June 22nd, 2008


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 “Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short and wear shirts and boots because it’s okay to be a boy; for girls it’s like promotion. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, according to you, because secretly you believe that being a girl is degrading.”

Do you agree with this statement?

Have you ever been interested in the psychology of cross-dressing like I have?

I've always thought that when one talks about women cross dressing and men cross dressing they are two completely different things. Like, its drastically different and noticeable when a man cross dresses, because he wears makeup and dresses and its completely opposite of what a "man" would do. But the defenition of a woman cross-dresser is not so clear; women have been wearing the same clothes as men and 'acting like men' for decades.  It's harder to define the 'typical' behavior of a woman, because its often blurred with the 'typical' behavior of a man.  In a way, women have had to be men in order to be successful in many ways. Do you know what I mean? I hope I'm explaining myself clearly.

Will you give me your thoughts on this? Spare no detail! As my English teacher would say, "Dig deep, people!"

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This may be a long-shot, but I'm dying to remember this quote and nothing in google is coming up.

It's from a book, and it's along the lines of "the breaking should make a bigger noise, but it doesn't/than this" or it's like "the cracking should make a bigger noise.. etc." I don't even remember the book name, for some reason I think it has the word "Pharaoh" in the title.


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Why did your day suck?


Why was your day awesome?


Why was your day ok?

My day sucked because I'm currently in one of those "we're sort of together, but really nothing official" relationships, and it is really confusing me.

Sony Ericsson cell

I am having a hard time finding cell phone covers for the Sony Ericsson W300i model. I found some basic different colored ones but nothing very cute. Where can I find some covers with actual designs on them?
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Does "I love you" count as "bye" as well?  because my boyfriend and I usually say "I love you, bye" but I'm thinking, saying I love you has an understood bye in there, depending on the situation..

Do you add the "bye" after the "I love you" when leaving?

Why does my lower back hurt? is it because I hunch when I sit at my computer?
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1. What is one store you always admire stuff in, but never buy from?
White House Black Market

2. What is one song you prefer the cover/remake of, as opposed to the original?
I like Daughtry or Phil Stacey's "Blaze of Glory" more than Jon Bon Jovi's tbqh

3. What is your favorite time period of music?

4. What are you watching/listening to right now?

5. What is your "happy place"?
Concerts, definitely. Bowie or the Eagles

6. What is the worst injury you've ever sustained/had to put up with?
I've been lucky, just deep bruises and nasty scrapes, nothing too bad
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my computer is sick

hi tqc. my computer is in a lot of pain and needs some malicious software removed asap. i have a crapload of malware on my computer that isn't letting me use search engines or much else, so i am basically hopeless without your help.

1) Can someone, anyone, PLEASE send me a link to the HijackThis website or to somewhere i can download it?

2) What (preferably free) programs do you use to get rid of spyware, adware, trogans and viruses?

3. Are you generally cautious with what you download from the internet?

Usually I am, but I downloaded and installed a Fruity Loops/FL Studios torrent last night on whim and it basically destroyed my computer.
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Do you hate it when people you're instant messaging just quit replying even though they're still listening to music or doing something that suggests they are still around their computers?

What sets off your paranoia, TQC?

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Did you guys know that I'm really a man? Do you feel cheated?

American cheese––is there any part of it that actually has any cultures or cheese-like characteristics to it?

My penis––want to see it?
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When you're in a group of people all paired off (as in, all have serious relationships), and you're totally and completely single, how do you avoid the awkward third-wheel feeling?

I was invited to a cookout tomorrow, and wanna go so I'll be in on the jokes at work Tuesday, but everyone there has either serious boyfriends to husbands, and I'm fame, party of one.
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I am sparkly and i ate a cheeseburger just a few minutes ago. When were you last sparkly and eating a cheeseburger?

When you go out for a night out, do you come home feeling yeah! money well spent, or do you wish you had stayed in and watched big brother?

I was thinking about a third question but my mind went blank and i decided against it. DO you have qustions like this on TQC? Well none questions i supppose
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I currently live in Ohio. I am attending a crappy college where my tuition for 15 hours a semester is about $3,500. I'd like to move to Texas and attend one of their colleges where it will cost approximately $3,800 for about 15 hours per semester. Here, in Ohio, I am recieving financial aid to the point where I don't have to pay for anything other than my books. Do you think in Texas I'd get the same benefits through financial aid? Can you give me any advice to help me figure out how I'd go about figuring this all out?

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Sorry I don't usually post 2 in a block of ten but:

What is the ultimate way of transporting hot and cold beverages if you're a person who both walks (with backpack) and drives in a car with a cupholder and all? I got a SIGG bottle because they're pretty but while it keeps coffee hot, it also makes the bottle equally hot and unholdable.

Are there cup-shaped Thermoses that have securely closeable mouths for when I want to put it in a bag, but doesn't necessarily require screwing so I can drink it while driving?

I want to buy one tomorrow if I can.

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TQC, I'm drunk as hell and bored as fuck. Should I call my boyfriend 1000000 times and leave him creepy incoherent voicemails again, masturbate, or just finish the rest of my rye and go to sleep?

Also, what is your favorite kind of sandwich?

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So, I just dropped acid for the first time. Tell me, is there any reason why my ass should feel like I wiped it with sandpaper?
There has to be some correlation, guys.
Fyi, no buttsecs. I was hanging out with the gays all night.

ETA: Oh, and how the fuck do I get all of this marker off my body? On the real tip, it's like I had an abortion at the Crayola factory.

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Aside from mass quantities of alcohol or sleeping pills:
How the hell do you fall asleep? Do you have any secrets for nights when you just absolutely cannot fall asleep?

I used to be an insomniac and just hoped that as long as I closed my eyes at least I was getting a little rest but I'm not used to it anymore. It's been taking me between three and four hours every night to actually fall asleep and I've been up for 24 hours at this point and I still can't relax

Have you ever taken a self-imposed vacation from the internet? How long did you stay away from it?

I've been thinking about it, but I'd probably just end up watching more TV instead of doing anything worth while
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I got paint on my wedding ring. Is it safe to scrub paint thinner on it? I can't find anything on cleaning paint off jewelry on Google. It is white gold and the paint is also on the stones.

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Let's say you're at work/school with a constantly runny nose and going home sick is not an option, do you:

A) leave to go blow your nose everytime it runs (which is a lot)

B) blow your nose at work/in class possibly disturbing your peers

C) Snort the mucus back up your nose, which gives you temporarily relief but makes that gross "SSSHHNRRRRK" noise

D) Other (please specify)

If you could give anyone a makeover who would it be and why?
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have you every wished you looked/lived/whatever like another race for any reason?

I have always wished i was Asian. i think Asian women are beautiful and i would kill to look Asian.

EDIT: im rewording this because i got a couple of bitchy comments. i don't sit around wishing i was Asian. sometimes i just wish i looked like an Asian because they're beautiful. that's it.
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Pleezingks to decode for me?

Last night I had a dream that my dad, stepmom and I were supposed to be taking a family trip to Argentina. When I got to the airport, my stepmom wasn't there and my dad said that she was thinking of severing all ties with me and wouldn't be coming on the trip. Then we were actually on the plane, but my dad and my seats weren't next to each other and I was up in the equivalent of first class. During the flight, they served us cake on cute little china plates at which time I went to go talk to my dad. Even though there was space up near me, my dad didn't want to move up and the guy next to my dad didn't want to take my spot up front either.

What does this dream mean? Serious and non-serious please.

p.s. We three have a good if not great relationship.

Large Photo Albums...

Does anyone know where I can find a photo album that will hold size 10x13 photos?

I've tried Google. I've been to every Wal-Mart in the area. I tried Target and Hobby Lobby, but I can't find one anywhere. The largest I found were at Hobby Lobby, but they were 12x12.

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A few years ago I read a children's book/short story. It was about a kid who was entering a smelly sneakers contest. His sneakers smelled so bad that his parents made him keep the shoes outside the door of their apartment so they wouldn't stink up the rooms inside. One day his sneakers go missing and he freaks out, but then later it turns out that the little old lady who lived in the apartment next door took them. She felt really bad that he had such crappy sneakers (she thought the parents were too cheap to buy him new ones), so she cleaned and washed them and when she returned them they smelled like a field of flowers. The kid knew she was just trying to help so he had to thank her and drop out of the contest. He goes to watch anyway and it turns out that the girl he likes is in the contest, and her sneakers were so horrible-smelling that the judges passed out. After she wins he goes to congratulate her and compliments her headband.

TQC, what the hell was I reading?
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I'm heading to the water park in an hour. We have a cooler full of ice, beer, soda and two flasks full of rum. Little plastic cups also. We don't need food since we'll be buying the BBQ there. What other things might I want to pack in the cooler?

I have been to this water park thousands of times (literally) but I'm still excited. What was the last thing you were surprisingly excited about?
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TQC, I need help finding something.

Awhile ago I was reading this website that had something to do with the House of Leaves book (I think?). It was written in the form of emails and text messages and letters. There was one centered letter per page and then you clicked to go to another. It was just a white background with black text. I know my description of this is sucky :(
I have googled for about an hour and can't find it.
Do you know what site i'm talking about?
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Have any of you ever changed from being raised Christian to becoming something else on your own? I've recently become Agnostic since I've been living away from my parents, at college, and I'm being coerced into going to a church service that's in my vaguely-recently-deceased grandfather's name.

Anyway, my mother's all "I'm gonna tell the whole family! (I live in Georgia, this is a big deal) I'm taking you out of my will and you're going to Hell." As much as I've tried to explain to her that you're allowed to be a good person and not necessarily Christian, it's not working.

What religions did you switch from/to? Do your parents or family know? If they were really upset by it, what did you do to fix things, or do you just never talk about it around them?

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1. Who do you owe money to?
2. How much money do you owe?
3. What classes are you taking this summer? (If you aren't taking any, skip this question)

I owe my mom $150, dad $76.10.

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1. what has made you smile lately?

2. what color is your underwear?

3. what kind of car do you drive?

4. So I just got my blackberry curve 2 days ago, and I'm still trying to figure stuff out. So for those of you that have blackberrys, any tips/tricks that you use? (things that make it easier to use & you wish you would've found out sooner)

5. is a 13" macbook worth $783? (employee discount) or do you think apple will come out with a new one soon? (i already have the 17" titanium one, it's just too heavy to haul around college)

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Why are there no good movies out right now? I wanna go to the movies, but all that's playing is Iron Man and Sex and the City. I refuse to see Sex and the City. What do you know about Iron Man? any good?

exercise advice

Since I'm not taking summer school, I can't abuse the student discount for our gym. This makes me sad.

So what are some of your favorite ways to exercise outside of a gym?

Any tips for some good abdominal workouts?

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Have you ever used Sallie Mae and Open Net for a loan? It seems odd to me, so I'm freaking out that my information is at risk. I'm usually so careful about this stuff, and maybe I'm freaking out for no reason, but the site seemed odd because I was never able to save my information past a certain point. I googled it and couldn't find much info.

Also, have you tried the Ped-Egg? It's pretty awesome.
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What's the last movie you had to quit watching in the middle because it was so bad?

Who was the last person you told to shut up and why?

Is there anything you have to do today?

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I just got a really awesome job in a city about an hour's drive away. My aunt lives in that city, and I told her that I would move in with her. I don't want to go, because I don't know anyone there, and she's in her 50s. The house would probably be too quiet much of the time. I like quiet, sure, but I've come to enjoy having my 3 roommates that are my age and also to have a good social network around here. What should I do?

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So, a couple of days ago my mom brought me a bunch of summer clothes she had in her attic. Included in these clothes was a really cute pair of shorts that I hadn't worn for at least two years. I wore them yesterday and went out for a few hours while my SO went for a ride on his motorcycle.

Collapse )
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Who here has studied abroad?

Where did you study? How long were you there for?

What are some tips/things you wished you had known going over?

I'm going to Barcelona, Spain in the fall!

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If you eat fast food, what do you order from the different fast food places you might go to?

For instance, if I eat at x, I get y:
Taco Bell: Bean & Cheese burrito and the 99c nachos with cheese
Burger King: A cheeseburger and a small chocolate shake
McDonald's: Chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce and a small chocolate shake
Wendy's: Cheeseburger and a baked potato with sour cream

(Yeah, we have a pretty sad selection of fast food places around here...)

I don't get fast food often but I always order the same things. Do you always order the same things or do you get something different each time?

Sunday and Tsunami

I think they should rename Sunday "Sorry there is nothing on t.v except paid programming day"
1. What do you think they should rename Sunday?

2. What natural disaster scares you the most?
I'm scared of Tsunamis.
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What are your favorite light-reading books (ie books like The Shopaholic series)?

What are you favorite books that are more dense (ie books not like The Shopaholic series haha)?

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Should I go to SF Pride next weekend? I live in LA, so it's quite a drive and gas is ridiculous right now, but I have family and friends up there.

What should I wear? Skank it up or be a conservative tourist?

Is anyone else going?

mac users

1. In your experience, what's better: Boot Camp, Parallels or another program that lets you run windows?
2. If I have a business edition of microsoft XP that can be installed many times onto PC's, cam I install this on my mac, or should I buy new software?
3. Does anyone play games that are made for windows on a mac through Parallels or Boot camp or something? I'm thinking of starting to play Age of Conan but I'm wondering if it's worth it.

thanks in advance, i just got a mac book pro in may and i've been a PC user since i started using computers so it's all greek to me.

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How do you feel about people who put ice in their wine?

I always thought it was silly, but now I'm seeing the wisdom of this technique! Especially for cheap-ass white wine on a hot day.

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1) Have you ever done a course by correspondence? What was the course?
2) How did you motivate yourself to get through the work?

3) "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that" What is that?
4) If you were famous what name would you use as a stage name?

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Are you one of those people who reads books in a sitting or two, or like ten pages a night?
And depending on the way you read books, does this apply to other areas of your life as well? (ie do you only do things in spurts or consistently?)
Can you name the first book that comes to your mind?

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Does anyone know any sites similar to www.petfinder.com? I tried the "similar sites" thing on Google, but none of them were really what I was looking for, so I was hoping maybe someone had some personal experience with a site?
Thanks in advance. :)
Oh, and hey. Would you rather have circular glasses, oval glasses, or rectangular? I have rectangular. :D Or squares? I almost forgot.
I hate you go die Roxo

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Ok, you know the honey roasted bbq sauce the have at Chick-Fil-A?

I love that stuff. Love it. Every time I go I try to stuff my bag with as many packets as possible so I can use it on other stuff, but the guys at the counter always look at me funny. :(

Does anyone know of something that tastes similar that I can actually, you know, buy at a store like a normal person? I'm tired of looking like a packet hording freak. :/

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I got my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday, and I haven't really been in that much pain. Should I go into work tomorrow or continue to be a bum?
Since I'm a nanny, should I be worried about the baby (or any of the other kids) hitting me in the mouth?

I'm getting really, really tired of eating all this soft food. I've been living on mashed potatoes, soup, oatmeal, jell-o, pudding, ice cream and apple sauce. Other than smoothies, is there anything I'm overlooking? I'm about to go crazy.

Is it bad that I want to take my pain pills despite not being in any real pain? They're a wonderful sleep aid.

Why do foreign guys keep adding me on facebook? Is there some conspiracy I don't know about?

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does anyone here remember something called unichat? it was a little program where you'd make an anime looking character and you could go into different rooms and talk to other people. it was mostly used by tweens (that's when I last used it too, around 12/13) - it was just a random memory

does unichat still exist?

if you don't know/don't care - what's the last random memory that came into your mind?

ETA: apparently it does still exist, but did anyone here ever use it?

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I've got an exam in less than a week and I'm struggling with the work. It's looking like rocket science to me. So, now I'm panicking like mad.

Any suggestions how to calm down and deal with this?

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Sorry to post so soon, I'm at work.

If you had to give up alcohol or coffee for a year, which one would you give up?
And really you can't have a sip, absolute COLD TURKEY.
eta: this scientific inquiry's results will be posted in tqc_updates later

"Exercise" classes

What physical classes should I take that'll get me fitter and encourage me to stick at it? I enjoyed martial arts before, but wouldn't now for various reasons. Same with yoga.

I'm not so much into "pure" fitness classes like aerobics or a gym -- I guess I need something that involves learning a skill.


ETA: I'm male, in case you're thinking otherwise because I mentioned yoga or something.
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1.When I log into Myspace it always says i have new picture comments, and when i click on the link it turns up blank. Is this a common glitch?

2.Will you share a myspace url of a band you like?

Fruit kiss!

I'm feeling indecisive

Poll #1209183 What's for Dinner?

I am grilling marinated chicken breasts on the Foreman grill for dinner...it's a mustard/herbs/garlic/yum marinade. I can't make up my mind as to what should be my side dish. If you were me, what'd you serve?

Cheesy rice
Chili Cilantro flavored linguine
Cheese tortellinis
Roasted potatoes
Other (comments, please!)
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In your personal oppinion, how much older than you does a person have to be for it to be innapropriate to date?

For me I think, 20 and I'm 16 almost 17 but I guess it depends on who they are too.
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TQC, I used to be able to shop in the Juniors section for jeans and this has remained true even after I gained 20lbs. I've lost about 10lbs since that gain, and all of a sudden my hips are too big for the jeans in the Juniors section to fit!

Did teenage girls shrink or has my ass suddenly gotten incredibly huge despite me having lost weight?
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When you are calling in sick to work, are you asking for permission to stay home, or simply informing your boss that you are not coming in?

Which do you do? Which are you supposed to do?
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What shows are you watching this summer?
In Plain Sight, Weeds, Secret Diary of a Call Girl and that Legally Blonde reality show

Is going as an internet meme (or some other internet-related thing) for Halloween lame or funny?

If you were to do that, what would you be?
My husband wants to go as a troll or Godwin's Law and thinks I should be a lolcat.

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In the other post about guns, many people said that they would not live with a person who owned a gun.

Assuming that they had it legally, knew how to use it properly, and were responsible with it, why wouldn't you live with someone who owned a gun?

Do you prefer to swim in a pool, lake, river, or ocean?

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Im supposed to start a seven-day training period at my new job (first time serving :D), but I've had a horrible sore throat for about three days now and I'm afraid its going to end up being something streppish, and there's no way I can reschedule because its the restaurants grand opening and everyone has to do this!! T_T

Any advice for helping nurse myself back to health quickly? Favorite coughdrops? :\

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Can anyone reccomend a site that can give you a pretty accurate report of exactly what your carbon footprint is?

I have seen a few that just ask you about your car or air travel, but I would like to find one that really goes in depth about your daily life then gives you a report on how much of a footprint you leave. Any suggestions?
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1. do you communicate via email at work? do you get a lot of 'office spam'?

2. what are you going to be doing within the next 10 minutes?

3. when is the last time you had sex?

my answers in comments.
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Does anyone with a good knowledge of the Christian faith have any Bible verses I can show my intolerant-of-other-religions mother to prove that she's doing the exact opposite of her religion by bitching at me about my Agnosticism?
shiny, Charlie


I just found a small ball of cat fuzz in the inside of the ankle of my pants leg.

So, cat owners, where's the weirdest spot you've found a ball of cat fuzz?
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yesterday my mom called me a homewrecker, among saying a few other things like how she's disappointed in me and what not.

and today she hasn't said a thing to me yet.
mind you it's 7:40 P.M., we live together, and spent 9 hours in a car together.

does she hate me?
haha (:

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Are you the passive-aggressive type?

I personally am not. However, I've noticed I am quite keen at picking up on it even from first impressions (For this, I consider myself blessed. And warned.)
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What's a website that I can order photo prints for a decent price (less than $0.15 each) that has a bulk-uploader (like Photobucket does)?

I normally use Snapfish, but I've got a TON of photos I want prints of, and heck if I'm going to spend hours clicking 'browse' and getting each one there individually. Yes, I could copy/paste the location into each field, but not with this bunch; the file names are too varied for that to be time effective.

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Kidnapped by a madman, you're forced to make a terrible choice. Either you let him cut off your dominant hand or one of your legs.

Which do you choose?
lil shan

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Have you ever seen people protesting against a group you're in?



I was on beale street and there was a protest against sinners with signs such as bring back prohibition and hlliary should be in the kitchen.
Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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You are standing in an open field, having a rather important looking discussion with a man who may or may not be holding your family hostage as he tries to figure out the best way to set you on fire with his mind. He is, by the way. As the discussion progresses, you learn that this fellow, in his kidnapping your family and holding them hostage at his underground base in Newfoundland, has uncovered several documents that contain secret plans involving you killing a large number of people who would be missed by many important people in politics. Mostly because they run the countries.

The man, intrigued by you, has decided that you will carry out various jobs for him, and he will forget that he ever found the papers and will let your family go--provided, of course, that you do the jobs for him such that he can not be directly linked to him.

With this in mind, do you?

1- Kill him there, and bury his corpse?
2- Send associates to his Newfoundland base, and free your family, then kill him?
3- Use Dark Charizard to kill him and everyone at the Newfoundland base?
4- Double-click the power cord?
5- Go along with it, because it's money and money is never a bad thing?
6- Convince him that sex is a much better way to go about this, as opposed to any sort of business transaction?
7- Tell him to kill your family, since you were planning to get a divorce and kill your children anyway?
8- Fuck up all the jobs so he can kill your family and get himself busted?

Sup tea kyue sea:

What is there to do in Reno/Tahoe in the summer besides the obvious things such as boating, swimming, beaching, etc.? I'm heading out there for a few days at the end of this week with the family. Last time I found myself getting quite bored, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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if yer a girl, do feel like men you don't know interpret any politeness or courtesy you show as romantic interest?

if yer a boy, have you ever thought some girl you didn't know that was being polite wanted to get to know you?

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Have you ever gained significant weight in a short span of time?

I look like I've gained 10 lbs in a month but it's hard to tell since I don't remember how much I weighed a month ago.  I thought I was eating better, but maybe I haven't.  I started birth control last month.  Maybe that could be it?  Who knows.

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TQC, with the economy being what it is, I figure it wouldn't hurt to try and make some money aside from my regular job this summer. What should I do? Keep in mind that I will be in school during the day and working 4 shifts a week at my restaurant. Should I sell my dirty socks to perverts on ebay?


What movie do you always watch, even if it's half an hour in when you turn it on?

ETA: I kind of like my underwear and would prefer NOT to sell that, lol.


What are your favorite healthy meal recipes?

I popped some salmon with lemon, onions, garlic salt, pepper, red peppers,and some veggies in an oven for 15 minutes. And it was DELISH!

This whole "eating healthy" mentality is growing on me. I've lost three pounds so far in just a couple of days! Summer body, here I come!

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Do you prefer dirty talk or nerdy talk?

Shel Silverstein, y/y?
Favorite poem by him?
Favorite poem ever?

Anyone wanna have a conversation? I'll talk about most things. and I'm painfully bored.


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Where's the best place to get cheap appliances in the south? I'm moving to North Carolina and my roommates and I are looking into buying a washer/dryer set.

Up here in MI, my family bought a W/D set for $360 new & delivered from ABC Warehouse. Unfortunately, that store doesn't exist in NC. Any suggestions? (We are also looking into Craigslisting it.)

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I'm in new york and im trying to find a way to bring back yeugling beer back to Illinois. What's a good way to bring it back? I don't think they sell it in the syracuse Airport.

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TQC- What's the best pick-up line you've ever heard?

Mine:  "Is your dad a theif?  Because I saw him stealing shit from Wal-Mart.  Wanna bang?"

Amuse me?
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Favorite Cartoon Network show?
Favorite reality/documentary-like show? (Ie: More like Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, that medical examiner show than Real World or Big Brother)

(no subject)

1) I want to do something new that I've never tried before with my hair, so I'm considering a perm.

-How damaging are perms?

-Any tips beyond what the hairdresser will tell me (if I get it done) on how to care for permed hair?

2) Lame question ahead: I made out with a guy I hadn't seen since I graduated high school a year ago at my friend's house last week and we spent the night in her guest bedroom together (no sex, just sleeping). It was the second time we'd kissed, second time we'd slept in the same bed. Now, I'm pretty darn sure this guy likes me because he told a mutual friend that he really likes me and he (the guy, not my friend) told me he really likes me. However, it's been a week and he hasn't called me (he has my number, I don't have his), so I'm starting to wonder if I did something wrong.

I have very little experience with this whole opposite sex/relationship stuff to be totally honest, which is another reason I'm wondering if I "did it wrong". Other than a couple just-for-shits-'n-giggles drunken kisses, this was actually the first guy I've ever kissed (or the second if you wanna get technical). I don't have a creepy Fatal Attraction attachment to him because of that or anything and to be honest, I don't actually even like him that much (in "that way" anyway, he's great as a friend), so go ahead and be blunt. QuestionClub, do you see something in what I described that I did wrong? Is making the first move (I kissed him) a no-no? I know my breath wasn't bad, so maybe I'm just a bad kisser? Is it just that he doesn't like me anymore for his own reasons, but not something I did?

IDK, just tell me your thoughts

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So I've got a Barney song stuck in my head. It's not even the stupid, popular Barney song. It's some random one from some random episode.

What's the worst song you've gotten stuck in your head lately?

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Do you know of any good not-so-typical sites to buy a nice dress from? Not formal or semi formal nice, just a staple little black dress and a snazzy pair of heels. I'm currently surfing the usual websites.
Edit: Not unusual styles, just not standard issue websites like Nordstrom's.

Help me look? I'd appreciate it.
(I'm pear shaped. Wiiiide hips, no boobies, love handles =(, little waist, good legs. My arms are meh but I'm not against sleeveless. Note: I'm freakishly tall so really short dresses turn in to really long shirts on me)
Bug-eyed Earl


How many MP3's do you have on your computer?

I have 18.5 gigs, 4,475 files. Not sure how many albums that is. It says 959 folders, but each artist has a folder so.. thats not how many albums I have. Probably like 375.

Legal or illegal?

Like half of those are probably not purchased. I can't really afford CDs anymore. Many of them I probably wouldn't buy anyway but would keep for free. I buy the CDs of my absolute favorites, though.

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Whens the last time you got excited for something, then were disappointed with the results?

I just downloaded the V Cast manager thing to put music on my phone, and for whatever reason, it isn't working with Vista or my razr.
Mitty box

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I'm having a tooth pulled (hopefully*) in the morning.
Should I take a Flexoril in the morning before I go so I don't have a freakout and start whimpering like a 2 year old or just try and tough it out? The last time I had teeth pulled I had an anxiety attack and the nurse had to pat my head and coo to me like a small baby.

Which doctor or medical procedure are you most afraid of?

For those of you who do not have middle names, if you could pick one which would you pick?

Which Eric Carle book was your favorite as a child?

*I say hopefully because it is cracked and they might have to cut it out instead. AHHH!