July 8th, 2008


habits, sleep, and pets

Do you have any bad/weird/creeptastic habits that you would never share with anyone else but TQC? What?

I have a hard time falling asleep at night, and I've been missing class. What should I do to rectify this sad state?

Why are people so big on pets? Eg sleeping with them, kissing them, buying a dog when you are a couple/married, talking about them like they are your kid, paying thousands of dollars for medicine, etc. To me, pets are just animals, and my (usually Western) friends think I'm crazy.

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I have an aunt (by marriage, now divorced) who suffers from schizophrenia. I haven't spoken with her in about ten years. She's a good person and tolerable when on her meds. I have no idea if she's on them now or not or why she called me a couple of nights ago.

Should I call her back? In a way I don't feel like dealing with her drama, but I feel bad because she can't really help it. Then again she's prone to threatening people. Then again it could be the most interesting convo ever.

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1. Out of curiosity, if I said to you, "That pervy actor guy that always seems to be accompanied by the song 'Ladies Night'", would you know who I was talking about?

2. When, if ever, is the last time you opened a bible?
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Ever since the big thunderstorm last week I can hear very faint Tejano music on all the landlines in the office.

1. Wat.

2. Has the technology in your life ever done something LOL?
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Would you say that you are a jealous person?

If so who was the last person that made you jealous? And how?

I can happily say that in most situations, I'm not so much of a jealous person.

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Hi guys.

I'm reeeaaaallly craving some cookies, but I have neither the ingredients nor an oven to bake em. Should I go to the gas station 20 minutes away to get me some cookies?

Collapse )

Is there anything you can't tell your SO (if you don't have one, best friend)? Do you think absolute honesty is important in a relationship? Would you be pissed if you found out your SO was keeping something from you?
Baro Bitch Stare

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How much money did you spend the last time you went to the grocery store??

--My SO and I just spent $130....hopefully it'll last us a couple of weeks! Hehehe

What'd you buy?

(no subject)

ever been really drunk and get lost on the internet? Like you can't find where you want to go, but you normally know how to get there. I was posting and it took me like 4 minutes to find m y friends page.

ETS: Woah, to many spaces.
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either or, chick flick style.

1. Joey Donner or Cameron James?

2. Bogey Lowenstein or Michael?

3. Bianca Stratford or Kat Stratford?

4. Zack Siler or Dean Sampson?

5. Laney Boggs or Taylor Vaughn?

6. Cady Heron or Regina George?

7. Shane Ohman or Aaron Samuels?

8. Charles Bingley or Fitzwilliam Darcy?

9. Elizabeth Bennet or Jane Bennet?

10. Lydia Bennet or Kitty Bennet?

(pst, they're all from 10 things i hate about you, she's all that, mean girls, and pride and prejudice)
stone kitty

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 I'm working on this oil pastel pic of Heath!Joker(full body) to work through my TDK obsession until the movie comes out, yet I have no clue what to put in the background. Originally I thought to maybe just make it black with HA HA HA in huge red letters behind him though that seems boring. For a moment I thought of putting the Batman 'bat shadow' behind him all menecing-like. Alas, seeing as I'm doing another one of Batman, this also seemed to be a poor idea. What do you suggest for the background?

On a related note: Do you plan to see the Dark Knight movie? When?
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oh great. TQC, in a fit of anger I slammed the little drawer that my keyboard sits upon and now it is stuck. when I tug at it, all my crap up top starts falling.
TQC, should i continue tugging or do you have any other ideas?

Is there anything you CAN'T do, TQC?

when was the last time you felt ~free~?

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I'm 17, just got hired for a job, and was asked to come in today to fill out some forms. (training doesn't start for another week) Well the woman who hired me said to bring two forms of id, like "your license, soc security card, birth certificate, etc.." and I just discovered I have no idea where my original birth certificate is. After drivers ed it just kind of got lost somewhere in the house. I also lost my soc sec card a while ago and need to apply for a new one.

So, is having my license and a copy of my birth cert enough? I also have things like my insurance, health card, etc, would they accept those too?

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A lot of times at work people will write their emails in the subject line of the email instead of the body. This drives me crazy because I'm looking IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL for the information.
Does this happen in the real world or just in my crazy work universe?

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dear tqc, my ipod doesn't want to sync to my laptop, It's on, connected, itunes is up... it works with the speakers. Can you help me, random internet people?

If it's wrong to ask about my ipod, how many bug bites do you get when you go outside?


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Tell me TQC, what has been troubling you this week?

Sickness, dramaz, missing someone?

My dude has been in Africa with his Dad for the past two weeks. He doesn't come home until Friday. QQ I haven't gotten laid for about four weeks due to the combination of period/his work schedule/trip.

What has stood in the way between you and the elation of sexorz?

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We're having a backyard party in about 3 weeks with 20+ people in 90*F weather.
Should we rent a Port O Jon?
edit: we have a septic tank and well water. the constant flushing would fill the tank and run the well alllllllll day.
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Family drama

After 7 years of trying to like my SIL, her bitchy, hypocritical, snobby, self-centered, superior, irritating self has made it impossible. She called a while ago and in a fit of histrionics shrieked at my husband for an hour that we hate her kids and don't want to have a relationship with them and why can't we make extra time to see them and blah blah blah. This is a woman who doesn't work, whose husband works when he feels like it, and who has at least 3 women who come in to watch her kids and do housework. I work full-time and my husband works 6-day weeks often. It's also an expensive pain in the ass for us to go visit her in NYC. She also now senses that I dislike her and doesn't understand why, even after my husband told her why. My husband wants me to talk to her, but I think if I say what's on my mind then it will do nothing to improve the situation and might make it worse, but he thinks if she and I don't get along then he and she won't have a relationship.

What do you suggest? Talk to her and tell her the truth? Continue avoiding her?

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Have you ever been fired?

My boss just busted me for a really sloppy, careless mistake I made, that was noticed by one of the senior partners (I work in a law firm.) It's not a mistake that has any big consequences but still, I'm worried. I've been at this job under 3 months and I'm still on "probation."

When you were fired, was it a suprise? Did you get explicit warnings?

soup and such

My doctor told me  not to eat any solid foods because I have a stomach.. issue.. So I'm thinking soup is the best way to go today.

What are some of your favorite soups, or other meals you enjoy when your stomach hates you with the power of a thousand suns?
Arrested Development

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Do you remember the theme songs to any of your favorite TV shows from when you were young? SING TO ME TQC.

Somethingsomething way out in outer space,
there was a bunch of misfit kids from all around the place!
They snuck aboard a mystery ship
and soon fell through a spatial rift
now they're stuck on a long strange trip!
Harland Band thinks he knows it all,
Catalina is takling to the wall!
Radu's really super strong
android Thelma functions wrong
Bova acts like nothing's funny,
Rosie's cheery, bright and sunny
Rosensomething and Goddard do the best they caaaaaaan,
Izzy and Alex

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How do you make a really hard decision?

I'm trying to decide where to go to school, and whether or not I should move.  I've already made pro/con lists and all of that, but I'm still just not sure.  Any good ideas?

Pros for moving -
I've never lived away from home before
Possibly better major options
Only an hour away from my boyfriend (instead of 16)

Cons for moving -
Moving away from home
Leaving my house
Being away from my family
Opus with Hat

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Question 1. I signed up at Classmates.com ages ago. The site bites because you have to pay to do anything there; contact a person, view photos, etc. So I cheated the system and left my personal email and my myspace url with a note that says, "Hey, contact me this way!"
Well, people keep signing my guestbook and to view who signed, I have to upgrade my acct (aka pay).

Question 2. Video Games Live is coming to my town. My kids are 4 1/2 and it says all ages but the show doesn't start until 8pm and kids that age typically go to sleep about 9 or 10. The show is slated for 2 1/2 hours.

Poll #1219881 So which should I do?

Should I upgrade (i.e, pay) on Classmates.com?

Yes! Find out who has signed your guestbook!
No. Haven't talked to them so far why start now
What's your myspace, I need more let's be friends!
You're on Classmates.? Dork

Should I take my kids to go see Video Games Live?

Yes! Expose them to the rich cultural heritage of our county with oboe strings and Ms Pacman
Only if you want the people you sit next to you to hate you
You really are a dork aren't you.


edit: sorry, didn't mean to disable comments. fixed now.
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dunkin' donuts?! WHY

1. Why do people from the Boston area love Dunkin' Donuts?

(I was in Ireland for two weeks with a primarily Boston crowd and they all complained CONSTANTLY about a lack of Dunkin' Donuts coffee. geezus.)

2. If you type your favorite color into Google's image search engine, what is the fourth picture that Google lists?
-[vintage] three

Digestion questions

Is there any special or famous food from your area (e.g. Philly Cheesesteak, Florida oranges)? Are you proud of it, do you know the best place to get authentic [food], can you make a great version yourself, or are you sick of it?

Do you poop at work? If so, do you have any special arrangements you have to make, like waiting for everyone else to go to lunch or running the water while you're in there? If not, why not, and what do you do in an emergency?

get off my lawn.

1. At what age is it acceptable to begin complaining about kids these days?
2. What don't they make like they used to?
3. What sort of olde timey horrors were you subjected to in your day?

help me internuts

1) should I buy a new ds game because I'm going on a plane trip or should I be mature and responsible? [I do have the money to cover a game]

2) How do you pack for trips?

3)what do you wear to broadway?

4) what do you think of parents that don't vaccinate their kids?

ugh, more germs for me.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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You know when little kids come up to you and just like...STARE at you?

Why are they staring like that? Why don't they say anything when you say, "Hi there!" or something similar?

I totally don't ever remember doing that. Do you remember ever just...staring at someone for minutes on end when you were a kid? Why would you do that?

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What are some common designerish jeans that either are long by default or come in tall sizes*?
I'm going shopping today and I don't want to talk to the stuck up employees*. I also do not want to try on a billion pairs of jeans.

*I'm talking 35 or 36 inseam.
*I already know they're stuck up. I've been there before. This is no assumption.

(no subject)

1a.Do you ever try to reward yourself? Like, "If I get a 90 or above on the test, I'll buy that thing I want"?
1b. Are you male or female?

I'm planning on getting a pedi if I work more than four days next week (yay flexible summer job hours), and that leads me to my next question:

2. Is it rude if you go in for a manicure or a pedicure to bring your own nail polish?

It's the same brand, so it won't clash with any of the prep products they use, but the choices they gave me last time were mostly fug.

(no subject)

Girls: How much money would it take for you to be a surrogate mother? You just have the baby and give it back to its "real" parents, no further contact ever. Heterosexual males: How much money would it take for you to feel comfortable with your SO being a surrogate mother?

more than $100,000

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When I was in elementary school, we watched a series of videos that were kind of apocalyptic (or something like it) and the people in the video were trying to save the world and they had to learn about libraries in order to do it.  They were live-action, and fantastically bad.

Do you know what I'm talking about?

If you don't, what's your favorite candy bar?  I love me some Kit-Kats.

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I have a gigantic spider bite under my armpit. It hurts like a bitch!
1. How did I get such a big spider bite under my armpit?

2. If you had to choose, would you rather lay in a bed of spiders or snakes?

3. What is a nervous habit that people do that piss you off?
I hate it when people tap their fingers or a pen. Chewing on pens piss me off too.
[mg] short hair

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So let's say I'm trying to sell you a product. Product can be anything, anything at all so no, it does not matter what the product is.

What descriptive words should I use to make YOU want to buy it?

ETA: Not homework. It's July.
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

What is your favorite thing to exclaim?

example: "Christ on a cracker!" or "Dagnabit!"

When you hurt yourself, what's the first thing you usually utter?
petit prince

(no subject)

1. about a half hour ago, yahoo had a headline that said something to the effect of "poll: mccain leads obama among people who have pets." it now says "poll: obama leads mccain among people who don't have pets."

why do you think they did that?

2. if you liked (romantically) a person and they didn't like you back, would you rather have it be because they liked your personality, but weren't physically attracted to you, or because they thought you were good looking, but didn't like your personality?

3. should i have posted this later when more people are on tqc?
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Has anyone told you a story because of something you were wearing?

A complete stranger told me about his deployment and being shot at by what he thought were civilians and how the army said he was too messed up to go back to war. Because I was wearing scrubs.

(no subject)

do you have a common name that is spelled differently than the way it sounds? how often do people misspell your name? have you ever known anyone else that spells it the same as you?

if not, what's the weirdest spelling of a common name you've ever seen?

my name is Kaycee, said like "Casey". people hardly ever spell it right, even after I spell it out 2 or 3 times. & yes there's actually a girl on my friends list that spells her name the same way.
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Biting strawberries

Candy part 2

Inspired by the sponge candy question: Have you ever made candy?

What kinds?

Did they turn out well?

I like making dark chocolate & raspberry truffles and am planning on adding raspberry caramels in dark chocolate (are you sensing a theme?!) to the christmas gathering this year. Maybe homemade peanut butter cups, but the boy's mom makes amazing buckeyes* and I don't want to step on her toes. I need variety, TQC!

* peanut butter + rice krispy balls, dunked in chocolate.
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What should I daydream about while I'm at work for the next 4 hours with no cellphone or internet and no one to occasionally whisper to but overachieving elementary schoolers?

What do you do to convince or remind yourself time is going by?

What's the most bored you've ever been?

(no subject)

I'm trying to find a way to avoid traffic jam, and tollway. I tried to use mapquest but its not giving me what I want.

Any one know of a good website that will tell you where traffic is heavy, in order to figure out what route to take?

(no subject)

When I was in the 11th grade our English teacher told us how, if he had to choose, he would rather his children die than his wife. His reasoning was that he loves his wife more than his children, she is the love of his life and if it came down to it they could have more kids. If you had to choose, who would you pick to live?


(no subject)

What size bra are you?
What size do you wish you were?
I always wish I was like a 32B.

What size jeans are you?
What size do you wish you were?

Will you post a pic of either your boobs, your jeans, or boobs or jeans that you think are awesome? ;P

So here's my dilemma...

In a nutshell, I had an awesome wedding on June 29. Great weather, everyone had a great time, my hair didn't frizz, you get the picture. The only thing that marred the day was that my first cousin did not show up. Did not show up, did not call to say why. She DID send back the RSVP card about 3 weeks prior and said that she and her DH would be attending. She also called me to confirm. Needless to say, I was angry. If you can't come for whatever reason, fine. THEN PICK UP THE PHONE OR SEND ME AN EMAIL! Not to do anything is just.plain.rude.

I waited the obligatory week to see if I would get said phone call or email. Nada. So, I wrote a short email to her:

"We were very disappointed that you not did not attend our wedding but never even called to tell us you weren't coming. This speaks volumes and is something I will never forget."

Well today I get an email back, stating she "totally forgot" about my wedding because she had to put her dog down and she's been very upset about it. Can I please forgive her. Granted, I am the biggest dog lover in the solar system but I would STILL find a way to make my cousin's wedding, dammit! And, geez, don't you have a friggin' calendar or daybook?

What would YOU do? Would you forgive and forget? The bitch side of me says, no way. People I've known for less than a year came to my wedding. This is someone I've known all my life.

(no subject)

1. I am going to mop my room for the first time in my entire life today. How likely is it that I am going to fuck up and ruin my room?

2. I got offered a job today! Can you give me some exciting news?!

(no subject)

Do you think most women who walk around in public with camel toes know they have them?

I was just thinking that if a pair of pants were so tight on me that they showed the outline of my meat pocket, I probably wouldn't wear them. I mean men like some mystery.

Also do you wear pants that give you a perpetual wedgie?

Which color laptop?

I am getting a Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop! I am having a difficult time picking what color to get. I am am incredibly indecisive person...but hey we all have our flaws. I am choosing between the pink, green and yellow. I'm not really interested in the other colors. My reasoning: I adore the pink the most but I worry that I may outgrow the color, get sick of it and eventually hate my laptop. I think the green is nice..but I can't really tell what the color would look like in real life. I would prefer more of a green apple color to a uh...sage like color? I also like the yellow but people tell me not to get it as it is a little TOO out there. Help? Collapse )

Keep in mind what I said about the colors (remember you are picking for me!)

If anybody actually has one of these colors and could post another picture that would be nice as well.
mac animated - prayer works!

Birthday Presents

My husbands birthday is at the end of July and I haven't been able to think of anything to get him. This morning I heard about a concert that I know he'd love to go to, but it's not until October 31st.

Do I buy him the tickets for his birthday or get something else since it's so far away?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

(no subject)

Do you ever say "what?" in other languages? What languages? How do you pronounce them?

I say "Quoi?" and "Was?" ("What?" in German)

"Was?" doesn't usually translate that well when I use it on the interwebs, sad to say. :(
Text - best is yet to come

(no subject)

What is your lj pet peeve?

I really hate it when people don't link to the original post, but to whatever showed up when they commented last, so there's the "viewthread" crap at the end, but they wanted you to see the whole post. It's not that hard to backspace.


So last Thursday I was waiting for an eternity at the drive-thru at McDonald's and I noticed the girl at window 2 (aka: she hands people their food and fills drinks) had sneezed into her hands. And didn't wash them. I should write a letter and hopefully get free stuff, right?
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Cheating boyfriend part II

Thanks for all the support from everyone <3, it really does help a lot. I know he was a ass, and I'll be better off without him. I'm forever great full I'm not the one with the baby, but for the time being, it really hurts...

The question? His parents don't know yet, I'm really tempted to call and tell them. I know his mom pretty much loved me and his grandma thought I was the best thing in the world. I don't want to hurt them, but I do think they should know. If I do it'll be along the lines of "You really need to talk to chris" type thing. Should I tell them, or just stay out of it? They'll find out soon enough on their own.

Also, is it horrible of me to hope the baby doesn't make it, for the sake of the baby?

(no subject)

LOL so like a year ago my now ex gave his boss my name as someone who was interested in working there. We broke up soon after.

I *just* got a call from said boss, wanting to speak with me about a position. I have since moved halfway across the country (yes, to NY jsyk) but LOL HOW GREAT WOULD IT BE IF I SHOULD UP TO WORK AT MY EX'S OFFICE ON THE FIRST DAY WITHOUT NOTIFYING HIM.



(no subject)

so last night, one of my closest friends basically told me that he would be happy if i died. needless to say, i'm pretty upset about it, and i've been distracted and depressed all day.

what's the last thing that made you feel like complete shit?

(no subject)

I am thinking of legally changing my last name once I turn eighteen (JULY 25th, I AM NO LONGER JAILBAIT) because my last name is long, really ethnic/Jewish-sounding, and hard for people to spell/pronounce.

Collapse )

is this a bad idea?
If not, what should I change my last name to?

Keep in mind my first and middle names are Amanda Rachel. My last name starts with a W.
Serious and non-serious answers welcome.
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(no subject)

How do you feel when you're with a person, or a group of people, and they start telling private jokes and references that you could not possibly understand?  What if they say something, and you react, and then they tell you that it was a private joke? Does it make you feel foolish?

What is something that makes you feel foolish?

(no subject)

I was supposed to go to the grocery store with my dad to pick up a few items of my own. Now, he says I can't go along because my 18-year old brother and his girlfriend are at our house currently and doesn't want them having sex. I'm the supposedly the 'baby-sitter'. Stupid reason, Y/N?

If he doesn't let me go, should I dare charge him for baby-sitting?

(no subject)

1. So it turns out I am probably not as gay as I thought because I have a massive crush on my summer school teacher. Would it be weird if at the end of the course I gave him my email address or asked for his? I'm 21 and it isn't a high school or university class, so I doubt I'll ever see him again. We talk after class for about 20 minutes almost everyday and he makes me feel squishy.

2. What the hell happened to my gayness?

3. What's the craziest/most embarrassing/ballsiest thing you've done in order to get someone to notice you? Did it work?

I'll probably do it anyway, because I am that kind of girl. But I would appreciate the opinions of people more rational than I am.

(no subject)

1) I ended up buying diner dash. what do you think?

2) what job should I get so I can buy FF12 DS or FFT A2?

3) what do you think about rutabagas?

4)how many items are on your netflix queue?


eta: the problem with my ipod was a messed up cable. do you have problems like this?

(no subject)

How would you feel if you forgot your child/elderly parents in a closed car in the middle of the summer and you came back and they were basically cooked alive?

Has that happened to anyone you know?

What should the punishment for that be?

Do you tell the management at stores when you see pets in a closed car?

(no subject)

I've been invited to be a groomsman at a friend's wedding this weekend.

-The tux rental was $130.
-The hotel was $170.
-The drive down will cost about $60 in gas.
-And I'm wasting 2 vacation days from work.

As my wallet has been raped for their wedding, I'm not planning to get the bride and groom a gift.

Am I wrong here?

Should I get a gift?
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mlb: panic

What is your favorite magazine?

My mother loves magazines and subscribes to any and all magazines. She travels out of the state daily and loves magazines because she can read them and throw them out. Anyway, she's pretty much subs to a ton of titles; I'm talking not only the mainstream stuff like the tabloids (Star, US Weekly) but also to the education stuff like (National Geographic, Time Magazine) Even the ethnic titles like Latina and Ebony. She just picked up the Advocate and loves reading about the gays. She just found out about Audrey the "Asian American Women's Lifestyle Magazine".

My question is what is your favorite magazine that you either pick up daily or subscribe to? Any unique titles you have stumbled upon in the past? She's looking for more titles. I'm trying to get her to subscribe to tattoo magazines but there are so many titles out there. Is there any good ones that stand out from the rest? Thanks!
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(no subject)

TQC the Petsmart here in town sucks at cleaning their store so I got litter dumped all over me... in my hair, down my clothes, shoes, all over. It was gross. I was very very annoyed.

What was the last thing you spilled on yourself?

When is the last time you were annoyed by the employees at a store/other place of business?

(no subject)

TQC, what should I have for dessert?

1. Chocolate and vanilla swirl pudding
2. Neapolitan ice cream
3. Chocolate milk

In keeping with the continued weight loss- all options are lowfat. Yeeeeeeehaaaaw.
Mitty box

(no subject)

Am I crazy for wanting to pay $38 a ticket for floor seats at the Wiggles concert?

If it makes a difference, we saw them last year and got the cheapo seats. It was such a good concert that I kinda wanna pay the big money this year. ALSO! They are coming to my town this year. We drove 4 hours to see them last year. AND they come down and mingle!!!

I mean... My kid really loves the Wiggles. My kid. Yeah. Him.

Did you see Wall-E?
We saw it today. I loved it!

(no subject)

I'm dealing with a bit of an internal struggle right now, so advice from the all-wise TQC would be great.

I got a job a few months back with the A&F Corporate office. During the interview, I explained that my schedule was very flaky and that there would come a time where I'd need to leave for several weeks because of my other job, quite possibly without much notice. Surprisingly, they agreed that this was fine, and said that they had no problem with it, so long as I gave them a date that I would return. Well, the time came (like I said it would before I was even hired,) and I left for two weeks, then called halfway through the first week to ask for one more off. I called on my drive home from NYC and asked what the next week's schedule looked like, only to be told I had been taken off of it and termed out. I was told I could come back and re-apply, but I haven't, and don't think I want to.

Is this fair, TQC? I'm not so much mad as I am bitter. Do you think it's worth going back? I could leave again really soon, and I don't know for how long this time. I'm going to be doing a fair amount of traveling in July and August, and my bank account doesn't look good.

Has anyone ever tried a Temp Agency?


Where can I look at (uh, and buy) nice shoelaces, online? Patterned, or coloured.

I'm in Australia, but I don't care where I buy from, it's not like postage for shoe laces is going to be expensive.

I've just bought some grey shoes and they're nice but they need something to make them look more interesting. I tried in-person stores today but none of the shoe stores I went into sold shoe laces separately. What kind of stores sell laces separately anyway?

Note: not Hello-kitty cutesy, or emo.
hywh on a bike

(no subject)

hey tqc!

my friends and i want to have some great adventures this summer, so we're trying to figure out what we can do. we already had a mini amusement park tour, we'll be going camping, white water rafting, (maybe) skydiving, maybe visiting NYC, but there's got to be more.

if you wanted to do fun stuff to take advantage of the summer, what would you do?
do you have any stories about fun vacation trips that you'll share?

/edit: US folks, what are easy/cheap ways of getting around the north-eatern part of the states, like new york, new jersey, etc?
zombie baby cede! :D

Benny Lava?

Collapse )

 sorry for the double post, 

This has become my internship's theme song. However, we have no idea what they are actually saying. TQC, do any of you speak Punjab Tamil????

What the hell are they saying?

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The back of my birth control pack (Yasmin, if it matters) says that I have to keep it at 77F at the hottest.  I live in California and we're going through a brutal heat wave and I accidentally left my birth control in the car all day while I was at work.  It was around 100 degrees and obviously much hotter in the car.  Do you think my pills are still safe or should I use a backup method of birth control until I run out of the pill pack (5 more pills including the one I'm taking tonight)?  I asked the ask_a_nurse community but they usually take a while to respond.

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I'm leaving for Europe next week and I've read that when traveling, it's a good idea to keep your money&such in a bag or pouch that hangs on your neck and tucks inside your clothing, so that pickpockets can't get at it. I was going to do this, until I realized that the clothing I wear in the summer is nowhere near baggy enough to have anything tucked inside it.

My question is:
In light of this, what other actual working solutions are there for not having your money stolen while on vacation? I know one-shoulder bags are really bad, but I mean is there anything else? I I'm not tricky enough to have any inside pockets. And fanny packs are generally horrendous, but I mean if you know of a good one then feel free to link me. Ideas please?

Edit: Thank you guys for all the help! : D

I have returned!

I'm back, Portland was great, concert was amazing, yah yah, like you care.

1) What's the strangest food combination you've tried that was delicious?

2) Best cupcake you ever had?

3) Should I have grilled cheese or chicken for dinner?

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