June 19th, 2008

I <3 TLV


A friend of mine got a present in his We ♥ Katamari that's called "little buddy" - it's a mini version of the cousin that sits on its head. But in my We ♥ Katamari, I got all of the presents and never got the little buddy. Was that present only in certain copies of the game? Why didn't my game have it?

Question about love

When was the first time you knew that someone (outside of your family) definitely, without a doubt, loved you?

Do you still have that level of confidence about anyone's affection for you? Also, totally unrelated, but this Texas senator's re-election ad on YouTube is unintentionally hilarious.

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What do you do first thing in the morning?
What time do you usually wake up?

eta: what's a worse--making a tqc post which essentially sums up to "validate me" or posting a picture in which you also seek validation of a flattering kind.

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There's a fly in my bedroom and it's keeping me awake, all buzzing in my face and shit. Will you kill it for me so I can go to sleep?

edit: How do you get to sleep when you can't sleep?

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Will you write a Haiku for my entertainment?

What's the geekiest thing you've ever put in a love letter/poem?

I do not own Guitar Hero. This leads to my cousin being able to beat me at it, since he does. This is the only game at which I am not the best in my family. Should I let him continue his only reign of supremacy, or should I buy Guitar Hero and practice for a week until I can pwn him?

Have you ever played ten fingers? If so, are you usually out closer to the beginning or the end?

I need a new hoodie. Preferably one with video game or anime characters on it. Suggestions?
me - with gun


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So, TQC.

How should I respond to this?

Funny answers only, pls. It's physically impossible for me to type a serious answer to this e-mail when I'm laughing so hard.
un po' di nostalgia.

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Tell me about your most recent funny/stupid embarrassing moments?

Mine from recently:

1) I met my favourite singer & we were in this room with a mirror behind us while we were talking, and I kept looking back and eventually I did a double-take and exclaim to my friend besides me, 'OH! That's a mirror! I thought it was someone standing behind us all this time.' And the guy we were meeting could not stop cracking up and we spent ten minutes trying to convince him we weren't drunk, just insane.

2) Last night I was wearing the coat of the guy I like. I had my cellphone in the pocket. I'd been texting one of my best friends all night about this guy, and the texts were, er, rather incriminating.

I left my cellphone in his pocket.

He came back to my house, BY TAXI, to give it back because I'm so overprotective of my phone. He says he didn't read anything but seriously, who has a cellphone of someone else and DOESN'T read the messages (I know this makes me sound like a bad person but in this situation I know he read them!)?

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I saw a commercial advertising the new Infiniti (car). The emphasis seemed to be on marketing the luxury of the car. I saw this ad while watching the Lakers/Celtics game.

Does anyone have any idea which Infiniti model is being advertised?
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For people capable of remembering a childhood without the presence of a computer with the internet as it is now (IE, you old fogies like me), do you think your upbringing would be very different than it was, if you were born more recently? Do you think kids born in the past 10-15 years are missing out on childhood experiences you had, that they might not even care about now, due to being a whole other generation that all seem to be eternally wired to something?

If you have, or plan to have kids, would you want to try and keep them out of the computer/internet loop for a time, to try and get them to experience the things you did, that you feel most kids these days don't? If yes, how long would you put off internetting?


What was your favorite cartoons as a kid?

What was the first movie you saw in the theater?

Did your parents ever take you to Disney World/Land?

Did your family do road trips?

What was your favorite grade in elementary school?

Did you buy or take your lunch?

If you took your lunch, who or what was on your lunch box? 
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i work in food service. i have the shits today, but i just started work last week.

should i call out?

edit: i called, i'm going to go in and they're going to let me leave early. that's good at least.
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1) If you're married/engaged or in a long term relationship, how did you know your partner(s) was ~*~the one~*~? Tell me stories.

2) I'm eating chocolate covered pretzels. Would you like one?

3) I wanna go get myself psychoanalyzed. Is that something I ask my PCP to refer me to, or do I just call a shrink directly?

4) I sprained my ankle...why does it only hurt when I wear shoes?
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So TQC, I'm home from work sick with a sinus infection. I am also supposed to do two section of my online math course today.

With me sick, am I justified in not doing them and just trying to do them tomorrow and bumping what I can't get done into the weekend? Or do I suck it up and do my homework anyway?

What do you do when you're home sick that you wouldn't normally allow yourself to do?

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Soooo. Who else is having problems connecting to Limewire? (Clearly this only applies to Limewire users.)

Also, are all temp agencies made of fail? I am starting to believe they are. Please tell me a story of how a temp agency has either been totally awesome, or a complete clusterfuck of idiocy.

this has just been bugging me

Early to mid 90's there was a song by this band that was made into a music video. Afterwards in numerous interviews, given the content of the video, they said that "The fish died". Not sure why this is bouncing around in my head now but who was the band and what was the song?
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I woke up this morning with a quarter, a nickel and two pennies stuck to my ass(I sleep naked). That's a WHOLE 32¢!

When was the last time you woke up with change stuck to you? How much was it?

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 Why do dogs act like they still have pee to piss even though they already peed themselves out!?  IT IS NOT WORKING.

 If you were going to have a sex change, would you modify your name to still be your name, just the gender's that you're going to be version of it...I mean like I'm Julie so I'd be Julian or Julius or Julio if I was feeling saucy.  Or change it to something totally different?  What would your sex change name be?

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If  you've had a wedding, what were your colors/ theme?
If you haven't had a wedding, but you're planning to get married in the future, do you know what you colors will be?

Also: I'm thinking of having coral and chocolate brown as my colors for a summer evening wedding.  What do you think, TQC?


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Why is it that when kids today do things that our parents had done, like get a hotel room so they can mess around, or do other things, adults always say well it's different now?

I'm going to a wedding next weekend with my boyfriend, We are both friends of the Groom, and don't really know the bride. We aren't the most creative people and don't have time to make something unless it's easy, and we're both on the poorish side. What should we get for them, something unique?
im french

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Ughhh sensitive subject.

So, my sister is really fat. She's 19 years old, 5"7 and almost 300 lbs. She has Type 1 Diabetes are her health is suffering because of the weight, etc. She also has really low self esteem and my mom has found empty pints of ice cream, fast food wrappers, etc. in her closet. She's extremely private and my mom hasn't brought it up so we don't know what she'd say about that.

Two years ago my mom (who was maybe 40 lbs overweight) decided they'd "get healthy" together. They joined the gym, followed a South Beach-ish diet, etc. My mom got really healthy/lost a lot of weight, but my sister just kept gaining even though she's been exercising regularly since.

I know it's really none of my business, but I'm concerned for her health as well as her mental well-being and happiness. She will be going away to college in the fall for the first time and my mom is really worried.

TL;DR version: My sister is fat and I feel bad.

1. What do I do?

2. Is there anything I can do?

I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike

I sweat a ridiculous amount when I do any kind of physical activity.

I am riding my bike for a couple hours to get to a destination and will sweat a lot. When I get to the destination I want to look decent (aka not have sweat spots everywhere).

1. So, what are some good materials and clothes to wear to camouflage all my sweat that would also be fine to wear while riding my bike to go somewhere?

Also, yesterday while in a serious, professional setting, someone sitting behind me asked a question. Everyone there was looking at the lady behind. The lady next to me farted on me ( since I was turned towards her back) and it was loud and long! I had the hardest time holding in my laughter and pretending like that didn't just happen.
2. What happened the last time you had to hold in laughter because it was an inappropriate time to laugh and it was really hard?

3. I have felt light headed a lot lately when I stand up from sitting. I have been eating, sleeping, and doing everything else as normal. Why do you think I keep getting light headed as of lately?

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 Whats the community to ask others what song your thinking of, but can't remember for the life of you? Is there one or am I crazy and am pretending to remember someone mentioning it here?

im looking for this song, the lyrics are...well heres some snippets i guess..., its a rock song and was on 102.1 the edge a few minutes ago, maybe a half hour..?
and all this shit goes away when im with you
and everything i cant remember
Can't blame this on my mother

umm...thats all i can remember. Memory fails.
Shaun and Ed


I'm pissed at Netflix for taking away the ability to split your queue between multiple profiles. I'm considering defecting to Greencine.com

Does anyone here have a Greencine account? How do you like it? What don't you like?
Any other dvd by mail services? I hate Blockbuster and would never give them money, so not them.

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Why is TQC so close-minded about the injustice of a spouse denying their spouse conjugal visits in the bedroom, on the kitchen counter, in public against a tree trunk?

What part of monetary compensation implies one should have the right to force non-consenting sex on the other?

On the day of judgment, when God tells you everything you did right and everything you did wrong, are you going to blush knowing that you're wrong for using sex as a means of manipulation rather than as a means of relationship-building?
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Fortune cookies

What does it mean when there's a typo in your fortune cookie? Does it negate the message? Is it lucky? Discuss!

For reference, the fortune in question said: Nothing is difficult if one preservers.
Avast Ye Mudbloods

New Indiana movie...

I saw it in the movie theater yesterday. I've had access to it online for a while now. I'm considering going back to the movie theater today, since it's the last day they'll be showing it, and seeing it again on the big screen.

So, TQC - Should I go back and see Indiana one more time?

Who else has seen it? Thoughts on it?
Running in Circles

Name Changes? Goofy Name Changes?

Matt has been my step-brother for 14 years, we're now both in our upper 20's. He started billing himself as "Mateo" when he played shows at coffee shops and whatnot in the late 90's. At that time he started introducing himself to others as Mateo as well, including his wife. They were married in Colorado last year and were told that while she could change her name at that time, he could not - or he would have legally changed his name (so he's pretty serious about this Mateo business).

I've never been able to call him "Mateo." It kind of makes my lip curl and even when I try, it won't come out. When I email with his wife, she refers to him as Mateo and I refer to him as Matt. There has never been any argument about it and he has never said that he would outright prefer me to call him Mateo, but I wonder if I should buck-up and make the effort. My mom, step-dad, and myself are the only people in his life that call him Matt.

What would you call him? Have you been in a situation like this before?

(no subject)

If you've been in a long distance relationship, how did you make it work? Considering the lack of contact what were some strategies you used to remain connected so you wouldnt miss each other too much?

If you were in a long distance relationship but it didn't work out, why?
Baro Bitch Stare

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This is probably old news to you all but I live under a rock when it comes to Hollywood. So I just watched Hard Candy. I was more than a little peeved at the end of the movie.

What'd you think of the movie?
Which character did you side with more (Jeff or Hayley?)?

And for those of you who are like "WTF IS THAT?!":

What is the worst kind of natural disaster in your opinion??
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Interns and strangers hitting on you, oh my!

Were you ever an intern?
What did you love about it?
What did you hate about it?

Right now I have a 17 page paper to comb through and check/fix all of the citations. Times like this, I hate being an intern, though normally I <3 it.

Also: A few days ago, this guy who was staying at my neighbors place randomly started hitting on me.... through my bedroom window! (I don't have curtains yet, so my room is very viewable from their deck, which they're on all the time.) It wasn't that bad till he started making comments about how, since my room is so exposed, he could maybe see me naked :-/
When was the last time you were hit on in a totally unexpected place? What did you do? How bad was the creep factor?
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where's my banhammer!?
roffle roffle 69 no one post anymore.


when was the last time you were let down by a group of people, you stupid stupid fuckers?! See i obeyed the fucking rules fuck.

awkward wording

what is your impulse-buy weakness? something you can't resist buying, even though you don't need it, and never would have thought of, but when you see it, OMG MUST HAVE OR YOU WILL NOT BE COMPLETE.

for me, it's books. especially old encyclopedia sets, illustrated animal books and art books. since late april/early may i have bought a total of 146 books. :/ if i see a book on sale, i MUST HAVE IT.
Haruhi disappearance

Inspired by the below question

What is the most calories you've eaten in one go?

That I actually counted...probably an entire bag of chocolate covered pretzels. 910 calories and 35 grams of fat. Oh, dear. I don't even wanna know about shit I *haven't* counted.

.... D:

eta: Are you fat or thin?

Ricky Ticky Tavi

Do you like ticky polls?

Polls are for losers

What's the best thing about ticky polls?

I don't have to narrow my selection to one thing. Good for us fence-sitters
Every click of the mouse burns off .000023 of a calorie
Radio buttons (or non-clicky polls) contribute to the delinquincy of minors. And gives you scabies
I dunno...it's just fun. Why's popping bubble wrap fun? I dunno. IT JUST IS!

What would you do for a clicky poll right about now?

Give you money
Write a short comment requesting one
I'll suck your d**k!
Complain to similarly disgruntled, ticky-craving people in TQC chat
Not one damn thing

Speaking of ticky...The Tick's battle cry was "SPOON!!!!". Which item found in the kitchen would be a better battle cry, in your opinion?


USB Drives

I don't know how to search for this... so:

why is it that sometimes when I try to disconnect my USB hard rive (meaning I go to "stop" it to remove) it says it can't be stopped now? Even though I have closed all windows it used? And sometimes the same drive stops okay. hrmphh... and does it really do harm if I just pull it out?

edited: alright found the answer here... http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/archive/XPrem-devs.mspx

thanks to those who replied.

another question:

- why doesn't TQC allow the use of tags?

- before posting a question do you look through the page to see if the question was asked? what are the chances that the same question is asked twice in the same day? hmmm ..

okay.. am done idling my time away!


So...I emailed one company my resume through hot jobs...but it seems that hot jobs felt that I wanted them to POST MY RESUME on their website as public information. It has my cell-phone number on it and people are calling me and I don't want them to.

Has this happened to anyone else? I thought I deleted it, but the woman that just called me said that it was still online. How the hell can I get this out public view?

On an unrelated topic...
Do you think 911 dispatchers take men more seriously than women?
What's your most ridiculous dispatcher story?

I called because I was watching about twenty kids kick the shit out of a guy and the dispatcher REFUSED to send a cop. I was on the phone with her begging for at least a half hour until the kids left.
me championship

(no subject)

I was just given a 38g chocolate froggie!

When should I eat my chocolate froggie?

Wait til you get back from the gym in a few hours
Have some self control! Give him to someone else so you don't get fatter!

(no subject)

So, for the past two nights in a row I've woken up in the middle of the night because of a cramp in my calf. A cramp so bad I was almost in tears.

Agents are Go!

(no subject)

TQC, I just paid $4.85 for a pack of Skittles. The machine, which says it accepts $5 bills and has for the past few weeks I've been here, thought my $5 was a $1.

What horrible but small financial misfortune happened to you recently?

ETA: My office is beeping, about once every 5 seconds. What's up with that?

ETA: Google Maps is the best. True that? Double True?


I need help with my sewing machine! I have a Singer 6215 and the thread keeps getting caught on the tension knob.thing. I've checked and rechecked and it's definitely threaded correctly and the tension isn't too tight. The thread will run through smoothly for a little bit then it snags, runs smoothly then gets completely stuck. Anybody have any tips???

It was working great all morning then I changed the bobbin, rethreaded and disaster!

edit: problem solved

Movie parodies?

There are The Breadbox Editions of evadne_noel. There are the parodies by sarahtales. Out on the Internet in general, there are the parodies in The Editing Room, which are rather hit-and-miss in quality. Then there is the inimitable Movies in Fifteen Minutes. There was also the much-lamented Finger Puppet Theater from jerrythefrogproductions.com, now sadly defunct.

And I cannot find any more. Online searches for movie parodies, parody scripts, or similar search strings return The Editing Room, and lots and lots of parodies in video format, but I want text parodies, either recaps or scripts, because many times good ones can make me laugh until tears come and everyone needs that once in a while.

Does anyone know of any other sites/journals/weblogs with funny, script-or-recap-style parodies?

(Same goes for TV shows: I know of Television Without Pity recaps, which can be funny, and a few sites here and there, but that's it.)

For all you Disney-goers...

1.) My fiance and I are taking his kids on their first WDW trip in February. I really want to take his little girl (8) to the My Disney Girl's Perfectly Princess Tea. She's a HUGE princess fan and although it's pretty expensive, it would be totally worth it. I was wondering if there is anything similar to that for boys that my fiance and his son (10) can do together. We will also have a 2-year old, if that makes any difference.

2.) We will be on the Deluxe Dining Plan and want to fit in as many themed meals in as we can. a.) We intend on going to the Garden Grill (it spins!), 50s Prime Time Cafe, Sci-Fi Drive In Theater, Restaurantosaurus, Cinderella's Royal Table, and Chef Mickey's. What are some "must sees" that we are missing?

3.) I know that Cinderella's Royal Table requires 2 meal vouchers because it's so expensive. Do you know of any other restaurants that take away more than one?
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The Prisoner's Dilemma

A classic game-theory hypothetical for you all:

Yesterday, you and an accomplice pulled off the bank job of the century - a haul large enough for each of you to retire to your favorite island paradise with no extradition to your home country. The money is all untraceably socked away in secret bank accounts, but, unfortunately, the police caught up to you on your way out of town. After a high-speed chase, you both ended up in separate cells in solitary, where you have been stewing away overnight.

This morning, the state attorney visited you in your cell.

"Okay, listen up," he said. "I know you'll just deny it if we ask, but we know you two did it, even if we can't prove it. So I'm going to offer you a deal. Even if both of you say nothing, we can get a year inside for both of you on a reckless endangerment charge for that wild driving last night. I'm willing to drop that charge and let you go if you'll testify against your partner.

"But before you start thinking about altruism and all that, I'm warning you - my partner's right down the hall, offering the exact same deal to your partner. If you clam up and your partner talks, you'll get twenty-five years and your partner will be let off scot free. If you both testify, I'll give you time off for cooperation - fifteen years apiece.

"That's the deal - your choice. Think it over. I'll be back tonight."

Assume that you do not know and have no loyalty to your accomplice - all you want is a minimum sentence for yourself. (You can make up a scenario to explain it if you like - the key part is that you're strangers, only together for one job.)

Poll #1207554 Prisoner's Dilemma

Faced with the Prisoner's Dilemma, will you testify or remain silent?

Remain silent.

(Edit: Anyone interested in further reading may wish to read the Wikipedia Prisoner's Dilemma article.)

(Edit 2: Apologies for the confusion - after answering the poll, you will be returned to the cross-post to my personal journal.)

(no subject)

Still on the topic of names.

I think I have wasted my favourite name on my cat, she is now 8 years old and it's likely that she will still be around when I have a child. Is it completely wrong to give my hypothetical daughter a name that she will be sharing with the cat? 

If you're interested, the name is Mischa. It means little bear in Russian and little mouse in Ukrainian.
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(no subject)

I just idly highlighted and dragged some text I was reading and the actual text pulled away from the page visually. Wow, Firefox 3, you scared the shit out of me. Anything else this puppy can do that's really new?

Is there anything your cat does that's doglike or your dog does that's catlike?

What's changed?

How is they tell us today not to eat fatty foods, don't drink too much or smoke.
The thing is  both of my great-grandmothers lived to be 100 and probably did some, if not all those things.

Did they just come from heartier stock or our we getting more fragile with each generation?

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Okay TQC, the lonely post is making me :( far too much!

What's the last thing you thanked god/the universe/some higher power/whatever you get the point, for? Why are you thankful for that? Will you tell me a story about why, or when you realized you were thankful for this?

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(no subject)

For those of you who saw "Wristcutters- A Love Story" (great movie!), there is a part where Zia is laying in his bed reading a book and I'm 99% sure the title is "Eve, A Woman With No Scars". I've searched Amazon and half.com high and low for this book but it is nowhere to be found. Has anyone ever heard of this book? 

Also, could you recommend some good books for me to order? I like artistic out-there type stuff. I really don't know how to describe what I like... but my favorite authers are Suzanna Kaysen and Chuck Palahniuk, so anything along those lines would be good. 
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anontang DA

firefox 3

I just downloaded Firefox 3, and before I did so I was here at TQC. When I returned to TQC after I set everything up, everything on TQC got bigger, notably the font size and the width of the subject and comment bars on each post. Everything just looks odd. I tried changing the default font size and tht did not help. How do I fix it?

TQC in Safari/Firefox 2 - http://img117.imageshack.us/img117/9780/tqcsafariuz2.png
TQC in Firefox 3 - http://img117.imageshack.us/img117/2541/tqcfirefox3yn9.png
Jackie moon

(no subject)

When going in or out of a building and someone is behind you, do you hold the door for that person?

Does it bother you if someone doesn't hold the door for you?

What's the space limit between you and that person where you say, "He's too far away, he can get his own door?"

Does that change if the person is carrying a bunch of crap or is disabled in some way?

I only thought about this because there's a woman in my building here at work that doesn't hold the door for anyone. I could be 4 feet behind her and she opens the door just far enough to let herself in and keeps on going. I've seen her do it to the UPS guy when he's got his dollie all loaded up with junk, too. Isn't it just common courtesy?

(no subject)

I saw this youtube video from project runway season 2 once, and it was one of the contestants making fun of Tim Gunn. He was pretending to be Tim and singing Closer by Nine Inch Nails. I can't seem to locate the video.

Does anyone want to help me find this video?

Edit:: sorry for the bad grammar.
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) Do you ever crave anything wildly out of character for you?
I'm currently craving fish sticks. I'm a vegetarian and I think meat/fish is nasty, but I would love a fish stick with ketchup right now.

2) On a scale of 1-10, how tired are you right now? Why are you so tired?
10. I'm wiped. Dramamine + lack of sleep
race w/ yourself

(no subject)

Ok, TQC - a small honesty challenge:

Will you pretty please post up to three very frank, direct comments aimed at specific TQCrs whose habits or ways you find annoying or even infuriating?
Wait! - there's a catch to make it easier and encourage frankness. Please do NOT put usernames - make these comments as specific, ugly, or intriguing as you dare, but please do not say the user they are directed to.

I promise - I'll do this too!
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(no subject)

What was the last exciting piece of news you heard?
We're probably getting a hairless cat to be best friends with our hairless dog!  Hooray/disgusting!

In February I gave my laptop to my dad to fix.  Like a week later he was a total DICKFOR, and we haven't spoken since.  He kept the laptop.  It has *all* of my music on it, and a bunch of pictures and files that mean a lot to me.  Should I bother asking for it back or just mourn all of my music and pics of my best friend?  How would you go about getting it back?


(no subject)

What was the last good movie you saw?

If you remember it, what's the name of the first movie you ever saw in a theater?

First movie you watched with a date?
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The toy surprise

Today, I went out for lunch and had a BLT. The sandwich was fine up until the last bite where I found myself chewing something hard. I spat it out to find one of those plastic holding things used in bread bags. Yeah, groovy.

So, what have you found in your food before? Did you continue eating, of course, with the object removed or did you send it back?

(no subject)

Have any of you ever done a traineeship (or similar where your workplace payed for you to study part time and paid for you to work part time) while living by yourself and supporting yourself? If so how did you manage to get by? Did you do anything particular to save money? How much (give me an average) did they pay you?


(no subject)

1. If your sibling is younger than you but taller/bigger than you, do you still say 'he's my little sister/brother'?
2. When do you gain weight, where does most of the weight go to?
3. What is your favorite kind of cupcake frosting?

(no subject)

After reading all these who-do-you-hate posts.

Do you love me?

Just kidding.

Real question: Do you read books? If so, do you reread books you like? How often do you generally do this? Does it have to be an amazing book or just a book you liked enough to read all the way through?

(no subject)

1. Do you like reality TV?

2. Do you think it's "real"?

3. If yes to both questions, would it spoil the effect if you found out it was all staged?


1. Yes, I'm a sucker for DRAMA

2. I think some of it's real, but I think people tend to exaggerate their personalities when they're being filmed, and the directors definitely encourage that.

3. I think it would. I like to believe that at least some of it is spontaneous and unexpected. But I'd probably watch it anyway.
two hearts

(no subject)

What was that movie that came out a while ago where there was that quarantined area and then the people go in and there's that one chick who's mother died and she was all obsessed about that and then there are those cannabalistic savages and she kills the leader guy and ends up being I think the only person of the original convoy still alive?

(no subject)

I have a bunch (and by bunch, I mean ~100) googly eyes.
What should I do with them?

Preferably, something related to my bedroom- I'm redoing it. Gluing them on the wall? Idk. HELP. :)

Serious/non-serious. What on earth do I do with 100 googly eyes?

(no subject)

Have you ever had a job that made you so miserable and/or angry that you're reduced to tears at the end of a shift?

Would I be a terrible person if I somehow managed to make a row of merch fall on my boss?

(no subject)

why does everyone hate tiny font? not the user, but the actual font? is it really that big of a deal?

if you could ask god one question, what would it be? what would you hope the answer would be?
snow AC


Let's say you're taking a mandatory humanities college class called "Philosophical Filmmakers." You are viewing films by Jean Renoir, Orson Welles and good old Alfred Hitchcock.
A partial list of the movies you're viewing are The Rules of the Game, Citizen Kane, Touch of Evil, North by Northwest.

What would you suppose the class would be about? What is the goal? Why are these filmmakers, and their movies, heralded as philosophical?

(no subject)

Who are your favorite TQC'ers?
Will you say up to three positive comments about a fellow TQC'er?
What would you rank yourself as a TQC'er, on a scale from 1 to 10?
What are your criteria that you base your answer on?
Where would I rank on this scale?


1 how much do you tip regularly?
 2 what's the most you tipped someone?

3 (optional) if you work or have ever worked as a server, which customers did you least want sat in your section? (because it is probable that they will be demanding and tip horribly?)

1*i tip anywhere from 20% to 30% or 2 dollars per person in my group. whichever is higher (for example, if my boyfriend and i go out for something small and the bill is only 12 dollars, i'll tip 4 bucks rather than the 20% (because 2.40 is far too cheap) )

2*i once tipped someone (complete stranger) 20 dollars on a 9 dollar bill.  it was a diner setting and i saw a group of 5 people leave the poor girl 2 dollars even though she was doing a great job. 

3*canadians and old people. old people still think that a dollar is worth much more than it really is and canadians don't realize that american servers rely on their tips
the sign of the tristero

Ship o' mystery

I live on a river. For the past, oh, two weeks, the SAME ship has been anchored out there. (It's a big shipping channel, but they're usually only out there for one or two days. Plus, this doesn't really look like a cargo ship.)

Ship by day!

Ship by night!

Ship by a different day!
Ship by another different day!
Close-up of the ship on ANOTHER day!

WTF is it doing out there? Does anyone know what kind of ship it is? I think it looks like the partially submerged head of a gigantic crocodile.
(food) usagi eating ice cream

(no subject)

Can just about anyone be saved (in whatever sense you like)? Or do you believe some/most/all people are lost causes?

What's the last thing you tried to change someone's mind about? Did it work out, or not so much?
i like to live on the edge

(no subject)

I received an email from a company who looked at one of my sites/blogs and thought my reader base and visitors would be a good advertising venue for them. Have anyone of you guys been approached for this type of thing?

A part of the email:
I am interested in traditional link advertising as well as using link “blurbs” on certain pages of your site, or on certain articles. Perhaps even submitting articles. This includes but is not limited to purchasing a post also. We are open to any idea that would allow us to capture interested readers, but would prefer to avoid the traditional “Ads by Google” and “Sponsored Links” sections

I mean, I'm not going to do it. But, the company is legit and everything (is traded), but seriously, that's just so random.