July 10th, 2008

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TQC, I haven't seen poo today, and it makes me very sad in my pants. :-(

Who haven't you seen in a while?

If someone irl told you they were sad because they hadn't seen poo lately, what would you think they meant?


Could someone explain to me how academies work? Are they just basically specialty schools that offer classes, but not degrees or certificates? Have you ever attended one and if yes, what did you think?

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Is there a place or event or somewhere you go that when you're there, you feel totally alive?

What color is your hair?

What's a people noise that really bothers you?

My Answers:
There's a bar called Rockstarz, and all my favorite local bands play there. I love to go and stand in the smokey show room and dance with all my friends, and all the people I don't know. It feels amazing when I'm there.

My hair is naturally a medium brown, but I have fire engine red highlights in it.

EATING NOISES. That includes slurping, crunching, chewing, swallowing, it's bad.


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is it creepy or sick that I want to do a photography project of people dressed to look like wolves sitting around/eating a "kill" ?

I don't think it would be horribly graphic but there'd be visible blood and shredded/ meats to resemble the kill
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Are you in college or university?
What year?
Have you paid next semester's tuition yet?
What day do you move back in?
Are you excited for the next school year?
What is one essential for you to pack for your dorm room/apartment that most people wouldn't think about packing themselves? (I have to have a huge bucket of markers/crayons)
doctor who - tardis

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Will you tell me who your favorite US Whose Line cast member is?

Favorite UK Whose Line cast member?


Three-way tie between Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Greg Proops.

Tie between Josie Lawrence and Tony Slattery.

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Castle Laws

Poll #1220785 Castle Law

Its 3am, and you hear some noise. You peep out your window to see two guys with crowbars and baseball bats, breaking into your car. They've already slashed your tires and in about 20 seconds, they'll be getting away with your GPS and your stereo. You have a gun by your bed, or you can call the police but they'll probably be gone by then.

Shoot the bastards (imagine Castle Law is in effect)
Run outside with your gun in an attempt to get them to drop your shit and wait for the cops.
Stay inside and call the police.

Texas Castle Law allows for defending your house and your property with deadly force if there are intruders/burglurers on your property at night, as it is unreasonable and risky to ascertain whether or not a person is possessing a weapon under cover of night. Do you agree with this?

I agree with it, my state has Castle Law like protection.
I disagree with it, and my state/area has Castle Law protection.
I agree with it, but we don't have Castle Law protection where I live.
I disagree with it and we do not have Castle Law protection where I live.

How many times has a house you lived in been broken into?

Three or more times.

How many times has your car been broken into?

Three or more times.

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How many times would a person have to leave your house unlocked before you'd ask them to relinquish their keys?

It's not like I live on the ghetto or anything, but it still scares me when I go downstairs in the middle of the night to discover the door isn't locked at all. I mean I'm a white woman for pete's sake.
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Kid = ages 0-18. If you drank both types of water go with the majority. Define the status of your teeth in cavities/decay/enamel only, not whether they came in crooked or you've needed a lot of dental work because you play hockey.

Did you drink fluoridated water as a kid? How are your teeth?

Yes. No cavities or decay.
Yes. A few cavities but nothing major.
Yes. Several cavities.
No. No cavities or decay.
No. A few cavities but nothing major.
No. Several cavities.
Other, and I will complain about the horrible limitations of this poll in the comments! Hmph!

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If you're attracted to women....would you rather wake up next to Amy Winehouse, pre-dental work...or Beth Ditto?

If you're attracted to men, would you rather wake up next to...trollish Clint Howard or femme-looking Bruce Jenner?


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So I was wondering, Darling Tea Cue Sea, do you like storms in the desert? How about mountains in springtime?

Have you ever been to Yellowstone? If yes, did you fear that the super volcano was going to blow while you were there? If no, why haven't you made the trip?

My computer died four times in an attempt to post this. Is this an omen?

And do you really believe that electrical bananas are bound to be the very next craze?

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What are your quirks/weird habits?

I HATE wearing my sunglasses in the house and must put my glasses on before I walk inside. I also can't cross off a date on a calendar until it actually is the next day and I can't change the month on a calendar until after 12am of the new month. My feet have to stick out of my blankets when I sleep.
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Freckles and such...

1. Freckles on grown men; attractive or hey, you've got some dirt on your face?

2. What "fact" have you heard lately made you shout out, "LIAR"?

3. I love a good cover song and I am looking for some new ones to listen to. What are some of your favorite ones?

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rt look down brightness-contrast


 At what age do you stop calling a kid's stuff/things his toys and start calling them something else.......besides shit?  You can't call a teenager's stuff "toys".   Ex:  "Get your _______ out of this livingroom and into your room!!"   What do you call it?

X posted

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Who's a real, non-supernatural person that has dedicated their life to helping people in the sense Mother Teresa is legendary for, except where they actually live up to some high level of praise? For clarification, I'm not expecting them to have superhuman levels of altruism, just that they'd rank very high among the people who have dedicated their lives to altruistic causes.

Ever since I learned out about her true practices and philosophies years ago (she believes that suffering is good and the true way to god, and is shitty in many other ways), I've been looking for a sort of "altruistic icon," in the sense that Hitler is used as the opposite--an icon of evil.

NOTE: Try to give this some real thought and don't give an uncreative choice that is most likely a bad one (e.g. Princess Diana and Gandhi).
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TQC, my old piano teacher from when I was in elementary school is, like, stalking me on FaceBook. Sort of. Sort of very yes. She added me, and said she "wants [me] back" (which is crazy, since my brothers and I stopped taking lessons from her when we were in late elementary-early middle school, and I moved to another state which is pretty clear from the uni. network I'm in on FaceBook). This woman was/is, in my brother's words, "one whacked out mammajamma." I ignored her friend request. Now, she has requesting friending AGAIN.

After consulting with my brothers, we have concluded that I am the only one of the three of us who's getting stalked like this.

2. Have you ever had a crazy piano/other musical instrument teacher? Will you share your stories?

(For the records, my brothers and I have had not just one, but two absolutely bizarroland piano teachers. One made me hold her kid down when the kid had chicken pox to put lotion on it - she made an 11-year old girl physically hold down her teacher's screaming kicking child at piano lessons. She mocked me for my socks. My mom thought we were lying because we wanted to stop lessons, so she ignored our pleas and tales of woe and made us keep going until we moved out of state, and once we kept telling her the stories, she finally believed us. The other teacher - the stalking one - had plans to never leave her parents' house and to never marry because she thought marrying was a sin because it would violate her one-on-one relationship with god. I shit thee not, and this woman was in her mid-30's when we were her pupils. She made us put stickers over Santa's face on our Christmas piano books because Santa was Satan...but somehow putting stickers over his face would fix this.....?)
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 Do you know what kind of flower is this?

I planted it like 3 months ago and it finally bloomed. The little marker i had with the name of the flower blew away and i have a terrible memory.

I am almost positive it isn't a lilly

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What is your worst habit?

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I bought a bagel from dunkin donuts and the cream cheese tastes really weird....like it has flour added to it or something. I have to go out anyway because I have a doctor's appointment this morning, so should I go back and have them replace it or just throw it away?

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So, TQC, it's my birthday today. I'm so old that I remember before gravity was invented, and when there were only four elements. Why, I remember when there was no violence in the world.

What's your favorite old person saying and/or euphemism for old people?

me - with gun
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TQC I haven't been able to draw in forever due to just stress and lack of inspiration and all and it's driving me nuts. I WANT to draw. What should I draw to kind of get back in that mode?

Writing too. What should I write?

Will you give me an example of either your drawing/painting or writing? (or both, whatever)
Kill Bill - Elle
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What is something that makes you want to cry?
If I have to look for a job for one more day I might puke.

What is one accomplishment you probably shouldn't be proud of, but are anyway?
Izzy and Alex

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I'm hungry but nothing sounds good to eat, what should I have for breakfast?
a. Toast
b. Apple cinnamon oatmeal
c. Carnation instant breakfast
d. Go to the store

Why aren't there delivery places for breakfast food?
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Since I don't have an iPod, maybe I just don't get it. Why are there an inordinate amount of videos on YouTube of people taking their iPods out of the box? Why am I constantly seeing the word "unboxing" in conjunction with an iPod? Is this a truly momentous occasion that it needs to be documented?

Someone please clue me in!

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Ok, so here is my dilemma.  And I feel like it is becoming all too common.  My boyfriend has drill this weekend,  but I had no plans, so I decided I’d go up to see him in Minnesota (a 4.5 hour drive) even thought during the day saturday and sunday he'd be busy but I could see my other friends too.   He was going to try and take off work for tomorrow so we could spend the day together. He has not found anyone to cover his shift yet, and is asleep since he worked until 7:45 am today, he will not know until he wakes up at 1-ish if he will have anyone to cover for him.  I was going to take off work tomorrow so I would be up there, leaving today after work.  I have not seen him since the beginning of May and will not have another available weekend until halfway though august.  Should I plan on him finding someone, which failed last time or say screw it and not go see him?


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In the bathroom at my workplace, there are 8 stalls. The 5th is my favourite (automatic flushing, this one doesn't flush one hundred unnecessary times like the others). I'm having a morning poo. You come in, all stalls are empty but mine. 

Where do you go? 
What kind of people choose the stall directly beside mine? 
Can't a woman shit in peace?

Out of pure curiosity...

Has anyone here tried teabagging? I'm thinking of giving it a go with my bf and was wondering if anyone had any horror "OMG don't do it!" stories for me. Srs and non-srs answers permitted. 

Also, is it just me or do you get a thousand and one question ideas to ask TQC in the most random places? What questions do you want to ask, and where/what are you doing to come up with those questions? For me, it's always either in the shower or the grocery store.

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I love asking questions about music.

Do you think 2007 and 2008 are the worst years for popular/mainstream music ever?

As far as I know, YES.

Whether or not you agree or disagree, is there one song(or several) from either one of those years you CAN'T FUCKING STAND?

YES. Crank That-Soulja Boy. Low-Flo Rida(although Flo Rida's other material is okay). What You Got-Colby whatever.

Do you feel anything good has come out of these years?

Yes. Every year has good and bad in music, there just hasn't been a whole lot of good this year or last year.
Space Pope

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Does anyone else like having to write research papers?


OMG they finally decide to make TQC into a broadway musical, What song should the put in and what tune should it be sung to? (i.e. LOLCat Jazz to the tune of All That Jazz)

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The job interview I mentioned last night (too tired to find a link to it - prison administration job) went pretty good I think.

I left without thinking that a) i could have said anything extra b) that i made a fool of myself and c) i could have said anything differently.

That's good, right?

Should I take an hour nap? I'm fucking shattered. Y/N HURRY WITH REPLIEZ PLZ.


What's the worst interview you've ever had?

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1. What is the background on your computer and/or cell?

2. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

3.What company/brand makes a really good 35mm SLR camera?
[I need to get one within the next two weeks...]


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What is the quickest way to get over a slight fever?

I just took 2 Tylenol, but I usually do not have good luck with asprin. My head feels kinda foggy, and I have the sniffles, and this randomly came upon me this morning. How do I make it all stop?!

 EDIT: I'm at work, so I cannot sleep, and after work my friend is coming to visit me in the city, and I don't want to be sick during this nice event :(
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quebec city

1. have you been to quebec city?
2. did you like it?
3. what can you do there?

i've been there before but i don't think my mom and my little brother want to go to simons or up to saguenay, and i don't know what else is there.

and a random one so i don't get NO N/A N/A replies kk

4. do you eat the ice in soft drinks or throw it out?

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1. Are you looking forward to the end of summer or do you wish it would last longer?
2. Would you post a picture of something that you think "defines" summer? (or something representational of the season to you)

TQC publishes a yearbook!
For the superlatives, who would get what?

Best question asker?
Most frequent poster?
Wittiest commenter?


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1. When was the last time you made a TQC post showing just what an insensitive, self-centered biyotch you are?
2. When was the last time you made an anonymous comment in the LJ of a TQCer who called you out on it?
3. When was the last time you deleted your journal when you were exposed?

Well, for me, the answers would be 1. Right now, 2. Never, and 3. Never.

But if you are royal_jelly, the answers would be:
1. Tuesday, 2. Today, and 3. Today.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, what is your favorite egg dish, and do you ever make it at home?

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I have an one hour break between classes currently. How should I waste my hour?

No hookers and blow plz.

Also, what kind of swimsuit do you have? How many swimsuits do you have?

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How sad do you get if one of your friends, and/or someone you really like and respect, doesn't call or email you back?

Do you obsess if you perceive that someone you like and respect has said or done something to slight or insult you?
Give a dog a home

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Do you pray?

If not, why not?
If so, who/what do you to or for?

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who is of a different faith than you? How did it work out/how did you work through it?
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I drink at least one cup of coffee every day. Now that I'm home more, I make myself 2-3 cups of coffee every day. I have decided I shouldn't drink so much, because it's silly to depend on something to wake up.

Do you guys have any tips on how to quit caffeine? Have you done it yourself?

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ugh i think i have major spyware issues
browser keeps crashing, can't use any search engines, can't load my email and tons of pop-ups (including heaps about amazing spyware removal programs)

so.. help?
what's your favourite (free) spyware removal program? This is driving me insane

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I hate to ask this question, but I really need help.

My computer lately has been acting up. Supposedly it's because of something Microsoft is installing on my computer. I can't for the life of me figure out how to turn off the automatic updates. Could someone point me in the right direction?
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1. Do you dye your hair?
2. If so, do you do it yourself or get it done professionally?
3. What products do you use if you do it yourself?
4. What color do you dye your hair and what color is it naturally?
power to the peaceful


What you're depressed, what does it look like?

I stay in bed, in the dark, on the computer or watching TV.

When was the last time you were depressed?

Right now :(

How often are you depressed?

not often

Are you able to cheer yourself up, or do you need someone else to help?
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How much longer do you think it will be until the gas supply runs out? (I am not talking about the bodily function.)

When do you think is the best time to study abroad? If you have studied abroad, how much did it cost you??

(no subject)

What is the least amount of money that you would consider substantial?

Over $10,000

Have you ever won a substantial amount of money from a lottery ticket including scratch-off tickets?


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Have you ever made up your own recipe?

Did you base it off a different one, or just go to the grocery store and pick up things you thought would be good together?

I thought of making dessert potstickers, filled with either ricotta or cream cheese with maybe fruit dipping sauces? Or maybe pureed fruit mixed in with the cheese. My mom suggested deglazing the pan with sherry or a sweet wine to make the potstickers puff (when I made savory "regular" potstickers, this step was done with chicken broth). Does this sound at all appetizing to you? Do you think I should just scrap the idea and never cook again?

Thanks for your fantastic culinary advice, TQC!

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I am on a short vacation and staying with a guy friend for two nights. This was the plan. One night has passed and there was awkward/awful sex which ended in a dismissive dismount. I am not pleased.

I now sit in a coffee shop while he is at work. I do not wish to continue this tomfoolery.

Should I cut the vacation short and bail on the bad in bed boy?

(no subject)

1. What's your favorite brand and variety of matzo?

2. Have you earned your red wings yet?

3. Have you helped somebody else earn his/her red wings? Is there a special name for that?

4. Concrete or asphalt?

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When you change your default icon, does it take you some time to get  used to your new look?

Do you use most of your icons often?  Some more than others?

What kind of icons do you like the most?  The least?

bus trips, emetophobia, distractions

 For those of us here with emetophobia:

How do you deal with bus trips? I'm going on a bus trip to NYC tomarrow and buses have ALWAYS made me panic because of the thoughts of someone getting sick and me being trapped on the bus with them. What do you do to keep calm? How do you stay focused on other things? Advice?
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do you bring your own bags to the grocery store?
if so, do you just bring one and make multiple trips during the week, or do you have multiple bags and do all your grocery shopping at once?
if not, do you care if they use paper or plastic? do you throw the bags out when you get home or recycle them?
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TQC, what are some nice things I can write in the thank you notes I'm sending out to people who gave me money/gifts at my graduation party? I know some of them, but others are just neighbors and it's hard to write to them. :[

When is the last time you sent a thank you note/card? Why?
zombie baby cede! :D

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So, we took our students to see Once Upon This Island today, at a children's theature. I'd just like to say, this was not a child's play. 
If you have seen it, or read the bio, do you think it is? 

Also, I adored it and I think I want to buy the soundtrack. Should I?


What is your favorite play/show?

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Does anyone ever sit and wonder about the actual people behind some internet memes? Like tubgirl, goatse etc. They are real people, somewhere out in this world.

What are your thoughts on this, TQC?
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

for Chicago folk...

Is there anything interesting going on this weekend? I'm visiting with some friends and while I know where I'd want to eat and everything (I'm obsessed with Greektown), I never seem to know what actual events are going on. I looked up what was at Grant Park and I'm not really feeling it... are there any festivals or anything going on?

Help me plan my Saturday, what should we go do?

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OK TQC, which language should I take for the fall semester-Italian or German?

My first language is English, and I took three years of Spanish in high school, but grew bored with it the last year.

Which language do you think is harder?
Which language do you think is more useful?

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 So I'm new here i can't even remember how i came accross this community! but i've found it passes the hours when there is nothing to do in work! 

What do others do when they are bored and have nothing to do in work, to pass the hours?
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

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Poll #1221203 Extro V Intro

I am an...


Did you know that in the American population, Introverts make up about half or more?
Are you surprised at this statistic?

Do cows shit in the woods?
original colors

unrelated things

Why do my contacts hate me, TQC? I've been wearing contacts for 10 years but lately my eyes are just not feeling them for more than a few hours or even at all sometimes. Has this happened to any of you TQCers?

What's something that's going right for you lately?

What part of your job do you like the least?
ghostbusters - im a scientist

Reverse Auctions

i tried googling it, but i'm not seeing it for some reason.
It seems like there used to be a website where you could do reverse auctions (where people/businesses can bid/auction on something you need done and/or raw materials you need), does anyone have any idea what such site might offer this type of transaction (aside from alibaba.com)?

i know there is software out there that you can install on your own website for such services, but that's not an option here (plus you have to have a dedicated traffic for that).
Pug in wig


Dear Dr(s). El-Jay,

I just got fillings on the top and bottom of the right side of my mouth. Dentist filled 'em at 3:45. It's currently almost 7:00, and I'm in pain. I wish I could say it's due to the ice water I drank (BIG mistake), but the local is wearing off.

On a scale of 1-10, I'd say the pain's a 7. I've taken a Lortab and it hasn't seemed to *touch* the pain.

To anyone who's recently had a filling or two- is this normal?

ETA: Thanks, all!

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Whats your favorite book turned into a movie?
Was the movie anywhere near good enough?

Ever read a book that was first a movie?
Did it suck as bad as you thought it would?

What book can you read over and over without getting bored with it?

Jurassic Park comes to mind.
I might have liked the movie better.

Yupp, The Abyss.
God, it was aweful. I don't know why I bothered.

The Guardiens of the Flame series.

(no subject)

Which of these afflictions would you rather suffer chronically from?

Cold sores
This question requires checkboxes instead of radio buttons.

Feel free to justify your choice in comments.
happy monkey

it's emolicious

oh TQC..

1. what do you do to keep the pain from corroding your insides and turning you into a bitter sour angry person?
2. do you know someone who has no friends and is a loner? what else do you know about this person?
3. what do you do to make yourself feel better when you're down in the dumps?
odd enthusiasms

Photo Post, kinda. ;)

I have ton of free prints on Snapfish, and free shipping on one order, so I want to milk this for all it's worth (might use these as some sort of dorm decoration) but I have a total of maybe 40 pictures. I need to find more neat photos. Will you post one of your favorites (and, if you feel so inclined, credit)?
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(no subject)

do you like the macaroni & cheese that comes in a box? do you get the kind with the creamy cheese bag thing, or do you cheap out and go powder?

do you change up the recipe? more or less butter, or some meat or veggies mixed in?

(no subject)

1) how long is your hair?

in twists, it's nearly to my chin. I don't know how long it'd be if I straightened it.

2) is your part of the country crazy?


3)where is it?

the south

4) why?

the sort of person who sends my dad emails about how nancy pelosi will redistribute all their income.
Izzy and Alex

(no subject)

Why do  they change the names of things?

ie: Payless/Rite Aid, Electrosol/Finish, AT&T/Cingular/AT&T.

We had an ice cream parlor here called Ferrall's, and about 15 years ago they changed the name to "Pearl Street Ice Cream Parlour", but of course everyone still calls it Ferrall's.  Now they've taken the whole thing down and put something completely random there, but everyone still calls the building Ferrall's.

Wouldn't it just be easier to leave the name alone since that's what everyone calls it anyways?
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(no subject)

How much money would you have to be paid (in a lump sum) to agree to take one year from your lifespan?
Does the amount change if you knew how long you were going to live?

Chick Flicks....

I think I'm the only woman I know who is anti-chick flick. I just can't stand that type of movie.

My husband..on the other hand.....is sitting on the couch watching Definitely, Maybe.

TQC, did I marry a gay man?

If not....why does my husband like chick flicks?

Guys, do you like chick flicks?

(no subject)

Due to a frustrating day and the fact I got tomorrow off, I've decided to stay in and do some drinking. This will only lead to the inevitable drunk post. WATCH FOR IT!

Anyone else drinking tonight?

If so, we should coordinate our efforts, and time our meltdowns
Misc: Cowboy Boots


I'm in Boise, Idaho for a full day (tomorrow) and possibly the next morning.

I have a car.

What is there for one person to do for a day in Boise?

I like interesting/quirky things, but really, I just want to do something fun and that doesn't cost TOO much. :)

(no subject)

 What is the best WTF look someone has given you lately, and what were you doing to deserve it?

 My sister's boyfriend was upstairs remodeling our kitchen, and all of a sudden gave me a O_o face and was like "WTF are you WATCHING?!"  (I was watching The Innocent Woman, my new fav Korean soap opera).