June 24th, 2008

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Why are Gardenburger products disappearing from stores? Is this also occurring where you live?

I've been to about 5 stores looking for Gardenburger riblets and they all have them listed, as well as other Gardenburger products, but they aren't there. Some stores have had a few boxes of the meat balls but that's it. I've emailed Gardenburger but haven't heard back yet.

Super powers and super choices

You gain a super power. Once a year on your birthday, you can maintain your age, physically. If you're 30, you can choose to have the body of a 30 year old as long as you want.if you keep your age at a holding pattern. To activate this power each year, you have to first steal 10 years from someone else, added on now. If you steal from a 40 year old, their body will become that of a 50 year old. How often would you use this power?

Every year. I'll pick some stranger at random and steal their youth away to keep myself at the age I'm at now. Forever
Never. I couldn't do such a mean thing to someone else
I use this power every other year. That way, I age slowly and I only fuck over half as many people
I only select those people who are on my shit list

Different question. Instead of the first power, you get this power instead. You can restore 10 years of your youth for a one-time age regeneration. In order to activate this power, you have to steal 30 years from someone else, and it's off the front end, so they will age 30 years before your very eyes. Will you use this power?

Yes. I'll use it when I start to get old. Random stranger, prepare to have the worst day ever
Never. I couldn't do such a mean thing to someone else
I choose someone who deserves it. They'll be that much closer to getting off this planet
I choose a homeless person. He probably wouldn't even notice if he got really old. I might even be doing him a favor

Different question. Instead of the above powers, you now get the power to heal. You can heal as much as you want. Anything from mortal illnesses and diseases to external injuries. You can even make limbs grow back. However, with every 5th person you heal, someone in your city explodes. So, 5 heals, 1 innocent person dies messily. How often would you use this power?

All the time. I'd heal strangers in hospitals. The happiness I'd bring would counteract all the misery I also bring
Never. I couldn't do such a mean thing to other people and their families
I'd only use it on people I knew. I'd save those I love, and let the random deaths fall where they may
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Not a set

1. Do you ever iron your clothes?
2. If you've graduated college, is your diploma framed? If so, where do you keep it?
3. Do you do anything to honor/remember the deaths of certain people? What do you do and for whom?

(no subject)

There is this certain spot on my upper arm that stings/hurts like a bruise if touched just right, or if I move my arm in a certain way.
I don't understand what it is. There is no bruise or any appearance of any irriation.

Whats wrong with my arm? =/
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(no subject)

1. If you have a tattoo, what products did you use for aftercare?

2. How'd that work out for you?

3. If you don't have a tattoo, or don't care, do you have a sentimental, favorite clothing item?
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(no subject)

Why is it that more ERs and emergency medical care providers in general don't seem to use special chemicals (e.g. fibrin patches and foam) to stop bleeding, seal wounds and help prevent infection?
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How does one increase ones tolerance to alcohol?

I used to have a bomb-ass tolerance, but then I went on a sobriety month in solidarity with an alcoholic friend of mine (in a vain attempt to convince him he was one--in the end, he didn't finish up the month, pledged moderation, and since has had six stitches from doing stupid things while drunk on his 21st birthday...ugh).

My problem is that recently, when I drink even 1/3 of what used to only get me buzzed, even when I first started drinking, I black out, puke, do stupid things, etc. I HATE IT. I never used to do any of the above things, and I was wondering if there was any way to ease myself back into drinking and raise my tolerance, if only so that 3 mixed drinks doesn't = blackout. >>;; I'm not looking to binge drink or anything, just to be able to drink a few drinks without getting wasted.
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

My friend has the hots for a Muslim boy, and she wants to have a casual sexual relationship with him. He's not very religious, but he does adhere to some rules of Islam such as not drinking alcohol. Neither of us know much about Islam - is it likely that he also abstains from premarital sex? What would be a discrete way of finding this out? Her plans of getting him drunk and then sexing him up have already been half-way thwarted.
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(no subject)

If you were interviewing for a promotion with the same company and were asked what you did at your current job that would make you stand out from the other applicants, what would you say?

Any excellent examples of teamwork at your current job?

If asked about issues you had with your coworkers, would you admit to having any?

(no subject)

Haha, my sister was playing Rock Band and wasn't doing so well. So I basically said "Hahalolha, dude, how'd you miss...DID I JUST SAY LOL?!"
:O I haven't done that in a few years!
Have any of you ever used an Internet acronym IRL completely by accident?
ETA: If so, what was it?


(no subject)

What is the last thing you convinced someone to do/say?

Tonight, I told my boyfriend that he should hold off from starting university until I got a full-time job somewhere in the country because I don't want him/us to spend thousands of dollars taking courses that might not transfer to another university.
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Do you remember which six pokemon were on your first ever team when you beat the game?

If so, which ones were they?

Were there ever any black trainers? I think there were azn ones and white ones but I never remember seeing black ones.

Wasn't Venasaur way fucking cooler than Blastoise and Charizard?

(no subject)

Do you know what existential means?

Can you give me a definition?

Can you use it in a sentence?

Someone at work told me today that the movie 'The Darjeeling Limited' was rather existensial, and I had no clue as what they were talking about, though I very much felt like it was a word I should know- especially as I'm an English student.
Shame on me.

I have since looked it up, but.. I'm still somewhat baffled.

Channel Surfing

1. When someone says anything about lice does it make you feel like you need to itch your head?

2. I moved back home to find a job about a month ago and still nothing...what[edit] now?

3. Are you surprised that Billy Ray Cyrus is somewhat back on the country scene?

4. I am thinking about going to see a therapist(possibly have depression)...do they really help or what it be a waste? First hand experiences?

5. Acne...best product to get rid of it?

6. When was the last time you went to an amusement park? Did you have fun? Favorite ride?
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(no subject)

I've looked all over Google's site and I can't figure out how to see what the top searches are. Someone on tv was saying that he saw that George Carlin was the top searched topic on Google, but I have no idea how he found this. How do you see what the top searches on Google are?

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(no subject)

Let's say your first friend in your new town decides to apply for what seems to be her dream job. She's totally pumped about it and swears this is going to change her life. She asks you to help her draft a cover letter, and wanting to build the friendship and having the necessary chops for writing a good cover letter, you agree. You spend a few hours poring over her resume and getting the wording just right for the cover letter, and you send it over to your friend. She says the letter is amazing, and she thanks you profusely. A few days later your friend tells you she changed her mind about applying for the job and is now interested in an entirely different sort of job. She wants you to write another cover letter tailored for this new position. She doesn't ask you if you have the time/interest in drafting another letter; she just tells you she needs it done.

Do you write the second letter? Do you tell your new friend you have some minor issues with the way she approached the matter?
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No brightflight question is complete without a creepy one about your ass

So, my bank raised my credit card limit from $500 to $1000, and then from $1000 to $1500.

1) This has not much at all to do with my credit and more to do with them trying to get me to spend more
2) They trust me and it is a good sign
3) This is something that generally happens automatically to most lines of credit unless you've done something catastrophically bad.

Will you please help me pick one? I can't tell if this is yet another bank ploy or if I should be glad my credit limit keeps going up despite only using $50-$200 on it monthly and paying it off immediately.

In other news:
If there were a sort of lipstick for your bunghole, if you will, would you use it? I would, if it could have glitter.

(no subject)

My boyfriend's best friend's wife is having twins in September and is on bed rest until then. That's a long time not to be able to move. We want to send her a care package and are looking for fun ideas..

So far we have some different kind of puzzle books, some chick lit etc..

What else should we put in her care package? TQC is always way more creative than I am :o)

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

My long-term boyfriend and love of my life dumped me. I am hurt, blindsided, and, frankly, lost. I can't sleep well or eat at all. A: What do I do? and B: Will you post macros of baby kittens/similar cuteness to make me smile before I have to face going to work? Thanks.

Edit: Due to the cute baby animals, I was able to make it to work.
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(no subject)

In a few hours I'm getting my first pap smear. I'm completely terrified. What should I expect?

My best friend wants us to go get Brazilian waxes done together when we finish exams. Should I go ahead with it? Does it hurt like hell?
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(no subject)

I'm the only one to represent my company still in town and there's a ribbon cutting tonight I need to attend. Do I wear my usual work clothes (jeans and my company polo shirt) or something else? I don't know these crazy ribbon cutting rules! D: (Note: it's from 4-6 so I'm wondering if other people will still be in their work clothes too...? IDK! :()

Also, have you ever REALLY liked a song but there's one instrument or sound effect in it that is incredibly distracting? What song/what was it?

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Poll #1210176 scooter?

Should I buy a scooter?

 okay. Here's the deal. I want a scooter.  I do have enough money...I've consistently have had a large lump of money in my savings account for the past 6 years. However, I am cheap and do not like to spend money.  I intend to move cross country in 1 year.  I currrently live in North Dakota (which means I'd have to store the scooter somewhere during the winter and not use it).  My budget for a scooter would be about $3,000 (as I'd get rid of my car completely right before I move).  *also, moving wouldn't be an issue as I'll rent a U-Haul truck*

p.s.--- if you say yes and have a scooter.. please tell me what kind you have. i am leaning towards a yahama at the moment.


(no subject)

Do your light switches get flicked up or down when you turn them on? Mine get flicked down to turn on.

What two celebrities would you like to throw in the boxing ring, and have them duke it out until at least one of them is KO'd?

(no subject)

1. Who is the hottest band member? Pictures please. Mine in comments.

My hair is really pissing me off today, it won't stay out of my face.
2. Is there anything that has pissed you off so far today? If so, what?
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(no subject)

You know those funny little muscle spasms that happen when you're tired or you just exercised too much or whatever?

I've had one in my left thumb for like, an hour. It only stops when I sit on it :/

1. How do I make it stop?!

2. Is it AIDS?

(no subject)

The computers are down.

There is no way I can enter people into the system, get them registered, NOTHING.
I called the corporate manager:
ME: "The system is down, it won't let me register people in the system."
HIM: "Okay, just keep registering people in the system and when the computers work again call me back."

Tell me of your fails?
Tell me of the fails of others?
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Is there any free parking for Universal/City Walk in Orlando Florida?
I know its free after 6pm, but im going at 1pm.
I've lived here for 5+ years, why do I not know an answer to this question?

I really don't wanna pay 12 dollars to park my car. =[
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(no subject)

Dear TQC, how might I go about downloading the version of firefox right before firefox three?

Is this a job for the internet wayback machine, or is there a site with old versions? I can't seem to find it on the firefox main page.

Edit: Got it. better search terms are good. I recommend watching the little video about firefox three's new features and decide whether "awesome bar" will drive you nuts before you download it.
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(no subject)

1) Have you ever been a mystery shopper? Are those things valid or usually scams? How does it work?

2) What kind of mood are you in today?

3) What are you waiting for?

(no subject)

I'm trying to find a summer job with no avail. I have a group interview with Hollister today, though. The employees there basically dress casual, just with no black.

Should I go to the interview dressed casual like the employees or still dress up?
Would it be tacky to wear anything Hollister to the interview?

Where do you work?
What's the dress code there?

Probably a stupid question.

Is there a way to set yahoo mail so that your account can no longer receive mail? Without individually blocking each incoming address, I mean. I have a SHITTON of stuff I want to save, but I'm not going to be using it any more, so I don't want more mail arriving.

If nothing else I can just block the people who use that address, but being a lazy bitch, I thought I'd ask and see if there was an option I was missing, however improbable it may seem.

Edit: Thanks for your ideas, I'll figure out a way to deal with the shit I want to save.
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1. How long on average is your computer on without restarting/shutting it down?
2. What causes you to restart/shut down your computer?
3. Can you give me any valid reason to shut down or restart my computer?
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Outlook 2003

I am running the Office 2003 suite for XP on my computer

In Outlook, using the contacts tab there is an option of how to view the contacts including Address Card, Phone List, Category, Company, Location...

When one chooses category one has a number of ways of sorting the list from Alphabetical, to phone number.

HOWEVER... one can not sort the actual contacts by their categories. When I click on it it says "you may not sort by this field".

The question - Is there a way to make it sort by category?
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(no subject)

Do you know where I can get swimsuits similar to ViX and Vitamin A brands without costing me an arm and a leg?

I like the Cleopatra style/adjustable bikini tops they have but I really don't want to be paying $150-$200 for just one suit.

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(no subject)

Are there any movies, tv shows, anything that make you cry every time, no matter how many times you've seen them?

The series finale of Six Feet Under always turns me into a blubbering mess. I cry every time I watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Ever After (lol).
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(no subject)

I''m sorry for having such a stupid problem, but yesterday my aim name was fine, and now it's suspended, and I can't contact aol because I don't know how[what's their email? do they have a number?] and what will happen with my paypal address which is my old aim name?

anyway, if you have any ideas, or know anything about how to help, please tell me.

Difficulty: I'm hot fatigued and not working on all cylunders.

eta: it works now, so thanks to everyone, even those I snapped at. why am I so irritable when it's hot?
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Eddie Izzard

In less than 7 hours, I will be seeing Eddie Izzard for the first time live! On a scale of one to awesome, how great is this?!

Translation - if you've seen him this tour, how gut busting hilarious is he in person? I know his stand up specials I've seen have been great, but it's got to magnified times 8549853 trillion in person, right?

(no subject)

1. If I am trying to find people on the internet that blog about the Great Lakes (primarily issues, ways to protect them, why they love them, etc.), what is a good method to go about doing this?

2.Do people that blog normalyl have a way to view some form of their contact information?

3. I dropped my laptop a little bit ago (I am on a desktop now, and now it won't start. I dropped it on carpet. It can't find the internal software when starting. DO you think it will be ok or that I killed it forever? What is something stupid you have done recently that made you want to kick yourself if the face?


1.What do you think are some of the dumbest fads

Lately I see all these kids walking with canes because it's cool. NOT COOL.
And what the fuck is up with adults sucking on pacifiers?
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1. If you live in a major city, what is the tallest building?
2. What big vacation are you planning on taking now that summer has "offically" started.
3. For Mets fans: Are you glad that your ball club spent all that money on Johan Santana when he gave up a grand slam to an American League pitcher?
4. Do you still write out paper checks to pay for things?

(no subject)

Do appointments (in general) make you nervous?

I have an eye doctor appointment in an hour. My stomach is churning, I feel like I'm going to blow my ass out and I'm tempted to just cancel it.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? It's just the eye doctor.

Ok, well, I'm afraid they're going to put eye drops in my eyes and that freaks me out so bad. I can not do eye drops if my life depended on it.
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(no subject)

Recently, I've seen three different people wearing fanny packs. Are fanny packs coming back into style? The one I saw today was made by Hurley, so maybe fake skaters are into them again?

What out-of-style trend would you like to see come back?
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(no subject)

1. Are there any movies that you will actually stop and watch when they come on television regardless of the fact that you may own them?
2. What are they?

1. Yes, it's ridiculous.
2. Breakfast Club & A Few Good Men

I like eavesdropping.

I went to Fresh Choice for lunch today. At the table near me were 6 Japanese men and one white man. They were all in suits and it appeared they were business associates. The Japanese men spoke broken English.

At one point the white man got up from the table saying something about the buffet that I couldn't quite understand. Then he said, "Come on! Help yourself!" as he walked toward said buffet while the Japanese men sat unresponsive.

Upon returning to the table he urged them once more to indulge in the fine soft serve ice cream and other such treats to which a few of the men obliged.

1. Do you think the white man was trying to wine and dine his business associates at an inexpensive chain buffet?

2. Do you think the Japanese men were so impressed that the white man will seal a multi-million dollar deal and earn that bonus that will finally afford him the opportunity to have a pool installed for he and his loving family?

3. Alternatively, do you think the Japanese men will take their business elsewhere causing the white man to get shit-canned beginning a downward spiral that will eventually leave the man divorced, penniless, and homeless on the street muttering "Why did I pick Fresh Choice?" over and over whilst wandering aimlessly in a drunken haze?
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(no subject)

1. Is there any program I can use to take in-game screenshots? I've tried HyperSnap and the ol' printscreen+paste routine, but they both just show up as blank screens.

2. What games have you been hooked on recently?

3. What are you reading at the moment? Is it good?

2. Heroes of Might & Magic II & III for the PC, and Mario Kart and Lego Star Wars for the DS.

3. "The Invention of Hugo Caberet" by Brian Selznick and "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman. They're both awesome.

(no subject)

If I hate studying and can never make myself do it am I just lazy or do I have a short attention span?
And if I have a short attention span, how come I can spend hours on tqc?
What's your favourite place to read a book?

(no subject)

If you were hired for a job and then later found out that the job you thought you would be doing wasn't the job you were doing at all, what would you do? (Assume since I'm asking this, I hate what it is they have me doing)

Also, what's your secret trick to make meatloaf delicious?

(no subject)

Poll #1210403 To zombie...or not to zombie...that is the question

You're at a large swap-meet fair type thing. You come across a booth of handguns. It's all hush-hush, under-the-table, illegal transactions being done under cover of sunlight. You're in the area when you hear a scream. You turn in that direction, and dozens of what look to be shambling dead are moving in your direction. Any pedestrian slow enough gets dragged down and mobbed by the dead, and the spray of blood ensues. People are racing away. The gun merchant likewise flees. The exits look clusterfucked and there's hardly any run to escape. You eye the guns, and the adjacent ammo. What do you do?

BLAM BLAM BLAM!!! Zombies are going down, Charles Bronson-style!
I join the panicky mobs near the exits, pushing and trampling mindlessly
I attempt to hide behind a booth. Maybe they won't see me!

For those of you who grabbed the gun and started firing into the zombie herd, you find that they scream and drop readily. And surprisingly, they're full of blood! The remaining dead suddenly stand up straight and motion to you to stop firing, that it's all a prank. "It's a zombie walk!," they explain. "The victims are volunteers", as you notice them suddenly sit up warily. What do you do now?

BLAM BLAM BLAM! No witnesses! Besides, I don't like being fooled
MY BAD! Sorry. Won't happen again. neat costumes!
I turn myself in and suffer whatever legal consequences are in my future
"Oh, didn't you get the memo? The zombie walk was elevated to a zombie hunt. Those guys just lying there are really into their parts. Just wait and they'll pop right up. I gotta go now"
Laugh it off. It's like a big bloody episode of Three's Company. I buy them drinks

Would you join a zombie walk?


Which of these locations would you invade in a zombie walk?

NRA convention
Chuck E. Cheese
John McCain rally
Presbyterian church assembly
Wing of the mental institution where they put those with nervous breakdowns
Pride festival
Necrophiliac convention
Timothy Leary acid-dropping rememberance festival
Santa's Village
Attack Potatoes

Job Hunt

I've been looking for a job for a while, and I've about given up on the places around where I live. I figure it's time to start looking for jobs online, but I've never attempted that before, and I'm not really sure where to start. Anyone have an idea of where to start looking for an online job?
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(no subject)

On the 16th I went to a concert that was a 3 hour drive away. I rode with some acquaintances who smoked weed in the car. During the concert, there were also many people who smoked week in the arena. And on the way home, said acquaintances smoked weed again. I did not partake.

With that being said, I have an interview on Thursday and they might drug test me. Will I come up positive? Should I say something before hand or should I wait and see what comes up? If I said something, do you think they'd believe me?

Since I worked for Kroger and quit after 3 weeks last year, do you think they'll hire me again? They'd better, those bastards! j/k
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(no subject)

Here's a smooth jam dedicated for all you fine ladies out there:
Do you have terrible PMS?
My mood dips really hard before and for the first few days of my period. Right now I'm having a hard time getting out even though I was a-ok a few days ago.
Do you take anything for it? Does birth control help? (I don't know, someone suggested before)

Also, I think I'm going to donate my eggs. I've been in touch with this organization for a year and a half and since I just turned 20, I'm in the clear to start the process. Have any stories?

One more thing. How do you tell people you don't know well that you need to cancel because you need to isolate for a while?
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(no subject)

1a. Do you watch Weeds?*
1b. If so, what do you think of the new season so far?
1c. Do you miss the old opening credits?

2. I have leftovers from Friday in the fridge at work. How unwise would it be to eat them for lunch tomorrow?

3. How many messages are in your inbox right now?

*info about last night's episode in comments

(no subject)

I have a question for something that I actually need help with; if you all don't mind taking the time, I'd be really appreciative. (Snark answers naturally still okay, provided that they are actually funny)

I've been stuck to my computer, desperately trying to clear out space and nothing seems to be working. I have uninstalled pretty much every unnecessary program on this computer, and gotten rid of songs/pictures/movies that I don't desperately want to keep, and it's been doing pretty much jack shit. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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a few random questions

1. Do you like wine? If so, red or white? Any particular kind?

2. Toni Morrison: if you've read anything of hers, do you love her? Hate her? How come?

3. If you have a job, what is your relationship with your boss like?

4. What is it that people who call themselves anarchists actually believe? Do they believe that temporary anarchy is necessary in order to get rid of the current structures and form new ones, or that some sort of static anarchy could be maintained, without some structure eventually emerging?
MALL-- crash

Pet Parking

My friend and I were just talking about dogs with special needs (e.g., doggy wheelchair, etc.), and she asked if people with dogs in "wheely ass carts" get special parking privileges?

I doubt it, but the world is a strange place!
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(no subject)

TQC, I have a habit of naming things. Computer, wheelchair, canes (well, cane, my new one is still nameless)... all of them have names, and all the names are geeky and relevant. My Mac is named Simon because I needed a nerdy and somewhat pretentious name, my cane is Kaylee because it had flowers and reminded me of the character on Firefly, the wheelchair is Sheila after the tank on Red vs Blue...

Basically I'm a giant nerd.

Anyway, I'm about to move into my very first apartment with a couple of friends.

It has no name.

Will you give me some geeky names that would suit an apartment? I can't think of any really good "place" names... D:

I'm also going to write up a list of rules for the apartment, as I am living with two males who can be... well, male-like. What rules should I put on there?

(no subject)

tqc, do American shopping malls accept Canadian currency?
(I live close to the border and am planning a trip to Walden Galleria, and I just want to be sure if I have to do a currency exchange or if I can get away with not.)
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(no subject)

What would you think if a cutter sterilized and put Neosporin on their cuts afterwards? Would you think they were more psychologically disturbed than a cutter who didn't do that, or less disturbed?

(no subject)

1) What do you do when you're having a low self esteem day?

2) What color is your bedspread?

3) For a college graduation gift next year, what should I ask my parents for? Mom said something nice, but only a couple hundred, tops. I'm thinking nice leather messenger bag.
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this is going to sound retarded, but when you read something like, "People who eat apples reduce their chance of getting the flu by 30%" what does that mean?

does it mean that they took 100 people who ate apples and 100 people who didn't, and if 30 people in the first group got the flu, then 60 people in the second group got it? Or if 50 people in the first group got the flu, then 80 people in the second group got it?

(no subject)

Do you ever have those moments when something unexpected happens and you freak out but then realize when it's over, that the freaking out wasn't that necessary?

Are there any other communities you visit as often as TQC?
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(no subject)

A friend of mine is pregnant and having a baby girl. She and her husband want to name the baby Riley (or some alternate spelling - we didn't ask how it was going to be spelled).

Then they asked us if we thought it sounded too much like a boy's name. I didn't even think of it until they said it.

Is Riley a boy or girl's name?

What other ways would you think to spell it?
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(no subject)

I'm flying to London this winter and I've never been on an International flight so I don't really know what to expect as far as customs/jet-lag.

Anyone have any horror stories about flying to London from the US?
What should I expect once I arrive as far as Customs?
Any advice or tips?

(no subject)

Man, I missed all the meta-posts about all us TQCers today.

When you see posts like that, do you go back and answer them late (knowing no-one will reply to your comments), or do you just skip it and wait for the next time?

(no subject)

So the story goes:

I found out today that our training room at work has been double booked for tomorrow and we have no other training areas available. One of the people who had the room booked picked up the key this morning because they had the room booked for today as well.

When the other person finds out about this tomorrow morning, how can I make them feel better about this problem and apologise without looking like it was my fault (because it actually wasn't but I'm the one that is left to deliver bad news.)?
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(no subject)

Boyfriend and I live on the ground floor. There's this sortof gardeny thing outside the windows, and in height it comes up just about to the window sill.
There are bunnies living in it. or a bunny, at any rate. A small, youngish bunny, who likes to hop up on the sill and scratch the windows.

It is clearly a young rabbit. It looks wild, I guess, in that it's pretty solidly "wild rabbit brown." But it will come up on the sill, and paw at the side of the window that has a screen, and then hop down the sill and run his little bunny claws down the glass. When we first heard this, we assumed it was squirrel mating noises or something.

Bunny is doing this as I type.


Nosy relatives

So! Does anyone else but me have a relative who spends hours online poking through the Facebook profiles of everyone they know?

I have an aunt who spends ridiculous amounts of time snooping through people's Facebooks, looking at pictures, reading their walls, etc. When she asked to be added to my friends list, I didn't think anything of it, but that was before I found out just how nosy she is. Yesterday I took her off my list and changed my privacy settings so that she can no longer see anything on my profile. Apparently, today she was visiting my mother and asked if I deleted my Facebook because she could no longer read anything on it. It's like, "Take the hint, woman."

I mean, I don't have anything to hide, but I hate the idea of someone actually sitting around sifting through my damn Facebook. I guess that'll teach me to add family members, huh?
wedding jump

wedding gift

So, my husband and I are going to a friend's wedding this weekend. We bought them a $30 present. I just checked my gift list from our wedding 2 yrs. ago to see what they got us, just for fun, and it turns out they got us nothing but a card. Money is really tight for us right now-I'm unemployed and husband is a student working part time-so $30 is generous right now to say the least. I feel like I want to keep/return the present.

Questions: Is that super petty? Would you keep it?

Sidenote: both they're families are pretty well off; they're getting tons of nice things.

Edit: Okay, I get it, internet! Sorry for my moment of weakness. I'll give them the present happily.
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So I just got a voice mail that essentially said "you know that desk of mine you found on craigslist? that one that you saw, said you wanted, and were coming to pick up tomorrow? yeah well I sold it to some other people.... sorry"

1. Should I call back and tell him he's an asshole?
2. When was the last time you were let down?

Craiglist is making me lose faith in people.... this is not the first time I've been let down by what I thought was a sure deal.

3. Do you have faith in people, in general? Why or why not?

And unrelated:

4. What was the best thing you did today?

5. I'm depressed and bored. Should I:
a) take a walk
b) get drunk
c) smoke pot
d) Other?

5 1/2 : If I decide to become less sober, will anyone on TQC join me?

6. So I feel really dumb asking this, but how the heck do I access TQC chat?? Is it an AIM thing?? I'm bored a lot and it sounds like fun =P Got it! I'm on chat now, bitchezzz
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My SO and I are coming up on our 7th anniversary. We have two kids. We married 6 months ago but it's weird to think I'm a wife so I'll stick with SO.

For years now I've had a secret bank account just in case. I don't forsee a split, but if we did, I would not want to lose my house (in my name), car, etc. and have to struggle. He makes 3 times what I do in a month. I think this is being responsible ad smart, ensuring my financial security and that of my kids, since, if we split, I would have sole custody (I actually already have for 5 years, since where I live someone has to claim custody when parents are unmarried at time of births).

This was brought up today at work and a co-worker said I was lying to my SO, and he should be upset, and I am wrong in doing it. All the money in the acct. was earned by me, none was his, and I don't plan on telling him about it either. She says hiding money is grounds for divorce? I have about 4 months living expenses aside.

So, TQC, am I smart, or a vindictive bitch?

The great outdoors...

When was the last time something in nature took your breath away or at least made you go, "Oh, wow?"

What was it? (Do you have a video or a picture to go along with it?)

What's your favorite thing about this great, big, beautiful world of ours?

What is your least favorite thing?

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Jane Lane



I need your help. I have weight problems, but i'm not overweight. I extremely underweight and I keep losing weight. I'm currently 5'9" and about 115 lbs. About a week ago I weighed 120 lbs and about a month and a half ago I weight 125 and I've weighed 125 for about 8 months straight. It's causing huge problems with my sleep cycles and daily activities.

I'm not working out, starving myself, stressing out or anything. I just can't seem to keep my weight under control anymore. What are some good, healthy ways to pack on pounds that are not going to make me sick or shock my body? Also how can I maintain a normal body weight without turning into Skeletor every time i step on a treadmill?

non-serious answers are acceptable.
the kiddos

what would you do?

Say you just moved into a house. The sellers had problems getting their mail forwarded and their realtor sent you some "Please Forward To" labels. You also got a confirmation in the mail that their mail will be forwarded to their new address. However, you got some catalogs that you would like to keep.

Would you keep them, browse then forward, or forward?

Just catalogs.
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college students and former college students:

have you ever gotten yourself excused from having to get a meal plan? we're required to get one through my school. i'm particularly looking for advice re: dietary restrictions and doctor's notes.

if you haven't, here's another question: how would you rate your college's cafeteria/food offerings? ever gotten food poisoning from eating there?

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So i'm totally trying to find a mix of what i call post-apocalyptic music. i want to set it up for at least a CD, and quite possibly even a pandora internet radio station. by "post apocalyptic", i mean the kind of music you'd expect to be listening to if your life was similar to say... mad max's or something.

so far, the only two songs that are ringing any bells are Knights of Cydonia by Muse, and Highway Star by Deep Purple. you guys got any ideas/suggestions for bands or songs that you would consider post-apocalyptic?