June 29th, 2008

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Does anyone know much about the Commonwealth Club in Richmond, VA?  I'm curious about the history of the membership regulations for race and gender.  I can't find anything online that specifically states, "The Commonwealth club allowed members of other races in [enter year]."  The same thing goes for gender.  Is it restricted to men?

I'm also looking for a list of past and/or current members.  All I'm finding are various sites that might mention that so-and-so is a member - not an actual list.

Anyone have info?


1. My grandmother's computer has malware. If I restore her computer, will this fix the problem? I think that the malicious programs may have embedded themselves in the operating system.

2. Are there any free online programs that can remove malware? I've tried using her antivirus (Norton), Ad-Aware, and CounterSpy.

3. When this problem is fixed, I want to remove Norton and install AVG. Should I uninstall Norton first and then install AVG or download AVG while running Norton and uninstall Norton afterwards?

Thanks for your help. I'm not a computer expert by any means but I really want to help my grandma because the porn pop-ups are a bit disturbing to her for obvious reasons XP

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Will you tell me something you consider a miracle?
It can be something you experienced or witnessed personally, or something that you've heard, but is true as you know it to be.

What is something you have faith in?

What is something you don't have faith in?

Who are the top three people you truly love and want good things for?

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Poll #1213067 Let's go to prison

Damn. You just got convicted, and you're sentenced to 2 years hard time. For some reason, the warden likes you, and you're given your choice of these 5 cellmates to spend the next 2 years with. Who do you select?

Chatty. Friendly. Funny. However, he/she has a temper and is there because they murdered 13 people in a fit of anger
Quiet, brooding loner. Keeps to themself. Prefers not to talk to anyone
Really attractive person of the your gender. In for jacking cars.
Big, strong, ex-wrestler who's also just in the joint. Neither of you would have any friends, so you two may become allies
Old lifer. They're in the 40th year of a lifetime sentence. Laid-back and a little bitter

What would be the LAST thing you'd want to hear from your cellmate in the first 5 minutes?

"Want some toilet wine? I just made a batch. I'll be hurt if you don't have any"
"Good to meetcha. Now, why don't you take off your pants and let me check you out"
"I once killed a man with a toothbrush. Much like this one here"
"I'm sorry, but you have to sleep on the floor. My invisible friend Mongo has the bottom bunk. Didn't the warden tell you? Mongo gets REAL violent when you get in his way"
"This is my bar of soap. Touch it for any reason, and I'LL MURDER YOUR FAMILY"
"It's going to be cold tonight. Wanna bunk together tonight and fight the chill with body heat?"
"Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior? If not, you're very fortunate that I'll be here the next 2 years, saving your soul"
"You got bottom bunk. BTW, I must warn you that I have IBS and have daily bouts that result in the most horrendous gas"
"You're my new cellmate, and that means, we're friends for life. Wherever you go, I'm with you. We'll be inseparable. And if anyone else tries to befriend you, I'LL SHIV THEM IN THE HEART!"
"I sell a lot of contraband drugs around here. If you wanna stay on my cool list, you'll work for me. Have you ever smuggled anything up your ass before?"

Prison can be pretty monotonous and stressful at the same time. How do you think you'll fill in each day?

Lifting weights
Having solicited gay sex
Having unsolicited gay sex
Watching game shows and the People's Court in the common room
Writing letters to people back home
Writing letters in some pen pal service
Making toilet wine. Gettting drunk
Card games in the yard
Learning a trade
Learning a criminal trade from my cellmate
Making a shiv out of your toothbrush
Sleeping as much as possible
Masturbating as much as possible
Dealing with illegal contraband in some capacity

What would you miss the most from your life while you were stuck in prison?

Decent variety of food
Being able to see and talk to my loved ones whenever I felt like it
Being able to shower by myself, and privacy in general
Movies and cable tv
The opposite sex
Freedom to go as I please
let's do this

Messenger Plus! Live

On the Plus! version of MSN Messenger, there's this speakerphone button that lets you send "Emotion Sounds", and one of the Built-In Sounds you encounter right away is "Are You Mad?!?", and the voice sounds so familiar but I can't quite place what it's from? Does anyone know?

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1. How much money would you take on a week-long vacation to California? What if it included a trip to Disneyland (ticket price not included)?

-you don't have to pay for gas
-you will be staying with a relative, so you will probably eat quite a few meals there

2. Where is your favorite place to vacation?

3. What exciting things have you done this summer?
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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Are you close with your best friend's parents?

I know my best friend's mom and dad are like a second set of parents to me.

If not, are your parents a second set of parents for anyone?
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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1. When was the last time you were in a bedroom alone with someone of the opposite sex who was not your SO?

2. Have you ever made out/done the nasty in a kitchen?
My BF loves that for some reason, so I did it with him, and while it was very fun, I kept thinking about how much I would have to clean before we could consider eating in there again.

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So I've heard that FastWeb is a really good place to look for scholarships. I've sort of glanced through the site before, didn't find it too thrilling...but today I read in yet another book that it's awesome, so I'm signing up for an account.

As I'm going through, what really hits me is that this seems like one of those survey sites that's just going to sign you up for things you don't want and spam the hell out of your inbox. In fact, at the bottom of the sign-up page were two "sign up for this additional thing and you can make money doing surveys!" things. Ugh.

So, is my instinct wrong? Is FastWeb, in fact, awesome? Are the survey sites promoted worthwhile? Or is it the typical scam and am I wasting my time?

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Can you guys help me find good pictures of African tribal makeup? I tired out google, but nothing too exciting. More points if they're really neat looking!

Where would you rather be right now?
Who would you want to be with?
If you could wear one color/pattern for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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I have a sensitive stomach and tend to catch every local bug every country I go to despite all of my precautions (which is sad because I love to travel), and I just came home from Mexico still feeling quite off-color. Besides continuing to stay hydrated, what else can I do to return my insides to normal? Is there some sort of conventional wisdom for travel-induced digestive issues I should know about?

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What is something that really irks you...

in movie?
When people repeat themselves...which never seems to happen in real life. I'm watching Goonies and the brother just said "We heard enough, we heard enough"

when you're driving?
When people get pissed off at me when they're clearly in the wrong

when you're in a store?
When the cashier doesn't look at the customer or is too busy talking to another associate

when you're talking to someone?
When they're not making eye contact with me but looking at the top of my head, or somewhere else entirely

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What was the last thing you did to make you really really question your sanity?

My windows face behind me and I've just been sitting here nerding out on the internet.
I look back and see a blue glow coming from behind the bottom right corner of my blinds and OH MY GOD, IS SOMEONE USING A FLASHLIGHT TO LOOK INSIDE MY WINDOW WTF WTF WTSHIT!!!??
Then I look up at the rest of the window and realize "Oh... daylight. Okay."

power to the peaceful

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It's 5:50 AM. I'm awake. I don't have to be up till 9. So, TQC...

What do you do when you can't sleep?
What are your plans for today?
I'm going to SF Pride!!!! SO excited!!

So.... anyone else from TQC going to be there?

I recently got THE BEST POSSIBLE NEWS EVER.... the kitty who lives at my house is staying! This was a question because her owner is moving out, but apparently can't keep the kitty so kitty is moving in with another girl in my house. I love cats more than I love anything else in the world, so this is wonderful to me!

Whats the one best thing someone could tell you that would make you incredibly happy?
Is there some group of things, or kind of thing, or kind of creature, that you love above all else?
Cuddling a kitty, the best thing ever, y/y?

Will you tell me a cute/funny kitty story?
Will you post a picture of your cat?

ETA: GUYS I heard the kitty scratching at my door and now kitty is on my bed, purring!! GLEE!!!!!!!!!!
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is there a way to find people just using their AIM screen name?
i don't know why he isn't on my aim anymore, but i think i remember something happening to him. i desperately want to find him again.

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I'm sick and fucking tired of being woke up by fuck mooks at 7am and than not being able to fall back asleep! So on with the show.

1. Are you tired of people talking like Borat yet?

2. What do you want me to make you for breakfast? I'm up, might as well. Be specific.

3. Would you rather own a boat or a plane? Why?
greetings from KANSAS

oh, sunday morning.

1. When you make your bed...do you put the top sheet on with the colorful side in, against the flat sheet...or facing up to the ceiling?
ETA: i mean, when you put sheets on the bed...how do you do it?

2. From your home, can you hear a distant train whistle?

3. What is the occupation of one of your neighbors?

4. Have you reduced the amount of bottled water you drink in the last year?

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Do you like watching the olympics?

Which do you like to watch more, the summer or winter olympics?

What's your favorite sport in the summer olympics?

How about the winter?

Does it get you pumped and give you a sense of national pride when people from your home country win?

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why do people leave their trays and such all over the tables when they eat fast food?

we're paid to do this but i'm also paid to clean it up if you willfully throw a cup of coffee at my head.

my answer: people were born in a barn


TQC, I am going to Toronto pride today, and I am debating what to wear.

It's raining a little and might rain more over the course of the day, so based on that, should I wear:

a) Original planned outfit: black dress(very cleavage-y), rainbow feather boa, red flats, and other various fun rainbow items.

b) More practical outfit for rain: jean skirt, green tank top, sandals, rainbow cuff.
yummy beer!, yummy

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So Dylan Thomas wrote about how a person should "rage, rage against the dying of the light". 
What is something you want to rage against these days? - anything maybe not quite so serious?
201Özil <3 :D

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my mom and her "boyfriend" (i don't really know what they are anymore) are fighting downstairs. pretty bad too, like i'm sure this might be it for them... the stupid part is that i SERIOUSLY think this stemmed because he asked her to make coffee this morning, she did, and it was too weak for him... yeah. my mom was yelling, "WHEN I MAKE YOU COFFEE YOU FUCKING DRINK IT DX!!!!!!!", and then i think she threw the mug on the ground and shattered it to make a point.

so tqc...

why is my mom so fucking crazy?

and i really want to get out of the house, but my car is in the garage and both of their cars are in the driveway blocking me, and they're fighting in front of the front door. how should i get out? D:
HP-Tonks- :|

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Two questions and they have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

does anyone here have an ipod touch? can you really surf the web? could I read my lj on one? Just curious *I wants one*

How do you tell a boy (not a man- I don't care how many year older he is- he's acting like a boy) that has issues taking orders from women-- specifically women that are younger than he is... that he needs to get over it and start listening before his job security goes up in a blaze of fire? Bonus points if I don't have to yell or curse and Extra bonus points if it can be done tactfully. ^____^


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Phone woes!

My friend was messing around on my phone while I was complaining about someone I know annoying me and calling too much, so she added him to the block without asking and told me after she did it.  That is not something I wanted to do.  I have a Samsung t819.  How do I remove that person from the blocklist?!  I've tried looking on the t-Mobile website, but it's not helping.  I googled but it did't help either!  Halp!

And if you are just as unhelpful...when was the last time you were absolutely furious?

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How would you describe your walk? Fast/slow, striding/mincing steps, bouncy/smooth, &c? Bonus points for video, especially for really amazing or silly walks.

I tend to walk fast and I have a long stride. If I'm in a really good mood I bounce a bit. I tend to have the hip-to-and-fro thing going on, too.

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1. for those of you who have used crest whitening strips, have you ever had tooth sensitivity? i'm on my 3rd day & my teeth are getting sensitive. should i stop for a day or two then finish the pack?

2. honestly, how often do you & your s/o fight? what do you fight about? how long do they last? who usually caves? do you plan on marrying him/her in the future?

3. tell me about your best friend? (plz no my s/o is my best friend)

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What does 'hook up' mean to you?

I always thought it meant having sex, with the literal image and all, but my friends recently told me that to them it means to make out. Now I realise that I was mistakenly thinking they were getting far more action than I was.

Also: Do you like the sound of your voice? How about when you hear it on a recording?

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Dear TQC:

What is it with men and plastic bags?

My father has filled up the cabinets under the sink with plastic grocery bags. You open the doors to get dish soap or something, bags tumble out. I got a container of some sort and managed to cram all his grocery bags into it and demand that he limit himself to as many as he could fit in it. Now he has a densely-packed container of bags AND the rest of the space under the kitchen sink is still full of bags.

I somehow failed to notice this for a few years, but I've moved in with my boyfriend for the summer and have found he does the SAME THING. The drawer next to the stove can barely be opened because it is so full of plastic bags. It only opens a few inches at a time, generally to be have more bags crammed in it.

They both use them for garbage bags for little trashcans, like you might have in your bathroom. And my boyfriend is saying "fine, let's take them to the recycling place." (Though possibly just to shut me up.) But my father, god forbid you suggest he throw away the damn bags. He NEEEEEDS those bags. They're USEFUL.

Do you know any guys who do this? Do you know any girls who do this?
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Okay TQC, I need to make a ~*~sexytime~*~ playlist on iTunes. Music that's good to play while you're bumping uglies/gettin' down wit it/horizontal tangoing/fucking like rabbits, whatever you want to call it. However, sorry Mario, but all my GOOD music is in another castle computer! One I cannot currently access. So I need some good recommendations for sexytime music.

So far I've got...

1. Jem - "Closer" (I'm debating keeping this on there or not, we'll see)
2. Marilyn Manson - "Spade" (Lyrics ignored, it honestly just SOUNDS sexy)
and 3. Razed in Black - "Erotica"

Yeah. Unless the sex is a quickie, three songs will simply not do.

So what sexy songs do you recommend I add?


How do you get your parents to NOT be racist against the person you like? I really want to date this guy who's Puerto Rican [I can't spell...sorry] and I'm white. I see nothing wrong with it AT ALL but my mom is being very horrible about it. She hates him and barely knows him...she said that he'll hit me and that he'll be controlling because of his ethnicity. I just don't know how to make her grow up and get over it. :/ He's a very nice guy but she doesn't really care for these stupid reasons.
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[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Did you grow up in the city, the suburbs, or a rural area?

Of the three, where would be your ideal place to live?

Do you ever find concepts of living in certain areas difficult to grasp? For example, my friend, who grew up out in the sticks, is utterly fascinated by buildings that are more than a few stories tall. I, having grown up in a city, cannot understand how she and her family have to drive forty five minutes to the nearest supermarket.
(food) usagi eating ice cream

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3- What did you last laugh at?

2- What did you last watch?

1- What did you last eat?

0- What did you last touch, that wasn't your keyboard/mouse/otherwise-computer-related?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Dear TQC, I need your hair help!

I am going to go today to get my hair cut. I was going to just go to get the dead ends trimmed off, but I'm not sure. I'd kind of like to do something different with it. It's very, very thin and dyed this brownish-red color, so there's usually not a lot they can do for me. What do you think would look good on me?

Pics under the cut. :)

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i say, old bean

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Alright TQC
how in the fuck and why in the hell do people tell themselves such lies about this make-believe douchebag in the sky? (yes, that's right folks, i'm talking about god)


Picture post and other stuff.

I just walked 6 miles with Liberty. What should I eat?
1. A bean burrito, a cheeseburger or cheese ravioli?

2. I'm having date night tonight. What movie should I go see?

3. Is there a piece of jewelry you wear that you never take off? Will you post a picture of it?
Mine in comments.

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What do you do with the photographs, cards, and any sentimental items that recall memories when you've broken up with your significant other?

Do you keep and use the wearable items, like clothing or jewelry that someone (could be your s/o or best friend) has given you if you're no longer together or if you're no longer friends?
white dress

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Okay, so my neighbor below me is playing really farking loud music. The bass is loud enough to be heard and felt over my TV. This has been going on for a few weeks, but it's never been this loud.

I'm too much of a pansy to go confront them, so I've just been gritting my teeth and dealing with it, but this is way too loud. What do I do?

Serious and non-serious answers, plz.

ETA: They turned it down (I'm assuming another neighbor complained). Should I still say something to management when I turn in rent?

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I'm bored...so here I am...

Do people still use chatrooms these days? I haven't heard much about them lately and never use them myself. Just curious.

How are you today? Caught a cold for the first time in years but feeling quite cheery considering.

What (recreational) drugs have you tried? Nothing but weed & valium although I would try others I guess

What book are you reading? Whats it about? I've just finished Renas Promise..about two girls that survived 3 years in Auschwitz

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 What is something that made you chuckle today?

My sister left me a note telling me to have the electrician call her at work on a HUGE pieces of card board and propped it against the couch.  I was like "Why didn't you tell me on your way out or text me!?"  It just felt bizarre.

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1) What is your advice for overcoming writer's block? Why can't I get started?

2) If you could read minds at will and turn it off whenever you wanted, whose mind would you want to read?

3) Have you seen the movie Descent with Rosario Dawson? What did you think of it?

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How many forms of logic and rules of inference do you know?

Can you explain what the following sentence means in more complex or more simplistic terms?

Logics are usually systems intended to codify rules for preserving some semantic property of propositions across transformations.
gasp zooey

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When was the last time you took time for yourself to just do something you enjoy?

My mom and I are getting pedicures next Friday, but I get kinda freaked out about feet - especially about people TOUCHING my feet.  How can I get over my awkwardness?
Cloud :: call waiting

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1. Which kind of Cheerios is your favorite? I'm thinking Apple Cinnamon, myself.

2. What group of people do you absolutely loathe for ruining things for everyone else? For me, it's asshole customers who are determined to abuse the shit out of that "the customer is always right" nonsense.

for realz

What do you think of people who accept themselves at a weight that's not ideal? (Not immensely huge, just bigger.)
If you are not ideal body range* have you struggled with your weight?
If you are ideal body range, but suddenly weren't anymore would you diet like hell to get back to where you were?
What is ideal body range for you?

*ideal body range (for me) = lower end of average to thin

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To make a long story short, I applied and interviewed for a job last week. I called back today, asked if they had made a decision, and she said to call back later in the week so I could go to orientation.

Does that mean they're hiring me? I assume it does, but... I didn't want to look stupid and ask her, so I decided to look stupid on the internet instead. :D


What's the next book on your 'To Read' list?
Mine is part two of Chris Owen and Jodi Payne's Deviations series, Domination.

Can you recommend a book for me, TQC? So that my list can grow to epic and unreachable proportion? I have gone so long reading nonfiction (being a history teacher and all, I let it sort of become me after a while) that I am out of touch with fiction. When I DID read it avidly, my favorites were Irvine Welsh, Anne Rice (don't hate), William S. Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson, Piers Anthony, and Anthony Burgess. I also very much like Medieval Literature. What book(s) would you recommend?
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Do girls normally feel warmer around their abdomen during that time of the month? I asked a couple of guys and they completely disagreed, so I'm curious to hear a wider range of opinions.

To clarify, I mean does their abdomen feel warmer to the touch.
fotc - business time

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I wash my bras in a lingerie bag but sometimes they still manage to get dents in the cups. These stupid dents are noticeable when I'm wearing the bra and I hate it, they usually have to get thrown out.

Anyone know of a way to rid the cups of these dents? 
[lost] Goodbye lost

Argh Work

Hey guys, is it ok for someone you work with to pull you and another girl into a room and start berating them, only to tell you halfway through that she is recording the conversation? Cause this happened to me, and I am totally pissed.

Isn't that illegal?

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So I asked this a few days ago... but I'll ask again cause I got like 5 answers at 3am that night...

I donated blood on Wednesday. The nurse couldn't find a vein on my left arm so tried on my right.

Collapse )

The camera on my Blackberry doesn't really do it much justice. Its much more purple-ish red then you can tell...

Anyway... It didn't really worry me till my mom saw it today and freaked out. She thinks it may be infected. Have any of you donated blood and gotten a bruise that big/for that long?

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So TQC, what is meant by "avant garde" fiction? I submitted to a literary magazine and got a rejection slip back saying that my work wasn't avant garde enough. What did they mean? Srs and non-srs answers welcome, the non-srs to soothe my bruised ego.

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was there something that made you giggle today?
the sign for the exit i take to get back to my apartment keeps getting knocked over- over the past two years i've come back from my mothers to see it dow about ... 5 times.

Is there a actor/actress that you really love because not only they're a good actor/actress but a pretty nice person to?
i think Viggo Mortenson is pretty  awesome. IDK how he is IRL though-
edit: oh and Ian McKellen is the shiznit.

Also, Hot Sauce can make most anything taste better- y/n?
what brand of hot sauce do you like?
chan marshall

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Can you tell me something random and funny you have seen lately?

I was walking to the Ferry yesterday and this car was waiting for the lights to go green. I looked into it and suddenly realized this guy had a blow up sex doll right next to him! I burst out laughing and he slammed on the gas once the lights went green. I laughed the whole day. WTF

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1) Why the hell is Electrasol changing their name to Finish?

2) Are you going to go see Mamma Mia? I'm taking my best friend to dinner and a movie next week, what should we go see?

3) What sunscreen do you use for your face?

4) What's an interesting website for either gourmet food, or a blog type site for shopping like Mighty Goods or Rare Bird Finds?

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I burnt my fingers a few days ago and now I have some really big blisters. How can I make the swelling go down? It is big enough to make it difficult to move my fingers which makes typing cumbersome :(

Do you think unconditional love exists or does everything have a limit?

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I'll be in San Francisco for about a day from Thursday to Friday. My first stop is going to be at the Giants' stadium, to catch a game. How far from there is Fisherman's Wharf? How can I get between these two spots?

(It's easier to ask this way.)

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Have you ever done Kiteboarding?

Have you ever wakeboarded?

If yes to both, which one was easier for you?

(Because I'm taking kiteboarding lessons, but still not gotten on the board, just body dragging and power strokes. I'm doing evrything pretty good so far. But I tried wakeboarding once and it was hard to stay on the board without staying squatting. As long as I tried to stand up, I fell! My teacher told me that getting on the board with kitesurfing is a lot easier than wakeboarding. So...I'm wondering if you guys agree or not!)

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Would you give up your life to spare the life of 1 stranger?
If you said no, what about 5 strangers?
If you answer is still no, what about 100 strangers?

If you are still saying no, at what point would you sacrifice yourself to save X number of strangers? Or is there no such number?

this is mostly just me whining.

my boyfriend is in the hospital again, for the third or fourth time this month. mentally, he's a real mess, and he has been since the beginning of june when he was either drugged or had a psychotic break. he's been having panic attacks the last week or two.

i'm supposed to visit him the next two weeks in a row. i just want him to be okay so i can go and see him and spend time with him and see for sure that he and his mom are okay. am i selfish for this?

his mom doesn't have anyone to talk to about any of this so last time, she cried to his/our friend who got involved when i realized something was wrong. this time, she's cried to me twice. i feel awful and want to help but i feel like i just say "yeah" a lot in a somewhat comforting tone. what can i do to help her? i'm two hours away and work full time, but i offered to come and help her out on the weekends if she needs it.

someone tell me he'll be okay?
anti-time dispensary

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So I bought this roast probably 4-6 months ago. It's been frozen in the back of my freezer since, I kinda forgot about it. Is it still safe to eat? I want to say it is, because it is hella frozen, but I'm afraid of teh germs :C

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1) what should I do with some pants I grew out of but have holes on the bottom? wiill the goodwill even take those?

2) do you enjoy fancy sausages like chicken apple?


eta: what's wrong with you?

Brain gone on vacation, singing in spanish which I don't understand

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I've been on google and google.de trying to find a list of the members of the sixth German army who went to Stalingrad, but I'm only finding names of commanders and such, not regular soldiers.  Do you know anywhere I can find this information?


What food are you craving?  I want a chili dog so bad...and I rarely even like hotdogs!
Pit Bull: Reindeer

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Tonight I am having dinner with my boyf's crazy family.

How should I go about subtly offending them?

Also, it's really hot so I'm going to wear a cute dress. Should I go for super duper casual, or something a little more dressier but still summery and cute?

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You guys.
K um.
I'm having a wee bit of a problem. I'm having a tiny spec of a nervous breakdown. Except more like the size of enormous. My phone's acting up and it wont turn on and I can't call anyone. I don't want to go out for a walk either, it might be worse.

Can you help me get my mind off of it? Please? Pictures maybe? U Toobs? ASCII competition?
hate pimentos

Food Question! (Do I ask anything else?)

Lately, when I make spaghetti sauce, I use a can of crushed tomatoes and a can of petite diced tomatoes.  However, the sauce is never really... saucy.  There are chunks of tomatoes (which I like) but instead of it being in a thicker tomato sauce, it separates and the non-chunk part of the sauce is super watery.  I really like chunks of tomatoes in my sauce.  Does anyone have any idea how I can make chunky tomato sauce without it being watery?
Fight Club - plane

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Do you feel like there's a thick fog over your mind, making you groggy and not all there?
Are you easily irritable?
Are you depressed?
Do you want to die?
Do you yearn to take a dump?
Do you feel inadequate? Unloved? Morose? Bleak? Weary? Insipid? Ignorant?

How is your day?

For the sake of being fair

My friends and I are driving down to LA for a cruise this upcoming weekend. What do you think would be fair cost wise when it comes to paying for gas.

There are four of us going. By our calculations it would cost around $200 total round trip in gas money. Do you think the person who's car we are taking should have to pay less gas money than everyone else if any at all seeing as how they are volunteering to put over 700 miles on their car?

Everyone would be alternating driving to and from.
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Is it just me?

Is it just me or does this seem to happen to everyone? Just when I get ALL my dishes done, I immediately have to dirty another dish. Either my son is hungry or thirsty. Or it's time to eat lunch or dinner. Or like today, I opened the frig. and noticed I was almost out of tea. So I had to get out the pot that I had just washed to boil water in to make the tea. Plus I was out of coffee, so had to use the coffee pot. I keep coffee cold in the fridge for iced coffee. So tell me how it works for you guys.
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Would you share with us a short haiku about something you own?
If you don't care for poetry, when is the last time you set foot in a house of worship and what was the occasion?
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summer fat

what's your favorite "summer" food?
salt water taffy, lots of fudge fudge fudge fudge, and boardwalk fries. i just wanted to ask this question because i ate so much of this shit over the weekend and i'm nomming on fudge as i'm typing.

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Why do Yan Yan's whale sticks say "biggsey" mammal?

is it some Japanese humor/joke that I don't understand?
did they make a mistake when printing them out and just decide to send them out to be sold as opposed to redoing the WHOLE batch?

Also, why are the sticks so long and the section of frosting so small? :(

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I need Toast for Mac or ShrinkWrap or something to mount disc images but I'm cheap^23 so anybody know where I could get them free slash as a knock-off? Pls pls pls!

I was in the ER two days ago for some nice pleurisy. When was the last time you were in the hospital? Why?

Best thing you ate today? Pictures are a plus!

If you could have any animal as a pet and didn't have to clean up its poop or pay for it, what would you choose?
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Dun dun dun dun

Have any of you secretly planned your wedding already even if you're not in a relationship? If you have, do you have any pictures saved on your computer as ideas for your "big day"? Will you post them?

Here are some polyvores I've made of ideas when I was bored.
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Whatever happened to good old fashioned lynch mobs? You know, with angry people carrying torches and being pissed, and so on.
(lynch mob (noun) - a mob that kills a person for some presumed offense without legal authority)


And funeral pyres? When did cremation become so... so unceremonious?

What is the best way to alter the weather? If it wasn't so hot out, I wouldn't have time to think up weird stuff like this, I would be out doing stuff.
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Did ya have a Tamagotchi or one of its friends (giga pet, nano pet, whatever)? What'd it look like? What about Pokemon cards? Pogs? Slap bracelets?

What was your favorite?

Were they banned at your school? What did your school start to forbid during your formative years? What did you do about this?

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Do you think it would be weird for a female to collect men's ties? If you do, why?

If You're a female, would you wear them? Do you already wear them?

Would you collect them? If you're a female? A male?

Seriously, some are so darn pretty and have neat pattens
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1. How do you deal with flaky people? I am really angry at my best friend for bailing on our plans twice in the same week, how should I go about calming down?

2. I want to go out and do something, but it's 10pm. Can you suggest something fun to do at this time of night? I live in a city, but most things are closed around here due to excesses of old people. (I'm underage for bars, as well.)

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 I'm wondering if you guys know of a good place online to buy eye glasses thats cheap. I'm not looking for brand names just something unique and stylish, if it helps I'm looking for glasses with rinestones. so if anyone on here buys their glasses online or knows of a good site let me know.

for those who dont wear glasses, whats the last movie you've watched

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I took an afternoon nap. Bad idea. I just woke up and thought it was morning. Nope. So now I'm wired and have nothing to do.

1. What should I do with my night?

2. I have an itch on the top of my ni**le and its impossible to scratch. What has bothered you today?

3. Where is the worst place to get a cut?
I cut the bottom of my foot the other day. Not fun.

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Anybody miss me/want to see my pictures with Stephen?

For those who dont give two shits:
Have you ever gone out with your family or friends to a public place, only to realize you're all wearing the same color?
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What is the last thing you were REALLY glad you bought?

My canister vacuum cleaner! It works sooooo much better than the old bag one that kept breaking. I am going to go roll around on my carpet now, and enjoy the lack of cathair ensuing.
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an assortment of questions!

1. I was recently prescribed an 10 day dosage of an antibiotic to treat a UTI. My doc told me it would make my birth control ineffective for a while. Does anyone have an idea as to how long that would be?

2. Why do computer monitors make that static-y noise when they are being turned on/off?

3. Has anyone here ended up with their high school sweetheart for the long run? (married, partners, living together, etc.)

4. For those of you with Macs, what are some cool mac applications you have downloaded?
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have you heard anything very hilarious lately?

The other day at work, my boss yelled out a last name as "cocks" when it is actually spelled and pronounced Knox/knocks. He walked over to her and said, "Hey, Berta, the K is silent, not the N." and for some reason his tone absolutely cracked me up.

What are some calming songs you would put on a CD for someone who is in the psych ward? i'm quite sure he's not trying to harm himself or others, he's just a panicky mess lately and was very disoriented and a bit out of control yesterday.

What kind of foods are somewhat easy to make and would be good to bring to a mother and her seven year old daughter while her son is in the psych ward?
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Do you enjoy cooking?
What about making your own creations?
Today for breakfast I had a blueberry waffle. Instead of butter and syrup, I topped it with a cut banana and drizzled honey and dusted some cinnamon on top. It was really yummy!
For those of you that use a curling iron, do you apply hairspray once the hair is wrapped around the barrel or before?