July 7th, 2008

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A bug just fell from the ceiling directly into one of the holes of the latch on my laptop and crawled inside. It has not come back out.

I immediately tried turning the comp upside down and gently tapping it, with no success; unfortunately, of the two holes for the latch, the bug fell in the one that doesn't seem to be closed off. I also took out the battery in the hope that it was there, but it wasn't. The comp is a Dell inspiron e1505, if that helps anyone.

What should I do? Any suggestions short of taking the comp apart (I can't start that now)?

How worried should I be? Ever have something similar happen to you or someone you know/any reassuring stories?
I won't cry for you

Questions for parents!

How old were you when you had your first child?

What was your career/financial situation like?

Where were you living? Did you rent or own?

Do you think that you were adequately prepared to have a child, or could circumstances have been better?

(I'm trying to plan when I can start trying to conceive. My body feels baby-hungry!

(nom nom babies nom)
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So, a few months ago(Beginning of the year, maybe Feb?) I bought a bunch of music off of iTunes on my computer. But since then my computer crashed. So I want to get reimbursed for the about 30-50(closer to the 50) dollars of music I bought. Is there any way to do this? Does any one have experience with this? Actually I Just want to restore my music to my new computer.

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"The smarter you are, the more complex the world becomes."

1. Do you think that is true?

2. If so, in terms of leading a happy and fulfilling life, is there really any benefit to intelligence?

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I have heard that shyness is often borne of a sense of ashamedness. Initially, many might discard this but if we dig deeper...even much deeper than we'd like to dig, do you think there would be some truth to that?

What correlation do you make about a certain personality trait? (I have no idea how to phrase that question...if that doesn't make sense, I understand.)

What is the most you'd pay for a haircut and why?

Are Christmas cards with the family picture cheesy/ stupid?


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Everyone here knows what a FAQ is, I would imagine. You've seen them around and about, especially on the internet. Frequently Asked Questions lists are a wonderful tool for figuring out something from the standpoint of the newcomer.

But what if you were writing one for yourself? Say someone meeting you wanted to know your quirks and how to approach you. Wouldn't it be handy to have something to read to quickly get to know some of the basics about a person before you made some horrible error or even to fix an error, or even find out if you even want to try at that point.

What kinds of questions would you like to see on someone's FAQ, TQC?

I want to know...

What songs make you drive fast and furious?!

You know, those songs that when they come on in the car your fingers instinctively head for the volume and you proceed to head-bang and sing as if you were Kurt Cobain (or maybe Kelly Clarkson is more your style) while driving like a maniac?...

Replies here are also appreciated.

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If you masturbate, does it make you more gay than someone who doesn't? After all, you were just handling same-sex genitalia and stimulated it to orgasm...

Serious and non-serious answers welcome. Enigmatic, cryptic ones can GTFO
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Oops, did I say that?

From this.

Have you ever made a faux pas like this or because you did not know the meaning of a word?

When my mother was knocked up with my baby sister, I told my best friend at the time that my mum was having a baby. I was 5 years old. My BF said "Oh, she's pregnant!" I thought pregnant sounded like a HORRIBLE DISEASE and said "OH NO, She's having a baby!"

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i keep getting messages whenever i view a wikipedia article saying i was trying to vandalize some other article, but i haven't! i've never edited a wiki article in my life.

who is doing it? is my computer haunted?

new question: do you like silly putty?

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I really need someone to help me here. I'm dyslexic and have no idea what I'm supposed to do with this website.

I want to download the program called "modplug tracker" on this page: http://www.modplug.com and it takes you here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=100385

Can anyone tell me if I'm just supposed to download one of the top 3 links or all 3 of them? Do I have to download all of the stuff below it too? I really don't understand a single thing the website says and don't know anything about MPTs or "original source drops", I just want my kid and I to be able to make little sound effects on my computer.

(btw, please don't refer me to other programs, that doesn't help. I just need to know which of these to download. Also, you don't have to call me stupid or tell me to "read the faq" or whatever as most people do... I already know people think anyone with dyslexia is "stupid", thx.)

Thanks for those who try to help me figure this out.
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I have some letters to send that I'd prefer to mail ASAP since they have a long way to travel until their destinations. I have a long driveway, so my mailbox is very far away. It's 3:30 AM and my front door is temperamental and sometimes rather loud.

Should I:
a) put the letters in the mailbox now and risk my parents thinking I'm sneaking out or something?
b) wait until I wake up and risk sleeping too late and having to mail them tomorrow?
c) put them on the counter and hope that somebody puts them in the mailbox for me in the morning?

And if you don't care about me and my weird mail issues: what's your favorite children's book series?

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what was the last thing to make you ask "ARE YOU SERIOUS?"

before we moved into our new apartment, which is the upstairs part of this old house, we fucking bug bombed the place to make sure it'd be clean of the pests. WELL! here I am, sitting in my room, and LEFT AND FUCKING RIGHT I am having to kill off tiny spiders, I've killed like 3 in the last hour just sitting at my desk. But the part that got me was when an ANT THE SIZE OF MY THUMB was crawling on my lamp next to me. WTF? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

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Why does my local radio station keep playing Nirvana after advertising themselves as being/playing "new rock alternative"?

Srs/non srs.

Also, don't you hate it when you're super tired, so you get up to go to bed, and then you wake up more? Bah.
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 Whenever I use band-aids lately I end up with a bit of a rash where the adhesive part touches my skin. Does this happen to anyone else? Any advice for avoiding it(sans letting open sores/cuts be free to whatever happens to be living on whatever I'm cleaning at work?)?

Bonus unrelated question: What's your favorite television show from the 90s?

a few completely unrelated sets of questions

set 1:
what part does TQC play in your life?
are you an avid poster/replier? or do you just skim it from time to time?

set 2:
what ethnicity are you?
how often do you think about ethnic issues?
on a scale of 1-10 how much do you think you know about ethnic issues? (1 being completely ignorant and 10 being as knowledgeable as humanly possible)
if you're around a 6-10, how often are you surprised by the level of ignorance people around you posses?
how often are you offended for other ethnicities?
have you ever been/are you in an interracial relationship?
if you've never been in one, would you?
if not, why not?

set 3:
how's your netiquette?

ETA: (haha, finally getting around to answering my own questions)
1. I spend most of my time on LJ perusing TQC
2. I reply more than I post, but I post one or two questions at least once a week

3. Multi-racial
4. Approximately once every five minutes
5. 7 or 8
6. fucking constantly
7. I'm generally ONLY offended when it comes to racial issues, and then generally only for other people
8. yesth, any relationship I'd be in would be interracial
9. N/A

10. Erratic.

A coupla things...

1. Microsoft Word experts, can you write in the margin in Word '03? I have a document that I just spent days formatting for my boss, and now she wants me to add a little blurb in the outer edge of the page summarizing what can be found on it (sort of like how in the White Pages, the last names are printed in the upper corner for easy navigating). Can this be done in Word '03? If not, is there another program I should be using, maybe some sort of publishing program? Ideally, I'd just like to plug it in without disturbing the rest of the text.

And just out of curiosity...

2. In addition to garbage and recycling pickup, does your city also have compost collection? Where do you live?
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Computer Question

Alright so I had a quick question. For college, I'm going to be buying an Apple Laptop and was wondering if it would be able to screencap DVD movies? I don't have it yet so I don't know all of the programs it has other than IMovie, itunes.
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TQC, will you tell me about the worst night of sleep you have ever gotten?

how did you feel once you had woken up?
what about through-out the day?
what do you think caused this horrible night of sleep?
did you sleep any better the following night?


My cousin's 21st is coming up, and from his Facebook profile I can gather that he's pretty interested in politics, so I'm thinking a book on the topic would be a pretty good idea for a present. If it's funny or amusing or whatever at the same time that would be a big bonus.

We live in Australia but it looks like it's actually American politics he's into:

Politics, especially anything to do with the land of the free and home of the brave. Am a big fan of Senator McCain, if only I could vote for him.

Recommendations! Go!

Edit: Pretty please you guys?
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Good morning TQC
I guess the topic today is sex.

1. Do you like to lick pussy, suck dick or both?

2. Are you good at sucking cock? Whats your technique?

3. What makes you cum?

4. What is your favorite sexual position?

5. What is one of your wildest sexual fantasies?

TQC is kinky

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Have you ever had a dream about something and then had it come true (sort of)?

I have a major fear of bugs, all kinds, so any nightmare I have usually involves bugs. I had one of those nightmares saturday night/sunday morning about earwigs. i've never seen an earwig in person, i've only seen them in pictures. so yesterday, what was in our livingroom? that's right, an earwig. how creepy is that? we've never had them in out apt. before.

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Mosquitos and i must be bff's they really love me.  The bottom of my feet are kinda swollen and hot , I didn't wear shoes running aroundlarsipoo's  yard on Friday or at the fireman's dance on thursday night but they started hurting yesterday  any solutions or reasons?
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Usually I do the laundry around here, and occasionally someone picks up the slack on Saturdays. I was gone all this weekend helping a friend's mom with her tailoring work.

Am I somehow unjustified in being pissed that not a single stitch of laundry was done the entire time I was gone, and I came home to about twice as much laundry as usually needs doing even on our heaviest laundry day?

Does the fact that it was a holiday weekend justify the inaction of the people I live with, as one of them implied? Or are they all just a bunch of lazy bastards?

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This is a really stupid question but I don't know anything about laptops and wifi or any of that so bear with me.

I recently got a Macbook and this Friday I'm driving down with family to visit my dad in North Carolina. So my question is what would I need to buy to be able to use my laptop on the drive down and while I'm at his house. Power and internet-wise.
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happy naked bouncy time

12:21 PM 7/1/08 · Fairly willing to bet I use more bizarre, creative, and goofy terms for sex than anybody else. Not sure why...maybe it's just my favorite topic and I often have too much free time on my hands. Whatever the case, I've revently been playing with one of my favorites.

Standard sex is Happy Naked Bouncy Time. Standard by my philosophy, being that I'm straight, being male and female. Going along with the ridiculous, while advising a particularly sexually frustrated friend of mine, I recommended to her that perhaps she might have better luck with women as men weren't really doing it for her...

...via Happy Naked Slurpy Time.

Hey, she actually uses Happy Naked Bouncy Time as her favorite term for sex since I introduced her to the concept.

Moving right along, I've been unable to come up with a term for male on male sex. It would have to be something that would be more specific to this dynamic...but I'm coming up with blanks.

Any suggestions?
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If you have any piercing or piercings above the neck...

does your dentist make you take them out for exams? For x-rays?

I have my nostril and septum pierced once, my lip twice, and one piercing in each ear lobe. My new dentist made sure to be an extreme asshole in instructing me to remove ALL of my piercings for an x-ray, although her assistant took an x-ray of me five minutes earlier with all of my piercings in.

Safe? I am going to a new dentist for sure, because this woman was condescending and demeaning and rude, but will you tell me about your piercing+dentist experiences?
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Today I overslept and as a result just threw on whatever clothes I could grab. I am wearing a thin gauzy shirt that is moderately see through, under which I am wearing a tanktop. All fine, however the only bra I could find was a sports bra, and because the tank has thin straps the thick straps of the bra are clearly visible, not to mention the tank itself is somewhat see through so you can see the bra

tl;dr version I FAIL AT DRESSING MYSELF :(

What wardrobe disasters have you perpetrated recently?

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Does it bother you when people buy a pet as their first option instead of adopting from rescues or shelters?

Why did you buy your pet (if you did)?
What's your adopted pet's story (if you did adopt him/her)?

If you're not an animal person:

What's the last really frivolous thing that you bought?

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They say that when you sleep with someone, you resultingly sleep with everybody they've ever been with, due to STDs and other considerations. A guy sleeping with a girl unwittingly is also banging every guy she's ever been with. Is he now a homo?

From my previous post, I've pointed out that masturbation might possibly make you gay, but does sex with other people also make you gay, too?

Serious and non-serious answers welcome. Heck, I'll even accept non-sequitors

ex-friend's mom just died.

I used to be friends with this chick. It was a complex friendship that lasted for years, but I ended it last year because she was too damn negative. We're still cordial when we see each other at mutual friend functions. During some recent medical hell, she did call and check up on me, and wish me well.

Just heard through the grapevine that her mother died yesterday. We're in our mid-20s, and this is nothing short of shocking and horrible.

What could/should I do to express my condolences? Flowers? Food? Should I hand deliver it or have it professionally sent? I am somewhat unsure about driving over to her place (she lives 30min-1 hour away) because she may not want visitors, let alone a sorta-ex-friend. If I pay for a flower delivery service, that feels insensitive.

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I took my dog to the vet this morning for an emergency check up.
I found out what I had assumed, only more.
She has little tumors on her back and more in her breasts. 
She could also have a hip problem caused by arthritis.
I couldnt control my crying....and tear up every time I think about it.
Everything in total to fix her up and give her more years to live would cost over a couple thousand. 
I'm torn between my decision because I cant afford to fix her up completely but I DO NOT want to put her down. I took the doc's advice for temporary relief and am giving her a steroid a day for 3 days, and then every other day until the bottle runs out. I'm supposed to fatten her up and make her happy.....for as long as possible. 

So, what my questions are to y'all....
have you ever had to go through a process like this with a beloved pet? How did you cope, and what option did you choose?

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TQC, I have a kitten. This kitten is getting too big too fast. I would like to make sure she stays small forever.

How can I achieve this? Are there special stay small forever pills I can feed her? Do you think coffee in her water dish would stunt her growth?
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What is something that you feel a lot of people like in home decorating/design that does not appeal to you? (E.g. granite countertops, metal bedframes, crown moulding, twigs in a vase.)

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Ok so my Boyfriend is big on asking people for their Top 5 lists! Its usually pretty funny if your in a big crowd of people! 


Top 5 men/woman over 50?

Top 5 men/woman?

Top 5 movies of all time?

Top 5 foods?

Top 5 Sports Men/woman?

Well you get the point!
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What was the last time someone made you feel special?

We had a barbeque last night, just to get friends together for one last time before I squirt a baby out in the next few days. One of my best friends drove down from KC even though gas prices are insane and she had to work early today. It made me feel special. <3
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When is the last time you actually wanted to go to work (assuming you had a job)?
When is the last time you actually wanted to go to class (assuming you were still in school)?
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Ok, so you all know I go to a bar to play trivia every Monday. Well, tonight I'm going to be the host, and I still have questions to write! I'd really like to have a multiple choice category, where every answer is one of the same three responses.

For example, the last time I did this the category was "Animals" and the answers were either "Mythical," "Endangered," or "Extinct." Some of the question/answers were:

Narwhal (endangered)
Ouroboros (mythical)
DoDo (extinct)
Quetzalcoatl (mythical)
Tasmanian Wolf (extinct)
Quokka (endangered)

I hope this clear enough for you to know how I mean. What other multiple choice type questions could I have?
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I am moving into a furnished apartment in August, the 23rd is move in day. First day of term is the 25th, the Monday after move in. I live 5 hours away, and have to move in all my stuff basically by myself.

I feel like 2 days to get all my stuff in and buy more stuff I need is going to leave me rushed. My friend said his friend called their apartment complex manager (same city) and said he had to get up to school early for a job and got to move in earlier, and I should just say the same thing, since everyone else has an earlier move in date anyway.

How would I go about phrasing such a request to my apartment management? Do you think it's out of the question to want to move in 2 or 3 days earlier?

Also, how ridiculous is it that I have to pay rent for August, and I can't move in unti  l the 23rd? AND my lease is up August 8th of next year...I don't even get a 'full' year.


Are you religious or spiritual? What's the closest religion or spirituality or system of beliefs that you adhere to, even if you don't consider yourself religious (this includes agnosticism, atheism, etc)?

How did you come to believe this way - was it something you learned from birth, or something you got interested in later and followed on your own?

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How do you memorise something? For example, I have a list of 12 things I want to memorise, whats the best way of doing this?

Also...I'm learning to drive. I don't know anyone personally that can teach me so i have to spend £22 an hour with a driving school. I seem to be doing okay but my big problem right now is i seem to have brain freeze when I come to traffic lights/too many other cars. My driving instructor says I just need to increase my confidence...Any suggestions?

What is one thing you really want to do to before you die?
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Okay. So, this may be a strange question/poll, but subluxate and I were talking. She says that most guys she knows dress to the left (in other words, drape their peens to the left when wearing pants). Something about putting the penis to the opposite side of their dominant hand.

I'm curious-- how true do you find this to be? If you're a guy, which hand is your dominant hand and which way do you drape? If you're not a guy, those males in your life that you would know this about-- which way do they hang?
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Help my head!

So, I have rather long (to my bellybutton), very straight hair.  The roots tend to get oily, the ends are slightly dry.  It used to be quite thick, but over the last two years I've noticed that it's getting much, much thinner.  I've been to a doctor and ruled out any kind of fungal/skin issue, and he also checked my thyroid, which was normal.  I've been doing some research, and my diet doesn't seem to be very lacking, although I've been trying to eat more iron, protein and calcium.

I think I want to try switching over my haircare products to SLS and -cone free products.  I've done some looking on line, but I was wondering...

If you use all-natural haircare products, what do you use?  Is there anything specific I need to know about the switch?  Anything I should avoid?
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If you HAD to see one movie, and couldn't see more than one, between today and the end of the year, what movie would you see?  (The Dark Knight doesn't count, because the person forcing you to see a movie is taking you to that one for free because it rocks, so you have to pick a different one.)
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NJ/PA TQC'ers:

The post below about Subway made me really hungry for a good hoagie!
I live in Texas now but I'm from southern NJ and I could really go for an american hoagie from WaWa.

Will you ship one to me?

Everyone else:

What's a food item/dish/snack from your hometown that you would miss if you moved away?

I miss scrapple, good cheesesteaks, tasty kakes, hoagies, salt water taffy, and good philly pretzels.

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German speakers, tell me if I'm reading this correctly?

wie hast du das foto bearbeitet und könntest du mir vielleicht das bild von mir auch so bearbeiten?
Es sieht wirklich traumhaft aus. :)

My german is rusty -- is she asking where I got the photo and how can she get that photo I worked on?
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1. Which book should I read next? The Algebraist (Ian M. Banks) or The Interpretation of Murder (Jed Rubenfeld)? I've not read either of them before, and I'm stuck for which one to choose.

2. Would you rather sing a song of sixpence as the maid in the same rhyme, or climb the hill with Jack (or Jill)?

3. What was your favourite film as a child?
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Should I buy WoW?

I'm scared that I'll be addicted, but most of my friends (including my boyfriend) play it.

EDIT: I have decided to try the 10 day trial! With an undead rogue. Pray for me.

(no subject)

1. Whats the worst thing you have done while drunk?
I cut my hair*_____0

2. Do you prefer to swim in a pool, the ocean, a pond, a river or other?

3. How many animals have you owned in your life so far? Can and will you name them?


So, I was ringing my friend to invite him over tonight. I waited until 3 pm because he doesn't usually wake up until 2.30. For some reason I was all nervous about ringing him, I often am nervous about ringing people so I had to steel myself to do it.
It rang twice, and then I think he hung up on me. Three beeps and then silence.
Why did he do that? (speculate plausible explanations that won't cause me to panic)
And what do I do now? Do I wait half an hour and try again, or do I wait for him to ring me, even though he might think I was just calling to chat, and therefore won't until late tonight? I've actually never had a friend hang up on me before.

edit: problem solved. Apparently what happened was, he was asleep, he reached over to answer it, and it died on him because the phone was, yet again, not showing an accurate charge bar. (once it refused to charge even though it was flat because it showed it as being full) he then plugged it in, saw there were no voicemails, (it didnt' give me an option to) and assumed it wasn't an emergency.

... I seriously have anxiety issues about this sort of thing. At least my conclusion was more 'he's in an interview' rather than 'he hates me omg' which it would have been a few months back. :P

Here's another question then. Do you get anxious about things like this?

first date

So, I've been doing some dating lately, looking for a serious relationship.
One sunday afternoon I've been on a forest walk with a man.
A friend of mine told me she would have felt slightly "insulted" because the guy didn't try to jump my bones...Actually if I would have I probably would have hit him. Because he was a nice guy, but not someone I would have wanted a relationship with.

But thell me TQC: should I feel insulted that the guy didn't try to at least kiss me on our first date?
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I noticed I have a tendency to check out guys' crotchs. Is this totally obvious? Guys- if you are talking to someone and he/she is looking down, do you assume it's at your crotch?

Do you use toilet seat covers in public restrooms? I never do, but from using the bathroom at work and hearing other people, they all seem to :(

what is your favorite kind of mascara?

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My husband and I eloped in April. We are a really private/shy couple and I wanted to do it alone, and we did. However, in September, we are having our reception. The whole deal, open bar, food, centerpieces, 200+ guests, yadda yadda. We are also doing a small sand ceremony.
I'm going to look for a dress to wear. Now, what in the heck type of dress do I get? A simple one? Or one I'd really really love, the big cupcake kind. I think it might be silly because we are already married. 

What is your opinion?

Are you married or single?

How happy are you with this current status?

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Where the hell did I put my first volume of Detective Conan? :( It's not on my bed or my bookshelf or in the bathroom. ETA: FOUND IT. It was in my bag. 8D;

Do you like any of the newer Cartoon Network cartoons? What are your favorites?

I like Chowder and Flapjack.

(no subject)

So I was watching this true crime show about a serial killer who targeted prostitutes and it got me wondering:

Where do the pros in your town hang out/do business? Care to share any interesting stories about that area?
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Sometimes I wish I had gigantic tits. Do you ever wish some physical characteristic of yours was the complete opposite of what it actually is?

Should I go adopt a puppy even though my boyfriend said no? I should right?
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Following a rather strained career as a rap star (with your hit singles "I absolutely refuse to speak like that" and "Good Lord, is this English?" being around #40 on the Billboard Top 100 charts... so, not really hits) you decide the best course of action is to retire that life and move on as something you have always wanted to do: whore yourself out to anything that moves, a teacher of physical education at the nearby high school. The high school that you, in fact, happened to go to, originally. And your teachers said you wouldn't amount to anything, hah!

You go through the required courses at Generic College, Incorporated and become Former Rap Superstar/Gym Teacher [Insert Name Here]. You have finally hit somewhere that is around the middle. However, being who you are, you end up in a rather problematic scandal. To make it short, you are under suspicion of having various romps with students during your time when you aren't instructing others on the proper way to run laps and throw a ball to bean the other guy in the head. This is a bad scandal, worse than the time you were accused of murdering rival DJ Oh-Sweet-Jesus-I'm-Amazing.

In an effort to avoid any more problems, will you:
1- Resign, quietly, and take up a job sacking groceries?
2- Use Dark Charizard to threaten your way into having all charges dropped?
3- Have various members of your old posse kill any possible witnesses and threaten the people involved?
4- Kill yourself in a very flashy manner, involving standing on the roof of the building and then shooting yourself?
5- Play the race card?
6- Let it go to court, but completely ruin everyone else involved financially?
7- Bribe various people so that the charges are dropped, and you get to keep having romps with students?


I'm taking a kickboxing class. It's light sparring most of the time. We were told we could buy our own gloves since the school ones smell bad. While I was looking them up online, it looked like boxing gloves were different from kickboxing gloves. Is there a difference? Can I use boxing gloves for a kickboxing class?
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(no subject)

1. what is/what was the hardest struggle between you & your significant other?

2. what makes you love your significant other?

3. what is your hardest internal struggle?

(no subject)

1)You have any phases that will set you to laughing immediately?

'flag pin' Mississippi values


My dad constantly makes fun of the flag pin thing. Today he said I have a flag pin! I'm patrotic! and I said nuh uh my flag pin is better than yours!

also, Mississippi values sounds vaguely sinister.
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What's the worst and or/dumbest mistake you made at work?

I lost the key to my boss' office on Saturday and of course it was the only copy. She had to call in a locksmith and I've had the past two days off so I have no idea how that went/how pissed she is.

I still feel absolutely stupid about it.
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tl;dr roommate dramz

My roommate's sister is crashing in our apartment. This roommate is NEVER here (she is home 2 nights a week, max). The sister doesn't ever talk to my other roommate or me, and all she does is sit in her sister's room all day and drink beer. She has friends over, who occasionally spend the night on our futon, and they never say hi or even introduce themselves to those of us who actually live here. This girl smokes tons of cigarettes in our entryway (no smoking building) and I have noticed food that has gone missing more than once.

This has happened before; last month she stayed for 2 weeks. We talked to our roommate about it, and it seemed like we had worked it all out, but obviously nothing changed that much. Our roommate feels stuck because her sister is going through a really hard breakup and doesn't have any other place to stay. Still, she doesn't pay bills here and is completely antisocial, which makes for a really uncomfortable living environment.

So, questions:

1. Will you please validate me in being fucking annoyed?

2. What would you say to my roommate? What would you say to her sister? Pls be creative.

3. This roommate is moving out in like 2 weeks. Is it worth causing a big fuss again?

4. What is your worst roommate story?

Books, guys. Books. And other stuff!

1. Have you read any Jodi Picoult books? If so, did you like them?

2. Who is a modern author that you really like?

3. For what reason, if any, would you murder someone?

4. For who, if anyone, would you die?

5. If it was your own death, or that of 1,000 people you didn't know, which would you choose? 10,000 people? Is there a certain number you would die for?

My answers in comments.

real life vs. online

i've always been a little cautious about showing my real name online, even just my first name. i just felt a little unsafe about it. and I was afraid my company would find out I have a website, scrutinize it for political-uncorrectness, and fire me.

but any more, I think the internet is just as safe and normal as anything else I do. I also feel like so many people have websites that if my company were to start searching for us, they'd have to fire everybody.

plus, the whole myspace/facebook thing is about merging online with real life friends. i use my real name on facebook, which means I can't be facebook friends with my online friends.

do you think about this sort of stuff? do your online friends all know your real name? do you have one online name that you use everywhere? if so, how separate is it from your real name?

"Killing Yourself to Live

Ok this is pretty esoteric but I'm going to give it a shot

If you have ever read "Killing Yourself to Live" By Chuck Klosterman, do you recall a certain part where his girl Quincy and him turn the beginning of a certain song to max volume because you can hear the guitarist "squeak"? I remember this but can't find it in the book, and I remember wanting to try it.

How nerdy were you?

Poll #1219254 Which children's book series is this?

Five teenagers and one young alien transform into animals to battle parasitic mind-controlling alien slugs.

The residents of a cursed street experience all kinds of paranormal incidents. By the author of Goosebumps.

Identical twin sisters with very different personalities live their sweet upper-middle class town and deal with upper-middle class problems.

Three recently orphaned children never get a break.

A bunch of teenage girls moonlight as au pairs.

Four children and a dog gallivant about their seaside holiday town solving mysteries and fighting crime.

A pigtailed, red-haired orphan lives and learns on Prince Edwards Island.

A diverse medley of characters inhabit a flat world supported by four elephants standing on the back of a turtle slowly floating across space.

Cool-headed butler saves the day for his harebrained master.

Bonus: Who wrote the above series?

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Is there anything so amazing that it moves you to tears?

Whenever I listen to Regina Spektor, I find her voice, her music, and her songwriting to be so unbelievably amazing that I end up crying. It's kind of lame.

The poll of WRONG.

Poll #1219541 You're sinning even by reading this subject line

For important reasons not stated in this post, you have to watch a porno. These are the choices. Which DVD will you select?

2 midgets, 1 clown
70 year old couple showing what viagra and lube can do
2 furries: Itchy and Scratchy
2 women, 1 man. Heavy abuse of the man, and they brand him
Wilford Brimley sex tape
2 boys 1 cup
2 girls 2 horse laxatives 1 cup
When Animals Attack... YOUR ANUS!
"Loving the Stump": Double-amputee man, woman
Stephen Hawking sex tape
400 lb. woman with DDD-cup, anorexic man
Conjoined twins, joined at hip, bang conjoined twins, joined at neck
"Bulletholes are orifii, too!" Don't need to explain this much further
Ron Jeremy and a blow-up doll
"Swimming with the Dolphins: Blowholes are orifii, too!". No need to explain this much further

A first

Today was the first day that I got my eye brows waxed.
I was terribly scared that I'd end up looking like the nice older lady that did my eyebrows....she had those V shaped eyebrows that look extremely tacky and they were half drawn on, half real. :| 
Anyway, I went through with it because my mother and I were both "trying new things" today.
It didn't hurt too bad....but it got me thinking:

Does getting a bikini wax hurt like having firey babies from hell flying out of your ass crack?
Whats been your experience with getting waxed? (doesnt have to be a bikini wax)

(no subject)

Do you like putting puzzles together?
If so, how many pieces do you usually pick?
What kinds of pictures do you gravitate towards?
Do you like putting them together alone or with a partner?

How much of a grandma does late night puzzling make me?

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I want to dye my hair a shade of red, but I don't know what shade of red would be most flattering. Right now my hair is an interesting faded dark brown color, so i know it won't be whatever shade the box says it will, but I still want at least semi-red hair.

How do I know what shade of red to dye my hair?

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My bestie and I have been sitting here watching Gilmore Girls and Anthony Bourdain all day. We have finally decided to get off our asses. Is there any thing else fun to do?

We were thinking of making rice paper, but we don't have the supplies and she already tried milking my cat.
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My mom is looking for this necklace but apparently they stopped making it or they're out of it or something, because when you click on the "Buy this item" link, it takes you to another site, but they don't have it there. I have no idea how to find it, but she really wants it and insists that I find it because she doesn't believe that I don't know how. She already tried eBay. Any ideas?
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(no subject)

TQC, is it good that the USA used to be the largest lender nation in the world and is now the largest debtor nation?

Does that mean the Federal Reserve Act is good?
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Wisdom Teeth

have you had your wisdom teeth removed?
If so, how much did it cost?

After years of them hurting, one finally poked out today. I'm scared about how much it'll cost if I need to have one or all of them taken out :(

(no subject)

I dont understand why, when i can acknowledge the fact that i really need help, and seek it, i get smacked in the face because i dont have insurance.

Why does America suck so bad, and why cant I get the help i need?
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(no subject)

Have you ever booked a room using priceline or hotwire or another service where you pay for the room before you even know what it is?
How did that work out?
If you never have, would you ever do something like that?

(no subject)

How often do you find a song that makes you want to be miserable and nostalgic and listen to it on repeat for the rest of your life?

How many times, roughly estimated, can you listen to it before the novelty wears off?

What was the last song you did this with?

Is it just me?
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Do you generally like the clothes at Old Navy?

Target? More specifically, Isaac Mizrahi's stuff there?

Do you think it's fun to pick through a lot of crap in order to find something good at store's like Ross, Marshall's, etc.?

(no subject)

I need a father/daughter dance song for my wedding. i really dont want anything cheesy - i'd actually prefer a classic rock song because its the only genre both me and my father like, something along the lines of led zep, beatles, etc. can. you. help??
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Ethical Dilemma

Long story guys. But basically, I was trying to adopt a Blue & Gold macaw. He was being kept in horrific conditions and had plucked his chest completely bald. I was all souped up to bring him home. The person who was offering him sold him out from under us even after we said we'd pick him up in 3 days. Sadfaces. :(

But! A friend of a friend just so happens to be handfeeding a baby Blue & Gold at the moment. She's willing to sell him to us.

Should I wait for another rescue birdie, or should I buy the baby? It costs about the same either way.
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You're on a date with a delightful woman (or man, if you're like that). You're eating at a rather nice establishment that features an amazing selection of food, all at a reasonable price. You order drinks, and appetizers, but nature calls and you're forced to excuse yourself for a brief moment. After you get done, and return, you notice your drink is fizzing in a particular spot, but don't pay it any mind. You realize you should have paid attention when, as you walk with your date back to your vehicle, you become rather intimate with the ground and spend an undetermined period of time in what most people call "unconsciousness."

You awake, dizzy and confused, and tied to a chair in a room you don't recognize. You go to talk, but your mouth is covered in a thick tape. You turn your head a little, and see the-person-who-was-your-date standing to the side, with an object in her hand that shines in the dim light. She walk to you, and you see the object is a knife, chipped on the edge. She grabs the tape and rip it off. You go to yell, but your mouth is quickly covered by her hand. She takes the knife, and presses it to your throat.

She leans in, and whispers in you ear, "A police officer is sitting at the side of the road on a motorbike with the engine running, monitoring motorist's speeds with a speed gun. The speed limit is 100 km/h. A motorist passes the police officer at 120 km/h and as the car passes, the police officer starts from rest and chases the motorist with uniform acceleration of 3 m/s^2. How long does it take for the police officer to reach his car?"

(no subject)

Someone keeps calling me from a private number and then when I answer they don't say a word. I feel like a dork because I got all scared and my boyfriend isn't going to the gym because he knows I'm a pussy and doesn't want to leave me here all alone.

Who do you think is calling me? :O Is it a psycho killer?

(no subject)

So, I've been feeding a stray cat for the past week but today, we found cat poop in our driveway. My parents are urging me not to feed the cat anymore. They're not fond of most cats anyway. What should I do?

(no subject)

What do you think makes a car something that will become a classic?

My friend has a Saturn coup that is maybe a year or two old I think (I forget what type an Ion perhaps it's pretty sporty looking) that has been discontinued-they only made it for four years. She says she wants to keep it because it will be considered a classic and be worth a lot of money since they only made them for four years. Personally I think that that isn't enough to make it a future classic.

cat psychologists... I know you're out there

Why doesn't Bobo (my cat) like it when I whistle?

Secondly, based on his behaviors, would you say he enjoys it or doesn't like it? He always comes over to me and starts rubbing all over me, and like stretching out his paws like kneading on me when I do it, then when I stop he leaves. Is he doing this to say "stop that" or "I like that?"

does anyone know who eleanor abernathy is? without googling?
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Pot Luck

My work is having a potluck on Thursday and I'd like to bring something. It's a fairly big company but so far only 2 people have signed up to bring something: cheese & crackers and Eggplant Parmesan. I'm sure more people will sign up but I'd like to bring something fun and home-made. Please help me decide!

Poll #1219532 Pot Luck

What Should We Bring?

Fried Green Tomatillos with Jalepeno Jelly
Homemade Peanut Butter Cups
Peanut Butter Choc. Chip Oatmeal Cookies
Enchilada Casserole w/ refried beans & flour tortillas
Green Enchilada Casserole with Tomatillos & corn tortillas

What would YOU like to see at a Pot Luck?

ETA: All cutlery & other essentials will be provided (including napkins seanseansean).
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