July 1st, 2008

Cute Bow-tie Michael

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What do you call a pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers?

This is not a set up for a bad joke or anything, I work at a pizza place, and I hear so many different names for this.

ETA: You people are so unhelpful! But in an endearing way?
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Your Opinion

I posted this earlier during the daytime, but wanted to post it again for the nighttime crew. Plus I've added a book.

Have you ever read "An Unquiet Mind" or "A Fire Inside"? How did you feel about it? What was it about? Was it interesting or boring?

What brand of toilet paper lasts the longest? I don't care about feel. Just that it's 2-ply and double roll.

Thanks for your patience on the nighttime post. :)

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I know you hate the gift questions...but Google isn't helping

My sister's baby shower is next week (first baby ahhhI'msoexcited) I want to get her some kind of fabulous baby gift. It can be funny, or it can be sentimental but it has to serve some sort of purpose as she hates anything that she can't use . What should I get? Do you have any websites or suggestions? If you've already had a baby/baby shower what was the coolest gift you got?

or if you don't care:

Can you think of any kind of way to make a fun lesson out of homonyms?! The girl that I tutor just cannot seem to grasp them and she's starting to get bored with doing sentences and definitions. Did you have any really fun lessons in your English classes?
A Lady's Space


So, TQC, it is my birthday today.

So far I've gotten:
$40 to LUSH
A handmade felt Toki Wartooth
A wolf poster for my office
My boyfriend's assistance in cleaning my office

What did you get on your birthday?
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1. How much money (bills/coins, not credit cards or anything) is in your wallet right now? $12.47

2. Happen to know what your parents would have named you if you were the opposite sex? 'Aerin', apparently. My parents like spelling their children's names weird.

3. I have a light gray sweatshirt which, somehow, got these large splotches of oil all over the front. I've washed it a couple times, but the splotchiness definitely has not diminished. Do you think I could get them out with Zout or something or am I just fucked?

Pulp y/n?

What is TQC's opinion on pulp in orange juice? I personally dislike it but I can tolerate it for the delicious sake of OJ. My boyfriend must have it. So, I must ask, pulp: none, some, alot?

(no subject)

Whats the last small thing that made you happy? I'm up late for once, actually up, rather than lounging around my bed in the hope of sleep,its pretty nice. 

What things do you love? Quotes, movies,

What are you looking forward to most?

I have the cold and my nose is all stuffy, what do you suggest I do to relieve it? Non serious answers welcome
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In honor of me being, ah... less than sober... will you tell me some of your funniest drunk/tipsy/less-than-sober stories?

(They don't even have to have you in them, just what you've witnessed or heard from friends works)
Nat W / Smile

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Ok TQC, I need your help. I just rescued a dog that was running down my street at 3am. He's pretty dirty, so should I give him a bath? I don't know if he has any skin condition or anything, so I'm hesitant. His tags list the getmehome.com site and his ID #. I have the owners information, so should I call the owner now or in the morning?

EDIT: Thanks for reaffirming what I originally thought to do. I called the owner, she's in a town 40 miles away and her boyfriend is to be taking care of him, so she's going to try to wake him up and get him to come get the dog.

The Hulk

So who was the hotter Betty Ross...Jennifer Connelly or Liv Tyler?

I vote Jennifer.  But really she would get my vote in pretty much any hotness competition.
I like birds.

(no subject)

What are some things that irritate you but, to the best of your knowledge, do not irritate most people?

(Mine: car air conditioning blowing directly on me; the smell of freshly washed dishes)


I can never get a straight answer about this without being asked to demonstrate and then having all of my male friends glare at my boobs.

So, TQC, is it normal to be able to make you elbows touch behind your back?
Can you?
Give a dog a home

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What is your favorite breakfast food from a fast food restaurant? Sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddle. Unf.

Would you like to come over for beef stroganoff tonight? It's really good.

I am thinking about getting an inflatable boat or kayak. Apparently, they are very very strong. Do you think Bella would puncture one? Should I get her a lifejacket?

(no subject)

Can someone explain the difference between the two recent Hulk movies (like, why the new one is supposed to be way better than the old one)? I have never paid any attention to either except for watching trailers and they appear to be EXACTLY IDENTICAL.

Did I get the shits from stress or from the mayo sauce from the halal vendor guy?

(no subject)

1) anything you want to share with the class?

don't jumprope without a bra, ladies.

2) any small disappointments?

only got to 60, can usually jump 100.

3)Does anyone here hula hoop for exercise?

Cellphone commercial actor?

You know the Cingular/AT&T commercial that's showing in the US right now, where the guy is talking about what a horrible person he is for having the wrong cellphone carrier while his family is on vacation in France, thereby dooming them to the crappy hotel room with the dog that wipes its ass on the carpet?

I know that guy's an actor I've seen in at least one other thing that made an enormous impression on me, and I have googled extensively with absolutely no luck trying to remember his name and/or other credits. Does anyone remember who he is?

Matt Champagne! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0150623/

He was in the Specials. So, if you've seen both the Specials and Mystery Men, which do you prefer? I've only seen the Specials but I lurve it.
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Sickies at Parties

Say that you are hosting a large party where family and friends are invited. In attendance at your party you have many family members - one of whom is an infant under 6 months, the other of whom is a man in his 50's with a disease that requires him to be on immune-suppressent drugs (and thus have a compromised immune system).

Then at your party shows up a neighbor who is getting over a case of the measles but is technically just passed the period of contagion. This person has also recently been exposed to shingles.

As the host, what do you do? Do you ask the neighbor to leave and explain the health issues of your family members? Do you sequester the family members in another room and serve them different food that the neighbor has not been near? Do nothing? Upon realizing that there were infants and elderly with compromised immune systems there, do you think the neighbor should have gracefully bowed out?

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How would you rank the following 10 cities in America in terms of which ones you would most like to spend a week or weekend in doing whatever you want and which ones you would least want to spend a week or weekend in?

Chicago, Illinois
Honolulu, Hawaii
Houston, Texas
Las Vegas, Nevada
Los Angeles, California
Miami, Florida
Nashville, Tennessee
New York, New York
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Portland, Oregon

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I suspect that I may have endometriosis.

Ladies, do any of YOU have endometriosis? If so:
What were your symptoms?
How did you get diagnosed?
How was/is it treated?

If this doesn't apply to you:
Can you explain why firefox does not recognize "endometriosis" as a word? Am I spelling it wrong?

Let's see some action

Howdy, TQC. So, I have this longstanding My Space "fan" that just moved to my part of the world, and he asked me if I was going to a show on Saturday- a band that is listed in my top "friends", because he :( has no friends in the area yet, blah blah. The dude is perfectly nice and everything. However I don't know if he knows my uncle is the frontman of this band. If he does know, I don't know if he expects some sort of hot rock n' roll parties (which probably won't happen, knowing my uncle at this point). Also, I don't know if he knows I'm married.

So, TQC, how do I word my reply to him to say, sure, I'll meet up with you...but word it in a way that allows me to discern his intentions without coming off as pompous or rude?

And I know someone will probably make fun of me and/or link to my MySpace so you all can laugh at me about that again, but that's why I love you, TQC.


I want to get healthy, take some weight off, and basically make the picture of myself in my head, match the one in the mirror.

What is the best diet/exercise plan you have ever been on?

Edit: Thank you to everyone who gave input. I'm gonna start researching so on my way home I can buy some good groceries! (And double thank you for not just saying "eat less you fat cow.")
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Hey TQC. I have fluffy croissants. They're plain, and I want to dress them up. I have green apples, butter, and various other foodstuffs. What are your favorite things to put in croissants?

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hey TQC.. a two parter.

1) i'm in a long distance (4 hour drive) relationship with my boy. we drive out and see each other every other weekend or so. we've been together over a year. we both work, so just moving in isn't really an option until january, when we hit one year at our respective jobs and one of us could quit and move. we'll see when we get to january. those of you who have been in an LDR that you are very serious about, how do you cope? what do you do when you get lonely? how do you make the weekends exciting?

2) we'll be seeing each other for the 4th; thurs night - sun night (or maybe monday morning). i'm in the boston area, he's in the albany ny area. what are some good fun things to do? i was thinking.. the cape and get a bed & breakfast. or a NYC trip for a day or two. or something in the adirondacks or vermont? any fun suggestions? cheaper is better but i'm willing to spend a little bit. we love the outdoors, hiking, swimming, etc. he isn't fond of expensive restaurants/eating out/shopping much.

thanks tqc <3
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Going Green

I just joined my company's new Green Initiative to try to be more environmentally friendly. However, the other people in the team are either extremely contrary or don't really understand the concept completely.

1. What do you think the typical American office could do to save money, reduce energy, etc.?

2. Do you know of any good sites where I could point out to the contrary people that they're being stupid and their ideas don't jive with the goals of the group?

3. What changes would like like to see in your office?

Bonus: What does your desk/workspace look like?
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Have you heard of a band called Westlife?

Are they any good?

While in Sligo, we apparently encountered two of the band members in a pub. I didn't know anything about it until someone told me the other day. They also did a signing in town while we were studying there.
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Photography Ethic Question

Say you find artwork on the internet you really like; e.g. Married To The Sea or Mark Ryden or actual photography

You save this artwork and photography and print it off at photo kiosks to use to decorate your room or your folder or to make handmade cards for friend etc. You do NOT use any of these artwork for public or commercial use.. It is only for private use or for giving to friends.

Is this ethically wrong?
Is it legally wrong?
Is it morally wrong?


Gj's Coffee.

In your opinion, what is the best, most warming Gloria Jeans coffee beverage you can buy? I'm about to go there and it's freezing cold so I want the best ever to make me happier.
Note: I am lactose intolerant so chocolate/caramel flavoured suggestions are non applicable...

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I was in the supermarket and discovered that they've begun selling Jello Pudding Pops again. I was all YAY, yummy! because I remember them being excellent and addictive. NOT. SO. They were absolutely disgusting and sooo disappointing.

Have you rediscovered anything from your childhood only to realize it was a horrible bastardization that sullies your memories?

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Dear Teak Yuicy,

I am having a hard time finding something that I believe is a logical fallacy but might be something else that's similar. It effectively states that including the opinion of someone on an example of something they categorically dislike is not worthwhile. So, like asking if an atheist likes the Mormon concept of God.

What is this rule called? Is it a logical fallacy?

Edit: I am talking about the error commited by someone "surveying" someone's opinion on things that are of a category they have a general formed opinion on, usually a negative one. Say, if you ask me if I like rap song X and I say no, regardless of whether or not I mention that I think song X would be better if people did not rap in it.

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What famous people's graves have you visited? Are there any graves of famous people near you?

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are both buried somewhere in the DFW area. And Dimebag Darrell is buried in Arlington. I've never visited their graves though.

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Poll #1214807 tell me, is it cool to fuck?

In general, which do you think is sexier on women?

boy shorts

In general, which do you think is sexier on a woman?

wearing nothing but a man's shirt
dolled up in lingerie

when you have sex, do you generally tend to like it more soft and sensual or do you like it rough?

soft and sensual

Rage and Injury

The internet is doomed. That being said...

1. Do you have road rage?
I do. There are hundreds of crosswalks where I live but people act as if they are allergic to them. Next fuck mook that walks in front of my car is going to get hit.

2. What is the worst injury you ever had? Details please.


So over the weekend my boy was supposed to come home but then couldn't because of work and i gave him a really hard time, so I decided i wanted to send him a box saying I'm sorry and I miss you. Other than the obvious items of nakey pics, underwear and other really naughty items what Should i put in there?

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So, TQC, I'm hangin' out in my apartment's pool a lot lately, since it's been like 107 degrees, and I have this tan. I'm not a person that goes out on purpose to get a tan, and it looks really weird to me. I don't recognize my own legs.

Do you think having a tan is awesome or gross?

Also, which is more scary to you: being around people for a long period of time, or being alone for a long period of time? If neither of them scares you, which do you prefer?

And, this aforementioned myspace guy and I are going to meet up at this show. He says he's really shy, and I'm really shy, and my husband is really shy. Is this going to be a social train wreak?

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why do stores like american eagle and hollister make their jeans have HUGE flares if you're above like a size 4?

i love american eagle's jeans but i can only buy their straight leg style because everything else looks like i'm wearing clown pants! and the straight legs look like normal jeans.

(no subject)

1) I've been farting like mad all day but they don't stink? Why is that?

2) What do you call those books that show all the chords to the songs on an album?

3) Is it strange that I bought that thing (#2) for my favorite album even though I don't play any instruments?

(no subject)

what's your favorite song of the day? youtube vids encouraged.

Mine is "The King Is Gone" by George Jones.

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/Nyoy4mNnH_Q&hl=en"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Nyoy4mNnH_Q&hl=en" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

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I can't remember for some reason if I took my lithium already - I don't think I did. I'm on 900 milligrams per day, and right as I gulped down my meds, I went, "Oh crap I feel like I took them already today but can't remember because I'm so tired."

So. What happens if I did take a double dose?

Also - which is better? Rolos or Riesens?

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Yes, I'm this bored, thanks for asking.

The boy & I were talking about why "the bee's knee's" is a phrase denoting something good. We have determined that it's in the rhyming.

We have started to make up our own list. So far, we have:

- the rat's fat
- beavers' beaver
- goat's coat
- mole's hole
- horso's torso

Can you come up with other fun animally type sayings that we could use in place of "bee's knee's" which just seems terribly outdated??

My favorite so far is "horso's torso"...
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(no subject)

My friends Lisa and Daniel just found out they were pregnant after almost a year of trying! What are some ridiculous things I could sew for their baby?

I just bought some white nectarine/pink coral flower shampoo. My hair will smell amazing y/n?
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(no subject)

What do YOU eat when you have a sore throat?

What makes a sore throat feel better for you, besides the usual drinking water and gargling salt water... drinking tea... etc.?
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Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) I do collections for my company. We deal with corporations, not individuals. Why won't anyone pay up? Are they all just deadbeats? Do you have any tactics I could use to get them to possibly pay quicker? Politeness isn't working anymore.

2) What's on your mind?

3) Do you think you're normal or nuts? Why?

(no subject)

I need LIFE ADVICE. How exciting. Okay, I have two job options at the moment.

Job A; My old job. I can have whatever hours I want. I already know everything about the job, but I dislike the workers and only like my boss. Also, it is very boring and kind of far away. But a lot of the time I am in the store alone and can just sit and play my music.

Job B; New job at an electronics store where my sister works, and we are ~BFF~. It's a lot closer. The thing is, I'll be needing to sell computers and I'm not so sure I'm very charismatic, and I don't want to embarrass my sister for recommending me if I fuck up. But it will be new and exciting and I'm kind of bored with my life.

The pay for both would be about the same. Which should I choose?!
Got Rat


My fiance and I want a pet cat.

He was severely allergic to my mum's cat, and any fur/dander in the air or on his hands would then make his eyes itch/hurt.

Is there anything he could take for this? Is it worth taking allergy treatment for the 20 years we could be owning a cat? Does it work?
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Traffic? y/y?

Which day do you think would be better for travelling North on 95 from DC to Rehoboth Beach (Delaware):

Late evening on Thursday July 3


Early morning on Friday July 4?

I'm considering visiting my boyfriend and other friends at the beach this weekend, but the traffic might not be worth it!
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For those of you going to college or who have gone to college and didn't live with their parents, which do you think is better: Being in a dorm, or living in an apartment off-campus?



1:  Do you like that song "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry?  I <3 it.

2:  Straight people: Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?  How did you feel?

3:  Gay people: Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex?  How did you feel?

4:  Everyone:  Do you remember your first kiss?  How did you feel?
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(no subject)

Are there college-aged guys out there who don't drink or smoke or have weird sexual fetishes and respect women and their rights? Do they exist these days? I'm afraid I might have lost the only one.
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TQC! I just hit someone's mailbox with a golf cart. It's one of those big plastic mailboxes and the top part came off. It looks like it might just snap back into place but I don't want to touch it. I rang the doorbell several times and no one answered. I don't know what to do.

Should I go back and leave a note? If so what should it say? They are sort of my neighbors but I don't think I've ever spoken to them before.

Should I do nothing and hope they don't figure out it was me?

EDIT: My dad just called me to say that he drove by and the mailbox was back up!
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Today has been a Tuesday that thinks it is a Monday.

How stupid do you feel when you don't attach an attachment in an email?

So upset you go home for the day.
Try to laugh it off and send an apologetic follow up with the attachment attached this time.
Meh, it's just work.

Have you ever forgotten to attach an attachment and then forgotten to attach the attachment on the follow-up email, thusly failing twice in a row?


What fun thing have you done or discovered recently? I've recently found out about social dance (like waltzing) and places that do it cheaply as well as an old theatre that places movies from 1925-1961.
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(no subject)

1) why does all fat congregate around my tummy??? ugggh...

2) Would you prefer buying a condo/apartment or a house? Why?

3) How long do you use the non-stick pans?

4) what facial cream/moisturizers do you use? does this differ from winter time? if so, how?

5) what's for dinner?
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(no subject)

q1: Collapse )

q2: My mom is changing her email address from a fairly innocuous screenname-style having to do with singing, to firstname.lastname@gmail.com, citing a perceived need to adopt a more grown-up seeming address. I know you're not as old as she is, but you will be one day - what are your thoughts on this idea of adult vs. kid screennames?

q3: How wonderful is shortbread with ginger in?

Another one of Chelley's panic dilemmas

I want to go to meditation that starts in the next hour and a half. I'm having a hard time getting myself to go because I'm afraid my mind's going to race and I'm going to melt down in front of a huge group of people.
What can I do do force myself to actually get the fuck out and go?
Can you give me a push please?

I know I should because it would start to help, but I'm starting to feel defeated and I see myself still sitting here in 2 hours. Sonofabitch.

And on another note:
If you eat rice, do you mix it with your food or do you eat it by itself?
What's your favorite type of oat? Instant, rolled, pinhead?
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

(no subject)

Inspired by a Chris Rock standup, in which he described the pleasurable sensation the first time a woman sucked the cum outta his penis......

When giving a blowjob and you infact suck the cum outta the penis, but the blowjob part was just foreplay and there's sex to be had, how do you go about making your mouth clean again for the kissing part?

I mean, do you get up and brush your teeth and then get back in bed, or what!

I cant picture how this would work, realistically.
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(no subject)

Will you be watching the season finale of "Hell's Kitchen" tonight?
If so, who are you rooting for - Christina or Petrozza?
If not, is there something specific you're looking forward to watching or doing this evening*??
*edited to be more inclusive

For something totally separate,
for those of you as ensnared by TQC as yours truly (and if you're not, pretend for a moment), if you were to give up reading/participating in TQC one day a week to get other stuff accomplished, what day of the week would you choose and why?

(no subject)

Last night, I asked about ways to cheer my friend up.
I think I might make her a mix CD because I am way cool like that, and since I am obviously currently lacking in creativity, I was wondering what songs you would choose.
So, tqc, do you have any suggestions for me?
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(no subject)

Could anyone tell me if there's a Greek or Latin word for "batlike" (like the word ovine... only with bats , duh) and what it is if there is one? I feel like it should be along the lines of "chrioptic" but that doesn't seem to be a real word.

ETA: I think the Latin word for bat may be "vespertillo", can anyone confirm or deny? Would that make it "vespertine" or would that be "evening-like"?

(no subject)

 So I was chatting online with my guy friend, and he invited me to the pool near his house. I was really excited! Until I realized one thing. I'm on my freakin period now. FUCK.
What was the last realization you had that pissed you off?

(no subject)

Why won't the games on my SNES save?
I got to level 6 on Super Mario 3 and then it just didn't save when I turned it back on. Fucking Koopa.
Is it time I stop using a console from 1992?
What's your favorite game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System?
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(no subject)

You are a young man, in the prime of you life. Following a heated argument with your Ex-Girlfriend you end up on the Maury show, or some other similar show (if you don't watch television, just go ahead and put "Dark Charizard" like I know you would anyway) because, apparently, you're the father of this woman's child. You try to point out that not only have you not even seen this woman over a year. But she denies it, saying that you two would meet in dark alleys and have sex like from a bad porno and sometimes getting warned by the cops to stop or else they'll throw you in the bad-sex-section of the jail.

The test comes, and it turns out that, obviously, you aren't the father. She runs off crying, but you're pissed because your name has been dragged through the mud and you've been thrown on national television and humiliated in front of everyone and their uncle Theodore.

After the show, you decided that the best thing to do is extract vengeance on this woman. Beautiful, sexy vengeance.

Will you...
1 - double click the power cord?
2 - use Dark Charizard to crush her and burn down her petty house and child?
3 - call 1-800-KILL-HER and hire the rather bulky looking man with a pipe that you saw on the Internet ad?
4 - just shoot them a whole bunch of times?
5 - tell her that Aperture Science has an opening in the Enrichment Center for a tester, and she should apply?
6 - decide vengeance is wrong, and love the child as your own, despite that woman being a whore who was only using that as an excuse to make you look bad?
7 - build a time machine and prevent yourself from ever having met her?

(no subject)

1) What's the shortest amount of time a couple that you know personally (or through a friend or family) were married before they got divorced or separated?

2) What about the shortest time they knew each other before getting married?

3) What things must you absolutely know about a person before you marry them?

4) Have you ever told someone who was interested in you that you didn't like them like that but later on you changed your mind? If so, what happened?
reh reh reh!
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Mediation question(s)

Have you ever had to go to mediation? What was it like?

My boyfriend wants me to write a letter for his to read *at* the mediation and I've no idea how to go about it outside of doing an outline and writing it essay-style but I don't want it to be too long. Any ideas on how to get through it without becoming a sobbing mess?
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green thumbers

I'd never planted anything before so i'm kinda green-dumb.....

I planted some sunflower seeds in a pot a few weeks ago and they sprouted super fast and furious, I was like WHOA. But now they are wilted and saaaad so I carefully moved them to the ground in the common area with other community flowers where I hope they will benefit more.....

But what I want to know is how can I tell if they are dead and hopeless or if they might spruce back up now that they are in a better area? Does wilted mean dead? Is there hope for my sunflowers? The leaves are kinda shriveled but not dry if that helps any...

(no subject)

There's a steel cage match. 3 robots enter, only 1 may leave. The rest are melted down into hubcaps. Who's the top 'bot in the batch?

Number 5 (Short Circuit)
I hope they all die

Half hour poll. What movie should I watch?

What movie should I watch? I have The Evil Dead which I borrowed from my friend's lil brother a while ago and have yet to watch OR I have Black Sheep , the New Zealand "horror" movie about genetically altered killer sheep. What should I watch when my Salad and Calzone arrives from Pizza Guys?

Edit 8:06pm pst: Pizza Dude came and "Black Sheep" won...check back in two-three hours for my opinoin as I know some are interested for how the movie is.

Edit: 10:23pm pst: Movie's done and I have a verdict. Black sheep is just hilarious. I was dying laughing. A bit of gore so not for the weak though. They also played it stright so even though the crew was laughing at themselves it didn't show on camera which just made everything more absurd. Definetly a classic.

(no subject)

What program do you use to resize pictures without completely ruining their quality?

& wtf. I think I just clicked some LJ virus. Siiick. Have any of you gotten random IM's from 'Cuddly Salmon' saying like..."this is the coolest LJ user ever" wth a link?
Stupid to have clicked it. I know.

(no subject)

Do you ever speak to people via email and they are so chatty & ramble on for ages but then when you speak to them via msn, its like getting blood out a stone?

When was the last time you were surprised? I passed my exam and I was completely expecting a fail   

New Sensation

I just had a moth fly between my eyeball and my glasses. That was a FUCKED up feeling.
1. What was the last fucked up feeling you had?

2. I got my new car today and I want to drive it in circles around the block but there is a fuck mook funeral going on outside. What should I do to celebrate my new car that does not involve hookers and blow?

3. What Zodiac are you in the Chinese calendar?

(no subject)

I'm flying tomorrow and I had a couple questions.

Can I bring my hair straightener in my carry-on bag?

Also, can I bring my jewelry (like earings and necklaces) in my carry-on bag?...idk if they think I will make a weapon out of it or something lol
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1. Can someone translate this into french for me please?
Amelie has a strange feeling of absolute harmony. It's a perfect moment. A soft light, a scent in the air, the quiet murmur of the city. A surge of love, an urge to help mankind overcomes her.

2. If you don't want to/can't, what's your favorite ice cream flavor?

3. If you play it, what's your favorite song to play on guitar hero?
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I got this hemp necklace made for me by this woman I know, but it's too small for my neck. And I know that if I just wear it, it will start to loosen up, but see it's tight enough that wearing it is just too uncomfortable. Is there any way I could sort of stretch it out a bit before I wear it?
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I have been asked to enlist your help, tqc, on the matter of a tv adaptation!

It was just called 'Cinderella' and was shown on the BBC in 2000. It starred Kathleen Turner and was set in the 50s, with the Prince as a rock star.

Any ideas on if this can be found on dvd/video anywhere today? Or even online?
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You go to Paris for the summer. Your SO who you are in love with and your best friend in the whole world (who used to have a crush on your SO, but picked you) hook up/have sex while you are away. They think that they're in love with each other.

Who are you more mad at? And why?

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1. Have you ever been to Seattle before?
2. Tell me about some cool things you did there.
3. Overall, would a trip there be worth using my vacation time?
4. If no to above, where else should I go?
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So you've been on a first date. It's the first time you've met and lasts only a couple of hours because you both have to be somewhere else, but you think you got on pretty well. At the end, the other person says 'Well it was really nice to meet you. See you again soon, yeah?' (',yeah?' being a quirk of London dialect). Do you think

a. never gonna hear from them again
b. maybe I'll hear from them again, possibly more of a friendly way
c. second date is a strong possibility?

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About ten minutes ago, I was sitting in my living room, reading TQC (of course), when my roommates and I heard an extremely loud BOOOOOM noise. It shook the house, set off car alarms, and drew a bunch of my neighbors (and us) outside to see what the hell it was. There was no smoke, no sign of a car accident, no sign of anything falling, basically no sign of anything that would have caused the loud BOOM.

So, TQC, what the hell was that noise?

non-srs answers always appreciated.

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Have you ever let the media influence the way you feel about your self image?
***Example- You see a skinny, beautiful girl on television and began to feel that you are too fat. (might be a bad example sorry)

Do you have any good easy recipes? I really want to learn how to cook and I learn better by doing, so I figured I should start out with some easy things. Any ideas?
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On average ?s

1) On average, how many days out of the week do you have friends visit you at your house?

2) In what ways do you consider yourself to be above average?

3) Do you think your shoe size is larger or smaller than average?


I find rice quite tasty, but it is very expensive these days, and contains nothing but calories and carbs. Can anyone recommend substitutes for rice (aside from bread/pasta)?

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Is providing the name of the owner of certain pieces of property public information (accessible through public records or archives or whatever), or is it private information?

I always had this vague idea that you could look up the name of the owner of any property at all, but I have no idea where this idea came from, and now I really would like this service to exist.

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Hay  TQC
I'm so woefully unprepared for a presentation I have to do tomorrow I am going to walk in before class and state my case to the professor and hope he takes mercy on me.

1) What do you think of this plan? (I cannot do damage control, I have nothing to say)
2) Should I open a bottle of wine to signal the greatness of this idea?
3) Will you tell me about a similar situation you found yourself in?


1) How many people do you know with Pokemon tattoos?

After yesterday I now know 2. Which is 2 more than anyone should ever know...

2) What's the most unusual tattoo you've seen? Bonus points for pics.

Someone came into my local gaming store years ago that had a huge tattoo of the Space Wolves Annulus (from Warhammer 40K) covering most of their back.
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Ever have days at work where you come home, go about your business, and find yourself crying or dangerously close to it several hours later out of pure stress? What do you do when you feel like curling up in a ball and sobbing your eyes out over a bad day, TQC?

Funny books!

It's summer but life is being a downer lately and I'd really like some funny books to cheer me up. Please, recommend some! : ) I really like the works of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, and PG Wodehouse, for example.

Also, talk about disappointing supposedly humorous books. "I hope they serve beer in Hell" by Tucker Max was really stupid, in my opinion. His style of humor reminded me of Maddox, but not as funny and the only topics discussed (for the most part) were girls and alcohol.

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My friend said he'd be over at appx 11pm. It is currently 10:42pm. Should I play sims while I wait for him to get here or is that not enough time? My game takes a fair while to load also.

EDIT: I just decided to install MSN messenger and see if any of my old e-friends are online. So NEW question:

What was your college experience like?
Do you feel it was a "typical" college experience?

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Tomorrow I have the day off, and I've just recently been aware of bat sounds in my attic. If I go into epic battle!!! tomorrow, what things should I arm myself with? Or can I just chase them out with a picture of a joker or something? Since this is TQC I obviously expect SRS ANSWERS ONLY.

Bats aside, what's one thing you like/love about your workplace/school?

Collapse )
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So apparently my stupidass piece of shit printer only works after I've spent fifteen minutes beating on it.

What are your tricks for making your own stupidass pieces of shit machines work?

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Have you ever seen a porn where the girl performs oral sex on the guy after he just had his penis in her anus?

How do you imagine that would taste?

Would you do it?
If no, how many dollars would it take for you to do it?
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Any tips besides the standard twice-a-day saltwater rinse for caring for a newly pierced navel?

Any tips on a best friend who fooled around with the guy she knows I really like after promising not to? Edit: This is the second time she's done it and I tried to talk to her about how upset it made me the first time but she didn't seem to give a fuck.
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After being separated for a few months, I want to get back together with my boyfriend.

WAIT. don't write this off as one of those "i love him he doesn't love me how do i get over it" posts. He wants to get back together too. But I want to ask him, and I want to do it in a creative way.

Now I may not be able to do it in person, so I'm asking:

What are some creative ways to do this? What would you do?

 I thought about a power point with photos of us and quotes and then the last slide having me ask him to get back with me, what do you think of this?

If you don't care about this, what kind of car do you drive?
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Good denizens of TQC, it has been entrusted to us to write Spiderman 4, as the writers cannot be trusted after the abomination that was Spiderman 3. Would you like to help?????

Start off with a sentence. The next person will continue with a sentence, thus creating a story. GO GO POWER RANGERS!!