June 30th, 2008

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i live in a dorm room and i just went downstairs for a minute. on the ground floor, i was given a dirty look by one of my acquaintances. i asked him why and he told me that it was gross that i was bra less. it's after midnight so needless to say, i'm in pajama shorts and a tank top. while i shouldn't ever have to justify what i'm wearing, i'll say that i've got the type of chest where it'd be okay that i would wear a dark-colored, structured tank top without falling out of my shirt.

maybe i missed the memo, but since when did not wearing a bra become a crime? i mean, not only is it me who is wearing it (and nobody else), it's also the summer (where i try to get away without a bra whenever i can) and i'm going to bed in a few minutes (the ladies are free at night).

any feedback would be excellent.
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I've just discovered I've lost several folders of photographs from my laptop hard disc. I did not delete them, and they're all recent photos - from within the last six, maybe even three months.

Any idea why this might have happened, tqc? And I don't suppose anyone has any ideas on if it's possible to get them back?
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How many runes are in a typical set? I just found a bag of picasso stone runes that I lost a few years ago and never used. There seems to be 25.

ETA: Resolved...I think. Of course, a rune expert is welcome to tell me what they know.

Which causes me to ask another question. What is the best online resource to learn runes? Yeah, I've always been more into tarot.
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1. I just made some cute magnet clip things (the papers are just there to show that they are in fact clips). My refrigerator is stainless steel so I can't put them there. Where should I put them? What should I do with them?

2. My cousin is a fucking idiot and took several hundred pictures of himself with my camera. Now I have to delete them one-by-one. What should I do with all of the pictures before deleting them? Keep in mind I hate him!

EDIT: If I delete them when the compact flash card is in my computer, and I put it back in my camera the deleted pictures come up as "unidentifiable image" or something like that. Then I have to delete all of those again, one at a time.

Mutt naming

What would be a good name for a border collie?

The collie in question hasn't been chosen yet, so I don't know it's gender/eyecolor/earsize/anything like that :)

ETA: Do you find it weird that wikipedia has a photo labelled, "A Border Collie in Wales" as if they're better when they're in Wales?

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so I just got home from a little trip to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and it wasn't until a couple days ago I realized what picture is left when looking at the outline of all the freeways and highways.........

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so I just got home from a little trip to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and it wasn't until a couple days ago I realized what picture is left when looking at the outline of all the freeways and highways.........

<lj-cut-text="can you see the picture?">
<img src="http://www.customfitgutter.com/images/dfw-map-wide.gif">
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I liberated a bitchin' leather couch from my neighbors. They are moving and left it outside to get rained on. It's a bit beat up and has a burn mark in the middle, but otherwise it's pretty cool. Except it's too big for my living room, too big to go up the stairs and too big to go down the stairs.

What should I do with my bitchin' leather couch?
Sell it on Craigslist?
Rearrange the furniture and make it fit so I can save it for when we buy a house?
Give it away?
Do you want it?
Have you ever brought anything home that you found on the side of the road?

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TQC, is there something ridiculous that irritates you for no reason? For example, at work, I am irrationally irritated when people don't call our combos by the right name, or when they say that they want "Reesees Peesees". It's Reese's Pieces, damn it!

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Dear Insomniacs (Or just those of you that go to sleep late),

What is your eating schedule like? I just ate a sausage and pepper sandwich because I was literally starving, even though I ate dinner (but that was seven hours ago). Do you eat dinner later than most people to compensate for being awake and getting hungry several hours later?
I'm trying not to be a fatty but I get soooo hungy at night (I know the sausage and peppers probably wasn't the best choice)
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Will you tell us about the last time you narrowly avoided disaster, large or small?

What time will you be waking / did you wake up this Monday morning?

Do you even know who Chris Latta was? Do you even know how much he enriched all of our lives? There's so much you should have thanked him for while you still could.

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for those of you that have the sims:
1) how do you organize your downloads?
2) if you have ACR, how badly has it fucked up your game? i just ignored my game for a few sim hours, and i found that my 54 day old sim just woohooed with alex goth. even though alex has a long term girlfriend and a son. : \ although i lul heartily when my sims make booty calls, haha.
3) what's your favorite place or creator for clothes? i need more!

Josh 1

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Hey, again.

Why do you think there's a lack of females in rock bands? Rock in general, really. Not just as lead singers, but with an instrument. Do you think it's because not a lot of females take the time to get into the music enough/ don't rock hard enough/ just don't give a shit about picking up instruments and joining this genre? Or is it a "glass ceiling" sort of situation? Or am I completely wrong?
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I broke a piece of my fake nail that not only I spent so much money getting done but had only for less than a week and started watching the first 2 seasons of Beverly Hills 90210.

TQC what did you accomplish this weekend?
edit: And do you think I can crazy glue the piece that broke off? haha I broke a piece off/found it while searching in my kitchen cupboard.
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Unquiet Mind

Has anyone read 'The Unquiet Mind"? What was it about? Was it boring or interesting?

What toilet paper lasts the longest? Don't care about feel, just that it's 2-ply and double roll.

lol kare11

I recently saw this on the news.  Who's wrong here: the man or the cops?

(tldr: Basically cops woke up a guy after they found he had left his keys in his ignition, left the garage door open, and didn't lock his doors.  At one point the guy wanted to sue the cops because he thinks the cops were too intrusive.)
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My boyfriend and I were given an invitation for group sex. I've met the guy but not his girlfriend, but the boyfriend is very good friends with them. I've seen pictures of the girl, both she and her guy are quite attractive. I'm somewhat intrigued.

Should I?

As anyone here tried something like that out? If you don't mind me asking, how did it go?


Do you ever feel overscheduled?
How do you deal when you've overs-scheduled yourself?
What do you have planned for this week??

Yes. I babysit today from 7am-6pm, Babysit tomorrow from 8am-3pm then work from 5-10, Wednesday I babysit 8-3, Thursday I work from 11am-8pm, and Friday 5pm-11pm. Thankfully, I have off Saturday-Monday. I just think about how much money I'll make this week, and it makes things slightly more bearable.

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I'm going to my boyfriends house in a little bit (an hour away) and all I have to wear are my fat jeans (named such because well, I look fat in them) and the blue plaid skirt I wore today that doesn't match anything. What do you think. Should I even care what my boyfriend thinks of my outfit?

Tomorrow is my boss's birthday. He is awesome, and for MY birthday he got me 4 out-of-print books on 18th century Wales (and spent about $200 on it). I have no idea what to get him. Is there so such a thing as a present for the person who seems to have everything? What have you done for a present for such a person?

What's the best way to stay up all night? Coffee, energy drinks? Those caffeine pills? Give up and just sleep walk all night?

If you like to game, what system do you use? I realized I am pretty out of date on my old xbox.

How many packs of cigarettes do you smoke a week (assuming you smoke)?

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I've been achieving some pretty big things lately, and I'm looking for a way to commemorate the big things in my life. Of course, ideally, tattoos would be a great way to do that. Unfortunately, body modification is out of the question for me. Any ideas?

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my boyfriend's mom backed into my car the other day and scratched up my door, so now her insurance company is paying for a rental car while mine gets fixed. enterprise gave me an orange dodge caliber, and i LOVE IT.

edit: thanks for correcting me on the car model. i always get them confused. :|

has anyone else here purchased/driven a rental car before? did you choose the car, or did the rental place pick it out? what kind of car was it?
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What was your favorite outdoor game as a kid?

Mine was sardines, it was kind of like a reverse hide and seek. The person who was "it" would hide and everyone would count and search for them. If you found the person, you'd hide with them, and the last person who found the group would be "it".

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My boyfriend and I took 5 days from work in August. The problem is, we have no idea what to actually do with that time. We live in New England, Connecticut, specifically. The only necessity is that we spend some time alone together, away from home. Our travel budget is around $700 tops (for lodging and such). We're looking into cheap motels and stuff like that, but I'm wondering if anyone has any good suggestions, since I'm not at all creative when it comes to stuff like this. We have functioning cars, etc.

Any ideas for a cheap vacation in New England?

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What's the last thing someone told you or something that happened to you to make you all ":O?! YES YAY YES."

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1. What's your favorite fiction book?
2. What's your favorite nonfiction book?
3. What's the most played song on your mp3 player of choice?
4. Do you know where my library card might be? Or did magical elves eat it?

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So I get in to work this morning and I'm clocking in and one of my coworkers (who is actually pretty nice when he doesn't have diarrhea of the mouth) was all "Hey! Are you expecting??" I am so not pregnant. I am, however, wearing the most unflattering shirts EVER. Still, I dont feel you should ever ask that. What is the most inappropriate question you've ever been asked?

Tbh this kind of fucked up my day, how's your day going?
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1. I have been listening mostly to Depeche Mode for the past 10 years. Occasionally I listen to other bands, but it's pretty much 90% of the time Depeche Mode. Am I ever going to get sick of them?

2. How can I stop myself from getting a crush on my coworker?? I've already convinced myself that he's gay...but he's not. And I need to work with him all the time.

3. At work, we were bored on Friday and made a joke post on the Craigslist personals section...we got some funny replies, but one guy replied with a really cleaver response to our joke and so I started emailing with him...turns out he works in the same industry as I do (Marketing). He owns his own Agency, is super successful, has a great sence of humour, and wants to have a drink with me. I've never met anyone off the internet before, and I told him that, and he was really nice about it...saying we could just get together and chat, no strings attached. Would you meet up with him? I mean it sounds shady, and kinda creepy, but he's been using his company email and everything. Considering he is probably in his late 30s while I am in my mid 20s, he is a successful business man while I am just out of college and still so immature...I'm just so sure it would be extremely awkward.
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Besides craigslist and myspace, what is a good source to find an old friend that may not be in this country anymore? [or maybe he is?!]

I don't know his last name, or what part of Ireland he is from. I tried calling his old cell number when he was here [late 06-early 07] and it's not him :|
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I just returned from walking my puppy. While walking through the woods a huge tree spider decided to drop down right in front of my face. It scared the shit out of me!
1. What was the last thing that scared the shit out of you?

2. Are men lying when they say the don't like big breasts?

3. Are women lying when they say size doesn't matter?

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What are your thoughts on the worlds current obsession with celebrity, is it really worst than 10 years ago?

Would you even call it obsession or just harmless gossip?

Is it the fault of the industry, for marketing these people like candy? The media, for making them so accessible? The celebrities themselves for being all hawt,stupid&attention loving? Or the public for buying all this shit? 

Inigo Montoya

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What do you think of

I know it's lucrative for the donors, but how would you feel about having your DNA and possibly lots of children you don't know about anywhere in the world?

Has anyone here done this or have family members who've done it? If so, what are the emotional ramifications, if any?

I think I would be a tad weirded out by seeing someone who resembles my kids (ETA: that I wasn't raising myself.)
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Happy Box

I am making a gift for someone, and have decided to put together a happy box. It's basically a little box of things to lift your spirits and make you feel good about being alive. So far, I have:
-a little hand bound book of quotes
-some art, printed out on business card sized pieces
-three cds
-a letter

What else would you include? This needs to go back to the US (from australia) with the person I'm giving it to, so nothing that can't get through customs (like weed). It should also fit in a box about the size of the box of a PC game.

Edit: The box is a bit book shaped, and I imagine it would sit nicely in a bookshelf. What should I put on the "cover"?
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Can your kneecaps be virgins if you've knelt on them giving a blowjob?

Virgin: what do you has? (IE: Virgin armpits! I has it! Answer in that format, too)

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So, hai, TQC. I have this sticker, not a bumpersticker but just a regular one, that says "I <3 PETA". We got it in the mail. I really want to stick it on the bumper of this truck in our apartment's lot that has a big airbrushed angry eagle on an American flag backdrop on its rear window, a gun rack, and a bunch of bumper stickers in the ilk of "JESUS HATES FAGGOTS" and "MEXICAN'T". On a scale of 1-10, 1 being kicking a racist's ass and 10 being killing baby ducks with a sledgehammer for fun, how wrong would it be for me to put my PETA sticker on this fuckwad's truck?

ghetto grill

I don't have a grill, but I really want a grilled hot dog. Er, well, I just want a hot dog with burnt spots.
Do you think if I turned the burner on my gas stove, I could 'grill' a hot dog that way? Have you ever tried this? I thought about doing it with a marshmallow for s'mores about a week ago but I ended up not doing it.
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Are you the type of person who thinks good things are going to happen and then is disappointed when they do not or the kind who predicts bad things, and then is pleasantly surprised when something good does happen?

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1. I'm about to go to the mall to look for a job. Dark jeans and a semi-formal top should be fine, right?!

2. Since I am newly single, I figure I should probably consider sleeping with some people to get a job. Good idea? Bad idea? Advice?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I found this little girl in the street in a puddle yesterday. Someone had just left her there I believe because I asked the kids playing and they said it happens all the time so I took her home with me. WWTQCD? Would you have kept driving or taken her? I checked Craigslist just in case someone posted about a lost dog. But I have a feeling they just left her in the road. Her name is now Elle and before anyone preaches about how she needs to go to a vet, she's going in a little bit. Crisis averted.

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If you see or hear something tragic, do you laugh, or feel empathy? Does it depend on the situation? Will you give me an example?

Despite my best intentions, I couldn't help but laugh at a lot of the playground injuries comments. Am I a bad person?

Masquerade Masks...

Howdy all...

I want to make masquerade masks for myself and my boyfriend for a ball we're going to... however we both wear glasses and are too bloody short sighted not to. Normal masquerade masks look pretty awful over our glasses...any ideas/suggestions?
mr schadenfreude

Boring question ahead re; online marketing

Has anyone got experience or knowledge of online marketing? Directing web traffic to a site, utilising search engines, finding advertisers/sponsors for the site and so forth
I am doing some research for my mum (stabby stabby) and part of the job is to provide her with info on marketing DVD's online a la The Secret... yeah, I know, New Age shenanigans.
I have googled but pretty much everything is "Buy this amazing DVD to learn how to sell your own DVDs!!!"
Any info, sites to check out etc would be greatly appreciated.
(my mum is hoping to jump on the new age bandwagon and market her own DVD.... I know I don't sound too supportive, but that's tl;dr)

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i want french toast + ice cream
should i bike 2 miles (round trip) to get it or should i stay at home, continue my 3 day (!) john cusack marathon, and clean the house in time for my mom to come home from LA?

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what the FUCK TQC? Recently, whenever I read ANY book, at some point or another I start tearing up, for no apparent reason. It doesn't even remotely matter what kind of book I'm reading, picture book, novel, whatever. I'll be sitting there, reading away, and suddenly I'll want to cry and my eyes get all teary. I'm not even sad about anything lately.

What's your guess as to why this waterworks phenomena is happening?

Leaving Anonymous Notes

Do any of you want to join this forum ( http://www.thevoidcalling.co.nr ) and leave anonymous notes around for people to find, with the url on it and then hopefully people will drop in to say they've found it? We need people who are from different cities, right now most of us are from one particular city in Australia. Or you can tell us that you found a note. It doesn't even have to be one with the url on it. If you're at all interested, I really hope you join. :) Something else about it... the admin of that forum wonders how he could improve it. How do you think he could improve it so that more people are interested in joining?

Have you ever found a note someone left?

Also, what's a good discussion topic on the book The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood? I read it for a book club.

edit: why  doesn't linking work on lj the past few days?

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1) It is 98 degrees here, TQC. What do you do to keep cool in sweltering, oppressive heat?

2) What's worse, being in 98 degree weather in an unairconditioned dorm, or being forced to listen to 98 degrees?

3) Gay/bi people with straight friends, and straight/bi people with gay friends:

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When was the last time you were hanging out with someone and they did something that you found completely embarrassing? What was it?

It's a known fact that pie is made of win and delicious awesome, but if you could choose one variety of this most holy of desserts to set above all others, which would you pick?

I'm playing Final Fantasy XII. How long do the rains in the Giza Plains last before I blow my chance to kill the Gil Snapper? Also, can I get Dispel anywhere before I get to the Garif village, or am I just shit out of luck?
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Why are there often couches or chairs in fancy bathrooms? A couch I suppose I could maybe understand (although the idea of a bathroom, let alone the potential for certain aromas would make me not want to stay in there longer than I need to), but a single chair? Do they expect people to hang out in there? Have you ever hung out in a bathroom on the couch or chair? Are you a creep who likes to sit in the bathroom and listen to people tinkle?
I&#39;m EMO

What do I do for the world?

So, TQC....I am a proud owner of a burnt orange VW Beetle, of which has bumper stickers on it.

I recently purchased a bumper sticker from an awesome group on ebay called: "Stay Vocal." They have some pretty rad stuff. (Check them out)
Anyway, the sticker reads: "I make the world better by ____________. What do YOU do?"

I can not seem to come up with just ONE good idea to fill that spot. 
Do you guys have any?

*edit* larger font size. (My bad guys)

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1:  I have two pairs of pants that I absolutely love and I want to wear them but they're too long.  I meant to go back and exchange them but I never got around to it.  It's been a few months and I've lost the receipt.  I thought about going back and asking if I could exchange them anyway because they still have the tags attached but don't even sell those pants anymore.  The pants were approximately $20 each.  I feel like the cost of the pants are too cheap to have altered because alterations fees could be the cost of the pants themselves but they're too expensive to just keep in my closet.  What would you do?  Have I procrastinated my way to a $40 loss?  Should I just donate them to charity?

2:  Has the economy changed the way you live and do things?  If so, what are you doing different?  Have you given anything up?

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What do you rely on? It can be situational or heavily, just something that you seek out. 

I wear my sunglasses all the time, even when the sun goes down. And I find myself reaching for them whenever I feel uncomfortable or sad. It's like a reflex and probably isn't very healthy, considering that natural light irritates me like it hasn't before. Also, I live in San Diego so that intensifies my intolerance :((

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Tomorrow I have to do a speech. I have a tendency to get stiff and tense when doing speeches. So any relaxant recommendations? Tips on how to relax?

NOTE: No alcohol. I do not want to show up to class buzzed or drunk.
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What DVD burning software do you use?

If I try to burn discs with downloaded files using iDVD I can only fit two episodes per disc...is there some setting that I can get around this with?

It's temporary burning until the boxed set is released but I want to burn to DVD so I can watch them on my tv instead of on my lap top

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Proverbs 1

20 Wisdom calls aloud in the street,
she raises her voice in the public squares;

21 at the head of the noisy streets she cries out,
in the gateways of the city she makes her speech:

22 "How long will you simple ones love your simple ways?
How long will mockers delight in mockery
and fools hate knowledge?

23 If you had responded to my rebuke,
I would have poured out my heart to you
and made my thoughts known to you.
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I live in Boston and own my own shop. I finally have my life how I like it. That being said, my best friend lives in Texas and wants to leave her husband. She wants to stay with me. With her son who is 7. Her son has diabetes and needs shots several times a day. I would need to give him shots when she is gone. I HATE NEEDLES! This is all so confusing. I know I need to help my friend because thats what friends do, but I'm very nervous.

1. What would you do?


okay, so are they converse or chuck taylors? growing up i have always called them/heard them called converse, but lately everyone i've been talking to has been referring to them as chuck taylors. so, tqc, which is it????

(no subject)

1. Have you ever done a swap on swap-bot.com? I just joined and joined a couple swaps, and I can't wait to send my stuff and get it sent to me!

2. Do you write letters to people?

3. For some reason, I can't figure out how to uninstall Photoshop Elements. I upgraded to CS2 long ago, but Elements still insists on popping up whenever I plug in my camera or iPod, and it's really irritating. How do I uninstall it?
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What are my odds of finding a 7-11 near me that has Diet Coke/Pepsi Slurpees?
Lately I've only been finding Crystal Light ones and they're wy too sweet-tasting.

When I go to 7-11 what candy should I buy and why?


So TQC, I work in an office. At my office, I have my own little desk area that is all mine. I don't share a space with anyone anymore (yay for expansion!).

I started keeping snacks in one of the drawers in my desk a few months ago. Last week I brought in a sleeve of saltine crackers to eat with my lunch. I ended up with 3/4 of a package left, so I put them in my snack drawer.

I went to get them today and they were gone.

I knew who did it, and when I asked her what happened to them, she said she ate them, but she made up some bullshit story that I left them in the break room and there were only 10 crackers left (Bullshit...I know better than to leave food out because she will definitely swipe it then, and I don't eat over half a package of crackers with a tiny bowl of chili).

So how should I get my revenge for her invading my personal space?!?! Serious and (especially) non-serious answers welcome.

(no subject)

What did you do today that made you feel accomplished?

What are you really, really excited about?

Do you know of any cute t-shirt sites other than noisebot or threadless? Link me?
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Ok guys, I'm heading out of town for the long weekend and I'm having a friend keep an eye on the place/feed my cat.

She's welcome to sleep here, as I have AC and she doesn't. I've also told her that she has free use of the washer and dryer (FREE, no quarters needed!), and bought her a 12 pack of her favorite beer (Sam Adams, for what it's worth).

Should I pay her, too? I feel sort of weird offering her money, but I also feel weird not offering her money. What do you think, TQC? If I do, how much should I offer her?
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Holy crap, TQC... apparently it's that time again where I suddenly have no self esteem and I hate everything about myself and I'm convinced I'll never be loved! I mean this doesn't happen that often, you'd think I would have remembered to mark it on my calendar, but nope, came as a complete surprise. Man that's annoying. Good thing I didn't make other plans!

So what are the things about yourself that you have the worst self esteem issues with?

What are some things about yourself that you know are kickass?
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You have to change your name right now.

You may only change your name to a name that has the same nickname as your current name-related nickname. It cannot be the same though. Like since I'm a Jessica and go by Jess, I can't change my name to Jess because that's cheating.

What do you change your name to?

(no subject)

1. Whats the last thing someone said to you that made you go "AWWWW!!" and feel all warm and gooey inside?
The night I met you was one of the best nights of my life.
2. What color are your underwear today?
3. What are you not looking forward to?
Work tomorrow.
4. What are you looking forward to?
I might go to a Rays/Red Sox game!
Respect Her Gangsta

24 hour ?s

If you had twenty-four hours to live:

1) Where would you go?
2) What would you do?
3) Who would you want to be the last person to have sexual intercourse with you?
4) Who would you notify?
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Is there something you've done that you think no other TQC-er has done?
Will you post a picture of it?

And don't say Jake Gyllenhaal or black Shia Labeouf, 'cause we all know you're lying.

I guess I should answer.  I've had spinal meningitis, but I don't have pics.
[lost] Goodbye lost

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Hi TQC. My 15 year old kitty died Saturday and now my 2 year old cat is acting pretty weird. He wants to be on the highest point possible, he poops on the floor and is generally mopey. Is he mourning her? They really didn't get along, so I am not sure what is going on. 

broken computer, ahh

My boyfriend's laptop is having some major issues. The keys on the keyboard don't work properly. He has to hold each key for like 5 seconds before a letter appears. We've checked the keyboard properties and everything is normal, but the keys don't actually work properly. We've tried turning the sticky keys and filter keys on and off, still no change.

Searching the help center and the internet haven't helped. Restarting the laptop hasn't helped either. We're thinking one of the cats stepped on the keyboard and did something funky... :(
Anyone know how to fix the problem?


What is your ratio of peanut butter to jelly?
What kind of jelly?
Is it best on white bread or wheat bread? Or do you opt out and use a bagel or crackers?
Cut in the middle of diagonally?

What is the classiest way you could think of to make a PB&J sammy?

ETA: You all suck and fancifying trashy food!
How about cashew nut butter with strawberry icecream on cookies!
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why does rubber peel?

can you recommend anything that is online that is a good read? the wireless i have comes and goes at times, and i'd like something other than only fanfiction to tide me over, but any good story that is long would be nice.

do you like finding easter eggs on dvds?

brownies bits in chocolate ice cream: the shiznit, y/n ?

what kind of job would be good for an art student who is pretty good with people and cameras, but does not require her to go begging for her job back at Best Buy where they screwed her over with hours? (scheduling one to work when one has repeatedly stated when her school hours were is not cool. )
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I'm trying to find the books for my college courses and it gives me two options:

distance session and regular session.

I have no idea what this means. What does this mean?

Sorry for being a newb :'(

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if you had recently gone through some panic attacks and general mental instability, what are some things that would comfort you or cheer you up? i'm thinking of putting together some things to bring to my boyfriend's this weekend. movies, music, anything else please??

i knew this girl when i was 18 and we were acquaintances, over the years she has deleted me from livejournal and we lost touch. when i started dating my boyfriends, i realized they were friends. we saw each other around but barely ever even said hi to each other. today she added me on facebook and livejournal. is this as weird as i think it is? we aren't even acquaintances at this point.
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TQC, make decisions for me.

I just had a shower about a half hour ago and I have yet to put on clothes. I am having a hard time deciding what clothes to put on... it seems early to have PJ's on but I don't have any immediate plans to leave the house. I'm kind of vaguely hoping to have plans to leave the house, so I'm wondering if I should slap on real person clothes.

What do I do, TQC?? Remain optimistic and put on clothes or give up on the evening and put on PJs? Or, you know... remain naked?

What are you dressed in currently? What do you wish you were dressed in?

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1.) What is the funniest movie you've seen *recently*?


2.) What do you think of Tiny Tim? (the musician)


1. : The Brothers Solomon.

2. : I think he's amazing and I wish I could have met him before he died.

In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!

What's your favorite programming language, and why? Are there any decent free IDEs for it that you've used?

Do you think motorcycles are inherently dangerous? If not, do you think it's dangerous for someone who's never driven a car before to start out with a motorcycle?

What's your favorite Simpsons or Futurama quote?

These questions are all related. Very related.
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What is the song that plays in the last episode of House, Season 4?
Not Passing Afternoon by Iron&Wine, but the one before it, where Wilson is holding Amber.  I've tried google to no avail.

Why did my doctor not call in my antibiotic script like he was supposed to? (non-srs, pls)

What is your favorite tv show?
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For those that are living in Canada, were all the government owned businesses closed today or are they closed tomorrow? I was planning to go to the LCBO to get some coolers tomorrow because I was under the impression they were closed today, but now my parents are telling me otherwise. I haven't been able to find when stuff is open or closed online either.

verizon cell phone

I've had my phone for a few years and according to my plan, Verizon says I can get a new one. I know they transfer things like contacts but what about photos and ringtones? I have my (now dead) dog as my wallpaper and I don't want to lose the pic. Thanks!
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When is it appropriate to kick a guy in the nuts?

If a random stranger walked up to a (around 10-year-old) kid in the park and punched him in the face three times, would that be deserving of a swift kick to the nuts?

My brother should have kicked the guy in the nuts when this situation happened to a kid next to him, y/n?

Have you ever kicked a guy in the nuts?

Nuts or balls?

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Arghh! I hate my indecisiveness :(

I met this guy a week ago, named A. I thought he was very nice and sort of good looking. But for some reason when I met him, even though we got along PERFECTLY great...I told myself I wouldn't like him like him, because he's my ex's friend.

He had been kinda flirting with me all week, but I just joked with him and treated him like a friend, because of said above. Today, he's chatting with me on the beach, and tells me about something he was playing...at his girlfriend's house. I even jumped up as he said that, but I tried to continue talking normal. He hadn't mentioned he had a gf, and I wouldn't had cared! Really, I just wanted him as a friend. But for some reason I started feeling dissapointed, and realized this guy would have been perfect for me. At that same moment I started feeling feelings for him! X( And I looked at him, and I realized he really IS very attractive, funny, smart, likes the same things I do, etc. I developed a small crush just after he said he had a gf!

Has something like this ever happen to you? (sorry if this was tl;tr... :( )

What did you do about it?

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TQC I had a sore throat from Friday morning until earlier this morning. Since this morning I've been sneezing nonstop and my nose is runny. I don't have any kind of Claritin...all I have is Nyquil and Dayquil.

Would you take a Nyquil before bed to help with the congestion/sneezing? Even if Nyquil makes you feel sorta zombie like when you wake up the next day?

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1, what kind of cars do the police drive in your town?

2, how many unmarked police cars are there?

3, are the cops in your town total fucking dicks?

4, how many times have you been pulled over? gotten a ticket? for what?
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tl;dr about renting an apartment, and other stuff

1. TCQ smarties, I need help. I'm applying for my first in-my-own-name apartment tomorrow. I'm moving to the city the apartment is in in a month. It states that you have to make 3 times the monthly rent, before taxes. I make ~200 less than that at my present job, but I currently live in a town where I can get a 1 bedroom for <$500, so paying me enough so I could afford a $700 apartment would be outrageous (since I'm a receptionist.) Since it's my first apartment, my parents are cosigning. They own their own home, etc. Once I move to that town, since the cost of living is higher, I'll be making more money. (The jobs I've applied for, which are all equal or lower than my current position, are a minimum of $5.50 more per hour. Which is like, 150%.) Do I need to stress about getting rejected from this apartment (which I'd really really really like to have) because I *currently* don't make enough, since I will make enough once I get into that town? Or am I OK since I've got Mommy and Daddy's money to back me up?

2. Do you inherently find yourself annoyed by a word? What is it?

3. Do you think that sibling dynamics continue on well into adulthood?

4. Do you read your horoscope? Do you take it seriously at all?


What are some absolute ways to tell when someone is lying to you in your opinion? Besides actually catching them in a lie, that is.
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Lesportsac Zoo in Love Bag

I just found out my first bf ever (from 8th grade!) died and I am really sad, as we were always good friends. This bums me out so much. Being the good sometimes stereotypical girl I am, I have the urge to buy myself something pretty.

Earlier I found a print of Lesportsac bag I really like but it's discontinued. Do you have anything in the Zoo in Love print you'd like to sell or can you help me find something? I've only seen one on ebay, but I don't know if I like the style of the bag itself.

Collapse )


ETA - I can't go to the funeral, as he and I lived far apart. All I can do is make a donation in his memory, per request of the family (done the minute I found out, as his wife and he didn't have ins, so I am sure the funeral costs are also out of pocket and unplanned for). I buy things when I am sad to distract me. I am sorry if to you guys it seems like I am all, TRA LA LA LA LA MY FRIENDS IS DEAD OMG A NEW BAG WILL MAKE IT BETTER! I know it won't. But somehow it helps me cope to figure out things like that.

Plus, I've already scrubbed my baseboards, which is what I always do first when I find out someone died. I clean to distract me. Then I mourn after I've gotten past the initial shock. Sorry if that seems callous and or wrong to you all.
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I  feel like shit. I have compacted sinuses and I know I am slightly out of it due to the meds I am taking.... How should I cheer my self up not want to shoot myself in the head make myself feel better?

and If thats to much work for you, my roomate bought me this 'naked' juice, but it is a few days past date, should I drink it?
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work it!

I'm going in for my first job interview tomorrow morning and I am nervous as hell because I have no "official" job experience. I got the work outfit down, but I'm freaking out right now. What are some tips for a n00b?

theft-is it worth it?

My mom is asleep in her bed. She even has the covers on. Her glass of wine is on the table next to her. Full.

TQC, should I drink that delicious red wine and drift off to beautiful redwinesleep?

EDIT: I am drinking the wine. Thank you, TQC

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I've wanted to adopt for as long as I can remember. However the future hubby isn't too sure about it. How do I convince him that it's a good thing and that we should adopt? (We are planning on having a couple of our own children but I'm very set on at least adopting one child)
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When was the last time you participated in a fire drill?

At school, did you think fire drills were annoying or an awesome way to waste class time?

When was the last time the fire alarm went off (not a drill) where you live or work or go to school? Was anything actually on fire or did something else set it off?

[Oh, and my answers:

I think in high school, although they test the fire alarm in my residence hall every Friday.

I liked them sometimes. Mostly when the weather was nice.

Our fire alarm went off at 8am this morning, while I was sleeping. I was so surprised, I managed to break my glasses. :( ]
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1) What exactly is a cupcake? Is it a regular cake but smaller so that if you want to make cupcakes you'd use the same amount of stuff for a regular sized cake and then divide it over smaller "cups" or is more like a muffin?

2) Should I save up for a MacBook (average price 1199€ = 1889$), a MacBook Air (1699€ = 2677$) or a MacBook Pro (average price 2199 = 3465$). I can save about 100 maybe 150€ a month but if it's worth it I don't mind saving longer. Of course by the time I have enough money they'll probably have a fancy new one.

Back In Your Younger Years

1) Have you ever tried to write an autobiography/memoirs of your life thus far? If so, was it therapeutic?

2) Did you have an interest in extracurricular activities as a kid (sports, band, scouts, dance, etc) from your own interest in them or did your parents push you to participate or did you just not do participate in any?

3) Are you still friends with anyone you knew during elementary school?


Has anyone ever heard of taking a hot shower to stop relieve the pain of sunburn?  Some people have told me that after you take a hot shower its not suposed to hurt as bad, of course it really hurts during.  
Is this true? i havent tried it myself and if it is true what makes it work?  I had a hard time wording all that for some reason, so i'm sorry if it was confusing.  thank you

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Have you ever gotten catalogs to your house with weird names like "TQC POO" on it? 'Cause I did.
Who the fuck is sending TQC people catalogs? >:O I knew I shouldn't have given Coco my address.

How is everyone tonight?

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what is your favorite thing to do with vodka?

what is your favorite drink recipe? i've had vodka, rum, and smirnoff ice, and i need to expand my horizons.