July 3rd, 2008

watership down

I'm really fucking bored

This isn't homework, I promise. I'm on summer break. It's a random history quiz. It kinda sucks, but I'm really bad at coming up with questions. My brain is kinda dead. It should be easy. How many can you answer without looking up the answers?

Poll #1216972 Random History Quiz

Which Pope launched the First Crusade?

Who did King Clovis rule?

Ten years before his death, the prophet Muhammad led a hijrah from Mecca to Medina to escape persecution. This event marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar. In what year did it take place?

The book Brave New World got its title from which Shakespearean play?

Notre Dame is an example of what architectural style?

What was the Brazen Bull, and in what country was it first used in?

Which of these pirates used the famous skull and crossbones flag?

Edward England
Black Bart Roberts
Edward Low

List all of Henry VIII's wives

two hearts

(no subject)

Anyone here have this phone? If so, have you ever been able to download ringtones to it off the internet? If so, what site did you use? I'm having all sorts of problems with this, and I never had a problem with my older, shittier phone, so I don't really know what's up.
burning words

(no subject)

1. what are some of your favourite angry songs?

2. what is the weirdest thing you heard today?

some lady asked me what catnip was and then proceeded to tell me her friend rolls her cigarettes with some in there with the tobacco. "catnip" right...

(no subject)

so tonight my pantech duo's screen decided to stop working. the phone is totally fine but the screen is all black, though there is a backlight and the screen will work for 5 seconds after i restart it, so i know it's not like the light burnt out or anything like that. i'm pretty sure my mom signed me up for a warranty but i don't remember.

will at&t give me a ton of shit when i go in tomorrow to try to get a new phone?
what phone should i get?
why does at&t suck so much?

eta: why does my phone screen work if i have it sliding the qwerty keyboard way, or just in regular resting position, but not when i slide it up to the numeric keypad? and before it broke, why is it that when i wear a certain pair of sunglasses i can't see the screen when it's slid the qwerty way, but it shows up just fine slid in the numeric way?

cats v dogs

1. which is smarter, cats or dogs?

2. do you think man evolved from ape(primate)?

3. does someone with photoshop skillz want to make an adorable animated gif out of my dog? a caption would be nice, or anything! I want to see what you talented lovely people can do.

and go!
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(no subject)

- Are you more poised to answer a particular type of question asked in TQC?
- If yes, what are they usually? (ex: favorite ______, relationships, jobs, picture posts)
- When browsing TQC, do you skip questions or deem questions not worthy of your time/response?
- What are they usually about?
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(no subject)

I am starving and it's almost 1:30am.
Should I eat some food?
Will my reflux be worse if I eat or if I don't eat?

Do you think it's uncommon for a three year old to grasp the rules of Candyland and the concept of taking turns?
Which is your favorite Candyland spot to land on? My son loves the gumdrop even though it takes you back to the beginning. I think he just likes to say gumdrop.

How can I teach my son to bounce a soccer ball on his head?
Is it bad that I've pelted him with balls the entirety of his small life so he wouldn't have a fear of things being thrown at his head?

My feet hurt. Should I make my husband get off of WoW and rub them for me?
Do you play WoW? If so, name and server?
Miramilli, Blackhand.

(no subject)

Do you know this movie's name?

I watched this movie over ten years ago so my memories of it are vague. 

There was a boy who lived with his grandfather.  The grandfather drank grog.
The boy was given to a 'foster family' who had tons of other kids.  They were locked into their 'rooms' which were just prison type holdings.  and forced to make wine (don't know if this is quite right)
At one point the grandfather is riding around in a giant eyeball on Halloween night.

srs answers only.
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(no subject)

If you could have participated in any infamous criminal act of history, which one would you choose?

Do you like Mystery Science Theater?
If so, which movie was the best?
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

My half birthday is coming up! (July 8th) How should I celebrate? I usually don't do anything or even notice, but I thought it's an excuse for a party so why not.

Do you celebrate your half birthday?

(no subject)

guys, i'm officially single. i wasn't sure if were still together or not, but his new myspace lists him as single. D:

what should i do with my newfound freedom?
also: can you post something to cheer me up?

(no subject)

1. When you're home alone in the evening, do you ever imagine irrational things when walking up/down the stairs; ie. That there could be some crazy killer person - or just a burglar - in your bedroom/kitchen?

2. Are you scared of the dark?

3. Have you ever been scared of the dark?
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(no subject)

Okay, there's this girl I've been sort of friends with for awhile (we never hung out, but we had classes together), and she's always been really friendly and sweet and has seemed pretty interested in me. She asked me for my number so we could have coffee sometime, but I didn't get hers. She told me she was going to call me on a certain day, but she didn't (or else I didn't get the call). I've seen her since then and she greeted me really enthusiastically, complete with hug.

Question: With all this in mind, would it be creepy of me to get her number from the phone book and call her to ask her out for coffee?

ETA: I can't get into contact with her any other way because I knew her from school and there's no other place I could count on running into her.

ETA2: I took the Facebook advice and sent her a message. Thanks, guys!

(no subject)

So I can't fucking get to sleep for the life of me, seriously.

I think I read somewhere that a shot of vodka can help people get to sleep, is that true? .. It could have been to help get rid of headaches before bed, as well.


(no subject)

what the hell. i've been sitting here for ten minutes and i canNOT figure out this math problem. i'm supposed to convert 11 1/9 % (eleven and one-ninth percent) into a fraction. i KNOW the answer is one-ninth, but i keep getting things which are definitely not one-ninth.

help me please. : ( i have a couple more problems like this to do, and only one other one looks like i can actually do it.

the pill

So, I just started taking the pill and I've had bad anxiety attacks for the past 2 days. (I started a week ago.) My heart always feels like it's pounding. Has anyone else here that has been on the pill experienced horrible anxiety attacks as a side effect? I'm going to speak to my doctor, of course, but I was curious to your experiences. I'm taking Tri-Sprintec, if that makes a difference.
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(no subject)

For those of you who work, isn't it great that even though it's a Thursday, it feels like a Friday?

Will you describe your favorite outfit to wear?

You're going to a fancy restaurant. What do you order?
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Bye bye baby!

When your kids move out of the house, what things should you include in the bill you give them for the cost of raising them?

So far I have:

back rent on uterus
maternity clothing
food eaten while pregnant, to ensure healthy development
prenatal vitamins
gas for trips and to sporting/dance/play dates
internet and cable TV
phone bills

What kind of payment plan would you work out with your kids or would you make them pay in one shot?

(no subject)

Are you a fan of werewolf movies?

What's the best werewolf movie out there, in your opinion?

What other good werewolf movies are there?

(I'm a big fan of Dog Soldiers and A Company of Wolves; American Werewolf in Paris was okay. Werewolf movies tend to be few and far between and mostly awful though.)
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taking a trip...

So I've never been on a trip by myself. I'm going to Salt Lake City, UT [from St. Louis, MO] for seven days and six nights and I don't know what I should bring. The essentials, of course, enough clothes to last me, toothebrush/paste, etc. etc.... 

EDIT: I'm going to see my boyfriend for the first time since he moved there. And meet his two sons and friends and ex-wife etc. etc. Advice on that front would be cool, too.

Any suggestions?
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You wake up tomorrow morning to find you've acquired some sort of superpower. And, Christ, it's pretty cool. You've no idea how this came about, but you feel perfectly healthy (if not more so than yesterday). After a few hours of practice you find its fairly easy to control, too. So what is your power and what do you do with it? Do you tell anyone or keep it to yourself, all paranoid like? Vow to protect the citizens of your beloved country? Lay plans for world domination? Or begin designing your superhero costume?

What would you do,TQC?

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Are you tone deaf?

Will you tell us how you did on this tone deafness test?

58.3% Correct D:

Above 90% - Exceptional Performance
Above 80% - Very Good Performance
Above 70% - Normal Performance
Above 60% - Low-Normal Performance
Below 55% - Possible pitch perception or memory deficit

(no subject)

1: What does Eddie Murphy keep making bad movies? Is he broke?
2: What is something you like for for breakfast that others might find strange?
3: Do you hide something around the house so others who live there don't know it's there?
4: Do you plan to vote?


(no subject)

I've been having problems with my computer and will most likely reinstall Windows. I wanted to get an external hard drive to back up my data. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't need something super extravagant. Just to hold my music, pics, and some random files.

Zou bisou

(no subject)

If your life had a soundtrack, what would be playing right now? Mine would be "All By Myself," over a montage of me spinning in my chair, playing solitaire, balancing a pencil on the tip of my finger and, finally, dozing at my desk.

(no subject)

For those who have been a supervisor/manager/person in position of authority (ish):

Have you ever had an employee say that they didn't respect you as (your job title)?

How did you react?

An employee literally yelled at me the other day, saying I don't know how to talk to people. When we talked it over with the managers, she said she didn't respect me as a supervisor. Two days later and she's treating me just as she did before she yelled at me (in front of new hires & customers no less).

(no subject)

I'm going on a trip with my boyfriend this weekend. We're leaving tonight and coming home Monday afternoon.

I am a chronic over-packer. I can't fit even HALF of the stuff I want to bring in my bag :(

Here's what I have thus far:

1 sweatshirt
3 pairs shorts
3 pairs jeans
1 skirt
4 t-shirts
4 tank tops
2 nice shirts (in case we go out)
2 bathing suits
1 pair flip flops
1 pair sneakers
6 pairs undies
6 pairs socks

Does this seem like too much?
What should I get rid of?

Are you an over-packer or an under-packer?

(no subject)

I'm going to volunteer at a local nursing home doing arts and crafts with the elderly. I'm pretty sure finger painting and macaroni pictures aren't their type of thing. What kind of crafts do you think an older person would enjoy?

(no subject)

Are you an only child?

If yes skip remaining questions.

If no:

How many siblings do you have?

If more than one, which one are you closest to? Why?

I'm the oldest of my mom's four kids. And, apparently, I have a few other younger brothers from my dad that I've never met.

I'm closest to my youngest brother. I think its because he looks and acts the most like me. Also, I get a kick out of the things he says. I keep asking him if we're best friends and he keeps saying "Nooo." When I asked him why a little bit ago, he responded with "I pick your nose."
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For those who love Resident Evil 4...

1. Best system for RE4: PS2, GC, Wii, PC?

2. Favorite section: Village, castle, island?

3. Favorite weapon?

4. Best person to play as in Mercenaries mode?

5. Isn't the merchant a god?

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about...

When/Where was the worst time/place you ever threw up? From illness, car/sea sickness...it matters not.

doesn't play well with others

okay, so here is the situation:

i'm cat-sitting my cousin's cat, audrey. she doesn't play well with others- human, dog or cat, it doesn't matter. right now she is camped out in my room since this is the best place for her. she is psycho and has a tendency to bite/scratch and yell.

i've had her since june 23rd (when i drove her from baltimore to ri) and have her until july 13th (when i then drive her to her new home in vermont). what should i do with her?

my cousin told me if i get her "fixed" he'll reimburse me and i'm thinking of doing this because then she'll be sedated for a couple of hours.

he's on his honeymoon in the Mediterranean- what should i ask for him to bring me back for being such a good cousin?
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(no subject)

1) What should I have for lunch? I'm at work so it needs to be microwaveable.

2) I'm driving down the cape at about 5:30 today. It's going to take a while(if you know MA: I'm going south on routes 495 to 93 to 3 to 6, ughh). How should I keep myself occupied in traffic?

3) What is the nearest green object to you?

4) Will you tell me about the last big risk you took? How did it turn out?

(no subject)

If you lose electricity and all of your food in your refrigerator spoils can you make a claim with your homeowner's (renter's) insurance so they can reimburse you for the food you lost?
Or, are you just SOL if this happens?

(no subject)

My dishwasher needs to stop running. The sound of it is making me crazy!

1. Why is my dishwasher running? Where is it going?

2. Why do they call it *breaking* news? Is something broken?

3. What everyday phrases do you not understand?
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(no subject)

Are there any Australians here, TQC?

If so, do you know if there are any candies/foods/etc in the US that you don't have in Australia?
-I'm putting together a swap package for a girl over there, and I want to throw something interesting in, but I don't know what she probably already has.

You get a neat, unexpected package in the mail. What are three things (anything) that you'd want in it?

I wonder...

What would you say if I told you I thought a heck of a lot of people in this community would enjoy the new community I created called jesus_was_white?

Is anyone here offended by that name? Before or after you read what the community is about?

Did I just have way too much coffee and not enough sleep to think that was a good idea to make?

And in the hopes that you'll share it here and the new community:
What's the stupidest thing you've ever seen someone do/heard someone say?

If this post breaks the rules, oh well, I tried to make it interesting and not a blatant community advert. If the mods so decree, may it be smote down or macro'd to death.
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(no subject)

When I was a kid I had a recurring dream where I'd wake up to find a giant spider sitting on my pillow. I'd freak out and it would try to eat my nose. Well, this morning I rolled over, opened my eyes and saw a huge spider a mere two inches from my nose. And while it didn't try to eat my face, I still screamed bloody murder.

So, have any of your nightmares come true?
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(no subject)

A friend of mine is working the midnight release for Breaking Dawn and posted this:

i'm sure most of you know that i have not read any of the books myself and seeing as there is only a month until the new one comes out, i don't have time to catch up. I was thinking about face painting again, with possibly having a vampire bite, a pawprint, an apple, and something written to do with edward and jacob, but i don't know what to have it say. if anyone as any other suggestions for the face painting, or other suggestions of what we can do for the 2 hours before the book goes on sale to keep people entertained, please let me know, i need to get ideas together so i can pitch them to my manager.

As someone who hasn't read the books, either, I have no idea how to help her out here. Harry Potter was SO MUCH easier to plan a release for...

TQC, what would you recommend they do? A blood drive has already been vetoed because the manager is a douche bag.

Alternatively, Have you read the Twilight series? What did you think of it? What do you think about all the internet hype for the film?

Movies & Books

1) What's your favorite romance movie? or a good one in general?

I want to read 100 books this summer to beat last years amount of 51 books. So:

2) What's your favorite Book? or a good book in general? List several if you want....

(no subject)

My boyfriend sometimes answers the phone while pooping, and he thinks this is normal.

Do you pick up your phone while pooping? Or even make a call while pooping?

If you do, he wants to know: What do you do when it's time to flush? Do you flush even though they'll hear it, or wait to flush later, or flush and then dart out of the room, hoping that you are faster than the speed of sound?

(no subject)

I have a bunch of loose peacock feathers. They're clean and everything, and while they're very pretty, I feel bad just leaving them in my room to be some fancy looking feather duster.

Should I fashion some giant feather fan with them?
Something else?
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(no subject)

have you ever been walking at night and thought you saw an animal or person, but when you looked closer it wasn't there?
have you heard of the phrase "night shadows"? it explains this situation by saying that what you actually saw was the ghost/spirit of said animal/person. they don't have to happen at night. i don't know who told me this (probably my mom), but it was when i was a little kid.
i don't know anyone who has heard this phrase before. is there another word for it?

Hotel Questions

When you charge things to your hotel room, like for example a meal in the hotel restaurant, do the tips also get charged to the room?

(I've got a gift certificate to a hotel we're staying at and we can charge dinner to the room so it goes on the certificate, but do we tip separately for the meals?)
Clem & Joely

To musicians/composers...

Main question: When you start writing a song, where the hell do you start?

When do you think about key or melody, tone, the background sounds, etc? How do you go about taking it all?

I don't know where to start or how to go about whatever kind of song I might write. Am I looking at it too complexly? Should I just do it, take what comes, see how it goes? Brrbrrr.
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(no subject)

so guys, remember when i asked for you to help me name my kitten?

well the time has come for me to make a choice and that's whether to keep ONE of the two i've been having a test run with or give them both back because i already have 2 dogs and we plan on getting a 3rd one.

Collapse )

if i had the choice i would keep both... but my mom said ONE or NONE.

so what do you think?
orange? gray?
give both back since you want another dog?
and do you want one? i live in vegas, so seriously, if you want a free kitten XD;

(no subject)

Last night I dreamt that I was dating Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, i went on tour, then after the tour went on vacation with him and barack Obama was on the same vacation as us and served us chicken for a photo op.

What did you dream about?

(no subject)

I'm hungry.

So tell me:

1) Will you tell me any funny stories you can tell about food or cooking?

2) Will you post any photos of you with food?

3) What is your favourite comfort food when you feel ill?
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(no subject)

my skull has apparently decided that it doesn't like my brain anymore and is trying to push it out of my temples. this is extremely upsetting to the rest of my body because it seems to still like my brain.

what is something upsetting you right now?

eta: my gf had a bad night, so i wrote up 100 reasons i love her and emailed it to her this morning. she said she really loved it and it made her cry in the good way. it made me feel really good.

what's made you feel good today?

Group Dining

When you go out to eat with a group which method do you prefer?

1. Look at the total, figure out and add in a tip, and then divide the grand total by the number of people and everyone puts in the same amount.

2. Itemize your own drink/food and pay what you specifically owe.

I personally prefer number #1 and my friends generally do this. It bugs me when people do #2 because they're usually cheap fucks who "conveniently forget" to factor in tax and tip into what they owe.
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(no subject)

I'm spending my 21st birthday alone. So far I'm planning on going to Crumbs, then to see Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band at Terminal 5.

How can I make this more exciting? Perhaps I should stop worrying about it since it's 4 months away?

EDIT: If you've been to Crumbs what is your favorite cupcake?

I love the red velvet one, and the one with the chocolate chip cookie on top, and basically all the ones I've tried there.
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(no subject)

Lately I've been really obsessed with getting tan. I don't tan very easily, though, but by the end of the summer I'm usually a different color than my normal pallor.

1. How do I get TAN? Tips, please. *and no fake stuff!

2. What's your skin tone like?

3. Does the threat of sun damage every worry or scare you?
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(no subject)

How many of you here are vegetarian/vegan/all of the other non-meat eating categories?

For someone who's consumed meat their entire life, how hard would the transition be?

Do you have any tips for the transition?
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(no subject)

I begged a friend (who also happens to be my ex) to comment on one of my pictures. This is what he said:

My Dear Friend, You have truly grown since I first met you. Is this the girl that I talked to 'til three in the morning? You truly have become a beautiful woman.

This is how he is with everybody, and now his girlfriend is mad and ready to dump him.

Is this stupid?

How would you react if you were the girlfriend?

Edit: Yes, my begging him to comment on my picture was dumb. I felt really lame because I hadn't gotten any comments on them yet. Neither of us has an attraction to the other.

Edit 2: I am incredibly stupid. Now I see what she's mad about. Taken out of the situation it sounds really bad.
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(no subject)

When did you last masturbate?

Do you like pickled onions?

What is your idea of the perfect breakfast?

How much would I have to pay you for you to sleep with someone of the opposite sex?


I've been privy to some rather unusual dreams in my life. Not really my own, but the dreams of people I've known. Some are prophetic, some learn information they couldn't possibly have known in real life, and some seem to be haunted by particular people they know or used to know. One former friend I knew got a tattoo idea from a dream. I'm at a loss to explain them all, so dreams have become more interesting to me of late.

My question is, have you had any unusual dreams that turned out to come true, or been shown or learned something so interesting that you never forgot it? Any archetypal dreams? I'd like to hear any of your dreams that seem to have more substance than your average slumber episode.

(no subject)

Pretend you are very interested in a guy/girl named 'A'. 'A' has shown interest in you, and the two of you had been hanging out, on the way to becoming a couple. Out of nowhere, 'A' starts hanging out with a girl/guy named 'B'. 'B' likes 'A'. You can't stand 'B'. Everyone else seems to love 'B'.

1. Would you continue to work towards a relationship with A, or would you give up to save yourself the grief?

2. What are some things you have a strong opinion about?

3. What are some things that most people seem to care about, but you don't?
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just curious

I'm mostly interested in the United states, but people from areas all over the world are welcome to answer.

What is minimum wage in your area? What is your wage?

What is the average rent in your area? What is the average price of a house? What do you pay?

I live in the greater Pittsburgh area in Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh was recently voted "The Most Liveable City" so I was wondering what it's like in other places.

Minimum wage is $7.15, but I just got a job that pays $9.50 an hour.

I'd say the average monthly rent in this area is probably 500-600 for a one bedroom apartment, but I live in a shithole in a not-so-great town, so I only pay about $400 a month right now.
I think the average price of a house is about $100,000. My Mom and Dad paid about about $140,000 for their 3 story house with 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms when they bought it 8 years ago, and I think it's worth like $200,000 now. At least it would be if the economy were in better condition.
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(no subject)

I was thinking of making some popsicles with orange juice, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream. What ratios of these ingredients should I use to have a decent result? I've never made popsicles myself before and I don't want to waste. I was planning to use the blender to mix it all.

Edit: I just got the intense urge to eat strawberries, so I couldn't wait to start chopping. And since I got that far I decided to nix the vanilla ice cream and go with thin slices of strawberries lining the popsicle containers, followed with either straight orange juice, straight apple juice, or half and half of orange and apple juice. I'm excited to see how they turn out! Maybe I'll venture into using ice cream next time. Thanks!

(no subject)

I am getting *no* hours at my job.  It's nothing to do with me, my boss just seriously over-hired and only has so many hours to go around.  I love my job when i actually get to work, so I'm not going to quit.  I go back to school and my campus job starts up at the beginning of September, and I love that as well.  So, I can't really get a second job at this point - by the time I found one and got hired, it would be August and there would be two pay periods at most before I had to quit.

Know any good (legal) ways to earn some extra cash?  I'm moving in about a year and really really need to save up.
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(no subject)

I'm having a 4th of July party tomorrow.  What dessert should I make?  I was thinking cupcakes.  What are your favorite kind of cupcakes? 

Any other delicious food stuffs you'd like to reccommend?


I just got fired! :D

My boss found out I'm leaving for grad school, and I now find myself with a month and a half of extra time off than I was expecting.

So, with my new found freedom, I've decided to go on a vacation, for about a week, by myself, but I'm undecided where to go. Here's the deal:

- I'm a 22-year-old Canadian female
- I want to travel somewhere relatively safe as a solo traveler
- I don't drive, and would need somewhere with good public transit
- I'm leaning towards somewhere in Europe
- I'm most interested in going somewhere "cosmopolitan": I'd prefer to check out museums and castles rather than national parks
- I'm aiming to spend no more than about $2000 on this trip

So TQC, where do you suggest I travel to?

(no subject)

1. Does anyone know how to not remember your dreams? Google is failing me and only coming up with how to have lucid dreams =(.

2. What is your best friend's name? How tall are they?

3. How tall are you?!

(no subject)

Something very bad happened in my family earlier this week. My godmother showed up today only a couple of hours after my uncle left. She has been here for hours now. I'm pretty sure that I'm being babysat. I'm 29. How do I get her to leave so I can drink a beer?

How do you get someone to leave your house??
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(no subject)

Dear god, the news says traffic to Cape Cod (where I'm headed after work) is four hours backed up.

Should I suck it up and wait in traffic, or wait and leave around 6:30?

(no subject)

Hey TQC,

one of my partner's favorite games is the game in which i get handed my guitar and play songs.

i'm slowly but surely running out of ideas of songs to play, so i'm looking for your recommendations.  which songs should i learn?

i prefer folkier acoustic stuff, but am also good with other things that convert well.  don't worry too much about difficulty; i can play most things decently well.

thanks in advance!

(no subject)

What are some cute/romantic/random things have you done to surprise a loved one?

My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow, and I'm going to change the stop sign at the end of his street into a DON'T (STOP) BELIEVIN' sign. Since he leaves his car unlocked during work, I also like to leave him notes and random little presents on the seat to find later.
Miroku Turn


So a month ago my grandfather came to visit for graduation. He brought a whole bunch of of things left over after my grandmother passed away. Amongst these things was a big box of art supplies for me, because Grandma was an artist.

Her death was surrounded by a lot of crap and things happened so quickly that I still have a bit of a difficult time using things that belonged to her. Add that to the fact that I've been pretty busy in my life since then, and it was only a little while ago that I finally sat down with some of the art books he brought. Today, I opened up the box of supplies to try some things out and found that, with the exception of a few things, the containers of colored pencils and things were... Um, empty.

My grandfather doesn't seem to have much care for my grandmother's things or her memory, so it's possible he just grabbed things off the shelf that were hers and put them in the boxes. Should I say something to him about this, or leave it?

(no subject)

1. What are some songs you like to listen to when you're feeling down? Not neccesarily to make you feel better or happy but more to go along with your mood.

2. What about when you're missing someone?

(no subject)

1. Who knew that a single feather could provide hours of entertainment for a kitten?

2. I manage to flip off at least one fuck mook a day. How often do you find yourself flipping someone off?

3. My downstairs neighbor keeps blasting Pink Floyd. She has a drug habit and is also suicidal. I want to make a mix c.d for her. What should I put on it?

a milli ?s

1) In what context do you think the word 'menstrual' should be censored?

2) Do you think a million dollars is a lot of money?


3) What would be the first thing you did if you got a million dollars tomorrow?
anontang DA

(no subject)

Which sounds best?

it is illegal to solely teach creationism in public schools today.


it is illegal to teach solely creationism in public schools today.


it is illegal solely to teach creationism in public schools today.

Something better?

(no subject)

1) are you a latte liberal?


2) is the economy affecting your job search?

3)Do you care about presidential candidates stance on the pledge of allegiance?

4) How are you affected by the economy in general?
girls in white dresses

(no subject)

do you think there are more than 6500 whales in the world? i know that seems like a strange question, but i just don't know what a reasonable assumption for the population is.

do you ever post questions that were just deleted because you thought it was a good one?

(no subject)

If you were staying in someone else's home - your typical mixed bunch of twenty-something folk shared apartment where everyone's paying rent/expenses - for a reasonable amount of time (say over a week), would you do something to contribute; paying expenses, or really chipping in with the chores, or something along those lines?

If you would, would you just offer/start helping out, or would you wait to be asked?

If you wouldn't, would you be annoyed if you were asked to contribute?

How old are you?
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You are a magician working with a collection of other, lesser-known and lesser-talented magicians in an effort to become famous and get some money/hookers/blow/turn on each other and kill each other a brutal, but fabulously produced, manner. While out and about you get a letter from a rather wealthy individual that you and your comrades have been hired to perform for a party-- he is aware of your skills and is more than happy to compensate you in a manner that would make you entirely too wealthy.

You get there, and you start to perform, and you realize, quickly, that your partners are all essentially drunk. This is confirmed when, in the middle of the act, one of them shoots another several times with arrows. Arrows that are not the special trick arrows, but arrows that end to go through people and make a large bloody mess on the rich man's carpet. In the end, the event is a complete disaster. One of your associates was killed via arrows, and the other forgot to how make himself visible, and is trapped in a box.

Shamed by the complete and utter failure at everything that is your associates, you plead with another chance to show your talents to the man. He agrees, but sets the condition that if you fail, you will be thrown in his dungeon of sexually deviant things. Knowing this, do you:

1- Decide to work alone, since the other people are clearly incompetent, and will only work to get you anally violated/covered in gross sticky things/whatever else?
2- Hope for the best and try again with the ones who aren't dead?
3- Show him your true power summoning Dark Charizard, and demanding all of his money, house, and any attractive people he happens to have in the mansion?
4- Quit attempting to be a magician and sell sausages in a top hat and monocle?
5- Try again with your associates, but kill them all during the act (in a flashy and impressive manner) so you get all the money?
6- Kill yourself, because you are a hopeless failure as a magician and your dad was right about how much you suck at life?

(no subject)

TQC, my husband and I just bought a house this past Friday.
This is the first time I have ever lived in a house that I owned... where I don't have to answer to anybody, or be quiet, or be considerate of any other human beings in any way.
What sorts of things should I do to celebrate, now that I can do whatever the hell I want?
I'm already enjoying having my music and TV up ridiculously loud very late at night, and playing DDR now that I have nobody living below me to complain about the noise...
If you were in my situation, what sorts of things would you do with your new found freedom?

(no subject)

Do any of you have gravid uteri? (I wrote fetuses but I meant uteri)

Do you have puffy nipples?

Have you ever eaten milt?

What is a good thing to poison a person with?

Do you know where my icon is from?
im french

(no subject)

1. Oh sweet, I'm alone in my parents' house for a week and a half. What should I do, besides drink their booze and bask in their central air? I don't have enough friends around here for a party.

2. I have seasonal allergies that spike in the evening. Is there anything I can take that won't interfere with drinking said booze?

(no subject)

1. Have you ordered from Zenni Optical?
2. Which glasses did you get?
3. How much did you pay for them?
4. Would you recommend buying from them?

For everyone:
5. How do I know which shape of glasses will fit my face the best? I wear contacts 99% of the time, but want to invest in a new pair of glasses to give my eyes a break. The only pair I have is ridiculously old.
Halfway Smile

O-H ?s

1) Who can take some bread crumbs mix it up with soap; create a 20 rock to make the fiends think it's dope?

2a) When was the last time you feared for your life?
2b) Why?

(no subject)

If someone handed you a wedding dress that meant nothing to them anymore, what would you do with it (besides trying it on obviously)?

Have you ever experienced belly button pain? wtf is happening to me?
mister q

(no subject)

When you were in school, did they weigh you in your gym class? How did they go about it? Did the process vary from elementary school, to middle school, to high school?

In elementary school they announced our weight which always made me want to die. In middle school they weighed us in front of everyone but didn't announce our weight or anything. In high school they weighed all the girls in front of each other, and all the guys in front of each other, that also made me want to die as I was always the only girl who broke 140.
madeline lilly in drag

(no subject)

I'll be spending time with my extended family tomorrow. (It's a cookout - if free food weren't a factor, I'd probably skip.)

How can I make it easier on me?

(Keep in mind that I'll be driving, so massive amounts of alcohol are probably not an option. There will be a pool there.)

(no subject)

Who has been putting mini American flags all over hundreds of lawns in different neighborhoods in my county (MOCO)? Is it some organization?

Why did they get so many in my neighborhood, but miss my house? :(((

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