July 2nd, 2008

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1. What is a good website to look for a house or duplex to rent (in Ann Arbor, MI area)? All the websites I am finding act like they are for house/duplex rental and then just end up being a bunch of apartment complexes that I have seen over and over again on websites.

2. I love the smells of my dog and my bf. I know it has to do the emotions/feelings associated with their smells, but they are still my fav. in the world. What things do you love the smell of the most?

3. My dog chewed my bf's headset to his computer. My dog has never chewed wires before, so this was out of the blue. The dog is technically mine, but my bf and I call it ours and it pretty much is. The headset was $40 and he uses it to play Counter Strike on his computer. He said I didn't have to buy a new one when I offered. So should I buy a new one? I wouldn't hesitate to, except I am currently pretty poor and trying to find a job. Can I wait until I get a job and then give him the headset? Since he loves the game, and will probably want a new one right away ... can I just give him the money for it when I get a job?
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Okay TQC. I have to teach the daycare bbs tomorrow about the ocean. I would love to do a food-related craft-y thing and a non-food craft. Do you know of anything fun I can use to talk to kids about the ocean and have fun at the same time? I would do the blue jello and gummi fish thing, but I have no way to make Jello at work, and they eat goldfish crackers so often for snack that it wouldn't be too special.


I had two pairs of awesome headphones that I broke (skullcandy and these other sweet ones that came with my brother's bass guitar.) Today, my JVC green earbuds randomly started having one sound in only one ear. This is how I've broke all THREE now of my headphones (they all only have sound in one ear) and now I'm sad and frustrated....Is there any way I will ever be able to fix them or are they all broken forever?

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1. What recent accomplishment are you proud of?

2. Have you ever worried yourself sick? When? Why?

3. Are you able to eat early in the morning without feeling like you have to throw up?
(I feel this way. Not sure why this happens to me.)
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Tattoo snobs - and everyone else, I guess - how angry does it make you to see someone with part of a large, intricate back piece (obviously being done in stages) who tans.... heavily? This is not a spray tan, either.

I was supposed to go over to a friend's house tonight, and when I called to cancel she said, "Yeah, that's fine, I was sitting here thinking, 'I hope she doesn't come over.'" Who says that???? Is this worth bringing up next time I see her, not to harrass her, but to let her know my feelings were hurt?

What did you think of 10,000 BC? I'm about to watch it.
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ever been attracted to someone who is not really great looking, but becomes more and more attractive when they open their mouth?

ever felt physical attraction/chemistry with someone and felt it melt away when the person began to express themselves?

would you bone someone that you're attracted to but don't respect or is dumb/ignorant/annoying ??

are you a boy or a girl?

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do you know of any college aged guys that actually want sex like 2-4 times a day? and i mean consistently, not just for a few days in a row. my boyfriend told me i want sex more often than most guys my age, and now i'm worried i'll never find someone who can keep up with me. : (

also, for anyone who's taking summer classes, what's it it? mine's algebra 1 and it's 4 hours a day, two days a week. i have THREE HUNDRED problems assigned tonight that are due THURSDAY. it's gonna take me like 3-4 hours to finish it all, ugh.


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I'll be turning 21 on August 15th, and I'm looking for a good bar to go to for the celebration. I live in New York City, so there's no shortage of good bars, but I'd like to find a bar that's particularly good for celebrating a 21st birthday, mainly in terms of free/cheap birthday drinks. I know bars in other parts of the country that treat you to a free night on your 21st, but somehow I don't know of any in NYC.

Any suggestions?
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Last night, about a quarter after eleven, the storm siren near my house went off.

It wasn't even raining. After about five minutes, it turned off.

Why did it go off?
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You would think since I just got back from Spain I would know this, but I don't. My boyfriend bought me a shirt as a welcome home gift. It has an arcade machine on it and says "A toda maquina". I know that literally translates as "to every machine", but that makes no sense to me. Google says "Full speed ahead" but with an arcade machine? 

Can anyone translate this for me, or do you know what my shirt means? I can't find a big enough picture to show you (sorry)

Cross-posted:  aprende_espanol</div> howdoyousay
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I'm supposed to make a pic post theme every Wednesday in one community that I mod, and I am totally blocked for ideas today.

The only ones I can think of are really lame-sounding:
1. something with writing on it
2. a picture of part of something and we have to guess what it is
3. whatever-the-fuck you want
4. something outdoors
5. MS Paint drawings

What do you think of those?


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My brother in law is a wife beating, spoiled, self centered, childish asshole and I am highly uncomfortable around him. My kids do not like him either. My husband knows this. My daughter starts crying whenever my husband tries to get her on the phone with her uncle and when we lived close by, she would hide and shake whenever she saw him. This was due to an incident involving me asking my brother in law a simple question and him screaming threats in my face while I was holding my one year old and my three year old standing close by.

Again, my husband knows all this and yet when my brother in law invited himself over from 3000 miles away, he told him it was okay. Without discussing it with me first.

To keep me from going insane, what can I do with myself and the kids this weekend while my brother in law is here so I don't have to be around him? Please keep in mind I don't drive. (heart condition not letting me get my license)

(p.s. despite me wanting serious answers, I'd love a few non serious ones as well. I need a laugh.)  
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My  'lover' and I have been together since January, and have an undefined, open, long-distance relationship (we are 1500km apart). I call him my boyfriend at times, because it's easy. I don't like that term because it implies more committment then there currently could be. We've said our 'I love you's' quite some time ago, and write/talk almost every day- we both hate phones so we use emails, chats, and our psychic love connection (bow chica) to keep each other interested. We get together every couple of months, he's met my parents (first time EVER anyone I've dated has met family...), I've never met his- but may go to his mom's funeral this week :(.

So my question is, and something we've struggled with, is what could we call 'us'? 

(I like 'lovefriend' but then I need to explain it...)
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Mc Mac Meic

We handle a lot of last names here at work.

The correct format for the last names beginning with Mc, Mac or Meic: Does it include a space?

For example, MC CONNELL. Or is it MCCONNELL?

It all has to be uppercase for our system.

How would you input that if you were doing data entry?

EDIT: I just found out that we CAN put McC or McK or MacK or whatever. It doesn't all have to be uppercase. So, yay. Now we just have to do it. =-\
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Vagina Teeth

So I watched this horror movie last night called Teeth. It was about a girl who had teeth in her vagina. You know, her honey pot. Anyways, it was like driving by an accident. I couldn't stop watching. It was terrible.

1. Have any of you seen the movie Teeth? If so, what did you think about it?

2. What is the worst horror movie you have ever seen?

3. I'm going to the beach today in my new convertible, what should I bring?
Yes I'm bragging:)

Edit. Some more TEETH!
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Arrgh. I'm trying to install Sims2 Deluxe on this desktop since my laptop is a piece of overheating shit and I can't find the case to get the installation code. I registered with EA as soon as I'd installed it the first time, but I can't find any way to get my code from them so I can install it on this computer.

Is there anyway to get another installation code if I can't find the case?
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Here comes 30

Dear TQC, I am approaching my 30th birthday. I am wondering if now is the time to start all those "anti-aging" things and if so, what I should do. What would you do, TQC (or what do you do, 30+ TQC members)? Currently, I only wash my face with face stuff, I don't even use moisturizers. I am told I pass for much younger than I really am, and I'd like to keep it that way!

Share the secrets of your youthful appearance with me?
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What's the best/most clever/funniest way of telling a loved one that you're pregnant? (Either something you can think up, or something you've heard of/witnessed before)
Haruhi disappearance
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1) How intense are your emotions? Which ones are the most intense? Does it ever cause any problems for you?

2) When was the last time you considered your emotions to be too great for a certain situation? What did you do to stop it?

3) Have you done anything productive today? What?

4) Cookies or brownies?

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 Oh lovelies...

My mother killed my guinea pig while I was at work yesterday.
She left him outside ALL day and basically cooked him.
I am very sad, and am in need of comforting.

Will you show my something, ANYTHING, that cheers you up?
What does your pet look like?  Pictures?
Have you ever done something nice for someone and then regret it?

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Sorry members if my age is showing.  I almost always have the inside track on things young and old.  I keep up with the styles and wit of the times but, I'm afarid I have no one to adress this question to and knew I would get a good cross section of anwers in here.

Often, on female contacts that I have that have my space pages, I have noticed a lot of pictures in which there may be one or, two girls making a V sign with their fingers and almost always sticking their tongue out.  Is a this an inside reference to lesbionism or, am I on the wromg track.  What does it signify?
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So, TQC....

I am hungover and falling asleep. Unfortunately, my desk is in such a place that I'm viewable from my entire office, so falling asleep here is not an option (they can see me posting this, too-- must be quick!)


When was the last time you were hungover at work?
Was it worth it? yes!

Should I nap in our quiet room now or later? Its happening at some point today, but I want to do it later so I can wake up and not have a lot more office work to do. But I'm seriously nodding off right now so maybe I should suck it up and sleep. What do I do?

So who else is bored at a desk right now?
What is your job? I'm an intern... the definition of boring
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If you could travel anywhere in the U.S., where would you go?

I have $4,000 to $5,000 to spend on a trip next summer. I was planning a Mediterranean cruise, but air fares to Europe (plus the instability of the airlines) are making me nervous. I think I can get much more out of my money if I travel within the U.S. for the time being.

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TQC, why do I keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking we're having baby earthquakes?

What's really waking me up?

Does this mean we're going to have a SUPER HUGE SCARY earthquake? Is my new apartment haunted? D:

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I'm turning 21 in 6 days. Everyone seems to think I should go out and get shit faced but it's really not on my agenda, especially because it's a Tuesday and I have to work the next day. I'd much prefer a quiet evening with my boyfriend.

Am I a total loser for not wanting to drink myself into oblivion?
What did you do on your 21st birthday?
I &lt;3 TLV

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I had made plans to go see Wall-E with a friend I haven't seen since high school - we were both looking forward to seeing each other again and catching up. But then he suddenly had to cancel because his girlfriend doesn't like the idea of him seeing a movie alone with a girl. WTF? Not only am I married now, my friend and I were never more than friends and never had any romantic interest in each other, and we used to go out to movies together all the time.

Have you ever had a crazy possessive SO like that? Have you ever been the crazy SO? How can I politely tell him that his girlfriend sucks?

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1.) Do you think it sounds pretentious when people talk about how they never watch TV?

2.) What is the longest you've went without watching TV (because you made the choice, not because you didn't have access to one)?
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I just passed my probation at work and qualify for my first vacation. We get one week(5 days) every 3 months, so it has to be taken between August and October. When should I take it?


- I want to book it directly after a long weekend (which we get paid for anyway, to milk the extra day and return Tues. instead of Monday.) And there's a long weekend August, September, and October (lucky us!)

- I want to work on my house and travel to NYC during the time off.

So do I take it right after Civic Holiday (first weekend of August) right after Labour Day (first weekend of September) or right after Thanksgiving (third weekend in October)???

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Damn the rain! DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN the rain.
Well fuck me freddy, I guess I will NOT be going to the beach today because we are having a thunderstorm:(
*insert pissed off face here*

1. So instead of going to the beach I'm going to take care of some of my house plants. This is my question. I have a leigh tree. I have had it 10 years and it is only 2 feet tall. They grow really slow and they are very picky about...well, everything. Do any of you have some advice regarding re-potting trees?

2. If not, what is the worst thing that has happened to you lately? It rained the first day I got my convertible. DAMN DAMN DAMN!
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What lj communities or other online forums have you been banned from? Or, if you havent been b& anywhere, what warnings have you received?

I was banned from commenting on whatIworetoday2 because I implied that a chick's bf was ugly (he fucking was) and I've been B& from televisionwithoutpity also.

I've also been banned in group trolling efforts from nouglybabies and other random comms.


what is your greatest accomplishment?

what is the worst thing you have been through?

would you rather find a gun or a vial of cocaine in your teenage child's room?

have you ever used "poppers"? what was it like?

anyone have any idea where my icon is from?
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Laptop advice

I am looking into getting a new laptop in the next six months or so. I would like a price range from $600-$1200. Basically it will be used for livejournal, itunes, pictures, etc. The basic stuff. Right now we share a Sony Vaio that is probably 6 years old and not exactly suiting our needs anymore. This new laptop will be just mine. What kind would you suggest? What kind of laptop do you have? 

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If you could quit your job without financial difficulty, would you? (If you're a f/t student, would you quit school?)

If you could say anything to your boss/professors, good or bad, without fear of repercussions of any kind, what would you say?
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At about four this morning, after being pretty sound asleep for a good three hours, I sit completely upright in bed and just start heaving until I throw up what little I had in my stomach. I was completely fine in the hours leading up to this, and immediately after.


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 So, I just went to walk on to the porch not seeing the screen door between me and my destination and fully just walked right into it and knocked it of its track before I realized what the fuck happened =P

TQC, what was your last 'space cadet' moment?
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Please don't hate me for asking this, I have been here for a couple months now and I still have no clue

Who/what is *daha*?! All I have gathered is that it is someone/thing creepy

And a completely unrelated question for those who do not wish to answer the first:

I used to work in a coffee shop where I would drink at least 2 coffees and 6 espresso drinks per day. The caffeine very rarely affected me, and if it did it was a minimal "pick me up."

For the past month or so, every time I drink something with caffeine in it I get SUPER jittery, and in some cases it has led to full blown panic attacks. WTF? Why is my body suddenly reacting this way? How can I reverse it?
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If Mamma Mia was the worst Broadway show ever, why did they make it into a movie?

Which will be better - the musical or the movie?

If Mamma Mia wasn't the worst Broadway show ever, what was?

Did/do you like ABBA?d
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digital camera question

Guys, I really need to get a new digital camera. One of these days I'm going to suck it up and get a DSLR but for now I'm just looking for a really awesome point and shoot (I know, they don't really go together, but use your imagination).

So far, the ones I'm looking at are the Nikon Coolpix s600, Canon Powershot SD770, Canon Powershot SD950 and Canon Powershot 890.

So, that's kind of my range. Anyone have any experience with any of these? Any insights? Based on what I'm looking at, would you recommend something totally different because all of these suck?

Thank you all SO much for the quick answers! I went for the 950!

Odd Bodies

Have you ever had a medical anomaly? Something that made the doctor say "well that's odd", "I've never seen that before", or a phrase along those lines?

If so, what was it?

If not, what's the weirdest medical anomaly you've heard of?

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Buying First Home

By next year I hope to be searching for my first home. I've seen the ads on TV about buying foreclosed houses through the government. Does anyone have any experience doing this? What are the up and down sides to buying one of these? Anything I should know?

Lighting and Dinner

There is a WICKED thunderstorm going on where I live. Should I go out with a metal pole and try to catch a lighting bolt?

Whats the best way to catch a lighting bolt?

Who's making me dinner? What is it? I will bring baby animals and champagne.

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 Ok there is a show on vh1 called the I love the new millennium and I was watching the year 2006 and while I was watching it there was backround music and it was only for a short time but I reaaalllyy want to know who sings it. They weren't talking about it. It was just backround music. So if anyone knows what Im talking about what IS the name of that song?
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Since this morning, I haven't been able to open my mouth more than a certain extent without my jaw feeling dislodged. This is only on the right side. If I want to open it any more, I have to pop it. How can I make this go away?

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Has anyone ever heard of/tried Tommy Bahama Mojito mix?

I work in a liquor store, and I was just looking through the premixed/mix section of the booze catalogues, and I came across Tommy Bahama Mojito Mix, and the bottle cost is only .25. Twenty Five Cents. For a 750 of mix. Maybe its a new product, and this is a cheepass price to try and get us to order their stupid expensive rum. But wtf?? I am tempted to order it because it is only _$3.00_ a case.

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What do you think the dollar value is of all the merchandise on display in a department store?

Well I meant, like, if you were to add up every single object on sale in your average Macy's or whatnot how much would it be. Or, like, if you sold every single item all at once.

Deluxe Paint II Enhanced Question

For the graphics folks, I have a question about Deluxe Paint II Enhanced...

How in the world do you draw circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles that aren't filled in? I know that you can create solid spheres, squares, polygons, etc, but I just want the outlines of the shapes. Anyone know?
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 If you go all the way across town to get a delicious marble rye for your friends dinner party and they don't serve it,

is it wrong for you to take it back home?

ETA: (umm...ok shit, i should have asked the first question beforehand)

how should i sneak it back into their home so they won't realize i took it?

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So many many years ago, when WWE was WWF, there was one of the WrestleManias when macho man gets married to elizabeth, and they do this montage of pictures and stuff and they have this song in the background.  Part of the song was
I never knew that love could feel this way
One thing I want you to know
I hoped and prayed that your love would be mine one day
I'll never let you go

The rest of the lyrics are here: http://perfect-princess.tripod.com/id19.html

Anyone know where I can find the audio of this song, or who sings it? I did a google search and I get 2 websites which aren't very helpful.


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Will you interpret my dream for me?
(both serious and non-serious answers appreciated)

Last night I had a dream that involved tons and tons of snakes. I don't really remember what happened, but I was in a college english class and we all got snakes for some reason. I just put mine away in a box in my dorm closet, not thinking much about it. We went on a "field trip" somewhere that involved water and people brought their snakes and they were all over the pool and i started freaking out trying not to step on them or disturb them in any way. Then, I found out that snakes have a baby snake every day, which made me worry about the snake i put in my closet. To further investigate this in my dream, I had to climb like 12 flights of stairs to a pool at the top where there were more people and more snakes. I was relieved to find out that the snake will eat the baby snake if it can't escape. Then it started raining and I went to the mall which turned into my dorm and ran to the basement to play pool...

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what should i do about my hand? i have bad joint problems and it hurts right now. but only when it's at rest, or the fingers are in some positions. i tried cracking the joint and it's not helping. ouch.
what are your suggestions?
srs and non srs

Movies on your computer.

Sup, guys.

Are there any websites that allow you to watch movies online, that are currently in theatres? I live on an island, it's hard to go to a movie theater nowadays and it really sucks. I really want to watch Wanted and Hancock, but I don't want to wait forever while they come out on DVD.

PS: I'm not looking to do this illegally via torrent or one of those "stream movies and shows for free" websites, I'm looking for something that's probably pay-to-subscribe with movies of great quality, not some shitty home-camera filming in the movie theater. ;P

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1) Do you take a plate home from places where food is served? [such as a funeral, a party,etc]


2)where do you live?


3)tell me about other people's academic problems.

Half my class didn't turn in their paper.

eta: do you have a finite amount of energy?
I so do. even just writing a paper and being in class all day has given me tiredness.

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What is the worst experience you've had in a Starbucks coffee shop?

If you've never been to a Starbucks, what's the worst experience you've had in any coffee shop?

If you've never been to any coffee shop, what's wrong with you?

(no subject)

What is up with people who just babble on the phone for hours on end about absolutely nothing at all?

My new flatmate does it and it's really alien to me. I went out and asked when she would be getting off the phone and she goes, "Oh, I can get off anytime!" so I said cool, I need to call my old man. In a reasonably serious voice, not a dismissive whatever sort of voice. She proceeded to talk for five more minutes! Then is like, "Oh, speaking of which..." and takes another few minutes to say goodbye because they had to get through all this cutesy shit.

Seriously? I mean I'm not rude on the phone or anything but I say what I need to say and then it's just, "Cool, later," and hang up. No one else I've ever lived with has done it, with the exception of a SAFA and we all know they're weird anyway.

Do other people over the age of 20 do this? Am I missing out on something with my utilitarian conversations? Or is it just cuz she's still a teenager?

Listography Help

Hey! I just joined this community, so I hope these types of questions are allowed. I've been working on my listography all day today, but for some reason I can't change the little icon in the top left-hand corner of the page. Is there something specific you have to do other than just upload an image? I am so frustrated with this right now, so I was hoping someone at this community can help me and anyone else who has been having this problem? I would greatly appreciate the help! ♥

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The rain stopped and I took my puppy for a long walk. Someone asked me if I was pregnant!
I'm not fat, I'm not even chubby! I have a rack, but why would someone ask me if I'm pregnant?

1. Has anyone ever asked you a question that made you think *what the fuck*? If so, what was it?

2. Are you a cheeky monkey?
Jason the Ninja

(no subject)

What's the worst thing you've ever eaten?

My roommate and I made Luthor Burgers: ground beef patty, melted cheese, grilled onions, a fried egg, five strips of bacon, and instead of a bun, you put it on a Krispy Kreme donut. It was so fatty and disgusting it put me in a fourteen hour food coma. But it was also delicious as fuck. I'd eat one every month, if it weren't so likely to result in...death.
Eiffel Tower

Flickr Question

Okay, so on Flickr you have the option of clicking on a photo and selecting "blog this."  Mine is connected to my livejournal and it looks all pretty and organized when I do it that way.  So...

My question is:  How can you use flickr as a host to post more than one photo on livejournal?  I have looked around and cannot figure it out.  On photobucket it is really easy because the links are right under the photos.  Maybe I am really dumb or flickr doesn't do this.  Please help me!
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What do you think about giving kids pacifiers?

I never really thought about it until my mom went off the deep end because of some 3 year old with a binky in her mouth. I mean, is it really that bad? What happens if you never take the pacifiers away?
-[vintage] three

(no subject)

Out of curiosity, do you know who Alfred Hitchcock is was?

Please answer yes or no, and your age if you don't mind. It's for my very scientific data collection. No peeking in comments for the answer!

edit: It appears the internet knows! Thank you for restoring my faith. I've recently run into a handful of 19-20 year olds in a FILM class who didn't know.

(no subject)

My lower back hurts, I'm pretty sure it had to do with lifting something heavy the wrong way...about a week ago.  I don't know why didn't hurt then?  (I'm a big baby and I hate pain)

Anyways, what can I do to make the pain go away?
Should I sleep on the floor or something?


Will you post something that you think is awesome?
Pictures, videos, poems, whatever floats your boat.

In honor of our dear friend beeer I will place my image in comments.

(no subject)

let's say you're fat, skinny, a little inbetween - whatever it may be - if you aren't attracted to people with the same body type as you, do you feel bad? has this happened to you before? what did you do about it?

(no subject)

Which countries do you think have the highest population of gay people?

Inspired by a tv show I watched earlier, if you were married and found out your SO was never really attracted to whichever sex/gender you are, how would you feel? Would you remain married to them even though they didn't want to hump you? Please explain your answer, thx.
Kill Bill - Elle
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Which is worse, a pompous ass or an illiterate jerk?

I'm going to ride my bike to the gym tomorrow; this constitutes a bit of cardio so I was wondering: what exercises do you recommend I do at the gym? (I typically do 30 min cardio, 30 min strength training, but this is a 2 mile round trip bike ride which is ~15 minutes)

(no subject)

My husband just complained that I'm not romantic and that he wants to see a little more from me.  He's going to stop being romantic until he sees something from me.  I've told him a few times that romance makes me uncomfortable but I guess he doesn't understand.  I'm at a loss.

Are you romantic?

What kinds of things do you consider romatnic?

Rectum? I just about killed 'em!

Poll #1216911 Bend over

For whatever reason, you've been advised to see a proctologist. You're in the waiting room. What emotion are you filled with?

Annoyance that you had to take time off work for this
Indifference. It won't be the first time a hand's gone up there

What type of proctologist would you prefer to have?

Old, seasoned male doctor, who looks sort of like a gentle grandfather type
Older woman. Professional looking, experienced and kind
Hot, hunky male doctor
Sexy, attractive female doctor
Middle-aged, business only, tell-it-like-it-is East Indian doctor. Either sex
30ish, male. Sense of humor and a ventriliquist. At some point, he makes your ass talk

Absolute worst thing you could hear he/she say just as you've gotten your rectum poked?

"Niiiiiiice pooper. Verrrrry nice pooper."
"Dear God, what the fuck is that???"
"NURSE! Some baby wipes and a roll of toilet paper STAT! I got a filthy one!"
No spoken words, but you're suddenly aware that the doctor's hands are on both your shoulders. Wait, then what's poking me...
"This may be embarrassing for you, but it shouldn't be. In fact, I know how to make you feel less weird about being half naked. I'll drop my pants!"
"Let's make this quick before the doctor finds out I borrow his robe. I still gotta finish mopping the floor"
"Either something crawled up your ass and died or that's the biggest polyp I've ever seen!"
"Ok. I'm done. Now, it's your turn. Do me!" *drops pants*
"Do you remember me? We went to high school together! I'm going to tell all my friends I checked you for polyps. Didn't you use to have a crush on my best friend? He'l/she'lll laugh about this one"
"Don't be alarmed, but I'm blind in one eye, and as a result, I have lousy depth perception"
just a bill
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What, if anything, do you bring with you into the bathroom if you know you're going to be in there for a while?

Is it "in the can" or "on the can"?

What's your favourite Schoolhouse Rock song?

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1. Tomorrow unfortunately I'm scheduled to do a double shift, going from job A to job B. Any recommendations on what energy drinks/voodoo I can use to stay awake and functioning?

2. Can you name some of your favorite stand-up comedians for me? What about your favorite albums/compilations by them?
hannibal skull

Bad lays

If two people are equally shockingly bad in bed, does one say to the other "Was that as bad for you as it was for me"?

How do you know if you are shockingly bad in bed?
regina [lupinskitty]

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TQC, have you ever gotten rejected from a job for being overqualified?

Do you think being overqualified matters if someone would be happy doing the job?

Want to tell me your job hunting tips and tricks? Please? I am having troubles. :(

(I am mostly applying for teaching jobs and college admissions jobs. Apparently I am underqualified for the former and overqualified for the latter.)
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Have you met people you've known on LJ first and been completely surprised by what they're like in real life?

I just met two people from LJ and in real life they don't correlate at all with their journals. it was interesting.

(no subject)

What are some good, high quality (i.e. non-American) chocolate syrup and/or chocolate powder brands?

I want to make superior chocolate milk, and this can't be done without either buying chocolate powder/syrup or making the powder from scratch (and then into syrup if you wish).

EDIT: Can you buy white chocolate powder/syrup? I'd love that. What about other alternative chocolate mixes?


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If you could have a dinner party with any four 20th century world leaders, and they would behave themselves and not talk about politics or religion - who would you choose?

Stalin, Hitler, Tsar Nicholas II, Che.
Jay &amp; Silent Bob

Random questions...and LotR/HP questions. x3

Random, random:
1. Fold your hands. Which thumb is on top of the other?
2. Popcorn or carrot cake?
3. Books or movies?
4. Midnight premieres?
5. What does your LJ username mean?
6. What's your userpic from?

Lots of "Why" questions...

And to fans of LotR and HP:
HP1. Favorite book? Why?
HP2. Your opinion, T/F: some of the magic and joy of the HP movies was lost with John Williams as composer.
HP3. Is there a character you love in the books but hate in the movies?
HP4. A character you love in the movies but hate in the books?
HP5. HP video games? Yay or nay? (If yay, which one(s) do you like?)
HP6. Did any of the books make you cry? If yes, when/where/why?
HP7. Which house do you honestly believe you "should" be in?
HP8. Favorite "antagonist" character?

LotR1. Favorite book? Why?
LotR2. Favorite character(s)?
LotR3. If you lived in Middle-earth, where would you want to live? Why?
LotR4. The previous question having no impact, what race would you want to be? Why?
LotR5. LotR video games? Yay or nay? (If yay, which one(s) do you like?)
LotR6. Favorite "antagonist" character?

HP vs LotR: What's your overall favorite? Why?

(no subject)

Should I cut my Brillo® hair all off or stick a weave in it to let some more healthy hair grow in? I have some weave hair laying around, but it's hot out, buttt I don't have enough healthy hair grown in.

Who do you think is most successful at sexually harassing women on the street: Spanish, French, or Italian assholes?

Does that fucking ice cream truck really think he's going to be selling shit at 11 o'clock at night? I could really do without the fucking music right now.