June 20th, 2008

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How do you feel about people with bluetooth headsets who talk loudly into them in public areas like stores and restaurants? They look so schizo to me until I realize they have them on ....

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Your sister was grounded for sneaking out, which ended with her being caught by the police.  While being grounded she is sneaking boys in, planning future sneaking outs in front of you on the phone, etc.   What do you do? 

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Inspired by the music post, what are some books that people you talk to never seem to have read before?

For me --

Hecuba, Euripides
The Theaetetus, Plato
The Voice at 3 AM, Charles Simic
The Sunflower, Simon Wiesenthal
Death Comes for the Archbishop, Willa Cather
Sexual Politics, Kate Millett
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Would you rather have your death make your friends, family, and SO absolutely miserable for ten years straight or erase all traces of your existence exactly one week after you die?

What would your idea of hell be like?

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Isn't it annoying when you try to dispose of boogers in the car out the window with your fingers? It's like they take on a superglue-ish state.

UPDATED: When you leave a restaurant, do you usually get your "last sips" or just order the drink to go?
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Do ticks freak you out?

My husband just found a tick on his stomach. He wanted me to remove it for him because it was in an awkward area. I couldn't do it. I almost puked. I also woke up my son even though it's 1am to check him over and make sure he does not have a tick. Thankfully, he was clean.

Which bug is your arch nemesis?
House centipede.

My husband has a job interview tomorrow. Will you wish him luck?
EDIT: You guys are awesome. <3
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Chubby TQCers: have you used SPANX/Assets? Do you find them to be more helpful or problematic?

If you've tried both, are Assets noticeably lower quality than SPANX?

I have a dress that would look 100% better if my love handles were squeezed in a little bit, and I'd like to do so as cheaply as possible.

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1. Who do you like more your mom or your dad? Any particular reason why?

2. Do you take steps to rid your feet of calluses? What might those steps be?

3. a. Do/did you ever watch Lost? I heard it was good and watched the whole first season but I hate every character except the pretty guy from Rules of Attraction. b. Does it get any better?

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Let's say heaven and hell did exist. Unless most of your friends are good observant fundamentals, they're probably going to hell. Let's say you know what's waiting for you, post-death, and you can change if you wanted to. Either go to heaven, where you'll have no wants and be happy in a sin-free, genital-less Eden where sadness isn't heard of, but odds are, you won't see your friends there...or you can go to hell with all your friends, where you'll be tortured and raped and forced to do unspeakable sexual things with demons....but at least at night you'll be among those closest to you. What afterlife plan do you subscribe to?

Heaven. Joy. Blissful rapture. Lots of choral singing. No unhappiness. A G-rated utopia
Hell. Pain, screaming, agony, but you'll get to do so with your nearest and dearest
Cryogenics. I'll hold off on this important decision for another 100 years

Tomorrow, at noon, inexplicably, everybody in your city/town becomes naked. Their clothes suddenly vanish, and they're bareass-naked. Workplaces, schools, subways, Disneyland: full of naked people. This includes you. You're naked in public, and so is everybody else. What do you do?

Hide. Duck into a bush or behind a desk. Shroud my shame
Go to where the hot girl/guy in my school/work is. Ogle ogle ogle.
Take pictures of those I see everyday. It'll last longer
Run home and put on some new clothes
Keep on working/studying. Nudity doesn't interest or offend me anymore
Run out onto the street, where it's most crowded, and looky-loo all the newd peoples
Avert my eyes. I really have no interest in seeing anyone naked. It's just not a turn-on at all
Pop some viagra/strap on my strap-on. It's time to go to work! It's SHAGGING TIME, BB
I hop somewhere the crowds can check me out in my naughty glory. I thrive on exhibitionism

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I have a 'final' exam in about 6 and a half hours. I kind of know the material but will probably have to spend another hour and a half memorizing formula patterns. I also have to drive 80 miles home after that exam. Only 2/3 of the exams count for a grade though, and I've made A's on the first two exams.

Should I just skip the last exam, go home, and hopefully (not) teach myself that leftover material over break? (I have a class after break that follows the first, so I need to know this material)

Or should I make an honest effort to finish up my course, then take a nap, end up not having enough time at home (staying 2.5 days instead of 3.5), but not have to study over break?
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dooby dooby doo

12:03 PM 6/8/08 · Okay, I'm not asking which represents which of the Democrats & Repulicans with the donkies & the elephants because I could look it up or you could tell me but either way I'd forget it in about a day or so. What I would like to know is why the repsective parties selected the animal symbol that they did.

So, do you know?
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Stuck at home...

I woke up this AM with my eye crusted shut... yay, pinkeye! 

Now (after seeing the MD at 10 AM), I'm going to be stuck home to not infect people.  What should I do to keep myself entertained?  My husband is available to fetch me things if needed.
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Since I pretty much hate the sun, I decided to try one of the "sunless" tanning things where you stand in a booth and they spray you. It came out great! And the lady told me to try to avoid water for 8 hours for best results.

No problem, except that now I smell funny and really wish I could shower! It's a really strange sort of curry-like smell. Is that normal?


Next week the place I'm currently contracting at (fairly typical Large Business corporate IT environment) is having a midwinter dip - a group of people all go run into the harbour in the middle of winter, then go back for a BBQ, basically. There are prizes for the best costumes. I'm not greatly enamoured with cold water, but I love making costumes.

What should I dress up as?

I'm leaning towards jellyfish; what would you recommend for a jellyfish costume?


1: What are your plans this weekend?

2: Are you broke this week or rolling in it?

3: What have you eaten so far today?

4: Has your music taste changed much as you get older?

5: How do you get most of your daily info?:
     a: Internet
     b: radio
     c: newspaper
     d: television
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 What color(s) are your bedroom walls painted?

Do you wish they were a different color? What color?

ETA:  My walls are white and I've been given the go-ahead by my parents to paint it whatever color I like. I can't decide on a color, though.

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Last night I had a dream that I had three maltipoo puppies named Mady, Hannah (can you tell I was watching Jon and Kate plus 8 before bed), and the last one was named Smooth Criminal. I woke up in hysterics.

What is your pets name?
If you don't have a pet, what would you name it?
What kind of pet do you have?
Tell me about the last dream you had that you remember.

Happy Friday!!
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I have a bunch of old First Class stamps (by old I mean they cost $0.41 instead of the current $0.42). They don't say the price - just "First Class." Can I send a letter with just one of these stamps, or would I be better off sticking two stamps on just in case?

This is one of those boring "how to write something" questions

I need to write a letter as a reference for one of my professors. It will be included in her file as they consider her for a promotion.

I really, REALLY like this person and think she deserves any good thing that could ever come to her. So I want the letter to be good.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to write this. Does anyone have experience writing this type of thing? Any suggestions of format, what to include, length, etc?


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Has anyone else here ever had a really long string of bad luck? All of my sincere endeavors in all areas of my life have consistently ended up in failure for the last four or five months, and it's really, really getting to me. (Most of the time it has a lot to do with chance and a bit to do with me.)

Have I been hexed? I mean, wtf.
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Don't Bug Me!

Aside from citronella (which stinks and gives me a headache), what can we use to keep the mosquitoes and other such bugs away while sitting outside on these summer nights?

Fly-swatters are a given, and those bug zapper things aren't allowed.


1. What was your favorite thing on the playground when you were little?
I loved the monkey bars but I need to go with the swings.

2. Did you ever have a clubhouse when you were little?

3. Did you learn how to swim or ride a bike first?

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I thought my kick-boxing class was at 11...so I woke up at 10. I just looked at my schedule and it was actually at 9:30.

When was the last time you fucked up the time for something? (Where it was the actual time or the day of the week)

Have you ever gone to a party at totally different time than you were supposed to?

My parents went to a cousin's in-law's anniversary party at the END of the party, thinking it started at 8 but actually ended at 8

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Some of you may remember I got headhunted a few weeks ago. I was surprised, and didn't expect to hear back. Well, I heard back, and actually had a phone interview yesterday. Only problem is, I don't think it went that well. I got excited/nervous and probably talked too much, and I don't think I asked enough questions of my interlocutor (although I've got some follow-up questions I'd like to ask him, and may do so in an e-mail). With that in mind, here's my questions:

1. What would your impression be of a person who talked a lot and didn't ask any/many questions during a preliminary phone screening?
2. After the interview, he said a member of his team would be in touch to set up a follow-up conversation, but he was vague about the dates--just something about "within the next week or ten days." Was this a kiss-off, or is he actually going to get in touch with me?
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Inspire me with new music please!!! I’m so tired of listening to the same crap on the radio. 

Could you tell me about some new bands/music you are into at the moment?


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I don't know if any of you recall my question about quitting my job at Target, but I quit on the 21st of May and still haven't gotten my paycheck. I called Monday and the woman I spoke to said it was mailed the 10th and if I didn't get it by midweek call back and they'd reissue it. Thursday I still had no check so I called-the woman I spoke to this time seemed surprised when I told her what the first woman said and told me if it wasn't here by today, then call back and they'd reissue it.

Why the hell does it take 20 days for them to mail out a pay check?
Do you think it will actually show up today?
If I call back what do you think the chances are they'll tell me to wait until Monday?

as a side note, my new job, I got my first pay check issued Friday the 13th which I wasn't able to pick up...they mailed it to me (which I didn't know they'd do) and I had it by Wednesday

update OK turns out I was a week off in when I quit, I quit on the 28th, however, to me, that is still way too long to be waiting and there is still the mystery of why they would wait until the 10th of the next month to even mail it.
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on a scale of 1-5,
how hawt was the way angelina jolie layed down on the top of the bus going into the tunnel?

what are some of your other hot movie miliseconds?

Brad pitts mid air split kick in TROY.
Canterine Zeta jones' booty slithering under the laser in ENtrapment
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

OMG shoes.

I went shopping with my brother's gf the other day. We went into Vans and I saw a couple pairs of really cute shoes (that I didn't buy). The thing is I like things to at least coordinate if not match...I'm not really one to wear colors on the opposite ends of the spectrum unless it's already together in a shirt. So since I'm considering going to buy them, what do you think could be worn with these shoes?

1) One pair was a slip-on shoe with a paint by numbers theme. There was a deer and forest scene with colors half filled in with blue, brown, pink, green, and tan. I thought anything could be worn with them really, but what kind of colors would look best?
2) The other pair was mint green, black, and charcoal Collapse )

Also, does anyone know which stores sell Rocket Dog shoes?
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1) TQC, back in high school my best friend and I had a huge falling out due to me hating her boyfriend, miscommunications, and my entirely too large mouth. It's now almost four years later and I still miss being her friend. We're still in contact but see eachother very rarely. How can I try to patch things up further? Is it even worth it? I'm wondering if I should just move on.
ETA: We've "patched things up" a few times already, but we always seem to fall back into non-contact...

2) Have you ever had a big falling out with a friend? Did it ever get resolved?

3) Any plans for tonight?

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i need to do something to occupy my time for the rest of the summer, so i found some classes that i could take, but i can't decide which one. tqc, will you help me decide?

it's between a painting class and a needlework class.

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I'm going to the Symphony Hall tonight to see Amanda Palmer. I know I need to dress kinda dressy. What can I get away with wearing? I don't own things that are terribly dressy.

Agents are Go!

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Last day at this office job, and I have a small pile in my "in" box that I can finish in half an hour. Should I do that and ask if there's anything else to do? Or dick around on the internets?
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 Was busy filling out questions here and then I scroll down to this one and went to answer it only to find out it had been deleated.
Why oh why TQC was this question removed?!?! 
I reeeally wanted to answer it.
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Do you all remember this post?
I was very sad when it got removed also waah.

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What are some good digital photo printing + shipping sites?

I'm signed up with flickr but haven't used that so I don't know about its quality and shipping speed.

I have a scandalous photo that I want to print and give as a present to someone before they leave in ten days. I'm too embarrassed to go into a real printing studio. TQC, do I have enough time to order and get the photo?
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My sister just HAD to mention how upsetting it'll be when Patrick Stewart leaves this world, and now I can't stop thinking about it D:

Is there an actor or entertainer who's gettin' on in years that you don't want to think about dying? Who is it?

Should I have another bowl of goulash for lunch?

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 TQC, I have an entire extra hour (or there abouts) to do with what I like. I have to wash the dishes and clean the kitty box, but other than that, I have nothing to do. 

Should I make a) tea, or b) spicy hot chocolate to go with my chocolate chip dunkers from Trader Joe's? 

What else should I do to keep myself occupied? I've already masturbated and taken a bath today.
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When you have an itch or something else is annoying you, do you find that once you stop thinking about it, it disappears?

Montel is talking about cleanliness. I think obsessively disinfecting and cleaning is unnecessary. What do you think?

Where's the most unusual place you've fallen asleep?

Do you like diner food? If yes, what's your favorite?
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1) Do you tolerate jealousy in a relationship? What level is acceptable and what isn't? Any other thoughts on jealousy?

2) If you went on a date with someone who was incredibly physically attractive to you but was self-absorbed, arrogant and boring, would you go on another date with them?

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I was looking through the Engagement and Wedding pictures in our local paper.
I noticed a lot of gorgeous women are with ugly men or gorgeous men are with ugly women.

Why is that? I don't get it!
Do you know of any gorgeous/gorgeous or ugly/ugly couples?
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wii rock band vs guitar hero 4

We have a Wii.

Rock Band for Wii comes out in a couple days. But, Guitar Hero 4 comes out in the fall.

So I ask, TQC, Rock Band or Guitar Hero 4?

(I really don't want 2 sets of drums, 2 mics, ect...)

ETA: rumor has it Rock Band equipement will NOT be compatiable with GH4... So buying just the disc later doesn't sound like an option.

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What's the weirdest thing you've ever heard in passing?

I was walking by two people once, and one said, "How did you get a guy you didn't know to fix a watch you didn't have?" to which the other replied, "That was a party, and that was in Holland."


1. What news sites do you get your news from? (Any sort of news) List them all!

2. And what is 'Associated Press' because I have been hearing over the past few days that they don't want people blogging about their news, because apparently that's stealing away their customers. Even though it was fair use. Aaand so, I don't want to accidentally blog about something on their site, if it's a group of newspapers or something, that I just don't know about. edited in question: Would their new 'rules'  and threats worry you at all?

3. What do you dislike about current media?
I dislike that they're so negative all the time, and that they have so much influence on what people think about situations, because they're often so biased.
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1) If you're feeling sad, frustrated, or anxious about something in your life that you can't immediately change(think months or even years), how do you cope until you can?

2) Is there any band that you were once heavily into that now kinda embarrasses you to talk about? What band? Me: Bright Eyes. I was OBSESSED.

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My old best friend from my childhood wasn't allowed to wear shorts and pants (only skirts and dresses), could not go swimming with the opposite sex, and wasn't allowed to watch television. She told me that it was because of her religion, christianity. But what kind of chrisitianity?

Did you or do you have friends that affected what you could do together because of her/his religion?

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So I have a female friend who has a girlfriend. However, their relationship is a complete secret from everyone and there's only like, four people who know (me being one of them).

So at her brother's graduation party, my friend got wasted and made out with one of her brother's friends just for the hell of it. To her it meant nothing at all, but she knew she had to tell her girlfriend.

Once she did tell her, her girlfriend was totally pissed off and even threatened to break up with her.

My friend said she didn't feel bad though because when they went to a party together, her girlfriend asked her ex boyfriend if she could give him head.

Was this cheating?

To you, what counts as cheating?

Is it okay for your partner to think other people are attractive?

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Have I been gone that long? Why in the hell did she (I didn't even catch her username) delete? We weren't even mocking (the myspace post if you missed it) like in the old days.....

Alright alright, obviously a newbie how to manual needs to be written because kids these days don't know how to apply the KY. What should be included?
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what's your name? do you prefer to be called something else?

how do you deal with people who keep calling you the wrong thing after you clarify what you'd like to be called?


SAM. NOT SAMANTHA. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, COWORKERS. if i have profs writing "sam" on things that should give you a hint about how i feel about this~
caitlin pink flower


Hello TQC, I'm new and already addicted.

How long have you been a part of TQC?
How many times a day do you find yourself visiting?

I've been refreshing this page for the last hour. Yay!
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Will you tell me a silly childhood story of a made-up game you used to play with friends?

We used to play something we called "Fattyus Bluff" (A play on Thaddeus Bluff from Doug. lol). We'd put 3 giant innertubes around someone, and that person was Fattyus Bluff. That person would then chase us around and try to trap kids under his "fat". The kids being chased would have to try and remove the innertubes, or "steal his fat". There was no real point to this game other than that...haha

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I have some savings bonds from Merchants Bank.  I am going to open a savings account at Regions Bank.  Can I give Regions the bonds to put in the account or will I need to get cash for them from Merchants first? 
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Most people live to work.. whereas I would like to be given the opportunity to actually work in what I live for.. in this instance? it's the ability to put my creative talents on display.

does that make one lick of sense to you? lol

Deodorants, liquid soaps, and other junk

While you're in the bathroom, getting all clean with shower gels/soaps, super-glossy ultra sexy 5-in-1 conditioning shampoo with built-in rubber ducky, ultra-bright whitening toothpaste and all the rest...

Do you ever think something like, "You know, I bet we're all gonna get skin cancer from crap like this."

[Cephalopods] Need love!

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For those who used to eat meat but now are vegetarian/vegan...

Do you ever get super insanely strong craving for meat?

I haven't eaten red meat in four years, but HOLY CRAP, out of nowhere I suddenly really want some beef.

It doesn't help that my family and I are going to an Italian restaurant I haven't been to in years, and they have the BEST motherfucking meat sauce ever.

Should I throw my meat celibacy to the wind and order the veal tortellini with meat sauce?

EDIT: People keep pointing out that you can't just dive right back into meat without killing yourself, so I'll be getting the cheese tortellini with marinara sauce instead. :(

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Does anyone else find the Get Smart advertisements annoying? Example. Why is one character blocked out by the other? Is there some sort of inside joke I'm missing?

ETA: The answer I'm getting is to the extent of "Well she's the hot one" but then explain this one that has his tie covering her face.
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a doodle question

1. Can you draw?
a: If so, do you have anything online that you can share with the class?
b: If not, how would you describe your drawings?

2. Who are some of your favorite artist? And yes, that includes pop and comic artists. Can you post examples?

3. And last but not least, whose art do you not "get"? That is, the one artist who receives praise from all but confusion from you?

Personally? I worship at the feet of Jaime Hernandez, Jamie Hewlett and Leonardo Da Vinci.

my hair!

I'm cutting off all my hair! I am so sick of having long hair... for three years or so I just haven't really had much time for haircuts, so I crew it out, and now it's time for it to go.

this is all happening in, like, two hours.

I decided to donate it, because I'm losing about 14" of hair and it's enough for locks of love. has anyone else ever done this before? and this'll sound stupid, but on the website it says it has to be washed, dried, and cut for donation.

so, um, do I wash it myself first and dry it and go to the salon? Or do they wash it, dry it, cut it, then re-wet it for my real haircut that will make me look fabulous?

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after i take a shower, i toss the towel on the floor in my bedroom. then, for the rest of the day, whenever my dog comes in the room he will roll around, chew on, basically go crazy with this fucking towel for 5 minutes and then run away.

what strange things do your pets do?

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TQC, I don't get to see my boyfriend as much as I would like (once a week if I'm lucky) so when I go over there I expect some action..  we don't always end up getting to have sexy time, and then he has to go to work.. so sometimes all I get are pecks on the lips, and this frustrates/saddens me...so.. on to the questions!

Should I be honest and tell my boyfriend that I'm tired of using my time and gas to make the trip there if I'm not going to get any fun time out of my visits?

What are some subtle hints I can use to say "let's go make out" without making it obvious to other people in the vicinity?

Do you use Q-tips in your ears even though you're not suppose to?

saying this

How do you tell someone without sounding crazy that you'd rather not date them because they want kids someday and you don't? I don't want to come off as weird for thinking THAT far into the furture when we aren't even dating...but I still feel it's a valid reason not to date the person. :[

(no subject)

do you know someone who constantly talks in movies/has way over the top reactions to tiny things in movies? is it distracting for you or do you manage to ignore it? do you still watch movies with them? if not, what is your excuse to not ever watch movies around them?
what about someone who says the lines to the movies as you watch? what if they just mouth the lines? is this more or less annoying than the above?

(no subject)

I need some thoughts on what I should do.
I called my bank yesterday and I found out a little over a month ago someone I live with took 1,200 dollars from my bank account. Now they don't know I know yet, and I won't be home til july 1st. I have decided to wait til im back before I say anything. What is the best way to confront someone like that?
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(no subject)

What is the creepiest commercial currently in circulation, to you?

How about creepiest EVER?

Will you explain why, in both situations?

What is your favourite current ad, and why?

(no subject)

15 minutes to walk around the block- snail like or simply terrible?

Do you still read YA books?

yes, I'm reading all the young wizards series right now.

eta: I want to watch an american girl movie. what's up with that?
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(no subject)

Would you still date/see someone even if you knew that you guys weren't in the same place/wanted the same things? like as a fling or whatever?

ps: If it makes any difference, he/she is REALLY hot
Izzy and Alex

(no subject)

What are some good activities to do that don't require other people?  All of my friends but one have moved away for school, and I don't have anything to keep myself occupied with.
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I'm editing a found animated GIF in ImageReady. I've added the colour red to all of the frames, in a certain spot, but when I save the gif, the red has become a muddy brown. I can't figure out how to get the red to appear red.

Does anyone know? Does this have something to do with an embedded colour profile, and if so, can I change that in ImageReady or do I have to do it fucking frame by frame in photoshop?

Bandit Driving

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Why are people so bitchy lately?

Yesterday someone called my phone, but I missed the call. I called it back and the woman on the other end was very rude, asking me why I was calling.

Today I called a number on a cell phone I found in order to return it to the owner and the person was like "Well bring it to ______" When I said I couldn't, she was like "Well then what do you want me to do about it?!?" Dude, I'm doing your friend a favor by giving him back his phone, be a little nicer about it.

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So there was this old school atari game that I used to play back in the day. It was probably around 92.

It was a tower, and you were this little dude and you had to go around the tower and beat the levels. Things flew at you and you had to get out the way, and they had bumps on them.

TQC does anyone know the name of this game?? I am lost! From googling I have discovered that there was a game named Communist Mutants From Space. How eighties!


It's called Nebulus! and you can play it online. And the little dude is this pig frog.

(no subject)

When you're walking around by yourself, do you need some kind of distraction (like an ipod)?
What about when you're working out?
Do you think it's tacky to call your friend on your cell as a means for a distraction?
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A comment in my previous set of questions reminded me to ask this:
How much do you think I should charge for paintings like this?

Collapse )

(I know the minimum amount of money I'd want to PART with them for, but I'm still not certain how much to charge when I go fully freelance)

By the way you guys, I just remembered that it was someone in TQC that linked me to the Andy Warhol quote for the elephant painting ;)