July 4th, 2008

Baro Bitch Stare
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Should I get up and go the bars tonight?

Did you hear that Iowa has banned all smoking in businesses?

If I go to the bars should I keep my jeans & tshirt on or go "dress up" (as in a skirt and cute shirt)?


When was the last time you hurt yourself doing something really stupid?

Today I was breaking a broken piece of glass into a smaller piece so I could put it in a cardboard folder to get rid of and the tiny little shards got into my fingers. Little glass splinters. *hebejebies*

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Did you have show and tell in elementary school?

What did you bring?

I remember in kindergarten I had to get all my hair cut off. They just took my ponytail and cut it off. And I remember bringing it in a ziplock to show and tell.

poo log!

My mom once told my father and I that my grandpa keeps track of how often he shits, like in a notebook. We were sworn to secrecy at the time. My mother died 8.5 years ago, and my grandpa's 90th birthday is coming up very soon.

I should get him this Poo Log y/n? If yes, should I include a note that says "P.S. She told us!"?

Do you keep track of your poo?

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guys i just saw a mouse in my apartment. it is after 2am & i live by myself. my boyf sort of person went to sleep at least two hours ago & i imed a dude friend of mine be he is away & not responding.

i'm so scared guys but since this needs a question WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO?

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So, out of curiosity...What is your...

1>Happy Song?
2>Depressed Song?
3>Angry Song?
4>Energy Song (the song you listen to so you can get pumped up)?
5>Your I-really-don't-know-why-I-like-this-song song?

for me...

1>Boondocks by Little Big Town
2>Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
3>Photograph by Parmalee
4>Beautiful Day by U2
5>I Want Candy. Don't know who sang it.
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1.I can't sleep because I saw a law and order episode where this guy tortured people and it is freaking me out/making me sad. When was the last time you saw a scary tv episode/movie? What was it?

2. What is your favorite unofficial holiday? (example.. talk like a pirate day)
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My country tis of thee...

In the spirit of the 4th of July, this question is opened to everyone.

What is your favorite thing about your country?
What is one thing that is unique only to your country?
What is your favorite slang word that is native to your country? And could you, please, explain it to us, non-natives?

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Future babies

Before you marry (or before you did marry) or shack up for life, would you be certain you and your partner were on the same baby or no-baby page?

Would them changing their mind be a deal-breaker for you?

Is there ever a way to compromise when it comes to having or not having babies?

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what's the worst song on the radio right now?
when i grow up by the pussycat dolls

was i the only person who thought it said "i wanna have boobies," when apparently it said "i wanna have groupies?"
have you ever misheard any lyrics?
 this^ and when i was little i thought madonna was singing about how she was "living in a material cheerio world."

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HALP. i'm doing math homework again, and i do NOT get how i'm supposed to do this problem. my math's all right, i'm just approaching it wrong. the problem is:

a circular, inlaid-wood design for a dining table cost $35 per square foot. if the radius of the design is 15 in, find the cost to build the design. use 3.14 for pi. round to the nearest dollar. hint: 144 sq in = 1 sq ft.

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Should I take my purse with me to Six Flags today?

I need a place to put stuff, and have my keys, but I can't bring it on rides, and I'm afraid I'd forget it.

What are your plans for today Americans?

What's your favorite song by the Beatles?
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What instant messaging program(s) do you use?

I use Trillian, and I was pissed to discover this morning that it ate all my saved away messages. Trillian users, has this ever happened to you?

How can I get my away messages back, or at the very least prevent them from all vanishing again?

If you're not interested in any of that, can you tell me one of your favorite quotes? Funny, deep, whatever, it doesn't matter.
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Okay, so, TQC, what do you guys think of:
1) astrology/horoscopes
2) Psychism/psychic phenomena
3) witchcraft
4) alternative healthcare
5) meditation
6) Ghosts
7) etc.

While I find most of the stuff I've ever read on it to be absolutely stupid, I also see as a valid complaint that western culture focuses to much on the objective, 'scientific' truths, and that too many people claim to be 'questioning the system' while too readily accepting it. How do you feel about that divide in western and eastern thinking? And do any of you identify as Pagan? Do you think any of the above/anything that can't be objectively proven is actually possible or that too many people allow themselves to get carried away with wishful thinking?

 Before you give me shit, I'm a practicing Jew with no particular investment in any of the above. As a narrative non fiction student, and a person who enjoys the company of eccentric people, I have an 'academic' interest in the occult/the large following that has developed around occult phenomena.
Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

No, not a White Anglo-Saxton Protestant...

1. My fiance swears up and down there's a wasp in the kitchen, and left me to take care of it so he could go to the bathroom for a marathon session before work (/tmi). However, I don't see where the wasp is supposed to be.

Where's the wasp? Did it make an escape when I opened the window? Or is it hiding, ready to strike? How do you get rid of evil insects in your home?

2. Weezer's "Pork and Beans" video is awesome possum, y/y?


3. Who mows their lawn on the 4th of July in America? Is lawnwork patriotic?

Dr. LJ

I have a lymph node in my neck that swelled to the size of a marble. Am I going to die? If so, what should we do with my body? I hear body parts go for sexy money.


got any tips for arranging pictures that you hang on a wall?

i've got tons... and they're sort of a mess, everywhere. i'm not sure if i should try to cluster them or what. i'm bad at pretty. i've got all different sizes, too... from 3x5 picture frames to a 4'x6' oil painting.

maybe there's a particularly good magazine or website that illustrates lots of pictures looking "together"?
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1. when you're in a relationship with someone you hope to marry, are you always 100% sure about the relationship or are their times when your thoughts fumble a bit?

2. have you seen hancock? how was it?

3. will you be wearing red/white/blue today?

4. favorite songgg?

5. what time do you usually get up? what about go go sleep?

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How many dates can you go on without feeling 100% sure you want to date this person?
In the past have your relationships started off with a bang or built up slowly?
In your experience which is better?

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I've been seeing these characters all around the internet...


Forgive me for living under a rock, but, TQC, WHAT ARE THESE?

ETA: I copied the text randomly from a YouTube comment.
Maynard pen
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If you were fired from a place of business for stealing, would you return to said place of business as a customer?

My husband fired this girl two months ago after FINALLY catching her in the act, even though both he and his district manager knew it was her stealing in the first place. They had to wait until they had physical proof (in this case, video footage) before anything could be done. Anyway, she still shops at the store occasionally. While she wasn't BANNED from the store, I just think that's really ballsy.
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Poop and LIBERTY

     When you poop, how do you wipe?
I was thinking about it earlier, and I figured that your addendas etc. would get in the way.
I mean, I've got a clear runway for these things, you know?

     In sex-ed, did they ever stress the importance of wiping front to back?

     What's a good/bad 4th of July story?

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B.B.Q and Sexy

1. What makes a man sexy?

2. I'm having a b.b.q today. Does anyone want to come? I've got enough food for 100 people.

3. What are the necessary things to have at a b.b.q?

4. What makes a woman sexy?
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1. Has anyone see Hancock yet? Did you enjoy it? My father and I are going to see it today. I'll go whether it's good or bad because, hey, free movie.

2. What's your favorite nail polish/nail enamel colour(provided you wear such)? I wear a variety of colours, but just on my toes. Polish on my fingernails just makes my fingers look short and stumpy(more so than they are).

3. Are you off today? If not are you at least getting paid time and a half(if you live in America, I mean)? My company doesn't pay time and a half for days like today, but since I'm full time this is a paid holiday for me.

4. Would you post a random pic?

This came up when I googled "picture".
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1. What does July 4th mean to you?

2. Why did the manager at Whole Foods attempt to label me "unpatriotic" for not having 4th plans?

3. Because he's a bloody conservative republican who can't see past his own hard-on for America to realize that the US may just NOT be "the greatest country in the world!"?

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Dear peeps that live in Amurrika or understand their country's various independent holidays:

I have an online math homework assignment due tomorrow night at 11:45 pm. Ordinarily I would do it the night before the night it's due just to get it out of the way, but today's a holiday and I feel like I've earned this day off work. (If any of you know of my job you would agree in a heartbeat).

So TQC, do you do any real work on your nation's celebration day? Am I justified in just spending my Saturday morning and early afternoon doing this rather than today?

Am I the only American not going anywhere, just sitting at home and reveling in the idea that I don't have to even put on street clothes for once?
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Everyone keeps telling me I should drink green tea. I've never had it before. What kind of green tea is good? Is it ok if I get it iced or does it have to be hot? What brand tastes good?

I really need help here! Thanks!

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So on the United States' Independence Day Senator Jesse Helms has died. A racist bigot dieing on the 4th of July-laughably ironic or a most fitting day for an honorable man to leave this world?

Wedding gift

Tomorrow my fiancé and I are going to a wedding of a couple we have known for 1 yr. We were surprised that they invited us to be honest. We met them in a mixed baseball league last summer and hung out with them a few times last yr, didn't see them over the winter, but have seen them most weekends since May. We're happy to go to their wedding, but not sure what to give them...obviously money is the easiest option as the wedding is tomorrow. I know they are paying for the wedding themselves and are also going on a honeymoon - so I'm sure cash would be appreciated. They live together so don't really need all the house stuff that is a traditional gift -- plus the bride has had lots of showers. So, what is the standard amount of cash to give someone who is not family and not a super-close friend? 

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1. What's your hangover cure?
- My boyfriend's cure is eating Marmite straight from the jar with a spoon.

2. Do you love/hate Marmite?

...I just realised that most of you might not have had Marmite? So Vegemite?

Your next stop.....the Twilight Zone marathon

Are you watching the Twilight Zone marathon?

What the hell is that?

We all have our favorite episodes. Here's my top 15. Do you like any of these eps?

Old woman keeps getting called in the middle of the night by some mysterious person. It's persistant, and the line is traced...to a cemetary
Man gets caught in storm, knocks on door of mysterious ashram of monks, who say they've captured the Devil
Talking Tina. 'nuff said
All the TIme in the World. The one with Burgess Meredith as the last man on earth...and the broken glasses
U.S.-launched rocketship experiences a malfunction and crashes on a desert planet. Tensions run deep, drastic actions happen, and it's found out they never left earth
Civil war soldiers passing by a widow's home. Apparently, they're all dead because Abraham Lincoln's bringing up the rear
Mysterious banging on a ship reveals 2 skeletons with hammers, lying where they died
During a bout of bad weather, a bus of people end up at a diner, where it's revealed that someone amongst the group is a space alien
Woman at bus stop realizes that she has a mirror image
Braggart cowboy bets he can stick a knife in Jesse James' grave
To Serve Man. 'nuff said
Lieutenant during war finds that he knows who will be killed next. It ends badly, when the next mission he's on, everybody's glowing, including himself
Man who's watch can stop time
'Room for one more?' Woman has dreams of a stewardess telling her that and it freaks her out. Then, she's about to board a plane, and that same woman is there. She flees, and the plane ends up crashing
Passenger aircraft accidently breaks the sound barrier and travels back in time. Dinosaurs!
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Did you know Sprint has a GPS feature so you can track your phone?
Would this make it more likely for you and your SO to get Sprint so you can track each other?
Would you track random people if you could just for fun?

(no subject)

1. Do you have to work on holidays (assuming you don't request off)?

Yeah. >(

2. What holidays do you need/prefer to have off from work?

I only care about having my birthday (Christmas Eve, I'll work the 25th, though) and New Year's Eve/Day off.

participation and voting

1. Do you like the current system of government, where you get a choice of a few people to elect, and then they make decisions that affect you (and others, and war, and all) for years?

2. Imagine another system where everyone had something like LJ, joined communities like TQC according to their interests, and just talked about or voted on the things they knew and cared about. (Bear in mind that there are always a few people who care about "strange" things like how sewers are designed, and that people naturally care about their trash collection, when it's not working) Would you prefer a system like that? Do you think it would work, or not work, and why?

3. How would YOU want your country to be run? Who would be able to vote, and on what? Who would make the decisions? What would happen without decisions? What would be good or bad about that method?

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My date..thing just ditched me.
I'm already dressed and have makeup on. All of my friends are doing the family thing or aren't answering their phones. This is the first day I've had off in forever and the only day I'll have off for the next two weeks.

What should I do? =( Call work and see if they need me? They'll likely say no since they don't want to pay me double time. Go shopping by myself? Watch movies at home and sulk? Go watch fireworks alone?
Edit: I live thirty minutes one way from everything.
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Random Friday Afternoon Ponderings...

My friend are I were just discussing him being there for his girlfriend "through thick and thin", which raised the question, is "thick" the good part and "thin" the bad? I can't seem to find the origin anywhere. As I pointed out, thick hair is good and thin ice is bad. But then he noted that unintelligent people are "thick" and thin condoms are good! So now I don't know what to believe.

So TQC, which do you prefer? Thick or thin?

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Have you ever eaten a teaspoon or so of pure cinnamon? What was your experience with it?

Edit: It dries up all the saliva in your mouth so you can't swallow it. I thought I was going to die and proceeded to throw up.

(no subject)

When the fire alarm goes off at your workplace does everyone immediately leave?

Our fire alarms just went off and there were people that didn't come out until the saw the fire trucks coming with their lights and sirens going.

youtube suggest as you type.

is it just me, or is youtubes make suggestions as you type into the search bar feature not working at the moment. It cant be that i have accidently turned it off as it says that it is turned on, and it isnt giving me the regular autocomplete options that it would if the suggestion feature was off.

So is it not working, or is my computer just full of fail?

(no subject)

Do you know anything about the fires in California?
Are you affected by the fires?

I am from Big Sur (where there is a huge fire), and we just had a mandatory evacuation called on Wednesday.  I am just curious as to how much this is being televised or informed to the public.

(no subject)

I've been putting off my World Drama paper on "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for a few weeks now. I really dislike reading plays and writing papers. Anyone want to write it for me?

On another note...have you ever been to Cheers in Boston? How was it?

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Is it just me, or are some celebrities putting on a little weight? Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani are putting on a little belly. They'd better watch it or people might think they're pregnant.

And Ashley Simpson needs to cut out the late-night meals. She's starting to pack on a little weight herself, and she'd better start running or something or people might think she's got a bun in the oven.

(no subject)

I'm turning 18 on the 12th and don't really have any ideas of what I want to do. My parents and friends keep asking me what I want for my birthday as well and I can't come up with anything.

What did you do for your 18th birthday? What did you get/ask for? And what was the first thing you bought as an adult that you couldn't buy as a teenager?

My Kansas icon.

(no subject)

My name is Jessica Veryjewishname - nonjewishname. My question is, which part of the surname should I drop? Having a double barrelled name is extremely irritating and cumbersome - it never fits on official forms, for a start. So can anyone think of any downsides of changing my surname at my age (19) or has someone here already had experience of changing their surname and did they have any regrets? My only major concern is how my (Jewish) father might feel.

(no subject)

1. If a mod obnoxiously deletes a well-meaning comment of yours, and you decide it isn't worth hanging out there anymore and just quietly remove yourself from a community, without making a fuss, does it still count as a flounce?

2. Where did my son leave the tv remote this time?

3. Should I show up for drunken TQC bowling with my son? We don't have anything else to do. He's only 11, so I don't know if I'll be able to get him drunk that early in the day.

4. Why don't we do it in the road?


More fat posts

Edit2: Instead of a paltry $2,000,000, it's now $5,000,000

Poll #1217903 John Goodman's fat ass and you: a hypothetical question

Science has discovered a new way to lose weight. Sexual osmosis. With a certain injection, the recipient can transfer around 25lbs into the body of the person they sleep with. The other person emerges from the bed 25lbs heavier. The procedure is expensive: $50,000 for one injection. John Goodman approaches you and asks if you'd like to be the recipient of his fat cells. He wants to lose 200lbs, which will mean that he'll have to have sex with you 8 times to give you all that fat. For your services and sacrifice, he'll pay you $2,000,000. You will finish being a millionaire with 200 extra lbs that used to be in someone else's body, plus having the memories of sleeping with Goodman 8 times. Do you accept?

Yes. Give me fat ass and monies
No. I don't anything of John Goodman's inside me

Edit: I don't WANT anything of John Goodman's inside me
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My mom's birthday is this Sunday, and I'd like to cook her something. She'll be out of the house until midday Sunday - she's gone to Alabama to visit her mom, with my little sister - and so I'm here with my dad. What's something nice I can cook for her that doesn't take too much prep or insane amounts of work or money? I'm a decent chef but my skill lies in baking mostly.

ear problems!

i've never had any ear problems before, but for awhile now, i've been having trouble with my right ear.

for years, i've cleaned by ears with q-tips about once a week (i know..so bad for you blahblah), but i never experienced bad side effects or anything. i'm not sure if this is related to my previous q-tip use or not (since it's only in one ear and not both), but the inside of my right ear gets really itchy. the consistency of the wax is like liquid almost. it's not thicker, sticky & wax-like. also, my ear keeps popping on and off for hours sometimes.

i have NO idea why this started happening, but it's seriously become a huge pain in the ass. i don't want to clean out the extremely itchy wax with q-tips in case that was the cause of the problem in the first place, so sometimes i'll just wipe my ear with a paper towel or something. but it doesn't relieve the itch. the MOST annoying part is the ear popping. i can't seem to get rid of it! i'll chew gum, but that only helps for so long.

has anyone experienced something like this before? any guesses as to what it might be?

(no subject)

 So tonight is my freinds birthday party. Her theme is underwear but not the  normal way of showing up in just your underwear. She wants me to be creative but well I'm not. So I need some help. What would you wear to her underwear party? Some examples what are already done is cutting the boobs and butt out of clothes to let the underwear show through and wearing a bra as an eye patch. All ideas are welcome thank you in advance!!!!

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I'M GOING ON HOLIDAY! to a scary party place in spain without my boyfriend (fiance!) on sunday. my friend invited me and i thought it would be good for me to go, but my boyfriend has to work so he can't come.

so i need holiday going advice! what is the best holiday advice you can give me? i haven't been on a holiday by myself (as in without my boyfriend or my mum) ever before so i need to know items.

my boyfriend has already told me some stuff like don't try and pick up peacocks that i might see because they won't like it and i can't bring bobby ranger so thats a bit of a pity!
Her Space Holiday Book!

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I have all of the following, which should I mix in with my penne alfredo?

roasted orange peppers
sweet peas
snow peas
baby carrots
green beans
summer squash
all of the above
none of the above

(no subject)

I'm looking online for movie show times and it says that there are regular showings of Wall-E and digital showings. They're making a kerfuffle about the last digital ones being at a certain time. What's the difference between digital and normal, and is it worth it to try and make it to a digital showing?
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(no subject)

I have 200 sq ft in the back yard that I had originally intended to be a lawn, because lying in the grass on a warm, sunny day is one of the best things ever. However, the grass I planted turned out to be a non-summer variety (perennial rye) and the replacement seed (Bermuda) isn't taking. I'm thinking the land could be put to better use as a fruit/veggie garden.

1. Should I till up the remains of the lawn and convert it to a garden?
1a. What would be some good things to plant on a 20x10 patch, keeping in mind that I live in the middle of the desert?

(no subject)

Hey Manhattanite TQC! What restaurants on the lower East Side (by Houston St. or in the area) would you recommend? I'm looking for something offbeat and fun, but with really good food (like Rice to Riches or Peanut Butter & Co.). I'll be in teh city on Tuesday, going to see a movie at the Sunshine Cinema. Any good places around there? I'm open to any kind of cuisine except Indian. Thanks in advance!
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Would you rather...

Would you rather...?

...run for 5 mnutes wearing a string bikini/man-thong in Antartica
....run for 5 minutes wearing an Eskimo fur parka midday in the middle of the Sahara Desert

Would you rather...?

..get a hot coffee enema
...get a frozen Frappacino enema

Would you rather...?

...have bright, florescent pink hair for 2 months
...have a mohawk for 2 months

Would you rather...?

...have sex with 5 cute strangers simutaneously for 1 hour (mouth, hands, genitals, etc)
....have sex with 1 cute stranger for 5 hours

Would you rather...?

...punch an old lady in the nose
...punch someone in the nose who just had reconstructive facial surgery

Would you rather...?

...go streaking at a 'National Survivors of Sexual Abuse' gathering
....go streaking at your next high school reunion
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(no subject)

why do americans go to canada for independence day?

so many american plates at wal-mart today whoa

eta: i'm like 5 hours away from the border, they're not here to get doritos and go home, lawl

(no subject)

Does anyone know how to cite sources in footnote form?

I know how to put the number and then the source down at the bottom, but if you are using the same source for different paragraphs, do you just put the number at the end of the last paragraph? Or do you have to do it at the end of each one?

I'm so confused...

(no subject)

 for all you small-town folk, what are some of the most redneck things you have ever done/still do? are you ashamed?

1. i used to go "gopher snagging" with my brother. they weren't gophers... they were actually prairie dogs. we would make a loop with a rope and put it around a hole we saw a prairie dog go down and then lie down and wait. when it's little head would stick up, we'd pull the rope and instantly have a prairie dog on a leash and we'd walk it home with hopes of keeping it as a pet.

2. at my last family reunion (like many family reunions), we all drank in the front yard, played norwegian golf, and listened to johnny cash. even granny joined in (she's 80)

3. i am a pretty good shot with a rifle, shooting at clay pigeons (i'm too big of a puss to actually kill anything).

4. i went to school on a snowmobile or 4-wheeler several times.

hell no. this all shows that i know how to have fun.

(no subject)

So tell me, are you underweight, average, overweight, obese, or morbidly obese?

What was the last item you broke?
As for me, I broke somebody's chair by sitting in it. It was a old, creaky chair.

(no subject)

I hate hate hate the noise of fireworks (hate isn't strong enough of a word. seriously I'm terrified of them), and of course they're being set off practically in our backyard. Soooooooooo what should I do tonight to get away from the noise?

Did a ghost fart?

I just went up to my bedroom and it smelled like ASS! I mean BAD! I have no idea why it smelled that way. It's been cleaned and the laundry is done. It was a very WTF moment.

Have you ever had a mystery BAD smell and have NO idea where it came from?
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We found a bunch of them while hiking in VT two weeks ago. It's Dale Earndheart Sr., in those old style pull-tab cans (or whatever they were called). I was born in 1984 and I don't remember ever seeing or using them, so they gotta be at least that old, right?

OK OK, not that one. I was confusing it with these:

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Any idea on these?

(no subject)

Why do people call those who are unfond of interaction anti-social when they do not display any anti-social behavior? Asocial=/=antisocial. 
Do they need to borrow a dictionary? I think the word they are using doesn't mean what they they think it means.

I dread going to work tomorrow. What do you dread?

(no subject)

In response to my earlier post, I was inside being anti-social because i'm a little sick and I thought drinking/smoking would make me feel worse. They were blasting the SHITTIEST music and I wanted to die lol

On to my question...

Have you ever totally missed out on a fun holiday due to being sick or something else?
What happened?


Whats the shittest band you could imagine being blasted through giant speakers all day?

(no subject)

Suppose you are going to an outdoor indierock concert with your significant other, in a venue where you pay for a spot on a lawn. It's in the evening on July 11th, and the forecast as of now says isolated t-storms, with a 30% chance of precipitation. You're planning to surprise him/her with a semi-romantic dinner-picnic type deal.

1. What do you bring?
2. What foods do you pack away in your picnic basket?
chan marshall

(no subject)

1. You guys my circus class has its last session tomorrow and then i have like 4 weeks off. What will i do on weekends now?

2. Have you ever lied in a job interview?

3. Have you seen the movie Muriels Wedding? I love it so much.

(no subject)

Because I've been told I should make one many times, the lastest being just a moment ago;

Do you have/would you make a 5/10 year plan for yourself? If you have made one; have you stuck to it? Did you pencil in little treats for yourself?

If you wouldn't; why?


(no subject)

I use surfthechannel.com to watch tv and movies online. Sometimes, the sound will be alittle off (not in sync with the movement). Is this because it loaded weird, or was it uploaded to the site that way?
LOST - Charlie
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What is the one question from this community that sticks in your memory the most?

For me, it's reginald's "What if you woke up and realized the last ten years of your life were just a dream?" The number of years might have been different, but I honest to God think about that every day.

(no subject)

Say you were in a fairly long relationship with your s/o and you had consummated it sexually long ago, but one day they decided they wanted to hold off until marriage due to some more fervent religious beliefs.

What would you do? 

eta: GOD changed his mind!
Kill Bill - Elle
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When you wipe your ass, do you reach from the front or from the back?
GUYS! I mean, do you reach around your back, thus wiping using your arm over your rump, or do you go under the gooch, between your legs?

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My family leaves tomorrow for their vacation until Wednesday or Thursday. It'll be just me and my uncle and I can make him leave if I want. Besides have a big ass party, what can I do with an empty house and/or no parental guidance?

What band or artist have you recently become a HUGE fan of/are you obsessing over currently?


When was the last time you felt like you had a perfect day despite anything and everything?


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So ur with ur honey and yur making out wen the phone rigns. U anser it n the vioce is "wut r u doing wit my daughter?" U tell ur girl n she say "my dad is ded". THEN WHO WAS PHONE?

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I'm watching To Catch a Predator and there was this like 61 year old man who had asthma, emphysema and had a triplebypass (oh and stilled smoked)...what the HELL was he expecting to do?

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i went to a party tonight and left at like, 1030. how lame am i?
does it help my unlameness since i wasn't the first one to leave? 2 left before me, like at 9ish because they felt sick sick sick but didnt drink.

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One morning last week, a black and white cat showed up at my screen door and just sat there staring at me. I fed her tuna. It was obviously a stray or a lost cat (I've already looked in the newspaper and craigslist for anybody fitting her description but no luck. It doesn't belong to any of my neighbors.)
Everyday, she comes by in the mornings, waits at my door, then I give her canned tuna or salmon. She won't let near her, let alone pet her. I've found she likes sitting at the door to look at whatever I'm doing.
So, I've always wanted a black and white cat. My parents are not too fond of most cats. I already have 6 pets of my own and already've passed the '2-pet limit'

1. At what point does the cat become mine?
2. How can you tell if a cat is feral, not just anti-social to humans?
3. What cat food is best? I'm planning to buy a small bag tomorrow.
4. Is Mondavi a decent name for a cat? If not, suggest a name will you?

5. Have you ever adopted a stray cat/dog/other pet off the street?
madeline lilly in drag

"Respect the classics, man! It's Hendrix!"

At my local fireworks show, they played Jimi Hendrix's recording of "The Star Spangled Banner".

Half the people in attendance stood up.

Seeing as only half the recording is recognizable as the national anthem, were they correct in doing so, and was my family and I wrong in just kicking back and enjoying the noise? Or were they just a bit overzealous in their patriotism?

Non-serious answers gleefully anticipated, but if you know what the protocol is, let me know.