June 25th, 2008

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Slipping the surly bonds

Flying is the most personally fulfilling thing I do. I haven't flown in nearly a year, mostly due to lack of moneys.

This week, I can technically (as in, I have the money in my bank account) afford to go flying for an hour or so. However, it may be irresponsible to spend the money (about $150) when I have other expenses to meet.

Should I schedule some flight time or not?
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I have to work tomorrow. It's a free kids show day, so there's gonna be a shitload of people in the morning. Yesterday, I developed a really weird pain just below my right breast (or where it would be if I had them :{), and it's gotten a billion times worse in the last couple of hours. It hurts if I breathe in too deeply, bend over, lean over, or pretty much move my torso at all, and sometimes for no reason. It hurts pretty bad, and free kids show days are always really stressful and involve a lot of running around.

If I call in early tomorrow morning, they won't have time to find anyone to cover for me, and some of my coworkers have become really shitty and vindictive over less. I'd really rather not leave them in the lurch, as well, but it hurts really badly and OTC pain meds aren't even touching it. What do I do, TQC?

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Question for Vancouverites:

Did you get a cheque in the mail for $100 from Gordon Campbell yesterday?

Every family member, coworker, and friend I've talked to since yesterday has announced to me that they just got a $100 cheque from Gordon Campbell!

Why didn't I get one?! Did you get one? Do you know what it was for?

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So I donated blood today and they weren't able to find my vein on my left arm and had to try my right arm... Now both arms hurt but the left is swollen and bruised.

Is that normal?


I'm going to New York in Sept. Where should I go? What clubs/bars/lounges do you recommend? I'm staying at a hostel close to Central Park. Any tips?

(no subject)

BESIDES Temple Bar (unless it's somewhere specific) tell me where to go/what to see/what to do in Dublin. I will be there for the fall semester - SO excited.

Any traveling trips (in Ireland or around Europe) are also appreciated.

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Have you ever had a one of those exciting dreams where you're plummeting to your death and you actually hit the bottom?

I did last night and it was terrifying, in the dream I broke my neck and couldn't breathe and I woke up and my throat was all killing me. Very bizarre. :(
don't be a slut!

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What should I tie-dye tomorrow?

I'm planning on socks, underwear, a towel, some handkerchiefs for my grandpa, obviously a shirt, and maybe an old Architecture In Helsinki tote bag. I won't be wearing any of this stuff in public.

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Where can I find some Freakazoid episodes online? Bonus points if you can point me in the direction of all of them. I already checked tvliveshows.com and alluc.org
carinn is teh bunnys bane

yeah, these are really random

Do you like Fried Chicken?
Do you prefer homemade or from a store?
What store do you prefer the chicken from?

if the chicken posts don't apply to you here's another question:
What Crazy Dreams have you had lately?

1. Yes
2. I prefer homemade, but i rarely get it
3. I like Church's regular chicken and Popeye's Spicy chicken

4. two words can only describe the dream i had: Naruto LARP... it was sooooooo wierd.

(no subject)

Most of the time when I sleep with a sleeping mask on, I wake up with a headache/my vision not so straight. Has this ever happened to you? Suggestions to prevent it?

What are you angry/frustrated about?

What words of inspiration do you live by?

Who is your favorite Golden Age Hollywood star?

Will you tell me a personal story? Funny, sad, happy, weird, doesn't matter.

(no subject)

What do you think of the N64?
Best game system ever.

If I get the job, should I use $10 of my paycheck getting one with a few games?

What were your favorite games for it?
Most of the Mario and Pokemon games and Kirby: The Crystal Shards

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Hey TQC,

1. Where can I get a cheap 80 - 160 GB Apple Ipod? Please don't say e-bay, been there, done that.

2. How can I make some money quick?

3. What's the weirdest/worst/funniest medical ailment/sickness/disease that's happened to you?
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i want to make a queen-sized quilt. i have decent sewing experience but i've never made a quilt before. how bad of an idea is this?

for those of you who know nothing about sewing: do you seem to post around the same time of day all the time? i almost always post to tqc between 2-4am, which results in not getting answers until tomorrow. : (


(no subject)

What's something embarassing about yourself?
What's something unusual you do?

I recently borrowed "Fool's Gold" from my stepsister. But then I went on IMDB and noticed it has really crappy reviews. Should I watch it or no?

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Should I go to work?

I've had some serious heath issues over the last week and have missed three days of work. I'm feeling almost well enough to go. I'm pretty much sitting on the fence here.

Should I be a (wo)man and go, or stay at home and make sure my recovery goes as well as it can?


1. Is there someones death you just can't seem to get over?
My Mamie. I can't believe she is gone, and I dream about her almost every night:(

2. Are you scared of death? Why or why not?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever legally changed your first and/or middle name(s)?
If so, was it a huge pain in the ass to get your name changed on things like your license, payroll, etc?

2. Is there any reason you'd be denied a legal name change, assuming you meet all the requirements and the name you're changing it to isn't anything too fishy (like wanting to take a celebrity's name or something)? Like, can the powers that be just say, "No, you can't have a name change. Not yours."?

3. If you have dogs, do you let them sleep in bed with you? I have two dogs in my bed right now. :D

before last

What was the last trip you took?

Who was the last person you called?

What was the last movie you watch?

What was the last person,place or thing that made you go WTF?

What was the last thing you bought?

When was the last time you ate fast food?
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When was the last time you noticed you had some kind of injury (a cut, a bruise, whatever) and you have no idea where it came from?

I have two big bruises on my left thigh and one on my right that's very painful. Where the fuck are these coming from, TQC? Are my legs entering a whole new level of fucked up?


Take out your mobiles/cell phone! Now, check your contacts/phonebook.

1. How many names do you have listed?

2. What letter of the alphabet do your contacts' names start with the most?

3. Any letters got left out?

4. Do you prefer a clean, short contact list of only ppl you call, or a super-long list of ppl you don't (or any combination between)?

1. 69 (cleaned it up from 88)
2. before cleanup, everyone's name started with b, j, k, or m. now it's b and s.
3. o, p, and z
4. short

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Dr. TQC...
I was out at a friends' house for a bonfire on Monday night and there were lots of mosquitoes around that I'm sure were biting me.  However, I didn't itch at all on Monday night, and I didn't itch at all yesterday (Tuesday), either.  Is it safe to assume that the ridiculously itchy bites all over the backs of my thighs, that just started itching this morning (Wednesday), are from the bonfire Monday night, or do I need to worry that there were some sort of bugs in my bed biting me while I was sleeping last night?  I don't recall bugbites ever taking this long to start itching...  is that normal?

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Is there anyone you can say you truly hate? Why do you hate them?

I finally popped my Mac cherry last night and tossed aside my old Dell in favor of a shiny new Mac! What are you excited about today?

Do you think my Dell is feeling like the Brave Little Toaster today? :(
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For $1,000, would you wear a homeless woman's thong? A bag lady takes off her thong, the one she's been wearing for who knows how long, and hands it to you. You have to wear it over your naked butt for 5 minutes


For $20,000, would you get a tattoo that says "Ann Coulter is a goddess" on your back? The tattoo has to be 6" all around, on multi-colored ink, so it's not the easiest to remove

a zim

oh fuck no

i'm the mod of an lj comm. one of the comm members messaged me yesterday and asked me to make a mod post asking everyone not to use foul language - specifically the f word. now, there isn't any kind of overuse of the f word in this comm, it happens occasionally, just like in real life.

if you were me, how would you respond?
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) I have done probably 5 minutes of work in the 3 hours I've been here. What can I do to get myself focused?

2) What are your hobbies?

3) What did you have for dinner last night?

4) I have the option of going down the Cape next Thursday night until Saturday. Should I brave July 3 night traffic to go relax on a beach for a day and a half at my parents' timeshare?

(no subject)

If you could say anything (without any repercussions) to your boss/teacher/whoever, what would you say them?

I would tell my boss, "It is not acceptable to consistently arrive late (especially 40 minutes!) to your appointments with clients. And to make it worse, you don't even have the decency to call or email me when you're running late so that I can let the person know. Oh and please don't stand too close to me because you stink of cigarettes and too much cologne and it's gross"
201Özil <3 :D

(no subject)

what is your favorite midway/carnival/fair game?

you know, the ones where the operators harass the fuck out of you, and make you think you can win BIG ASS stuffed animals... but they don't tell you that that is only after you win like 25 million little ones and you have to trade up, and you end up spending like $3,962 just to get your hands on that GLORIOUS giant $3 piece of fabric filled with HARD fluff. yeah, you know what i'm talking about

if you have ever won from these games, what was the best prize you've gotten?

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Haruhi disappearance

~inspired~ by sf_drama

TQC, do you want new LJ friends on your friends list?

Is there anyone in particular from TQC you'd like to add? Who?

Specifically anyone in chat who is not already on my friends list, I'd like to add...but I'm open to anyone. Add away!
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(no subject)

I like my job and the money is great and I have full benefits for everyone in my family as well as life insurance, all company-paid, it's also in the field I studied so that's a bonus. It is my first job out of college.

However, I don't care for my coworkers. They are mental, and self-centered and don't represent the company well. They are very critical and I take things personally. Two of them look down on me constantly, leave me out of conversations and basically I am an outcast. The conversations they have together are so out there that I'm not missing out anyways. I've heard them talking about me several times, right in earshot and they don't care.

Would you leave or stay?

(no subject)

i had an interview for a job last week, and i was given the impression that i had the job when i was done. i mean, i was told that they would call me "tomorrow or wednesday" to come in for training. they called on wednesday and said it would be early this week. now they've postponed it again, and i'm starting to worry that this job isn't going to happen.

desperate for cash, i offered to babysit for my neighbors this morning. they cancelled on me.

am i destined to be broke forever?
kurt halsey

(no subject)

So, I have WAY too many over-ripe bananas. I want to make something besides banana bread, and I've been thinking of cup pies (a la Pushing Daisies). Problem is, I can't find any recipes for banana pie, only banana cream, and I only have sour cream in the house. Is there such thing at banana pie? Could you provide me with a recipe?
If not, what else can I make with bananas??

(no subject)

I am thinking of getting a Nintendo DS Lite for the brain teaser games. I was browsing the Circuit City website and I fell in love with the red one, of course. When I do a search for "nintendo ds brain", I get the following game titles:

-Brain Age
-Brain Age 2
-Mega Brain Boost
-Brain Challenge
-Left Brain Right Brain
-Big Brain Academy
-Brain Boost Beta Wave
-Brain Boost Gamma Wave

Have you played these games?
Which ones do you think are worth owning?
Which ones suck?

Can I get into your smarty pants?

For anapnea. Here's some big words. Without googling or using any reference, are you familiar with the word?

Poll #1210956 The big word poll

Do you know what the word valetudinarian means?


Do you know what the word triskaidekaphobia means?


Do you know what the word heptamerous means?


Do you know what the word intussusception means?


Do you know what the word palingenesis means?


(no subject)

1. For the most part, what does your diet consist of?

2. Do you work out on a regular basis?

3. Have you been on any type of plan for weight loss (or just a healthier lifestyle) with any success?

4. If yes to the above, how much weight did you lose/how did you feel afterwards?

Obama and public funding

There is a big deal being made about the fact that Obama decieded not to accept gov't public funding for his campaign, the first candidate since it was instituted in 1976 to do so.

I don't understand why this is a big deal? Is it just because "everyone else has always done it that way so its gotta be right"? Is it just because he initially said he would take the money only if McCain chose to take it also and thus McCain & others are trying to paint it has him being a liar? Is there some actual logical reason why its "wrong" for him not to take the money that I am missing?

(no subject)

yesterday was the first day of a painting class i signed up for. i was sooooo super excited, and as i walked in the door, people came up to me and introduced themselves, and everyone was REALLY friendly and fun (and really old, but that's another matter). i was so looking forward to learning a bunch of new stuff and getting to know everyone, but OMG THE CLASS WAS TOO FULL so i wasn't admitted, and was told to leave (after sitting through an hour long lecture on supplies, gah!). D: i was so bummed out that i didn't get in, that as i was standing in the elevator, i SHED SOME TEARS. i cried because i didn't get into a painting class full of old people.

what is the dumbest thing you've ever cried over?
Miss Engineer

For all you gentlemanly types...

It's only polite to hold the door if there's someone coming through behind you. It's also polite hallway and stairwell etiquette to move to the side if someone behind you is walking faster than you and you see that they need to get by. I'm a fast walker so these things happen to me all the time.

I (a female) work in a male-dominated field, and as such I have several close guy friends who work with me. One of those guys told me recently that if a man performs the above actions for me, he just wants to look at my ass as I walk by.

Is this generally true (and I therefore have an ass worth looking at), or are people just being polite? Perhaps my friend is the only one with these motives? When you hold the door open for someone, do YOU check them out from behind? If so, do you not hold the door for or let unattractive (in your estimation) people pass you?

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What is a word, phrase, or cliche saying that you find irritating?

Mine.. chill. It's chill. Let's chill. That's chill.
If I hear chill or its counterpart variations one more time this summer break, I will flip a bitch without delay.

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(no subject)

 Does how you feel emotionally impact how you dress?

How do you usually dress on a normal day when you're feeling great?

How about a normal day when you're not as happy?

(no subject)

There's the Typing Speed application on Facebook. This weird asian kid and me are like the fastest typers but I beat him last night (I have 124 wpm and he had like 115). He just commented me saying he has 124 and he does. I want to beat him but I can't get my score higher! What words of advice to you have for me to prepare?

Hook, feline and sinker

You're hiking, and you hear gunshots in the distance. You eventually come across a small clearing, where a couple of mullet-having, acid-washed, Confederate flag-waving rednecks are firing a gun at...some kind of skeet. Upon closer look, the one redneck is throwing LIVE kittens into the air, and the other is shooting them. There's kitten parts everywhere, and there's 2 mewing bags at their feet. You're by their pickup truck (with a I VOTED FOR BUSH sticker), where there's a second rifle, a semi-automatic. They don't notice you, having too much fun killing the kitties. What do you do?

Keep on walking. It's not my business
Call the police. Let them sort it out
Grab the gun, and shoot the kitten-murderers, using their ballsacks as target practice, and take the kitties to a shelter
"That looks fun. Can I join in?"
Use my cam to youtube it all
My kinda guys! I hit on them
BLAM BLAM! That's for the bumper sticker
Try and talk them out of this cruel act. Using my diplomacy, I do my best to talk sense into them


If you could be famous for something what would it be and why?

Would you be the type of famous person who's always in the spotlight? or would you be more to yourself? And why?

(no subject)

I just took a poo and when I went to flush I noticed something red in it. I thought it was blood and freaked out but upon closer inspection I realized it was crushed red pepper (I had it on my spaghetti last night omnomnom)

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen in your poop?

(no subject)

Oh internet, decide my life for me: I'm not feeling well and have my final paper due on Monday, so I don't want to risk getting really sick. I have class tonight 6-10pm, directly after I get out of work. Should I skip class tonight so I feel better to work on my paper this weekend? Or just suffer through and go to class. I can miss this class with no consequence since I've missed no others. But on the other hand, I love the class.

I am so torn!

Also, what is everyone's favorite kind of Odwalla bar?
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Country/western song

Hi TQC-ers,

I saw a music video for a country/western song a long time ago. I think it was Tim McGraw but I could be wrong. The music video was about a man who helped out an old lady and refused payment for it, that old lady then left a big sum of cash for a waitress that later served her and it turned out to be the first guy's pregnant girl-friend. The couple were in dire straights and the song was about karma repaying good deeds - some thing along those lines.

Does anyone have any idea what song I am talking about??? It's driving me nuts!!!

willow tara

Sick Day

SOOOO... I am looking for a good excuse to call in sick on saturday.

I can't get out of work any other way, and that's the only way for me to see some of my friends that I moved away from over 6 months ago.

I have friday off, so I was just gonna call in friday night and say I have the stomach flu... it only lasts a few days, and I already have sunday and monday off too, so they'll never have to see me sick.

What do you think? (and don't tell me I shouldn't be getting out of work like that... I worked through a brutal cold a short while ago... which is why I picked something where I would be puking... I work right through your average cold and they know that)

Share your stories about faking sick to escape work and help me out!

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(no subject)

I love finding out when peoples' birthdays are, and then figuring out what was going nine months before, right around the time of their conception. Like people born in mid-November who may have been Valentine's Day screws, or people born nine months after a big snowstorm in their town.

What is your birth date?
Does your conception correspond with anything special like a holiday or a special event in your bio parents' lives?

My two brothers and I were all due within two weeks of each other in late January, early February. My father is a college prof who lived and worked in NYC five to six days a week, then took the bus upstate to stay with our mom a couple nights a week (this was during the school year, but they'd see each other for a few weeks at a time during breaks). My mom told me that by the time the spring semester ended, they really missed each other. I guess they REALLY missed each other.
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(no subject)

I just got a second hand iPod Nano (it's either a first- or second-generation), and the person who owned it originally was a Mac user. I have to "restore" this one to its factory settings so that it can be updated by a PC. Trouble is, when I try to restore it through iTunes, it doesn't work.

Anyone have any ideas?
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(no subject)

Dear TQC, I need to cut my hair. I have a grown out mohawk. I'd like to continue to have a mohawk, but I don't want a plain ol' "buzzed sides and nothing else" like I had before. I'd like maybe something a little more creative.

Any ideas on how to spice up my mohawk?
macro - procrastination cat

(no subject)

I overheard a conversation at work about socks. Apparently one of my coworkers knows someone who claims to be able to tell the difference between a left sock and a right sock.

Total BS or is there actually a difference? If there is, I can't tell.
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(no subject)

I'm asking this for a non-TQC LJ friend, who is too impatient to join TQC to post this herself:

If a man goes on an airplane trip, and upon landing calls a woman he knows, what would you assume the relationship is?

There has been heavy flirting between the two, some kissing, but no sexings.
odd enthusiasms

(no subject)

Perhaps this has already been asked, but I haven't noticed in a while.

Do you work for (or know anyone who works for) ChaCha?

If yes: What is it like, would you say?
If no: What is your least favorite fast food place?

(no subject)

1. How old were your parents when they got married? What year were they married?
my mother was 26 and my father was 29.  they were married in 1986
2.  What year were you born?
3. Were you their first child?

4.  Have you ever made a quilt?

(no subject)

Poll #1211018 What movie should I see tonight?

What movie should I pay 11.50 to see?

Get Smart
Iron Man
Kung Fu Panda
Sex and the City
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
The Happening
The Incredible Hulk
The Love Guru
The Strangers
What Happens In Vegas
You Don't Mess With Zohan
DW - Declare

(no subject)

* TQC, do you know what "kingstepping" is? I got told it was THE latest thing and am curious about how cool you all are. ETA it's so very new and cool, you can't even google it. I'll update with the answer in comments in a few minutes :D

& Are there really that many failed parking meters in the world, or am I just supremely "lucky?"

% Have you ever seen the TV show Green Wing?
me - with gun

(no subject)

How do you best take directions to get somewhere? Do you go by landmarks/time ("Okay you'll pass a McDonald's on your right and after like two minutes from there you'll take a left by the cemetery...") or do you go by street names/distance ("Take a right on Main st and go for about four and a half miles and take a left on Alice st.")? Or some other combination (ie street name/time, landmark/distance)?

Do you prefer taking directions or having a map and figuring it out on your own?

Are you pretty good with directions and getting yourself un-lost if there's a problem, or can you not find your way out of a convenience store without help?

(no subject)

1.  What are some really good resources to develop one's writing?  

I'm open to any suggestions, and I would really appreciate them.  I am trying to focus more on the content of my writing, specifically.  I'm not really concerned with grammar, punctuation, and so on.  I also don't really find writing prompts useful to what I am trying to accomplish.  I was thinking more along the lines of ways to focus and construct the content, creative brainstorming techniques, and more advanced writing/brainstorming techniques and tips.  Thanks in advance, TQC! 

2.  Who is your favorite author?  Why?

(no subject)

September marks the beginning of the end.. it'll be my senior year in high school and I'm already counting down the days until graduation. College sounds infinitely better, as I've heard from older friends..

What college did you go to?
Best/ worst part?

I can't wait :D
I think..

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(no subject)

In Facebook, if I add someone as a friend and he or she ignores it, does it still say "Friend requested" in their profile or does it change back to "Add x as a friend"?

Are you on Facebook? Why/why not?

(no subject)

Can I come and live with you when California burns down?
What was the last crazy/scary weather event you experienced?

I feel like buying a name change token. Suggestions?
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(no subject)

i need to open a bank account. i do have one with bank of america, but they are not local to where i live now.

the thing is, a little over a year and a half ago, i had an account with citizens bank here in delaware. in november 2006 i was overdrafted by about $41. then my mom died and i had to go home to new york and the bank account was closed because i couldn't deposit $41 to fix this when i was out of state.

so at some point i started getting letters saying that the matter had gone to collections and blah blah blah i can't open a bank account for seven years unless i pay it. a while back i stopped getting these letters and now i don't know who the fuck i have to pay $41 to so i can open a new bank account.

what the hell do i do?

oh, and the other night something bit me and now the area around it is infected. should i see a doctor now or wait a few days to see if it gets worse? i OBVIOUSLY do not have the money to see a doctor about it so if my body can fight this itself i don't want to waste time and money i don't even have.

(no subject)

Which would you prefer to be called?


Edit: Forgot to include handsome. :( sry.

(no subject)

So I'm pursuing a healthier lifestyle by working out regularly, learning to eat right, and all that jazz. My ultimate goal is to lose 30-35 pounds by November 1st. Once I accomplish this I want to give myself some kind of a reward. What should the reward be? (serious and non-serious answers plz)

i might regret this but...

what's the deal with the pro ana communities?

i pop into a couple of them occasionally out of morbid curosity and i don't understand...

the majority of the posts talk about dieting, "thinspiration", and what they weigh vs. what they want to weigh... and stuff like:

"i totally pigged out today on like 5 sticks of celery and i looked at a piece of cake.. i feel so fat"

and if it were just that i could comprehend what's going on a little better.

but every once in a while some random girl will cross the line (i don't know any parties involved... just using this as an example) and say something that offends the rest of them and they jump all over her and tell her about how bad anorexia is...

would you please explain this paradox to me?

if i come off as insensitive i apologize... i'm genuinely curious

(no subject)

Did you have a treehouse growing up? Or do you or your kids have one now? Tell me about it. Feel free to post pictures if you have any.

Mine was a cute little A-frame with windows that folded up. My dad helped us and I think he was inspired by a picture in a magazine or something (i.e. stole the idea). My brother and I each painted half--I was careful, but my brother was just a toddler and painted a big dark splotch on his side, which, ultimately, I think looked much cooler. We eventually expanded with bridges and decks a "walk the plank" board we used when we were playing pirates, but never *really* sent a friend off of. It was very cool and the neighborhood practically lived there in the summer.

(no subject)

for the next three weeks, i'll be working 56 hour work weeks, which means i'll be having 3 big paychecks. i should also be getting my stimulus check in the next couple of weeks. my question is:

what should i do with all the extra money i'm going to be getting?

i have a good chunk in savings already, so i don't really have to save it. i've been debating about getting a new tv since mine won't work next year and tube tvs are gigantic, or i could get a new laptop or something along those lines. i don't have any huge bills to pay off either.

(no subject)

Have you ever driven across the Mackinac Bridge?

I've only ever been a passenger. I'm going to be doing it myself on Friday and Sunday. YIIIIKES. I'm so scared the bridge will decide to break when I'm driving across it.
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(no subject)

I need some make-up help.

I've been looking and looking for a nude lip gloss/lip stick for forever. But it seems none of the stores around here supply anything light enough for my somewhat pale complexion. So! Where can I order online a really nice nude lip color for someone who's decently pale but not goth chalk white?

Also, any suggestions on some subtle colored glosses would be good too. I don't have any glosses with much color either (they're all just clear), so that would be nice too, I suppose. But mostly the nude.

(no subject)

1) will you make up a fact about a political figure?

George W Bush thinks a Filipino is something you drink.

2)what do you feel bad about?

what if I can only work forty hours a week my whole life?! *is freaking out*

3)are you a low information voter?

yes.[eta: meant no- I listen to NPR, watch PBS news and Keith Olbermann every night ;_;]


Do you find it obnoxious when people with PhDs refer to themselves as "Dr." in non-academic settings? By this I mean things like signing personal emails, subscribing to magazines, or asking to be introduced socially as "Dr. So-and-So".

Is this practice less obnoxious than someone with just a B.A. who lists their degree every time they type or sign their name on anything, or more?
eknock, Ash

Personal hell?

We were talking the other night about what choices of entertainment would be in our own personal hell (my best friend and I).

What/who would be in your your hell?

For example in my hell, Master and Commander would be playing, Heart of Darkness would be the only book, and I'd have to spend eternity listening to Soulja Boy. :(

Discuss. <3

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ladies: would you marry someone & take their last name if they had a last name like cox or focker?
gentlemen: would you expect your lady to take your last name if it was like cox, or focker?

ladies: would you marry someone & take their last name if it was characteristically ethnic-based like garcia, brown, martinez, smith, ahmad, patel, lee, chen, jackson, etc even though you're not that ethnicity by any means?
gentlemen: would you expect your lady to take your last name if it was something characteristically ethnic-based like garcia, brown, martinez, smith, ahmad, patel, lee, chen, jackson, etc even though you're not that ethnicity by any means?

what is something that's "signature" of you and your significant other? (if you don't have one then your best friend!)
ie. you guys always go to a certain candy shop, you guys call each other & say "no you say bye first" "no you" etc.
Kill Bill - Elle

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My brother's birthday is Friday and I want to print some high quality pictures for him. Problem is, the photo printing centers in town that take memory cards usually totally fuck with the quality of the shot.
Do any of you know of/have experience with nice, high quality printing sites online? I'm talking 8x10 or bigger.

Secondly, how is everyone?
(Did anyone notice I was gone? (; )
Bandit Driving

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I ran into my friend's boyfriend last night and he said that he needed to take a few days away from my friend. So I planned a Girls' Night for tonight. My friend sent me a message pissed off at me because her boyfriend apparently cancelled plans they had using the excuse that he heard it was Girls' Night, but he told me they had no plans. Should I tell her the truth and that he said they had no plans, or let me take the blame of cancelling her plans?

Since it is still Girls' Night, what fun activities should I plan since everyone is coming here?

I have rum, tequila, beer, and wine. What other beverages should I buy? What types of drinks should we make?

What Food?

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Why do strangers frequently approach me to tell me that I look serious?
Do I need to be reminded of my default expression?
Do you approach people to make comments about their facial expressions/non-verbal behavior?

I get people commenting every other day when I go out in public. I don't get it. I'd rather not openly show how I am feeling around people I do not know. I don't understand why people do this. Oh, and they tell me to smile, they don't ask. It is a demand. I don't understand what sort of response they are looking for.