July 6th, 2008


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Is it expensive to live on the east coast in like, South Carolina and such?

I'm from the good ol' mitten state and I know it's pretty expensive to live out east in like, Connecticut and Massachusettes but I don't know about the south-eastern coast.


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Which TV series have you seen from beginning to end? (I'm talking every single episode here for the whole run of the series to present. Reruns/DVDs count as long as you have watched them.)

Mine: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Daria, Judging Amy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Scrubs, Sex and the City, and Heroes.
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What do you hate that the general public likes?
And what do you like that most people hate?

I hate beer and American Idol.
And I like the smell of cigarette smoke and I LOVEEEEEEE Lindsay Lohan.
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If someone handed you $100 right now, what would you buy with it?

ETA and the stipulation was that you had to SPEND it on something, not put it into savings/towards bills

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My boyfriend and I are having a huge fight over pop/soda... we've gone to bed angry at each other twice in the past week because of this issue.
He drinks an average of 5 cans of pop a day, and he says that's not bad at all because it's both diet and caffeine free.
He's already overweight and is pretty sedentary, not to mention that we don't exactly watch everything we eat. Every time he goes to the fridge for a drink he always gets 2 cans of pop, so it's 2 cans per meal. He thinks it's stupid that I will no longer get pop from the fridge for him. If he wants to drink it, he's going to have to get off his ass to get it himself.
I told him stuff like it lowers bone density, increases chance of diabetes, etc. but his counter-argument is that everything we eat is harmful in some way. I'm not asking him to completely stop drinking pop, I just don't like that he drinks almost 2L a day.

What are some good arguments for me to get him to drink less?
Vailate me TQC: am I being the stuborn one because I don't see why he has to drink so much pop everyday?

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I have a LOT of hair, and the thickest hair known to mankind(I snap hair elastics and break bobby pins EVERY DAY) and it refuses to behave. I also colour it(natural blonde, coloured dark brown).

Ladies with similar hair, what products do you use to make it look good? Mine is driving me INSANE.

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Poll #1218566 Americans only! Foreigners beat it!

July 4th was Friday. Independence Day is America's birthday. That being said, what did you give the US to commemorate it's 232nd birthday?

Gift certificate
Coffee cup with'World's Greatest Home Country' inked on it
Flowers and chocolates
Misshapen ceramic ashtray you made in shop
I gave my country some ass in the bedroom, Tapped it 232x
I baked it a cake
I pitched in for the stripper
My mere presence is enough of a present
On a serious note, I recycled
Absolutely nothing. America's a little too old to keep on expecting presents at its age
We go barhopping and I pick up the bar tab
We smoked a bowl
I waved a flag in its honor

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this is probably going to sound really weird, but I'll give it a shot.

Have you ever heard your eyes when you are straining them?

Like if I stare with my eyes wide open for a minute or two and don't blink then my eyes get strained/tired and as I fight blinking I hear them trying to blink.
tell me about it!

D-E-D spells DED

The other day I apparently got bitten/stung/mangled by something and my mom said I have this huge (read: big as the end of her thumb) welt on my back. Today I realised that since around the same time I've had "stomach troubles," felt generally bad, and have been sleeping for super long times (last night = 13 hours).

Will I even make it to Monday to call and try to make an appointment with my awesome Russian doctor? ;_;

Who wants to guess what sort of weird, alien malady I have/will die from? I'll leave you something in my will if you get it right! :D
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Um, this may sound like a dumb question, but is there an LJ comm for depression that isn't just people talking about how depressed they feel? I mean it sucks and all, but that is just not really practical or useful to me.

Do any of you have any experience with taking Omega 3 caps for clinical depression? I've been hearing some good reports but also that it might cause gross side effects.

I'd like to ask this in a depression comm, but it seems out of place against all the "woe is me I am depressed" talk...yet I feel kind of like an ass. Am I an ass for not joining and cuddling the depressed people?

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Is it possible to give something to someone (either material or abstract) without expecting something in return?
Like what?
Would you say most relationships are equal in give and take, or some combination?

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So, in 150 years when family members are forgotten... what will they do with all of the bodies in a cemetery? I mean, they're going to run out of room and we 'preserve'* bodies so well that they will pretty much still be intact in 150 years. I'm on this weird dead body kick. What do you think a 'preserved' body will look like in 150 years? Maybe I should go to bed.

*preserve- embalmed, waterproof vault, waterproof casket etc etc so they don't grow mold and stuff
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1) For the first time ever I have more skirts and frocks than trousers. How did that happen?
I have no idea.

2) How many trousers, skirts and frocks do you have?
I have 3 frocks, 9 skirts, 5 pairs of trousers and one pair of jeans.
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My mad Google skillz are failing me, so help me out here, TQC.

At work a couple of weeks ago, some of the guys were talking about a friend of theirs that had a bit of an accident. The poor guy took a spill off his bike and smashed his face against the edge of a sidewalk, and was mangled up from it pretty badly. In order to keep his cheekbone in place while it healed, his doctors inserted a sort of balloon under his skin that could be inflated when needed, that pressed against the cheekbone so it wouldn't move.

I've heard of these sorts of balloons being used before, in similiar cases, but have no idea what their official name is, if they have one. I know it's an odd thing to be so intrigued about, but does anyone know where I can find more information about them?
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Have you ever been at a party where something made you thing 'my god, that is SO My Super Sweet 16'?

I was just at a 21st where the Birthday Boy threw a hissyfit and ripped his Razr in half.

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in your opinion, which is worse: driving really tired, or a little drunk?

eta: at what point do you decide that you're too drunk to drive? is it based off your state's ruling of legal bac, do you have a set maximum alcohol limit that you'll drink, do you really not care and drive wasted anyway?

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Have you ever had a threesome (or moresome) that was good?

How well did know the people involved/what was the nature of your relationship?

What did you do...physically?

Everyone says threesomes tend to suck, so I'm curious about the not-suck cases.
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Do I go to Newport Beach, leaving today and coming back tomorrow, where I will see family that I haven't in a while, but where there will be no sleeping room (I may conceivably fall asleep in the car) and there is bound to be some bad family drama, or do I stay home in the familiarity of my own living space and give comfort to my grieving dog?
If I do stay, I can go to Magic Mountain Monday.

It sounds really shitty, but the only pro I can see for going, other than visiting some old aunts, is to take pictures. Yup I'm a bitch.

For those of you that don't care, shall we have some word association in this bitch?

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What is the most adventurous thing you ever did?

Thus far I think it was my bike tour around the Aran Islands in Galway, summer 06. It was really hard on someone so asthmatic as me but when we got to the cliffs it was all worth it!

This October my bf and I are considering biking down Mt. Haleakala in Maui. Has anyone done this before?
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Has anyone ever gotten you a gift that was expensive/they were really proud of, and you found it completely useless? What was it?

Are these things on my arm mosquito bites? They itch real bad and they're like mosquito bites but red, sensitive, and smaller. :(

I am eighteen! What kind of lottery ticket should I buy first - Powerball or a scratcher?

Do you need me to go pick you up some cigs?

Do you crochet?
the band is on the field


i find dead bugs on the floor, because *someone* in my house kills them and then doesn't want to pick them up because they're "twitchy". egads.

do you kill bugs?

are you afraid of bugs?

what type are you most afraid of?

my husband and I lucked out... i'm afraid of fat hairy spiders with jaws, he's afraid of the others... he calls them the "sporty" ones. so between the two of us we've got the courage to squish them all. i have a strict rule against killing anything outside though, that's their space.

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I woke up this morning and my friend had made me breakfast. Very sweet of him, but it was disgusting. I choked down a few bites and then just kinda cut it up so it looked like I ate more.

1. Has this ever happened to you? A situation where you feel guilty not eating something someone prepared for you. If so, what happened and how did you handle it?

2. What was the last thing that happened to you that made you extremely happy?

3. What was the last thing that happened to you that made you extremely pissed off?

Have a good day TQC♥
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You know when you're really looking forward to something and you have that feeling of excitement/anticipation all day?  Well I'm feeling that right now for absolutely no reason, the only thing that I am going to do today is go to work.  *Yay!*

Does this ever happen to you?

What's going to happen today?

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What do you think is worse, emotional or physical infidelity?

Examples: Your partner falls in love and carries on an emotional (but not physical) love relationship with another person OR Your partner regularly has sex with prostitutes (not the same one everytime). What about a longterm emotional AND physical relationship versus sex with prostitutes?

This is, of course, assuming that you have not agreed to an open relationship.

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Do you feel that if you're parents have a pretty decent amount of income, and you live out on your own (i.e. dorms or your own apartment/roomates), they should be helping you out, or they shouldn't hesitate to help if you asked them for some rent money or food money?

I feel like an ass asking my mom for money if I've lost a job or just came up short on bills, but I KNOW my mom makes a shitload, and she doesn't even try to help much, and birthday/x-mas money is non existent.

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What is the best constant air freshener? By constant I mean one of those Glade scented plug ins, not spray. My basement smells of ass and rotting food thanks to a refrigerator malfunction.
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i wanted my boyfriend and i to go out for a romantic meal next week, because we're not going to see each other for 4 weeks because of holiday clashes, but he can't afford for us to go out, so i said i'd cook us a nice romantic meal in.

i have never really cooked before, i can cook enough to get me by, but nothing too special.
i don't eat meat, and although i eat fish, he isn't so keen. he is reluctant to eat anything that's majorly vegetarian (for example, i know he'd laugh at the idea of replicating something with lentils) but i have no idea what to cook for us.

i have a few vegetarian student cook books on hand for back up, but can you recommend any easy meals i can make for 2 that are vegetarian but a meat lover would also enjoy?

actual recipes would be fantastic :]]]

thanks tqc :]]


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So I went with the idea of painting onesies for my sister's upcoming baby shower
( as a gift ). Unfortunately, we don't know if it's a boy or a girl. I have five onesies. What are some gender neutral things that I can paint on these onesies? I was thinking of my dog's paw print for one of them because my sister LOVES my dog...but otherwise, I'm sort of at a loss.
*I can paint fairly well...so it can be something *slightly* complicated

If you really don't care

Is there a certain meal during the week that is more "special" than the others? Or sort of a traditional family meal?

When my grandmother was alive, we'd stick to Italian Sunday dinner. Now, I'm noticing we usually just do a big breakfast together on Sundays instead
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Poll #1218702 Best Robot

Who would you say is the best fictional robot?

HAL 9000 (2001: A Space Odyssey)
Optimus Prime (or some other Transformer)
The Terminator
R2-D2 (Star Wars)
The Tin Man (Wizard of OZ)
C3-PO (Star Wars
Johnny 5 (Short Circuit)
Robby the Robot (Lost In Space)
Data (Star Trek)
G.I.R. (Invader Zim)
Bender Bending Rodríguez (Futurama)
Crow T. Robot (MST3K)
Tom Servo (MST3K)
Other (please specify in comments)
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Have you ever shown some one just the "cool parts" to a movie they haven't seen and fast-forwarded through everything else?

Does it drive you nuts when people do this?

(It is because of this "dude you have to see the cool parts" mentality that I have only seen parts of Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down. This vaguely annoys me. The parts are not cool when I have no idea what the fuck is going on, goddammit.)
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Is anyone else a control freak when it comes to cleaning? Like, you have this attitude of, "Oh, no one can clean as well as I can"?

My boyfriend is cleaning the kitchen, and I'm trying really hard not to go in there and point out all the pointless things he's doing "wrong." A part of me knows the kitchen is going to come out bright and clean, but there's this irrational part of my mind that's screaming, "BUT WHAT IF HE PUTS THE WINE GLASSES NEXT TO THE REGULAR CUPS?!!?!?!" Gaaaah, shut the hell up, stupid irrational voice!

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I was browsing through the thread where people posted pics of themselves with & without makeup. I noticed a lot of people make judicious use of eyeliner and I feel as though I may have missed the boat.

Whenever I use eyeliner, I feel like I look absolutely ridiculous. Maybe my eyes are too round, or my lids are too big..? I know that sounds weird, but I just can't figure it out :/

1. Is it possible that certain types/applications of makeup just don't work with certain people?
2. Do you have any eye tips for someone with extremely round eyes?
3. How did you learn to apply makeup?

nice leg muscles there.

Poll #1218705 oh, rain delay.

who do you hope wins wimbeldon today?

Nadal (spanish, long shorts, white head band)
Federer (swiss, shorter shorts, white head band)
fuck, suzer, i don't fucking watch tennis.
fuck, suzer, i only root for americans.
fuck, suzer, i only cheer for people from my country which isn't america.

Soda and soda brands

I just read this Damn Interesting story about the cola war of 1980. It's Damn Interesting! Now I can't stop thinking about cola.

1. What are some of your favorite brands of soda?

2. What are some of your least favorite kinds?

3. What are some obscure or extinct brands that you miss?

i. My favorites are regular Pepsi, Pepsi Twist, Diet Coke, Spite, IBC Root Beer, Hanks Root Beer, and Polar Birch Beer.

ii. My least favorites include Shasta, Moxie, Diet mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Mister Pibb, any grape soda, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, and Fanta. Fanta is so fucking lame, why is Fanta so popular all over the world? The one I hate the most is Mecca-cola: Show your anti-Israel sentiment with your drink preference! Fuck that.

iii. I miss Citra, Surge, Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, RC Cola, sassafras root beer, Crystal Pepsi, and Pepsi Jazz with Black Cherry & French Vanilla.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A215-S4747 that is having problems charging. If I jiggle the adapter and hold it at just the right angle, the battery indicator lights up. The computer hasn't been subject to any kind of accidents. The power adapter gets unusually hot when plugged into the computer.

Why might this be happening?
Is it likely a problem with the computer or with the power adapter?

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What is something you've been saying a lot lately?

When things suck I'll say "This is butts!" (which surprisingly people don't quite understand when I first say it. If I'm comparing something to a butt...how great do you think it is?)

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Which should I watch?:

1. The Labyrinth
2. Sweeney Todd
3. Stardust
4. Interview With A Vampire
5. Any episode of Red Dwarf

My choice is limited because my laptop needs fixing and hates most of my dvds.


Have any of you ever been addicted to reformatting your computer? I don't know why but I am, I do it like once every two weeks. I have everything backed up on another hard drive so it's not like I lose anything. It's weird. lol

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Poll #1218828 Comic Troupe quiz - no googling

On the Ben Stiller Show, he had 3 fellow cast members. One of them was Bob Odenkirk. Can you name the other 2 future stars?

Kathy Griffin
Dave Foley
Andy Dick
Jon Lovitz
David Cross
Chris Rock
Janeane Garofalo
Dane Cook
Chris Farley
Jim Carey

Kids in the Hall counted Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Scott Thompson, and Mark McKinney. Who was the 5th member?

David Spade
David Hyde Pierce
David Schwimmer
Dave Foley
David Allen Grier

Monthy Python counted John Cleese, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, Graham Chapman and ________ as members?

Female Comedians

Who is your favorite Female Comedian? (If you can't pick just one you can narrow it down to Top 3)

My answer changes all the time..

Right now, it's a tie between Lisa Lampanelli and Chelsea Handler

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I'm heading into the country w/a small group of chums later this week in celebration of my bff's 21. We're going on a wine tasting tour, having lunch at a vineyard and stopping into see this famous medium/psychic before heading back into the city for partytime.  The medium was just suppose to be a spot of fun, as none of us believe in all that hubalub. 

But I'm starting to freak out just the slightest over it, turns out her area of expertise is talkin to dead folks. Now, let's just say I've been to alot of funerals in my 20 years. Some of which still don't sit to well with me.  I'm really scared this lady's going to hit a nerve leading me to complete and utter breakdown. Thus ruining the partytimes. 

Should I make up some excuse not to go and just meet up with them in the city that night?

Do you believe in Mediums, Astrologers, or Psychics?


apple cider

Do you like apple cider donuts?

Do you like apple cider?

How do you feel about unpasteurized apple cider? EDIT: Would you drink it?

My favorite apple cider is from a local orchard and is unpasteurized, and I've yet to die or get sick from drinking it.

i swear i'm not pregnant! just curious.

1. scenario: someone on birth control gets pregnant. she doesn't know for awhile (like most pregnant women), so she keeps taking her birth control for a few weeks. what would happen? absolutely nothing? would something happen to the embryo?
2. if any of you have been pregnant, did you develop stretch marks on your sides--sort of near the rib area?
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Life would be SO much easier if I were normal :P

As many of you know and some of you are still surprised by when you find out, I am disabled. Use a cane usually but sometimes need a wheelchair. No I don't want to go into why/what happened, as it is currently irrelevant.

Anyway, I'm moving into my very first apartment HOPEFULLY this week (*grumble* fucking paperwork...) and of course I need a first floor apartment and so I requested one. Thing is, the deposit for it went up since we asked for a first floor... I don't know if the rent goes up too, they're being vague about so much shit it wouldn't surprise me.

I was annoyed about it but didn't think a lot of it at the time... but the thing is, several friends have told me that since I'm disabled (yes, I have the paperwork to prove it) that they CAN'T charge more for a first floor, because it's a necessity and not just because I'm lazy or something and that by charging ME to have a first floor apartment that they are violating the ADA.

Is this true, TQC?

If so, should I even fucking bother doing anything about it or just suck it up and pay more?
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is there a place online where you can make notecards (like for a speech)?

also... i am doing a debate on same-sex adoption. i am for it, but i am debating against it. what are some of the main reasons you (or people in general) are against same-sex couples adopting?

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The guy who fixed my old laptop found a music CD inside the computer! Not in the CD drive, but, inside inside. And it was a CD that I had been looking for YEARS! I was sure that I had lost it, and would never see it again, but it had been in front of me all the damn time. I found out right now and I just started jumping around very happy because I really looove that CD.

Has this happened to you before?

What was the last thing that made you literally jump up and down in happiness?

Will you post pictures of your eyes? Or eye? ^_^

tl;dr, wat should i do?? etc.

I have 3.5 credits left of my degree tqc. (out of 20)

My options are 1) to take 1 course during the year and finish in summer (while I work a couple jobs and chillax)
or 2) finish during the year, but feel increasingly more worn down and less sane as I got into my SIXTH year of undergrad.
Everyone I've talked to says finish it in the year, but I rock summer courses hard, and the weather cheers me  whereas in winter I am downtrodden and depressed, and need things to be up lifting.

Which would you do if you were me?
Is anyone else DYING to finish school?

DC Comics - Superman/Batman 2

Parents' anniversaries

If one or both of your parents are married, do you buy them wedding anniversary presents every year? Or just for the big anniversaries, like 25th, 50th, etc. Or not at all?

Feel free to add any other information you think might be relevant, like your age, whether its for your biological parents, how long they've been married, etc.

I'm in the "Only for the big ones" camp, since half the time they forget their anniversary anyways.

Psych Q

I have to ask individuals to respond to the following questions based on their experiences from living at home with Mom and Dad. However, most people I know didn't grow up with both parents in the home and I don't feel comfortable probing my coworkers for these answers. Anyone bored enough who wants to answer will help me from faking the assignment. Thanks!

The purpose of this activity is to examine gender-role behaviors and stereotypes. This activity will work best if you select individuals who grew up with a mother and father in the home.

1. When you went out, who drove? (mom / dad) Comments -
2. Who wrote the 'thank you' notes for any gifts received? (mom / dad) Comments -
3. Who did the laundry? (mom / dad) Comments -
4. Who watered the house plants? (mom / dad) Comments -
5. Who dusted and vacuumed? (mom / dad) Comments -
6. When you went on a trip, who packed the suitcases? (mom / dad) Comments -
7. When you went on a trip, who packed the vehicle? (mom / dad) Comments -

Please allow your volunteers to share any other information about "His" duties and "Her" duties.

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 So I've had this problem two summers in a row.

I normally live in Abbotsford, B.C., Canada. I drive west for just an hour to stay in Vancouver during the summers. We in Abbotsford always joke about our crappy air; the ocean blows Vancouver pollution east, but the mountains make it float above Abbotsford. In Vancouver, the air is better, I get way more exercise from my full-time job, I'm eating 10x healthier, and sleeping for at least 8 hours every night.

Yet, my skin is going to hell. I used to have awful skin and went to the doctor to fix it. I'm on birth control, which fixed the worst of it, and I have a daily regime of acne-scrub in the shower, prescription clindamycin dabbed on the face, and a super hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic moisturizer. This, along with a an acne spot-treatment (which I've been having to use like crazy now that I'm here). And I'm an inherently lazy person, but my skin was so awful that I will not miss a step with this.

Part of the problem is my mum is South American, and I have inherited her crazy oily skin. If I'm not careful, people look at my shiny nose and see Jesus.

Has anyone else had this kind of problem before? Where your skin has gone to hell for no good reason?

What do you use to keep your skin clear? Do you recommend anything? Anyone else had acne from the black lagoon and went to pretty nice skin? (Pictures, if you have them!)

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1a. Does anyone know of any good nightclubs around LA? We don't want to go north of Santa Barbara, or south of Long beach.
1b. Also, what is a good beach to go to in the same area? We usually go to Zuma, but haven't been liking it much lately.

2. What was the last sweet thing you ate?

3. What was the last salty thing you ate?
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What popular phrase do you wish would fall into oblivion, never to be uttered again?

"Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one" <-- That one drives me fucking nuts. IDK why, but goddammit, STFU

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because i have no friends, i am spending the day sitting in bed eating ribs and drinking beer. TQC, how are you spending your sunday? does anyone you know make good ribs / other bbq? if yes, what is it?
nana smoking

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Have you seen the show Baby Borrowers?
What do you think of it?
Based on the message boards: Is this child abuse or a good way to show teens some kind or reality about children?
What is some of the best tricks you know for taking care of babies, like little tips?
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Did your parents ever remove your bedroom door while you lived at home with them? Why did they do that?

My MIL could not believe that any parent would do that. My parents took off my door because I slammed it too many times and they were sick of listening to it.
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is there a way i can import a movie i downloaded on itunes into imovie? i am trying to edit together certain scenes from the show 30 days, episode same sex parenting. or if you know of some other method of getting this done let me know.

Gymnastics skills.

1. What amazing feats of agility can you do (e.g., cartwheels, handsprings, front walkovers, flips, etc.)?

2. Can you do splits? If so, how long did it take you to get that flexible, and what was your training regimen?

3. If neither of those questions apply (or even if they do), what is something unusual that you can do?

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So I have some AVI files that I want to convert to DVD files in order to burn them to DVDs. But I don't have a program on my computer to convert them, so I'm looking for a program I could possibly download that would do the job. Does anyone have any recommendations?

ETA: Obviously, I Googled before I asked here, but before I go downloading a bunch of potentially useless programs, I'd like to see if anyone has any recommendations for a program that actually, you know, works.

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1) When you ask a question in TQC, what type of answers do you hate the most? Which do you like the most?

2) Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial? Was it worth it? Is there anything you're tempted to buy now? I kind of want the pasta maker thing, but I'm still paying off the $90 Hydromop that I somehow convinced myself to buy, which is, btw, WORTHLESS.
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Today  the baby kitty I was fostering left. His new owners came and got him and I can't help but feel a bit sad. I know he is going to a good home tho. 

What kind of pet/s do you have?
What is their name/s?
Any pictures to share?

Collapse )

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how are you sucking lately?

I'm in the assignment lacuna- too guilty to have fun, too nervous to be effective. all I can see is the massive amount of beads and things to glue to other things around.

do you see the appeal of gluing things to other things?


what is your favorite thing to glue to some other thing?

I like gluing plastic things to metal things.
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Are any of you guys into geocaching? If so do you have any fun stories or advice or anything to share?

I really want to try it and I'm planning to give it a go next week up in PEI. YAY.

Also, has anyone tried caching with a vehicle GPS rather than a handheld? We only have a Garmin StreetPilot c530 and I'm not too confident in how this is going to work. *fingers crossed*


I am still hanging out by myself. I want to watch a movie. Just finished Pretty in Pink.

My next 3 options are:

Pride & Prejudice
When Harry Met Sally
Garden State

Please tell me, TQC, which one should I watch? And why?

ETA: When Harry Met Sally it is. This will be maybe the 200th time I've watched it in my life, including once yesterday, but you are all correct in that it is one of the best movies to watch, ever.

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I saw HolySmoke today. What the fuck did I just watch? Has anyone seen this move? Care to explain to me what the hell was going on there?

What do you do to relax?

When you plan on eating at a restaurant, at what number of people would you start calling ahead of time to make sure the place can accommodate your party?

On Thursday, we had a party of 45 (high school students plus chaperones) come in to eat. I work at a family-owned place that's mostly a bar/drinking, with I as the only waitress/bartender and one cook. It was crazy, seriously. At the end of the night one of the chaperones asked me in a sweet, sweet voice: "Oh, should we have called ahead? I'm sorry!"

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How would you feel if you had to wear a CPAP mask to sleep?
What if your SO wore one instead of you?

My boyfriend needs to use one, and I have a love-hate relationship with the CPAP device. While it greatly reduces his snoring and allows him to sleep through the night, I want to cuddle with him and this thing on his face makes it difficult.
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Have you or someone you know ever been to rehab? What was it for and how long were you/they there? What was the cost? What was your/their e

I'm trying to gather some information to help get my friend in, but I'm having a really hard time finding any. Do you know of any good heroin detoxes and rehabs in Ontario?

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Favorite word for someone who lives on the street?

Homeless person
Bag lady
Boxcar Willie
Street urchin

Favorite word for a mullet?

"Business in the front/party in the back"
Hockey hair
Ape drape
Long Island Iced Tease
Neck blanket
Kentucky waterfall
Mississippi mud flap
"Little front porch/lotta back deck"
Texas flop top

Would you ever give money to a homeless man with a mullet?

I might. I give money to the homeless sometimes and having bad hair won't exclude him
No. I don't give money to bums
Yes. Hobo hockey hair? I love it! So amusing. Like really cheap street entertainment
No. He'd definitely lose pity points rocking the mud flap. I don't help the fashionably clueless
Only if it's Billy Ray Cyrus. Guess the achy-breaky gravy train had to end sometime
I'd give him money to shave it off
Yes, I would. It's nice when a vagrant takes pride in his appearance
Only if he has sideburns or mutton chops to go along with the mullet
He's probably not really homeless, but the guitarist in a shitty rock band. Stop chasing your dream and get a job, loser!
Mullets are hot. I give him money and a sly wink

What do you think of femullets?

Hideous. No self-respecting woman should have 10/90 action
I'm indifferent
It's kinda hot
One more thing that makes this world uglier

The 'Canadian tuxedo' is a denim jacket worn with jeans. What considerations would have to be in place before you went out with someone with an ape drape AND a Canadian tuxedo, male or female?

They'd have to be rich
He'd have to be Billy Ray Cyrus
Just ask me out! That's hot
It'd have to be done in an ironic way. EXTREMELY ironic
They'd have to just have stepped out of a time machine from some unfortunate town in the 80s, which didn't know any better
They'd have to have one incredible personality. I'd better be hella entertained
There's no way in hell I'd go out with someone who looked like that in public
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Can you take a guess at what this is without Googling it?
Credo in Deum Patrem omnipotentem; Creatorem coeli et terrae.

Et in Jesum Christum, Filium ejus unicum, Dominum nostrum; qui conceptus est de Spiritu Sancto, natus ex Maria virgine; passus sub Pontio Pilato, crucifixus, mortuus, et sepultus; descendit ad inferna; tertia die resurrexit a mortuis; ascendit ad coelos; sedet ad dexteram Dei Patris omnipotentis; inde venturus (est) judicare vivos et mortuos.

Credo in Spiritum Sanctum; sanctam ecclesiam catholicam; sanctorum communionem; remissionem peccatorum; carnis resurrectionem; vitam oeternam. Amen.

Unacceptable answers include "prayer" and "Catholic bullshit" (but we'll get that, won't we children?)

Do you really enjoy something that goes completely against the kind of person you are?
macaroni murder lady

erratic capitalization

Will you tell us about...
the last time you vacuumed your stove?
the last time you stapled your clothes?
the last time you ironed your carpet?

because I've had occasion to do all those in the past week. I've not yet reached the point of bleaching my lawn.

I need my own personal Emily Post

TQC, I have an awesome professor. She's been my mentor through my whole undergrad career, and I'm going to be TA-ing for her in the Fall. I was rejected from the official undergrad TA program for various reasons, so we've been working out an internship/independent study arrangement for me to do it anyway. Throughout all this, she's been fighting to get me funding from the department. I've told her thank you in every way I know how because no one has ever gone so far out of their way for me before. I just got a BCC email from her to the vice provost asking him personally to reconsider me for the official program and saying just about the nicest things about me that anyone has ever said.

What can I do or say that's bigger than thank you? I'm a little uncomfortable getting her a gift, seeing as she's extremely formal and I don't know much about her personally, just academically.
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Do you "ship" fictional couples? If so, which ones?

ETA- by this I mean an interest in the pairing of fictional characters. For example, I very much want Benson and Stabler from Law and Order SVU to engage in sexual intercourse.
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(not a double post jsyk)

Who would you go gay for?

If you're gay, who would you go straight for?

If you're bi, just post people of either sex you'd fuck.

Pics welcome.

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I'm trying to do a print screen for another question, but it won't work. I'm hitting the prt scr button and then trying to paste it here, but I get nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

Apartment decor shuffle

When was the last time you decorated/redecorated your room/apartment/dorm?

What do you like your bedroom to look like? Your kitchen? Living room?

What are some items (decor or not) that you want right now?

We are redecorating/reorganizing our apartment now, and Collapse )

Where is my mouth????

I've got this back-pack named George. Until recently I believed he had a nose but recently it has been pointed out to me that his nose may in fact be his mouth. So dear question club, I pose to you, which is indeed George's mouth (or lack of)

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Another job question, sorry. D:

I got a call about a place wanting me to come in for an interview. I applied there like two weeks ago and since that time, I got a job. I want a second part time job though. Should I let the hiring manager know beforehand, or go to the interview and let her know if they offer me the job? (It's just another retail job, if it makes a difference)

If you don't care:
What flavour popsicle is your favourite?
Oh hay thar

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I run the classified section of a paper and I write a fake ad every week. There's only so many you can think of and I need help!

An example: This weeks was something like - "Are gas prices getting you down? Buy your very own gas pump and never pay to pump again! Call 555-1234"

Can you give me inspiration for future fake ads? I feel like I've done everything.

Srs and non-srs of course, and macros are welcome if this somehow equates to a homework question.