June 27th, 2008


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Dear Doc TQC,
I need your wisdom and stuff.

My boyfriend is having problems with his back. His spine is twisting, and it's basically pulling his left shoulder muscle apart. I don't know if it's because of his scoliosis or what, but it's causing him major pain.

Is there a name for this? Or is just the scoli?

Have you dealt with this? Or know anyone who has?

If you have, what did you do to help?
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Let's say Obama wins in November and becomes our new president. Miraculously, somehow, he resolves the Iraq problem, spearheads the search and discovery of an alternate fuel source, and fixes not only Medicare but Social Security. He's like the best president ever. However, in his 3rd year, he's caught by the press in bed with a man. He was cheating on his wife to have gay sex!!

So, he's like a wonderful president, but had some exploratory pipelaying with another man. What are his chances of being re-elected? Good or bad?
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Read the new David Sedaris book (When You are Engulfed in Flames)?

What's your favorite DS book?

I'm going to a DS reading/book signing on Tuesday. On a scale of "who the fuck is he" to "awesome!!!", how cool is this?
she blinded me with science!

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Anyone know what µP, θ1, and θ2 would mean in electronics? I'm trying to figure out how to use a motor controller IC, and it has six inputs labeled µP, with two of them also labeled θ1 and θ2.

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do people sell fruit on the side of the road where you live?
have you ever bought fruit from them?
why is their fruit SO much better than fruit bought at the grocery store? is it because most of those fruit-sellers are selling illegal fruit?

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Does it annoy you when service people aren't friendly?

Does it ever stop you from approaching them if you need to?

Have you ever complained to management about someone's tone/demeanor?


My aunt and cousins are coming to visit tomorrow and they will be here for about 6 hours. My cat, Biggsey Mammal, does not enjoy when they visit. As soon as they walk through the door he hides under the couch. Whenever they come I leave the door to my bedroom open, and put some food and water in there for him, but he seems to prefer the couch. I don't like him spending his whole day terrified under the couch.

What would be the best way to handle this? I have another non-scared cat if it matters.

Also, I've been looking around and I've found several cat calming products, have you ever used one? Which one? How did it work?
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So I woke up this morning and out of habit, went to move my lip piercing around, which healed WONDERFULLY with NO problems, to it being swollen like a mutherf***er.

What was the last thing to seriously bum you out?

What's your favorite body wash?
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who else is tired of all the game shows, dancing and singing shows and reality shows on tv? What ever happened to actual shows? all this other stuff is crap.
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kermit face palm


How do you store your jewellery? Do you have a jewellery box or some other way to keep it from getting tangled up and lost?

What's your favourite piece of fun, cheap jewellery?

Do you think men who wear big clunky gold chains/bracelets/earrings are hot or not?
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Has anyone purchased any Phoenix Wright games at GameStop? Their website only advertises Trials & Tribulations, which is the one I have: do they carry the other two, or will I have to get them online?
nkotb - joe - yay


My friend and coworker baked mini lemon cornbread muffins. She loves to bake.

1. Do you like to bake? Why?

2. What is your favorite thing to bake?

3. What do you like to bake but don't eat yourself?

4. What do you hate to bake but love when someone else bakes it for you?

5. Would you like a mini lemon cornbread muffin?

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I just walked all the way to the market, picked out groceries, took them to cash out and realized I forgot my money. Damn!
1. Have you done anything completely stupid yet today?

2. What do you think is the sexiest language?

3. What is your favorite material possession?
dianna agron ;;

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I have a driving test in two hours. This morning I woke up to find my dog had peed in my room for the first time in MONTHS and I spilt coke all over my keyboard.


I can't afford another test :(
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Dear TQC,

Can you tell me something you think is TRUE about immigrants in America?

Pee.Ess. not social experiment-- this is an actual question on a test a student is taking right now with me...
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Give a dog a home

TQC Rollcall Part II

So remember when we had the epic post in TQC and got 5007 comments on one post?

Do you think we could do it again? Do you think we could do it faster than we did the last time? It took about five and a half hours the last time.

There are over 10,000 TQC members, and over 4,000 actually have TQC on their friends list.

Do you think we could get 5000 comments on a post... for the second time?

~ 10:15 am: 255 comments
~ 10:52 am: 655 comments
~ 11:46 am: 1746 comments
~ 1:15 pm: 3299 comments
~ 1:42 pm: 3803 comments

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What kind of cell phone do you have?
I have a white LG rumor. I loves it!

What are some good places to shop online to get stuff similar to the stuff on perpetualkid.com or Fredflare.com? I'm having trouble finding stuff i like for my birthday :(


Last week i gave my pets a round of frontline and bombed the house for fleas.  But it hasnt worked, is it supposed to take this long or is it jsut not going to work?  And if it isnt, what do i do?  I cant live with these little pests any longer.


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What current T.V. shows are you following?

I've been watching Last Comic Standing, America's Got Talent, The Moment of Truth, I Survived a Japanese Game Show, and I'm not gonna lie...The Bachelorette.


Backstory: about a year ago, a stray cat started frequenting our backyard. We started feeding her, named her Lillian and she actually became quite friendly with us. Then she got pregnant and had four kittens. We found homes for 3 of them and kept one with us, named him Squints. Later, we took them to a non-profit organization called Alley Cat Guardians, an organization that spays and neuters strays as well as gets them their shots. They are entirely volunteer-run, only operate out of a local vet's office one Saturday a month and so I'm not sure how long it will be before they can get back to me. We received no documentation of any of it: getting fixed or getting their shots. Since then, both cats have become ours, spend most of their time indoors and even sleep with us.

Today, we are moving into an apartment. Tomorrow is our last day we can be in this house. The apartment management called us this morning, saying "Oops, forgot to tell you, we need their papers with their license numbers and proof of spay/neuter and shots!" We NEED to move today!

While I wait for phone calls back, help me relax a little:

1.) What is the process like for licensing your cat? How long does it take to process?
2.) Do you think I'll have to pay to get their shots again? How much to do this?
3.) What should I do?!

Atlanta? ANYONE??

I (apparently) have lame friends that like to cancel plans.

1. Will you hang out with me tonight? (like for real? I live in Atlanta and want to do *something* tonight)

2. How do you go about making a new group of friends?

3. Anyone else feel like they are *COMPLETELY* lost?

4. Was Psychology a class offered at your high school?

5. What is a good team sport/activity for someone with very little athletic ability?
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I went to the bathroom and came back and my dog had gotten my modge podge off of the coffee table, opened it, and had a party with it in the living room.

How do I get modge podge out of carpet? (It's glue-like stuff for those that don't know).

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 I submerged my cellphone underwater. I turned it off immediately and then took it apart to dry. What do you think my chances are that it is not completely destroyed from this? (it is one of the older razr models.)
Are there any cellphones out there that can withstand getting water on it? (also being able to hold up in extreme heat and getting thrashed around would help)

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I'll change the price to $200,000 in the question below. Ignore the 100k

Poll #1212143 Movie hypothetical

Say you wrote a screenplay. You put a lot of work into it, and it's dear to your heart. It's about a battered wife, who's been given the business by her abusive husband, bullying boss and shrewish mother. In a surprise twist, she sells her soul to the Devil and extracts revenge, Carrie-style. It's witty, humorous and fun, and quite a dark comedy. You put it through the right channels and no one bites at it, but after a while, one director does. "I'd like to film it immediately. I'll pay you $100,000 for your script. I get full casting control. I'm picturing Tori Spelling as the wife, Keanu Reeves as the husband, Tony Danza as the Devil, Fran Drescher as the mother, and Sylvester Stallone as her boss. Just sign this release form and it'll become my screenplay, to edit and change any way I want. I'm thinking of changing it from a comedy to an action movie with lots of explosions". Do you give away your screenplay?

Yes. It's going to be horribly, horribly mutilated, but 100k will help satisfy me
No. I refuse to compromise my creative integrity so much. Tori effing Spelling? Danza as the Devil? WTF? No way, sir.

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I decided to throw a party. It will be a Mexican food-tea-pool party

What kind of food shall I cook? I am already making cheese/beef/chicken enchaladas, flat tacos, nachos, tortilla soup and bean burritos.

computer configurations

I have done this before but now have forgotten. Help!

I got a new laptop for a friend. The label shows the order I placed. One component in question is 120Gb HDD space.

How do I check on the laptop to verify this? when I go to C: and click on properties it shows 105Gb disk space (with 94Gb as free space). Did I miss something?! Did they take up 15Gb for all the preloaded stuff? And don't show this?

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I'm looking for some old Victorian-esque or Industrial Revolution-ish (I'm not even sure if it is from that era, but the illustration style reminds me of that) prints or illustrations, where there is fantastical, stage-like science-fiction imagery. The same type of style and imagery that Georges Méliès used in A Trip To The Moon.

The Smashing Pumpkins also used it for their Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness album, as well as their Tonight Tonight video.

Terry Gilliam also uses it in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and much of his other works and animation. And I've noticed that the Little Nemo comic also has the same type of fantastical imagery in it.

Does anyone know if there is there a certain term or name for this kind of style?
Also, does anyone know of any websites that might have an archive of images like this?

Thanks :)

Why do you build me up...

So, TQC, my husband took today off to go test for an awesome job with excellent benefits and great pay. (Remember my insurance post a while back? This would solve that.) Well, he was dismissed before the interview process, and was told it was because he didn't pass the testing phase. So, he comes home completely crushed, feeling like a complete failure as a provider/father/etc. Then, after about half an hour of "I'm so proud of you for trying" and "Who needs those assholes, anyway?" we get a phone call. Apparently, he was put on the wrong list. He did pass the test and they would like to interview him as soon as he can get there. A friend of ours who also works there says that if you get to the interview phase, you've pretty much got the job. I'm trying really hard not to count my chickens, but damn...

When was the last time you were on an emotional rollercoaster, TQC?

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People, I am going to Portland in a week. I am so excited I cannot function.

1) My compatriots and I are going to sample cupcakes at St. Cupcake. What 4 flavors should we split? (we will be there on a Saturday)

2) Should we go to the fireworks on the river?

3) Portlandians, is The Lamp any good? It's right next to the Aladdin, where the concert is, and we need din din.

4) What are your 4th of July plans?

5) If I get the chance to meet Jonathan Richman, I will throw up on his shoes y/y?

Maybe I should apply to E-Harmony..

TQC Single-ites....

What would be your ideal s.o.s. look like in terms of physical appearance?

What are some personality traits that you would like your future partner to have?

For those who dont give a hoot about my first two questions, Who here is on a diet? What is it and has it been successful for you yet?

1. Tall, preferably 6' or taller, chunky or built, light skin, light eyes and medium to long dark hair.

2. Faithfulness, trustworthyness, family values, christian, openminded, adventurous and goal oriented.

3. I am! I diet on weight watchers, its honestly the best system out there(for me at least). You can eat anything you want, just in moderation! I lost fifty pounds the first time I tried it, the problem with me was that I got too comfortable with my new weight, got off the diet and gained everything and more back! This time Im not gonna let it happen again :)
two hearts

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I hate when people who think they're open minded say things like OMG REPUBLICANS HATE THE GAYS and LOLOL REPUBLICANS THINK ONLY THEY CAN SAVE THE AMERICAN FAMILY FROM TEH GHEY LOLOL. I'd have those sorts of people know that they are the ones being closed-minded and idiotic. I'm gay, my mother is a republican, and she supports me fully. And that's just one example. 90% of the republicans I know are for gay rights.

What common (political) assumption pisses you off because of personal experiences?
Paul Dano
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It's my brother's twentieth birthday and he's walking around the house bawling. What should I do to cheer him up? Please keep in mind that he's not exactly a happy-go-lucky, I'll-laugh-if-you-tackle-hug-me, emotionally or psychically open kind of person.

How badly has your day fucking sucked?
What was your last big disappointment?

Who do you want to strangle?

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Is there anyone in TQC land that would let me smell their feet (socked are best but bare is OK)? I know it is weird and I don't want to ask friends about it, so I just have to find out either how accepting you are or how weird I am. This is serious btw. Thanks!

Flowers/plant advice :-)

So, as a few of you might remember, my little brother was diagnosed with psychotic depression a little over a year ago. He's getting help, but doesn't seem to be responding to much. We're currently in the process of moving houses (claiming bankruptcy because of medical bills, mainly). Our new house has a HUGE backyard. Thing is, the old renters didn't take care of it, so it's a total mess... covered in weeds, all flowers are dead, etc.

I know he has an interest in plants- pretty much the only thing he's ever had an interest in. So I'm thinking that me and him could redo the backyard. My Dad's already planning to put grass in, so no need to worry about that. The backyard used to be lined with flowers, and so I have the areas picked out that are fine to plant in. Pretty much the whole backyard gets sunlight. We live in the SF Bay Area (San Bruno, to be exact), so it rarely gets very hot, and is often foggy/raining.

Basically, I'm asking what plants/flowers/whatev would be good for this. I don't want anything too hard to take care of, and would love a wide variety of plants. Any suggestions?

EDIT: We also have 2 dogs and 1 cat. Nothing that can harm them, plz :-)

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My boyfriend was supposed to be coming home today for a wedding we were supposed to be going to together on Sunday. But as of 3pm yesterday when i last received a text from him he didn't know if he had someone to cover his shift for today and Sunday. We usually text all day but i haven't heard from him and he hasn't responded to my texts. This is driving me nuts. I'm actually getting kind of worried. Should i try calling him? Or just wait till he gets
a hold of me?

Happy Hardcore

I've got a bunch of random mp3s in my collection that are left over from an ex, so I don't know what all of them are. One day one of his old happy hardcore songs came on; it was your typical hard and fast beat and sped up 'chipmunk' vocals that you couldn't actually understand.

I was in a crappy mood at the time and found it cheered me up tremendously; so I thought, hey, let's buy some more. I looked around for a mix collection and found Happy Hardcore Top 100. Except I got it home, excitedly put it on, and... it's not bad music, but it's not what I was expecting. Pretty mediocre beats and not a single song with the hyper-sped-up vocals. Songs like Prodigy's Outer Space; good, but not at all like the original song that I was after.

Does anyone who knows more than me know what that original song might have been? It was in a shuffle list and I can't for the life of me find the original mp3 again to check the tags. From memory though, it was unnamed anyway.

I feel like this could have been any number of bands, but if it's as prominent as I was led to believe, why is there not a single one on this so-called 'top hundred'?

Can anyone recommend some good CDs that are that kind of happy hardcore? Compilation CDs are especially welcome as I like to get a range, but as long as it's that sort of music I'd love artist reccomendations as well.

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I'm gonna be throwing a theme party in about a month (yes, you can come, but that's not the point).

To put it bluntly, how can i make a theme party... not... suck? also, Is post-appocalyptic too narrow and/or nerdy of a theme to run a whole party off of? i'm going to throw in steampunk and cyberpunk crap to broaden the pallete, but that's really all i have to work with. I know we need "Killer Tunez", and to encourage dressing up, but that's about it. any other suggestions to make theme parties work?

any suggestions for party games/food/other crap to do at a post-apocalyptic party?

(Edited to add paragraphs to make it look pretty)

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Have you ever used a Ouija Board? I'm bored tonight and I want to do it with my friend. (I`ve done it before but absolutely nothing happened.)

How do you use it? Maybe I did something wrong, haha.


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1) how do you get a temp job? do you have to physically show up or is applying online ok?

2)does anyone have experiences good or bad?

3)would you recommend it to me? difficulty: low energy, obsessed with school, spacy.


Does anyone here work for The Picture People? Have you ever gone to a Picture People location before? Was it a good experience?

If you don't know what The Picture People is, go Here

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My English assignment this summer wants me to write an essay as though I were Holden Caulfield's psychiatrist. This year is going to be awesome, y/y?
What's the coolest assignment you've ever gotten?
july 21

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so Fido called and said that my cellular phone bill was around $300....they also said that it was because i had sent 8,000 text messages. now, i know i text a lot BUT i do not believe that i had sent 8,000 in ONE month. i had to get my texts suspended because i couldn't pay the $300 right now...

TQC, did i really send 8,000 text messages in one month? or is Fido just screwing me over?

ETA: i haven't gotten any official billing in the mail stating that i've sent the 8,000 texts. they just called and told me.

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how much do you pay a month for your blackberry curve and what service provider is it through? What does it include? (ie. email, internet, text messaging, voice...) Are you on a plan or by yourself?

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Have you ever had an obsession or even an addiction? What was it?
It doesn't have to be illicit or limited to material things. 
.. I've inadvertently picked up insomnia and tea recently.
Gonna have to break the first, hopefully sooner than later.

oh those how to's...

- Does anybody know the correct method to dry clean garments.. at home??

I was going to bring my garments to the dry cleaners today, but the lady said i won't be able to pick it up 'till next Wednesday. I asked for a rush within 1 day, but the earliest is tomorrow around 5pm if i was to bring the garments to her right now.

I need it by 11am tomorrow.. is there an excellent home method to dry clean my clothes? Help anyone?

And no, putting in the dishwasher or letting the cat lick/dog fart (or anything else along that line) on the fabrics are not acceptable answers..lol

- Hot and humid in T.O, how's the weather in your neck-of-the-woods?
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Inigo Montoya

Anyone else have a cat like this?

We do.
Except our Tipsy's tremors seem more violent. (Her name was Coco until she became afflicted with CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia), then we changed her name. Shortly after the name change, we took her to the vet and he thought she has CH. We think our dog shook her up one night while we were sleeping, so this wasn't something she was born with.)
My brother thinks we should "put her out of her misery" but I say she eats, sleeps, poops (eta in the box), and drinks...and gets around alright(albeit rather clumsily/comically) and other than her having cerebellar hypoplasia, she's a normal cat.

Collapse )

I was pretty surprised at the number of videos on YouTube featuring cats with CH.

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1) Any teachers out there on TQC? (I know that there's got to be some of y'all out there!) If so, what do you teach? (I'm a teacher, going to be teaching 5th grade next year...after teaching 2nd and 1st).

2) If you're not a teacher... what's your favorite thing to do on weekend mornings? (Sleep in, read and go to breakfast with my friends.)

3) Can you recommend a really good scary movie for me to watch?

Second post here today!

What was the best surprise you have recently gotten?
My dad surprised me with a used Cher and George Michael cd!

I'm driving down to Utah with my Church group (not Mormon), and I would love to download some new albums. What is your favorite road trip music?
Movies - CV - shitter was full

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In case you were wondering, vinegar will get modge podge out of the carpet.

Now my house reeks of vinegar.

What does your house smell like? What can I do to make my house stop smelling like vinegar?

For CRPG Nerds...

Does anybody know how to globally highlight all text in SSI's Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventure modules without having to open every map and click the highlight button manually? I'm hoping there's some sort of utility that will do this because I can't find a way to do it in the main application...

I've Googled it but no luck.

ETA: Fixed!
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 what would it take to drive you to murder? in what circumstances could you kill another human? would you ever perform a "mercy kill" to ease someone's suffering? if yes, what circumstances would this demand?

(no subject)

any of you ever do that secret shopper stuff? i found one on here somewhere, and i can't find any fine print and i'm afraid its a scam. i know they have them, we have one every month at work..

so my question is, anyone know which are legit?

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What sort of phases did you go through in high school? 

How long did they last?

 [edit] I was coo coo for Japan for a time, then I became a music snob jerkface all immersed in the 'scene'.  Both lasted a few years...

Gas Stuff

I'm confused about something. I live in NJ if that pertains to this at all...

Today, Raceway charged $3.95/gl for unleaded gas if you paid with credit, but $3.85/gl if you paid with cash. Then, as I drove down the road further, Exxon was selling unleaded for $3.95/gl and had a huge sign that said "Unleaded: same price, cash or credit!"

Why do some gas stations charge a different amount for unleaded if you pay cash versus paying credit? I'm assuming this would be some kind of benefit for those paying with cash, but then the Exxon sign threw me off. Why do they need a sign saying it's the same price, regardless of cash or credit, if it doesn't help them?
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Decide my life for me TQC!

I went out last weekend  and ended up chatting a lot with this one guy and his friend. The guy was nice but I wasn't really "feelin' it." He was and I politely declined.

Guy texted me today to asked if I wanted to get a drink with him and his friend tonight.

If you were in my position would you go?

I do realize that it is lame turning to the internet to decide my social life.

(no subject)

1. What's your favorite 80's song?

2. What makes you horny? Or aroused if you hate the word horny...

3. I'm going to have a glass of champagne and enjoy the thunderstorms.
What are you going to do tonight?
zombie baby cede! :D

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Help!  I have naturaly grey/white hair, and I dye it black (as it used to be, and my eyebrows still are) however, I can see it coming back... and my roots are starting to freak me out. I can't really go back to my hair dresser until Late July/Early August.
(ps, I am too young to have a legitimate reason for grey/white hair)

What should I do???

srs and nonsrs appreciated. :)
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Poll #1212388 Sexual Fantasy (genre)

If you had to bang a mythological creature, which would it be?

Dryad/sylph/nature spirit of your choice
Pegasus (screw this humanoid or half-human crap)
Angel (they might not have genitalia, so it's strap-on city)
Dragon kid
Demon (they're fallen angels, so like the angels, have no genitalia)
Bigfoot (big feet means big....)

What is your favorite myth or fable?

lol pet parenting

We're leaving our kitty tonight at 10pm and no one will be home until Sunday around 7pm.

Do you think he'll be ok? Should I leave the A/C on for him? It's supposed to be 81*F tomorrow and 75*F on Sunday. I don't want him to cook!

(no subject)

1. What are you saving up to buy?
I'm trying to save up for a ticket to the outside lands music fest in august!

and for those of you who don't have to save up to buy the things you want...
2. What is your next purchase going to be?
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My mom's mom passed away recently, and we have to ship some stuff from Newcastle (Great Britain) to Vancouver, B.C.

I was wondering if anyone had any great experiences and could share what companies work well. We're not concerned about the length of shipping (i.e. by sea being much cheaper is most likely the way we'll go).



(no subject)

If someone offered you fifty million dollars to pack up and leave your current life without telling anyone and not talk to anyone you know ever again, would you do it?

What if you could take one, and only one person with you?

Why or why not?

(no subject)

Do you know of a website that will let me type up flashcards & print them?
Or perhaps a program I could download?

I'd do it in excel or something, but that's a lot of formatting to fuss with and I am hoping there's something easier out there. I'm getting tired of writing out hundreds of flashcards.

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I've buzzed my hair, as advised by the internets. I want to take lots of pictures and post them everywhere but my camera battery is dead and I can't find the charger.


Also: When was the last time you had an orgasm? Was it by yourself or with another person?

Finally: When was the last time you cried?

(My answers: The night before last, with the boyfriend. And I cried today.)

(no subject)

What grooming/self-beautification process or procedure do you enjoy the most? Which one do you enjoy the least?

-I love conditioning my hair and flossing my teeth. I don't much care for plucking my eyebrows.
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1. You have 6 pets (one parrot, 4 hamsters, and one betta fish) and need someone to pet-sit them for 7 days. How much are you willing to pay max per day including gas money for the pet-sitter?

2. Has the 700+ fires in California affected you yet?

3. If you live in California, will you be buying fireworks this year?

Hamper making!

My friends have been really awesome and helping me find/apply for houses, and I wish to do something for them. I was thinking a hamper.

a) What can I include in the hamper?
Said people are vegans (in case you were going to suggest... I don't know, a pig :S ) and on the environmentally friendly side.

b) Any ideas besides a hamper?

Edit: I could probably sew some basic things, but I have no ideas of what one might need or want that I could sew :S

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If you were Irish, how would you spell the following word:




Also, how should I responCE to this cuntrag?
Collapse )

Or should I just go and get kidnapped/raped?

Also, why does an apple a day keep the doctor away? I don't get it.

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Dear TQC, have you ever or are you now taking summer classes for college?

My biology class is starting on Monday. It runs from 2pm to 7pm Monday - Wednesday, and I'm taking it at a state school. I go to a private college during the year, so this'll be my first time at this particular school - Rhode Island College - and I'm super excited because my summer has been totally boring otherwise. I'm looking forward to the dissections.

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So, I just got home from walking Liberty, my puppy. And on the way home we come across two guys who were threatening to kill each other. I think they were serious. It scared the fuck out of me!
1. When was the last time you were scared? What caused it?

When I get scared I get the hiccups. Needless to say I have the hiccups.
2. How does one get rid of hiccups without killing themselves or sucking dick?

3. Its Friday night, what are your plans?

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My SO and I were just talking about our friends who have been together for 6 years and still aren't married. The phrase "shit or get off the pot" came up and it made me laugh hysterically for about ten minutes. I guess I just haven't heard anyone say it in a long time.

What's the last thing that made you laugh for way too long for no real reason?

Part deux : Les faux de "dry clean"

Apparently my evening went swell... I stopped by 2 Crappy Tires, a Home Dump, a Sears, The Bay, 2 Hellers, 1 Linen n Ticks, and lastly: a Wal-Fart and NONE of them sell "Dryel".

So here's part deux: I was thinking ( i believe it's a good idea..or maybe not, who knows?) - Febreeze my garments, then throw it in the dryer on "air dry/low setting" with a damp white hand towel and let it run for 20-30 minutes?

Do you think that's a good idea or bad idea?

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I have phlegm in my throat, to the point that it makes me really uncomfortable, and makes it difficult to breathe.

I am incapable of doing that gross thing where you make a weird noise and it comes up and you spit it out. I tried yesterday and all i did was barf.

So, how the hell do i clear it up, without regurgitating?

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Think how many people have ever come and gone; not just people you have known but the world round.

Then take that number and think of the people that have made a name for themselves.

Cut that by those that did it in the name of h