June 21st, 2008


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Will you tell me some songs/albums/artists/bands that you originally didn't like, but eventually grew on you?

Do you have to be in a certain mood to listen to certain artists/bands? Examples?

Is there any specific artist/band that you can always listen to? Who?

Fight Club

Have you read the book? How was it?

Have you seen the movie? How was it?

If yes to both:

Which did you experience first?
Which do you think was better? Why?
Which ending did you prefer? Why?

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Bravest Warriors, Catbug

I need some measurements for condom holders

So I'm knitting some condom holders*, like simple sleeves. I only have a Trojan Magnum condom here at my house; I don't know if that's much different from other types. Can anyone who has condoms at their house measure them for me? Thanks in advance!

* Just a disclaimer, I'm not trying to make people ashamed or secret about sex. I just like everything in my purse being cute and don't want to embarrass folks if I spill them out. Somebody said "You can't put yarn around it, if they get warm they'll get ruined." But that's not how insulation works, so don't worry :D

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Did anyone see why that post a few back was just deleted?

If you had a ton of money, would you prefer to spend it on fabulous clothes and jewelery or really cool gadgets and technology?

Do you know on which day of the week you were born? Is the "Monday's Child" poem true for you?
I <3 TLV

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I told myself I wasn't going to be Jokerify my icon because it was lame, but I got bored and did it anyway.

What was the last thing you did after telling yourself you wouldn't/shouldn't do it?

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You are pretty sure you just saw a spider crawling amongst your bed covers. It quickly vanished, and you can't tell where it went. After you have a chance to calm down a bit, it's decision time: where are you sleeping tonight?

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I've been reading about this whole WORLD ENDING IN 2012.
It's making me paranoid. Like, I think people are going to go batshit insane and go on killing sprees because they believe it. And, well, we will all die.

What is wrong with me?! Is this just another "you watch too much TV" things?
Halloween 2008

Seattle and Tacoma folk

I have a tooth that needs some serious attention asap. I will be in the Seattle area thru Tuesday and Tacoma for a few days. I make about $100 a week, so really cant afford much. Do you have any recommendations for dentist clinics that are super cheap for low income and no insurance folks? Thanks so much.
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Are you looking forward to any movies that are coming out soon?
Which ones?

How much is gas right now where you live?
Is it sad that I got gas for $3.99/gal. today and it seemed like a deal?

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for anyone who's worked as a cashier in the US...

if someone wants to pay with debit, what do you do after you press total? what about credit?

in canada we have separate debit cards and american tourists are always asking me to press the debit button. i just look at them dumbly and tell them it doesn't work that way. they get mad.

If this doesn't work, plz don't shoot me in the face. D':

Have you ever taken a screenshot of something off of TQC (or any other community) because you found it really funny/odd/weird/anything worth mentioning?
Will you post it, pretty please? :D

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I just like how that guy's pictures went along with those two ages and everything hahah.

ETA: I give up forever!
Why can't I post codes correctly?

ETAX2: I GIVE UP. Thanks to all who helped out. :D OR NOT.

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*pulls pin on wank grenade*


how do you feel about breastfeeding in public?

i didn't know people had a problem with this until the internet told me so, lol. i had a lady the other day strollin' around, lookin' at baby clothes... breastfeeding. isn't it more comfortable to sit down?

and i've never seen a woman not use a blanket, idk
The Dude Abides

belly ?

Are there any scenes in movies that you can't tell whether they were intentionally trying to be funny? (if you can find a youtube clip that helps, if not try to explain the scene; reading is better than watching sometimes, right?)

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Dear Dr. LJ,
If I stepped on a nail and it went into my foot, should I wait until monday to go to the dr and get a tetanus shot? Or should I go to urgent care, especially if I do not recall when my last tetanus shot was (at least 10 yrs ago)?

edit: thank you Dr. LJ, I have convinced my friend not to wait until monday. He is now on his way to an urgent care center to get a shot.

MY last shot was 2 yrs ago, when did you last get a tetanus shot?

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TQC,   In your experience will doctors ever prescribe medication over the phone, if you're pretty sure of what you have?  

For example, I have a UTI, my doctor's seen me for this once or twice before. I know for a fact I have a UTI because unfortunately I get them like 2-3 times a year and I've come to know the symptoms. I haven't always gone to my doctor for this, though I told him the frequency last time and he said it's pretty common if you're sexually active and gave me some other tips on how to prevent them. I usually actually ask my brother-in-law (who is a doctor but he lives 2 hours away) to call in a prescription. Unfortunately, he's in another state at a conference and I can't reach him (and it's kind of weird always calling him because of my UTIs anyway lol...)   Do you think there's any chance my doctor would prescribe the medication over the phone without me having to come in and take time off from work? His office is always super busy so I won't get an appointment right away anyway and I'll have to take at least 2 hours off work for him to be like "Oh, you have a UTI."

Sorry for tl;dr so here's another question: What food do you like to eat when you have a cold? I have a cold too. :(
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skin peels

Have you ordered anything from http://www.skinculture.com/ ??? I have had bad acne scarring since January of this year and it's only gotten worse. D: I've gone to a doctor about it but the problem persists. I want to get the Peel 4000 but is it worth the price? Has anyone tried it? What were the results?
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I'm at my hometown fair this weekend and no one I work w/ really understands why I had to take off work to come down here... Its just like the movies (Steele Magnolias, Sweet Home Alabama, Hope Floats) and most people don't belive that they still exsist...

Do you have fairs?

Is it the classic small-town-fair?

Are the awsome? Or loserville...
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201Özil <3 :D

cinematic adventures 8D

what do you personally call a venue in which you watch a film?
and do you call it a movie, or something else?

personally, i've always called it a theater, but my relatives call it a cinema and my boyfriend's family calls it "the show", which bothers me to no end. but they're from louisiana, so i have to accept it.

they also call movies in general "shows", which bothers me even more since i've only called TV series shows. i will always call it a movie :P my older, european relatives though, of course call them films.

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Yesterday I made plans with a friend to meet them for coffee at 9 pm. Yesterday, I also had two exams - one of which I wasn't at all ready for, so I stayed up all night studying for it and was dead exhausted. I though I'd have a nap at 5  before we met up, but I slept through my alarm and only woke up at 11 when my mum came to check on me. I immediately texted her a huge apology (she had texted me at 9:20 sounding miffed), but I wasn't sure if she was asleep by then so I didn't phone.

I phoned her twice this morning around 10 and 11 because I wanted to apologize with more than a text message. The first time, it sounded like I was hung up on, and the second time no answer.

I feel really bad and am trying to reach her to apologize and offer some way to make up. Firstly, how mad would you guys be assuming this is the first time I've ever done this? Secondly, should I keep trying to reach her or wait for her to respond/give her some time?

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what do you think about children riding motorized bikes without parents watching? By kids, I mean what the british call under 10s..

should I be wiping doors down? if so, how often?

what's your anxiety level right now? 1=low anxiety 10-high.

about 7

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i am super grumpy right now.

it is 93F (and it's not even noon yet! D:), my neighbor is having a loud drunken party and playing shitty music, and i have no air conditioning (so i can't close the windows or else i will cook) and i have no gasoline, so i can't really escape to anywhere quite with a/c.

1. what can i do to improve my mood?! i should yell curse words at my neighbor, y/y?

2. alternatively, what is annoying you right now?

3. the last book you read...was it any good? would you recommend it? because the last book i read was so mediocre that by tomorrow i will have forgotten that i read it.

4. if you do anything artsy/crafty, will you post a picture of it?

Water in my ear

 So i just got back from the beach the day before yesterday.  While i was there, after everytime i got into the water i had alot in my ears.  I tried many different methods of getting it out; alcohol, hair dryer, hot rock... but nothing worked.  Well it began to make me feel really terrible, not only in my ears but all of my sinuses.  Right now i feel like i have a full on sinus infection. 
Question 1.  Do you think this sinus infection feeling is  from the water in my ears??
Question 2.  Shoud i get ear drops or just take sinus medicine?>and what type do you recommend?
I dont ever really use medicine but i have to go to work in like an hour where i will be lifting and moving heavy things in the sun and i would really like to be feelng better before all off that.

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Are you someone who thinks that society trying to go more green (with transport, reusing things and recycling things, using local products where possible, etc etc, the usual) is going to do nothing at all, or, even, *damage* humanity, like, create more poverty?
If so, WHY?
And what do I say to someone who just claimed that?

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has anyone ever bought a camera or anything from www.photodynasty.com ?
Does this website seem reliable?
I want to buy a Canon EOS Rebel xsi and this website is selling them for a few hundred dollars cheaper than most places.

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1. Do you have any experiance with a 1990 Acura Integra GS? Good/bad news about this car?
2. I just bought one from some random dude on Craigslist and I've never purchased a car before. What sort of things do I need to have done to it? All I know of is an oil change.

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What's a good way to carry things round at a festival?
(Will have a toilet kit consisting of surface cleaner, antibacterial wipes + loo roll, a thermos flask and probably some other stuff.)
A backpack is obvious, but i'm wondering if there are any magic solutions....
Trent on stage

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There are six cop cars and approximately eight police officers at the house across the street from me. The cops are yelling at a woman, and the dude that lives there is just sitting on his front porch. I only know this because once I realized there were so many cops over there, I figured my dog needed to go out to pee. XD

Can someone please tell me WTF happened across the street? Non srs answers, obviously.
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A really good looking middle aged man hit on me at work today. I can't decide if I'm flattered or creeped out. Apparently I have perfect lips. I was makeupless, covered in sweat, dust and firework innards. WTH? o.O

Will you tell me about the last time you had a "should I take a chemical shower or say thank you" moment?
happy monkey


1. who wants to go watch "get smart" with me at the cinema later?!
2. do you go to the cinema alone?
3. are you one of those persons who think people who go to the cinema alone are losers?

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Do any of you grammar-loving people ever face the deeply uncomfortable internal struggle where you, on the one hand, wish to utilize Internet words for comedic effect, but on the other hand, have the rules of the English language so fully ingrained within you that it physically hurts you to type them out?

I feel this way about "LOL" and to date I have only used it twice in TQC. It is really one of my favorite words though.

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I was just at an interview for some journalism work experience and one of the questions I was asked was "What's your favourite vegetable?"

What's the weirdest question you've been asked at an interview?

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Do you take vitamins? What brand? Do they help?

I've been taking them for a while and not seeing any differences. I'm starting to think they're just a waste of money. :(

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Someone says to you, "I'm going to see a man about a horse." What does this mean to you? Added bonus, where are you from/how old are you?

eta - I'm 22 and had never heard this phrase until last week :(

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If a girl you were chasing called you for the first and only time on Valentine's day and talked to you for all of a minute, would you be upset with them for leaving it at that or would you just make an effort to move on?

The art of being alone

1. Have you ever posted an online ad (Craigslist or Gumtree or somesuch) looking for friends only, and had any success? Did you score any friends, or was it all crazy flashers contacting you?

2. Ever been on holiday on your own? Tell me your solo travelling experiences.

3. Ever had a drink in a pub/bar on you own?

4. Been to the movies alone?

5. How about a gig/music concert?
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It's 110 degrees right now. The air conditioning in my apartment isn't working...

I'm thinking of going to the book store to work on a paper so I can be inside with AC...

Where would you go in 110 degree weather to keep cool?
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Is there any photo printing service out there that can print different wallet sized pictures on one paper, rather than the same wallet sized picture 4 (or more) times?

I don't have a photo printer so right now that's not possible.

Pretty much, I am looking for this, not this.
I just want some wallet sized pictures but I don't want 4 (or more, depending on the photo printing place) of each picture.

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I have a crazy mom. It's been 8 months since my dad left and I am still having that same stupid fucking conversation every day. She constantly bitches about whenever I go ANYWHERE without her. Whenever she is with me she is saying the same things about my dad or griping about something I did. She is a psychiatric nurse and can't seem to realize that she should probably be on anti-depressants.

I really want to move out but I am scared she will kill herself. What should I do?

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1) What question you love to be asked about yourself most?

2) What question do you hate to be asked about yourself most?

3) What are your most effective money-saving tips?
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inspired by THIS post...
a few people said they would kill people.

SO... if for one day there were no consequences for ANYONE, do you think someone would kill you?
if so, who do you think would kill you? why?

Is there anyone you would kill?
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My friend ate a chocolate at a party once and it was the BEST CHOCOLATE EVER, so I'm trying to find moar for her birthday.

She was told it was made by a fairly well-known German company (like the German version of Russell Stover or Hershey). It came in a simple, red sampler box. That's all we know. Google and Amazon aren't being particularly helpful.

1. Do you know of any awesome German chocolate companies that match the description?

2. What is your favorite brand of chocolate?

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What is the longest amount of time you've gone without hanging out with any of your friends? Why? (And I don't mean due to something like you went on vacation, but more like in your normal life, if that makes sense.)

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if you have permission to climb into someone's kitchen window when they aren't home and you get caught doing it, can you get in legal trouble?

probably long and annoying:
my boyfriend (and the apartment i can break into if i want) is in town A, i am in town B, and tomorrow we are going to town C for a wedding at 3pm.
A to B is an hour, B to C is an hour and 49 minutes
A to C is just about two hours

if i met my boyfriend in A tonight, i'd have to take two trains that take about two hours total, i'd have nothing to do and no one to hang out with until midnight, and i'd have to bring all of my getting ready stuff there. if i stay home tonight, he has to drive the extra ~45 minutes to pick me up but that means he gets to rest here for a while in the middle of the ride. we also don't have a definite place to sleep there tonight. should i feel bad for staying here and going out with friends tonight?

unrelated: how much do you love hilary duff movies? how much does this embarrass you?

if you were half of a pair of conjoined twins, do you think you'd chat while going to the bathroom or would that be way too awkward?

Cell Phones

I might, soon, get my own cell phone plan (finally) seperate of my family.

What cell phone provider do you have and are you happy with them?

About how much is your bill every month (if you don't mind my asking) and what sort of features do you have?

What phone do you have?
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My friend's grandmother just passed away, and while I'm not incredibly close friends and never met her the words he wrote, "Vada nella pace, mia nonna. Ora, siete libero." - roughly Go in peace Grandmother, you are now free brought tears to my eyes. What has unexpectedly made you cry or touched you deeply today or recently?

What do you say or do for friends that have lost loved ones?

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Enlighten me, TQC! Does alcohol taste better the older you are or something? Because I couldn't stand the taste of it when I was younger. I'm almost 18 now and it still tastes like shit to me. :( IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME?

Is there anyone else here who doesn't like the taste of alcohol?
How old are you?
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Where is a good place to host full-size screencaps?* Free is definitely a plus.

Do you like Shake n' Bake?

Should I make cupcakes or crab rangoons for the party I am going to tonight? Drinking is the primary purpose of said party, if that matters.

*When I've used Photobucket before, it has resized them too much to be able to read. Does it not do that now?

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You know how Rotten Tomatoes is a website devoted to reviews, information, and news of movies and video games?

Is there a place like that for books, music, or television?

I would love to read reviews and get general information about any of those media outlets but I just can't find one. Help?

And for a silly question...

what's your favorite movie that starts with an A?

ok this is lame

What is the Collective Soul song where they go, "uh huh uh huh uh huh", in the chorus and it's got really cool music to it?
I know this is lame, but I've googled forever and I can't find anything on it. Help?

maybe it's not collective soul, but it sounds like them
EDIT: thank you malantha. It's "Gel" by Collective Soul

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What's the sickest movie you've ever seen? 

Excluding porn...I'd have to say that underground walkway scene in Irreversible was hard to sit through.

Another one was Baise Moi. Some of those closeups turned my stomach a little.

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I just got my two cats belled collars and now they can't stop pouncing on each others' heads. Isn't this wonderful?

This is the second cat post in a block of ten. Is there a rule against that? How do cat posts make you feel?


What is something that you can think of that made you think "is this person seriously retarded?"

Yesterday someone asked me "What comes before Summer? Fall?"

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Do you think there will ever be a point in time when all movie names are taken and/or trademarked, so movies will start just being named by strings of numbers?

This O'Soy yogurt was terrible at first taste, but now that I've been eating it for a few bites, it tastes pretty okay.. do you think it was kind of a reward for still eating it even after I strongly disliked the first bite?

Pen or pencil?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Do you dye your hair?
When was the last time you dyed it?
Do you darken it or lighten it?
If you darken your hair, what shampoo do you use? Somebody used to make a shampoo set for lightened hair and one for darkened hair, but I either can't find it or it was discontinued. I dye my hair brown from blonde, and I need a good shampoo that won't make it blatantly obvious that there are blonde roots to my hair.

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Some asshole parked on my side of the parking line, so his/her bumper was about four inches away from mine. I had to back out over the curb to get out of my spot. So I wrote Mr./Ms. Jackass a note that said, "Way to go, Einstein. Check your parking."

What would you have written? Or would you have just keyed their car?

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for the past like month or two, i've been having ocassional cramps, completely unrelated to my period. wtf could be causing this? i've also been having pain in my back, similar to a kidney infection, but i went to the doctor and she says i don't have one. tqc, wtf is wrong with me?


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This post inspired a question I can't figure out how to Google, so sorry for the vagueness: I'm looking for artwork produced by a group of graphic designers working somewhere between the 20s and 60s (a group of people but this particular set of artwork had a specific name); it's often used as an example of early work using 'layers' even though it was before anything like Photoshop. I can think of one image in particular is like of a submarine or something above water? I don't know. I can't describe this at all. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

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I was going to buy a bag on urbanoutfitters.com.
However, when I went to the homepage, it said that I was logged in as "Alicia" and gave an email address that is not mine.
I have never let anyone use my computer in a VERY long time.

Should I email them? What should I do? What is going on? I'm very freaked out.
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How often do you find spelling/punctuation errors in your entries?
In comments?
If possible, do you feel compelled to delete and 'fix' the error or do you just not give a fuck?
pauly d peaches!

some more random ones

1. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
2. What's your favorite olympic sport?
3. What country/countries are you from? What's your favorite food from there? 
4. What's a skill you wish you had?
5. Is there a song you love from an artist you hate?
6. Do you like to dance? If yes, do you have a signature move or a move you can do really good?

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I made friends with an old woman and had some great laughs.
1. What did you do today?

2. Should I have a bean burrito or a pizza? What should I put on it?

3. Has anyone seen The Happening? How was it?

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Will you help me compile a list?

I’ll start.


1) Stretch.
2) Walk.
3) Run.
4) Paint.
5) Clean.
6) Write poetry.
7) Download new music.
8) Dance.
9) Read.
Pit Bull: Reindeer

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Dear TQC. I feel completely like shit and feel like rolling in a ball and crying.

What should I do so that I no longer feel like shit, and no longer have the urge to roll in a ball and cry?

I have nothing to do except MAYBE go to the store and buy cat litter. But I don't really want to waste the gas.
robot love

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tqc, where can i find those cute, summery maxi dresses i'm seeing everywhere? i've looked at nordstrom, macy's and urban outfitters to no avail. are these SO summer of 2007 and i'm just behind on the times?
titanic, rose, jack

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What are some good songs for singing?  I know that's really not specific, but I work at a camp and a lot of us staff sing songs to the kids at night, not fast ones but slower ones...folk songs, or songs that tell stories, or just nice slow songs.  Thanks!


How important do you think it is that the current president or those running have military experience? Would that affect your vote for a candidate either way?

I see pros and cons to both sides and I am having a hard time making up my mind about it.

(no subject)

1. How many clothes will I really need next year for my first year of college?
2. Are dorms really that small?
3. Will I get a really creepy roommate?

If you don't care...
1b. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

(no subject)

So, who do you guys think will win the light heavy weight championship fight on July 5 -- Forrest Griffin or Rampage Jackson?

How do you feel about kimono tops?
delicious sushi

(no subject)

1. Should I get a second job this summer?
1a. Should I apply at a hardware store where I can start off at $11.50/hr as a cahier (which will be incredibly boring and I will probably hate it) or apply at an "insect zoo" as someone who helps maintain the collection/works in the gift shop (something I'd enjoy and find interesting) for $7/hr? 

2. If you work somewhere where you deal with customers regularly, have you ever made yourself look like a complete idiot in front of one of them? How? I was climbing onto a stool at work today to access the top row of the reptile habitat and nearly fell off - the customer had to catch me. ):

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TQC, help me!

I'm getting ready to go out, I have a zit break out. I have one of those green concealer things how do I use it properly? I put it on and it was a big green smudge under my foundation. :(

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If you had to (life or death), would you rather be friends with a) an attention whore b) someone who cried all the time 3) someone with anger management issues?

Why? Have you been friends with any of these types?

(no subject)

Normally, I shower...

more than once a day.
Once a day, usually in the morning.
Once a day, usually sometime in the afternoon.
Once a day, usually at night.
A few times a week, usually in the morning.
A few times a week, usually sometime in the afternoon.
A few times a week, usually at night.
Once a week or less, usually in the morning
Once a week or less, usually in sometime in the afternoon.
Once a week or less, usually at night.

I wash my hair...

Every time I shower
Every other time I shower
Once a week
Some other interval

I condition my hair

Every time I shower
Every other time I shower
Once a week
Some other interval
Every time I wash it

I have a routine when I shower (as far as the order in which I wash different parts of my body)

Yes, and I always stick to it.
Yes, but I don't always stick to it.
Agents are Go!

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Does anybody here use an iPod and not use iTunes? What do you use?

Does anyone here have iTunes DRM'd music (whoo gift cards) and listen to it on other players (still DRM'd, I can't be arsed to get rid of it, and I don't really care)

How many times have you masturbated today?

Is it hot enough to use a fan where you are?

If you had to take a terminal disease, which would you take?
macaroni murder lady

(no subject)

Who is it here who has the icon of the walking naked lady's backside?
Whose icons do you particularly like (on tqc or elsewhere)?

Why did my younger cat suddenly turn into a greedy piggy pig?
What do you think of diet fruit juice - not sugar-free fruit-flavored beverages, but actual fruit juice with sugar removed and artificially sweetened?

What misconceptions could people easily form about you?
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I'm looking for a pair of shoes that will make me taller, which are comfortable to walk in. (I am female.) Any recommendations? I'm not having much luck with Zappos.

(no subject)

Recently there has been a lot of discussion in the media about Barack Obama's position on race in America. He called his mother a "typical white person" for reacting a certain way when seeing a black stranger on the street.

Do you think this is racist?

My answer: I never react negatively to anyone, regardless of color. I think it is important to see people for the fact that they are people and try not to consider any of their externalities.


Civil War historical fiction

I decided to read the book Gone With the Wind. I'm about halfway through.

And because I always prefer to read books with a similar theme, style, setting, or SOMETHING in common all in a row,(I finished about 5 or so post apocalyptic books before heading into the Civil War, for example), I'd love to hear your suggestions for books that take place during the US Civil War (or War of Northern Aggression depending on your pov) or relate to the Civil War in some way.

Off the top of my head, I can think of the books the North and South miniseries was based on. and Cold Mountain. Anything else?

What historical fiction that takes place around the time of the Civil War would you recommend?

Important Question


If you got some kind of disease or cancer or something and your balls were gone, would you get fake balls or implants or anything?

What if it was only one ball gone, would you get a fake one put in to even it out?


If your SO or someone you knew got fake balls, isn't it reasonible to think it's a bit funny? I'm not saying all the time, but you have to be able to laugh about the situation a bit, no? Not that like, cancer, is laughable, but the need for fake balls?

I guess I just don't see the point and right now think it's hilarious in concept...

And this is what brought on the subject-

Do you think glass eyes are funny? If someone you knew had one and it popped out every time they were angry, or every time they said a certain word, would you laugh?