June 23rd, 2008

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my bf & i bought a bag of cut up rotisserie chicken today to bring to the drive-in theater for ourselves & friends. we have so much left over since the lady at the deli hooked us up with nearly a fastfood bag full of chicken pieces for 7bucks!

so, my question is, what should i make tomorrow with all the chicken meat (lunch/dinner)? thusfar i have tacos, burritos, enchiladas, & quesadillas (hah lots of mex!) on my list. creative ideas are welcome! also recipes too!

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how much would it bother you if your SO's parents didn't seem to like you at all/weren't friendly to you?

let's say, hypothetically, you're planning on spending the rest of your life with this SO.
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there was a mosquito buzzing around my kitchen, and it landed in a pot that was on the stove. I placed the lid on top, trapping it. now I don't know how to kill it.

if I remove the lid, it might fly away before I can catch it.

there's only a tiny bit of water in it, so I can't boil it.

can anyone think of a clever way to make sure I do in this mosquito?

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About how many times would you say you check TQC in the course of an hour?

When was the last time you cleaned up your desk?

What was the last gift you bought for someone?

Do you like the smell of a new book?
MALL-- crash

Hair question

How long should I wait before I dye my hair again?

I just colored it a week ago, but the color isn't as bold as I expected. I just bought a new color and I plan on redoing it, but I dont know how long I'm supposed to wait. Should I wait a month? or longer? Help!


So... it's almost 2:00 am and my dad just called and left me a voicemail...

"You know, Haylie, It's pretty sad the way you treat your grandmother. You can't even call her and wish her a happy birthday. You know? That's pretty pathetic, as good as she's been to you. You just act like your mother when you do that, so uh, just think about that."

Fucking psycho! For one thing, I've been either working or sleeping for the past 3 days. Another thing, my grandma is NOT good to me! She connives and treats me like a kid and puts me down in front of people. That's why I moved far, far away from them. He SO desperately wants me to call him and have a good relationship with him, but he pulls shit all the time. LIKE... paying for his girlfriends daughter's prom dress instead of helping me get my car fixed... not keeping promises... driving down the interstate at 100 mph while I was in the car with him because I was texting my fiance... Buying me a Camaro for my graduation present and then taking it from me for no reason... coming to visit my fiance and I, clogging our toilet with his shit, then coming out and saying, "Hey Mike, you need to plunge your toilet. I clogged it. Heh. Heh." If I was at someone's house and did that I would plunge the shit myself!!!

And then leaving messages like that doesn't exactly make me want to run into his arms.

Earlier today he called my fiance and said, "Well, Mike, you must not want to talk to me, so I'll remember that whenever you try to get ahold of me."


My fiance HATES my dad and is only nice to his face to keep the peace at family gatherings and whatnot.

I haven't said a word to him about his actions since I moved out 2 years ago. I've been trying to be the bigger person. Should I call him back and tell him what an ignorant asshole he is and how I've always thought he was the scum of the earth? Or should I just let it go?

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Last night I took a sleeping pill to fall asleep. I dozed off for 12 hours. Should I take another pill tonight or just wait until I get tired?

What are you doing up?
What's one thing you must always do before going to bed?
ke?//white ninja

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TQC I come to you with a rather serious dilemma.

My housemate/ good friend of 3 years has been waking up at 4am to vomit. I've noticed it happening frequently over the past 2 months now. I believe she may be purging.

Just now she woke up and was in the bathroom for half an hour, i could clearly hear her vomiting (my room is directly across from the bathroom) and when she walked out she was shocked to see me awake and mumbled 'dude, i was just so close to puking' rubbed her belly and went into her room.

My question is, do I approach her about this? If I do...how on earth do I go about it? I know she would just shrug it off and say she had a stomach ache. Or do I call her sister (who she is very close to) and tell her? (i have met her a few times, but she also lives in another state)

srs answers only please. 
edit- she's not pregnant. We're pretty much attatched at the hip, the only time I don't see her is when she is  at work. She has not had sex for over 6 months.
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So I had a pretty shitty night at work in which one of my idiotic co-workers might have accidently taken a min. of $20, max of $40, from my tips, she took out one of my orders and kept the money for it while I was still getting charged for it at the end of the night. (note: the co-worker in question really is enough of a ditz that it would have been an accident). Should I confront said coworker about it next time I see them? What should I say (again keeping in mind she's probably got the intellegence and comprehension level of a young child)? 

Do you have any stupid co-worker/work related stories you'd like to share with the class? 
Typing Monkey

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I won an auction on e-bay and the seller wants me to call him (or he can call me) and give him my credit card number. His rating is 43 with a positive feedback score of 95.2%. I'm still not entirely comfortable with this. What would you do? Have you ever paid for an auction this way?

Are there any websites that will allow you to send a money order?
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What is the music from 2000-2010 going to be called?

From 2000 and on, will it always be called "today"?
[music from the 80's, 90's and TODAY!]

Is music going to steadily get worse?

What years had the BEST music?
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Hydroxicut. Has anybody used this with both diet and exercise? Has it actually helped a bit?

Yes I realize diet pills are stupid I just want to hear from anyone that has actually  had a good experience.

Using my sisters journal.
d20 :: natural 1

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I was so looking forward to having leftover fried chicken for breakfast, only to be utterly disappointed when I went to get myself some and discovered that it's already all gone.

What's the last thing you looked forward to that ended in disappointment?


So I tripped over my big black lab in the dark last night and went flying across the kitchen.

1. What is something you have done that was very clumsy?
a zim

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my husband and i have a once-in-a-blue-moon day off together tomorrow. the plan is to walk the dogs and then go see a movie (we haven't seen a movie in the theater in like a year). which movie should we see?

Poll #1209463 Movies?

Which movie should we see?

Iron Man
Kung Fu Panda
Indiana Jones
Get Smart
The Happening
James Franco joint

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Hey TQC. With my brother in Switzerland and my parents out of town, I have the whole house to myself today, until I have to work around 4.

I am dead set on making muddy buddies with Chex, so I'm going to buy chocolate chips at the store. But what else should I do today while I have things to myself (besides masturbate, it's obvious)?

Any plans this week?

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For the womenz,

1) Have you ever shaved your head? (Picsplz, if you want)
2) Were you scared or unsure before you did it, or just psyched?
3) Did it take a while to get used to, or did you love it immediately?

At the beginning of spring I was dead set on doing it. I didn't get the opportunity until today, & I still want to but I'm not as pumped about it as I was. I've known since I was like 16 that this was something I wanted to do at some point in my life, and I figure if I don't do it when I'm young and attractive I won't ever do it. My boyfriend's stepsister is going to cut my hair today, and I'm either going to chop it short or just shave it (not completely bald, but really short). I'm not sure if I should just go for it or not, since I'm kind of apprehensive now. (I look like this.)

I know this might get a lot of "no woman should ever shave her head ever", but I think it's amazing on the right woman.

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Dear TQC,

I just got a coupon in my email for a 99 cent buffet dinner for kids under 12 that expires on Thursday.
What is the quickest way I can have kids so I can get them in on the cheap buffet?
It's a salad bar thing so it should be good for them.

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Ok, why does the clock on my computer become slower and slower? I reset it and before I know it, it's like 32 minutes behind again. (or some weird time... this last time it was 74 minutes behind)


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To those of you with allergies, are they killing you today?  What do you usually do to treat them?

For everyone, what is a book that you expected to hate but ended up enjoying?

GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

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I've always been easily affected by cigarrette smoke. At one point last night while I was trying to fall back asleep (after my sister texted me about the late George Carlin), I started smelling cigarrette smoke ALL OVER THE PLACE. I couldnt sleep 'cause I felt like I was inhaling death. I still feel it today. My mother *sometimes* smokes but she was asleep and she *always* smokes outside either way, so there definitely was no smoking going on around me.

TQC, what's wrong with me?
Was it *you* smoking?

Stove vs microwave

1. Which do you use most often, the stove or the microwave?

2. Are there any foods/meals that, when given the choices of preparing using a stove or a microwave, you prefer to microwave? (Imagine the cooking times are equal) If yes, which foods/meals?

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Does anybody here have phone service through Vonage?
If so, who do you have your internet service through?
My husband and I are about to ditch our Comcast bundle because it's way too expensive, and we're looking into Vonage for our phone service but we don't know what to do as far as internet.  We were thinking AT&T, but according to their website, their DSL service isn't available in our area (which seems ridiculous to me because it's a pretty big city, and my parents have AT&T service in their little podunk, hillbilly, middle-of-nowhere town...), so we're at a loss.  Any suggestions?

Never mind!  My husband ended up calling AT&T and the guy was like "oh heck yeah you can get service at your new house blahblahblah you don't even need phone or cable, we can just do internet!" (we only wanted phone because we thought we needed to have either phone or cable in order to have internet).  So yeah. :P
Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom

SOs, vacations, and moola

So you and your SO are planning a trip together. That's awesome! But the question comes down to who is going to pay for certain parts of the trip. Would you want to split the cost 50-50? What about if you make significantly more than your SO? Vice versa? What about if you made more, but they still lived at home and didn't have any major bills? Would you want a different split if you drove, with less paid for by the car's owner?

Where would you go if you could take a random trip for a weekend? For a week?
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Will you please post your username, and then see how other people in the community would introduce you?

Just comment on each other's usernames, saying what you will about the poster.

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Although I don't see myself having kids of my own, I would love the opportunity to name someone else's. However, ever since I came up with these, my friends have disowned my naming skills :( I'm a little saddened at my lack of perspective.. But here they are anyway.
Girl: Flannery Alice (last name)
Boy: Frederick Hunter (last name)
What do you think?
What would you name your hypothetical children?

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1. If you could be any animal/mammal what would it be?

2. I chewed off a big chunk of flesh on my thumb and it hurts like a bitch. What hurts on you?

3. Are you a pervert?

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My first day of group speech was today. For our first assignment, we had to partner up with the closest person to us and interview each other. My partner was a 40-something year old middle eastern man. We had just started introducing ourselves and he started saying his last name and suddenly said 'I'll be right back' and left class abruptly. Well, he never came back. TQC, why did he leave? Did I scare him shitless or what?

What is the last weird thing that happened to you?

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Guys, I stepped on a thorn yesterday. It was a very determined thorn, too, sneaking between my sandal and my foot and staying upright for me to step directly down on.

How can I make it stop hurtingggggg? Not walking isn't an option because I have class today and class + work for the next 8 days.

Isn't it a bitch how bandaids just don't want to stay on feet?!

And: why am I craving fries with vinegar? I hate vinegar.
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What's the longest you've ever been on hold before speaking to someone when calling a company?

Most phone calls it took to get a problem resolved with a product?

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a. do you like boba (bubble/tapioca) tea? if so, what's your favorite? if not, why not?

b. if you could be any celebrity who would you be?

c. what's your favorite board game?

also... does anyone know where i can get a journal layout without having to edit much? (preferably links to lj communities) i tried "layouts" and "html" in the interests, but none of the communities show up with any layouts remotely appealing. thanks in advance. (:

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Would you rather?

get birthday presents and Christmas gifts from your aunt/uncle every year until you graduate high school
get no birthday presents or Christmas gifts from your aunt/uncle but go on a tour of Europe with them when you graduate from high school

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Can anyone translate this for me?

"Heureux de faire vos connaissances, vous vous ressemblez toutes mais ce n'est pas grave ;-p

Belle réalisation"

It's a comment on a picture in my Flickr, and I don't know what it means.

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Is it wrong that I find the following letter to an advice columnist funny?

“My friend and I were so happy to be going to the same high school. But now as the months pass by, my friend has found a boyfriend and has made me feel as if I am invisible. The only times she’ll talk to me is when she needs help with homework. For this reason, I hate her, and that’s why I’m glad school is almost over. How can I make her include me in her school life? I cannot take it anymore. What should I do?

I mean I get that she would be upset about her friend, and she had a right to be mad, her friend is being a complete bitch. But it's just how she writes her letter like it's so dramatic "For this reason, I hate her" and then "how can I make her include me in her school life?"
201Özil <3 :D

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what is the most interesting job you've had/applied for?

i'm currently on a job hunt and on a whim i applied to be a guide for the Eiffel tower at the Paris hotel & casino in Las Vegas.

and yes i do live in Vegas :P so, it wasn't THAT random, but still.

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i signed up for a painting class, and guess what? i got put on a waitlist because it's FULL. D: what should i do to convince the instructor that her class/life just will not be complete if i am not admitted? (non-srs, YAY!)

is anyone else taking any classes over the summer? what? why?

it's been 90F+ for the last few days here in southern california. i have no A/C. I AM MELTING. do you have any good tricks for staying cool? i've been keeping a bottle of aloe vera in the fridge and slapping that on every once in a while, cold showers, and drinking lots of ice water, but it's NOT ENOUGH!!! D: D: D:

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How was your weekend?

What did you eat/ what are you going to eat for lunch today?

Do you like starbucks coffee?

The proposal:

He took me to the beach for the weekend and told me that his friend was going to meet us there on Saturday, and that we were just using their Friday night at the B&B because they couldn't get there on time. Questionable, but I still went along with it. We drove straight there after work, checked into our B&B, and then he said he wanted to go to this restaurant in a nature preserve. Again, questionable. When we got to the nature preserve, he parked by a boardwalk that lead out to the water. I was in awe of how beautiful it was, and I went to give him a hug and he was all clammy/sweaty. I asked him what was wrong with him, and then I knew he was going to propose! Before I knew it he was on his knee, pulling out a beautiful, perfect ring. He asked me to marry him and I said yes!

Thanks so much for the congratulations!
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1) How's the weather?

2) How are you feeling today?

3) Besides TQC, what are you doing at the moment?

4) Have you done anything today to keep people on their toes?

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Why the fuck did I just get a $2000 gas bill when the only thing that runs on gas is my dryer?

Care to make any predictions as to how long the gas company will make me sit on hold before they allow me to tear them a new one?

Don't they have people who check mistakes like this or do they just like to give people aneurysms when they see something like that on their bill?

Have you ever found major mistakes on any of your bills?
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What was the last thing that made you really angry?

Edit: My answer: My stepsister's teenaged boyfriend died over the weekend when he got drunk and played Russian Roulette, and now my dad is having to deal with all the hysterical aftermath because some kid was an idiot.

Anthony Bourdain is the sexiest man alive y/y?
SVU wtf?

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Oh my God, I'm so sad. Someone broke into the local zoo over the weekend and killed two cereopsis geese, 2 black swans and poisoned the condors. The condors haven't died, as far as I know. The cereopsis geese were so cool. They would chase you from their enclosure and grunted like pigs.

Why would someone do that?

Would you please post something to cheer me up?
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For survey purposes...
1a. Do you know what polyamory is?
1b. If so, do you know people that use it as their relationship model?

It isn't a synonym for anything else (including polygamy) in case you're wondering.

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I would make this a poll, but I suck at life.

Which celebrity death do you think sucks the most?
a. George Carlin
b. Heath Ledger
c. Tim Russert
d. Anna Nicole Smith (hahaha)

Off topic: What (if anything) can you say in sign language? I can say "poop in the toilet" *nods*

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Ugh it has gotten to the point where every letter of the alphabet I type into Firefox shows at least five porn websites beginning with that letter. I am deeply ashamed.

What are you ashamed of today?

I got my first-ever tan at a tanning location today.

Am I turning into a guido?

I got some food and it is all various shades of the same color. If my mom were here she'd garnish my fast food with parsley.

Do monochromatic meals turn you off?

Oh shit

Kind of incoherent/long explanation:
So let's say you interviewed for two jobs about a week apart, you ended up accepting the Job #1's offer (due to the fact that you had to let them know the day before your interview with Job #2, and you didn't really think you were going to get the job that you had the #2 interview for)...and say after you'd accepted the Job #1s offer, Job #2 offers you the job....and since Job #2 was really your first choice and Job #1 was kind of just a backup, you accept Job #2s offer. Now you have to tell Job #1 that you can't accept their offer anymore. (I know, kind of a douchebag move)

What do you say to Job #1? How do you say it? Phone/email?

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If you finally had a few thousand bucks saved up, how would you make them turn into more bucks?

It looks like most savings accounts and CD's are less than 1% interest unless you have a lot more money to put in and that was my original plan.

Cooking question

Let's say  I prepare something (e.g. lasgana) in a Pyrex dish and refrigerate it overnight for heating the next day.

The next day, I come home from work and want to eat my lasagna. But, I don't want to ruin my lasagna/Pyrex dish/oven by taking the food from the cold fridge and placing it into a hot  oven. It will take quite a while for it to come to room temperature, so is my only option for eating it at a decent hour to buy some disposable foil pans? Or is there some other alternative that I'm not thinking of?
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1. How much do parking/speeding/moving violation tickets piss you off?

2. Is $115 for parking 6.5 ft (instead of 8) for 2 HOURS in front of a fire hydrant reasonable?!*

*because I really just can't get over this
Haruhi disappearance

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I was thinking of going to Target after work. What should I buy there?

I'm going down the cape this Saturday to visit my parents. Can you give me any ideas for things to do in case it rains? I'll be in Dennisport.

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For some reason I had it in my mind that George Carlin was someone completely different. I thought he was a jazz musician (I think?) who was large, black, and had dreadlocks. There was totally a muppet that looked a lot like him. Who am I thinking of, TQC?

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What do people do while driving that annoys the crap out of you?

To name just a few, I fucking hate when people drive 20 miles an hour in the fast lane, pick their noses (you're not invisible in there!) and leave their turn signals on for 10 exits without moving

Do you ever wish you could just rear end them as hard as possible and make them fly through the windshield?
attack banana

board games

what were some of your favorite childhood board games?

and by board games, I mean anything that came in a box that you sat down and played on the floor. so maybe break the ice wasn't on a board, but it counts.

Internet Credit Card Fraud?

Anybody had experience with this?
Collapse )

Tl;dr version: Unknown charge turns up on credit card bill; charge is unknown to owner of the card or his SO, but is traced back to a housemate who denies stealing the card. His denial is distressingly believable, despite all the evidence of guilt. Is there any way he could be innocent? Have you ever been in a similar situation?

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Criss Angel, what was in the other envelope?

Do you know any magic tricks? Are magic shows wasted on you because you constantly feel like it's all a hoax?

What's the best show you've ever seen in Vages  Vegas?


I'm looking for a digital clock that will either countdown time or act as a stop watch. It would have to be large, about five inches in width; it would act as a visual aid in a speech given in a classroom.
Does this exist?
Where can I buy it?

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Well, I had planned on moving this week but as it turns out, I will not be leaving until the new semester starts. I cleared up everything, I quit my job, stopped talking to almost everyone, and my entire summer is clear. Also, I am very broke.

TQC, what should I do to make time go by faster?

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ETA: Several of the decals also have tiny rhinestones in the center

ETA2: Did you guys know that I am your #1 fan? I love TQC and what's inside of it.

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Whose recent death has been the most shocking, or hit you the hardeset?

Heath Ledger
Tim Russert
George Carlin
Who the hell are they?
None of the above

I was personally shaken up by Carlin's passing. I loved that guy. In my opinion, he was one of the pillars of comedy. On a scale of 1 to 10, how saddened are you by his death?

Mean: 5.00 Median: 5 Std. Dev 3.12

Scale polls are greatly underrated. It's been said that Clay Aikin is gayer than a tree of monkeys. How many monkeys would a tree have to contain before it's considered 'gay'?

Mean: 29.65 Median: 30 Std. Dev 16.76
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

1. Do you keep your money with an iron fist, or does it burn a hole in your pocket?
2. What did you keep your money in as a child?
3. What can you remember was the first thing you saved your money to purchase?
4. Did you receive an allowance? How much? What did you have to do to get it?

You get super bonus points if you can name two Nickelback songs that sound nothing alike

Money burns a hole in my pocket, but I remember that I saved my allowance as a kid to buy a green game boy pocket and a copy of Kirby's Dream Land - I was so excited, it was the best game in the universe to me because I bought it.
Izzy and Alex


1. With all the extra stuff at airports these days, can you take sex toys on an airplane? (More specifically, vibe/dildo)

2. Today at work I saw some girl get busted for drugs in the parking lot.  What random things did you see out and about today?

of critical importance

Should I eat Top Ramen for dinner? Or should I suck it up, put on real pants, and go out into the cold to buy some pho?

Keep in mind the ramen is already in the pantry, will be ready in 5 minutes, and is free. The pho is 20 blocks away, will take about 30 minutes round trip to acquire, and costs $7.

OR should I eat something else that I could get delivered?

ETA I just realized I have work to do tonight so I surrendered to the quickness of the Ramen. All I had to put into it was Sriracha, basil and cilantro. So it's like a really cheap, unfulfilling version of pho. I'll get pho Wednesday.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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What is a song or genre that you love to sing in your house or shower, but would be mortified if others knew you liked it?

I know the lyrics to way too many rap songs, and I am a fast talker so I can get them out with fairly high accuracy. The fact that I love to rap when I'm in a good mood, however, is not something I try to publicize: I am very, very white.
i like to live on the edge

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I start my AMAZING internship tomorrow. Any tips/advice on how to not suck or fuck up/make a good impression? Or whatever. Serious and non serious please!

Do you think it sounds lame (makes me look stupid) if I bring a note pad/pen with me everywhere just incase someone important tells me to do this or that or go wherever and I write down stuff because I sometimes have a shitty memory?

Should I keep my cellphone on me or no? (I'll prob ask my boss that.)
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I won $11 from scratch-off lottery tickets!

1. What should I buy with the money, TQC?

2. Have you won money from the lottery? How much? What'd you do with it?
Miroku Turn

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Do/did you have acne, TQC?

If you do, how do you handle it? :( Is it bad?

If you did, when did it go away?

I'm almost eighteen, I feel like maybe I'm too old to look like a pockmarked freak. :
judith // for brighter skies

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So I have a question with a slightly lengthy explanation, TQC. This summer I'm working as an unpaid intern for a political start up. The job is in Manhattan and I live outside the city - my daily commute is about an hour and a half each way.

I don't have the best health in the world, so three hours commuting + 9 hour work day = me getting sick pretty much all the time. My parents are pressing me to quit, but I don't want to leave my boss in the lurch. (I say "boss," but really, it's a group of ten college kids.)

Should I stay (and get maybe a letter of recommendation and the satisfaction of knowing I stuck with it) or quit (and have the time to work on improving my health, as well as get a job that pays)?

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 What is the best way to clean a wooden cutting board? My husband cut a melon on it and it is sticky. 

edit:I had another before and it cracked right down the middle( I assume is was something I did.), so I have been using my glass one till now.
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Did you protest the war in Iraq?

If yes, do you support the income tax?

If yes, why do you indirectly support the war in Iraq by giving the government power they were never intended to have?

(no subject)

You are currently in school and money is very tight. You make an 12-15 mile round-trip for school daily so it costs you around $4-$5 daily in gas money. You also need to lose weight and get in shape. One day, someone gives you a nice functional road bike for free. To get back and forth from school, do you keep driving or use the bike? WHY?

ETA: If you attempt to sell or/and trade the bike or any of its parts, you will be cursed with AIDS.

What hair color is the most attractive to you?
purple flowers, Me and Lily

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What would you do about a neighbor with a barking dog?

Our townhouse has a unit below it and the owner's German Shepherd baaarks and barks and barks when he's home alone and sees people outside. He also howls in sadness when the owner leaves. I want to have a good relationship with our neighbor, but we rarely see him (his work schedule seems odd) and I'd feel weird waiting for him to get home and then pouncing on the opportunity to bring it up face-to-face. Would leaving a note be inappropriate? Maybe that asked if he might try closing his blinds when he's not home so the dog can't see people walking by? Do we just buck up and get used to it? Call the association (I have no idea what that would accomplish)? Arg.


Apologies if someone has asked this already today (feel free to link me) but because of today's news I feel inclined to ask the following:

What is your favorite George Carlin monologue/routine/skit/whateverhecalledit?

kinda tl;dr

This summer I'm a nanny for three kids (ages three, two and five months). From what I've seen, these kids aren't disciplined at all (obviously the baby is excluded from this). They are allowed to do whatever they want to do and eat whatever they want to eat. Since they're not my kids, I have no real say on how they are parented, but it still affects me because they won't listen to me.

Is there any way I can get these kids to listen to me?

Unlike their parents, I refuse to let them do whatever they want, and I won't let them eat whatever they want to eat. Because of this, I'm really paranoid that I'm going to do something that the parents disagree with, but they've never told me what to do when the kids act up.

Any advice?

Thankfully, I only work five hours a day, but it's gotten to the point where I hate the job, so five hours seems so much longer than it really is.


1. Why do flies like shit so much?

2. Whats the worst show you ever went to?

3. Is there anything you can tell me that I should know?


Have you ever sold anything through gumtree (or similar)? Rather than ebay where you mail things, you're both in the same area.
How did you deal with the 'internet safety' aspect of meeting up with them to swap goods and money?
heavy metal

*ding dong*

Today a man rang my doorbell. I answered and he said "Hi, I'm from North Carolina and I'm selling furniture. You can come take a look if you'd like." He pointed down the block about two houses to a truck. I told him "No thanks" and he walked over to my neighbor's house to continue down the block. A few minutes later, the truck drove by my house and I saw out my window that it said Thomasville Furniture on it. ETA I only link the website because the writing on the truck matched the writing of the company's name that I've seen on the website and in their advertising. It looked like any other Thomasville Furniture truck I've seen driving around town.

1. Where do you think this guy was really from?
2. What crime (besides theft of a large truck of furniture) would this guy have committed if I had actually gone to check out the truck?
3. If he was actually a furniture maker from North Carolina, why would he use a Thomasville Furniture truck?
4. What's the strangest thing that someone rang your doorbell for?

In another strange doorbell story, my grandfather was over my house a few days ago when the doorbell rang. His license plate is a custom one that says the town he's from in Ireland. This guy saw it and come to the house because he was super-excited to see it and ask me who the car belonged to. Apparently, his favorite band is from there and he thought it was so cool to see the license plate and just had to stop by and say hi.

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i just went to the bathroom and when i returned i found my room covered in 3 cans of silly string. it's my 11 y/o brother's birthday today and my mom made the mistake of giving him and his friends silly string.

how should i get back at them?
macaroni murder lady

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What's so fucking awesome about the concept of mpreg? Why, of all the bizarre shit I could come up with, does EVERY girl from 10 to 35 want to write/read about it in specific? I cannot figure out why it's so popular and such a standard. I don't care if you like it or not, and I'm not going to make fun of you. Just help me understand?

Also, where can I buy really good croissants?

time fillers

1. What are games like "I Spy" and "Simon Says" that you can play with kids without having to have them run around? We're just starting field trips tomorrow and I need to be the one to come up with time fillers, and after those two games, I'm stuck.

2. Are bangs easily manageable?
[mg] short hair

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You know how restaurants have signs in the bathrooms, telling employees to wash their hands before returning to work?

What signs do you think would be useful in your home? (don't forget to put the toilet seat down, take empty milk carton out of fridge, etc.)

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1) do you have favorite story tropes?

I like the storyline "bring me a human heart!"-bonus points if it's a physical flesh and blood heart, and I also love it when singing and dancing save the day.

[this question was edited to make troupe trope and say day]

2) Anything you got in the mail that you were excited about?

VOLUME 11 OF NANA!!!!!!!!!!
cabaret voltaire