website with cute semi-girly clothes?
can you link me to a specific article of clothing that is only sort of girly?

i would especially like some cute shorts and jackets that aren't hoodies.. for some reason i CAN NOT handle shopping for cute shorts or anything warm other than zip up sweat shirts.

is your body properly proportioned?

i'm a little worried about buying clothes online because of my skinny body, wide hips, long torso, and short legs, haha

i also asked for cute easy hairdos recently but didn't get many answers. feel free to tell me about those, too. pleeeease.

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thank you :)
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I had a folder of photos saved on my desktop. I opened them in photoshop, and then my cat jumped on my laptop and pressed a bunch of buttons. Now the photos are gone from the folder, and I can't find them anywhere. Not even in the trash. Is that even possible? Are they completely gone, or are they somewhere on my computer? I have a MacOSX....is there any way that I can find them? Help?

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What accidental mean thing have you done recently?

I was commenting on a picture of my friend who was making a silly face and I said he looked like Jabba the Hutt and he took it to be about his size at the time D: Now I feel like a huge ass. I hadn't even thought that.
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has anyone ever worked at blockbuster before? i just got hired and was wondering what it will be like.
i never asked about piercings and such when i was hired, but i assume they aren't too strict, since i have my nose pierced and they didn't mention it. are most blockbusters strict about that?

if you've never worked there before, where do you work now? do you like it? what has been your favorite job so far?

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Which common TQC username is most likely to be the imaginary, creative spawn of another TQCer? And who is the facilitator?

Also known as, who here do you think is a fake? And who created them?
New Camus

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Has anyone gotten a US passport recently?  If so, did you ever check the status of it online?  Aaaaand if you did, how long did it take after you sent the application for it to show up online?  I applied for mine on July 3 and my son's on July 7, but neither is online yet.  It's probably too early for my son's to be online, but mine should be on there soon, I'd think :/
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Would you eat from a cereal bowl if your cat ate out of it? I mean, if the bowl had tuna in it and the cat licked it. If you washed it afterwards with soap, would you eat from it?

Adam Sandler plans on making a new production company called Scary Madison, which will be only for scary movies. Would you watch a scary movie made by Adam Sandler?

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Does it look stupid to wear an obvious engagement ring on your index finger?

I inherited my grandmother's ring. I'd like to wear it, but it's too big for my ring finger. It also has some weird adjustable back so I doubt it can be resized.

Should I just buy a chain and wear it around my neck instead?
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What is something that you will take the time to re-heat in an oven rather than a microwave?

Adding more cheese to leftover chicken/eggplant parmigiana is a good idea, y/y?

Do you plan your dinner menus in advance? Why or why not?
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My cat is really sick. She started puking this morning and has been puking off and on all day, and just now she puked up a bunch of clear mucus. She's also been really lethargic and completely unlike herself. I'm getting worried, but my only option would be to take her to the animal hospital, since my vet is closed on Sundays.

What do you think I should do? Watch her and wait until tomorrow, or take her to the animal hospital now?

Early morning cartoons

1. When you wake up early, do you watch a cartoon before going to work or going to school, while getting the kids ready? If so, what cartoons?

2. Do you like them, or do you just watch out of mindless habit?

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TQC my loves,

Can you help motivate me to clean my kitchen?

Should I go out again and try to find somewhere I can buy an extension cord and some loop-screw thingies at 7:30 p.m. on a Sunday? Or should I just wait until sometime later this week?

Do you love assembling furniture as much as I do? Because I love it . . . a LOT.

If a cute guy I met on Friday texted me yesterday to say how good it was to meet me, but then needed a rain check for hanging out today (he was helping someone move), should I still be optimistic? Or should I start mentally filing him into the "dudes who you thought were cool, but who will never actually call you again" category?

(no subject)

Are you allergic to anything? If so, do you just have to avoid it, or can you take medication for it (Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, etc.)?

When you need to concentrate on getting a paper written, does music in the background help or hurt?

Hot tubs kick ass, right?

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lame that you all think it's me but I guess I will accept it. I got an email notification at 7:21 which is how I knew but wutever wutever I can take it

(no subject)

Have any of you tqcers dated someone whose native language was different than yours?

Did/are you learning their language?

Did their parents speak your language?

If they didn't and you met them how awkward was it?

(no subject)

So can causing an epic flounce shitstorm/"why is tqc so meeean" comments and journal buhleetion be crossed off of TQC's list for today?

Can you name some of your favorite TQC flounces?

edit: Guys don't you check tqc_drama? peppermints_x started this whole "lol americans forget other countries exist" and several TQC members called her on it. After throwing a fit about how we called her on her dumb comments, she deleted the comments she made, and I just saw that she deleted her journal.

Check it: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/43302828.html?thread=1084928684#t1084928684

(no subject)

 If someone were to make a new TQC family tree, who would be on it?

would YOU be on it? Let the free market decide! comment here with your username and see if you're worthy.
or not. whatevs.

(no subject)

what are some things that you do every day? not things like, "go to work", but productive things that you make sure to take time out of the day to do?

examples: read at least 20 minutes a day, eat a piece of fruit, drink 8 glasses of water, shave your legs
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Do you feel better about yourself when you see someone else make a mistake?

In what ways do you tear people down?

In what ways do you build people up?
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hope this is allowed

i have had really swollen glands in my neck. on wednesday i started antibiotics, and the swelling has gone down some, but now there is a hard marble-sized lump and a bruise under my chin/in my neck.

anyone know what this could be?

(no subject)

hey guys! my bf is getting a puppy and we are in need of a good and effective method to house train it :)
anyone have any recommendations/tips?
and yes, obviously i googled this, but real stories always help.
serious answers plz :) thanks!
Both pups

Calling all fashion experts

So I'm going to a wedding Sat and had to go get a dress yesterday. The wedding is semi formal and I settled on a dress very similiar in style and color to this one:

Collapse )

I have some cute suede brown wedge shoes I bought like a year ago and just haven't had anything to wear with.

Collapse )

My sister says I can't wear these w/the dress, I kind of thing I can? I have no fashion sense so I turn to you fashionista's. If I can't wear these shoes can you give me an idea of what style/color would be ok to wear with it??

Edited to fix html Oops sorry.
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(no subject)

What was the last thing to really piss you off?

What was the last thing to really disappoint you?

What will you do this week that is different from what you usually do?
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(no subject)

Do you know anyone who has committed murder?

My co-worker/semi-friend committed a double homicide. I found out from my sister that the guy I worked with killed two prostitutes and then turned himself in this morning. My friend was dating him. She told me they were having a poker night on Saturday. He just went crazy and left the apartment. Right after he left he killed the two women, both were found in different locations.
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Help plz?

My AVG Anti-Virus is yelling at me that I "only have 6 days of protection left". Once this runs out, I am sans virus protection. I thought I'd downloaded the freebie version, but I suppose not. ANYWAY.

Is there a free version of AVG that I'm just blind enough to miss? I google and it keeps sending me back to the 30 day trial version.

(no subject)

1) After you break up with someone do you feel that you should wait before getting involved with someone else as a courtesy to your ex? How long would you wait, if at all? Do the circumstances of the break-up factor into this decision at all?

2) When you EAT cake with soda or other flavored drinks (i.e. not water or milk) does it taste funny to you?
It totally tastes funny to me, my SO disagrees.
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1. I clip my SO's toenails all the time, in fact I haven't seen him do it on his own ever. He doesn't ever ask, I just do it. Is this weird? Do you clip your So's toenails? Does someone clip yours? I even put clear polish on them so they look nice.

2. I am looking at these foot detox pads ( http://www.bodypurenow.com/ ) I have a client who sells them and she brought an "after" pad into my office and it was gross. Do they work or just change colours so you think they work? Have you tried them?

3. Has anyone ever sucked on your toes?

4. Is it ever appropriate to wear flip-flops to work (office)? We're casual FWIW

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my best friend and I want to buy something that shows our friendship.. like a necklace etc??

do you and your best friend have something like this?? If so,