July 11th, 2008

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We all know the song of the summer this year--"I kissed a Girl" by that annoying ho Katy Perry
What are some memorable songs of summers in years past?
Any song that will always remind you one of particular summer? Or a particular time in your life?
Why's that?

i like to live on the edge

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- For $1,000,000 nontaxable cash, would you chug nail polish remover?
- What was your last stupid thing you did that you regretted later on?
- If you're from NYC, can you recommend me a relatively inexpensive nail salon near Times Square that I can a good mani/pedi from? Or anywhere else?

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When I go in to Finder I used to be able to change filenames by clicking in them and then typing the new name. This still worked last night but now it's not. The up and down arrows are also not working in Finder.
Why is that and how do I fix it?

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Who is your favorite comedian left on Last Comic Standing?
Were you happy with the people who eliminated, if not, who would you have liked to see eliminated instead?

I really like Jim The Maestro Tavare. God's Pottery, I felt, were stupid and I'm glad they're gone


If you had to perform in a talent show, what would your act be? It doesn't have to be the traditional singing, dancing stuff.

I would sniff things up my nose and spit everything back out at the audience through my mouth.
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Got anything you want to say to a TQC member that you don't telling who it is?

Apparently, I lose.

Would you rather receive an extra month's salary or a month of paid vacation?

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I was out all day and I won't be getting much sleep tonight.  The waves will only be here for a short amount of time, though.  Knowing that:

Should I wake up early and go surfing tomorrow?

Surfing is for chumps


ok so i've just moved right onto this island. long story short i joined a forum to ~ meet new friends ~ and some dude just added me on msn.

starts off fine enough and we're just chattin' and all of a sudden.

Dan says:
wud u like a blowjob?

sry wat??

Luke says:
err not right now thanks!
Dan says:
not into that sort of thing?
Luke says:
er no not really lol
Dan says:
lol ok


lead me

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i have to get up early to go talk to financial aid at my school. it is now 1:30 in the morning, i got my ass wrongly chewed out at work today, i feel miserable, unappreciated, worthless, and not even close to tired. i'd like to be at school no later than 10.

aside from taking benadryl, which i've done the past two nights in a row, can you help me get some sleep, tqc? warm milk does nothing for me (and is rather gross, kplzthx.)
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Why do you think people feel the need to make anonymous comment communities?
Are they attention whores?
Too chicken to tell people how they really feel?
As a way to show how cool and ~*edgy*~ they are?
Doing it for the lulz?
Is there a reason that isn't lame?

Flogging the dead horse a week later

Johnny has a thing for Susie. He has a date with her, and she's made it a point to put out. However, Susie's dated half the football team, including the coach. Johnny's wondering if he sleeps with her, that he'll inadvertently sleep with all the men she's slept with. That's a lot of guys for Johnny to hypothetically bang, which would hypothetically make Johnny kind of a gay hobag. So, he could stay home, and just masturbate. But that involves handling a penis and stimulating it, and fondling penii isn't a very hetero thing. Which is a gayer thing for Johnny?

Johnny having sex with Susie, and end up having second-hand sex with half the linebackers on the squad
Johnny have sex with himself, which involves handjobs and a penis
He's a homo either way.
He's a homo either way. Are those...Crocs he's wearing?

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What is your name?
How old are you?

Do you feel like your name and age fit? with each other, not with you.

EDIT Apparently this doesn't make any sense. Here is an example! My name is Joan and I'm 20. I don't feel like they fit at all. I think my name would fit better with someone in their 80s or 90s.

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Poll #1221442 In Pamplona, you run with the booze

You're on a cruise with your SO, when the ship sinks in the middle of seemingly nowhere. You're washed ashore on a deserted desert island. Not just you, but your SO, an attractive member of the same sex as you, food....and a speargun. The 3 of you are trying to stay warm and build shelter, when you're starting to notice your SO is talking to the new person a lot. They go off together a lot to gather firewood or forage for supplies. You're never asked along. You sense a riff growing between you and your SO and fear that any day now, he or she will leave you for the new person. You're not sure where you are but you have a feeling no one else knows either, so they can't find you. One day, you stumble across that speargun, while the other two are 'fishing'. What do you do?

Nothing. Let nature take its course. If my SO and I are supposed to be together, we will. If not, at least he or she will be happy
Try and petition for a threesome
Shoot the other person with a spear. Live reasonably happily ever after with SO in Robinson Caruso paradise
Shoot SO with spear. Obviously, he or she was a dishonorable scumbag. Live in sin with hot new person
Shoot self with spear. I can't murder anybody, but I can't hang around here and watch them hook up. Goodbye, cruel and unusual world...
I plead with my SO not to cheat on me, and then tell the new person that my SO has herpes
Split up the island. You and the SO have one side, new person has the other, and never shall you meet again
Split up the island. The disloyal SO and new person can have one side. I'll have the other. I don't have to see them fuss around, do I?
Poison the food. We all die now! No one wins!

I know I misspelled rift :P
I won't cry for you

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Have you ever been to an Ikea?

Do you love Ikea as much as I do?

(I went to the Orlando Ikea for the first time today and it was pretty much the highlight of my summer so far. Is that lame? I don't care, it was awesome.)
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Men's underpants?

Boxers - woven
Boxers - knit
Boxer briefs
Something else
This question is heteronormative and I am offended

Should I go to the trouble of making a favorite Dr. Who companions poll?

Only if you provide pics
Only if you don't provide pics
Only if it doesn't suck
Everything about Doctor Who sucks
Something else
This question pushes the Gay Agenda and I am offended

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my boyfriend says, (and i've noticed too) , that when he ejaculates, the semen is thick.
he says that sometimes its painful when it comes out. (The pleasure obviously overcomes the pain) but that it usually gets worse if he doesn't cum every day.

He said that it's happened ever since he started jerking off.
so my question is, why is it, like... coagulated?

sorry if this is too personal or anything. I just haven't found anything online... I thought someone might help?
thanks in advance.
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What is the vaguest, most non-sensical thing you can say while still making it sound wise?

(that is, something that makes no sense, but a dumb person would try to figure it out because they think they're missing something)
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say for a moment that you're dreaming about having the hottest sex with your biggest celeb or high school crush ever

further say that this dream is leading in a direct and rapid fashion toward a happy ending when your so, feeling frisky, wakes you up with the intent of gettin' it on

are you annoyed or elated?

do you participate or decline?
Dark haired women


Are you planning on getting Guitar Hero for the DS?
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Do you play Sims2?
If so which expansion packs do you own?

1.Not yet, but I think we might end up getting it. Just looks like to much fun.
2.YES!!! We have night life, seasons, university, family extras, pets.
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1. Free campgrounds? Or just a place to camp in Santa Barbara, CA (or VERY close by). Or even a place to just park an SUV overnight?

2. What are your plans for today?
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Quick! What song is running through your head?
Is it by chance a combo of more than one song?

(I have "Mama Mia" and "Take a Chance on Me" stuck in my head, together, and my brain is making a horrible ABBA mashup.)

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Are there people on TQC whose posts you never answer, because the poster annoys you for some reason (y/n type thing, not who)? Do they unknowingly comment on your posts, or is it mutual?

What's your favorite popsicle flavor? (Assuming the world ran out of the dick-flavoured ones, I mean)
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Why all the hate?
Did everyone in TQC take their bitch pill recently?

Who in TQC doesn't annoy you?
Who here do you ~love~?

What are you making me for breakfast?

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Through preposterous circumstances too complicated to explain here, you discover that you have a twin! He/she looks just like you in every way, except your twin is better looking, has better hair, a better body, is smarter and funnier than you. Out of the sheer novelty of it all, you introduce your twin to your SO, your friends, and re-introduce your twin to your immediate family. Then, something unplanned happens. Everybody seems to prefer your twin over you. You find that your friends start inviting your twin to hang out (not you). Your SO seems to banter and joke much more comfortably around your twin, even moreso than when the two of you started dating, as if they've known each other for years. And your family hangs off your twin's every word, and in any argument, your parent/s take your twin's side and demand you apologize instantly. In short, he/she is the alpha twin, and you're the beta, and he/she is usurping your life.

What do you do about it?

Four unrelated questions

What sort of dwelling do you live in (apartment, house, cardboard box, etc)?

I have a month off for vacation. I'm going to Belize for 9 days in August. What else should I do?

Does anything on you hurt right now? What?

What was the last thing that made you feel really happy?

ETA: What grade produced your worst school picture?

(I live in an apartment, my mouth and left foot hurt, having some time alone after four days straight with no privacy made me really happy and my 9th grade picture is the absolute worst)
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Have you ever gone to your gym for the express purpose of using the shower?

I woke up late this morning, didnt shower, and I look like absolute shit. I was thinking of going to my gym down the street and showering during lunch, but I'd have to buy shampoo and deodorant and stuff. Worth it y/n?

Unrelated, what medications are you currently on? This will be a long list for a lot of people, I can tell.

EDIT- damn, guess it's just me with the long list of meds then!

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My last question seemed to provoke a lot of violence. Lot of people willing to kill their twins.

So this question is going to be about violence...and you

Hypothetically, you have a twin, and they're perfect in every way and stealing all the love and glory that should rightfully be yours. You're at the end of your rope and decide the only way to get through this is to kill your twin. In this scenario, they look just like you. Even the hair and dress style. In a particular fit of frustration, you're propelled into a murderous rage. You grab a kitchen knife. Now...

1. do you think you could stab and kill someone who looks JUST LIKE YOU?
2. If you said yes to the above, then you have to get rid of the body, or else, it's cellmate sex for you indefinitely. Because of the circumstances in play and what's in your home at the time, you have to chop your twin up into small garbage bag-size parcels. Do you think you could chop up someone who looks just like you?

Cemetery = Park?

1. Where do you live?
2. Do the people in your area use the nearest cemetery as a park? To walk the dog, play soccer/football, etc?

ETA:  Everyone seems to use the cemetery as a park in my area.  I'm wondering if this is a regional thing.

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TQC, if some random stranger approached you outside of a convenience store and asked you to buy him a cup of coffee, would you?

This just happened to me, and I said no, and now I feel bad.
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My boss announced in a meeting the other day that he may have to "terminate" someone from our small, 9-person staff soon because we don't have much work right now (contract archaeology). He said he "wouldn't mind" if any of us asked for recommendations for other jobs. Then he apparently individually spoke to everyone in the office about it, except me. This created a lot of whispered conversations and paranoid shifty eyes.
Does this mean I'm the one who's going to get axed?
Is my boss a manipulative prick for insidiously sowing discord in the office?

I'm new here at TQC, and am starting to see that it really is more of a Club than a lot of other communities. I only lurked for about a day, read the rules, and then tried to jump in.
Do new people bother you? How long does someone have to be around for them to not irritate you? How long have you been here?

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1. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being a rock, 10 being a rocket scientist) how would you rate your intelligence?
Probably a 7 or so

2. Have you ever taken an IQ test? What was your score?
I took one when I was 8 years old. I got a 140.

3. Are you more book smart or street smart?
book smart, definitely

4. Are you smarter than your SO?
I'm more book smart, he's more street smart
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Do you return calls in a timely fashion? My therapist called me last night to tell me to stop by briefly this afternoon and I haven't called her back yet. She just left me another message. So that means my answer is no.

Paul Dano
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What the fuck do you cook with canned shrimp? Recipe ideas please?

Would you ever get into an epic Star Wars battle, Luke vs. Vader style, over a bag of Doritos?

If you had to choose one contestant to give a rimjob from Project Runway, who would you pick?

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Which do you hate more?
Large Font.
Small Font.
Or seeing them used three times in one question?

and is it just me, or has TQC gone back to its usual, bitchy self?
Why the change?

k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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What do you use for a bookmark?

I recently lost mine that I've gotten attatched to, so until I find it again (which I always do) I need a temporary solution as opposed to stealing my sisters.

And for those who don't care,

Are you mean?
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Dear TQC, I have a vague music question for y'all.

I can't remember anything about this song except for it's a rap song, there's a guy and a girl singing, and it's sort of dirty. The guy is singing more than the girl, it's like she's there for the chorus. It's a relatively recent song, it's starting to taper off being played on the radio but I heard it three days ago. The only thing I can remember about the song is maybe in the beginning he's like "I cant get you this but I can do this" and the chorus kinda sounds like stripping? LOL I don't know. I didn't even like this song the first fifty times I heard it on the radio but it's been stuck in my head in the past two days I think just because I can't have it. It's also not "No Air" even though everyone I've asked suggested that.

I've heard it on these two stations, B94 and WVAQ, if that's helpful.

Does anyone know what this song is?

What was the last song you had stuck in your head?
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...and do his makeup.

What were you afraid of when you were little?

For example, my boyfriend thought that the band Kiss lived under his bed, so he'd have to take a running jump to get up there so they didn't grab his feet.

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You know how sometimes if you move your head all of a sudden, you get a sharp pain in the back of your skull, right above the top of the spine but a little to one side?

What exactly is going on there? It almost feels like there's a bubble in a joint or some such. Is there a way to avoid it? It happens even when I don't exactly whip my head around or anything, it just seems so random.

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What is your least favorite household chore?

 I hate cleaning the floors.

Can you tell me about the last weird dream you had?

I dreamed that I was on a pirate ship and these little Asian midget pirates were chasing me.
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Does it bother you when they have testimonials as part of movie trailers?  Like when they have random people who have seen the movie talk about how great it is as part of the commercial?

Arg I hate it.

Is anyone else slightly afraid of trying the 'Pasta From Pizza Hut'?

It creeps me out a little bit.
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You make minimum wage at a job that you don't love, but you like the people.
One day you are scheduled for a three hour shift--that means you'll make less than $20 that day--and it starts early in the morning.

Do you go to work and deal with your dislike and hope that there are decent managers working, or do you call off?

(For the record, no, this is not hypothetical: I was in this situation this morning. I went to work, but pretty much everyone said they would have called off since it was such a useless shift.)
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Pet Showers

A friend of mine is getting a puppy. Her roommate is holding a "pet shower" for her. Several friends are coming over and there is pet-themed food and merriment and we are to bring pet presents for the new dog.

I have never even heard of a pet shower. Has anyone else? Is this odd? What's a good gift for a new puppy?

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TQC, be my financial advisor.

I'm going to grad school in the fall, so my federal student loan goes into automatic student deferment. How should I use the money that would normally go towards my monthly bill (it's $88)?

Save it
Put towards credit card bill (about $7k) (0% interest for a year)
Put towards private student loan (about $52k) (Prime + 1%, so right now 6%)

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For those of you that have moved away from home,

1. What were the circumstances for you leaving? (i.e. going away to college, being able to afford your own place)
2. Were you homesick?
3. How long did it take to feel settled in at your new place of residence?
4. What was the hardest thing to get used to?
5. What was the best thing about moving away?

tyra you bitch

im watching the tyra banks show and its getting me mad! its the one with names and race.

does it piss you off when people base other peoples personalities just by their name?

it does to me! now that i think about it, ive applied at a lot of jobs in the last few months, even called them every other day and wondered why they didnt want me to work for them. after watching this show, my mind started to wonder because of my name.

i know its stupid but BLAH i want anothr job!
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From my office, you can see the Apple Store.  Which means you can see the line of people (and this line is three deep and goes around the block) waiting to get iPhones.  Do you think it is stupid to line up all night to get a phone that will still be available tomorrow, anyway?

Have you ever waited in line over night for something?  Was it worth it?

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So, I need a computer mirror so i can see if someone is walking up behind me. I found sites where you can buy them, but does anyone know of a store to buy them? It's about 2.00 so I am not keen on spending money for shipping... or waiting for it.

I tried looking at walmart.com to see if walmart has it but it didnt show up.
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I had a job interview last monday.

The woman told me to call her Friday (i.e. today) and I did this morning around 9am, she said she was a little busy, but worked till 2:45pm and would call me back when she got a break.

it's 10 minutes to 2pm, and I'm really wanting to call and check in again about my follow-up with everything, but i dont want to seem desperate and pushy. But just in case she got really side tracked, I'd like to call.

should i call again since she hasnt called yet?

(BTW this is a job for starbucks, and i've been jobless for a while....so i really do need this job and it's been my only interview in a long time)

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Dear Mechanically Apt TQC,

My car is making terrible burning rubber smells when I get over 40 mph. What the hell is wrong with this car?

Is it slowly becoming a screaming metal death trap?

If you cannot (or will not) answer the previous, what is the last thing you bought off the internet?

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Are you a cradle robber?

If so, where'd you stash my baby?!

If you have liked someone younger than you, how many years older were you?
How old were you at the time? 

I'm not against cradle robbing

my answers.
i am about to be one

i am three years older than the person i like.
i'm eighteen.

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Okay, so I had a really long conversation yesterday about lips and now I am very curious!

1. If you have a measuring tape handy, what is the width [for clarification, corner to corner] of your lips?

2. Can I see a picture of your face?!
Sweet Pea

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I don't have internet at home, so I use a coffee shop down the street. It is VERY loud in here, which doesn't bother me since I am not doing anything important. But there are a lot of people in here who appear to be doing homework/studying.

Do you ever study in a coffee shop?
Doesn't it annoy you?
What are you doing this weekend?

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If all your activity on the web suddenly became public, how embarrassed would you be?
(ie. your spying on Facebook, My Space, your anonymous comments...)
What about what you do WHILE online? (if you're naked or farting or look like shit)

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What's the most vindictive thing you've ever done to someone?

What's the most vindictive thing you've ever considered doing to someone? Why didn't you do it?

On a scale of 1-10, if I decide to tell my asshole ex that I have chlamydia (when I know full well I don't have it) so he has to go get a giant q-tip stuck up his peehole, how big of a bitch am I?
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do you have a cottage?
are cottages a big thing where you live?
do you go to someone else's cottage?
where do you live?


i live north of toronto near ~cottage country~ but i have never been in a cottage. i did go to the grocery store in wasaga the other day though. you could drive a car down the aisles and 3/4 of the store is beach toys and cottage shit. it's cute.

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I am pretty lazy. I think I spend possibly two hours out of each day on my feet, since I have quit my job and school has started. Thus, I am very bored and have fallen into a sort of slump where going out and having fun does not appeal to me at all. I am 18 years of age, and people here seem to be generally a bit older.

Have you ever gone through something similar? How'd you get out of it?

Oh yeah, also when I go out I get this sort of dull physical strain to want to be home, and I never really have fun. Is this bad?!

Oh, and how many floors does your house have? If you live in an apartment, what floor do you live on?

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A few days ago, I donated blood (not my first time, btw, like my fiftieth probably), around noonish... Later that night, I went out and had a couple of drinks (like 3), nothing crazy. I felt fine felt fine then bam, I could literally not stand and was sicker than I'd ever been and continued to be sick/lightheaded until the second day after. I was pretty shocked because I have really never had any lasting effect from drinking, not even a headache in the morning, etc.

Do you think this was because I'd donated blood? Or was it more likely something unrelated?
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Sorry to get back on the hair-straightening topic... but... I need to know this:

Why do people use a straightening-iron to straighten their hair if they already have straight hair?

(no subject)

When it comes to drama on the internet do you:

instigate the drama?
add on to the drama?
break up the drama?
just watch?

Does internet drama actually hurt peoples' feelings?


Have you ever been hurt by internet drama?

Lain Out
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What do you love most about your job?

What do you hate about it?

I absolutely love all of my co-workers to the point that they're more than half the reason why I'm still there. My boss is also the best I've ever worked for. She periodically gives raises and we all get a nice Christmas bonus.

However, I hate how the two shifts don't work together more. We have a day shift and a night shift. There is no communication between the two and people won't do tasks that need to be done because its not "part of their shift." Instead, there's just a lot of stupid blame casting. The manager at my job is also a giant gossiping thirty year old who uses bottled water for everything including cooking, touts the wonder that is Libby Lu and will probably flip out the second she is no longer mistaken for being in her twenties.
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Three completely unrelated questions:

1. Do you think it's rude when you thank someone and they say "Yup" back?

I just think "No problem, anytime, you're welcome" seems more ...friendly?

2. What was the last foreign object that waged war on your body?

I just got a piece of glass in my foot

3. I asked about the onesies for the baby shower. I made them...how should I wrap 'em?

I was thinking of putting them on ribbon with clothes pins to make it look like a clothes line... stupid?

(no subject)


What are your best tips and ideas for keeping organised?

Will you post a picture of the messiest corner of your messiest room?

Yours Faithfully,

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I've been eating french toast for breakfast and dinner for like 3 days in a row now (lunch has been breakfast sanwhiches!).  Should I go get some more french toast, or get a mexican pizza instead?  No, there are no other options.

Also, my sis went to Palm Springs for the weekend and took the pool key with her, so now I can't go swimming.  How should I punish her when she returns?


(no subject)

1. so, there's this whole power thing when it comes to chicks giving guys blow jobs and the general theory is that getting his dick sucked makes a guy feel more powerful/in charge/etc.

how can this possibly be the case when the guy is putting himself in one of the most vulnerable positions that i can conceive of? i mean, teeth and jaws are really very strong things - one swift joint action and it's bye-bye to the babymaker.

2. what's the last ABSOLUTELY FUCKING INCREDIBLY delicious thing that you ate?

3. on a similar note - i'm going to a friend's house tomorrow night and they're cooking meat on the grill. i'd like to contribute something ABSOLUTELY FUCKING INCREDIBLY delicious. what should i bring? (preferably a side or dessert dish - they always make so much meat)
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Poll #1221835 All Latinas Considered

Did Obama changed from Muslim to Christianity?


Is Obama from the Middle East?


Was Obama Muslim as a little boy and did he attended a Muslim school and was he brainwashed at said school?


Are you retarded?

Maybe So
Who cares, lets make love
Who are you again?
Wait, are you high?
OMG, I listened to All Things Considered yesterday too! I was just as pissed as you are by how stupid the Latinas for McCain sounded

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What songs would you want to have at your wedding?
(which one would be your first dance, dance with your father/mother etc)

I'm having The Luckiest by Ben Folds as first dance, but i'm having trouble picking out other songs. Thats why i'm asking!

(no subject)

 What are people's weekend plans?

I'm getting my hair done after work and then I'm heading out to dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. Then i'll prob meet up with my boyfriend get merry as its been a long week. 

Prob repeat all that tomorrow with some additions!


(no subject)

1. Anyone know where I can get a decent price/quality fm-transmitter for my 30GB video iPod? (For my car)
2. What the best snack at the movie theater?
3. How many total cars have you and/or your family have had? 
Haruhi disappearance
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Is there any state or country that you sometimes forget about? Which ones? for example: Someone mentions they're from South Dakota, and you go "Oh yeah! I forgot about that state"

What is your favorite color to wear?
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After three weeks of abandonment, I found my bike not stolen. And I biked all the way home in one go. I feel like the king of the world!

When was the last time you felt just like Kate Winslet? Which movie? Why?

Grass stains

Storing my bike in my kitchen seemed like a marvelous idea until I realized that the tires have left grass stains on my linoleum floor. I'm getting ready to move out and am frantically trying to get these off. I've mopped and scrubbed and it's not working. I tried one of those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers which faded them slightly but did not remove. Does anyone know of a good way to remove grass stains from my floor?
I like birds.

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How long must one stay in a foreign country before they cross the line between "traveling to ________" and "living in ________"? Are there other factors besides time, and if so, what are they?

(no subject)

1. When was the last time you lied? What was it about? Be honest.

2. I bought a ton of food to grill tonight with my friend and she just called to cancel. Should I grill all the food anyway and sell it on the sidewalk to get my money back?

3. When was the last time someone bailed on you? What was the situation?
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You answer an ad in the newspaper for a job that has you working as an assistant to a wealthy, yet reclusive, man on the far side of town. Because of various circumstances, the man informs you that you will have to move into the home with him. You ponder the various aspects, but decide, in the end, to accept the job because it has very good benefits and the pay is more than adequate in having to deal with an old man whose whole house smells an old man.

During one instance where the man is off napping in a room, mumbling to himself about an insurance policy with the Queen, you happen to notice an open door that you don't recall seeing before. Being curious, and this being your home now, too, you decide to investigate this room see what secrets it has. Maybe the secret of his wealth. Inside the room you see shelves of jars, each filled with a murky liquid and some object you can't identify in the darkness. You turn on a light and, to your horror, see that each jar contains various body parts, organized by type, on the rows. You scream, kill the light, and run out the room, closing the door behind you.

To clear your head, you go for a walk outside, but you have this knowledge. Will you:
1- go on like nothing happened and hope he doesn't realize you know?
2- double-click the power cord?
3- call the police and get his ass arrested for whatever the hell it is he's done?
4- go insane and, in your insanity, kill the man and add his pieces to the jars?
5- say you have to leave for "various reasons" and leave the country?
6- blackmail the man?
7- use Dark Charizard to enact righteous judgment on him?