June 26th, 2008

{wow} sin'dorei pride

Lovely body stuff

If you have one at all, how big would you describe your double chin?

Do you have any warts?

If you have one at all, which finger has the writer's bump? (I suppose it's from writing too hard, or something)

Do you have hairy arms?

(no subject)

Can your house be seen on Google Maps street view? If so, do you think it's creepy?

I live too far out in the boonies for my house to be on there, but I just looked up my old house and didn't even recognize it. Whoever redid it didn't do a very good job. :o(
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New friends

Inspired by this post.

When you friend someone, how far back to check their LJ?

Would you instantly defriend them if they were boring or said something you disagreed with, before you were on their Flist too long?

If their most recent post was really inane or WTF, what would you think?
Toy Story Face Palm

(no subject)

I once asked this a long time ago, but nobody really seemed to know. Someone once told me that I didn't "look deaf". What does this mean?

Do deaf people look a certain way?
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When you see an old person buying canned dog or cat food do you think, "they must have a dog/cat" or "they must be hungry"?

I swear, every time I see an old person cashing out at a grocery store, they're buying canned pet food.
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(no subject)

Which of these is correct?

It also looks as though the article is equating self-confidence with narcissism.


It also looks as though the article is equating self-confidence and narcissism.
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1980's look? Yes...

So I'm trying to find pictures online for different ideas of what guys used to wear in the 1980's. Mainly because im going to be in "Footloose" and really want to go all out.

I mainly am looking for gym wear, what guys wore during gym.
to what the bad boys would wear.

as well as cowboy/western attire
and finally, regular clothes. but keep in mind its Bomont... (where the hell is bomont?) lol, im lame x.x

Do you have any images, or site with pics that you might know of, to give me ideas to make something up on my own? It would help me out greatly :)

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

I just got an email from my pony's previous owners. Apparently my barn owner told them I am in England right now, my pony is a hell-animal and I have totally neglected him and I never see him.

Meanwhile, I haven't left NY and I ride him almost every night. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper right now. To make that worse, the guy I am seeing is MIA somewhere in PA. I am also failing calculus, despite tutoring and studying my butt off.

When was the last time you were unbelievably stressed out?

(no subject)

My friend is having her birthday party at The Magic Time Machine. She's going in costume as the Joker, so another of her friends is going as Harley Quinn. Since I never really watched Batman that often, I don't know many characters.

What Batman character should I go as, and what do they look like?

(no subject)

All my life, I've worked really hard NOT to see a dead person. It's always been a massive fear of mine and I've never wanted to deal with it. I'm currently on tour and my best friend flew out yesterday to hang out for the rest of the time. We were on our way home from a NYC show and got stuck in traffic. Long story short, a crash had happened and a mangled body hadn't been covered up yet.

TQC, I'm sick with grief. I haven't stopped crying, or thinking about it. I can't even sleep. How is it possible to forget something like this? How the hell do I force myself to un-see this?

(no subject)

You know those portrayals of European royalty (including Kings) where the royalty just grabs a woman in a huge dress and just casually starts having sex (sometimes rape) with her while casually conversing with their subjects? (This happened in the movie Caligula, too).

How true is that to history? Did they really just casually talk while sexing/raping some woman they randomly decided to do?

Any information surrounding this is appreciated.
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(no subject)

 Dr. Eljay,
      My chest and throat hurt quite a bit and I can't seem to stop coughing, in a completely non-cold type way. Everything else is completely fine though. What is wrong with me? Is it the ebola? What should I do about it?


Hey TQC!

So... I've been growing out my hair since February (I cut it about 2" long and then decided I wanted it longer again) and I know it's time for a hair cut, because I need it to be a bit more manageable as it continues to grow, and it's not fitting my style anymore.

My question is about WHEN to get it cut... I will be going to Toronto for Pride this weekend and seeing lots of friends I haven't seen in AGES and I will be seeing my family and I wanna look good. On the other hand, I have a wedding coming up in August and I want it to be right then too... I s'pose I could cut it twice if I need to, but I would rather not spend the money twice if I don't need to. (I refuse to go somewhere really cheap because I want it a certain way and I don't trust some of those places....)

I know it's kinda a silly little thing, but I wanna hear opinions!

ALSO: Anyone live in Ottawa and know a really good person to go to for a haircut? I haven't lived here long and I didn't like either of 2 places I went to... one charged me 3x more than they said, and the other ignored what I was trying to explain to her I wanted. My hair is still kinda short-ish, so I need someone who can really help me get the style I want (on the chance anyone knows what I'm talking about: my hair is kinda Tegan&Sara-esque length right now... more like Sara's new short cut and that's the kind of style I'm going for here...)
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For those of you that have pets.......

Do your pets have any little...well...quirks? I guess that would be the best way to describe it.

I was at my friend's house last night for a barbecue and I noticed that one of her cats doesn't drink water like a normal cat. He puts his paw in the water bowl, then licks the water off his paw.

I took the day off work today because both the kid and I have doctor's appointments. I really didn't need the whole day, but I didn't really want to go back to work either.

What should I do with the rest of my day!?
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(no subject)

Apparently my "lunch only and all fast food" diet is catching up to me in the worst way. I move into my apartment on Tuesday though and I look forward to filling the kitchen with real food as soon as I possibly can.

What sorts of real food should I put on my grocery list for next week, TQC? Any nice affordable recipe ideas I can put on my menu?

What is your favorite breakfast food?

Caller ID question

How is it that a phone can ring long enough to leave a hangup message on an answering machine but not trigger any Caller ID? I'm not talking about Anonymous or Number Unavailable. I'm talking about completely, 100% blank on two Caller ID units, like there was never a call. How did that happen?
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(no subject)

1) what are the driving hazards in your neighborhood?

geese, old people, children

2) fill in the blanks: let's go to ____ and buy a ____

Mississippi watermelon

3) what are you doing now?

making a necklace, watching a recorded thirty days.


So, I got a parking ticket. The only way to contest it is to go to court, apparently.

Have you ever gotten a parking ticket?

Have you ever contested one?

Do you think it would be worth it for me to contest a $40 ticket, or should I just pay it and move on?

(If it matters, I wouldn't be contesting on the grounds that I didn't deserve the ticket, but on the fact that it seems like it couldn't hurt to ask for it to be a smaller fine. I work in parking enforcement for a private facility, so I know at my work a polite request never hurts and often helps, but I don't know how actual courts handle these things).

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Poll #1211497 Whippersnapper is in the eye of the beholder

What's the oldest age you'd consider for a relationship?

I do not acknowledge age restrictions

What's the youngest age you'd consider for a relationship?

I do not acknowledge age restrictions
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Would you like to come gamble with me tomorrow night, outside of Harrisburg, PA? We can play penny slots! Heh, "slot."

What do you think about ghosthunting, like those guys on Ghosthunters or Paranormal State? Do you think they are for real, or full of shit?

(no subject)

Have you taken someone's virginity?
Do you feel like you'll burn in hell for it or what?

Who took your virginity?
Do you wish you could get it back?

Is there anything else on your body that you consider to be virgin (hair, eyes, ears, etc.) or are you all used up?
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(no subject)

1. When was the last time you realized you had to take something back? (interpret how you will)
1.5 What happened?

2. What was the last item that you fell in love with, but knew it was just not meant to be, for whatever reason?

3. What are your plans for today?

4. Do you like Thursdays?

5. Will you post a link to, or a picture of, the last thing you found online that made you laugh?

My answers in the comments
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(no subject)

anyone want to annoying my ex boyfriends current girlfriend by texting her a bunch of pointless shit? =D
(shes been texting me "leave mi bf alone were in luv alwayzNforeva" "he haz a daughter that he haz 2 take care ov" "he luvz me" i mean damn, i dont give a shit! hes been calling and texting me! not the other way around!! augh!! i hate girls!)

if not, what do you have planned for today?

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Poll #1211524 Boredomwatch '08

In your city/town, the criminals are disappearing. Crime overall has gone down, inexplicably. People feel safer. One day, you happen to see over your neighbor's fence, and you see him stringing up some shady guy. He's about to slit his throat, when he sees you watching him. He tells you that he's been catching and killing all the criminals in your city, that he's the one behind the recent peacefulness. He pleads for you to not tell anyone. What do you do?

Oblige his wishes and not tell a soul. He's doing a good thing and I have no complaint
He's a serial killer. Whether he means well or not, he has no right to kill people. I call the cops on him
I check to see if there's a reward, and if it's high enough, I turn him in
I not only not tell anyone, I ask if I can help in his vigilante movement

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Make drastic decisions for me, tqc!
Suppose you've been on meds since you were 16 and tried one trillion concoctions and voodoo magics. The first set of pills stabilized you but turned you into a zombie, fucked with your word retrieval (and made you suck at writing and thinking) and erased a good bit of your creativity, but they were successful at making you a little more calm.
The other 5 billion pills didn't work and made you psychotic/bipolar.
After being off of medication for almost a year, you're starting to gain your spark that you lost 4 years ago, but it only shows up occasionally (or rarely) because you're too ill and depressed and anxious to function on the day to day, but when it's good it's REALLY GOOD.

tldr: Do you go back on the old meds and risk zombification and live mediocre or do you stay med-free and live the better half of your life anxious and retarded but sometimes really really awesome?

Or do you buy a puppy and give it snuggles forever?

personal experiences, etc etc, very welcomed.

Ol' Sweet Young Scholars

What did you used to believe when you were little that you obviously don't believe in now?

When I was about three I used to believe that the longer your *stared* at a newspaper the smarter you'd become.

I found on the internet that someone thought if they put their finger up their nose they would become invisible. And one time during school, I guess he was having a moment, he put his finger up his nose and a girl screamed, "EWWW~" He thought she had the ability to see invisible people. ( I just had to write it, I thought it was inspirational. LMFAO!)


(no subject)

If you are attracted to a member of the opposite sex (&vice versa) and you find out they are a virgin (you're not) would it put you off them?

It hasn't put me off, but I don't want to be anyones first,  first times are almost always crap!)

(no subject)

I just received a package that had something along the lines of 'transmittable human disease enclosed-risk level 2' on it.

What do you think was inside my styrofoam tube?

I am receiving for the CDC.
Snoopy Enterprise

(no subject)

1. What's the most costly repair you have had to make on your car, if you own one?
2. Why is there a tractor trailer outside of my house and why has it been idling there for the past two hours?
3. For Americans: What are your plans for Independence Day?
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Not a hypothetical

Sex offenders enrolling in the state’s public registry must submit e-mail addresses and user names for instant-messaging programs, chat rooms and social-networking sites.

Those who provide that information would have to sign a consent form allowing searches of their computers or other Internet-enabled devices at any time. They would also have to install software that monitors their Internet activity at their expense.

What do you think about this?
Is it fair, if the person has otherwise served their time, including probation/parole?

(FYI this was struck down by my state's Supreme Court as unconstitutional.)
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) Where did my two bosses disappear to? They've been missing for 2 hours and I don't recall seeing them leave o_O

2) My parents just left on vacation for 12 days. They would like me to check on the house while they're gone (I don't live there). Should I help myself to their pantry and exercise equipment while I'm there?

3) Will you give me some cheap yet effective advertising tactics for a new pizza shop in town?

(no subject)

Check out this website


What comes up in your area?

attempted rape in the 1st degree, 1st degree vehicular manslaughter, criminal use of a firearm in the 2nd degree, aggravated sexual abuse in the 1st degree, 2nd degree attempted robbery, stalking in the 2nd degree, gang assualt in the 1st degree, and promoting a sexual performance by a child
All of these people are 40-60 years old. Gross.

Are you surprised? Frightened? Second guessing the safety of your neighborhood?
I knew there were some weirdos in my town but JESUS this is disturbing :/

ETA: Whereabouts do you live?

(no subject)

How can I convince my boyfriend to go to the doctor?

He has about a billion symptoms & causes of sleep apnea and it's kinda messing with both of our lives, but he refuses to see a doctor.

Why do people refuse to see the doctor when something is wrong?

(no subject)

This may be a long shot but, has anyone heard of a book about alice in wonderland from a different point of view? like the book wicked? the book has the word 'wonderland' in the title.

What's your favorite law and order?

(no subject)

Do you have your cell phone with you at all times?
If so, why?
If not, when do you have it with you?
If you don't have a cell phone, what's up with THAT?

If you know someone who always has their cell with them and they don't answer your calls, do you assume they are ignoring you or do you make the ~rational assumptions first, like their battery died?

(no subject)

1. What is the most uncomfortable feeling you have had today?
I had a hair down my throat:X

2. In three words, will you describe your personality?

3. I want to learn how to ride a horse bare back this summer. What do you want to learn how to do?

(no subject)

This Friday is me and my girlfriend's 3 year anniversary, but she is in Germany. Both my best friends are busy and I'll probably be staying at my sister's house. What would be the most efficient way to wallow in my loneliness?


The authoritahs in Australia have decided that four middies (285mL or 10 fl oz each) of beer is binge drinking. Do you agree with this?

By this rule, are you a regular binge drinker?

If you don't agree with it, how much do you think is binge drinking?
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Care Packages

So my boyfriend is away at school for 5 weeks. I'm flying down the last 2 days he has class and we're spending almost a week together there (we live in Boston and his school is in Savannah). In the mean time, I'm sending him care packages about once a week. His first one was small, Joe loves popcorn so I sent him a box of microwaveable popcorn and a picture frame with two pics of us in it. I'm trying to come up with the ideas for the rest of the boxes. I want to keep them small and on the cheap side as I'm also a broke college student.

I'm thinking of sending a few comic books and some cookies in the 2nd box. What would you send a nerdy, comic book & video game loving graphic designer?

(no subject)

Are you a screamer?
-no, heavy breather.

If you area fan of Chinese food, what's your fave things to get.?
Chicken lo mein, beef and broccolli, spring rolls, and steak terriaky [sp?]

Where'd you put my goddamn shoes?!

(no subject)

Apparently, the Westboro Baptist Church is going to picket George Carlin's funeral. I think they're a society of douchebags. Who wants to infiltrate their ranks and sabotage their efforts from within?

I DO I DO!!!
I got better things to do
I'm scared. What if they try and crucify me?
I'm planning on being there because I'm an active member of WBC

What would be some good acts of sabotage to conduct while masquerading as one of them?

At some point, during the heated protest, a bunch of you women exclaim "All this picketing is really turning me on!", and then strip naked and play a little bobbing-for-cooters. WBC loves gays!
Have someone show up as Jesus, and stand before them all, repeating Carlin's '7 words you can't say on tv' bit
Dress as muslim terrorists. Carry signs that denounce America as a fag-country. Make everybody think that WBC and al Qaida have joined forces
Have a friend with a catapult launch Skittles over the WBC crowd at some point. "Wait...God must approve of Carlin...He made it rain Skittles"
During all the angry screaming, turn to the people around you and ask "Are you as turned on as I am? What do ya say you get off your knees in prayer, come back to my place, and get back on your knees in pleasure?" Hit on them relentlessly
Stay somewhat near the back, holding up signs which contain graphic pictures of gay sex
Find ways to change the chants. "George Carlin, burn in Hell!" changes to "Florida Marlins, tickets to sell!"
Pass out noisemaking horns, that are pink and from afar, look like the WBC are blowing penises

Would it annoy you if you attended a funeral and the WBC weirdos showed up to picket? Or would you find it amusing?


You win!

What have you done lately that you think deserves a gold star or at least an A for effort?

(I desperately didn't want to go to my walking group today because I was tired, but I did anyway, and it wore me out but I need the exercise so I'm proud of myself for at least trying).
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(no subject)

1. Are your allergies attacking you right now?
Yes, my nose won't stop effing-itching!!!

2. I've always wondered this question: Let say someone tells you some information, and you spread this information to other people.  You find out later the other person lied to you, does that mean you lied to everyone else?
Approved By The Comics Code Authority

(no subject)

You have decided that the best course of action, following some rather heated battles with the professor and several young children who seem to have nothing better to do than wander around and throw balls at poor creatures, is to join Team Rocket and steal the balls-containing-pokémon that the children own. You have your eyes set on a few in particular, mostly to make the little one cry--it'd be funny, and he's clearly mistreating that pikachu.

You train your pokémon, day in and day out, easily overpowering the other people in Team Rocket until you can all but taste the delicious power and victory from all your battles. You decide to test you newfound abilities on some schmuck named "Gary" who you pummel into next week and have him decide the best course of action would be to retire and take up farming carrots.

After some time, you finally get into your first battle with the little brat, he uses some obscure little plant thing that you dispose of (and steal) rather quickly, causing him to start crying like the little brat that he is. The battle becomes heated and he eventually calls out is his pikachu that you are convinced he has some kind of sexual relationship with--doesn't he know bestiality is a sin?-- and you have to determine what you should do next.

Will you?
1- Steal the pikachu and reform it and hope that it forgets the terrible memories from it's time as a sex slave?
2- Roast it with Dark Charizard?
3- Use a Geodude and just crush it? It's a little mouse thing, it can't take on a GIANT ROCK WITH ARMS AND A FACE
4- Play Portal instead?
5- Double-click the power cord?
6- Steal the pikachu and use it as your own sex slave, you sick bastard?
7- Steal his candy and lunch money, then push him on the ground?

(no subject)

1. Do you want to hang out, or something? I'm freaking bored.

2. If you are a female, would you ever do anything sexual with another female?

3. Will you tell me something embarrassing about yourself? An anecdote, some physical trait, anything.

(no subject)

>_> Is it possible to take the enter key off of a macbook pro? Mine's sort of sticking and I'd like to see if it needs cleaned out underneath. Have you ever popped it off and successfully gotten it back on?

(no subject)

I'm trying to find the picture with the waffles and its like "they have ridges and shit" and it is absolutely epic. Someone posted it here once but I didn't save it, now I would like to laugh at it. There are others, like for peppers, rocking chairs, Obama, and ponchos.

Could somebody please post it? I've tried to search, but I just can't find it.

Its all good. I got my waffles.

(no subject)

Your SO wants to wake you up to sex. How far do you think they'd get before you woke up?

ETA: If you do have someone to sex, how far do you think you could get without waking THEM up?

(no subject)


I just got back from a four-day yearbook camp at Michigan State University.

Did you miss me?
Why are none of my family here to welcome me home?
What should I eat? (There is ZERO food in the house.)

(no subject)

I don't work in the food industry, but I've always found it strange how some people leave their garbage on the table for fast food employees to clean up.
Do you leave your garbage on the table?
What do you think about it?
eta: How should we get revenge on these blemishes on mankind?

(no subject)

Hello from 1995. I want to buy a cd. I need something new.

Something fun and upbeat that will help me through a very difficult week away from home. I don't have an mp3 player (inorite).

Can you recommend something? My favorite band is Wicked Wisdom thanks.
Mitty box

Dentists and tooth extractions

Does the USPS allow you to mail teeth to Germany?
Do you think I'd have better luck with UPS?

My face hurts. Should I go to sleep and drool blood all over myself?
What soft food should I eat for dinner tonight? I have pudding, applesauce and chicken & dumpling soup.

My dentist and my ob/gyn are both very sexy. Should my GP choice be based on sexiness as well?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

I'm thinking I should make a will because I finally have assets worthy of paring out and life insurance. I don't want anything extravagant. My main concern is ensuring my kids will be cared for by the person I choose. Are those DIY will kits held up in case of a death or do I still need a lawyer?
Prince Harry in Lesotho

(no subject)

I just picked up the phone and heard a recorded voice saying "Congratulations, you have just won - " at which point I foolishly took the phone away from my ear, held it at arms length and peered at it to see where the call had come from. No joy. By the time I put my ear back to the phone, the woman had gone.

Tell me, TQC, what have I just won?

(no subject)

1.Has anyone here been professionally spray tanned?
1a.How long did it last?
1b.Were you happy with the results?
1c.Is it worth the 45 dollars?

2.How do I get nail polish off without nail polish remover?

3.I made microwave cupcakes and a microwave cake. They were delish. What other baked goods could I microwave?
coffee shop portrait

(no subject)

Have you ever had the chance to meet a celebrity or person you really, really admire?

What did you say? Was it horribly awkward or fantastically awesome?

And a more general one that everyone can answer; who do you admire?

I keep having nightmares about meeting my heroes and always coming out of it looking like an idiot, so aah. I'd rather walk around a bit prepared 8D Hearing other people's stories should help somewhat y/y?

(no subject)

1. Do you burp or fart more?

2. What is your favorite grilled food?
I'm grilling for dinner and can't make up my mind what to get at the market.

3. When was the last time you preformed a random act of kindness? What did you do?
macro - procrastination cat

(no subject)

Strangest question ever asked in a job interview?
Ever get asked any of the questions you're not allowed to ask (race, gender, religion, marital status, age, disabilities, ethnic background, country of origin, sexual preferences or age.)?
Worst interview ever?
me - with gun

(no subject)

If you're like me, you cannot have a "favorite song ever" and it changes constantly.

So then, what is your favorite song this week? Why is it so awesome?
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(no subject)

1) summarize a book series in a sentence,please?

young wizards: kids travel through the universe, fighting entropy.

2) How often do you have a fail day?[a day in which nothing gets done]

On average, 2 days per week, although severe fail can be up to 4 days a week.

3) tell me something about video games.

eta: how much is a watermelon?

sophia, beauty, class, loren


What's the most ridiculous idea for a tattoo you've heard about or seen?

Did you know that Forever 21, the clothing store, associates itself with the Christian religion? If not, check out the bottom of their yellow shopping bags. What other companies do you know of like this? Do you avoid companies that choose to represent their religious affiliations, or other affiliations?

What's the last thing you cooked and/or made?
-I just cooked made some rigatoni and spinach sauteed with garlic and extra light virgin olive oil, so good!

(no subject)

Is it totally abnormal that I just got out of school, and I really want to go back?
I miss the work... and the people :(

ETA: I didn't graduate. I'm going into the 12th grade. (gosh it's weird saying that after 2 years of being an 11th grader...)

ETA 2: What's your favorite PIXAR movie? Mine has to be Ratatouille, but I think Wall-E may take it's spot once I see it.

(no subject)

Numerous guys have told me that I have a "pretty" vagina. I've never heard of such a thing, since I personally think all vaginas are rather ugly.

What makes a vagina pretty?

What makes a vagina ugly?

Would you ever call a penis pretty?

What would you call a nice looking penis?

(no subject)

Who's your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Were you obsessed with them as a kid like all of my friends and I were?

I got a pet painted turtle and my friend is telling me to name her (yes, her) Raphael because that's his favorite turtle, but Raphael is my least favorite.

Edit: when we played TMNT at recess (like I see lots of other people did!) I always wanted to be Donatello because he was my favorite, but everyone made me be April because I'm a redhead.

(no subject)

What are some cheap ways to go about selling my expensive car? D: Its going to take a special kind of person to wanna buy it in this area.

I just posted on craigslist. I have a for sale sign on it. Auto traders on my to-do list. TELL ME YOUR WELL KEPT CAR SELLING SECRETS TQC.

Do you think anyone will reply to my craigslist posting? I have two up in different cities. Both have four photos.
doctor who switch rivers

(no subject)

Say you order a gift for someone. Said gift comes with a "free gift" as a "thank you" from the seller. Providing you like free gift, do you:

1) Include it with the original gift to the person you bought it for, since they came together?
2) Decide it was an incentive for the purchase- which you made- and keep it for yourself?
a) Even if the person the original gift was for really likes it?

(no subject)

What are some weird songs you have in your music library?
Do you really listen to them or are they just there so if someone is bumping rap next to you you can jack up that tune and freak them out?
happy monkey


do you have any idea how draining it can be to be constantly told you're not doing things right?!
can you tell me something about your best friend?
what are you looking forward to?

(no subject)

What's the silliest/weirdest insult you've ever seriously used?


Oh, for my answer, I guess it'd be when I called a guy-friend a diva.
Flaming Sikozu

(no subject)

Can you please tell me any eye-related stories you have?

Earlier today I had to get a tiny piece of metal removed from my left eye and now I have a tiny ulcer there too.
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(no subject)

What do you consider to be "Deal breakers" in a relationship?

Mine are:

A. Being required to spend time with all of his friends, if he isn't willing to also spend time with mine.

B. Constant references to past relationships.

C. Don't yell at me in public, there is no excuse for this.

(no subject)

1. Do you take your vitamins everyday? What kind?
I take sour flintstones gummies. Like candy.

2. Will I accidentally OD on vitamins?

3. I just threw out a bunch of old receipts from groceries without shredding them. Will my identity be stolen?

(no subject)

Tomorrow is my first day at my new job, and today I went swimming so my hair is all kinds of curly. But, I kind of like it. So tell me, TQC, should I spend the 4 hours its going to take to straighten my hair doing so tonight, or tomorrow should I just wash it and spend half an hour covering it in hair spray so it'll look like it does now, and go in like that.

Collapse )

thank you for your time.

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I still live at home with my entire family (yes, I know, grow up). aside from that, here's some background info: My dad obsesses over my brother, who's hosting a giant barbecue on saturday, which my dad is terribly excited about. My dad and I are also fighting.

serious and non-serious: What can I do to embarrass my dad something terrible on Saturday?

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Did you know that 1 John 3:4 defines sin as transgression of the law/Torah, and there isn't a single commandment in the Torah that prohibits pre-marital sex, hence pre-marital sex cannot strictly be considered a sin?

Can you imagine how many Christians over the centuries might have not gone crazy from repression had they used their rational faculty?