July 12th, 2008

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Are there people whom you just feel awkward and self-conscious around for some reason?

I've met some friends/acquaintances and hang out with them on campus (and a couple of times outside of college) sometimes, but I just simply feel out of my element around them. I always feel so awkward around them. I feel like they go out a lot more than me and feel socially awkward around them. And I just feel boring around them. But for some reason I feel compelled to keep on being around them b/c I feel like I need to know how to talk to people more and they seem like the typical college kids so I need to learn how to be able to talk to them.

If you've felt this way before, does it usually go away and do the friendships usually work out? Or does it usually fade away and you go your separate ways?


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I'm taking possession of an unfurnished, 2 bdr, apartment on 1 August.

There's one bedroom, that's mine, a living area and a second bedroom I plan on turning into a library/study.

Where should i order my furnitiure from?  (Place must deliver in NYC).

Any ideas?  Hints?  Things i should know?
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I'm moving in the morning. And about to make muffins for the friends who are helping me move. I'm not done packing. It's almost 2am.

what's more important, muffins, or packing?
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Do you prefer tap water or bottled?

Warm, cold, or room temperature?

depends on the brand/area I'm in. My tap water isn't bad, so at room temperature I don't mind it. Cold, I prefer filtered/bottled.

Never a warm water drinker.

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1. How have your last 24 hours been?

2. For the past few days, tiny white spiders have been stringing down from my ceiling. What should I do about this?

3. Will you write me a short poem?! Possibly a haiku?

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Where can I meet 7'0" tall men?

Have you ever taken one of those home DNA tests, where you send it out and they tell you about yourself? What did you think of the results?

What is sexier, bellydance or burlesque?

Do you play abandonware on emulators? Which ones?

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What's your favorite ZZ Top video?

Which would you want to be (or have sex with, if that's more applicable) if you had the chance: a ZZ Top girl (like in the videos) or one of the Fly Girls from In Living Color?

(I still haven't decided on my answers to either question...)

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Inspired by this article, how do you feel about the Vespa?

I think it's a good investment because it gets good gas mileage and it's cheap but I would prefer something a little more badass like this Honda sports bike.  I'm currently saving for a car because I don't have one and I'm driving my dad's gas guzzler truck.  The Vespa seems tempting even though it's not really what I want.  I'm sure I would grow to love and appreciate it though.  I was just wondering what your thoughts are...

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What are some cute things your pet does?

My puppy is has been curled up in a ball on my lap ever since I got on the computer.  Sometimes he'll get his toy and spin around and let it go so he can run after it...like playing fetch by himself!  

Also, am I the only one who grabs my dog and gives him tons of hugs and kisses every time I see that don't abuse your pets commercial?  Every time that sad song starts to play I'm all "Wanna go to the park!?!" because I feel like I have to give him extra love.

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After spending a horrible weekend with my mother in law last weekend, my husband and I decided that if we ever have kids, we're going to have to send out a 'rules to see our baby' sort of thing to keep her in check.

I know I've seen one floating around the internet and can't seem to find it.

It had things on there like 'You must bring us food if you come to see the baby' and 'if we ask you to run to the store, you shouldn't complain'. Each item also said something about that if you break the rule you don't get to see the baby.

We probably won't ever actually send one, but does anyone remember that or have a copy of it? Or, hell, did anyone you know do anything like that?
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TCC, I had my flat iron in a bag with uncapped roll-on deodorant. Unbeknownst to me, I plugged in the flat iron and discovered a few minutes later that the deodorant had gotten all over the flat iron plug. Deodorant may have possibly gotten into the electrical socket as well (a small bit did, I know). Is there any electrical fire risk here?
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Just out of curiosity, how many of you have been to the Oregon Country Fair?  Supposedly it's this big thing and people come from all over, but I was just wondering if that was actually true or not.  Does your state have something similar?
Personally, I don't find it all that special.  I live here and I've only gone once

How many of you have been to a Ren Fair?
I haven't

How many to a Pirate Fair?
I've gone to one

If none of these fit, what did you eat for breakfast?
I ate cheetos

My cousin is a gift card scammer

I just recently found out that my cousin will go into stores/call them up and complain until they offer her a gift card or a free service.

I found this out because she was bragging about how the shirt she'd bought me for Christmas last year had pretty much been attained illegally and when I asked her, she said how she goes into stores like Target and WalMart and Fred Meyers and complains and makes a fuss until they give her a gift card, just to make her go away/shut up and that she never bought anything to complain about in the first place.

So if I were to call up the stores and tell them what she's been doing and give them her contact info, would they stop letting her fuck them around?

I'm a hundred percent sure that what she's doing is illegal, not questioning that, I'm just wondering what I can do to stop her from being able to pull that crap anymore.
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Can you bring liquids/gels/aerosols (bug spray, lotion, toothpaste, etc) that is bigger than 3oz onto checked in luggage?

I'm aware of the rules for carry-ons, that all liquids/aerosols must be in a 3oz or less container and inside a 1 qt ziplock bag, but my boyfriend insists that our checked-in luggage can't have any big liquids either, since he had his body wash taken away when he was checking it in. Does LAX maybe have different rules?
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Why the hell do old people insist on typing like 12-year-olds? (ie: I will b there. C U there. U R a putz 4 typing lyke this)

Is it an attempt to be "hip" and "with it"?

Also, why do they always type in all caps? WHY?!
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Today do I want to go to a skating class (it's going to be 92 degrees here) or do I want to do laundry and run errands and bake cupcakes before I go out for my friends last day in DC shindig? I dont think I can do both.

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 How would you react if someone told you that they didn't want to be your friend because they loved you?  

They didn't say it like that exactly, but more along the lines of "I really love you but don't want to try to be friends because you're too far away and like some other guy and it's too hard to handle and I'm going to start therapy for the second time in less than a year and both times were mainly because of Y-O-U!"

I was upset.
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1. What's the last thing you got a great deal on?
2. What is something of yours that is hideous? (Car, clothing, etc.) Can I see a picture?  Why do you have it?
3. If you've been to a Fazoli's restaurant, did you like it?
4. What's the most out-of-place object in the room you're in?
ETA: 5. Will you show me a Woll Smoth-style picture of you? (Or if you can't make one, show me your favorite Woll Smoth frond?)

1. Plane tickets
2. My car
3. I've never been, but I saw a commercial and it looked really good!
4. An empty inflatable baby swimming pool (in my living room)
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When's the last time you got unnecessarily freaked out by something stupid?

I'm a work and checked my cell phone and saw a missed call from my dad's wife. She never calls me so I immediately panicked, thinking something happened to my dad. Turns out, he just used her cell phone to check up on me. :P
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Can anyone recommend something to treat poison oak?

My husband is out in the woods a lot for his job and Tecnu doesn't seem to help. He usually ends up going in to get steroid pills, but that can't be good after awhile.

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Several years ago, a friend of mine was obsessed with this low-sugar cupcake recipe that involved diet soda. I definitely remember that it was from scratch, not a box of cake mix. Googling has failed me. Anyone have some idea of what I'm talking about?
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TQC, I'd really like to get a tattoo (a small, thumbnail-sized peacock feather on the back of my ear) but I've always been worried that if I got a tattoo when I was young (I'm 20 now), I'd regret it like five years later. Is my tattoo a dumb idea?

Have you ever gotten a tattoo that you've regretted?

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1) Have you ever made a recipe with squid ink pasta? If so can you tell me what you put with it?

2) How much money do you spend a month on entertainment/hobbies?

3) When you go out with friends who usually pays? Does it depend on what friends you're with?
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I've tried Google, I've tried looking it up in the MLA Handbook, but to no avail.

I have absolutely no idea how to do footnote citations, and it's driving me crazy. Do I need to put a little stupid number at the end of every paragraph? Or just at the end of a section that I use from a single source? When I do regular citations, I do it at the end of every paragraph or use of a new source, and I've tried the same with footnotes, but it puts a new fucking number, like I can't use the same source.

I have no idea what I am doing. Does anyone know how to use footnotes?

Lo que queremos es lo de hoy...

1) I want bread, kids. Should I buy the garlic cheese kind, challah, or honey wheat?

2) What should I make with my bread? French toast? Sandwich? Anyone have good sandwich combos? Non-pork is best, since the best i can do with pork is pass on the idea.

3) I am making a mix for my friend. It's a long story, but do you guys have any ideas for the sappiest love songs? They can be good, wonderful even, but she loves sappy love songs, so anything gooey is great. I have:

Rick Astley- Never gonna give you up
Old 97s- Question
Jonathan Richman- My Baby Love Love Loves Me

and that's it.

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So I just watched The Mist the other day and it's one of those "people are trapped together and start going crazy and killing each other almost immediately" kind of movies. I tend to have a little more faith in humanity than that, but I figured I would ask anyway,

How long do you think you would have to be trapped some place with random people before you started to go nuts?

Would you be the type that tries to survive no matter what, or would you work to ensure the survival of the entire group even if it meant sacrificing yourself?
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1. I just found this, hidden away in a crack in the exposed brick in the kitchen of my new house while renovating. The envelope said "Mavis Nov. 16":

Collapse )

I owe nothing, no bills, gas tank is full, etc. WHat do I do with it??

2. Do you like grain breads? Like 12 grain/flax, etc? I have 4 loafs right now all of different kinds. I can't get enough!

3. How do you get rid of fruit flies quickly?

ok srs question time

Ok. I have to buy a text pager. It's for school. I need to get it this weekend, because I start my inpatient medicine rotation on Monday, and I need to be in the pager system by then. Specifically, I need to get a Motorola T-900.

The question is: where the hell does one purchase a pager? I honestly do not know where to find this. I need to buy it in person, not from the internet, because I need it so soon. Obviously googling this has just returned online shopping, but that will not do.

ETA: The hospital uses "USA Mobility" as their pager service, if that helps.

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Do you like shopping?
Where do you like to shop for clothes at?

Me: Target, Mervyn's, JCPenney's, Macy's, Dillard's, Metropark, d.e.m.o., Wild Side, Swap Meets, Foot Locker, Sheikh, Journeys, Tilly's and Ross.
H&M recently opened in the town I live in as well, and I can't wait to check it out.

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Everytime my bff touches her head, she claims she is "concust."

She opened her car door, and it hit on the side of her head.  She drove herself to the emergency room, told them she had a concussion, so they gave her ibuprofen and told her to go home.

TQC-Have you ever head a severe head injury?
Will you tell me about your worst head (or anything) injury?
Pictures earn bonus points.
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The love of my life broke up with my last night. (I'm melodramatic, but whatever) In an attempt to cheer me up, my friends, with whom I'm staying for the weekend, (and in front of whose brand new house he broke it off) are putting on a fun, girlie movie. They're putting on Legally Blonde, a movie in which the main character's boyfriend breaks up with her in the first 15 minutes. This is the worst idea ever, y/n?
ETA: I've seen the movie. I know she goes to harvard and becomes valedictorian and ends up with Emmet. But movies focused around breakups are a little hard to take right now. This is all really fresh.

Have you ever had poison ivy poisoning? Sun poisoning?
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Who is someone that no matter how badly either of you fuck up, there's no possible way of them ever being out of your life except for death?
Are you friends, family, dating, etc?
What's a word to describe the beyond wonderful feeling of tons of heavy drama and emotions being lifted off your shoulders in a matter of minutes?
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Do my hair, TQC!

1. How young do you have to be to have 'premature' gray hair?

(I'm 31, and on my way to salt-and-pepper...)

2. What color should I dye my hair?

a. something close to my usual, natural color (a chocolate/mocha/mousy brown)
2. something lighter (lighter brown - I'm not going suicide blonde)
#. something darker (black - won't look like Wonder Woman, but with my disposition I won't be Gawth)
d. red - auburn

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So what weird stuff has been going on in your life, TQC?

If I called my city police (non-emergency), would they be able to tell me whether a person had officially been reported as missing? I would be able to provide a first name, but that's it.

Collapse )

If you don't know and don't care about the tl;dr, what should I keep by my door in case of emergency? Baseball bat or old-school steering wheel club?

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For a friends birthday, I am burning her 6 CD-R discs of TV shows for her to watch on her laptop (which does not have a DVD player).  I don't have any empty CD or DVD cases to put them in, so I am looking for a creative idea of something to hold the discs.

Any suggestions?

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01. I'm going to Austin for the weekend of 15-17th of August. I am a film lover, so I wanted to go for sure to The Alamo Drafthouse. Where else is fun to go in that short amount of time?

02. I'm going there for a wedding. What kind of female clothes are appropriate for a formal night wedding?

I've only been to one daytime wedding & I was young enough for someone else to dress me.
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i'm leaving for college in a little more than a month and i'm wondering what sort of essentials i should bring.
and i don't mean, clothes, book, laptop.
what are some things i might not be thinking of that i should deff. have?

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I just got back from vacation and found that while I was gone my mother cleaned my room for me! I want to keep it in order and get myself together in other ways too. Does anyone know of LJ communities that are goal-oriented and ctually active? Thanks!

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1. My iPhone was at the bottom of a pile of vomit. I guess it went in the speaker, because my phone smells and I can't hear out of it as well as before. Also part of the screen shows up a little lighter. It's fucked, right?
2. Would you keep using that phone if it was yours?
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Okay in Moonstruck or something, isn't there a quote about bringing a woman to an opera, and if she cries then it means something? Anyone remember what that means? Or what the quote was?


1) Do you think if I asked for power tools for my birthday, my parents would question my sanity?

2) Now that I'm going to San Francisco in October, why does the TV keep showing me documentaries on how SF is going to break off the world/ be earthquaked into oblivion/ secede from the union?

3) Ben & Jerry's or Haagen-Daaz?
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Why do so many people, when attempting to emphasize a word by repetition of the vowel, repeat the final letter regardless of how it makes the word sound when read aloud?

Example: "I loveeeeeeeee it!" That would be pronounced "lovey," idiots, which is not your intent. Or, if it *is* your intent, then you need to be kicked in the fork.
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What's your favorite joke?

Edit: Sorry, I didn't know this had been done to death. I was just trying to perk up my mood a tad.

Alternatively, what's the most food you've ever witnessed an average sized person eating in one sitti
titanic, rose, jack

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So there is a song that I want.  I know kindof how it goes but I don't know who it's by.

It's sung by some guys with British accents, and all that I remember is that the chorus goes "Shake shake, shake shake shake it up" or something with a different number of shakes.  A total pop song.  I've been looking it up on google but I keep getting songs that are not it.

Any ideas?

South paw

1. What hand do you favor?

2. If you are a lefty, have you ever been discriminated because of your hand preference?
Also, growing up, what was the most difficult thing about being left handed?

3. If you are a righty, what do you think of lefties?

4. And last but not least, a silly question. Since 3 out of the last 5 presidents have been left handed, not including whomever gets elected this year, (Both candidates are left handed), do you think that there is a vast left handed conspiracy going on? If so, what is their agenda?

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I had a terrible day. I despise working at Dunkin Donuts.

Anybody here work at Dunkies?
How much do you make an hour?
How many hours do you work a week?
How much do you make in tips daily?
How long have you been working there?
Do you despise your job?
Tell me an interesting work experience?

2 weeks.
Oh God yes.
Our ice cream machine decided it didn't want to stop today. Wasn't fun.

For those of you who don't work at Dunkies:
When you're on a diet, what food has the overwhelming power to mess you up every time?

Ramen noodles or home made macaroni and cheese.

As seen on TV

There is a lot of arguably worthless crap for sale on TV these days. So, would you buy any of Collapse )?

ETA: Wow, faucet light much? And none of you are true patriots, obviously, since you're not all clamoring for the limited edition 9/11 commemorative silver $20. For shame, TQC. Bunch of damn turrists.


I am going to Italy in damn near 2 weeks. A little island outside or Rome. ....

What should I eat?
What should I do with my money?
Are the tempatures in the 74s all day?
Can 16 year olds actually walk around drinking? (I am 24 too FYI ....woo!)

....Eh thanks ahead of time!

Gift idea for my 18-year-old brother

I need to buy a birthday present for my lazy stoner of a brother, LordVagina. I thought I could get him something to decorate his incredibly shitty car.

He has a rusty blue '91 Chevy Cavalier with ripped seats, body panels painted with spray can paint, several pieces of the dashboard missing, and the ignition switch is dangling out of a hole by some wires because the ignition switch keeps breaking. He likes to decorate his car with markers and stuff. There's graffiti drawings on the outside. On the gas lid there's a marker drawing of an evil clown that says "I EAT KITTENS!" The sides of the seats are decorated with squiggly lines of green glow-in-the-dark glue gel. And there's a WarHammer figurine glued to the dashboard above the steering wheel. That should give you some idea of what it's about.

I've been searching for something kitschy to decorate his car with, but can't think of anything good. I want some suggestions. Decals? nicnacs? stickers? accessories? What should I get that he could use on his car?
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Why is it that every time I try to post a picture behind an lj cut it doesn't show up?  I do the exact same thing as usual, but it won't work.

Do you find it a little weird that they already have "I Love The Millenium" when the decade isn't even over yet?

What was the last weird thing you got a craving for?  For me, it was a hot dog.
I <3 TLV


We think one of our neighborhood foxes might be sick - he's very skinny and has thin straggly fur. My mom has been feeding him dog food (she found out somewhere online that it's good for them, and we've seen him eat it), but we've thinking of trapping him to get checked out by a wildlife vet. Does anyone here have any experience with foxes or other wildlife that's in need of medical care? We're worried about him, but I don't know if trapping him would be too traumatizing. Any advice?
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1. What shall I do for my 21st birthday?
It's in three weeks. I don't drink and I don't do drugs, and I'm not allowed to go clubbing, go to a festival, or go abroad. Srs answers appreciated.

2. When was the last time you skipped something important? Did you regret it afterwards?
I didn't attend my junior or senior prom, my school graduation, my university summer balls, and now I am skipping graduation. No regrets so far.

3. When was the last time you shouted at a complete stranger?
A woman bumped me in the back of the head with her umbrella the other day and I turned round to tell her to watch where she was going. It was supremely dissatisfying, because I don't think she spoke English.
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Which pasta shape or thickness is your favorite (illustrations and explanations here:  http://www.ilovepasta.org/shapes.html )?

What's your favorite pasta sauce?

Edit: I swear I didn't see the entry before mine when I was getting ready to post (I was looking for the pasta shapes).   Have you and another TQCer ever posted similar questions within minutes of each other that were NOT either inspired by the first one or inspired by a previous question?

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Have you had any experience with Primerica?

Will you tell me about it?

BTW - I'm not interested in it; one of their recruiters called and tried to recruit my bf yesterday at work. He said no, but we're still googling and looking for others' experiences because we're curious.

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1. canadians: you want to go on a canadian company or organization's website and you don't know the ending of the URL. the URL is definitely two words. companyname.com doesn't work. then what would you do?

2. and a general question because i know most of you aren't canadian ok, what's in your pockets?


1. i want to see what other people would do so i know how to format my domain name, tbh
2. a five, a hair tie, two loonies, two quarters, a penny

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So I just called the police and they put me through to 911.
There is a family that lives next to us that has 19248683258297 dogs. They leave them for long periods of time and the dogs bark and bark and bark....X eternity. The dogs have been barking for 5 hours straight now and I have had it! I called Animal Control...no answer. So then I called the police and they are on their way over to try to find the owners.
1. Did I do the right thing?
I walked over first and knocked but no one was there.

2. What would you have done?

3. Why is there no good t.v on Saturday nights?

Edit:I guess I better edit this. I called the local police and they connected me to 911. The woman on the other end was a bitch and was not listening to a word I said. Grumble.
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For all the fellas in tqc - are you really as tall as you say you are?  Honestly?

Ladies - in your experience, are guys really as tall as they say they, but then you go on an Internet date and they end up being a few inches shorter than you?  Does it totally kill the date that he lied about that?

(background - I'm 5'10, and if I go on an Internet date with a guy who says he's 5'10, I usually end up being a few inches taller than him in flat shoes.  I'll date a guy who's shorter than me, but if he lies about it, I'm out the door!)

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has anyone defied the odds and done something you didn't think you could, and people told you that you would never be able to do, but you did it, and now that makes you proud?

if you have, what was it that you managed to do?

international calling


Ok so my question is:

I need to call someone's cell phone who is in China. I have a calling card I'd like to use but i've never used it before. Sooo after i punch in all the necessary numbers on the calling card (card #, pin #, and international code) do I type in the cell number as it is? Area code+number? or do i leave out the area code because he's in china?

thanks for the help everyone! I was missing the +1 in front of the number! :)

Big Love

I love this game!

My friends and I play this game that is really not that fun and incredibly irritating but after you start playing you can't stop.

All jetted baths are referred to as Jacuzzis.
All cotton swabs are referred to as Q-Tips.
All bandages are referred to as Band-aids.

Can you think of any other items that are called by a certain brand name regardless of their manufacturer?

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You're eating spaghetti: light on the sauce, medium, or DRENCHED TOTALLY COVERED with sauce?

Do you cut up your spaghetti, spin it in a spoon, or just slurp it up?

Does it weird you out when someone replies to a comment you made months, or even over a year, ago?

Collapse )

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I know this is an annoying question, but I can't figure it out on my own no matter how hard I try!!

I have my cousin's resume as a Word document and I was just taking her stuff out and putting my information in there and it worked out fine except it's 3 pages long and the 2nd page is all stuff I don't need. If I delete it with the backspace key it makes everything else all unaligned. Is there any possible way of deleting a whole page out of a document without screwing up everything else?!

ETA Actually .. I got rid of the second page, but now there's empty space that won't delete no matter what. Is anyone here good at this kind of stuff? Can I send it to someone and you can help me fix it? Please???
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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I just saw Wall-E today with my cousin. We both love Disney/Pixar films, so we thought it would be fun.

Does anyone who has seen it think it was a little weird or just hard to follow for kids?
Beavis and Butthead

Leg cramps

My left calf is hurting pretty badly right now(like a massive cramp) and I need to go to bed soon. Only problem is I won't be able to sleep with my leg hurting like this.

How the frack do I make it stop hurting? What the hell caused it? Should I just cut my leg off and spare myself the trouble?

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My hamster died. That was the last thing I expected to come home to tonight considering he was active and just fine yesterday. :(

What was the last thing that happened to you that you didn't expect?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Have you ever shown someone a movie that you were so convinced they would enjoy, but it turned out that your friend didn't find it even remotely interesting?

I just showed my boyfriend The Mummy and he thought "it was so dumb," he turned it off halfway through. I was sad.

Oh, TQC.

1. Why do 90% of my conversations with people in TQC seem to disintegrate into us both talking in all caps?
(srs and non srs answers are all good)

2. Do you have a nickname or nicknames? What are they? Which is your favourite?

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Inspired by the wall-e post:

What are some things in movies that bother you because they don't seem to make sense or because you KNOW that they're wrong?

In Cloverfield, the guy is on his cellphone in the subway... it probably wouldn't work anyway...but it really wouldn't work if major buildings were falling down that housed cell towers. In "I Am Legend" how the hell does that woman get into NYC when all of the bridges/tunnels are full of cars/non-existent? Why is the "President" in "Wall-E" a real person, when the rest of the humans are animated?

would it...

Would it bother you in any way if you found out your boyfriend had smacked a girl on the ass [at work] awhile before you started dating? Why or why not?
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So TQC, I'm in the middle of moving houses. My computer isn't hooked up to the internet, and I want to transfer some files onto my Mom's laptop. Thing is, I:

Don't have any blank CDs
Don't have a USB drive
Don't have any floppy disks
Again, no internet connection

...Basically, am I screwed? I really want these files on the laptop (they're images, so it's not like I can retype anything). Is there any method I've overlooked?

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 I haven't read Twilight yet. Is it worth reading?

I'm going to go to the library this week to pick up some books. What are some must-read books that have been made within the past 10-20 years (any genre)?

What is something you would like to learn about but haven't yet?

What is the most amusing community on LJ to watch?
default black mage coke slurp


My lego men keychains are starting to look shabby, so I would like to purchase new ones. But the LEGO online store only seems to carry a few of them now!

TQC, where can I get more lego keychain-y goodness?