July 5th, 2008


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After seeing that Twilight Zone episode about the prisoner serving time in solitude on a deserted planet, I was inspired to make a poll. You're sentenced to 2 years of solitary on a desert planet. Not another soul is there besides you. There's enough food and water to go the distance. There's obviously no cable tv or internet. You can take 3 and ONLY 3 of the following choices with you to the planet to keep you entertained for the next 2 years. What do you bring?

Your choice of 10 books from the prison library
DVD player, tv, and these 10 movies
CD player with these top 10 albums
100 books of crossword puzzles
10 canvases, easel, and sufficient art supplies
10 blank journals. 2 boxes of pens
Real Sex doll. Your choice of models, m or f
Your choice of guitar, piano or woodwind instrument
Super Nintendo game system, with only one game - Super Mario Kart
Super telescope with extremely high magnification
Basketball hoop. 2 basketballs
Book on sculpting, sculpting tools, and several good sized blocks of quality stone
Robotic dog. Able to perform simple actions
Sniper rifle, 10 boxes of ammo. Several dozen targets
Bowflex and treadmill
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What questions would you want to ask a new friend?

What questions would you want to ask, but wouldn't actually ask out loud for some reason?

(People always ask me "Tell me something about yourself", but I never know what to say. Since too many people seem to not know what to ask, or at least won't SAY what they want to ask, I figure I may as well see what TQC thinks people might want to know.)


1. In your experience, what did you strive for that you thought would make you happy but really didn't? Could be something you went for over and over again or could be something you strived for once and learned it didn't.

2. What really does make you happy and you've found this to be true over and over again?

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TQC, help!

My dog's been throwing up since about 5:00 this afternoon. At first it was food, but now it's just bile. We weren't too worried at first because he had been munching on grass, but he hasn't stopped and it's like 2:00am. It was a holiday so our vet was closed, plus since it's so early, no other vets are open right now. We adopted another dog a few days ago, so maybe she got him sick? I have no idea but I feel awful. Any ideas as to how to get him to stop throwing up/what it could be? Other than the puking, he's acting completely normal.

A not-dog-related question: Have you gone to see any fireworks so far this year?
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I did something to my wrist. I don't know exactly what I did, but it's extremely bruised and sore. I can't make a fist without being in a lot of pain and I can't even type on the keyboard. I thought I had a tensor bandage, but I don't. I do have a triangle bandage so I'm wearing it in a sling.

However, I would really like to support it more and the sling is extremely annoying. Is there anyway to fold up the triangle bandage to make it like a tensor? Or what common house hold item could I use in its place?

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okay since no one seems to agree with me on my last post, i have a new post!

today at work, i happened to encounter the managers of the local holiday inn. i didn't even realize they were the managers, they were just wearing shirts with the logo on them so i asked if they knew if they were hiring. they said they were the managers, asked what i was going atm job wise and school wise, asked if i was looking for full time, said they were hiring for fall/winter, blah blah blah. they said to stop by monday, apply, and tell the front desk to put it in phil's mailbox. they also said they were usually there 6am-2pm. this makes me think they want to see me monday.

what should i wear?

also: if i use a tiny paintbrush with nail polish, i should use nail polish remover to clean the brush, right? it only dawned on me today that this was probably a better solution than soapy water.


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Have you ever had a s'more?
- If yes, how old were you when you first tried one?
- If no, how old are you?

I've never been s'more-less, but last summer I got my my then-49-year-old mother to try one for the first time. Today I introduced my grandparents -ages 80 and 76- to s'mores for the first time. That's crazy to me.
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YouTube problems

So a few months ago I started noticing that occasionally I'd try to watch an embedded video and it would show it as having been removed. Sometimes I wouldn't even be able to watch it on YouTube, but mostly I was able to watch videos no problem.

Now, I cannot see any video. Every single one I click on tells me it's unavailable, which can't be right since there are comments as recent as 2 min prior being added while I'm attempting to watch the video.

I've cleaned out my cache and cookies and reset them. I still can't view them!! What the hell is going on?! Anyone have an idea? Help? (I've searched Google but it's all about videos that people have uploaded themselves, not ones that are already uploaded)

This is really driving me nuts. Oh, and I'm using Firefox 2.0.

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TQC I need your help:

My brother and I are having a small party with our fiances tonight. I'm not a big drinker and have only been drunk once. What kind of alcohol do you recommend ? [  I'm only 5'2, if that helps at all..]  Thanks!

rt look down brightness-contrast

Grey's Anatomy

Is anyone here a GA fan?  Do you remember the name of the episode where the blonde/girl doctor/intern whatever was supposed to marry this guy that is in the hospital bed and is dying.  She comes down the steps wearing this strapless pinkish gown with her hair up.  By the time or when she gets to his room he dies and she lays on the floor beside his bed.  And one of the other girls comes in and lays down beside her?  I would LOVE to watch this episode again, but have no clue as to the name of it.  Any ideas?

credit card users

1. do you prefer cards with high rewards or low interest?

2. do you keep a balance, therefore paying interest on the card or pay in full monthly, therefore reaping the benefits and screwing over the card companies?

3. approx. how much $$$ do you rack up on your card per month?
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1. Have you ever seen a regular movie on an IMAX movie screen?
2. Do you think it would be cooler to see The Dark Knight on a regular screen or an IMAX screen?
3. Should I see Hancock? I've heard it's really bad but I enjoy the concept. If not, what should I see? (ETA: I've seen Wall-E, but that's the only new-ish movie out right now I've seen.)

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A guy I work with for an hour on sundays has asked me to meet up with him. I'm fairly sure he means it in a date sense, but i'm just not interested in any way. How can I let him know this without making things awkward at work?

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Poll #1218055 Sexy Talk

If you had to hear one of these during sex, which would it be?

"Thank you so much for letting me do this."
"Close your eyes, honey. Now hold very, very still. Actually, do you mind taking a cold bath to lower your body temperature?"
'This feels really wrong without my bear suit....can I put it on? It's in the trunk of my car'
"Where are your cameras now, Chris fucking Hansen?"
"Oh god, oh god, oh forgive me god....a little to the left oh god forgive me this sin...."
"Back in prison, they called me The Jackhammer."
"Do you mind wearing these dentures? They were my grandmother's."
Folks at home definitely ain't gonna believe this!"
"Don't worry, the antivirals will probably kick in any time now."
Can I call you Seabiscuit?

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I'm on my laptop and all of the sudden whenever I leave my mouse in one spot for more than like 5 seconds it clicks there and just generally pisses me off. How do I fix this?

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I would rather be completely stressed out and dying as opposed to completely carefree with nothing to do, which is why I hate summer vacation so much.

TQC, which do you prefer to be? Stressed most of the time, or relaxed most of the time?

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I'm 1,000% bored, and feel like I should spend some time together with my fiance that doesn't involve video games. However, we really can't spend much money right now. What should we do today, TQC?

What hobby are you currently the most involved with? What got you interested in it?

Online Poker

Do you play online poker for real money? Do you know anyone who does? Do they win a lot? What are the best sites for playing for real money? To they accept paypal for payouts?
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For those of your out there who have kids with an ex. How do you communicate?
Do you talk on a daily basis? Is it only about the kids?

If this question does not apply to you, are you going shopping tommorow for the tax free weekend?
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Thank you!

Here's a question for you:  Do any of you wonderfully polite people remember the question that I posed to you, several posts back, about an episode of Grey's Anatomy?  

Turns out it was the last episode of Season 2 and the 1st episode of Season 3.  

Collapse )

All I could remember was that her dress was a pinkish color.  Also I didn't know how to find a way to watch it on the internet.  So I had that question answered too.  Well thanks to all of you who helped me find the episodes,  I was able to watch both of them again.  And of course, cried like a baby.  Anyway, thank you again!!!

Now I have another question:  I remember an episode, (which I thought was the one above, but it's not), 

Collapse )

Do any of you remember that episode?


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I'm trying to figure out the name of this sushi I had.
It was a type of tuna roll but it was crunchy and it had orange stuff drizzled over it.
Does anyone know what it's called???

It was crunchy because it was fried or something, and the orange stuff was a sauce, not fish eggs.

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How can I get water out of my ear? It got in there during my shower around (5 hours ago) and it's still there. I'm at work if that matters :(

And...the obligatory, What's for lunch?  (Chicken parm sandwich!!!)

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I have a bottle of lotion that i really dont like that i got as a gift and i've tried to used it but it's too strong smelling. I kinda want to pour it out can I just dump it down the sink? or what?

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Have you ever heard of/listened to any of these bands?

1. Fantastic! 
2. Attack Attack!
3. Marylin Avenue
4. Dear Sleeper
5. Zombies Ate My Neighbors

What do you think of them if you have? 

zombie baby cede! :D

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I'd like to say, I'm not a n00b.... I'm just aparantly stupid or ignorant.

How do I post a picture in the comments box? 
Or post a link to a picture? 

this technology evades me.... :(
marcel's rap


1. When did you first feel like a grown-up? Some examples: getting your first credit card bill, moving into your first apartment, turning 18, etc.

2. If you haven't had that moment yet, when do you think it'll be?

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Last night on our way home, around 1am, we were coming through a curve and out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy standing in the ditch. He was old, wearing bib overalls and was leaning on a shovel with his one arm and covering his eyes with his other to block our headlights. My husband saw him too because he screamed along with me.

What could that man possibly be doing in the ditch with a shovel at 1am?
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Have you ever stuck with some one (SO, friend, doesn't matter) because you thought you could "change" them? What were you trying to change? How did that turn out?
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Where do these quotations come from?

Poll #1218130 Identify the film!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The Shining
Rosemary's Baby
What Women Want

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Roman Holiday
The Sound of Music
My Fair Lady

Moses supposes his toeses are roses, but Moses supposes erroneously.

Singing in the Rain
The Jazz Singer
An American in Paris
Hello, Dolly
The Passion of the Christ

Just a flesh wound!

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Space Balls

They're all going to laugh at you!


Back, and to the left... back, and to the left... back, and to the left.

Grosse Point Blank
The Lives of Others
The Manchurian Candidate
The Man Without a Face
Big girl panties

My cable's out, and I'm bored...

1. How do you develop a 'thick skin'? (By which I mean not much bothers you, you don't take things personally, etc.)

2. I have a book idea that involves taking certain people out of my (extended, very large) family, changing major details (so nearly no one knows who they really are), and just lampooning the hell out of them. On a scale from 1 to 10 (one being them not being able to identify themselves and 10 meaning them hiring a hitman), how do you think they'd react?

3. What the hell happened to the cable in my neighborhood? (Before anybody asks, yes, we've all paid our bill.) And which DVDs should I watch while it's out?

4. What's your favorite movie spoof on this site?
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Anyone have a good remedy for a poison-oak rash?

Background: I was exposed about a week ago, but the rash didn't show up til a couple days later. The main rash is on the inside of my right thigh, and has spread to the inside of my left thigh w/ a few smaller rashes going towards my right knee. I figure I have about another week and a few days before it starts fading, but it's really driving me mad now. I have some hydro-cortisone creams and rubbing alcohol, I've heard that calamine does nothing so I don't really wanna go out and buy something that won't work. I've also heard that Vitamin C will help make it go away faster. Help!!

Thanks in advance :)
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battle of the sexes

I've a friend that asks every woman he gets involved with, before anything starts, if she's an axe murderer. This may strike some as odd but he's recently taken on a new twisted aspect. At some point or other, usually after things have developed, he makes sure that the woman he's seeing never gets it into her head it's never okay to lay eggs in his skull.

Fairly sure he's not being serious with either of these but you never can tell these days.

Have you ever asked any bizarre or ridiculous questions of who you're involved with or about to be? Something you may've wanted a serious answer to but phrased it a bit uniquely?
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Serious Question.

I still feel very guilty about something. Here it is...
A few years a go I had two cats. Mim and Monday. My boyfriend at the time was very abusive. I didn't have the nerve to leave him because I was a fuck mook back then. Anyway.
One morning we woke up and Monday, my little black kitten had destroyed the kitchen. My X was so mad that he yelled and screamed at me and threatened me and yatta. I was trying to calm him down but nothing worked. He took Monday and drove off with her. I tried to run after him but he spun off. He dropped her off somewhere. Somewhere in the woods:( I left his fucking evil ass after that. This was years ago. But I still remember her little face looking at me when he pulled out.
I don't think I will get over it. I just hope she is o.k and found a good home.

1. Not sure how to word this. How do I get over Monday?

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The internet is holding its own Olympics, with events such as Trolling, Flaming and Spamming. Livejournal is up against Myspace, Facebook and other inferior networking sites.
Livejournal has put together an elite team of Internethletes to represent it as a whole. They are called 'The Question Club'.

My question is, which TQCer would participate in which event?

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So I've been invited to a family function tonight -- a wedding party thrown for one of my younger cousins who got married in Ottawa last weekend. I haven't seen said cousin in about, oh, ten or twelve years, and I'd really rather not go to the damn party. But I feel like I'm expected to go (I hate that, dammit.)

So, TQC, what say you: Should I go, or should I say the hell with it and skip the bloody thing?
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I've been looking for an animal help or pet help sort of community on LJ but so far I haven't really found anything as far as a community where you can ask for help so I thought I would post something here.

I have been looking into getting a gecko as a pet. I have no experience with lizards or anything of the such and as a newbie I was wondering if there was anyone who would know about the differences as far as temperaments and behaviors in different breeds and which would be best for a person just getting started?

Thank you! ♥
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Suicide attempts across the country

A serious question from me for once...

My lovely friend in Alabama just now texted me, asking if 8 tylanol would kill her. I looked it up online and told her she was fine. She then told me that she took them to cause herself harm, and that she hasn't eaten since thursday. Also, yesterday she texted me saying she wanted to kill herself. She's on these steroids for a medical condition and they're fucking with her head.

I don't know what to do. I'm the only person she's reached out to about this.

Please help me?
What do I say to her?

ETA: She's in Alabama for college and not only is she not close to anybody in that state, I don't have any way of contacting the only person she is close to (her boyfriend). So that's not an option.

ETA2: Okay, I can't call 911 because she's in a car, I don't know where. I can't go to her because not only do I not have the money, but she wouldn't have a way to get me from the airport to her college, so I'd be stuck there.

What I need is advice on what to tell her as I'm talking to her via text right now. She reached out to me, she's not in danger at the moment. How do I talk her down? What do I ask? Not ask?
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I showed up at the bus station today to pick up my on again, off again boyfriend. Then I realize there's another girl waiting there to pick him up as well. Apparently the moron called both of us...and I guess he didn't think we'd both show?

1. Have you had any WTF moments lately? Feel free to share.

2. Should I drink tonight? If so, what should I drink? I'm open to suggestions.

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I'm hosting a movie night this evening and have yet to get my ass up to the rental store. I'm really bad at picking movies that will crowd please. Also, it's saturday night so all the new releases will be picked over pretty badly.

TQC, what movie blew you away so much that you think people of varied tastes would enjoy it to some extent? What genre is it?

ETA; a group of 19-23 year olds, mixed boys and girls, I doubt sugary romantic comedy would go down well.

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Will you share some things that are unique or defining characteristics of your particular state/region?

Example: I live in Texas. Big hair, big trucks, fucking unstable weather, blistering heat, Tex-Mex food, Shiner beer, Dublin Dr. Pepper, Dairy Queen, high school football, armadillos, and, well...border jumping, naturally. :)

Questions about books.

1.) Have you read a motivational book before? What was it/were they about?

2.) What is your favorite non-fiction subject to read about?

3.) If you had a mini-library in your home, what kinds of topics or genres would it include?
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My farts reek.

Is there anything I can take or anything I can do to make it stop? I can't stop farting and no one wants to come near me. My cat even squinted his eyes when he came into the room.

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1. Does anyone want to chat on Yahoo? If so, my username is sejabop. Big shock there huh?

2. I have enchiladas in the oven and they should be ready in 45 minutes. What is a good side for enchiladas?

3. I hate cleaning out my fish tank. What do you hate doing?
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Would you like to join a TQC aim chat?
ETA- if the answer is yes leave your AIM sn

and how many hours a day do you spend online? Don't lie; we'll know.


if you do make one invite keskt42 to it tho :(
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What was the last thing to disappoint you?

I spent all day making a cake for my mother's birthday and she's been gone all night. =(
Also, my kid is being a dick so I have to stay home with him while my husband goes out to our mutual friend's bday party. Lame.

EDIT: I should order pizza y/n? I ordered a stuffed crust pizza.


what's your best defense against getting bitten by mosquitoes (aside from avoiding the outdoors altogether)?

i thought i was well covered last night, but they got my ankles!

i'm going to alaska in a few weeks and i don't want to be eaten alive.

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I was thinking about taking a bath, but it looks like it might storm.

1) Is the comfort of a bath worth a certain death? I can just shower, it's no big deal, but I had a lame day and I thought a bath would help more.

2) When's the last time you took a bath?

3) What books are you reading right now, if any?

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If you could change one aspect of your personality, what would it be?

Is there anything-- a hobby, a particular genre of music or literature, an academic discipline, etc.-- in which you wish you could take an interest, but don't seem to be able to?


Would you go poop/take a dump/do a Number 2 in a public bathroom?
If not, would you do so if you had to go really, really badly?

Me, I would only poo poo in a public bathroom if I knew I was going to have a long day away from home so I wouldn't have to deal with the pressure or if say, my stomach were killing me.

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I've received the most ludicrous email in my life. That creepers that wanted to go to the show yesterday just totally "WAH WAH WAH"'d all over the internet because I didn't suck his dick and hold hands and frollic for like 7 hours.
Would you like me to copy and paste the email for your reading pleasure and to give me your opinion of it?
Like... I'm speechless. I've have never gotten something so ridiculous nor something that reeked of creepy cuntlicker for not tending to his piss & moan party.
If I copy and paste this email, will you tell me an effective or loltastic way to respond? Because I have no words.
I just... wow.

ETA: Okay, here goes. I feel like I should explain my half of what happened, but I think his style of writing explains that he might just be more of a Whiney McPisserson. But if I do infact sound like I'm the asshole, I'd totally explain.
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We have an adult cat and we just brought home a kitten. She eats cat food, he eats kitten food. We're running into an issue of them eating each other's food. I see this as a problem for two reasons: 1. She'll gain weight faster eating kitten food. 2. He won't get the nutrients he needs if he eats cat food.

We've tried putting the kitten's food in a separate room, hoping we could teach him that's where his food is, while her's remains, as it had been in the past, in the kitchen. Doesn't work. Any ideas on how to make this work? My boyfriend thinks we just give them each half cat food half kitten food, but I think this too is a bad idea.....

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1. Who was the last person to blow you off?
2. What plans did you have with that person?
3. If you have a bird and bought it to the vet for a check-up, how much did the visit cost? (Skip this question if it doesn't apply to you)

So, Hi.

So, I messaged a moderator of TQC, but they didn't respond, because they probably hate me.

Does TQC have an IRC channel?

If yes, where?

If no, would you go to it if there were one?

How many of you use IRC?
I <3 TLV

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Today while driving I saw a big LED traffic alert sign - but instead of information about traffic (there was road work going on) it said "DANGER WILL ROBINSON". I loled.

What funny signs have you seen? Post pics if you've got 'em!

Freaking Comcast

Is anyone else having issues with their Comcast Digital Cable? Our's randomly goes in and out for a few seconds, and now the image size on the tv is absurdly small. We have not adjusted any settings on our tv or cable box...and our other non-digital box tv gets a full screened image. We have a black box all around the screen. It gets slightly bigger when viewing an HD channel.

So, masters of TQC and technology, how the heck can I view my cable on full screen again?!
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do you like watching the commentaries on DVDs?

If so, which DVDs have particularly good ones? I've noticed that some of them kind of suck... just actors and directors gushing over each other. but pixar movies always have really interesting commentaries, and the lord of the rings stuff was darn cool.

(no subject)

Is the job market really dead around the nation or am I just in the wrong town/state?
(i.e Bay Area California)

I've been jobless for 2 months now (going on 3), ab solutely no one has e-mailed me, called me back, been hiring, or interviwing me at all. I've been jobless for a month or so before but I at least had interviews =/ I feel like somehow no one's getting my resume or applications *bah*
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For those of you who are married (or were married at some point, I suppose) was your wedding day really the happiest day of your life?

For those of you whose wedding day wasn't the happiest day of your life, what was?

Is it weird that Firefox flags "aren't" as being spelled wrong?


1. Any sport bra lovers out there?
When I put mine on, its like putting a silk slipper on a broken foot. I love my sports bra:)

2. If you have boobs, are you happy with their size?

3. If not, would you prefer them bigger or smaller?

4. In your opinion, what is the perfect bra?
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car help

TQC, the time has come for me to buy a car. I have 0 interest in or knowledge of cars, so I have no idea how to figure out what I want. (I am taking a car-informed (large, male) coworker with me when I actually go to buy it to minimize the amount I get screwed; in my case all of the assumptions that car salesmen make about women are unfortunately true.)

But before I actually buy it, I have to figure out what I want. There are way too many options out there and I kind of have no idea where to begin. Here are my parameters:

- I plan to buy used and pay up-front (no loan). I do not want a new car.
- My upper budget limit is $15,000. Less would be strongly preferred.
- I do not know how to drive standard; I could learn but would prefer that to not be a requirement at this point.
- I probably need all-wheel drive as I live at the top of an extremely steep hill that is not always well-plowed in winter.
- I prefer a small vehicle as I feel more comfortable driving them and I live in a parallel-parking city.
- Low maintenance is important to me. I do not have the time, patience, or knowledge for a high-maintenance vehicle.
- Reasonably good gas mileage is important to me too. I will be doing a mix of city and highway driving (I will probably use it for short in-city trips about 4 times a week, and a long highway trip about 1 weekend a month).
- Aesthetics (not so important, but might as well throw it out there): I hate the appearance of anything boxy (truck or SUV-like) and I'm not a real fan of hatchbacks.


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Poll #1218300 Japanese Game Shows

Which of these Japanese game-show stunts would you rather be subject to?

Silent Library. You sit around a table in the library with five friends and draw straws. The loser for each round has to endure gruesome punishments (e.g. being force-fed wasabi) in silence.
100 vs. 1. 100 people sneak up on you and toss you in the air, chase you through the streets, etc.
Rope swing. An impossible physical task undertaken in ridiculous clothes. Your failed attempt is replayed at least three times in slow-mo while the hosts jeer.
Human Tetris. A giant block moves across the room towards you. Fit through the small hole cut into it, or be pushed into water.
Bathroom prank. One minute you're peeing, the next you're an art object in a public square.

You can forego all of these choices, but in exchange you must participate in the American reality show Big Brother for 3 weeks. Do you do it?

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if you do classes/sports/whatever at the Y or a rec centre, what do you do?

is squash and such full of old guys?

i have back problems and i'm trying to think of ways to "work out" that don't involve running. :P i started swimming again but variety is the spice of life!

anyone else get brain freeze down their back instead?

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So i decided to drink the bottle of champagne my boyfriend bought for our anniversary and watch mind numbing tv.

Which led to America's best dance crew.

Where do these people come from? Are there really just groups of people who get together and dance for no reason?
Stock >> Belly

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Is there anyone here with some kind of legal background/actually a police officer?

To make a long story short I got pulled over & given a ticket tonight for turning right at a red light. I was at an intersection I'd never been to before and it was a rather confusing intersection (which yes, I know does not excuse me) and I apparently did not see the sign that said no turn on red.

Okay, that's all fine and dandy. So when the officer came to my window he of course asked for my driver's license and I pulled out my stack of cards out of my purse. As I was going through them he noticed I had both a state ID and driver's license. Both of my ID's were made within six months of each other, had the same address on them and neither were expired.

When the officer noticed my two ID's he got the most stunned look on his face and said, "Ma'am, are you carrying two ID's?" I explained one being state, one being my license and that I carried the state ID just in case I misplaced my license (which I've done plenty of times). He got furious with me and said, "Do you know it's illegal to carry around two ID's? I could suspend your license right now. You need to hand over both of them."

Maybe I'm dumb but I never actually knew it was illegal to carry around two ID's and certainly never knew he could suspend my license over it.
And yes, I understand that I deserved my ticket because I did turn left when I shouldn't have.. I'm just wondering about this whole ID thing.

chan marshall

(no subject)

1. Who is the most sexy Villian of all time?

2. Do you think you belong in your age group?

Sometimes I think I don't (I'm 19) because i don't understand the whole going out and getting waaassted thing. I love going to concerts but  I get bored around drunk people.

The Brunch Bunch

Rumour has it that they're remaking the Breakfast Club. The original cast had a jock, a princess, a basketcase, a nerd and a rebel, I think. They might have to update this for the new millenium. Pick 5 high school stereotypes that you'd like to see in the remake

Jock, football/lacrosse
Jock, track
Gangster, cholo
Emo kid or scene kid
Cosplay kid with the kitty ears
Mathlete/scholastic overachiever
Preppie, leader of the Republican Club
Band nerd/D&D nerd
Guitarist in a garage band, retro-grunge


Are the people on reality shows just actors or are they REALLY feeling and doing the things as they would if not being recorded? I've heard that the shows are scripted
[k.perry] watermelon

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For medical insurance, I have my group ID # and my ID#.
But I cannot find my card anywhere.

Will the ER accept this information with no card?

the other day I went into urgent care, and they said, "no card, no billing insurance."

Have you been in this situation in the ER?

Thank you much for quick responses :D